eclipse75smb.conf... security = share ain't no work
eclipse75how i go about sharing my pimp stuff now?
eclipse75i want it not asking for no stupid username
eclipse75click and access. that's what i'm talking about
eclipse75security = share doesn't work in smb.conf. anyone have a reason why?
eclipse75security = share doesn't work in smb.conf. anyone have a reason why?
[R]eclipse75: yes... we heard you the previous times...
eclipse75well you're acting like udp. then you're upset that i keep resending
eclipse75google ain't gots no answer. so i thought i'd try here
[R]well, repeating the same thing every minute is defintely not going to get it answered
Madgodyep, people tend to boycott you this way :X
Madgod <-- always good to read.
[R]eclipse75: although i think if you say the exact same line 4 times in a row really fast, someone might help
[R]you know, like rubbing a genie bottle and saying some magic phrase
[R]or clicking your heals together
eclipse75soooo. you two fucks have plenty to say when criticizing, but not much when it comes to helping? gotcha
Khaytsuseclipse75: This is a family channel, such language is not acceptable. Please remember children and their grandmothers may be watching.
Panthello fedorians, I would like to ask a question. I am trying to create a virtual display output in order to use vnc in it and show it at my mobile phone, I use fedora 26, Gnome 3.24. Is what i am asking possible? Can someone give directions on how to search on the specific commands that i need to run?
AkhILmanPant: xvnc
AkhILmanor you may want to try xpra
AkhILmaninstead of vnc
Pantwell... using xvnc will create a new gnome-session for me and show that to my phone throu vnc. What I want is to use the same session in order to be able to drag windows from my original laptop screen to the virtual one.
Pant(searching for xpra)
AkhILmanAs I know there is no way to make dual head setup with one virtual display. But I may be wrong.
PantI may misunderstood something or didn't explain it good. I don't use any virtual display at the moment. Right now I am only using my laptop screen. I want a virtual screen to be extended (right of my laptop screen)
Pantalso as i can understand xpra requires a (virtual) display to exist
kk4ewt*** F26-20170825 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
farfedoraI installed teamviewer on fedora26.when I run xrandr it shows me wayland.teamviewer connects well but when my partner tries to connect to me it says that Im not connected to router.of course Im conncted.I asked someone and they told me its because of wayland.I changed wayland to X11.but it does not connect
[R]sounds like a poblem with super terrific closed source crap
[R]you should talk to the vendor
farfedoraI dont have such problem on Debian base distros
[R]fedora doesnt ship teamveiwer
[R]so like i said
[R]talk to the vendor
farfedoracan you offer me a good alternative?
farfedorai tried vnc.but it needs server
[R]ok, so install vncserver
farfedorai tried vnc requires license key.while Im home user.
farfedorait says its free for home user but it require key
[R]nothing in fedora requires a license key...
farfedora~]$ vncserver
farfedoragives me error
farfedorait says you should enter licence
bastianilso_i'm failing to upgrade to rawhide :/
bastianilso_is rawhide out of sync?
[R]you shoudn' be using rawhide unless you know what you are doing
[R]sounds liike you dont know what you are doing...
bastianilso_welp, that was not very helpful
linuxmodderbasil1x, rawhide is also off topic here
linuxmodderhead to #fedora-devel or #fedora-qa for rawhide issues
vkolchevHi, guys. Noticed that gnome-screensaver doesn't respect vlc video playing and starts even with video in progress. Is this a bug or there is a setting that I miss?
ledenivkolchev, here opposite behaviour
bartmonvkolchev, it is the application's responsibility to inhibit the screensaver.
bartmonsee if vlc is configured correctly
zaccanastaI showed a friend of mine F26 KDE Spin on her old presario CQ60 with Vista that she dislike.
zaccanastathe only issue I'm noticing is the wifi led blinking red and blue
zaccanastawifi is working though
zaccanastalive media has kernel 4.11.8-300
zaccanastadriver ath5k
zaccanastaconnection speed is good
BluesKajHowdy folks
bartmonzaccanasta, from memory i think leds may be controllable by kernel wifi module/driver parameters
bartmonread `modinfo ath5k` to see if led control is exposed as a parameter to the module.
zaccanastabartmon: thank you, I'm installing F26 right now
BluesKajwill the 4.12 kernel be ready for the repos in the near future?
zaccanastaBluesKaj: do you mean 4.13?
bartmonzaccanasta, sadly no such parameter exists for module ath5k for kernel 4.12.8
zaccanastabartmon: this laptop has only a big rounded led, it should stay blue when connected
zaccanastainstead is blinking when there's traffic
BluesKajI'm using the nouveau driver for my nvidia card atm and I'd like to install the patched driver /module for the 4.12 kernel. I'm currently running the 4.11.8-300 which came with iso
zaccanastaBluesKaj: my kernel is 4.12.9-300
BluesKajI must have burned an old iso then
BluesKajon fedora 26 kde/plasma
zaccanastaBluesKaj: I don't know if isos are updated...anyone here?
tswsl1989There's a link to updated Live ISOs in the topic
zaccanastayeah there is
BluesKajjust need the kernel, which II've located
Southern_Gentlemzaccanasta, see topic
BluesKajodd, uname -a is resulting in the 4.11 kernel yet when I tried installing the 4.12 core and kernel are both already installed, wha gives?
Southern_Gentlemthe next updated lives will be created when 4.12.10 or 4.13.2 pushes to stable
linuxmodderBluesKaj, Southern_Gentlem and I only create Updated ISOs for even point releases (.2 .4 .6, etc) unless there are sufficient bugs/security updates on a odd point release
Southern_GentlemBluesKaj, rpm -qa |grep kernel |fpaste
linuxmodderBluesKaj, reboot after installing the 4.12.x
BluesKajSouthern_Gentlem, ok, that shows the 4.12 kernel is installed
BluesKajguess uname-a doesn't work so well on rpm OSs :-)
Southern_Gentlemuname is uname
Southern_GentlemBluesKaj, ok since i cam in late what is your real issue
Southern_Gentlemscrolling back looks like you are trying to install kmods and cannt am i correct ?
Southern_Gentlemuname shows the running kernel not what kernels may be installed in the machine
BluesKajSouthern_Gentlem, I'm going to try to install the patched nvidia driver for my GT218 card, but the nouveau blacklist doesn't work that prevents the new nvidia driver to install ...tried installing from the VT/TTY but suddenlt root doesn't recognize .run
BluesKajso i wonder why the kernel in use isn't the 4.12 ?
kwizartBluesKaj, dnf install kernel-devel && dnf remove kernel-debug-devel
kwizartBluesKaj, are you using the driver from rpmfusion-nonfree-updates-testing ?
kwizartnot sure what you mean by installing the patched module
BluesKajkwizart, no, I didn't update from rpmfusion. the patched module is the nvidia driver
kwizartBluesKaj, then I would confirm you that you are on your own, good luck
BluesKajI have the rpmfusion repos installed , but there are no updates
kwizartBluesKaj, are you using the driver from rpmfusion-nonfree-updates-testing ?
BluesKajlet me check the repos is already a shot to the foot BluesKaj
BluesKajlinuxmodder, ??
linuxmodderBluesKaj, the .run installers/updates from Nvidia ARE KNOWN to break things royally, if you don't like how not bleeding edge a driver is contact it's maintainer,/do the work and PR it on it's upstream project
Southern_GentlemBluesKaj, remove the kernel-debug packages and install kernel-devel
Southern_Gentlemand reboot into the 4.12 kernel
linuxmodderyou can find the owner/maintainer in here with .whoowns foo
BluesKajSouthern_Gentlem, I just did ..rebooting now
Southern_Gentlemlinuxmodder, in this case the maintainer has already made a comment above
bartmon.whoowns bijiben
Southern_Gentlem*** F26-20170825 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
bdurhamHello there. I was wondering if either anyone could help me with an audio issue or if someone could direct me to where I should ask. Thanks
short-bikebdurham, here is good - whats up ?
bdurhamSo, I built this computer some time ago. It is on the kaby lake platform, but I can't get sound out of my motherboard out or the headphone jack. This is a fresh install and nothing is muted in alsamixer
bdurhamAlso, I know that the audio is working, as I have had windows on it not too long ago and it was working then
short-bikebdurham, personally I am not familiar with that chip-set. But others here are. For their benefit can you please 'fpaste --sysinfo'.
bdurhamI'm assuming that I should copy the link to here?
bdurhamAs in the link supplied from fpaste
short-bikeYes please. If someone can assist you here, they will :P
bdurhamHere is the link
short-bikebdurham, where are you located ?
bdurhamYou mean country wise?
bdurhamI am on the east coast of the united states
short-bikeOK - was going to refer to Labor Day low attendance in the channel.
bdurhamWhat do you mean?
short-bikeMeaning - because it's Labor Day, fewer people in this channel right now = less people to assist with issues :P
bdurhamAh ok. I'll come back tomorrow then.
BluesKajlooks like I'm stuck with nouveau for my older nvidia legacy gpu, but oddly enough it's working quite well...not a gamer so I suppose it'll do for now
kwizartBluesKaj, what's the problem with 340xx serie ?
BluesKajuname -a shows the 4.1 kernel is in use, yet rpm -q kernel shows the 4.12 ....strange stuff going on here
BluesKajkwizart, blacklisting the nouveau driver doesn't work, it loads immediately upon boot before the blacklist is even's a vicous cycle
BluesKajvicious even
BluesKajso the nvidia driver won't install
Southern_GentlemBluesKaj, reboot and select the 4.12 kernel in grub
Southern_Gentlemif it is not there come back and we can go handle that situation
Southern_Gentlem*** F26-20170825 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
Southern_Gentlem*** F26-20170825 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
Mac101hi, it possible to make a full fedora install on a usb stick from within a fedora install (no other media, no leaving current fedora install)?
linuxmodderpungi and lmc ( on the install ) then use libvirt or similar to config and migrate ( all from running system
KhaytsusMac101: Why do insane things instead of easy, supported things?
capslothwhere can I get the dockerfiles used by fedora to create system containers?
Khaytsuscapsloth: What docker files are you referring to?
Mac101just asking if possible :)
Mac101if its too involving i probably wouldnt try
linuxmodderthat is not that involved
linuxmodderwe in the respins sig do it every 2 weeks on average
linuxmodderdnf install fedora-kickstarts pungi lorx-lmc-{virt,novirt}
capslothKhaytsus, I was under the impression fedora 27 would package some services as docker images.. but now I can only find something about fedora 24
linuxmoddercapsloth, #fedora-devel or #fedora-qa for that
capslothlinuxmodder, ok
Khaytsuscapsloth: I've never heard of such a thing except Atomic.
Mac101linuxmodder i weighing it against restarting my machine and going upstair to get my other usbstick to make a live usb to install from
KhaytsusACTION blniks
KhaytsusMac101: What are you _actually_ trying to do
Mac101Khaytsus id like a full install on a usb stick
Mac101via least effort :)
linuxmoddercapsloth, that is based on atomic host last I checked
Mac101including physical effort in the equation
capslothlinuxmodder, according to this
capslothits about fedora 27 server
KhaytsusMac101: I'll bet passthrough of USB into a VM you can install to a USB stick.
Khaytsuscapsloth: Ask in their channel maybe?
capsloth*server edition
linuxmodderMac101, run the dnf install command I had above then use /root/anaconda-ks.cfg as a baseline of your system and follow to make the iso as you wish
capslothKhaytsus, I'll..
linuxmodder#fedora-server #fedora-devel #fedora-qa are all relevant to your quest capsloth NOT here
Mac101linuxmodder thanks will try iy
capslothI'm already there.. thanks
Khaytsuscapsloth: Plus.. did you look?
linuxmodderMac101, if you hit a snag find the respins team in #fedora-respins ( I'm one of them fyi)
capslothKhaytsus, I found an outdate github repo.. then a wiki talking about the changes..
KhaytsusDockerhub shows upated a month ago
capslothKhaytsus, this is something else..
KhaytsusIt is?
Southern_Gentlem*** F26-20170825 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
capslothKhaytsus, yeah.. this is the base image.. I was looking for a service container dockerfile..
capslothKhaytsus, like this:
Khaytsuscapsloth: k, I was just googling, haven't looked much myself
blizzkidHi all. I keep experiencing high cpu loads with qemu-system-x86 (% CPU 105) and keep finding Bugzilla's going back to Fedora 12 always being closed because that version is EOL. Any solution for F26?
Southern_Gentlem*** F26-20170825 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
[R]complain to the devs?
[R]it's not fedora's fault of qemu is crap
blizzkidOh, wow, now that's a constructive suggestion. Good to know that people consider qemu crap. Luckily Red Hat doesn't use it for some of it's most important products. Oh wait, they do. *facepalm*
prussianstop using userspace emulation when possible and you won't have "high" CPU load.
prussiandon't use nserspace networking for instance
tswsl1989blizzkid: Unconstructive comments aside, you might have more luck tracking down general qemu performance issues with qemu devs/users unless you have reason to believe it's a fedora specific bug
blizzkidtswsl1989: well... since I never experienced the issue on a RHEL 7.3 or 7.4 on the same laptop, I'm tempted to think it is...
tswsl1989If only because that's a more likely place to find people with the right experience, unless someone else in here chimes in with useful suggestions for you :)
blizzkidBut, indeed, I will check with the qemu people
tswsl1989In that case, my starting point would be a quick skim of the changelog between the relevant versions (as I suspect the Fedora version is newer?)
tswsl1989Good luck :)
blizzkidhehe, that's exactly why no-one ever should use community products in production environments ;-)
gabrielschulhofHi! Can somebody please help me modprobe vboxdrv now that it needs to be signed? I've followed the instructions at but after rebooting I'm not seeing stuff like (the text-mode screenshots).
gabrielschulhofSo, how do I go about modprobing stuff for VirtualBox?
Southern_Gentlemblizzkid, where did anyone here suggest to do that
Southern_Gentlemgabrielschulhof, make sure you have kernel-devel and gcc installed
blizzkidSouthern_Gentlem: not referring to this channel with that comment. Colleague has to go install some community linux next week.
Southern_Gentlemgabrielschulhof, more detail
gabrielschulhofSouthern_Gentlem: I have it installed. The modules built just fine, but I can't load them.
Southern_Gentlemgabrielschulhof, even after rebooting
Khaytsusblizzkid: I run VMs all the time in libvirt, which uses qemu/kvm.. I don't see high CPU loads. What guest OS?
gabrielschulhofSouthern_Gentlem: Because during the boot I was supposed to get one of the screens shown in the second link.
KhaytsusRight now I'm running 3 fedora Vms and they're using about 6% cpu total.
KhaytsusA Windows VM I run uses more like 20% but it's Windows..... so
blizzkidKhaytsus: only active VM is Win 10, but it seems only to happen after hibernate/screensaver/... As long as I don't do any of those, things seem to be fine. CPU is now at 105 - 106% since about an hour
gabrielschulhofSouthern_Gentlem: But I dunno if I have to go into the BIOS to get to that MOK management screen or what.
blizzkidKhaytsus: also: 18:37:47 up 3:01, 1 user, load average: 1.20, 1.13, 1.14
Khaytsusblizzkid: Windows hibernation or Linux hibernation?
blizzkidand TIME+ for qemu is 139:37.13
KhaytsusWhat's CPU usage in the VM?
blizzkidKhaytsus: linux hibernate/lock
KhaytsusWhen I see high qemu usage for a VM it almost _always_ matches up with high CPU usage in the VM.
Southern_Gentlemgabrielschulhof, i gave up on vmware years ago
Southern_Gentlemi use vbox (trying to learn libvirt)
blizzkidKhaytsus: hmm, and once I clicked inside the VM, CPU usage on the host dropped to 25% as well
blizzkidNow at 13%
gabrielschulhofSouthern_Gentlem: Talking about virtualbox here.
Khaytsusblizzkid: So that tells me Windows is doing something "idle". You need to adjust the guest settings.
Khaytsuslike turn off its screensaver or windows updates or such
blizzkidKhaytsus: seems like it. No screensaver was active when I clicked though
Southern_Gentlemgabrielschulhof, no issues with vbox here can you explain exactly what you are trying to do ( i am using the latest vbox from the oracle site
gabrielschulhofSouthern_Gentlem: modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'vboxdrv': Required key not available
Khaytsusblizzkid: I've even heard that the touchpad input in kvm/qemu can cause CPU issues, but I've never seen any difference disabling it and it makes it a bit more annoying to use the VM when it's off.. but I suspect you're just seeing Windows doing stuff when idle.
Southern_Gentlemgabrielschulhof, and where did you get vbox
Southern_Gentlemso file a bug with rpmfusion
Khaytsusblizzkid: I've had a Windows VM running for two weeks in my laptop before by accident. MANY MANY hibernation/wakes.. heh
Khaytsusgabrielschulhof: Specific reason you need to use vbox? A provided image? If not, use libvirt
Southern_Gentlembrb booting into 4.12.9 kerne;
blizzkidKhaytsus: I've started a task manager in the vm. I'll keep it running for a while to see if I can see anything special
gabrielschulhofKhaytsus: I have an existing image I wish to start.
gabrielschulhofDoes libvirt work without out-of-tree modules?
Khaytsusgabrielschulhof: Okay fair enough. You could convert it, but vbox should work just fine. Perhaps you are not up to date, rebooted, then installd vbox?
gabrielschulhofKhaytsus: I just finished a fresh F26 install, like, three hours ago.
gabrielschulhofI can do an update/reboot I guess.
Khaytsusgabrielschulhof: Oh god
Khaytsusthat's the problem
gabrielschulhofWha ...?
KhaytsusYou can't install updated software, ESPECIALLY kernel modules.. until you've updated and rebooted into the kernel
[R]ACTION installs a kernel module in Khaytsus 
Khaytsus[R] is tainted.
gabrielschulhofKhaytsus: OK, so I'll dnf -y update
[R]Khaytsus: oh, tainted love
gabrielschulhofKhaytsus: dnf -y update says it's up-to-date.
gabrielschulhofACTION facepalms
gabrielschulhofKhaytsus: ... and uname -r agrees with the versions shown in rpm -qa
gabrielschulhof | grep kernel
Khaytsusgabrielschulhof: So you have updated and rebooted, but didn't remember doing so?
gabrielschulhofKhaytsus: I remember doing so, because the module signing process described at requires a reboot.
gabrielschulhof(in step 4).
Khaytsusew... I disabled that in the 'bios'
gabrielschulhofKhaytsus: Oh, so I should disable secure boot?
gabrielschulhofFrom the BIOS?
KhaytsusACTION shrugs
gabrielschulhofOK, so the BIOS is probably where I'll find that key management thing.
KhaytsusUp to you. I wans't goin to fool with all of that, so I disabled it in the bios
[R]i really wanted to leave secure boot on
[R]but then i ran into module issues and said screw it
gabrielschulhofThis needs better integration with the out-of-tree module managers.
gabrielschulhofKhaytsus: Like, akmod should take care of producing signed modules.
[R]gabrielschulhof: if anyone could willy nilly sign modules
[R]that would kinda defeat the purpose...
gabrielschulhofNo, a key would be generated for the system upon installation (kinda like the sshd host key) and then that would be used for subsequent module signing.
gabrielschulhofI guess that would reduce the secure boot's security to that of the file system.
[R][09:51:09] <[R]> gabrielschulhof: if anyone could willy nilly sign modules
[R][09:51:13] <[R]> that would kinda defeat the purpose...
gabrielschulhofNot anybody. Just those with root access.
[R]that would eliminate secure boot's security...
gabrielschulhofWhy? You could make this part of firstboot.
[R]if anyone could exploit your box, and then trojan your kernel
gabrielschulhofThe key generation, and mokutil --import
[R]that's like game over
gabrielschulhofPresumable people cannot immediately exploit a fresh install.
gabrielschulhofEspecially if you choose to grab the latest updates as part of the installation.
[R]what does fresh install have to do with anything?
gabrielschulhofACTION goes BIOS-diving
gabrielschulhofHow is this any different from choosing a luks passphrase?
gabrielschulhofYou do that as part of the installation too.
[R]because there isn't a private key sitting on your hard drive?
gabrielschulhofprivate keys can have passphrases.
Southern_Gentlem ***FYI with the 4.12.9 kernel i had to do a akmods -force to build the kmod-nvidia
Southern_Gentlemgabrielschulhof, why would you need an out of tree mod for libvirt
gabrielschulhofSouthern_Gentlem: I dunno if libvirt needs out-of-tree modules like virtualbox does or not. I dunno much about libvirt.
gabrielschulhofSouthern_Gentlem, Khaytsus, [R]: I got that blue screen after rebooting again, and it asked me whether I wanted to enroll the MOK and I said OK.
Southern_Gentlemgabrielschulhof, libvirt is built into fedora so i see no need for other modules
gabrielschulhofSo, I now have high hopes for a successful modprobe.
gabrielschulhofSouthern_Gentlem: Gotcha.
Southern_Gentlemgabrielschulhof, my vbox vms are working fine not seeing any errors about a key failure file a bug with rpmfusion
gabrielschulhofOK. I'll get to that once I have my vm running. Now I'm getting VERR_CPUM_INCOMPATIBLE_XSAVE_COMP_MASK
Mac101hi so i have this bug with f26 does anyone else have it or know how to solve it?
Southern_GentlemMac101, and the user has permissions on both locations
Southern_Gentlemmore detail on the location would be nice as well
Southern_Gentlemare they /home/$User/Download to /home/$User/Video ect
Southern_Gentlemor are you moving the file from say ~/Downloads to some other mount
Mac101all permission are good
Mac101moves within home dir
Mac101also if i cut and paste the file it works 100% of the time
Mac101error only occurs when i drag and drop with the mouse
Mac101and then only half the time
Southern_Gentlemplease add that info to the bugzilla please
Southern_Gentlemwith wayland or without ?
Mac101with wayland and will add now
short-bikeMac101, just curious - is that installed bare-metal, VM or external USB ?
Mac101bare metal
Southern_Gentlemplease test on gnome on X and give those results in the bug as well
Southern_Gentlemthe issue maybe naultilus but it may be wayland
Mac101does no one else experince this?
Southern_Gentlemi dont run gnome so no
Mac101anyone else?
Mac101(will test with x asap)
prussiancan't reproduce the problem with Xorg. running Wayland will mess my stuff up and will segfault due to known problems with some gjs calls I use.
prussianso I can't test that
short-bikeI just tested on a bare-metal install (kernel 4.12.9-300) and cannot reproduce the problem booting into either Wayland or X.
Southern_Gentlemshort-bike, what size file are you moving around
Southern_Gentlemgrab CINN and move it around
short-bikeSouthern_Gentlem, a bunch of MP3's - total drag size ~100Mb.
short-bikeWill try the CINN iso
Southern_Gentlemhis initail complaint was like a video file so the CINN maybe close if that doesnt work and if you want to test grab the source iso
Southern_Gentlemdoes work
prussiancan I just get the coredump?
short-bikeYep - CINN iso on its own = no problem.
Southern_Gentlemok building a WORK vm and i will test with the source vm
Southern_Gentlemopps iso
Mac101I should also mention i have an install that was an upgrade from F24-F25-F26 & i have done an selinux relabel
Mac101if it matters
Southern_GentlemMac101, but did you clean up between each step
Southern_GentlemMac101 give us the output url from fpaste --sysinfo please
Mac101Southern_Gentlem yes
short-bikeInteresting - you checked the permissions on source and target dir's "post re-label" Mac101
Mac101short-bike all perms are good as cut paste or moving with bash works fine
Southern_GentlemMac101 give us the output url from fpaste --sysinfo please
Southern_Gentlemi am starting to suspect hardware
Mac101will do i just have to manually do it as behind squid
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day :-D
short-bikeMac101, are you VNC'd (or similar) into the Gnome box ?
Mac101also this didn't happen on f24/f25
short-bikeMac101, you checked any logs yet - ie: dmesg, gnome, journalctl etc. ?
Mac101yeah i made the bugzilla
short-bikeMac101, lets see what happens with Southern_Gentlem test - coz I cannot reproduce the issue here. My test install is Intel based chips and ISO came from re-spins (4.12.9-300).
Southern_Gentlemnope i am moveing a 14G file around with no issues
Southern_GentlemDownloads to Desktop and Desktop to Video with no issues
Southern_Gentlemthat is in a vm with 2G of memory
Southern_GentlemMac101, i am sorry but i have no other way to test what you are seeing
Mac101it doesnt happen all the time only maybe half the times
Southern_Gentlemso start paying attention to see what else is running at the time
short-bikeSouthern_Gentlem, Gnome is not my daily DE - are there Gnome logs he could check ?
Southern_Gentlemnot that i know of
Southern_GentlemMac101, when it happens again see what else is running firefox chrome etc how many tabs are open and what are they opened to etc
Mac101this happens with only nautilus open on a fresh boot
Mac101im going to see it it happens in a live usb soonish
Mac101will report back
samuelhello guys
samuelis it possible to print dnf history userinstalled without version numbers?
axk4545samuel: are you looking for the stuff currently on your system so you can reinstall?
samueli am yes, trying to do a small script that will backup package list installed on a daily basis
short-bikednf repoquery –userinstalled might be better at formatting your results.
samuelah perfect! use --qf
axk4545samuel: or
samuelthank you very much, but dont want to reinstall, just want to store daily the packages I have installed
samuelsince I am installing/removing quite a few python things
samuelI know there is dnf history, but its more just in case I loose my laptop
short-bikesamuel, repoquery will do that for you - but I forget the syntax.
samueldnf repoquery --userinstalled --queryformat=%{NAME}
short-bikethats it :P
fdahhow can i specify the directory here in the command ;shell find {{ artifact_path }} -name '*{{ dua_file }}*.dua' -exec sh -c 'unzip -d `dirname {}` {}' ';'
fdahI would want it to extract it to say /tmp
short-bikefdah, you might find #bash more helpful :P
mwdhey all
mwdi've just updated from F24 to F25 (success), and now attempting F25 to F26
mwdI did the dnf downloading part, and then ran the upgrade/reboot command, but the dnf upgrade fails immediately
mwdThe dnf.log file has dozens of lines like this: Sep 04 13:59:56 SUBDEBUG Call: RPMPayload._end_cb: (<dnf.repo.RPMPayload object at 0x7f75e4610550>, 0, None), {}
mwdany ideas how might i fix/debug this?
RayTracerdoes rpm still work?
mwdi believe so. i just did a rpm -qa, and rpm --rebuilddb
mwdlibdb-5.3.28-24.fc25.x86_64 -- thats newer than the problem versions mentioned in the common bugs
RayTracerthis was my suspicion.. no idea about that subdebug line. Probably not much more helpful lines around those..?
mwdsorry ive got that wrong
mwdthose message may not be the errors, they occurred during the download phase
mwdok, the F25 install succeeded. Then i downloaded F26, and rebooted, but it installed a virtualbox kmod package, declared success, and deleted the downloaded F26 packages
mwdso retry will likely work since theres no pending virtualbox kmod this time
mwdback in a bit, retrying
tomodachiwhat packages do I need to get h264 previews working in finder?
tomodachiinstalled negativos multimedia repo , but alas still no luck :(
azaki'finder' ?
tomodachifreudian slip there
azakii was gonna be all like "you came to the wrong neighborhood. this ain't macos land"
azakitomodachi: as i recall i had a similar issue.. and uh, it's a bunch of gstreamer packages and the gnome video player i think? which is used as a framework for the previews...
azakitomodachi: and ffmpeg, which i guess you probably already have installed.
azakii would argue ffmpeg should be the only dependency... but apparently gstreamer has it's own conference so i guess some people like it... >_>
jushurbelive there is gstreamer-ffmpeg to right?
azakiincidentally, as a result of this convo, i decided to give totem (or "gnome videos") a try, and instantly within seconds ran into a bug. lol
azakithe auto-hide player controls become completely invisible.
jushurwhy u not using mpv ?
azakithe translucent bar that has the controls still shows up and autohides, but the controls are invisible.
azakijushur: i said incidentally... as in this conversation made me try it out...
azakii use mpv.
azakinow you ruined my attempt to make fun of totem. =p
azakibasically i open this app for first time, and already it bugs out on me.
KhaytsusMaking fun of totem is like making fun of the retarded kid in class.
mutk'plain wrong' you mean ?
[R]Khaytsus: they prefer the term "differently abled"
Khaytsus[R]: That's reta....nevermin
azakiKhaytsus: it was promising when i first started it up. seems to find every video in home dir and subdirs by itself. =o
jushuri have a very low spec laptop that i installed it on, with a pretty special config i made it able to play 2x 1080p with hardware vdpau on a AMD APU 2x1650MHz
[R]Khaytsus: haha
[R]jushur: VD POW
[R]or is it vd paw... like a kitty...
azakithis reminds me of that skit in rick and morty ....
Khaytsus[R]: Kids school, you could almost drop an f-bomb and get in less trouble than saying the 'r' word.
tomodachiazaki: i use mpv ofc, but want previes of videos to work ...
azakiKhaytsus: you make it sound like it *should* be the reverse? =p
azakigreat, see jushur, now you confused tomodachi also.
KhaytsusSo of course I had to troll my kid by using retarded in the dictionary sense, as in the movement of something is retarded because of friction etc
[R]"you dont call a retarded person retard... you call your friends retard when they're acting retarded"
Khaytsus[R]: 'xactly
[R]Khaytsus: i'm gonna need you to retard your anger...
KhaytsusACTION slows his roll
jushurKhaytsus: i got that on my systems, have kodi/mpv/livestreamer installed, belive kodi brought in the support for it. using the rpmfusion repos.
azakii speak french. so yeah... although it's pronounced differently in french.
azakilike "je suis en retard"
azaki"i am late"
azakibut yeah, aren't we supposed to be way over the whole swearing thing. i mean. even when i was a kid it was common, but now with smartphones and social networking..
azakiare we really gonna pretend it's still shocking to swear or that we're going to corrupt the innocents with it ;o
KhaytsusI think you should not swear around kids, they repeat what you say. Anyway, this isn't really a topic for #fedora anyway heh
azakitomodachi: the mpv commentary had nothing to do with you. basically just install totem player and some gstreamer crap. i forget exactly. =p
Drakoniswhen's pipewire getting packaged
Drakonisi'm tired of needing to compile a different gstreamer to have codecs
Drakonisoh hm
Drakonisit still depends on gstreamer for video
Drakonisyeah i know
Drakonisexcept its far away
Drakonisit doesn't replace pulseaudio yet
mutk<Drakonis> when's pipewire getting packaged <--