Milamber75Morning all. I'm having trouble with logstash reading my log4j2 configuration file on startup. I know there's an open issue, 7526, on github for it and it's probably going to be fixed in 5.6. But does anybody know of a workaround?
XylakantMilamber75: if that is your actual issue, then the only possible workaround is to build the core and/or the affected plugins yourself and use that
Milamber75Ok, different question. What's the regex engine in logstash? I want to know what metacharacters are at my disposal when I write a conditional in a conf file.
XylakantMilamber75: given that most of logstash is still jruby-based, I'd expect that the actual engine used is joni, a java port of the oniguruma engine used in ruby
Milamber75Thanks. Seems reasonable. I'm using regular expressions docs related to Ruby on my Google searches, and it seems to be correct with respect to the metacharacters I can use.
shogXylakant: "still"? is there any plan to change this?
Xylakantwell, parts of logstash were moved to java
Xylakantthe event class
Xylakantfor example
Xylakanti would not expect that all of logstash is reimplemented in a new language since that would break basically all plugins
patsTomsmorning, if I am using prune to filter only specific list of fields with whitelist_names, is there any way how I can filter fields from subarray?
patsTomsI was trying "index.subindex" but seems like that was not working