DJHenjinthat is my process, and I only have adhesion issues when I go several prints between cleanings
XXCoderI just use cotton and rubbing achcol
Graypup_I was doing isopropyl but that's probably worth doing anyway to get the crap off the bottom so I can see
Roxer_If you could see my pictures guys
Roxer_And give me an opinion
Roxer_about the bumps/holes
Roxer_when layers changing
Roxer_I would be very grateful!
Roxer_I believe the retraction settings are fucking me?
DJHenjinwhich slicer do you use? slic3r?
DJHenjinI had that issue on slic3r, never had it since switching to cura
Roxer_What are you rectraction settings, if I may ask?
Roxer_I can try with your settings
Roxer_and see how it goes
DJHenjinunless you have a bowden, my retraction settings are likely higher than yours
Roxer_yea, I don't :P
Roxer_Stock Anet A8
DJHenjin7mm 60mm/s
Twist seems relevant
Roxer_Gonna test that right now Twist
Roxer_Didn't find that one
Graypup_so nice to not have an underspecced PSU like seemingly every other printer out there
Graypup_heat in paralle
Roxer_Another thing
Roxer_Are travel lines
Roxer_supposed to be barely visible, but visible on the top layers?
permafleektravel lines?
permafleekmaybe set lift head on travel
permafleekis that a setting? I think it is in slic3r idk about curems
Graypup_Roxer_, move within part fixes some of those issues
DJHenjinGraypup_, not on top layers it won't
Graypup_ACTION is annoyedly waiting for the surface of his heated bed to actually get hot
Roxer_Z hop only over printed parts
Roxer_or also when retracted?
DJHenjinthe former
poiteeI switched from an IR Probe to a endstop for Z on Duet 0.8.5 and the endstop isnt triggering the Z axis to stop... anyone able to help please?
Mikeeeis it active high or active low
poiteenevermind.. thanks Mikeee I had my M558 undefined
Valduarewhats that crunch
goalcamGraypup_: only problem with that is having your hotend leak all over the bed while it waits for the bed to heat up
goalcamAnd then it taking a while after the print begins to prime again
crunchnew colors
DJHenjingoalcam, heat the bed first
goalcamyeah djhenjin but he was just talking about heating both at the same time
DJHenjindon't mind me, tired and drunk
DJHenjinwell, drunk ish
sideralaDJHenjin: need more b33r.
DJHenjinbut i'll take a beer if you are offering ;)
crunchalcohol kills
crunchweed kills
crunchlive naturally
sideralaI'm drinking dogfish head 60min ipa
crunchbe happier
sideralacrunch: your one to talk
crunchhigh on life
crankylinuxuseryeah im doin whiskey and some dab right now. feels great ;)
djdeloriewho need drugs when you've got adrenaline and endorphins...
jstevewhiteand deltas
djdelorieno, it's "who needs goldfish to calm you down, when you can watch a delta print instead."
djdelorietoday's print: a replacement fuse box bracket for my motorcycle, and an M10 nut because I was too lazy to drive to the hardware store
djdelorieit said "engine mounting bracket" but I'm sure plastic will be strong enough... ;-)
DJHenjinoh god lol
djdelorieplastic is OK with heat, right? ;-)
DJHenjinplease don't do a dumb
DJHenjinyou trolly bastard
djdelorieof course not, I just need something to hold the bolt in place while I test the fitment of the new battery cage
djdeloriea plastic nut actually *would* be ok for testing it, but I'll replace it with metal later
djdelorieit's a pivot bolt, there's no actual weight on the nut
kozyheating element in 3d printer has no polarity. right?
jstevewhitekozy: usually true, yes
jstevewhitealmost all are resistive heaters
kozythanks! jstevewhite
jstevewhiteSome have + and - marked because they have an LED on 'em
jstevewhitethat lights up under power
Jessmanno you need to realize its 100kohm at 25c with a 4200 B constant
Jessmanwrong window
permafleekis there a vaporwave room
Valduaredead in here tonight
MorphfiendSure seems like it
elninja44does this new elmer's disappearing purple liquid glue have the same magic ingredient as their disappearing purple glue stick? I'm wondering if that might be easier to apply evenly with a squeegee than a glue stick
Valduareuse purple can aquanet hairspray
Valduarei’ve got hundreds of successful prints with the stuff
JK-47it doesnt need to be too even, its thinner than 0.10, and melts a little as you print on it
elninja44I use that for PLA. I use glue stick for PETG, to avoid it sticking too well and chipping glass
Morphfiendat least with my personal usage used hairspray for petg for over 5kgs an no issues with sticking too well or chipping glass
elninja44borosilicate glass?
imrclyi use gluestick it works on all the things and does not over spray
elninja44How much hairspray?
elninja44Thin layers?
Morphfiend2-3 passes fairly light spraying, and it normally lastes me at least a dozen prints
elninja44hmm. Maybe I'll just try using hairspray for both. I have a spare glass plate anyway.
MorphfiendOne thing I have noticed from my experience with PETG it helps to have your z zero set just a tiny smidge higher then you would use for PLA
permafleekAdd $0.12 of eligible items to your order to qualify for FREE Shipping.
MorphfiendI use an index card for tramming my bed, so just a touch less resistance, maybe like 2-4% higher then normal, just enough where you can barely feel any grab at all
permafleekelninja44, you sir are indeed a ninja
elninja44Morphfiend: I'll try that. Thanks again
Valduare permafleek this stuff
permafleekValduare,once my new printer is built maybe :P
Valduareelninja44: err that was for you. the kind im talkin about :P
Valduareah here’s a pic of mine in action hah
Morphfiendjeez they are so much on amaozn, I must have gotten lucky my local grocery store had them on sale a few months ago so I got 10 cans for 3 bucks a pop
permafleekelninja44, these items are mind bogglingly strange and i love it.
permafleek$0.99 The Book of Hope (NLT)
permafleek$0.99 El Evangelio de Juan NTV (NTV Portions) (Spanish Edition)
permafleek$0.99 Paint, Clay, Sand, Glue & Goop Spreaders - Great for Kids Arts & Crafts projects - pack of 12
permafleek$0.99 [Sample] Suffocation Warning Labels (5 pcs)
elninja44Valduare: Got a couple cans of that, already use it for PLA. I've just been paranoid about chipping my glass bed with PLA after reading about people having problems on reddit.
elninja44err with PETG*
elninja44Although, now that I have a spare one anyway, I have no good reason to be worried.
MorphfiendI've always wondered how people chip / crack their glass so commonly, makes me wonder if they are taking the glass straight off the bed and putting it in the freezer or something
elninja44Funny how the 2 cheapest items on Amazon are books about finding jesus.
MorphfiendGotta make sure it doesn't break the bank to spread the good word
elninja44I think they want people to buy it to stuff their carts, in the hopes that someone will pick it up and read it.
elninja44Pretty clever, if that was the intent.
goalcamUgh, I gotta start a spreadsheet or something or my filaments
goalcamJust had the worst warping I've ever had with this AMZ3D transparent clear PLA, I think I forgot to turn my layer cooler off
Jessmangoalcam, I literally started making a point to take a picture and keep a google docs
imrclyi keep a spreadsheet
Jessmansometimes I have to update from my wipebook (hand notes) since I always one on me
MorphfiendI use evernote / onenote and make a new page for each roll of filament, I try to keep with a labeling system but half the time I just put a note on the spool with some tape
Jessmanwipebook 4tw!
Jessmani already have plenty of blank spools so I recycle them now
MorphfiendI use my empty spools for christmas lights, or I print out the half circle organizer though I only have so many loose stuff or lights now
permafleekwhats the smallest nema one can get away with for a stepper
CloudyDayDoes anybody get a 3D printer?
Morphfienda few factors for nema, like what are you exactly using it for, how much torque does it need to have, weights, are you going to be using it to go a gear ratio etc, a guess a general guide line could get away with maybe a nema 14 with some chaning to speeds and weight of the carriages
permafleek13.7 n/cm seems to be the necessary official torque
permafleeki think i read with corexy you can reduce the torque needs a bit
permafleekand z well is z
Morphfiendwith the A/B motors should be able to get away with less torque, for the build plate no idea tbh, guess that depends on what you are doing for it
permafleekidk if im goiung to buy any parts i should just get some 200$kit off fleashed and then replace the duds
Morphfiendhah I'm somewhat in the same boat debating between a hypercube evolution or buying into the current fad and getting a CR10 S
goalcam[20:47] <CloudyDay> Does anybody get a 3D printer?
crankylinuxuseryeah I like the vulcanus build, but there's things im unhappy about it.
crankylinuxuserim unimpressed with the hypercube primarily because of cantilevering issues with only 1 leadscrew
Morphfiendyeah I was looking at the sub version of the hypercube, dual leadscrews, should be easy enough to use one stepper and do a closed belt loop to drive them
MorphfiendI just know me, soon as I go corexy I wouldn't be able to fight off the urges to try the duet and the smoothieware just for play time
Jessmanfriend of mine did hypercube
Jessmanand after a few months said fuck this and went D-BOT
Jessmanand found himself much happier
crunchalmost done saving for a 3d printer
tsalhypercube evolution is where it is at
tsaldual z axis version of course
TheHexaCube_mwhats up ya nerds
goalcamGotta keep buying atomic filament so that one day crunch can buy his own 3d printer
TheHexaCube_maw fuck i don't have tab-complete on mah phone
TheHexaCube_mi like that
TheHexaPhoneuhh sitting in a bus
TheHexaPhoneabout to drive to some climbing-forest hnnnngh
goalcamWell fuck, I printed this piece with a raft for funsies and it didn't warp -at all-
TheHexaPhonewell where's the fun in that
goalcamPossibly more of an adhesion issue than temperature then, hmm
goalcamIt's just a case for a Pi, why's it gotta be so damn complicated
TheHexaPhoneaw man i really wann do some cad work
goalcam :p
TheHexaPhonei di have the f360 app
TheHexaPhonebut thats just for viewing
TheHexaPhonewhy does my german phone suggest English words
goalcamAll germanic languages are pretty much the same, right?
goalcamExcept with english you just add a bunch of spaces to concepts and things!
TheHexaPhonesorta... maybe? but the words do differ quite alot
TheHexaPhonethe logic behind it might be the same :P
TheHexaPhonei cant even watch rick and morty today
TheHexaPhonejust end my suffering
goalcamNo new episode today because of the holiday
TheHexaPhonewaot what
TheHexaPhonenoooo dont tell me that
goalcamNext weekend
TheHexaPhoneweell this week's fucked
diginetbut! finale of Twin Peaks
TheHexaPhonebut i want rick :c
Saber_anyone alive?
alteregoGood morning!
bastardguten morgen!
goalcamDoes anyone know if S3D does retractions when doing skirts? I'm having issues with prints with islands
Stoobman i keep wanting the 500mm cr10
Stoobjust trying to convince myself not to
goalcamWhat do you have now?
Stoobjust an ole mp maker select
goalcamYou coudld get an MK2S for a few hundred bucks less
goalcamObviously you don't get the huge print volume but
Stoobjust that massive 500x500x500 build volume is so fkn ridiculous
alteregoI wonder if they are as reliable at that size.
goalcamAt $1100, I sure as fuck hope so
Stoobit sounds like they are from what ive seen, just a bit harder to get the massive bed up to temp
Roxer_Hello guys!
Stoobyeah the price is pretty hard to swallow (also the sheer size of it would take up half my table space in my workshop) but man I could print some massive nonsense
Stoobover 19"
Stoobthrow a 1.2mm nozzle on it and use it for giant stuff with my smaller printer handles the details
Duckleuuh, starting my printer from uni. Feels so wrong
DuckleGot a webcam on it though
Viper168Duckle, what kind of interface/software you using for that
Viper168could always remote desktop but is there a less bloaty way
Duckleoctoprint on an rip3
Ducklerpi even
DuckleThen I just SSH tunnel to it
Duckleso I only have to port forward ssh
DuckleViper168: I honestly don't see myself using anything but octoprint for a printer ever
Duckleit's just so danm nice.
StoobUGH i guess I won't blow my wad on a big-ass CR10
Stoobmaybe the normal cr10
DuckleStoob: BigDelta :P
Stoobpfff i don't honestly build that much that's particularly tall, generally i prefer flat/wide
DuckleStoob: So? :P
DuckleI can fit in my printer :P
DuckleStoob: Here's the frame while I built it:
Stoobsee width on that is teenytiny :P
DuckleI think I spent 1k on it, but you can probably do it in about 600
DuckleStoob: Hah, it's 500 mm diameter :P
DucklePrinted this birdhouse for my older brother :)
DuckleI told him it was too beffy, but nope. 10mm walls were needed. Okie dokie. 1.3KG of PLA
Roxer_Isn't white filament going to turn into shit? literally? ahahah
DuckleRoxer_: It's un colored
crazy_impDuckle: any problems with uv resistance on that part?
Stoobthats a shitload of filament
Duckleso transparrent-ish with a yellow tint
DuckleStoob: Yea :P
Ducklecrazy_imp: Don't know. I had a batteryholder on my bike for over a year
Roxer_Seems white, but still. I would have gone for a coloured filament, any reason why not? uv resistance?
Ducklestill as good as when I printed it
Stoobgf wants me to print her a certain planter off thingiverse but the designer of the damn thing made it thick as fuck with a huge base
StoobACTION vase modes it
DuckleRoxer_: Un colored prints better most of the time
Duckleand has better layer adhesion
DuckleAnd he was going to paint it
Stoobive never experienced that
Stoobwould be interesting to see a scientific test
DuckleStoob: Would definetly be :)
Ducklewith PETG, the difference between transparrent and black PETG, is sticks cold, or me having to heat the bed a bit
Stoobive never had a problem with colored PETG but i've never played with black
DuckleI mean, it makes sense, you're suspending particles that aren't the material you want, in the material you want
DuckleStoob: I print on a cold bed
Ducklebecause it's 500mm diameter :)
Ducklehasn't stopped me from taking chunks out of a tempered glass table
goalcamclear filament in general can be fucky
goalcamI'm fghting with clear PLA at the moment
Duckleseems to always be better and easier
Duckleclear that is
StoobI'm kinda thinkin about diving into more PETG colors
Duckleif you're struggling with clear, I'd blame it on bad filament
Stoobgot red,green,magenta,yellow, clear, blue, been happy with pretty much everything ive printed with any of em
Stoobgot that nice shiny translucent sheen to em
DuckleOh don't get me wrong. I like colored fillaments too, however if it's out of sight, I prefer the natural colors of the polymer
goalcamIt's AMZ3D clear PLA, I seem to have a lot of issues with it curling and whatnot
goalcamTrying it at 200c instead of 180c now, think it might be too hot but idk
goalcamI'm frustrated with it at this point, can't get the first layer to stick cleanly
goalcamBut it's not an easy print that I'm working with so v0v
Ducklegoalcam: Does it work with your normal filaments?
XXCodergoalcam: what surface?
goalcamblue tape
XXCoderglue or cleaned with rubbing achcol?
goalcamIt's been fine with just the blue tape
XXCoderyou dont clean it?
XXCoderit will evenually get dirty and it wont get stick
XXCoderrubbing achcol cost very little and use those little cotton pads
goalcamSure but that's when I just replace the tape :)
Cudatransparent/translucent filament is easy to tint with a line of sharpie =)
Cudaburring blue tape down with a alc (i use kitchen paper) makes things stick like crazy
goalcamWent through a whole roll of black PLA from the same company without any issues other than when I tried to print something with a million islands
goalcamIt's seeming to go now at 25% (of 80mm/s) at 200c vs 180c and 50%
goalcamWhen I do get the clear to print nicely I have to pry it off with a crowbar
goalcamThe silver I've been printing from 3D Solutech comes out super nicely
theresajayneAnyone know where i can get a complete Kossell printer in kit form cheap?
theresajayneI have seen prices from £200 - 700
theresajayneI can print some pieces though just been having problems with getting them to stick to my print plate properly
Cudatheresajayne: material, temperatures, surface, coating ?
alteregoACTION starts up the 'ol printer
IotaGoogle Doodle is great. :D
theresajayneCuda, 0.75 PLA printing at 190 degrees, previous prints worked ok, but then trying to print the parts for the kossell they printed better (recalibrated the level and distance of the head/plate) but after about 10 layers it lost one piece which then had a knock on effect
theresajayneprevious prints i had the nozell too close to the bed and it stuck better but scraped the nozell on the piece
Cudawhat bed temperature and print surface?
Cudait makes things easier, to make the initial layer thick - 0.25-0.5mm. that ways 1/100th off doesnt make much of a difference
Cudalarge, flat parts are much more prone to warping off the bed too
Hexa_phoneseen Spirit*?
gthxSpirit532 was last seen in #reprap 3 days, 10 hours, 28 minutes, 52 seconds ago saying 'cheap, too.'.
gthxSpirit532__ was last seen in #reprap 9 days, 17 hours, 25 minutes, 22 seconds ago saying 'I mean you can get the sensor separately too but you'd have to write code and all that'.
gthxSpirit532_ was last seen in #reprap 23 days, 8 hours, 43 minutes, 15 seconds ago saying 'radiometric is a little more(or, well, calibrated rather)'.
zoursMy prints all start sticking great to the bed, but after a while they get bent.
zoursEven when I try printing a brim to help.
Brandanozours: ABS?
zoursNo, just PLA.
Brandanoodd, PLA doesn't usually warp much
zoursPrinting at 200, bed at 60.
Brandanoboth fine temps. Generally warping is with ABS or mixes, if the cooling is too aggressive
zoursShould I reduce fan speed?
Brandanothat might help, but then you might have to also reduce print speed a little, depending on how big is the part you are printing
Brandanoif it's a very large part you can even leave the fan off
Brandanojust let the print cool down naturally
BrandanoI assume the print is fairly large, small prints don't have enough space to warp
zoursNot that big. 80x50x20
Brandanodoes it lose adhesion only on the bottom?
zoursYes, the print itself is okay, apart from that bending.
BrandanoPLA prints great on very clean plain glass. I use hairspray on glass, though
alteregoSo humid today, hope my prints don't fuck up
zoursI just use masking tape.
zoursMy first layer never looks great.
BrandanoI never used masking tape, so can't compare it
zoursWell it was cheap and I had some already.
Brandanohairspray is as good as PVAc, but easier to apply and clean. and sometimes PVAc can stick too well. I have a chip in my glass because of that
BrandanoI believe you have to use blue M3 masking tape, other masking tapes just don't work well
zoursOh :(.
Cudayou can try lowering the infill density and solid bottom layers to reduce the parts warping. and perhaps optimizy the part cooling (super important for PLA)
Cuda"normal" papery painters tape does work too, pretty well even, if it's sticky enough
zoursInfill is at 20%.
zoursIt is normal painter's tape. I don't know if it's "sticky" enough tough.
zoursWhat do you mean by optimize part cooling? More cooling? Less cooling?
zoursRight now it's not cooling the first layers, then cooling at 100%.
Brandanotry reducing the fan to 60%
Brandanoyou can also do it on the fly, without reslicing
BrandanoPLA cools fairly well on something that size
Cudait's not sticky enough when the tape comes off the bed. that normal tape works fine too
BrandanoCuda: I suspect some of the tan colored masking tapes are coated with wax to stop the paint bleeding through
Brandanosome probably use PVAc, which would explain why they work well as printing surface
Cuda(i was just saying) if you rub it down with alcohol, to remove the wax on it, PLA sticks VERY well to it
zoursOk thanks I'll try that.
Cudado you have a glass plate yet?
Brandanoglass is wonderful for PLA
Brandanothe biggest drawback is that it's mroe moving mass on a bedflinger
crankylinuxuserOk.. So I posted a reddit question about junking a Kossel mini and migration. What's peoples' takes on FuseBox ?
gthx => FuseBox CoreXY 3D Printer by _AlexY => 1 IRC mentions
gthxFusebox is a CoreXY machine with aluminum extrusion frame:
Cudaget one locally, it's 2-5 bucks cut to size. 2mm is thick enough. (you wanna keep it light)
Brandanocrankylinuxuser: first thing I'd mod is that cantilevered bed
crankylinuxuseryeah.. the 2 recommendations were that and the hy[ercube, which is 2020 (defeats purpose of reusing 1515)
crankylinuxuserBoth use that ridiculous cantilevered
Brandanoyou could also build a smartrapcore
Brandanoor a rail variant
gthxsmartrapcore is a corexy print design from smartfriendz. Has an emphasis on easy-to-source parts and mostly printable parts
CudaBrandano, that's why i recommended 2mm glass
BrandanoCuda: that's what I use
alteregoHey cranky.
Cudasame ^^
Brandanoit's from a picture frame, so it's more like 1.7mm
Brandanoyou have to be a bit careful when taking prints off, though
crankylinuxuserhey alterego :)
Cudalikewise :D i have enough glass for 1-2 dozend print beds laying around
Brandanobut at least if it shatters it's easy to replace
crankylinuxuserwell, smartrapcore seems nice and simple BOM. how does it handle to flexure of the walls? seems like a higher humidity place like Indiana might not be a good idea.
Brandanothere's 2020 variants
Brandanoalso, you can paint and seal the panels. In any case humidity messes up prints
Brandanothere's a few mods in thingiverse to drive the Z axis mroe evenly
crankylinuxuseryeah, I was hoping to reuse or cut my 1515 I currently have.
Brandano1515 bolted on alucore panels would be very rigid
BrandanoI mean, dibond
Brandanobut even corrugated polycarbonate would be much stiffer than 1515 alone
Brandanoand that stuff is cheap
Cudayou dont need corrugated PC if your frame is remotely sturdy. 1mm lexan sheet is already pretty tough
Cudalso quite easy to bend with a heatgun, or flex around a round delta inclosure
Cudai heard, some even print on it
crankylinuxuserYeah using 1515 and PC seems.. overkill. I was looking for a 200mm in each direction. Not talking about a large format..
Brandanoany sheeting or webbing closing the open frame will make it a lot sturdier
Brandanorice paper...
Brandanomake a japanese themed corexy
crankylinuxusermisumi extrusion? check.
Cudahaha, putting a tatami mat under the printer should give you good noise dampening
Brandanoactually, that's a pretty good idea
Brandanotatami mats are great for sound dampening
Brandanoreal tatami mats cost a fortune
goalcamFusebox2 looks pretty interesting
RoBo_Vis it ok to keep PLA outside with rpinter in open space ?
goalcamRoBo_V: not really, humidity will destroy it
SpeedEvildepends where you are
RoBo_Vso I have to safe back after every print ?
Jupp3Of course, I assume "keeping" in this case means "for longer periods of time"
goalcamDepends on how often you will use a spool
goalcamIf you go through a spool of PLA in 2-4 weeks it'll probably be fine unless you live in a high humidity place
SpeedEvilyou can also mostly enclose teh pla with some silica gel
SpeedEvilteeny hole to feed through
Jupp3And I'd assume it won't be "100% useless" after that either
SpeedEvilyou can dry it in oven
RoBo_VRight, for the time I think I will keep it in plastic bag that came with it.
Jupp3Is (direct) sunlight also bad?
alteregoSpeedEvil: I reckognise your name
alteregoSpeedEvil: did you hang around #maemo?
SpeedEvilyes :(
SpeedEvil(on how that went)
alteregoYeah, well. It makes for an interesting story XD
alteregoIt was probably the best 7 years of my life. Well, most interesting professionally at least.
SpeedEvilyou were involved professionally?
alteregoI worked for Jolla on-and-off for 3 years, Nokia for about 2 years.
alteregoI was one of the first devs at Jolla. I wrote the telephony middle ware.
alteregoHad a hand in doing the original implementation for ambience and the glass effects.
SpeedEvilIt's a real shame that today your only choice is apple or google. (to one significant figure at least)
alteregoA bit of everything really. I was also in the 4 man team doing the primary work on Sailfish for Everyone (the device porting system) came up with the name HADK ;)
SpeedEvilACTION looks at his jolla phones.
alteregoHah, well, it's all part of the adventure really.
alteregoHow long have you been in to 3d printing?
SpeedEvilBreaking into a existing market without backing (jolla) is ridiculously harder than if you're Nokia in 2010
alteregoIt will be interesting to see where Nokia go. Now they're effectively licensing their name to Android device manufacturers.
SpeedEvilJust got first printer,and not done much other than align and test print due to other stuff coming up
alteregoCool, well, welcome! :)
SpeedEvilI would unfortunately be astonished if Nokia did anything exciting in phone OSs again.
alteregoI've been around since 2010. Got my first printer when I was still doing Nokia stuff.
alteregoY'know. I hope they do. Sailfish still has promise, they just don't have enough man power to achieve feature parity with other companies.
SpeedEvil'trivial' amounts of money from an even in the crapper Nokia aren't trivial from Jolla perspectives.
alteregoSo what printed do you have?
alteregoI'm currently printing bits to do a new build.
alteregoWhich is annoying, because I really want to mess with some interesting ideas that have been floating about recently. Namely T-Shirt printing in flexible filaments and lithophanes.
SpeedEvilI want to try fibre reinforced filliment, but have not had the energy
alteregoI take it you know you'll want a reinforced nozzle? Like a steel one?
SpeedEvilThis is one contiguous bundle of glass fibre
alteregoOoo, interseting.
SpeedEvili was actually thinking about UV set, not thermoplastic, so things differ a bit
Brandanoyou are probably better off printing molds for fiber mat and resin
SpeedEvilBrandano: dependant on what for.
Brandanoit's more work, but gives you a structure that is both stronger and lighter
alteregoPossibly more messy ..
SpeedEvilstronger and lighter is sometimes taking a backseat to shape and convenience.
alteregoI used to repair surfboard fins with my Dad as a kid. Horrible stuff XD
Brandanoanother common approach is CNC milled foam cores
SpeedEvilyes, I'm familiar with typical approaches
SpeedEvilThis could be a fun additional option though
Brandanoto experiment with, sureù
SpeedEvilIt would not be particularly strong
SpeedEvilCompared with nicely wetted out properlyselected fabric, with good fibre fraction. Buuut.
Brandanobut the moment you need to produce a composite part for a specific task, turns out that the traditional methods work better
alteregoDo you have any specific use case/s ?
Brandanohuman powered vehicles?
Brandanomedical braces?
SpeedEvilalterego: not particularly. Stuff like garden sculptures.
alteregoYou could 3D print clay.
Brandanofiber reinforced concrete works well for garden stuff
SpeedEvilThis is more 'unreinforced plastic is a bit wobbly' rather than structural.
SpeedEvilBottom part was cast in a polystyrene mold in one casting (it got quite hot) of concrete.
SpeedEvilWire-cut mold, reassembled
Brandanoyou could print a plastic shell for a plaster mold, and then fill that with fiber reinforced concrete
Brandanoso you get a lpaster surface with fine detail over a structural skeleton
Brandanoor even just do a plaster slip coat and fill the rest with concrete
Brandanothe cured oplaster should protect the mold well enough
WigaxAny ideas what might be causing this z layer seperation:
Mangy_Dogwigax, i had that on cheap pla
Mangy_Dogits a mixture of curling and under extrution
Mangy_Dogwhat printer?
Mangy_Dogand what slicer?
Mangy_Dogwas it slic3r?
WigaxIts CubeX PLA
WigaxI got a cartridge for free
WigaxIts a D-Bot self built printer and yes it was sliced in slic3r
Wigaxprinted at 205 degrees
WigaxMangy_Dog: Do you think its just down to the filament?
Mangy_Doghmm cubex isnt cheap
Mangy_Dogi did find with my cheap filament if i sliced in ideamaker it solved some of it
Mangy_Dogbut i found it hard to find the sweet spot between it under extruding and curling or over extruding and blobbing
Mangy_Dogi put it down to cheap filament with varible filament size
Mangy_Dogi paid 10 qui for the stuff when the cheap stuff is normaly 13 :p
WigaxIts my schools so I cant say its not down to moisture
Mangy_Dogna thats not moisture
Mangy_Dogbecause ideamaker got better prints i can only assume it was some setting i wasnt getting right in the gcode as well
Mangy_Dogbut for the life of me couldnt work out what
WigaxWell ive got some on the way so I can see if that helps
Mangy_Dogfor the most parts i had identicel settings
WigaxI'll also try ideamaker
Mangy_Dogideamaker is good but i really liked slic3rs honeycome infill :/
alteregoslic3r is nicer! :P
Mangy_Dogits good
Mangy_Dogideamaker has custom suports
Mangy_Dogand a good cost estimate system
Mangy_Dogand much nicer rotation and editing menu than slic3r
alteregoMy only issue with slic3r is speed.
zoursIs Cura better than Slic3r ?
alteregozours: depends who you ask.
alteregozours: Personally, I found Cura better than Slic3r two years ago. Now, I much prefer slic3r
zoursHm. Okay.
alteregoCura has a more intuitive interface, but recently I've not even managed to get it to work, certianly not as quickly as I managed to get Slic3r working.
zoursWhat doesn't work?
Mangy_Dogis it just me or is thingiverses thing upload system a bit borked?
alteregoI just din't get cura working by using the exact same settings as in Slic3r, which I thought was retarded X)
alteregoThingiverse is borked, but it's' all we have really :P
Mangy_Dognods its just it throws all sorts of stupid errors when i try to publish things
Mangy_Dogeven things like missing required fields in the form... when i put info in that field... in the correct format, if you wanted to know
Valduareyou know whats fun
Valduare290x290 objects and the first layer comes out perfect
Valduarewithout a z probe heh
Mangy_Dog I made a thing
gthx => Tevo Tarantula Dual Y rails by Mangy_Dog => 1 IRC mentions
jeffdm_h_alterego: Slic3r is slow? I thought they had that handled now.
Mangy_Dogoh yeah slic3r slicer is really slow compared to everyone else
alteregojeffdm_h_: My laptop (which isn't shit) can't slice 10x10 NASA chainmail in decent time.
Valduareits super fast on mac version?
alteregoIn fact, it's taken so long. I just have to kill slic3r. Not managed to slice it yet.
jeffdm_h_Slic3r is my backup slicer and I didn't notice it being terribly slow when I did use it.
Valduarei’ve been using it as main slicer for a while instead of s3d
jeffdm_h_I've used it on Mac and Windows 10
alteregoIt is my main, I just wish it was a bit faster. I'm tempted to have a go porting the slicing code to Go or something.
Jupp3Have a go porting to go
jeffdm_h_S3D is faster but like 5-10 seconds vs 10-20 seconds isn't the deal breaker, depending on the circumstances.
Mangy_Dogive not tried S3d, because im not made of money
alteregotbh, I just think slic3r got it's knickers in a twist. Because like I said, I ran it for something like 5 minutes and the progress bar wasn't moving.
alteregoSo I think it just died.
Brandanojeffdm_h_: many people probably don't know about the multithreading settings
ValduareMangy_Dog: but s3d was COUNTING on you to be made of money :P
alteregoIt is set to my number of cores :P
Brandanoon Windows it's sometimes better to go a little over the number of phisical cores
Brandanobecause Windows has horrible thread management
jeffdm_h_Slic3r did have a bug with support generation but I thought they fixed it.
BrandanoI don't generally use support
jeffdm_h_crap where is that threads settings
Brandanothe times I tried it it was just too much of an headache
zoursDoes everyone use the slicer connected to the printer? I print from SD. Is that bad?
buZzits not bad
buZzand not everybody uses slicer to printer
jeffdm_h_I have threads set to '2' so that could stand to be bumped a couple.
alteregojeffdm_h_: It's under File -> Preferences.
buZzzours: there are 2 other common methods
buZzzours: 1 is 'host software' like pronterface
jeffdm_h_Printer SEttings -> Advanced -> Others
BrandanoI don't use slic3r as a host, or an SD card
buZzzours: 2 is 'hosted host software' like octoprint
buZzi use octoprint
BrandanoI use a raspberry pi with octoprint as a host
buZzi even run slicer on my octoprint box :)
HrdwrBoBme too
jeffdm_h_Not in my preferences
Brandanojeffdm_h_: you have to enable advanced settings
jeffdm_h_Not in my preferences
zoursWhat do you gain by not printing from SD? You change parameters on the fly during the print?
buZzzours: yes
Brandanoyou can do that when printing from SD too
jeffdm_h_Have to turn on 'expert' then Printer Settings -> Advanced -> Others
Brandanobut mainly I gain not having to fiddle with an SD card or awfully slow uploads
BrandanoI can send the model to octoprint directly from Slic3r, select print and then turn off my PC if I want to
jeffdm_h_OK main Slic3r won't launch
Brandanoand can control the print via a cellphone or tablet
jeffdm_h_you can't send the model from cell phone
jeffdm_h_front page of seems out of date
Brandanojeffdm_h_: you could, it's a webpage upload
Brandanothere's also mobile skins for octoprint that make it a bit easier to use on a touch interface
jeffdm_h_So main Slic3r still isn't on 1.3.0
BrandanoI think there's automated builds available for download
Brandano1.3.0 is still a dev release
jeffdm_h_I see it
kozyhow to calibrate extrusion multiplier?
kozywill extrusion multiplier affects tolerance?
Ducklegrr I hate 0.1mm and I hate supports
Duckletakes so much time :(
kozywhat is difference between (printing with natural color and post process) and (printing with multiple color)?
Mangy_Dogoh thats one thing i dont like about ideamaker
Mangy_Dogthere doesnt appear to be a propper extrution multiplyer setu
Ducklekozy: well, you pretty much listed it :P
Ducklekozy: Printing with multiple colors is completely irrelevant in my opinion
Mangy_Dogyes extrution multiplyer will affect tollorences
Ducklethe print time increase is insane
Duckleit makes sense for dissolveable supports though
kozyhow can i calibrate extrusion multiplier? print cube and measure tolerance? Mangy_Dog
Mangy_Dogdepends on the slicer
Ducklekozy: I'd suggest getting your esteps right
Mangy_Dogbut use a caliper to messure the cube
Duckleinstead of messing with extrusion multiplier
Mangy_Dogwell yes...
kozyunfortunately it's not opensource printer
Valduaremornin Duckle
Mangy_Dogbefure messing with multiplers
Ducklemornin :)
Mangy_Dogfix the printer calibration
Ducklekozy: which printer?
kozy`qidi` makerbot replicator clone
Duckleso it runs makerware?
kozyit use mightyboard , stock firmware prebuilt on it
Duckleor whatever they call it
Mangy_Dogdo the usual move 100mm messure... fix steps per mm run again untill you get a good save print messure
Mangy_Dogdo it on the xyz and the e
kozyit is modified sailfish I don't have source code so don't know stock parameter
DuckleMangy_Dog: I don't know if you can do steps/mm on those
Mangy_Dogits in the firmware
DuckleMangy_Dog: makerbot clone
Duckleno open firmware
Mangy_Doghow much of the clone?
kozy600$ ~ 700$
Mangy_Dogyou would htink a clone would run normal ramps type stuff
DuckleMangy_Dog: It runs the mighty board
Mangy_Dograther than clone the software as well
Duckleuses makerbots shitty slicer too
kozyboard : mightyboard, firmware : modified sailfish by stock
Mangy_Dogi dont know what the mightboard is
kozyI use s3d
Duckleoh, that outputs in x3g?
Duckleno factoid? awh
kozyI upload gcode file to print
kozyvia octopi
Mangy_Doga very very quick look
Duckleyou can run an open source firmware on it
kozyyeah problem is..
Mangy_Dogthe mightyboard looks like a atmel
DucklePersonally, that's what I'd do
kozyI cannot know stock parameter
Mangy_Dogwhich means there must be marlin or soemthign like firmware for it
Ducklekozy: You don't have to
Ducklethose settings were figured out initially :)
kozyand I think marlin cannot uploaded here
kozydon't know exactly
kozyI uploaded original sailfish long time ago and rollback to stock
kozyit worked well, but I didn't want unexpected behavior , so I rollbacked
Ducklemarlin might be supported in the devel branch
Ducklebut that's a bit more advanced to use
WiredCathello anyone there?
Ducklewe're all gone
WiredCati have aquestion about sending data to 3d printer
Duckleask? :)
gthxAsk your question directly, you don't need to ask permission to ask a question!
kozyuse octopi!
Mangy_Dogthats a shame, because n oone is here >.>
WiredCati dont know what i should actually send to it
DuckleWiredCat: Send G28
WiredCatim sending char array
WiredCatbut it doesnt seem to work
Duckleyou're not sending char arrays
WiredCatim using c++ to communicate with 3d printer via usb cable
Duckleit's serial, you're sending bytes
Mangy_Dogwhat he said
Mangy_Dog(see im halping)
kozywhy not putty?
Duckleyou're sending 'G' '2' '8'
WiredCati dont know if i should use widechar
Ducklekozy: He's probably writing his own code
DuckleWiredCat: Bytes
gthxgcode is and and and is a very handy all-include list here and and is also and preview:
DuckleWiredCat: The first link there is a pretty good list on 3D printer "g-code"
WiredCatwait a second
Duckleit's not g-code, it's bastard code, as it follows no danm standards
DuckleWiredCat: I've waited severeal now :)
WiredCatso it seems i have to send unsigned chars
WiredCatbut byte is a char
Ducklea byte is a byte
WiredCatrange from 0..255
Ducklea char is one byte yes
WiredCatand has 4 bits
WiredCatso its widechar then
Duckleno, it's a byte?
WiredCataaah wait
WiredCat8 bits = one byte
WiredCatbut still printer doesnt respond
Ducklefor say, G28, you're sending: 010001110011001000111000
DuckleWiredCat: what are you using for serial?
WiredCatwait how do i pm
WiredCatint sendArray(unsigned char *buffer, int len) { WriteFile(serialPortHandle, buffer, len, &result, NULL); }
ValduareDuckle: you just said a swear word in binary...
Duckle/query <nickname> but just keep it in here
DuckleValduare: Lol
DuckleWiredCat: put it on codeshare
Duckleactually, wait
DuckleIt's live, I can see and edit too
jancoowsomeone using that rip solid works software?
DuckleWiredCat: What is port?
jancoowI need it for my school, but I can't install it inside a windows 10 virtualbox
WiredCati can read data from printer
Duckleno, what library?
jancoow"using a standalone license for solidworks is not supported in this virtual enviroment"
WiredCati cant send anything to make printer work
WiredCatim not using anything
WiredCatpure c++
Duckleyou are
Ducklesomewhere, you have code that talks to the serial converter driver
ValduareDuckle: what kind of z probe are you using on the delta
DuckleValduare: Microswitch glued into a plate, that attaches with a magnet under the effector
DuckleWiredCat: Where do you have the port class from?
WiredCatduckle you mean firmware code of a printer
DuckleWiredCat: No, I mean the serial library
WiredCatdamn i dont get you theres no such thing in my code
Valduareah i made a little plastic part that friction fits over the nozzle /heaterblock with a little tactile button salvaged from copy machine
WiredCati just use windows
DuckleWiredCat: There's code that handles talking to a serial port
DuckleWiredCat: How do you make port?
Ducklewhere do you init the port?
WiredCatcheck the code
Ducklewhat is DCB?
BrandanoDuckle: well, on Linux a port is just a file
Ducklewell, yeah
Ducklewindows though
WiredCatits a structure that i send to printer that defines baudrate etc
WiredCatyeah i get it on windows is similar
DuckleWiredCat: you don't talk to the printer, you talk to a serial dongle :)
Duckleokay, so DCB is the Data Center Bridge
Ducklethat's your serial library
DuckleIt talks to the drivers in windows, that handle serial ports
WiredCatim trying to make ultimate code that works on linux too
WiredCatnot to mention that i wont use dcb on linux
Duckleobviously :)
WiredCatbut thats not the problem for now
Brandanodo we really need a new host?
Ducklehe might though
Ducklefor some special sauce needs :)
Brandanoah, special geometry
BrandanoI'd just modify pronterface
DuckleBrandano: I've learned to ask less questions. It's easier that way :)
DuckleI'd use python
Brandanopronterface is python
Ducklethere's no heavy math done in a host, so python
WiredCatso maybe i should change char * to unsigned char *
DuckleBrandano: Right. gotcha
DuckleWiredCat: A char can't be negative
Brandanoit's what octoprint actually uses to communicate with the printer
Ducklewait, maybe it can
crazy_impDuckle: oh yes, it can be negative. also if it's signed or unsigned by default depends on the platform
Ducklecrazy_imp: Oh, might be I'm used to unsigned default then
DuckleI don't get why it's called char though
WiredCatchar has range from -127 to 127
Ducklebyte is a much better name
WiredCatwhere unsigned char has 0..255
Duckleoh god that's so stupid
Duckleyeah, use unsigned
Duckleor even better
Brandanolow level programming generally is
WiredCati need to find way to convert it
Brandanocould be worse
WiredCatneed a time to google it ;p
Brandanoit could be assembly
DuckleWiredCat: or even better: typdef unsigned char byte;
Brandanothere should be a bunch of casting functions
DuckleBrandano: hah
WiredCatducke i have it akready
WiredCatdefined like that
Duckleright, use that.
Duckleyou can still treat it like chars
crazy_impDuckle: just don't typedef. use (u)int8_t and such
Duckle'G' is just 01000111
BrandanoI think it's called char because essentially early memory based computers were glorified typewriters
ramkam20_i'm looking into utilities or python code to read write slc files
Ducklecrazy_imp: Well yea, use stdint and std bool and such
Ducklebut that's basically what they do
DuckleBrandano: probably
Duckleand why you have "words"
ramkam20_founds some specs here, but my coding skills are ... so so
DuckleI prefer uint8_t uint16_t ... int64_t
BrandanoI prefer python
Valduarei love python
Duckleit depends
DuckleI love python for most stuff
kozyi love C..
DuckleI prefer C when I deal with embedded
kozywrite in C...
BrandanoC is better for time critical stuff
ValduareDuckle: check out micropython :)
DuckleValduare: I've looked at it a bit, looks neat and not neat
DuckleI'd like to see rust compilers for MCUs :P
Valduarejust one more tool in the bucket etc
DuckleValduare: Right, but I feel like it's more of a toy than a tool
Valduareits great for when you want to do something but you hate C :P
WiredCatok moment of truth ;x
DuckleValduare: I don't hate C though :P
BrandanoI am quite sure that it's possible to compile python code to an MCU compatible binary without having to load an interpreter with it
WiredCatand nothing happens
DuckleWiredCat: Try putty first
Ducklemake sure you can actually communicate with it
BrandanoWiredCat: is it possible that something else is holding the port open?
Brandanoon windows that's a typical issue
WiredCatno no
WiredCateverythign is fine
Duckleif you have access to the port, you're the only one who has access
WiredCati first open port
WiredCatthen read data from it
WiredCatwhen theres no data at all to read
WiredCati send command
WiredCati tried that with pronetr face
WiredCatand its sending commands normally
DuckleWiredCat: Try putty
WiredCatbut how to use that
Brandanoit's a tty
Duckleopen putty, pick serial, enter com port, go to serial settings and setup parity and such
Brandanoessentially telnet to it
Brandanoactually, tty to it
Brandanoeven lower level than telnet
Duckleisn't telnet just serial over internet?
BrandanoI have to try and set up a serial link from the RPI to the controller via GPIO, bypassing the serial>USB>serial conversion
BrandanoDuckle: yep
Brandanobut in this case it's serial over serial
DuckleBrandano: beware, 3v3 logic
WiredCatwhen i hit open button is it supposed to show me something
Brandanoso, no neet to set a tCP port etc
WiredCatbecause nothing is happening
DuckleWiredCat: You're using a ton of libraries, we can't know
Ducklethere's no buttons, without a UI
WiredCatwait what?
BrandanoDuckle: on the PI, right?
DuckleWiredCat: ooh you mean putty?
gthx => PuTTY Tutorial for Serial COM (step-by-step guide) => 1 IRC mentions
DuckleBrandano: yea
DuckleBrandano: And if youre using octoprint, you have to enable using that port
BrandanoI imagine. I'll need a level converter chip
Duckleor two mosfets and 4 resistors :)
Brandanoor to set up the atmega to work at 3.3v logic
Brandanothe simplest setup uses two 3.3v zeners
WiredCatok i am reading data in putty form serial port
DuckleI love that appnote :) so well written
DuckleWiredCat: Try typing
Duckleanything you type will be sent immediately
DuckleWiredCat: Also, remember that G code has to use capital letters!
WiredCatit seems putty doesnt respond
DuckleWiredCat: It doesn't echo back to you
WiredCati cnt type anywhere lol
Duckleit only shows what you're receiving
ramkam20_seen nophead?
gthxSorry, I haven't seen nophead.
Duckleyou can enable it so it shows what you're sending
WiredCati send G28 it works
WiredCatbut not in my program
Ducklegood to know
ramkam20_damn. any slc read / write utilities out there ?
DuckleWiredCat: Are you using capital letters?
BrandanoDuckle: a bit costly, but:
DuckleBrandano: You don't really need a specific chip for seria
WiredCatit must be something with the string i am sending through port
BrandanoWiredCat: now, the neat thing is that you can use the terminal also to be a serial port client
Duckleif you pick the right mosfets, the mosfet one should work
DuckleWiredCat: Do you have any kind of logic analyser, spare serial dongle / arduino, etc etc?
WiredCatyou mean ardunio ide (compiler) for example?
WiredCati have that
Duckleno, hardware
WiredCatatmega 256- or was it 2650 i cant remember actually
WiredCator even better i have prusa i3 mk2
WiredCatit has atmega there and ramps
Duckleyou don't really care about the arduino, it's for the serial converter chip that's on board.
Duckle2 sec
Brandanobut I think there's also some python code that can act as a serial port proxy while it can show you the traffic
Brandanoor capture it to file
DuckleBrandano: Nice
Ducklemuch easier to use :)
Brandanowell, if your problem is not with the protocol
DuckleWiredCat: Basically what you want to do, is sniff the data you're actually sending
Brandanoif the baud rate is off it won't help you
WiredCathow can i do that?
DuckleWiredCat: The link Brandano just sent
DuckleBrandano: Using a python
ramkam20_Brandano, any interest for this : ?
Brandanoprobably the title was truncated
Brandanoah, nice and compact
DuckleBrandano: Also, send me parmesan cheese
DuckleI'm out
Brandanothat looks more like an adder
DuckleBrandano: Did you just assume it's species?!
WiredCatits sending the commands like it should
DuckleIt identifies as python 3.6
WiredCatthats strange
WiredCat :/
Brandanoramkam20_: interesting, but seems a bit convoluted just for a serial device?
alteregoScrew it, I'm gonna start writing my own slicer ..
Brandanofor most stuff in python serial.Serial will do
ramkam20_Brandano: maybe, bumped on it while looking for stuff to decode encode slc files
Brandanoso it's relatively easy to go host>com0com>python>hardware_com
TheHexaPhonesup nerds
tsalJavascript never ceases to amaze me
Brandanoand dump the entire conversation running on serial to a file
WiredCatmaybe i should send some additional data to the command?
TheHexaPhoneso what did I miss today
Brandanohi TheHexaPhone
Brandanoyour client might be faulty
TheHexaPhonedo i have shitty latency or whats up with gthx
Brandanogthx replied immediately here
Ducklea hexagonal phone sounds really impractical
Brandanowell, depends, could be an irregular hexagon
Brandanolike, coffin shaped
TheHexaPhonenah the signal here is just shit
TheHexaPhonebut hey im currently getting paid while having fun
TheHexaPhoneso thats kinda okay
TheHexaPhoneplus free food
Stagnationsounds like a perfect job
jeffdm_h_gthx: ping
WiredCatputty shows correct string even when i am sending char *
TheHexaPhone3-4 seconds latency
alteregoSo, I'm thinking, I want to play with voxels. So what if I import an STL, then I voxelise the model to the required granularity of the print.
alteregoCreating paths would be really easy.
TheHexaPhoneStagnation: sadly its just a 2 day stay to "get to know each other"
TheHexaPhonebut money is money after all
Brandanohmm, shouldn't you be paying attention to the people over there, then?
WiredCatmaybe someone from here knows how to send data to printer via usb in c++:?
alteregoWiredCat: depnds on os, look for a cross platform serial library.
WiredCatyeah but after setting up connection
WiredCatim using pure c++
WiredCatas WriteFile
TheHexaPhoneBrandano well we're having. a break now and it's awkward silence... so i can at least see whats going on in here
alteregoWiredCat: so you're using Windows?
ramkam20_ACTION Looking for tools to read / write slc files ... 
alteregoWiredCat: just look for an example. The MSDN site contains 100,000s of examples doing all of this kind of stuff.
ramkam20_Use the checksum. It matters
WiredCati also saw that putty uses something like flowcontrol
WiredCatmaybe i should use that too
WiredCati dont use any flow control flag when connecting to printer
ramkam20_WiredCat: not sure, but i think that the serial over usb doesnt care about that
alteregoFlow control is not required.
WiredCatlet me check if ur ruight
alteregoI am right
WiredCatit doent need that
alteregoYou're not using something like RS485
WiredCatwell i think ill need to check that serialport library then
alteregoI spent 4 years programming serial shit, I know what I'm talking about :P
alteregoAnd that was only profressionally...
WiredCatyeah im doing that stuff for 4 days now
Brandanoin the industry that counts like senior level experience
alteregoFour days and you're asking these kinds of questions? What have you been doing?
WiredCatestablished the connection
WiredCatwroite reading from printer
WiredCatand wrote enumerating usb devices
WiredCati know its only few lines of code but well i have a job too
BrandanoACTION has been trying to convince a dynamically generated dgrid widget not to scale to 100% of the height of the parent table for 3 or 4 days
WiredCattook a day off to finish this
WiredCatbut it seems im failing
BrandanoI got it working in the end, but the DOM is a right pain in the arse
alteregoBrandano: use a framework :p
WiredCatmaybe my read function is not receiving all dta lthough it tells me that i have 0 bytes left to read
alteregoJust mske sure nothing else is resding on the device.
Brandanoalterego: dojo. my problem IS the framework
Brandanoand the fact that I must go and do my thing instead of just sticking to the intended use
alteregoHurp, never used dojo.
WiredCatbut as far as i know i need to read everything from the device before i can send anything
WiredCatis that correct
alteregoThe OS reads the data in to a ring buffer as it comes in.
alteregoSo it makes no difference.
WiredCatone more thing
WiredCatim using the code from that link you gave me to read data
WiredCatbut theres a cathc
WiredCatit stalls the program
sideralaI hate when I start watching porn and forget the phone is connected to the Bluetooth house speakers
WiredCatafter it reads everything
durrfanyone got any good cheap tweezer reccomendations? i got a bunch of tweezers but they are not the best
durrfcan always use more tweezers
Brandanosiderala: it's much more fun when it's cionnected to the neighbour's unsecured bluetooth speakers
Brandanosiderala: 70's german porn is particularly good to promote wireless security practices
TheHexaPhonegerman porn is just awful
durrfTheHexaPhone: s/ porn is/s are/
TheHexaPhonefuck you
tsalTip of the day: Baby monitors tend to transmit and receive unencrypted analog signals
WiredCatthis is ridicilous
WiredCati use that code you gave me
WiredCatnot to mention its 99% similar to my earlier code
WiredCatnothing works like should
WiredCatand stupid putty works
durrflmao :P
WiredCatit sends data over seril port
WiredCatbut printer doesnt care at all
durrfhave you tried a new usb cable? sometimes they are really picky
WiredCatcrap ill never make a 3d editor for printers
WiredCatbut it works on other programs
WiredCatbut not mine
Brandanovery difficult to edit printers
Brandanothey generally come in a predefined state
TheHexaPhoneyou're not trying hard enough Brandano
BrandanoI mean, you can alter them, but you mostly do it over time by printing more parts
goalcamWhee, tonight's project is done:
TheHexaPhonehrmpf my phone is down to 20% and itll be a few more hours until i get to the hotel
durrfgoalcam: do the buttons work
goalcamNo :p
goalcamCan't be bothered to do the electronics for that
BrandanoTheHexaPhone: well, my printer started as a K8200, right now it has a completely new Z axis and the movement is corexy, the controller is altered to work with a 24V psu, it has an aluminium heated bed, a different hotend, pretty much all plastic parts have been reprinted... except the extruder gears
goalcamThere are plans for it on thingiverse though
gthx => Button and led holder for Mini NES Pi 3 Case by ElTacoLoco => 1 IRC mentions
TheHexaPhoneOH BTW
TheHexaPhoneyou guys remember the juicero?
Brandanogoalcam: how's the lettering done? permanent marker?
TheHexaPhonethey shut down
goalcamYep Brandano
TheHexaPhoneno more juice for existing machines
BrandanoTheHexaPhone: I think that's going to be a real bummer for the 10 customers that bought the thing
goalcamThey're offering refunds
goalcambut, lol
goalcamThere's a little red LED hole beside the buttons, I didn't feel like loading my red PETG to do that so I just printed it in clear like the top and covered the visible bits in red sharpie
crunchthe fuck
TheHexaPhonehah fair enough Brandano
jammiBrandano: yeah, even if printers start as stock, they eventually all become custom
jammipretty much the same as with generic atx pc's
TheHexaPhonewell google if you couldn't just set the page to the offline cache, that'd be nice
TheHexaPhonei better have a good signal at the hotel
WiredCatanyway once again
TheHexaPhonetest test
TheHexaPhonehouston do you read
WiredCatsince sending pure text like "G28" to printer fails
WiredCatwhat could i possibly do wrong
WiredCati think i need something more
BrandanoTheHexaPhone: Houston is rather busy ATM
WiredCatto send
TheHexaPhoneare you sending a '\n' ?
Brandanoah, yes, gcode requires newlines
WiredCatwell im sending NULL at end
WiredCatlet me check
WiredCatit works
WiredCatafter adding \n at end
WiredCatlet me show you something
goalcamAre you sending it gcode via telnet or something?
WiredCat -> thanks to you i can now develop a 3d printer software
WiredCatthis is actually a screenshot of my game
WiredCatwhich includes 3d editor software in it
WiredCatin future it will use more than one device for (different views)
WiredCatso you can use few phones to mke 3d models
WiredCatand then send them directly to 3d printer
WiredCatok im off later guys and thanks
AmazeCPKHello, I tried printing this: but the threads won't screw onto the cap. I believe the cap is too small. What is a good amount to start enlarging the model by?
gthx => Coffee Bag Lid by Jinja => 1 IRC mentions
Mikeeewhy not, you know, measure it?
Mikeeeand damn, thats a useful thing to print
AmazeCPKlmao.. because I didn't think of that Mikeee
AmazeCPKyeah! Everything works great on it so far, just need to be able to screw the cap on!
MikeeeAmazeCPK so since you measured it, what was the deviation?
AmazeCPKI haven't yet! I really didn't think of that till you mentioned it. lol. Let me go find out now
curlyearshiegh hough
BrandanoI once printed an useful thing
Brandanoa scoop to pick up washing powder
Brandanoall the rest are calibration or printer parts
Mikeeeoh i thought you were being sarcastic
Brandanohmm, actually I also printed a small spacer for an ironing board, so that makes two useful prints
curlyearsshame on YOU, Brandano! How DARE you prostitute the essential coolness of 3D printing with mundane objects??>?!!!!!!! :0
Brandanodefinitely worth the 500+ € cost of the printer
durrfdoes model rockets count as useful prints
durrfcause they gonna fly pretty high
durrfand i dont care about recovering 30 cents of plastic
Mikeeedurrf i have never once recovered a model rocket
curlyearsdurrf: absolutely NOT!!!!
TheHexaPhonemodel rockets
durrfi have recovered 4/6 of my launches
TheHexaPhone"oh doctor i must have fallen onto it'
Brandanoyou should care about 30 cents of plastic littering
durrfbut these printed ones are gonna be launched at an angle
durrfbye bye
durrfi lost two ready to fly estes kits idgaf about
Mikeeei used to be so into model rockets, and growing up in the middle of nowhere really helps because nobody would ever call the police
durrfBrandano: its PLA so its biodegradable yo
Mikeeebut i have never recovered any of the ones i launched
Mikeeeso i grew to hate it
Brandanowell, not as much as you'd wish, to be fair
durrfMikeee: even with parachutes?
TheHexaPhonepla is not biodegradable in nature though
Mikeeestopped using them because they'd just drift for kilometers
durrfBrandano: im gonna try to recover them if i can
Brandanoshould add a localizer on it
curlyearsMikeee lived in the middle of the Atlantic :)
AmazeCPKMikeee: Alright looks like OD of lid is 27.75mm and ID of cap is 26.25
Brandanoradio localizer and yagi antenna for rough coordinates, or a gps transmitter for sub-meter precision
durrfyeah i want to add a bunch of shit as a payload
AmazeCPKMikeee: but that number includes the threads
TheHexaPhoneinb4 durrf is from NK
curlyearswhat's the fu n of just shooting an empty tube into the sky?
durrfaltimiter, camera, recovery stuff
MikeeeAmazeCPK and when you measure (digitally) the stl files, what does it come up as?
jeffdm_h_Build parasail drone
curlyearshey, jeffdm
AmazeCPKMikeee: will measure now
tech-ratonHello !
NorxMALI have printed useful things
curlyearsgoodbye !
NorxMALLike for example crack!
tech-ratonI'm looking for advices on a extrusion problem...
Brandanodurrf: terminal guidance, fusion warhead, and enough fuel to reach Guam?
MikeeeI printed several printers. that's useful
NorxMALI don't remember all the useful shit I have printed to be honest
curlyearsbout N Korea and nuke missiles are rather in poor taste
NorxMALLast useful thing I printed, was a thimble for my wife
TheHexaPhoneaw man im hungry as fuck
curlyearsbanning offense
TheHexaPhonesitting in the bus now, shouldn't take too long hopefully
curlyearsI keep losing the first part of every line I am typing
curlyearsI assume that the straps from my wrist brace are hitting some key or another causing this
AmazeCPKMikeee: So I can't seem to figure out how to actually measure this mesh :/
curlyearsLoetmichel: that makes sense. what, praytell, is "vilmill?"
Loetmichelspecially engineered "felt" that has hot glue on one side and costs an arm and a leg
jeffdm_h_half euro for 500mm x 100mm seems decent
Loetmichelfor single use?
jeffdm_h_depends on the use
Loetmichelalso: compared to a 1000 sheet roll of blue workshop paper for 10 eur?
Loetmichelwhere one sheet=400mm by 280mm ;)
MikeeeAmazeCPK i'll do it hangon
Loetmicheljeffdm_: you put it on the vaccum table and place your workpiece (sheet metal or -plastic on top... then you start the vacuum and the "felt" spreads the vacuum evenly and provices friciton so that the workpiece doesent move
Loetmicheland as you usually mill thru the sheet you can only put the sheet into the trash after a single run
AmazeCPKMikeee: Alrighty, I'm using the V2 in the STL pack
curlyearswith vacuum clamping, your workpiece shouldn't be moving anyway, though
Loetmichelvacuum tables are usually very smooth on the surface
curlyearshow does milling the sheet affect your cuttting tools?
Loetmichelthey dont provice much friction to hold the pice in place sideways
Loetmichelits plastic, so it dosent affect the tools
jeffdm_h_do you do much aluminum composite panel?
curlyearsplastic CAn be very abrasive.
Loetmichelonly if filled with glass or carbon
Loetmichelthat stuff is PET or something like that
curlyearsor glow in the dark material. ask crunch about that
Loetmicheland "spun" to fine fibres, then made a felt of
Loetmichel2curlyears: i would say the glow part is a "sandlike" pigment that is the abrasive part
curlyearstwo of you?
curlyearsprobably, yes
Loetmichel224h disconnect. thanls to my provicer
curlyears24h disconnect? What kind of horseshit is THAT?
Loetmichel2telekom germany disconnects you every 24h ours for a split second
Loetmichel2so you get a new IP
MikeeeAmazeCPK on the stl, the minimum outer diameter of the lid is 26.55 and it looks like the cap is 27. Did you print it in PLA?
curlyearsthere is no technical reason for that
jstevewhiteit's about firewall resources
jstevewhiteoh, yes there is.
Loetmichel2aleddgedly to hinder "Server services" on domestic lines
Loetmichel2they dont seem to have heard of DynIp services
goalcamDNS changes propagate in minutes nowadays though lol I said, no "VALID" technical reason for it :)
AmazeCPKMikeee: Yes I printed with PLA
MikeeeAmazeCPK do you have a gas stove/range?
jstevewhiteYes, there is :D
jstevewhiteYou'd be amazed how many stale sessions people have set up that suck up firewall resources.
AmazeCPKMikeee: yes, or even better, heat gun!
crunchalmost done saving for a 3d printer
Mikeeei like gas because you can heat the surface damn near instantly while leaving the structure untouched
curlyearsI'd say monitor the stale sessions, and bill extra for them. 24h disconnect is too intrusive
Loetmichel2curlyears: they charge about 5 times the rate for "commercial" internet lines. without that "24h feature" and fixed IP
Mikeeebut a heatgun is better if you're not used to how heat transfers at those differentials
AmazeCPKMikeee: okay, I can try gas stove no problem.
crunchLoetmichel2 so glad i live in usa
goalcamI'd rather be disconnected briefly every 24 hours rather than have ports blocked as I do
AmazeCPKSo heat the cap, and then screw it on?
Loetmichel2Mikeee: if you have a BIG xenon flash you can heat dark plastic surfaces easily to the exact 1000th of a mm dept you whish
Loetmichel2and let the rest be as cool as before ;)
Mikeeewell i wouldn't try a gas stove because there's just a learning curve to the physics of it
Mikeeeyou can try it for future prints though, things that aren't all that important
curlyearsLoetmichel2: and all we'd need is a $2500 xenon flash lamp :)
crunchcurlyears what
Brandanoboiling water is enough to soften PLA
Loetmichel2i had access to about a dozen once.
Mikeeebut Loetmichel2 is right, bright lightbulbs that get really hot work too
Loetmichel2worked at a stage rental company...
Spirit532What are we talking about?
AmazeCPKAlrighty :)
jstevewhitecurlyears: yeah. You call the customer and tell 'em they're getting a bill for $273 due to stale sessions. >:)
Brandanoit's above TG and below the melting point
Spirit532Shrinking plastics?
Mikeeeheat gun if anything
curlyearsjust saying hi, sorry. Injured wrist, typing is really difficult
Loetmichel2thats why i knot that that works
Loetmichel23Mj per flash max strobes ;)
curlyearsthe customer will learn to poperly manage their network
Mikeeemy one printer has printed linear bearings, i had to heat all of them to get them perfect
Spirit532Loetmichel2, MJ?
Brandanothe printable wrist brace uses that trick to be adapted to the forearm
Mikeeeit works
Spirit532that sounds like a lot
crunchwhats a firewall
jstevewhite curlyears: bullshit. Overselling is difficult, and people won't pay for CDR, so you deal with stuff liek that.
Loetmichel2Spirit532: thats what was written on the enclosure ;)
AmazeCPKAlrighty, Thanks! Let me give that a shot!
jstevewhiteMy provider will terminate sessions that are idle for a period of time (never checked it) so I gotta put keepalives on it to keep it from getting torched.
Loetmichel2it DID draw 3kw from the wall when set to .1hz flashes...
curlyearshey, if cell phone users can be charged for excessive usage, so can network users. Especially when the overusage is a result o mismanagement on their part
curlyearsLoetmichel2: phtographic strobes?
curlyearsjstevewhite: you know me, highly opinionated :)
crunchjstevewhite whats a firewall
Loetmichel2curlyears: "disco" strobes
jstevewhitecrunch: LOL.
crunchis it like a firecrotch ?
curlyearscrunch: it's a wall that bursts into flame when you want to leave the room :)
willmoreIt's that thing in your car that keeps an engine fire from getting into the drivers compartment.
Loetmichel2but the professional kind. Some with a 3 phase plug ;)
jstevewhitewillmore: Absolutely true
curlyearsLoetmichel2: far off was my $2500 estimate?
Loetmichel2iirc they were about 1200
Loetmichel2so double
curlyearssso about 1/2 of my uninformed estimate
Loetmichel2biut these were somewhat common back in the days
curlyearswell, tyong is "easier" with the wrist brace off, but it hurts a lot more
Loetmichel2every stage rental had a few
Loetmichel2so you could rent them for a 20 a day
Loetmichel2enough to test the "surface smoothing by large flash" theory ;)
curlyearsafk . . .
curlyearsI would imagine a strobe of that capacity would have top be hung carefulkly, to prevent anyone from looking directly into it when it fl;ashes
RoBo_VWhat is good placement of spool, as extruder is working but fails to roll spool to get filament.
curlyearsRoBo_V: depends on the type of printer you have, for one thing. In many cases, you'll need to provide "idleers" to keep the filament from binding while being pulled
RoBo_VI have prusa i3 rework, looking for way around it.
curlyearshanging the sppols off the ends of the frame works, but you'll either need idelr pulleys or a tube similar to a bowden tube to get the filament up over the end of ther frame and down to the extruder without binding
curlyearswith a gantry like the TAZ has, I think mounting the spools on the top might beneficially increase the mass of the gantry, minimizing deflections, Not sure that would work with the prusa i3 style gantry, which isn't as rigid
RoBo_VI saw that mount on top but I was about to get my first print and I don't have access to parts needed for that.
curlyearsmy TAZ frame is a double rectangle of aluminum extrusions, 400mm x 400mm x ~~200mm deep
TwistRoBo_V: How are you holding the spool now?
curlyearsyou can use a few pieces of wood or bricks as "stands" and mount the spool on a piece of pipe or dowling, and let it spool off that. You'll want to pay close attention, and prevent binding by hand (very inconvenient, but could allow you to print aa spool mount bracket)
Twistand how long is the print? If you're just going to sit there staring at the full run anyway, hand-feeding the filament works.
curlyearshand feeding is only practical for the most insignificant of print sessions
DJHenjinit is a bit tedious, but I have hand fed filament for 16 hour prints before
curlyearsyou'd only have top lose focus once to ruin a print
Twistcurlyears: like your very first calibration print? :D
RoBo_VI'm trying different ways but nothign so far. I tried putting rod through and then hang the spool. But didnt work.
curlyearstwist; I suppose
curlyearsRoBo_V: in what way did it "not work?"
TwistRoBo_V: My hobo solution is a couple skate bearings jammed into the ends of a length of PVC pipe. That's all hanging from a threaded rod suspended across a cardboard box.
curlyearsDJHenjin: thank you for categorically proving that you are out of your fucking MIND! :)
RoBo_Vcurlyears: The spool was on same level as printer but little lifted and rod was thin so it was not rotating.
TwistRoBo_V: you're sure it wasn't a filament tangle? need to use a rod thick enough to support the weight of the spool
Twistthat's super easy to do
DJHenjincurlyears, it wasn't obvious before? :P
curlyearsTwist: bite your tongue! Filament NEVER tangles!!!!! :)
curlyearsDJHenjin: obvious, yes. But this categorically proves it :)
Twistcurlyears: heh.. mine sure as shit doesn't. I'll happily drop the spool before I let go of the loose end.
RoBo_VTwist: filaments was all streched but extruder failed to rotate it.
curlyearsI saw one setup that had a series of speel hangers in the air above the printer, with 5 or 6 spools on it. User just threaded whhich ever filament he wanted to use
Twistbut you could easily pull it by hand? You'd see exactly that if the filament got crossed under itself and bound up.
Twistanyway. a smooth thick dowel should work. (pvc pipe, broom handle, closet rod, etc etc)
RoBo_Vcurlyears: Rod thick enough as the spool diameter ?
DJHenjinI only ever take the loose end off it's retainers when the spool cannot be dropped :D
TwistDJHenjin: Yeah yeah.. sometimes you're loading the printer right when someone throws a screwdriver at your head
Twistgotta choose a hand
DJHenjinumm? what kind of friends do you have?
curlyearsTwist: I left a 2.5kg spool of natural ABS on my printer for over a year (prtiner wasn't working, filament wasn't threaded). When I finally took it down, the first layer of strnades looked like someone had taken a knife and sliced through all of them....dozens of little loops of ABS all over the place (I have no clue how that happened)
DJHenjinthey sound rather unpleasant
curlyearsRoBo_V: perhaps a little bit smaller than the hole in the middle of sppol, but yeah, substantial diameter
curlyearsit was a mess, to be sure
TwistRoBo_V: You could grease the rod a little.
TwistHow do people not have skate bearings lying around? It boggles the mind.
curlyearsthat spool of ABS will have to be baked in the oven for quite a while before use, after leaving it out in the open for so long.
curlyearsTwist: many of us haven't worn or used a skate in over 30-40 years
curlyearsor at least SOME of us
TwistGo to a gas station and buy a fidget spinner.
RoBo_VTwist: As it was my first so all hardware has been used, but yeah good to have spare bearing around it will come eventually as I grow in hobby.
curlyearsI actually do have ten of them I ordered from Amazon to fill out a $25 order so I could get free shipping. I misread the size, they are about 1/4 the size I thought I was ordering. *groan*
Twisteveryone has them
MikeeeI get rollerblades from the thrift stores just for the bearings
TwistI saw some hilarious manufacturing blog post a while back
RoBo_VOne more thing, is it c ommon to guide filament upto the heatbreak and then tight up the nozzle. Or we should straighten up the filament when get started on print and feed.
TwistTHe guy was ordering 608 bearings, and found it more expensive to order them bare than inside fidget spinners.
curlyearsI suppose I'll get around to using one or two of them before I die
curlyearsdid he include the cost of labor for disassembling the fidgets?
Twistthat was the cost.. the whole factory had switched over to making fidgets. They had to manually remove them from the spinners to sell bare bearings.
curlyearsfailure to properly account for one's time leads to many amateur manufacturing efforts to failure.
curlyearsThat makes no sense. At some point, they had to have inventory of bare bearings with which to fabricate the spinners
TwistI'm sure in this situation you just find another vendor
Twistbut it still gave me a chuckle
RoBo_VI think I should print spoo holder to attach at top of printer first by hand feeding.
gthx => Prusa i3 MK2 Filament spool holder for quick and easy swapping(ORIGINAL PRUSA I3 MK2) by StijnVanDamme => 1 IRC mentions
TwistRoBo_V: note that designs assumes you have some pvc pipe lying around
TwistOh. Hah.
TwistHe's added an STL pipe.
RoBo_VCool, btw is this would be ok for 6mm plywood frame ?
Twisthahaha.. what
gthx => Bearing Spool holder by terenceang => 1 IRC mentions
gthx => Simple 608 bearing spool holder for Ultimachine spools by epengr => 1 IRC mentions
Twistmuch less plastic. :D
RoBo_VTrying stuff till now fail.
DJHenjinincreasing your extruder current a touch may help if the extruder skips rather than chewing filament.
MikeeeA jam sensor is cheap and easy to implement
Mikeeealways a good idea to add
DJHenjina jam sensor? I know about filament runout sensors, but not jam sensors
curlyearsI imafgine one cou,d repurpose a laser-mounse as a jam sensor
RoBo_VDJHenjin: good point.
curlyearsyou would have to enable the sensor only when the extreuder motor is stepping,. and then look for movement activity from the mouse sensor when it is pointed at the filamentt, probably with a reflexticve background
Mikeeejam sensors are usually just optical encoders on wheels
Mikeeeif the extruder steps don't match the rotation of the jam sensor, it runs a sequence (usually a pause and alert)
curlyearsMikeee: same solution, different sense machanism
Mikeeewell no, the encoder gives positional accuracy
Mikeeethe encoder would detect any error (like missed steps) while the mouse sensor would only detect long term ones
Ethan_LIs everyone here an open sourcer?
dzhoI'm more about free software
DJHenjinthe optical mouse sensor could also be used for positional accuracy, they do after work to position a pointer based on your hand position
DJHenjinafter all*
dzhoI think you'll find similar variations in identification and levels of commitment throughout the participant base
alteregoI'm all about the open source.
alteregoI want to be able to fix software myself if I have to.
MikeeeDJHenjin they have precision but not accuracy
Mikeeeand that's on perfect surfaces, not even mentioning a tiny piece of uniform filament
curlyearsall you need is to see motion or no motion during your measurement window, mikeee. precision is irrelevant
curlyearsbut your solutionm is far easier to implement, I;ll grant you that much :)
Mikeeeprecision is important
Mikeeeif it skips 10 steps in a 100 step run, there would be movement but error
curlyearshardly. The issue is wheter the filament did or didn'[t move at least one step worth of motion, and the mouse sensor is more than precise enough to determine that
MikeeeI'm sorry but you're not understanding the differences.
Mikeeewhich is fine, its not that big of a deal since you're not designing one or anything. but the difference between movement detection and actual indexing is monumental.
DJHenjinmy mouse has a 10,000 DPI sensor in it, it is more than accurate enough to detect 1 step losses.
DJHenjinand a polling rate of 1000hz
MikeeeDPI is meaningless in this situation.
Mikeeea normal mouse will lose 10-20% of travel on a perfect mousepad.
Mikeeeits fine because humans are feedback mechanisms, we see the cursor
alteregoYeah, mine is like 8,200dpi
Mikeeefilament is insanely non-ideal
alteregoDepends on the filament.
LoetmichelMikeee: i tried eith one of the first cheap optical mosues that were out
Mikeeealterego that's true. if the filament was ribbon shaped and had a grid printed on it, it would be ideal
Loetmichelit worked pretty well for a linear measurement when looking at a piece of wood or rough ground aluminium
Loetmichelno step loss at all
Loetmichelonly problem: i coldnt get the chip go NOT go to sleep after a few seconds of no movement
crunchfilament is great
crunchdont buy crap
MikeeeLoetmichel because its designed for that. on flat surfaces it averages losses to give pretty accurate measurements
djdelorieif a sensor is too precise, it will detect vibrations when your drive gear is chewing away at it. Need to average it a bit
AmazeCPKIs there a better flexible filament that can handle supports and less stringyness?
djdeloriecrunch: catching up on the stock backlog yet?
djdeloriethank you :-)
LoetmichelMikeee: i wanted to use it as a cheap substitute for glass measurement devices on CNC mills
Loetmichelthere the "going to sleep" is a bit bad... ;)
Loetmichelbut as long as you kept moving the axis forth and back it was pretty accurate. WAY more accurate than the CNC steps itself to be honest
DJHenjingaming mouse would likely alleviate the sleep issue, AFAIK most of them are designed to not sleep the sensor due to latency that can be felt when playing games
crunchthis shit is tight
DJHenjinwell, probably would have the same issue with a wireless gaming mouse, but wired mice wouldn't have to sleep the sensor to save battery
LoetmichelDJHenjin: i used this sensor:
Loetmichelin a wired mouse of course
Loetmichelback then wireless mice werent that common
alterego"Wireless gaming mice" XD pahahahah
jeffdm_h_When I grew up we had wires and they were too short! Get off my grass!
AmazeCPKalterego: are you claiming wireless mice can't be used for gaming?
alteregoNo, because that would be retarded. I'm claiming no serious gamer would use a wireless mouse.
AmazeCPKThis isn't 2012 anymore. The tech is so much better now, that the latency from 'gaming' wireless mice can be way less than wired mice
alteregoIt's not all about latency.
alteregoThe added friction of the cable makes you play better.
jeffdm_h_how do you get less latency than wired
alteregoHaving to untangle it occasionally, makes you better.
alteregoBut I don't believe you :P
AmazeCPKjeffdm_h_: just because it's wired doesn't mean the controller inside the mouse itself is better than a non wired
alteregoAnd wireless suffers interference, and of course, a battery going dead in the middle of a round. Yeah, f' that.
jeffdm_h_gotta be some super shitty controller then
alteregoAnyway, no serious gamer, will use a wireless mouse.
alteregoUnless they're playing Civ V or something ..
AmazeCPKI purposely said 'some wired mice'. but seriously now adays, wireless mice have no noticeable impact on latency. especially gaming. and I'm talking in the microsecond latency diffrence between wired, not millisecod
alteregoI still find that hard to believe.
DJHenjinI had a Razer Mamba 2012, which was both wired and wireless, I only ever used it in wired mode. I had to replace it when the scroll wheel stopped working right.
DJHenjinso technically for a long time I was a seriouus gamer that used a "wireless" mouse
alteregoYeah, PC gamer are a reputable source.
AmazeCPKlol doesn't matter if you care about them or not. they stated spec facts. thse are the ones that matter
alteregoAnyway, wired still beats wireless.
alteregoAs well as the other advantage, of them not going flat.
alteregoAnd probably cheaper.
AmazeCPKfor you. but please don't come on here talling everyone they are inferior to you if they used a wireless mouse, cause that statement ('no serious gamer...') is very ignorant
alteregoThat isn't what I said.
alteregoNo serious gamer would use a wireless mouse. It's a fucking fact.
AmazeCPKyou didn't say 'no serious gamer would use a wireless mouse'?
jeffdm_h_St Francies University
AmazeCPKbecause that's exactly what I mentioned in my comment.
alteregoYou're putting words into my mouth. You're saying that my statement "No serious gamer" is an insult. That's fucking bullshit
alteregoOr are you personally offended by that statemnet?
alteregoIn which case, I still don't give a shit.
AmazeCPKI have a wired mouse.
alteregoSo WTF is your problem?
AmazeCPKnot personally offended.
alteregoSo on who's behalf are you talking?
DJHenjinguys, seriously. there are merits to both arguments, now put your dicks away and be nice
jeffdm_h_No, up next, a measure-off!
alteregoI was being nice, until he said I was being offensive.
alteregoI'll lose that battle.
DJHenjinsorry for the missus
AmazeCPKlmao, you got some problems mate.
AmazeCPKI just explained the 'fact' as you call it, that your statement is ignorant.
AmazeCPKand you got offended. my bad for offending you.
DJHenjineveryone here has problems, thats why we _usually_ get along
AmazeCPKAnd everyone has their views.. but if I came in here telling everyone.. no serious 3d printer enthusiast will buy a pre-made printer.. then that would obviously be a completely biased, untrue statement.
Loetmichelpeople, calm down.
AmazeCPKwe are calm, no one is attacking anyone. but in typical IRC fashion, and etiquette, you don't want to misspread false information. even if it isn't related to the subject
Loetmichelalterego: btw: i think i AM a serious gamer... and i use no mouse at all for my favorite game... (Elite: dangerous)... A HOTAS is way better there ;)
AmazeCPKLoetmichel: HOTAS for ED for the win!
alteregoLoetmichel: good man ;)
AmazeCPKAlso have a G27 for racing sims :)
Loetmichelslightly modified X52
Viper168anyone here tried those harbor freight security camera/dvr systems?
AmazeCPKcompletely stock x-55 here
DJHenjinmy HOTAS got stolen :(
Loetmichelhow did THAT happen, DJHenjin?
Viper168would like to know if the dvr acts as its own server, or if it's supposed to be set up to upload to some host
alteregoAmazeCPK: again I call BS. You can claim I'm ignorant, but every serious gamer I've met uses wired.
LoetmichelAmazeCPK: it works just as well with the old saitek cyborg gold though that i use in the bathtub to play ED ;)
DJHenjinloaned it to a guy temporarily, then he absconded with it, my paintball gun, and a couple other things
Viper168I had a cyborg, those were nice sticks
alteregoSo unless you can shoe some stats about wired vs wireless you can't really claim shit.
Viper168I have some joysticks still, should get those going
alteregoThat is use.
DJHenjinLoetmichel, ran away
Viper168maybe when I get a lattepanda I'll get some newer flight sims for a change
Viper168newest I can run is like the cfs games
Viper168fs 2k
Loetmicheli am just surprised that both the stick AND the notebook cope so well with the hot humid air above the tub ;)
Viper168I wish the ace combat games had mroe realistic flight, but those are still badass games
DJHenjinI had that x-45 for years
AmazeCPKalterego: alterego
Viper168would be nice to try those with a stixck
Viper168can emulate them on a pc with a stick probably
AmazeCPKbut please don't bash the source without reading arguments.
Viper168I have been thinking about some kind of case for baths/showers
Viper168could be mostly hard
AmazeCPKbecause seriously, there aren't any scientific studies done on either end (even though I linked a single mouse)
Viper168but like a plastic film section over the keyboard
Viper168all waterproofed
Viper168plastic film over the speakers
Viper168so you can hear it fine
Viper168I do have plexiglass
TwistViper168: The resolution on those cameras will make you sad.
LoetmichelViper168: funny thing is: that A4 mouse there got diving multiple times
Viper168just no laptop
Viper168Twist, my friend has one, they're actually not that bad
alteregoAmazeCPK: I'm not claiming that wireless hasn't caught up a bit. I am claiming that wireless use is not prevalent in the serious gaming market.
Viper168even pretty great color
TwistWE have a similar system down at the hackspace
Loetmichelit just doesent stop working, even fully flooded on my thigh it works just fine ;)
Viper168he just has the single unit
Twistswann though, so it's a different DVR unit
Viper168guess another friend got the dvr
AmazeCPKalterego: There we go. that statement I completely agree with. as it is factual :)
Viper168it's hard to get much better than these ones for nightvision
Viper168for the price
TwistIt's all fun and games until you actually need to identify a thief
alteregoAmazeCPK: so when I said: "No serious gamer would use wireless" why didn't you agree then?
Viper168you can tell who it is quite well on a friend's, has it set up so you see everyone walking up the stairs on the porch
TwistViper168: I dunno.. the Raspberry Pi cameras are quite a lot better.
Loetmichelalterego: it isnt
alteregoDamn caps on phone is hard.
AmazeCPKbecause that is an absolute statement with no possible counter argument possible
Viper168unless they're fast you can identify them well
Viper168even at night
Loetmichelabsolute statements rent usually true
Viper168Twist, and how much are they
Loetmichelrelative ones are most of the time though
Viper168we're talking about having several pis too
Viper168because only one camera per pi
AmazeCPKso an absolute statement (like the one you made) either has to be 100% all of the time, or it is a false statement.
Viper168that's going to get messy
Viper168when I need at least 4 cameras
Viper168the dvr has capacity for 8 I think
TwistViper168: $15 or so.. another $10 for the Pi.
Viper168I can buy cheapo cameras from dx probably to fill those in
TwistACTION shrugs
alteregoBloody pedant.
Viper168put them where they matter less
TwistDepends on distance quite a lot too.
Viper168and it also handles motion detection for me
TwistNTSC cameras aren't great for picking detail out of a wide area shot
Viper168records movement pretty well
TwistI can see your point about closeups on the porch
Twistthat'd be fine
Viper168I'll also be putting out a beefy illuminator
Viper168make my own IR LED array
Viper168flood the area with light for the cameras
TwistBut we've had a few car break-ins on the sidewalk in front of the shop
Viper168I'm adding motion lights on the cars too
TwistThe detail is often not useful
Viper168the combo of everything should hopefully keep the tweakers away to begin with
TwistWe got lucky once and the detective just knew the thief
Viper168I confronted one here that was trying to get into people's cars the day before xmas eve
TwistBeing able to read a license plate would have been useful though.
Viper168said he was going to see his girlfriend when I asked why he banged on this old woman's door
Viper168I asked, the old woman is your girlfriend?
Viper168it actually started as wife, then he said girlfriend
Viper168told him he was full of shit
Viper168that several neighbors saw him
Viper168then I led the police to the tweaker den he ran off to
Viper168I did all this, while wearing a santa hat btw
Viper168merry christmas bitch
curlyearsViper168: be careful you don't accidentally cook small animals or children :)
TwistParticularly because you're recording the evidence.
Viper168jstevewhite, btw I'm considering starting on the cnc after a while now that I have some funds, after I take care of a few other important things
Viper168so might see about enlisting a little assistance
jstevewhiteCool. What are you planning now?
Viper168I'm not sure exactly what/how it needs to be built, but it needs to be capable of metals
Viper168and want a decent working area
Viper168other than that the details need to be filled in
Viper168I'm completely new to cncs
Viper168so will be a learning experience
Viper168granted the similarity to printers should help
DJHenjinpresumably you also want it overbuilt
Viper168will probably do steel tubing
Viper168tubing or angles
Viper168either are pretty damn sturdy
DJHenjinI have a design for one if you would like to beta it
Viper168would be good to check it out at least
Viper168get an idea
Viper168for now
DJHenjinok, give me a week to actually do the 3d modelling of it.
Viper168got a little time before I actually do it
DJHenjinif you have seen This Old Tony's CNC he built on youtube it is a very similar design
Viper168I'll be slowly building up my equipment in order to roll out my fabrication shop eventually
Viper168still not abandoning that idea, have just had to adapt my plans to secure survival for a momenty
Viper168life may not want me to do what I want, but fuck if I'm going to let it win :P
Viper168it's like a monkey perpetually throwing barrels at me
DJHenjinjump man is that you?
curlyearspreach, Viper168
DJHenjinjoking aside, I know that feel
curlyearsbuZz: quit buZzing us! :)
curlyearsdoes anyone know if efNet still exists?
buZzit does
buZzi'm on it :P
DJHenjinpretty sure EFNet is still around
buZzircnet also still exists
buZzbut the only big irc network next to freenode is OFTC
curlyearsbuZz: weird. I cannnot connect to it. I've been trying for MONTHS
buZzpick a working server ;)
buZzOpen and Free Technology Community
alteregowhat about quakenet?
curlyears*wow* netsplit...I haven't seen one of those in YEARS
buZzyep, also still exists
DJHenjini've seen them fairly recently
DJHenjinbut it has been a few months
Viper168it's just full of turds that should probably be flushed
Hoppercurlyears: What's a netsplit?
Viper168saw a small split a week or two ago
DJHenjinwhen the internet splits a path, 2 IRC servers on the same network temporarily lose connection Hopper
Viper168irc servers are really more networks
Viper168of many servers communicating and staying in sync
Viper168but sometimes yeah they lose connection to the others
Viper168so the people on the network and the people who are just on that server get separated
Viper168the people that left in the net split are all together in the channel
Viper168without us
Viper168on that server