Snertthat is glycerine filled 5ag fuses?
Snertand IU lie those little logic gates. Bite sized. For quick use when you need one for prototyping.
Mathsterkprpplague: neat
learathsgrace: you now have to love linus.
prpplagueSnert: yea 20A fuses with glycerine
prpplagueSnert: yea i was making those logic gate boards for a while
Snertlooks just great.
Snertthose are great. for just when you need to or/and something with something else.
prpplagueSnert: yea
Snertsaves having to pull out a whole chip with 4 devices on it
prpplagueSnert: yea, and the drawing of the logic on the pcb helps with the educational portion of it as well
SnertI can tell ya where's there's a market for that stuff.
prpplagueSnert: i had been doing a bunch of stuff basically for digital class stuff
SnertI saw a magic trick gimmik housed in a box like that. Bring the dead bat back to life thing. Simple lectromagnet and switch. Well done nice box was $1,100.00
Snertit was a quality prop.
Snertbut worth nowhere that of course. but there's a market.
prpplagueSnert: yea, i had been selling the stuff on tindie, but just wasn't getting enough sales to warrant the time investment
Snertmagician's stage props with switches and magnets and junk sell well.
Snertit's always done with simple stuff too.
Snertthough there's a little rfid in stage props now.
sgracelearath: Watching it now..
aphex999hi there! i'm searching the for a CAd software since hours...
aphex999the name is "HEPA-Plus"
aphex999did someone of you heard about it?
sgracelearath: I can't tell what boards the guy used...
learathsgrace: 7020
learathaphex999: high efficiency particle filter plus?
aphex999"HEPA" stands for High Efficiency Power Amplifier, and read everywhere it is the ultimate tool for designing amps, but have no clue where to find it... :(
learath... it's not "particle filter" is it?....
aphex999no :)
learathhigh-efficiency particulate air
learath... that acronym makes no sense.
aphex999check this link:
davidc__That.. uh... appears outdated.
sgracelearath: Dual Zynq 7020?
learathsgrace: I dunno where the 7020 is
learathI *presume* it's the main, and htey are using two standard dp boards to feed it
learathand it feeds the display
learathbut that's just me guessing
learathI'd expect a 7020 could ingest 2*displayport 1.2 on it's own
sgraceThat's what's happening.
sgraceThey're not really "true 4k @ 120Hz"
learath? I thought ganging dp 1.2 was fine?
learathor am I misunderstanding
marvin3what is untrue about it?
sgraceIt is.
sgraceThey're getting 4k120.
learaththey are doing it badly, but.. meh
sgraceBut they're doing 2k for each 7020.
learathso the 7020 is on each side?
learathand ... another 7020 in the middle?
learaththat's.. kind of crazy
sgrace2 7020, and 1 Artix 7.
learath.... I'm... not entirely sure that's saner.
sgraceIt is.
learathoh. ok.
learathsgrace: do they really need all 3?
sgraceIt's like an xc7a200t.
learathor are they just poorly optimized
sgraceIt's just not optimized very well.
sgraceI'm not sure what the Artix is using to chip-to-chip.
aphex999one more question, i also wanted to ask the guys at the channel electronics but can not write to that channel
learathduh :)
aphex999what can be the problem?
sgraceMy mistake, a a35t.
learathsgrace: yep
learathmeh, I don't understand, but that's normal
davidc__aphex999: you need to register with nickserv
davidc__aphex999: (IE, which is what the error message tells you...)
sgracelearath: A better method would be 2 Kintex 7 and a 7020 controlling it.
learathsgrace: or one 7020 doing everything? :P
sgraceMostly cause most 4k TV's using at least 4 Kintex 7.
learathoh wow
aphex999= Cannot send to channel: ##electronics
learathI didn't realize
sgraceAnd they use a C2C of Aurura.
sgraceWhich is basically a PCIe for C2C Xilinx made.
aphex999my nick is already registered
sgraceCCIX is going to eventually replace Aurora.
learathCCIX? Aurora?
learathI presume not "those shiny lights in the sky"
learathor "the fucking awesome plane"
sgraceAurora = C2C comms Xilinx made.
sgraceUses GTs.
learathchip to chip interconnect!
learathI decrypted!
sgraceCCIX is going to most likely replace the PCIe comm stuff.
learathPCIe is overkill, but.. standards are nice
davidc__aphex999: have you IDENTIFY'ed it?
learathI really, really like standards.
sgraceWell, CCIX uses PCIe, but instead of being forced to use the CPU commands, CCIX is basically a standard that gets rid of a lot of latency stuff.
sgraceSo like multiple lanes of PCIe can go to different chips.
sgraceReally cool stuff.
sgraceIt'll definitely take down Intel's crap.
sgraceLike as soon as CCIX was announced, everyone but Nvida and Intel were onboard.
learathodd that nvidia wouldn't buy in
learathit sounds like a huge win for them.
sgraceWhy would they?
aphex999davidc__ what you mean?
learathsgrace: because it's something they need for their chips?
learathwhatever. I don't understand business either :)
sgraceDCs love Intel Xeon (hate their GPUs), love Nvidia (hate their driver support).
sgraceBasically it's Intel+Nvidia duopoly.
sgraceNvidia is starting to lose major ground to FPGAs and AMD.
sgraceIntel is trying their hardest to keep a hold of their 98% market share for DCs.
learathoh? That would surprise me (re: nvidia/fpga)
learathnot really quite the same market.
learathor at least, it wasn't
sgraceNvidia GPUs = Great at training data ML/AI.
sgraceFPGA = Better on the fly processing.
sgraceGo look at the AWS F1 Machine Learning demos.
sgraceThey're really cool.
learathI did
learathI'm not dissing fpgas
learathjust, different.
sgraceThe thing that's happening now in DNNs is: int8 vs fp8/9.
sgraceStudies shows int8 is pretty damn good for image recognition/processing.
sgraceBut M$ really wants fp8/fp9.
sgrace(fp = floating point).
sgraceCaffe, Tensor, etc are figuring out the best optimization for all.
sgraceAnd GPUs are having to adjust their drivers.
sgraceFPGAs are having to find ways to make current DSPs better for fp.
sgraceAnyways, I need to head off to a picnic.
aphex999thanks, now I'm identified and can chat, too : )
jollygood2should camera sensors' crop factor be multiplied with just the focal length or both focal length and fstop?
Mathsterkerr, i need to read :p
Mathsterkonly focal length
jollygood2i'm reading an article that says it should be multiplied with both
jollygood2or rather, watching the video
Mathsterkjollygood2: you still get the same amount of light per area unit inside the camera
jollygood2in particular, the video argues that 50mm f/1.8 on camera with 1.6 crop factor acts like 80mm f/2.88 lens on full frame, not like 80mm f/1.8
Spirit532only by focal length
jollygood2Mathsterk how about dof and noise?
MMMMmmathiasnoise goes up because smaller pixels
MMMMmmathiasdof is shallower