Brianwuzwell, since I have My Page installed and working, I have been adding on to some of the pages. The Wireless tab only had 2 wireless interfaces, so I aded a 3rd.
BrianwuzThe Traffic tab has graphs for eth0, eth1, eth2, eth3, br0, br1, br2, br3, vlan0, vlan1, vlan2 and vlan3. I add on for tun0, tun1, tun2 and tun3. I only have tun0 and tun1 running and will probably never use tun3 and tun4, but it was easier to copy the lines of code and modify it.
Brianwuz I want to create another tab with pertinent information at a glance. I was thinking to have my vpn web addresses, the tunnel status and how long they have been up. Also the current status of dd-wrt, if an update is available.
Derek1199Hi, I was wondering if I could flash DD-WRT to my router without having my modem bridged to my router. Basically having an ethernet cable connecting my router to PC.
Derek1199I would wanna bridge my modem to the router after doing it.
BrianwuzYes, not everyone bridges the modem
Derek1199the modem I have is a router modem combo thing from AT&T.
Derek1199Meaning I would need to use DMZ mode I know
Derek1199but it'd work without having internet as long as my router is connected to PC through ethernet, right?
Derek1199router I ordered was the Linksys AC1900. (WRTAC1900ACS). Also wondering how much mw i could use on it. Would 84mw still be safe enough?
Brianwuzunless you nee port forwarding or something advanced, then for just insternet, it would work
BrianwuzI lowered mine down as I don't wan't it picked up outside
Brianwuzbut I think 100 is safe
Derek1199what's the highest you've used?
BrianwuzI might have gone up to 200, but that ws a while ago
Brianwuzppl can't hack in if they can't pick up the signal
Derek1199Isn't it difficult to hack in a router using DD-WRT though? Even if they do have the signal.
BrianwuzI think with enough time, most stuff cn be broken
Derek1199i see
Derek1199also will I have to flash multiple versions of DD-WRT on this router? This is the one I got, Or will I only need one build?
Derek1199I wanna use the latest beta on it.
BrianwuzI don't keep up with builds, my netgear r8000 runs kongs build and it has a built in update utility.
BrianwuzI would go to google and put in dd-wrt and the model. you should find a wiki page giving steps. sometimes you have to flash with a specific older version just to get dd-wrt on it then flash newer
Derek1199hopefully someone here knows. I have to leave in about an hour or so to go home
Brianwuzwell, not too many ppl on here talk.
Brianwuznd anyone that helps and dosn't happen to have the same router is just lookng it up also. way too much to remember
Brianwuzthere is a router database and recomended build on but it is way outdated
Derek1199yeah, it's very outdated
Derek1199I wish it'd get updated.
Brianwuzthts where the wiki pages come in
Brianwuzanyone can update them
Derek1199it has info on what my specific router should use?
BrianwuzI have helped people by doing that same search and read off the wiki page for their router
Brianwuzthere is wiki pages for all compatible routers, they are different pages
Derek1199good then
Brianwuzthere will be one specific to yours
Brianwuzwritten by people experienced with your router
Brianwuzunless you have serial console or jtag access then you should def follow a guide
Brianwuzpeople that write these have a way to recover a bad flash or debrick the router
Derek1199i see, thanks.
KadiganDamn, too bad he's gone. The ACS version - he needs to check if it'll be WRT1900ACS or WRT1900ACSv2... though judging by AT&T, he'll probably get v1 (the v2 is sometimes dubbed WRT1900ACS-EU)
KadiganUnless the latest has been tested w/ it, I would really stick to 30880 or something like that - it's the one w/o known NAT traversal speed issues.
Kadigan(hope he doesn't need WiFi Client/Bridge modes... seeing as wpa_supplicant ain't patched on the 30XXX)
KadiganThe new WRTXXXXAC(S) models really need a stopover on the forums to pick the best firmware revision, as far as I know.
KadiganI'm actually not sure if that info only applies to the 1200ACS, though. Merits a check... tomorrow, or something.
KadiganAlso, the one I (we) got developed flash corruption issues, I'm not exactly sure why... Haven't had the chance to take a look, and it's working fine so far (I only put some extended scripts onto /jffs there)
KadiganWell, "fine" is a bad way to put it... It sometimes has <issues>. But like I said, I haven't had the chance to take a gander -- it's at a location I can't normally access, and I've a feeling that my boss-man will only take me there once it kicks it completely, at which point all I'll be able to say will be "Well, if I had the opportunity to take a look <sooner>..."
Kadigan've had*
KadiganAnyway, I do keep its backup config on my personal storage - mainly because I expected to work on it again at some point in the future... ;) So I guess <my> work isn't all lost, at least.
KadiganWorst case, if the chip's bad, we'll RMA it. Assuming I get to it before the damn warranty expires, anyway. Otherwise I'll try to put all of the startup into nvram and hope that still holds...
Derek1199Hi, I have a question. Since I have a ARM based router, would I use the WPS button instead of the reset button for all resets?
Derek1199I have the Linksys 1900ACS
Derek1199I'd like to know what to do so I don't brick my router.
Derek1199 wanting to know if this is correct because other pages dont mention it
Derek1199it's really confusing for it to say that. I don't know which to do
Derek1199looks like i won't be getting help anytime soon
NikLPhola, I have a query... I've been using my own network (in a shared housing situ) for many years
NikLPbut this has always been using the router<->router via wifi setup (repeater bridge I think)
NikLPI don't want to nix this config as it's useful and a PITA to setup, but I have some powerline adapters...
NikLPthey appear to be working (they didn't in previous house, something to do with the wiring)
NikLPis there a way I can disable the wifi repeating bridge setup semi-permanently and config the powerlines? Also not sure how to wire the damn things... should it be router 1 LAN -> PLA -> PLA -> router 2 WAN *OR* LAN?
raynoldAhh it's a wonderful day
KadiganI'm sure that somewhere, it probably is.
KadiganNikLP: make a backup of your configuration (it can be restored at a whim) and erase to defaults; reconfigure according to current needs for testing.
NikLPok thanks
KadiganAlso, you would need to be more specific on how your network config works -- was it a Bridge config, or a Client config?
KadiganIf you have knowledge of your network -- did the two routers share the IP pool, or was there a translation (possibly a NAT) between them?
KadiganAlso, to "semi-permanently" disable the WiFi mode, disable the radio - that should do the trick.
KadiganIf there was routing involving NAT - you'll want to drop the Client config entirely (so as to restore the WAN port operation) and connect your WAN -> PLA -> router1 LAN.
KadiganIf they shared the IP pool (with one of them possibly being exclusively authoritative for it), it should be NAT to NAT and you don't need to nix the config.
Kadigan(shutting the radio down will be enough in this case)
KadiganThis is because in WiFi Client modes, the WAN port is assigned to LAN and won't be used for WAN.
NikLPyeah I've turned client to AP and set a static ip on the superhub and in the wan config and connected the router 2 wan to router 1 lan, seems to have done the trick
Kadigan^ that's assuming you want to run a NAT (ie. have the first router see the second one's network as, essentially, one PC)
NikLPI did want the wifi on router 2 tho with distinct subnets so I've had to go with what I've done
NikLPI deleted the virtual interface and reconfigured the physical one to be like the old router 2 wifi config
KadiganNo, you did not "have to". You could've simply configured the two with two distinct subnets. You would need to tell each one where to route packets to the other, obviously, but NAT isn't strictly necessary.
NikLPall seems well, aside from (cat5 cables linking the router/PLAs aside) I've got about half the throughput (according to via my wifi than I have on a cabled link :/
KadiganWiFi being slower than Ethernet is nothing new.
NikLPyeah but it is quite a lot slower, 30-50% :/
NikLPah well
KadiganAlso, take note: if you use Repeater modes (instead of Client modes), your radio will be pulling double-duty.
KadiganDefine "30-50%".
NikLPyeah that's why I switched it to AP not client mode, so I think I've averted that problem?
KadiganIs it "30-50%" of 1mbps, or "30-50%" of 100mbps?
NikLPI was getting 80meg off cable and ~40 off wifi which seemed quite a difference
Kadiganmbps or MB/s?
NikLPcurrent wifi reading is 52
NikLPwhich is what outputs in
KadiganWhat is the router, what is the mode it's indicating the linked device to be in?
Kadigan(I'm assuming 2.4GHz)
NikLPtp link wr1043nd v2
NikLPold version of dd-wrt
Kadigan52mbps would be well into the upper capability of 802.11g
Kadiganwhich is why I asked what mode was being reported.
NikLPnot sure about the mode tbh
NikLPnetwork mode is set to NG-Mixed
KadiganThen check. 802.11b = max. 11mbps; 802.11g = max. 54mbps; 802.11n = max. 300 or 600mbps
NikLPI honestly don't know where I would find that information
KadiganIf all of your wireless devices are at most 5-6 years old and not minimalist hardware (a Raspberry Pi comes to mind),
Kadiganyou can safely switch to "N-only".
NikLPthe superhub is set with two SSIDs at 2.4 and 5
NikLPbut my knowledge of "modern" wifi is sketchy
NikLPI imagine they are all N now, the only one I had issues with iirc was a Nexus 4
KadiganMake sure you have the 2.4GHz on separate channels (useful are: 1, 6, 11 - unless your network neighborhood indicates that your best bet would be say, ch9)
Kadiganand, as a last resort, LOWER transmission strength.
NikLPI swapped out the 2.4 to chan 13 which seemed to make a decent improvement but it's hard to say, that's anecdotal at best
NikLP^ used wifi analyser to check the local strengths
KadiganAs long as you don't have anything around that would use the would-be channel 14, you should be good on ch13 if you're outside the US
NikLPyeah what's the mystery around 14? :D
Kadiganas most people don't go to the trouble of checking things out.
KadiganIt's a half-channel that only exists in Japan,
Kadiganand even there it's being phased out.
NikLPfair enough
NikLPI'm relatively happy with the setup, but I guess the bottleneck is the wifi in general. old house, though everything is very close together.
KadiganSwitch to N-only and see if it makes a difference. If one of your devices refuses to connect afterwards, that's your culprit.
NikLPI will try switching mixed mode off later and see if that's makes a diff
NikLP^ jinx
KadiganThe problem with radio communication is that, for the duration of the communication with the slower device,
Kadiganthe radio must switch to a slower speed.
NikLPit slows down
NikLPI'm hoping at least this config will fix my issues with (what I think was) the virgin media superhub renewing my dhcp every hour or so, now that I have static ip and "fixed" line
NikLPwhich is *quite* the ballache if you're working in a terminal w/screen remotely >:|
KadiganNow, the Router mode is perfectly workable - the only issue I've seen with it (and this was on an ancient WRT54GL, mind) was that it was being constantly loaded when in router mode -- which I assume was more my ineptitude than any hardware fault.
NikLPare you referring to the superhub there?
KadiganNo, I'm refering to the router that's down the line from the superhub (which I assume is connected to your subscriber line)
NikLPor router mode in ddwrt (I've got gateway on atm on router 2)
NikLPyeah the superhub is an adsl router modem, they're absolute scheisse
KadiganWell, I suppose it matters little. In any case, if the superhub was giving you LAN DHCP grief,
Kadiganit probably won't stop now.
Kadigan(if it was giving you WAN DHCP grief, replacing it w/ the WR1043 will probably fix it, yeah)
NikLPwe'll see; as i say I have fixed ip to the lan out (idk if it's the MAC of the PLA or the router tbh!)
NikLPI used to have a wrt54gl which was awesome, this one has been a little more problematic but no worries, it "works" at least
KadiganUnless you absolutely need them both (if, for example, the superhub is required to access the Internet via some vendor-specific lock), I'd retire the superhub altogether.
KadiganUsing Router mode also has the advantage of being able to set a central (authoritative) configuration for DHCP and DNS - which is always helpful.
NikLPI can't, my router is "my network" but the rest of the house uses the superhub router func for wifi. Otherwise I'd have set fire to that bit as soon as I saw it
KadiganYou don't really need NAT inside your network(s).
KadiganWell, fair enough.
NikLPthese subnets are distinct you should note, so idk how that effects the situ
KadiganNot in the slightest.
NikLPwell thanks for your input, much appreciated :)
KadiganThey're still routers; as long as you can tell dd-wrt that it should route traffic to A.B.C.D via A.B.C.1
Kadiganand tell the superhub to route traffic to W.X.Y.Z via W.X.Y.1
Kadiganit should be okay.
Kadigan(your dd-wrt will know which port A.B.C.1 is on, and vice versa, since they'll be linked by the same damn cable)
KadiganNAT is only ever really useful if you <need> the router to appear to be a single PC.
KadiganWhich, inside a LAN environment, isn't actually all that useful.
Kadigan(not to mention IPv6, but I assume you're "not there yet")
KadiganAlso, I would go as far as to say that the superhub has some issue... though, of course, while the BOOTP RFC specifies that IP leases should be cached, it doesn't specify HOW... so the superhub is technically compliant.
NikLPipv6 is not something I want to get involved with :)
KadiganStill, an active device on the network should receive a lease extension on its current IP as much as possible.
NikLPsuperhub v3 doesn't even let you override the ISPs DNS. Which is sh**, because virgin's dns is complete garbage.
KadiganOr, at least, that's the current consensus.
NikLPand they hijack it for "unknown" hosts >:|
KadiganHm, in that case I'd say you're a very lucky man to have dd-wrt as the ISP-facing fevice.
NikLPcan I make dd-wrt override the superhub's dns service? It doesn't seem to work.
KadiganYou would need to elaborate on that question.
KadiganIF I understand correctly, you <can> use the dd-wrt router as the only router connected to the ISP and it'll work, yes?
NikLPif I create a new site at (new A record), virgin doesn't find it, or try to - they just hijack the dns and send you to one of their pages with ads and cack on
NikLPI *could* but I *can't* :)
KadiganDoes it have to do with router placement?
NikLPnon-existence of brand new A record in their woeful dns cache means I get a very unfriendly ISP based 403 page
KadiganThat is NOT what I'm asking about.
NikLPthey don't seem to update their caches very often.
KadiganThat is ALSO NOT what I'm asking about.
NikLPthis is 2 different things here
KadiganQuestion A) can you, or can you not, use dd-wrt as the ISP-connected "primary" router?
NikLProuter placement is mandatory, I can't change it
NikLPbecause the superhub has the ADSL modem in it
KadiganQuestion B) can you, or can you not, disable all DHCP on the superhub?
NikLPso I'm forced to piggyback router 2 on that
NikLPagain I could (I think) but this screws everyone else in the house except me
KadiganIf you configure it correctly, it won't.
NikLPthey're all running on the superhub inc the dns/dhcp etc
KadiganYou CAN configure dd-wrt, in Router mode,
Kadiganto become the network's authoritatitve DHCP
Kadiganat least as long as you can KILL DHCP on the superhub
Kadigan(because I doubt you can tell it it's a secondary)
KadiganHell, you could even do it in Gateway mode (ie. with NAT enabled),
Kadiganit only takes about two config lines and the use of dnsmasq for DHCP.
NikLPyeah this is getting into territory I don't want to tbf
NikLPif I turn off my router the whole network goes tits up
NikLPnot good
KadiganThat way your dd-wrt would be the one responding to DHCP requests, and you could configure whatever the hell you wanted.
KadiganWell, yes.
NikLPI'll leave it for now and see how I go
KadiganI don't see why you'd want to turn your router off, but I guess that's your thing.
NikLPI do wonder if my old Lenovo X220 and X61 will struggle without mixed mode tho :/
KadiganWiFi 802.11n adapters are like $10 a pop.
KadiganThey're USB, too.
NikLPwell I might move out, or whatever. I need to have a zero footprint impact on the existing setup
KadiganSo let's say anyone using the superhub is fucked.
NikLPthat's a truism ;)
KadiganI assume you have configured your dd-wrt to serve DNS and DHCP under <your> control?
NikLPI have a separate dhcp service running on the router 2 yes
NikLPbut I've done nothing with dns, I don't know enough about it
KadiganIf you're using dnsmasq for DHCP, you can add "no-resolv" and "no-poll" (on separate lines) to "additional dnsmasq options"
NikLPI think everything has to go thru virgin media, I have google dns in the router 2 but it doesn't seemto apply
Kadiganin order to entirely disable any use of whatever DNS is being set on router2 WAN (ie. from the superhub)
KadiganYou can test whether VM is blocking other DNS services in a simple way.
KadiganOpen a terminal, start "nslookup"
Kadiganenter the first command as "server"
Kadiganand then after confirming, a domain name that you know should resolve (like
KadiganThis will tell your PC to directly ask
Kadigan(instead of whatever is being set anywhere in the system)
NikLPyeah that worked ok
KadiganThere may be better tools to do this, but "nslookup" works equally shittily on Windows, Linux and macOS. ;)
Kadigan(and is present on all three)
NikLPI'm on a proper OS
NikLPostensibly... ubuntu MATE
KadiganOh fuck you and your Ubuntu. I don't give a flying. I'm on Windows, if you care - which you probably don't. Works for you? Good for you. :)
KadiganMoving on.
NikLPvery goooood....
KadiganIf that test worked, you CAN set dd-wrt to exclusively serve you specific DNS server results (up to 4 of them)
NikLPI meant that only insofar as I have a decent set of CLI tools in front of me... :)
KadiganGo to your dd-wrt config page
Kadiganin Basic Settings make sure "use dnsmasq for dhcp" is checked.
NikLPit is now
KadiganSave it (don't Apply yet, though it wouldn't make much of a difference except a few service restarts)
Kadigannow Services,
Kadiganscroll down to "Additional DNSMasq Options"
KadiganDo you want to have a local LAN domain for use? (for example, I use ".lan")
NikLPdnsmasq is enabled btw, local dns is not
NikLPno I just do everything by IP
Kadigan(AVOID using ".local" if you have any Apple hardware)
KadiganEnable local DNS, please.
NikLPnah sod all that
KadiganYou need 3 settings: DNSmasq for DHCP, DNSmasq for DNS, and DNS Authoritative
NikLPthey were on the last page, no?
Kadigan(the last one just in case you change your name later -- you won't need to remember to change it, and it won't change anything until you change your mind anyway)
KadiganYeah, on "Setup > Basic Setup"
Kadiganfuck me.
NikLPback to services?
KadiganIn DNSmasq options, you want the following set: "DNSMasq", "Local DNS", "No DNS Rebind"
NikLPyeah they already were
KadiganWhat DNS servers do you wish to usue?
NikLPstrict is enabled, requestor mac disabled fyi
KadiganI use Google DNS + OpenDNS
NikLPI usually just use the google ones
KadiganDisable Strict, you can set it later via config.
NikLPbut if there's more, why not.
KadiganDisable Strict, and
Kadiganin the additional options add these lines, one line per entry
Kadigan(if you wish, this is where you add "strict-order" -- it has the same effect as the option you just disabled - I just find it clearer to see it in the config, next to the servers)
KadiganI will explain what strict-order means in a minute.
NikLPsaved, yarp
KadiganNow, add the following four lines, in this order:
KadiganSave, apply, renew your PC's DHCP lease (if you're connected to the dd-wrt)
NikLPis there a quick way to do that?
KadiganAn ifdown/ifup will probably do the trick
NikLPI am and I wonder if this breaks, I might lose connection
Kadiganotherwise you may need to reissue dhclient,
Kadiganbut I wouldn't know how, specifically, to tell it to release & renew
KadiganIf this breaks, just uncheck the "Use DNSMasq for DHCP" option, Apply and renew again - should go back to how it was.
NikLPwell I killed it with the hardware switch, so we'll see
NikLPI'm still here (rather, back)
KadiganA bouncer, I see.
NikLPnot as such, my linode has irssi running 24/7
NikLPI *screen* into irc via terminal
KadiganTry checking for some domain via nslookup and see if it sees your dd-wrt as the only DNS server.
KadiganYeah, I used irssi until it collapsed on me (I was unaware I had to actually manually save settings)
Kadigannow I use Quassel.
NikLPthat facet is a little worrisome, agreed
NikLPhow do I know which dns is being used ?
KadiganIt should tell you which server it queried.
KadiganOtherwise, check ifconfig.
Kadigan(or ip link show, not sure which is available on Ubuntu MATE)
KadiganYou want to have only one DNS entry, it being the IP of your dd-wrt router.
NikLPboth work but no clue what I'm looking for
NikLPif I nslookup^ I get server: :/
sirhohenheimHas anyone else had issues downloading bin files from the router database? I'm getting an error page saying it does not exist.
KadiganNikLP: try 'cat /var/lib/dhcp/dhclient.leases | grep domain-name
Kadigansirhohenheim: please DO NOT use the router database, it's critically outdated and CAN SERVE BROKEN BUILDS
KadiganPlease visit the forum to determine which build is suitable for your device or, if you're feeling adventurous, check out one of the latest builds on
NikLPKadigan: that file is empty
KadiganDo you have static IP assigned?
Kadigan(to your PC)
NikLPno only to the router 2
NikLPeerything attahced to that is dhcp
NikLPell that's a lie, but the non-headless stuff is
KadiganThen I have no idea how to check what Ubuntu MATE sees in its DHCP lease, sorry. For a Windows guy, I've pretty much expanded my Linux-centric knowledge on that. Google it. ;)
NikLPNAS etc are static but that's immaterial
Kadigan'nmcli device show eth0' ?
Kadigan(or whatever iface you're using)
NikLPnothing about dns/dhcp in there either
NikLPfound ref to another file but that DNE also
Kadigan`route -n` ?
Kadigan`cat /etc/resolv.conf` ?
NikLPthat shows the routing table, nothing pertinent
KadiganYeah, caught on too late.
KadiganWell, /etc/resolv.conf it is, or I'm out of ideas.
NikLPonly thing in there really
KadiganTo verify, you're doing this on a local PC
Kadigannot on the router, yes?
NikLPI'm on an X220 wifi'd to the router 2
KadiganWhat's your router2's IP?
KadiganPLEASE don't say ""
NikLPinet addr:
NikLPthat's on wlan0
NikLPlo is 127.0.11
NikLPah so as above
NikLPnmcli device show wlan0 *does* show the dns
KadiganOkay, before I get an aneurysm... What did you set your router's IP to be inside your private LAN?
KadiganPlease tell me you didn't use 127/8 as your local IP pool. Please?
NikLP192.168.0.2 -> local
NikLPidk what that means tbh
NikLPdns shows as per what we set in the command I just ref'd
KadiganOkay... and what IP did you assign it, within that pool?
NikLPI'm not sure how I haven't answered your question, perhaps rephrase?
NikLPI set static ip in router 1
NikLPand wan ip on router 2 of same
KadiganThat's router2's WAN side
KadiganI need to know its LAN side.
NikLPso the gateway ip is with a dhcp pool starting at .100
KadiganOkay, let's try this from the top.
NikLPare we not good here? :/
KadiganBecause I am now confused,
Kadiganwhich means something I believe in is not true.
KadiganWhat IP pool does the Superhub use?
NikLPthe gateway ip for the superhub is
KadiganNot what I asked.
NikLPthe dhcp pool starts, idk...
NikLPI don't understand the Q then
KadiganWill you understand me if I ask "what is the LAN the superhub uses?"
KadiganFor example
Kadiganmy LAN is as follows: 10/22, with my router's LAN IP being
Kadiganthis translates to a start address of and bcast address
NikLPI did all this stuff at college and self taught and that does NOT look familiar... however let me look in the hub
KadiganPlease. Also /n is CIDR notation, if that helps.
KadiganYou can just as well say "Kadigan's LAN begins at, ends at, and the router's IP is"
NikLPhow does that /x translate to the two IPs you list?
KadiganI specifically need to know what the superhub is set to, not just the DHCP range, because there can be a static pool that's not part of the DHCP (but is still recognized to be within the superhub's LAN)
KadiganNikLP: it says how many bits are 'lit' in the mask
Kadiganso a bitmask of /22 means I have a subnet mask of 11111111 / 11111111 / 11111100 / 00000000
Kadiganie. 22 bits are 'lit', or '1'
NikLPnot what you asked but as I have it here, pool for my router as assigned to fixed ip:
KadiganI believe you're mixing concepts a bit, which is why I'm having issues understanding you.
KadiganI also suspect your network may be slightly misconfigured, which is why I'm trying to understand your network fully
Kadiganto propose a proper solution.
NikLPnothing in the hub to indicate an answer to your Q I'm afraid
KadiganOkay. Assume the superhub is using 192.168/16
NikLPI would suggest based on what I see that the A is but that's a guess
Kadigan(which was a very, very common practice!)
Kadiganand use a different pool.
KadiganThat would mean that addresses from to are controlled by the Superhub
Kadiganand your dd-wrt should NOT use them.
NikLPI see
KadiganSo let's play it safe.
KadiganPlease go to "Setup > Basic setup"
NikLPand I could override this by changing the LAN side IP of the gateway I assume>?
Kadiganfind the entry "Router IP"
Kadiganyou MAY WANT TO REASSIGN YOUR STATIC CLIENTS before you do this, or else you will need to set static IP on your client in order to access them ;)
Kadigan(or sit at their consoles)
NikLPyeah this had already occurred to me...
KadiganNormally I would advise you
NikLPwhat are the implications of NOT doing this reassignment?
Kadiganto stop using static IP configurations altogether.
KadiganThere's a thing called "static leases",
Kadiganwe're not savages... :D
Kadigan(static leases is basically a table that says
NikLPI only use static IPs on my NAS drives I think
Kadigan"if ever a NIC w/ this MAC: AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF asks for IP,
KadiganALWAYS give it A.B.C.D"
NikLPMAC -> IP mapping?
NikLPyeah I just saw that in the hub today, much smarter than device ip config
NikLPlies: I saw it on linux config
KadiganLike I said, we're not savages. The stone age ended in 1990. :D
NikLPtho the hub does the same, tbh
KadiganThere are two ways to go about it
Kadigana) static leases,
Kadiganb) cutting your pool into pieces.
KadiganFor instance, I could configure my network as "" (meaning ->
Kadiganand tell DHCPd that it should only serve from upwards
Kadiganthereby splitting my IP pool into "managed" and "nonmanaged"
Kadiganwhere I could then assign IPs to manually however I so pleased.
NikLPyeah well I have dhcp setup to do .100+ so it doesn't dick with my statics
NikLPI'm smart enough to do that :P
KadiganWith static leases, the DHCP pool can be set over the entire network.
NikLPI'll give it a whirl tomorrow. I need to read a bit about that I think.
KadiganI have exactly ONE device that fails a DHCP renew for unknown reasons, and which I've configured for static IP directly (my NAS4Free box)
Kadiganeverything else uses DHCP
NikLPas it is it's 7.30pm and I haven't started work and I'm ill >:/
KadiganIn any case,
Kadiganonce you swap your assignments out, I would advise you to set your network like so:
Kadigan"Local IP Address:", "Subnet mask:", "Gateway:", "Local DNS:"
NikLPon the router...?
NikLPok yes the basic ip setup
KadiganThen, DHCP Server Enabled, "Start IP address:", "Maximum DHCP users" ... to taste, or however many devices you own *2
KadiganClient lease time: 60min
Kadigan(you really don't need more)
NikLPdoes that not affect always-on connections?
KadiganStatic DNS 1 through 3 ... all
Kadigandnsmasq is SANE
NikLPI have limited knowledge of dns/dhcp
KadiganIn fact, there's a very limited pool of INSANE dhcp daemons out there. It seems the Superhub could be using one.
NikLPit would be wrong if it didn't :P
KadiganAs long as your PC is active AND has an IP assigned, there is NO REASON for it to be reassigned or dropped.
KadiganFurther, if you add your PC to static leases,
Kadiganthere is no reason for it to ever receive a different IP, so even that point becomes moot.
NikLPso setting the dns empty just means it falls into the dnsmasq domain right?
KadiganNo. Like I said, I wanted to touch upon this subject later.
NikLPyes I've already sussed that this is a Good Thing, earlier today
Kadigan"Static DNS" entries, along with whatever you get from WAN (in your case, the Superhub)
Kadiganall go into /etc/resolv.conf
Kadiganand by default, dd-wrt is configured to check that file for its DNS servers.
NikLPon the pc?
KadiganNo, on dd-wrt.
KadiganNormally, dd-wrt will use /etc/resolv.conf to learn what DNS the ISP assigned it
Kadigan(and you can add three other servers via Static DNS 1...3)
Kadiganremember how we told it "no-resolv" ?
KadiganIt tells it to wholly IGNORE that file.
KadiganFurther, "no-poll" tells it to not even bother checking if the file changed.
Kadigan-- making it rely ONLY on whatever servers you provide
Kadiganwith the "server=" commands
KadiganThe other three entries (bogus-priv, domain-needed and expand-hosts) are needed if you use any sort of name registration and local DNS resolving
KadiganThey're required to, essentially, make sure that your queries will resolve (an assumed domain will be used)
Kadiganand that local DNS queries (for local addresses) are NEVER forwarded upstream
KadiganWhich is a Good Thing.
KadiganYou don't need Google to wonder what "toaster.lan" is ;)
NikLPuh huh
KadiganThe final option I want to touch on
Kadiganis "strict-order".
KadiganBy default, dnsmasq will send a query to ALL the DNS servers it knows
Kadiganand will use the result from the first reply it gets.
KadiganIf you tell it "strict-order", it will query the servers one by one
Kadiganin the order you've provided.
KadiganThis is also a Good Thing - it limits the noise on the Internet.
KadiganIf one fails to respond (typ. timeout is 2s), the next one will be used.
KadiganSo you DO want to use "strict-order".
NikLPindeed I do sir
KadiganAlso, dnsmasq will cache responses it receives, so repeat requests will be handed out from cache. It employs cache invalidation and is actually adherent to the RFC,
Kadiganso you shouldn't see any issues because of it.
NikLPI shall save this conversation
KadiganOne last thing you might like to know.
Jeffery_Hi everyone, I have a Netgear WNR2000V3 Brick (4MB/32MB) I am connected to its TTL RS232 and have full access to U-Boot can I unbrick? it will not accept any firmware so far
KadiganYou can add A hosts directly. :)
Kadigan(and also PTR entries, but I digress)
KadiganAll you need to do in order to make dnsmasq serve you a prepared address is a line on its own saying
NikLPoh shit really
Jeffery_I can TFTP to various address on the nand no problem but nothing will boot
Kadiganand as soon as you apply this, whenever you ask your router what "" is, it will reply A.B.C.D regardless of what the Internet would say about it ;)
NikLP... which plugs that awkward gap while dns caching invalidates and you wait for your server to exist!
KadiganUseful for blocking shit like Skype's "Home" page :D
KadiganAnd, yes.
KadiganI use it when setting up new test vhosts on httpd
Kadiganbefore the actual domain redirection for the rest of the Internet takes place.
NikLPexactly my issues with VM dns hijacking!
NikLPI know the domain is there, linode knows it's there, VM just fart 403's with Yahoo! ads on. -_-
KadiganMy ISP's DNS is also fairly crappy overall (though they don't use this redirect shit that Virgin, the scum it is, does)
Kadiganso I switched to Google/OpenDNS <ages> ago.
KadiganAlso, the order I gave them to you works best for me - Google's DNS servers aren't always very responsive, and I don't really want to rely on Google so much
Kadiganwhich is why the first one is for OpenDNS
Kadiganand then alternating, for whichever replies first.
NikLPfair play
KadiganThough it's fairly safe to say that if the first two fail, the other two will probably fail as well. If you can find other open DNS servers, you're welcome to replace the third and fourth entry as you see fit, for improved redundancy.
NikLPare you uk then?
KadiganNo, I'm in Poland.
NikLPah k
NikLPnas drovya, in my worst phonetic polish
NikLPooh wait is that na s'drovya
NikLPeither way, SP.!
KadiganThanks. ;P Thankfully I know a lil' bit of Russian,\
Kadiganso I understood the reference. ;)
NikLPso I haven't offended you ;)
NikLPI at least know that they are the same but different! :)
KadiganIt's impossible to offend me on principle.
NikLPin some capacity
KadiganBest you could do would be to piss me off, and you'd know right away.
NikLPyou use windows, you must be thick skinned :|
KadiganNo, I just don't believe in "offense"
Kadiganif it's true, why would I bother getting offended... and if it isn't, why bother at all.
NikLPfair enough. I don't get bothered too easily. Offended, what's the point? Makes no sense.
Kadigan"That offends me" for me translates directly into "I really don't like what you said, so you should stop saying it" :D
NikLPyeah fuck those people
NikLPthanks for your help
KadiganSure thing.
KadiganDo look into learning a little bit more about networking, at least basically
NikLPI'll save this and re-read the last bit tomorrow , and maybe if I can grok it sufficiently I'll blog on how to bypass the VM bullshit dns, it it actually works (not that I doubt you but, empirical evidence is king!)
Kadigan(and by "basically" I mean learning to define and address networks, set/split pools, using DNS and forwarders, and such)
NikLPindeed. but as a Drupal dev, my brain is overly full. Also booze doesn't help.
KadiganIf you set it up correctly, there'll be no reason to alter your config even if you switch networks
Kadiganexcept for the more extreme cases
Kadigan(like with some ISPs that use VLAN tagging for WAN :D)
KadiganI'm a long-time PHP programmer,
Kadiganso that's not an excuse :D
KadiganI can't blame you for not really giving a fuck
Kadiganbut if you want to set all of this up correctly, you'll eventually need to. ;)
happymeallol :p
KadiganJeffery_: define "nothing will boot"
KadiganHey McDonalds ;)
Jeffery_oh I take that back
Jeffery_I finally got a kernel to boot but it boot loops
KadiganAre you SURE you have a build for your device? :D
Jeffery_I tried TFTP flashing stock firmware it says "bad magic number"
KadiganYou sure you have the right address?
Jeffery_I do not see any dd-wrt images under 2MB for ath9k
Jeffery_the tftp recovery is 0x9F050000 and only 1.5MB in size
Jeffery_anything over 1.5MB gets lost
Jeffery_crc32 check comes back wrong
KadiganWhat recovery image are you using?
Jeffery_so far only uImage is the only thing that works and remains across reboots
Jeffery_I have none
Jeffery_as I can not find dd-wrt micro or mini builds for atheros
Jeffery_even a generic micro build would work
THE_GFR|WORKJeffery_: generally there are not any. You might get one from openWRT though.
Jeffery_they claim that kamikazi openwrt works on it
THE_GFR|WORKJeffery_: what model router?
Jeffery_not sure I have the correct nand address
THE_GFR|WORKwhat router
KadiganHave you actually tried to push a tftp image?
Jeffery_Netgear WNR2000V3 Semi-Brick (4MB/32MB) I am connected to its TTL RS232 and have full access to U-Boot
THE_GFR|WORKahh easy
KadiganTry w/o specifying an address.
happymealsup Kadigan <3, ill brb
THE_GFR|WORKI do those all the time
THE_GFR|WORKyou just have to activate TFTP and use a small image from 2016
Jeffery_without an address it picks 0x8022c090
THE_GFR|WORKyes well try activating TFTP from CLI
KadiganWell, I have so far never had to specify an address when TFTPing new fw onto any of the routers before
THE_GFR|WORKyou stop the boot process with a keyboard command ctrl+C or something
Jeffery_look my screenshot yet?
THE_GFR|WORKI don't know why you're putting in an elf file
Jeffery_its the only thing I can get to boot
Jeffery_so far
Jeffery_when I put "bootm <addr>" it tells me "bad magic number"
THE_GFR|WORKJeffery_: try activating TFTP via the serial terminal, and flash in the stock firmware for that model
Jeffery_tried several times
KadiganWell, if it had uboot from dd-wrt, it should automatically know where loadaddr is
Kadiganif it had something else on it...
THE_GFR|WORKJeffery_: what happens when you try to TFTP in the stock firmware?
Kadigan... all bets are off, and you'd need to ask the people for that.
THE_GFR|WORKI mean the netgear firmware
Jeffery_it tells me "bad magic number"
Jeffery_in UART
KadiganIt tells you "bad magic number" when you try to boot it directly.
THE_GFR|WORKok you need the first version of the WNR2000 v3 firmware
KadiganHe's asking what happens when you say "tftp stockfw.bin" onto the router.
THE_GFR|WORKfirst version, not the latest
THE_GFR|WORKoh yea well
Jeffery_I do not have the first version
THE_GFR|WORKyou need to et it
THE_GFR|WORKfrom netgear
Jeffery_do they still offer it?
THE_GFR|WORKeither that or flash in the "working initial build" of dd-wrt
Jeffery_I need a copy of dd-wrt that works on this router
Jeffery_it makes me board_model_id_set to lowercase
Jeffery_for stock or dd-wrt
Jeffery_uppercase for openwrt
Jeffery_stupid netgear does not like custom firmwares
THE_GFR|WORKJeffery_: you need 18404 of dd-wrt and then upgrade from there, TFTP it in. You can get it from
Jeffery_in what folder is this?
THE_GFR|WORKlook around on the FTP and find it. Not going to do all the work for you.
THE_GFR|WORKunder betas
Jeffery_it missing from 2012 folder
Jeffery_18687 is early 2012
Jeffery_18024 is in 2011
Jeffery_and its not in 18024
THE_GFR|WORKthe folder has stock NA and stock WW
THE_GFR|WORKI can make that thing work for you
THE_GFR|WORKbut I can't do it from here
Jeffery_as I said I have full access to UBOOT from TTL UART
Jeffery_THE_GFR|WORK, I just noticed something
Jeffery_tftp 0x81000000 wnr2000v3-factory_NA.img
Jeffery_ar7240> bootm 0x81000080
Jeffery_## Booting image at 81000080 ...
Jeffery_ Image Name: wnr2000v3-V1.1.4.68
Jeffery_Wrong Image Type for bootm command
Derek1199Hi, I need help. I can't use internet on my router using dd-wrt.
Derek1199I don't know what to do
Jeffery_maybe more info?
Derek1199well, i want to bridge my modem to it, basically have it where my router is the network, and use it. I have AT&T DSL internet. Which is a router modem combo, I want to use my own router though for it. That modem is an Arris BGW210-700
Jeffery_ask your ISP to put modem into bridge mode
Jeffery_disable nat/dhcp on your modem
Jeffery_so router does it all
Jeffery_I phoned my ISP on day 1 to put bridged mode
advcomp2019Derek1199, there is some dsl lines that need pppoe or pppoa or some other thing
Jeffery_I just wrote over parts of my uboot
Jeffery_I have a brick now
Jeffery_gonna chuck it at the wall really hard