stumpysnoob question. I am trying to find a stable dd-wrt build for the netgear R700 but everything I have found so far is the beta builds
stumpysWhere can I find a stable, that is not 2014, build for the R7000?
Kadiganstumpys: everything is beta.
KadiganThere hasn't been a stable build since what, r15xxx? and that was a looooooooooong time ago.
Kadigandd-wrt is in "perpetual beta" stage - things are constantly added, and they never solidify enough to warrant a proper "stable" release. If you want to find something that works well for your device, take to the forums -- you'll find build suggestions that have been tested and are considered "good" for it.
KadiganIn all likelihood, most builds will probably work w/ the R7000 (I don't expect anything would truly brick it), but some builds may have better performance, and some builds may crash often. This is why the forums exist, partially -- for gathering intel on which build is probably the best-suited.
KadiganAlso, if you intend to use your router as a WiFi client (regardless of which actual mode you end up using), you will want a build that's younger than r33525 (2017-10-17) because of the KRACK vulnerabilities that were patched in that build.
Kadigan(if you don't intend to use it as a WiFi client, you may choose any one build you find to have satisfactory notes)
Kadiganmore than welcome to use as a reference.
void9hello. I have an ALFA ubdo nt-8 usb wifi adapter (supported by linux). can I use it on dd-wrt ? I want to set it as my wan device, to get an internet connection with
stumpysKadigan: thanks so much for the info
stumpyssomehow I had assumed there would be stable vers but its all good if only betas
stumpysesp thx for the KRACK pointer, I actually knew about it but hadn't even considered that when looking!
hiyal2tp vpn client drops after 1h
hiyaWhat to do about it?