oaulakhdo we have any sensor mechanics which read data from some distance
oaulakhlike this in picture, means reading names of the objects with sensor data
oaulakhis this possible?
mikk0use the force
OdinYggdBarcodes, RFID tags, different values of a measurable quantity
oaulakhit will only read weight force value
oaulakhbut not names
OdinYggdThere's quite a few ways to tell the two apart reliably
oaulakhwhat if wall wall is opaque
oaulakhbetween two sensor
oaulakhthen how it will able to read bar code
Caspercolor, rfid, barcode, weight...
OdinYggdPretty much pick something that can be easily measured that can be made different between A and B
Caspertoys use different pins under it
OdinYggdand then pick a sensor that reads that
Casperlike a 4 pins, and make sure that the block can't be inserted in the wrong "rotation"
oaulakhi'm making chess project which will read position of chess blocks
Casperdepending on which toy character is on the toy... it can identify it by the binary code identification and play a cow or dog or cat noise...
oaulakhand will transmit position of certain bloack to computer
oaulakhthan computer will calculate next possible movement
Casperthen an array of rfid may be the solution
oaulakhany best tutorial u have?
Caspersorry, never done rfid yet
oaulakhabout rfid array
oaulakhthanks anyway
oaulakhone more question will it read block name ?
oaulakhlike block a is on sensor b or something?
Casperrfid is in 2 parts
Casperone part is the reader, one is the transmitter
Casperyou know, mastercard paypass and visa paywave?
Casperthe contactless thing...
Casperit use a very simmilar thing, it's actually like an extension of rfid...
Casperbasically, rfid stands for radio frequency identification
OdinYggdI wish they wouldn't use RFID for credit card info btw
Casperthe way it basically work is: the reader transmit, the tag receive the signal and power itself from it, then the reader transmit an "id read" command, the tag transmit it's info..
OdinYggdThough they insist it is totally safe and secure and only readable within a centimeter or two, hackers have demonstrated reading the chips from across the room
CasperOdinYggd: well, it's safe enought
OdinYggd>Hackers have demonstrated reading the chips from across the room
OdinYggdThus any guy sitting at a gas station could read every card in your wallet
Caspercredit card will revert the fees if it do get misused
OdinYggdand you'd never know
OdinYggdThat is true, but its quite the hassle
Casperand also, they can only do 1 transaction
Casperand actually, I'm not even sure that they can do the full transaction
oaulakhok i got it
oaulakhthen it will be best for my project
oaulakhone more thing
Casperbut the major issue in this is... the cost of all that...
oaulakhwhat if i have to place matric 8x8 around the board to read all possible location?
oaulakhthen will it work will arduino?
oaulakhor do i need more pins
LeelooMinaioaulakh: You mentioned the forbidden word. You will be ejectect by the air lock in 10 seconds
oaulakhthen how to sought it out
OdinYggdFirst you have to decide how to tell the two objects apart.
OdinYggdThen you have to decide on a sensor that can measure what you want to compare
OdinYggdJust pick a sensor that uses 5v IO, making it compatible with most devices out there anyway
OdinYggdMake sure you build it with multipass support so Leeloo stops complaining about your use of an arduino
LeelooMinaioaulakh: Just use 64 Arduinos:)
oaulakhr u kiding?
LeelooMinaiIsn't that the Arduino-way? :)
OdinYggdNo. That's how PIC does things
OdinYggdArduino only needs like 3 tops
OdinYggdUse the MEGA 2650 for 40 some IO pins
oaulakhdo i have to design my own board to read that many sensors?
OdinYggdNo, but youll want to plan this out a bit
oaulakhi'm also thing 64 led's and 64 presure sensors with 64 rfids so now my total is 192 pins output
oaulakhi'm also thing 64 led's and 64 presure sensors with 64 rfids so now my total is 192 i/o pins
LeelooMinaiConsider using modules in series.
LeelooMinaiAnd some fast-enough serial bus to address them and get data from them.
oaulakhnow let me google to solve that much sum
Casperhmmm resize2fs look to be quite dumb
Casperappear to not just move the "top" data, but appear to move all...
Casperoaulakh: why pressure sensor?
CasperOH there might be another way
oaulakhpressure sensor for saving power consumtion
Casperoh another idea again
Casperrfid still, if you can get a good range, you could minimise the rfid reader count
oaulakhmeans if certain square block of chess board feel any pressure than at same all sensors of that block will start and we can start transmitting or using power
PoleschWhy is it so problematic to draw 2.5 A from an LM317 linreg :(
oaulakhand other blank will still of
oaulakhand it will look good if on block some light effect with led
Casperthen you might be able to use capacitive sensing, and use atmel qtouch capacitive sensing with your avr. Those could do the 8x8 with only 16 pins
CasperPolesch: the heat it generate, and 2.5A is past the limit
oaulakhoh wow
oaulakhthat will be gud
oaulakhmeans i can finish my project with one arduino mega only
Casperthing is, if you know the position of the new piece...
Casperall you need to know now is which piece is there
Casperso you just need to query "all" rfid tags, take note of the missing one, and the new one
Caspernew one and new pressure = piece at that square
oaulakhyeah right exactly
CasperPolesch: do the math on the heat generated. If it's still ok with you, even if it's that wastefull, then there is ways to extend the current capability of the 317
iWalrussounds like you're making an electronic chess board
Casperwait again...
oaulakhdo you have any idea how decrease step motor noise means no at all
Caspermy electronics chess board that I had years ago worked by pressure, move, pressure
Casperby knowing the initial location of each pieces... you don't need ID at all...
iWalrusoaulakh at the expense of mount rigidity it can be done, but it depends on the motor
LeelooMinaiI would embed rfid tags in the bases of pieces
Casperoaulakh: steppers are noisy, you can reduce the noise, but not eliminate
LeelooMinaiWith codes for PNBRQK
oaulakhany other alternative
iWalrusi want to mess with a clock
Casperone way I read about is to basically send a sinewavish signal to the coils, at the right frequency
oaulakhfor controlled motor with less noise
LeelooMinaiCasper: That's weak though - you woule not be able to set up a position, etc.
CasperLeelooMinai: depend on how you control it
iWalrusyour pressure idea? what about magnets and reeds.
Casperbut yeah, chance is that he would lose torque...
iWalrushave you thought of that one?
LeelooMinaiCasper: No matter how - imho it should detect the position no matter how you put the pieces on the boad.
LeelooMinaiCoded pieces or it will suck imho
oaulakhi dont want lose torque power
oaulakhit's the only thing which will drive my automatic chess board
oaulakhif i get little less it will mesh my gear tooth toataly to ground
LeelooMinaiUnless you want to use camera and do it the software way, but that's just different project alltogether.
oaulakhi'm not going image proccessing right now
oaulakhit will simply cook my head
oaulakhand if i can make it like that so perfect than what i'm doing in this college
iWalrusoaulakh y u no use servos?
oaulakhi should open my own company
zumba_addictcan I ask something about electrical?
oaulakhi make so much noise and project is still look sum dumb and geeky stuff which i don't like to do
iWalrusyou can ask
oaulakhi already make a.i robotic arm at colllge
oaulakhbut one thing i learn
iWalrusi've never played with servos
oaulakhnever use servo again
zumba_addictwatching a link a friend gave to but it's not english. The guy was explaining that wrapping the power cord near the plug with foil will reduce save $$
iWalrusy no?
zumba_addictwrapping the power cord with foil
iWalrusthat's crap
iWalrusit's a lie
iWalrusand quite possibly dangerous
zumba_addictwhy can it be dangerous?
zumba_addicti want to tell him
iWalrusif the cable is damaged where the tin foil is, instead of just having the exposed wire youv'e got all of the tin foil live
zumba_addictthat's true
Casperthere is another thing
g0zwhy would you wrap tin foil around it in the first place? some ad hoc heatsink idea?
Casperactually, it may increase the current consumption a bit
zumba_addictg0z: the guy is claiming it will reduce electricity consumption
iWalrusferrite bead, casper
iWalrusi think it would act like one of them
zumba_addictand I like to inform my friend who wants to try it
iWalruszumba_addict it's a trap. don't do it!!!
zumba_addictnot me, my friend
g0zif it sounds too good to be true etc
iWalrusbut seriously, i've never heard of such bullshit in all of my existence
Casperby creating a capacitor, partially shorting the lines, but that may not to much... mostly due to the resistance of the wire (will shift the power factor, some meter take into consideration the power factor)
zumba_addicti'm in Chicago and don't have any issues with electricity bills :)
zumba_addictCasper: so it might work?
Caspersecond issue: it reduce the capability of the wire to cool itself by traping some wire
j4jackjno it won't
iWalrusno. if anything it will increase consumption, as Casper explained
Casperthe power factor is a mesure of how much real power vs apparent power the device use
Casperbasically, as the voltage increase, the capacitor charge (take power), then when the voltage drop the capacitor discharge (give power)
Casperthat give and take cause more current to flow than what the device use, but the energy is given back... BUT the wires are loosy, so you lose both in charge and discharge
zumba_addictthank you for your tips folks
Caspersome power compagny has started to take into consideration the power factor, and charge more if you don't have a good power factor...
zumba_addicti've told my friend about it :)
Casperbut really, if you hear something that say it reduce the consumption, it's most likelly scam
Caspersame with all those fuel safer stuff
Casperand those HHO generator (water as a fuel source for your car)
Casperbtw zumba_addict... if it was real, in canada (or atleast in the province of quebec), hydro quebec would have strongly suggested to their clients to do so
Casperbecause here we pay 7.4 cents/kw, but hydro sell their excess to the USA at I think 12 cents/kw
iWalruswe've got a smart meter here. it is so good we get info down to the minute how much power we use
Casperso for them it's cheaper to have us save money :D
iWalrusand i have a small meter on my room that tells me what my power factor is.
Casperthat's why about 15 years ago hydro quebec replaced all the thermostats in the houses with electronics one
adyerzumba_addict: turn your AC thermostat up one degree and you'd save way more than any tinfoil scheme
iWalrusdo you guys have ripple controlled hot water heaters Casper?
CasperiWalrus: nope
iWalrusover here they can turn our water heaters off
Caspereven if water heater is a big power source... it's nothing compared to heating the full house with electricity
iWalrusalso: the power factor on my room is 76. is that good or crap?
CasperiWalrus: you mean 0.76 ? the ideal is 1
Casperand I think it's ok
iWalrusit must be 0.76, it only has one number
jaggz-lwhats a power factor?
Casperjaggz-l: current vs voltage dephasing due to capacitance and inductance
x86_64My lamp says "MAX 75W". What happens if i bought a 100W bulb and connect it to rhis lamp?
jaggz-lhow so you know the power factor of a room?
jaggz-lx86_64: melt wires?
Casperx86_64: might overheat
Casperwires is fine
adyerx86_64: it will get hot and some light would come out
iWalrusjaggz-l: i have already stated i have a meter in my room
Casperbut the light socket and reflector might not be
jaggz-lahh.. not made for tye bulb heat
iWalrusbecause i board and like to make sure i only pay what's owed
CasperiWalrus: if you connect a motor it should raise the pf :D
x86_64Are there desk lamps capable of 100W?
jaggz-li bought an led bulb to try it out.. it rep
RoBo_VMorning guys !
jaggz-laces a 65w
Casperx86_64: not really, however look for CCFL and led
jaggz-lthe color is pleasing.. not distinguishable from the other two incandescents
Casperso you can increase the light output with less power
iWalrusi have a desk fan
jaggz-ldims sorta too.. might be better dimming if i replace the other two connected
x86_64Awww... But.... I find them brighter
Casperjaggz-l: I started replacing the CCFL with leds here
iWalrusbut it's under my bed and cbf getting it
iWalrusi should tho
iWalrusi have really bright CFL lights in my work areas
Casperstrangelly... it make more light for the same lumen rating o.O
Casperand is less hard on the eyes, even if the light is more concentrated
jaggz-lamericans use more power per household than any other country, iirc
iWalruslumens isn't a really accurate light measurement
iWalrusit depends really on how focussed the beam of light is
iWalrusif it's dispersed it could be a high lumen output but subjectively dull
iWalrusor a low lumen output but subjectively bright for a focussed beam
zumba_addicti gave this to my friend instead, will it work? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxSLbpAwibg
iWalrusthat's hilarious
iWalrusbut yes, it will work
Casperhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/dufemai99vjhcnp/2014-10-22%2001.36.23.jpg?dl=0 <=== weirdly, the ccfl look way greener on the pic...
iWalrusif you put dry ice and some water in there with that fan you'd create a low cloud
Casperbut the X under the speaker show the light output difference
iWalrusaahh. that's colour temperature
iWalrusthe cfl is a warmer colour temperature
iWalrusfor lighting at night the warmer the light is the better.
iWalrusit's way easier on your eyes
Casperthe led one is easier on the eye
Casperthe color spectrum I think is better
iWalrusit's easier to work under, but not recommended for night time use
iWalrusthe cooler light temperatures emulate the sun. and you shouldn't be under sunlight at night - it actually screws with your sleeping patterns
Casperunfortunatelly, the led light is shorter, so I need to use an extension on it :D
CasperI think it would fix mine...
Caspermine is already fucked up
iWalruslol i take supplements for that too
Casperlike now it's almost 2am... and I'm wide awake... ready to build an house
CasperI'll take some melatonine pills tonight... will help to keep me asleep
iWalrusyep. get the warmest lights you can find and put them in everywhere. i use Halogens wherever i can
iWalrusi take magnesium, that does a similar thing
iWalrusmelatonin is expensive here
Casperwalmart sell them dirt cheap...
iWalrusmagnesium is a precursor to something that is turned into melatonin
iWalrusi'm in New Zealand, CameronMc
iWalrusit's still light out.
iWalrusaround quarter to 7pm here
ss23iWalrus: OMG ME TOO
iWalrusss23 i believe we've had this conversation
iWalruswhere in NZ are you?
iWalrusyeah. i'm a jafa
ss23Aw, sucks
iWalrusthere's some crap weather coming
brickmelatonin, expensive? is the reason political iWalrus ?
brickin the US it is extremely cheap precisely because the it's not patentable and neither does the food and drug administration regulate it.
theBeariWalrus, Casper, it wouldn't be like a ferrite bead, consider what happens when you try to roll a magnet down an iron bar vs an aluminium bar.... i think it should ONLY resist change in the field, not store it at all (allowing SOME energy to be returned, like a ferrite bead)
CaspertheBear: I am unsure if it would act like a ferrite or a capacitor...
madisttwo pages of scrollback and I still don't know what you're talking about
Casperbut anyway, what is sure is that it change the power factor, and that's it... then it's the heat generated and blocked...
madistif you put a capacitor across the power lines you can reduce your power bill.
madistI don't know why that works, I guess the meters they used to use didn't cope with capacitive loads ?
theBearmaybe... if you got lots of linear coiley things hanging off it
madistI don't know if it still works. This trick dates back to the rotating wheel type of electricity meter.
Caspermadist: power factor... but that depend on the meter
theBearit's power factor... cos of like, physics and maths and stuff, if it's either side of 1 you "waste" energy ... also why power companies care about power factor and charge bigger customers differently if they can't keep a leash on it
theBearyou shoulda learned that in highschool man, are you in some stupid country tthat i dunno, thinks it's awesome but really everyone hates it ?
madistI was too busy masturbating in high school.
madistthe vanes on my capacitor are out of alignment. they're too close on one side.
theBearwoah, glad you added those last 3 words
madistHow do you fix that ?
theBearvanes eh
madisttuning capacitor.
madistair capacitor.
madistwhat do you call those things ?
theBearplates, tho i didn't think of that, vanes is probly acceptable
theBeari don't remember, they went outta fashion like, 100 years ago :)
theBearbut umm, tuning caps are usually tight not open
madistthis is from a valve radio
archivistsome were adjustable
theBeari'm gonna say, i'd panelbeat it
theBearbut with the mallet (soft t) for precision
archivistlook for lock nuts on the bearings
archivistnever ever needed to hammer them
madistits only on one side. the other side had a ball bearing. so it can't be adjusted.
archivistthe bearing holders were threaded on the better ones
archivistas long as there is no contact it does not matter anyway
madistthere's no contact, but I can't sleep at night thinking about how they're closer on one side than the other.
archivistthe cheaper ones were like that
archivistmade to worry the madists of the world
madistthe stator vanes appear to be located by solder. If I melt the solder I should be able to move it. Maybe if I stick pieces of paper between the vanes and then quickly melt the solder and let it position itself ?
archivistdont do that
theBearyeah, don't do that, the solder hasn't changed
archivistit really does not matter if there is no contact
madistwhat can go wrong ?
theBearever seen an idiot open a cuckoo clock ?
madistI've seen most of your youtube videos, but I don't remember that one.
theBearheh well played
archivistheh cuckoo clock is trivial, try a three train clock with music
archivisteg http://www.collection.archivist.info/searchv13.php?searchstr=crane+clock
theBearpfft, i'm still surprised what idiots can make non-trivial
theBearoooh pretty roundey music
archivistthat was my first complex clock I worked on
madistis this a collection of pictures or do you run a museum out of your basement ?
theBearboth !
archivistthat was a clock I repaired /restored
synx508that clock is insane. All those parts!
archivistfor a customer I only got the pics (and some parts I replaced) to show for it
theBearomfg ! i got enough change between my bank accounts and my wallet to buy cheap wine !
archivistthe case was fun, had to re glue, fit inlay etc
theBearsigh, anyone see where i wrote down my doctor appt ?
tawryes theBear it's in your wallet third slot on the right
theBearthat's what i thought too
theBearthey don't have a computer... if i'm more than a day off they'll never find it :(
MjrTomyou wrote it on your fridge white board, but it got buried underneath the pictures of ponycorns that your neice drew for you
theBearumm yeah, my niece drew them <slowly nods>
MjrTomlol... that's my story and Im sticking to it!
kate`theBear, i've had that damn song stuck in my head for days
kate`theBear, now i'm listening to ultravox
LeelooMinaikate`: Did theBear made you to listen some crazy disco songs from 80s?
theBearhehe, i've had it stuck in my head since the 90s, maybe the 80s
kate`disco is from the 70s :)
theBearholy crap ! you said disco songs ? are you my destiny ?
MjrTomthe beegees made some disco songs as late as the 80s
LeelooMinaiBy "made you listen" I really meant "tormented you"
kate`i just made a playlist containing: bronksi beat, ultravox, soft cell, erasure, human league, yazoo, adamski, roxette, shakespears sister, and so on
kate`there is no tormenting me
LeelooMinaiACTION hides thinking "They are both mad then"
kate`bredbandsbolaget.se is my favourite swedish isp domain name <3
FreezingColdLeelooMinai: up a little late are we?
FreezingColdlol, I just woke up
kate`ACTION wonders why anybody would want to name themselves after x86_64
FreezingColdI like how AMD 1 upped Intel with x86_64
madistif you like Disco you might like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV_3Dpw-BRY
kate`ACTION puts it in her ears
MjrTomLeelooMinai probably has delayed sleep phase syndrome... or in any case, some form of non24
MjrTommany of us here do
theBeari'm averaging way over 36hours now
LeelooMinaiI would be fine if days were 25 hours long.
synx508Disco, you say? This one applies to ##electronics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SNjdYCRJvk
kate`i sleep biphasically at the moment
kate`which is convenient, 'cos i work from home
theBearthat's a lot like me.. i don't-work from home
kate`what don't you do?
theBearooh yeah, that 2nd one is way funkier
madistSo that's something you have in common with LeelooMinai.
madistThe two of you should get married!
theBeari err, don't do electronics or be the awesomest sound guy in the world
MjrTommy circadian rhythm has also always been better suited for Mars
theBearmadist, she said disco music dude ! it was meant to be
theBearhmm, awake almost 2 hours and all i've done is not find where i wrote that doc appt... maybe i should have another coffee, ya know, so i got the energy to go buy liquor
MjrTomLeelooMinai and I are obviously a much better match
theBear'relax baby . . . you can't fight destiny, may as well just get strapped in and wear your helmet and enjoy the ride !'
FreezingColdLeelooMinai: yeah same. I went to bed at 3pm and woke up at 2am
archivistwhat is this work people speak of, I want some
theBearMjrTom, hmm, are we supposed to err, take this outside or something
LeelooMinaiOk, so I don't like disco music, but when I was very small I played piano a bit, and that involved playing a lot of Abba songs - I wonder if they qualify as disco:)
madistI am deeply offended by your classifying what I do as not-work.
kate`did you play super trooper?
theBearwork is that thing that occasionally forces me out of bed, and supplies me with rich person food, like pizza, or a hotdog !
madistI get tired just sitting and watching IRC scroll by. I think its hard work.
LeelooMinaiDon't remember this one
theBearsuper trooper ? hmmm.... was that err, atari2600 ?
kate`LeelooMinai, what!
madistSooooooooper Troooooooooper Beamsaregonnablindyou.
synx508it's trouper
theBearc64 maybe, it sounds like it's from my distant and somewhat clandestine past
theBearoooh, i like troupes, they sound like they should have boots
LeelooMinaithe only Trooper song I know is The Trooper, but that's a bit far from disco:)
synx508The ABBA song is just incredibly geeky really. http://www.gearsource.com/catalog/stockitem/strong-super-trouper-follow-spot
synx508yeah, I'll just namedrop some hardware FOR MY SONG
kate`what an amazing product name
kate`i love it
madistHungary’s Economy Minister Mihály Varga has on Tuesday submitted to Parliament a draft on changes to the tax regime The tax will be proportionate to data traffic and every gigabyte started will cost 150 forints.
madistCan you see a lightbulb go on above every politicians head around the world ?
theBearhmm, is a forint a lot, or just a word he made up ?
LeelooMinaiI had some forints when I was small
theBeari can, but i'm omniscient, how can you see it ?
kate`for (int ...
shaunothat's their currency .. 150 huf is like half a euro though (60 cents US?)
synx508Amazing product names came up yesterday via this http://www.listsofnote.com/2012/02/utopian-turtletop.html
theBearhow many fors in a huf ?
theBearoh, 1
theBearcrazy tla
shaunosorry, 'HUF' is HUngarian Forint
theBearhalf a euro a gb, damn, i don't even use much and that'd break me
theBearhow can you tax data anyway ? it's not a good or a service, and a lot of it should (if anything) be taxed in other countries anyway
synx508what if it's malicious data?
LeelooMinaisynx508: So that's what Ubuntu used for their names
madist"every gigabyte started" does that mean 10 transfers, each 1kB will cost you 1500 forints ?
kate`they should only tax the 1s, not the 0s
theBeari don't think tax law discriminates based on intent of the taxed item
synx508it does
theBeari'm not sure it even recognizes that items can have intents\
shaunoa lot more than you'd think. eg, here there's tax on books, but not books for the blind
madistthere was a guy who went to court arguing that he doesn't owe any money to the utility company because he returns all the electrons sent to him over the power lines.
LeelooMinaiHis name was Chuck Norris
synx508how does he know they are the same electrons? Does he tag them?
shaunoyou could ask the same of the utility company :)
kate`oh man
madistI'm getting a "Contacts temporarily unavailable" message from gmail.
zap0madist, thats cause they think you have Ebola.
theBearmadist, maybe they're all busy
zap0you should drink some Bleach.
LeelooMinaiA glass of Bleach a day will take your worries away
madistI didn't think of that. It makes sense though. Some of those guys have wives and children.
madistas in, multiple guys with one wife each
madistnot multiple guys with multiple wives
LeelooMinaiACTION waits until all database table relations will be covered
madistI used to think why would anyone want more than one wife. But then I saw a picture of a mormon family and it began to make sense. One wife was ancient like 40 years old, another was maybe 30 years old and the youngest wife looked like she was his daughter.
theBearspeaking of relations, i recently learned that same sex marriage was legal here for i dunno, a few months, then the bastard politicians annulled their asses, so to speak:)
bray90820If i were to buy a 4400mah extended battery pack could it funny charge my 4400mah battery
theBearif i had a daughter i'm pretty sure i'd find girls that much younger even less desirable
madisthow funny are we talking about here ?
synx508took me a while to figure out that typo
theBearlike funny haha ? do i amuse you ?
madistdon't knock it if you haven't tried it. incest is highly underrated.
zap0this is all too much... i'm leaving.
theBeari dunno, my brother is even uglier than me
madistwtf. was what I said that offensive ?
theBeari don't fink he meant it
madistyou never know. people get offended a lot these days. have to learn what's socially acceptable and what's not.
theBearaww balls, it's wed innit... what kinda stupid doctor doesn't have a secretary on wednesdays
theBearthe hell i do
MjrTomhmm... interesting... it's wed both in the future AND the present!
LeelooMinaiBeing offended on irc is a bit weird
bray90820madist: i meant fully
madistno charging process is 100% efficient
madistlead acid batteries can go as low as 60%
bray90820so it would only get like 90% or so?
madistwhat sort of charger does it have ?
theBearyour face is a bit weird
madistthat's not my face
bray90820I wanna charge my Galaxy S III with micro USB
theBearerrr, ok
theBearisn't that the regular way
madistwhat voltage does the 4400mah extended battery pack put out ?
theBearand it depends a lot on how slowly you told it to/made it charge
bray90820but the battery pack I am going to use is 4400mah the same as my phones battery
madistyou'll need a circuit to boost the battery to 5V before the phone will start charging.
tom99i charged my cell phone from a usb thing which is only 100mA without enumeration
madistI don't think they actually restrict the current to 100mA though.
tom99someone in here said something like that so
bray90820madist: the battery charges with a regular 5volt usb charger
madistyeah USB has some fancy electronics so maybe they do
theBearand assuming they did, how would they possibly do it without breaking the usb spec ? that's right... this is why the client is sposed to do the limiting
madistbray90820: yes but he extended battery doesn't produce 5V does it ?
theBearsidenote: in theory "fusing" it would be usb-legal, but it's rare enough to find ANY fusing/protection, letalone adjustable
madisttheBear: they always have a polyfuse.
madistI've seen polyfuses on dirt cheap 10 year old motherboards
bray90820madist: it does I think
madistbray90820: think harder
bray90820So it won't charge it at all?
bray90820then what's the point of the damn thing
kevtrisalmost always
madistunless your phone has some step up converter built into it
kevtrismy abit bh6 did not have the polyswitches
kevtrisI found that out when I plugged something in and smoke came off the mobo
kevtristhey had a ferrite bead on it that immolated itself
theBearmadist, no they don't and i've not seen them on not dirt cheap and not 10 y.old mobos
kevtrisso I installed a polyswitch
theBearnot to mention hubs and wall chargers
Viper168hey know about baseball? if a team loses in the world series, are they done or do they have more games before being eliminated
theBearactually i've got an old gigabyte nforce2 that was given to me 'cos a french guy blew a hole (literally) thru the mobo with a dodgy usb hd
Viper168getting sick of tv being even more terrible, and everyone going crazy about it
Viper168want to know when it will end
theBearcleaned up ok, but there's barely anything left where the port sat
bray90820madist: I am wondering if this would funny charge my 7000mah battery
synx508more funny charging.
theBearbray90820, that's got a circuit in it to turn the 3.7v-ish battery into 5v
bray90820I know it would chrge it but would it fully charge it
theBearif it's the same battery capacity it won't fully charge it, but it probly won't be a LONG way off
bray90820what precent would you estimate
Loetmicheli use this one, which chargs by usb and has 7800mAh
theBeari wouldn't make an estimate with so little data
bray90820I'll but it and see
bray90820Because the one I have now runs off 4 AA batteries
theBeartho it does say 1a, so if it's wired/setup in a way that tells YOUR phone to fast charge (well, 1a charge anyway) chances are it's not as good as it potentially could be
theBearbut it would be faster than it potentially could be too
Loetmichelnice thing is that the same cable that is used to charge the phone ist used in regverse to charge the battery block from an usb port
Loetmichelso you only have to carry around ONE usb cable for both charging and discharging the battery block
bray90820Loetmichel: i won't even be charging the battery until i get home anyways
bray90820teh battery pack
synx508I have a small USB battery, think it's 12,000mAh. It's really good, but would prefer it if it had USB power connector for charging (mine's a new trent imp120d)
theBearholy crap balls ! that's small now ?
synx508it's small enough
theBear12a for an hour, that's mindblowing for a pocket size battery
synx508my wife bought one first, I thought it'd be crap, but actually it's great. So I bought one.
synx508my only wish is that it should be a brighter colour, it's quite hard to find
archivistit will be easy to find when it catches on fire :)
synx508I'm hoping that it won't do that
ph88is the USB type-C connector already on sale ?
theBeararchivist, you see around a week ago, some english dudes hitech cigarette exploded and gave him a holey leg and a shrapnel leg ? safer my ass :)
CCFL_Mananyone have an old pci or pcie video card with svideo output?
theBearof course
archivisttheBear, hah har
inflexlo there theBear
theBearinflex :)
madistthere's a man with a job
CCFL_MantheBear: i want svideo output on my mythtv box
theBearhehe you said job
theBearCCFL_Man, why ? how damned old is your tv to not have something better, like vga for example ?
theBeari ain't into things dying young, but i also like light screens.... it's possibly the only aspect of technology i DO like :)
CCFL_MantheBear: it's a sony wega that i'll never get rid of
theBearfairy nuff... i DID feel that way about my black trinitron monitors, but i can't lift anything like that weight these days
theBearalso i don't see colour good
CCFL_Mana trinitron tube can still beat an LCD or plasma
synx508for weight
ketassynx508: best bang for a buck too
synx508true, given that they're free
CCFL_Mansynx508: in the 90s, that is all that existed
CCFL_Mansynx508: i have yet to see any consumer LCD or plasma to breat the quality of a trinitron
LoetmichelCCFL_Man: nothing beats a panasonic plasma
Loetmichelsynx508: i happen to have a whone bunch of spare scharged 18605 batteries in my pocket for my e-cig and flashlight
Loetmichelso far: no fire in the trousers ;-)
ketaskeep it away from your dick
LoetmicheltheBear: i read taht e-cig-accident. thats what you get when you make the e-cig yourself and disregard safety features like holes fpr emergency pressiure relief (and battery protection circuits)
Loetmichels/malke /build
tom99i'd like to build an e-cig
tom99sounds like fun
Loetmichelketas: that would be difficuilt thinking about how much i carry around in my trusers pocets anyway
Loetmichel... and thats not even including the back pocets where the wallet is
Loetmichels/tinking about/considering
FreezingColdtime to clean my apartment out...
Johnsengood morning ##abitofelectronicsandalotofftopic
theBearhaha ! i found it !
Johnsenand thebear
MjrTomit was under the ponycorn drawings, wasn't it?
theBearand good morning, mr slangforpenis
Johnsenooh long johnsen
theBearnah, it was in my "DESIR" err, giant pencilcase thingy
theBeari think she sposed to be a model or popstar or something, i dunno, awesome thing to wear around like a bag tho
theBeari think it's a stupid missing a vowel name like kelis
Johnsenwhats kelis supposed to mean then ?
theBearhehe, if ya ever meet that kelis pronounce her name how it's spelled, she gets all grumpy, it's hilarious
theBearkel-ees, she's the lady responsible for that milkshake song
Johnsenyes i know about her milkshake making the boys in the yard do something
Johnseni forgot what
Johnsenbrings all the boys to the yard :p
theBearit's a lot easier to deal with the song existing when you had the chance to piss her off in person :)
Johnseni think kanye is a fun person to piss off
Johnsenhe's always pissed of already anywy
theBeari never had a chance to try with him
theBeari have absolutely zero interest in messing with people, EXCEPT when i meet "rockstars" ... then it's hilarious
Johnseni feel sorry for that whatshername i think he's a real psychopatic tyran to live with :p
theBeari have no idea what you are talking about.... i only know who he is from that cleveland show episode
Johnsenlike that insident where he stopped singing because not everyone was standing, and the kid was in a wheelshair
Johnsenyou're not missing anything, just that he's psycho
Johnsenyou know what i need :p a keyboard wth extra space inside
Johnsenlike a c64 where you can put the computer inside the keyb
theBeari want a ant farm keyboard... it's a regular keyboard but transparent, with ants
Johnsenshould be doable
Johnsenand the challenge is not pressing the keys that has ants under it?
theBearspose it all depends on your pov
Johnsenbut i dont need ants, i got leds in my keys
theBearorright, enough messing around, to the bottleshop !~
Johnsento the electronics topic! *wooosh*
Johnsenif i attach 2 resistors in series the length of the total resistance doubles
ketasFreezingCold: why do you clean?
Johnsenhe must be expecting visitors
Johnsenmom and dad
Johnseni found a good alternative to cleaniong when mom and dad come to visit
Johnsenlocking all doors except the living room
ketasdidn't they ask
Johnseni told them its where i make my drugs :p
Johnsennah seriously they know how messy i am
ketasdidn't they report you
Johnsenim not sure if many parents do that?
ketasJohnsen: so you nicely live alone?
madistoh man! I just watched a youtube video without adblock. Now I feel really sorry for people who have to watch ads on youtube.
Johnseni know the feeling
Johnseni didnt have adblock on my workpc
madistThere was a huge ad covering about 1/3rd of the video ALL THE WAY through the video.
ketasthere are ads in youtube?
Johnsenthanks to adblock i even forget youtube has ads
Johnsenso im always surprised when i see one somewhere
ketasmadist: and you can't close it?
anonnumberanonJohnsen, yes we should always be reminded how the real world looks like ;)
ketasmadist: it covers the video and you can't close it, wtf!
madistketas: its overlaid on the video somehow. its part of the video.
madistLet me look at it again. Now I'm curious how it works.
ketaspart of video, eh?
ketasbut you can adblock it?
Johnsendid you try clikcing the "x"
madistprobably some html5 magic
madistoh yeah. there's an 'x'. I didn't notice.
Johnsendont misaim or you'll be visiting the ad
ketasJohnsen: HAHAHA
ketasJohnsen: it's deliberate
Johnsenat least it may be slighgtly related to your youtube habbits :p
ketasJohnsen: but why are you so messy?
Johnsenbecause i hate putting things back into drawers and closets
Johnseni take something and when im done it stays on my desk
kate`that sounds like a terrible idea
kate`ACTION judges Johnsen
synx508when you run out of desk there's always floor
ketasand bed
Johnsensynx508: i'm aware :p
ketasyou sleep on floor
Johnsenbut its fine i have a dedicated attic to fill the floor
Johnsenno visitors have to witness it
synx508and when floor is full, you can add new layers, or strata to the floor
ketasJohnsen: is it house?
Johnsena small one yes
synx508attic is full here. garage is full. floor full. Too much stuff. Suffocating in stuff.
Johnsen1 open space on groundfloor, 1 bedroom and a storage room (maybe it'll one day become a kids room:p) bathroom and toilet
Johnsenand an attic
ketaskids are storage too
Johnsen:p and great hobbykillers :p
ketasthey even make layer beds for kids
ketasso they take less space
Johnseni used to have one like that and i was single kid
synx508rackmount kids
Johnsennah serioiusly i once saw it in Ikea, a high bed with a desk under it
Johnsenso my dad (who is partly carpenter) made me one
synx508part carpenter, part WOLF
ketaspartially car bender
Johnsenwell officially car technician
Johnsenbut he studied carpenting at school and did make closets and tables etc
synx508not so many wooden cars now. Morgans, I think
Johnsenhehe morgans i think yes
ketashigh bed kind of sucks
Johnsenmy dad's ex boss had one
ketasyou call out
Johnseni was a kid back then it was great, and i never fell out
Johnsenthese days i'd kindly pass
ossifrageGrr, a part I was planning on using has was discontinued a while ago and I somehow missed that when specing the part, joy
ossifrageJohnsen, in this case it showed up on digikey
ketasJohnsen: what about such setup where high room is split and bed is there
synx508that site is affiliated with makemeclickadozentimestoseeadatasheet.cn
Johnsenhorizontal splitting?
ketasJohnsen: usually part attic places
Johnsenim not sure if that works well with earth's physics
ossifrageMicron gave me a bunch of shit about getting a datasheet for a flash part, wanting me to sign a NDA and I told the sales guy, I could sign the NDA or I could google for the datasheet...
ketasyou can have vertical bed if you wish
ketasbut yes, horizontal
ketasJohnsen: is it quiet area there
synx508NDAs on datasheets always strike me as being like NDAs on advertising. Why would you do that?
Johnsenits so quiet that the slightest noise can be really irritating
ketasit's so nice to live in house
Johnsenlike a singing bird :p
Johnsenor a barking dog or so
ossifrage"The documentation you have requested is under NDA for competitive reasons. "
ketassinging birds doesn't allow Johnsen to sleep at daytime
Johnsenweird for flash
Johnsenits not singing birds
Johnsenits like 1 annoying bird
ossifrageJohnsen, yup and I went with a part from another vendor because of it
bertrikall I hear is traffic here ...
Johnsenis it flash like in a usb drive?
theBearnah, like in a raincoat
ketassecret datasheets
synx508Never sure if they're worried that the competitor will steal their IP or whether the competitor will realise that their IP was stolen by the NDA-touting company
ossifrageJohnsen, yeah it is a part you might put in a usb drive, but the usb driver also has a controller as well
Johnsencould have been slow 8bit flash for old mcus :p
ketassome vendors have secret ethernet nics
ketasi know
ossifrageI refuse to sign NDAs on things I think are 'commodity'
Johnseni do know about badusb emulating a NIC with dhcpd and hence changing your routing table
Johnsenbut thats hackage!
FreezingColdketas: cause I want my place to look nice
Johnsenits bad
Johnsenand wrong
ossifrageketas, I have seen things like undocumented phys, but it was undocumented because it didn't fully work
FreezingColdossifrage: you know what's funny about contracts? Half the time people don't even understand that the stuff they wrote isn't even enforceable.
Johnsenhidden wifi
ossifrageLike a USB MAC/PHY that didn't meet compliance testing, so they left it off the manual, but you could still use it
FreezingColdossifrage: For example, I recently found out that my apartment lease is not valid; in theory I could be a dick and just stop paying if I leave.
ossifrageFreezingCold, it is also why I never personally sign NDAs :-)
kate`ACTION notes down two people not to employ
theBearis it me ?
FreezingColdkate`: it's not my fault in this case.
ketasossifrage will not know how to keep secrets
Johnsenyou'd have to be crazy working for irc psychopaths in the first place :p
kate`i have worked for irc psychopaths
theBeari'm already crazy, AND unemployable ! o
theBeari'll take the job
ossifrageOh I have signed a bunch of NDAs with my employer, but not with a vendor, I alway have the 'company' sign it...
ketaskate`: were they scary?
FreezingColdkate`: the age of majority is higher in this province for some reason, so while my contracts back home at valid, anything I sign here isn't.
FreezingColdso if I commit a federal crime it still applies lol
kate`ketas, no. just exhausting, emotionally and mentally
ketasACTION bites kate` 
kate`ACTION systematically breaks ketas' teeth
ossifrageMost of the time employer NDAs aren't crazy lawyer-speak, if they are crazy lawyer speak or more then a few pages I won't sign
theBeari prefer crazy lawyer speak, it's at least arguable as non-ambiguous
FreezingColdossifrage: often if it's too much BS it won't be held up.
ketas14wy3r 5p33k
ketaskate`: but did they pay?
kate`i wrote a contract a little while ago which had a clause essentially stating that if i broke legal terms, the other person was responsible. that got rejected by a lawyer :D
Johnsenreplace the 5 by $
FreezingColdossifrage: my employer asked me to sign a non-compete when I was hired. Two problems: when I quit, I asked for a copy twice, never got a reply. Second, they refused to pay something stupidly small like the last $100 of my paycheque because they had lost paperwork, making the whole fucking contract void.
theBearoh they'll pay
ossifrageMy litmus test for those things is if I can read them without wanting to gouge my eyes out, then they aren't that bad...
Johnsenanyway now that thebear has things under control i go work a bit
kate`ketas, no. i walked away from quite an amount of owed wages
FreezingColdkate`: if you have documented owed wages that are unpaid, usually the rest of the contract is FUD.
ossifrageFreezingCold, an after the fact non-compete? Good fucking luck getting me to sign that
ossifragebecause there has a to be a contract in place with some benefits to me if I'm going to sign a non-compete
FreezingColdossifrage: no, the non-compete was when I was in the hiring process.
synx508they shouldn't be referred to as no-competes, they should be called total submission
FreezingColdI had been offered the job and the paperwork was required to actually "get" the job.
ossifrageFreezingCold, ah, I worked for a place that tried to do an after the fact non-compete after a few people left to join a competitor
tawrhow'd that work out ossi
Johnsenim hungry
FreezingColdossifrage: I wouldn't mind signing one, because usually they don't hold up.
ossifrageI laughed at the HR person when she wanted me to sign it...
synx508HR people get these ideas
FreezingColdossifrage: why not sign it and make sure they owe you money when you quit?
FreezingColdbye-bye contract
tawrbecause signing it is stupid
tawrhe had no obligation what so ever to sign it, FreezingCold . why would he risk security for literally nothing
ketasstupid contracts
ossifrage(especially after I had gone on an interview with a competitor and the place sucked hard)
FreezingColdtawr: yeah agreed. But if you had to sign it to keep the job, it might be useful.
ossifrageThis was the same company (the one I interviewed) that didn't know I had turned down the job, I got a call from a mover wanting to schedule an appointment (it was part of the offer)
ketasstupid excuses to arrive late to work "i had job interview in another compant"
ketasheard it from somewhere
tawrFreezingCold, i dont think they can do that
FreezingColdtawr: not officially.
ketasthey fuck you
FreezingColdyou can be let go for "other" reasons
ketasi don't know
ketasi have never worked
ketasi wouldn't like those weird contracts however
kate`it's just to make them feel better about being horrible people
kate`paper justifies middle-management sociopathy
Johnseni need to give money for a present for one of my colleagues that keeps breeding
Johnsenevery time she makes a new kid i have to give money
kate`would contraceptive be too late?
theBearsmash the mold !
Johnsenbut its never too late for an abortion
jogaabort the colleague
ossifrageJohnsen, giving her a box of condoms might not be overly PC
theBearand it's never too early for a drink
kate`you don't need a box. just one well-timed one
Johnsenwould still be funnny if thats what they buy with it
ossifrageI was really pissed that the ebola stuffed animals where out of stock, because I wanted to get some for my sister's twins that are about to turn 1
theBeari didn't know ebola was fluffy enough to stuff things with
Johnsensome of them are cute
Johnsenwell, cute in a manly way
JohnsenACTION tries to unsay things
kate`i bet that's suddenly selling more
ossifrageMy sister would think it was funny I think...
Johnsenprobably why they're sold out
FreezingColdJohnsen: don't you just love paid leave?
FreezingColdbiggest BS
kate`stupid god damn fluffy microbes
Johnsenmy teamlead saw me ebola surfing
kate`inbetween procreating?
malinusJohnsen: this is what you get for not working at google
Johnsenits ok
Johnsensome ppl surf ebola
Johnsenothers hang 2 hours per day on the phone because their kid in daycare center has yet picked up another disease
ossifrageJohnsen, the first thing my sister's kids did when I met them was give me a cold (and they got over it way faster then I did)
tawrdon't worry Johnsen about sounding manly, no one thinks so
tawrnothing to worry about
FreezingColdkids are horrible
theBearyeah, but that's better than grownups
ossifragetype 'ebola' into amazon and see all the crap that comes up, joy...
Johnsennot only that they give you colds, other ppl's kids are also ugly disgusting germspreading uncute irritating things
FreezingColdand you're paying for them too
FreezingColdI wish it was socially acceptable to hand condoms out to anyone who's child is being annoying as hell.
theBearit isn't ?
Johnseni dont think its illegal either
Johnseni think you vzn just do it and get away with it
FreezingColdyeah but you probably wouldn't want to do it too often.
jogabut it wouldn't help unless you stretch the condom around the kids head
Johnsenanyway those families with7 irritating kids dont know what condoms are
Johnsenthey'd probably let the kids blow it up
tom99maybe you should make some electronic birth control then
tom99zap the sperm before they arrive at the egg
tom99the big pharma companies won't research male birth control
wqanyone willing to check out this RLC circuit problem i've been having difficulty with? i'm trying to determine the energy stored by an inductor and capacitor but i can't seem to determine functions for the voltages across or currents thru said elements
ketastom99: there was electronic sperm line blocker?
ketastom99: remote control tubes
Johnsenif it exists the russians made it already
tom99because they are intent on giving women all the power in family court
ketasyou use remote to control your tubes
wqi wrote out mesh equations but couldn't get anywhere; same dilemma with nodal equations
Johnseni dont do inductors or math
tom99men would be independent and wouldn't be enslaved anymore
FreezingColdJohnsen: My aunt has like 10 kids or something insane
ketasnot mes ejaculations?
tom99if they developed male birth control
Johnsenbecause of religion?
FreezingColdhomeschooled too
ketasFreezingCold: does she continue...
Johnsen10 kids and homeschooled :/
FreezingColdJohnsen: na, I don't think there's anything saying condoms are evil in her religion
ketasFreezingCold: doesn't it wear her out
FreezingColdJohnsen: she hasn't done taught them shit, they're not the smartest bunch
Johnsenhomeschooling lesson 1) we dont have sex with direct cousins
ketasdon't have sex with your sister
tawrobviously no one has seen home-schooled families
ketaseven though she may ask
tawrbecause no one follows that rule
theBeari'll wear her out for yer... i'll skin her and wear her out like a telletubby costume !
tawrespecially if kids break their arms!
FreezingColdJohnsen: the oldest child got married to some ugly spanish slut who's cheating on him most likely
tawroh dear, if a homeschooled child breaks his arm
Johnsenhaha that reminds me of a saying
tom99i hate the parens that have 4+ kids cause there's no way you can take care of that many and give them everything they need
tawryou don't even want to know
FreezingColdshe's like 18 and he's ...24/25?
ketastheBear: how horrible one
Johnsen"he did her like a redneck does his own daughter"
theBearketas, hehe yeah, that was pretty dark :-)
Johnsenbut that may not be a very nice saying
theBearketas, but i wanted to not go for the obvious sexual joke
ketastheBear: did you see s09e09 of doctor who
theBeari do not know
Johnsenso an 8bit computer without video out is as boring as an adruino
Johnsenits the video out pzrt that makes it feel like a computer
Johnseni go smoke with some company brb
theBearpzrt eh ? is that err, the noise video cables make or err, is that a synonym for zazz ?
iWalrusohsup, theBear
iWalrushow's the leg?
Johnsenis thebear a synonym for bad humour? :p
iWalrusforgive me for answering a question with a question but is Johnsen a nickname for th0r?
iWalrusremember the police academy line?
Johnsenand i saw plice academy in the weekend
iWalruswhich one?
iWalrusyes, i'm referring to that movie
iWalrus"johnsons the size of..."
Johnsenbut usually if they give the first that means well have police academy on tv for the next 7 weeks
iWalruslol but it's a great set of movies
Johnsenthe last one isnt
Johnsenin russia
iWalrusi haven't seen it.
Johnsena usb cable with built in wifi hotspot :o
iWalrusnow. on topic for an interesting thing. i'm working on an outdoors project with my arduino
Johnsenplastic bags
Johnsenor epoxy
iWalrusi've got the enclosure covered. that's not what i'm after.
iWalrusi've said the wrong platform. it's a pi
iWalrusi should go to sleep.
Johnsenarduino, pi, same crap
iWalrusi want it to use two RTL-SDR usb sticks to decode ADS-B band data and capture the air traffic control chatter at the same time, and relay that back to my laptop for me to use
iWalrusdo you reckon i can do it with a pi
Johnsennot sure
iWalrusthe enclosure is IP67 rated and i'm using cable glands for everything entering and exiting the enclosure. that part is sorted :)
Johnseni think the usb bandwidth for adsb is pretty high
Johnsenbut not sure if the pi minds or not
iWalrusi know the pi can do that, it's the actual radio scanning that i'm worried about
iWalrusi.e. the air traffic control chatter
Johnsenthat should be a lot lighter than adsb
iWalrusyou think?
iWalrusi thought raw ADSB was lighter than that
Johnsenand for that you could use rtl_tcp
Johnsenadsb is 4Mhz wide?
iWalrusyes but i want the data ready to go into plotting software coming out the end of the pi
iWalrusor are you talking about the actual pi capturing and processing that data?
theBearACTION weighs less than 4Mhz
Johnsenbut i meant rtltcp for the second stick
Johnseni never tried really
Johnseni did adsb with a normal pc
iWalrusrtl-tcp for the air traffic control radio? that's not a silly idea
iWalrusyes but my tower sits outside, i'm not taking power out to a PC, can't trust the weather in this country
iWalrusif i had a shed that would be an idea tho
theBearby tower, do you mean treehouse ? cos treehouses are COOL
Johnsennoone stops you from using long coax or usb instead :p
Johnsenboth crap tho
iWalrusyes, but a long run of coax isn't great
iWalrusso much loss
Johnsennot at those freqs no
synx508a friend has one of those USB over CAT5 things, with RTL sitting with his antenna, in a tree
iWalrusand remember you're working with data that's down in the noise range
tom99usb over cat5 wtf!?!?!?!
Johnseni woudnt know i live next to an airport :p
iWalrusoh yeah that's an option i never considered
theBearthey've WAY better than regular houses
Johnsenlucky colleague got in a bootloop after installing windows updates
iWalrusi do live about 20k out of the international airport that serves most of the country
Johnseni wish it was me
Johnsenwhat do you use for plotting?
Johnsenplaneplotter? or that tool that puts planes on google maps?
theBeari just stroke my moustache
iWalrusJohnsen: virtualradar
Johnsenye that
theBearand sometimes do an evil laugh
iWalrusyes, that one.
iWalrusbecause i can share it over the net way easier
iWalrushow high are you, theBear?
theBearnot very, but i'm not the one that said plotting
iWalrusi should try the usb over cat5 thing first. i have 30m of unterminated cat5 in my basement
iWalrusthat'll reach
iWalrusstill needs the two glands though
theBearpretty sure there are still similar length limits without a 'smart' repeater like a hub.. something about propogation speed vs protocol
daylol you are probably the only person on earth wishing to live next to an airport xD
dayso.loud T_T
theBearmy bedroom used to be the closest building/wall to one end of the sydney (YSSY) main/international runway
Johnsenwith planeplotter you can participate in adding data to flightradar24 :p
Johnsenthen you can feel important and part of the community :p
daywhat is unterminated cat5 cable? o0
Johnsenbut im not sure if its actually legal
theBearthose first few airbuses were heavy duty
theBearday, a reflective nightmare !
Johnsenlike a mirror
theBearonly for hi freq signals
theBearand low ones
dayisnt every cable unterminated until you add a termination resistor?
iWalrusoh Johnsen i use planeplotter just for some of its data that virtualradar needs
theBearonly transmission lines
theBearand arguably electrical cables that don't go to a socket or similar
theBearbut that's a different meaning :)
Johnseni terminate my cables with a knot
theBearand now, food and cartoon time
theBeari use an uzi
iWalrusjohnsen: over here radio scanning is legal unless you act on the information you recieve. that is the only illegal thing
tom99why is it good to live next to an airport??
Johnsenor a scotch tape label :p
synx508where is that, iWalrus?
Johnseni dont live next to an airport
iWalrusif you tip someone off that the cops are coming cos you heard it on a scanner, you're fucked.
Johnsenbut close enough
theBeartom99, i did it cos work was just downstairs and i had a huge warehouse and i could rollerblade from my bed to my kitchen to my work and back again
theBearbut really *poof*
iWalrussynx508 i live in Auckland
tom99iWalrus: how would they know it was you though?
Johnsenall those emails about quadcopters
iWalrusquadcopters? you need to have a license here to fly them
iWalrusat least within my range of the airport
Johnsennah not here
Johnsenor not that i care about
iWalrusand i'm under a flight path
Johnsento fly in yards and over fields
iWalrusyeah. flight paths and UAVs are a nogo
Johnseni was just looking at my spam
Johnsenbut it does have interesting stuff
Johnsen60euro for a quadcopter of a reasonable size
Johnsen33cm dia
iWalrushow crappily made tho?
Johnsenwell.. that i may find out
Johnsenbut chinese toygrade quadcopters etc are really not bad
Johnseni fact some of them are amazingly good
Johnsenand i can use a larger one my previous one crashed :p
FreezingColdGot my clothes in the wah
FreezingColdstill need to do the floors and dishes though
FreezingColdgod the dishes are going to be a PITA
FreezingColdI haven't done them in a week...
FreezingColdI thought my sister was going to be here and do them for me lol
iWalrusJohnsen i'm 13.5km from the airport by road
iWalrusand i have a perfect view of final approach from my bedroom window, but can't see the airport itself
iWalrusor take off path, depending on which side of the runway they're using
HaxxaHi Guys I have an sd card reader that has an led on it and I want to remove it as it will be used for a low power application - Sd Card Reader
HaxxaProblem is there is no reference to diode in circuit diagram and I don't know if I remove it if everything will still work...
iWalrusi can't see it being a problem. but how is an LED going to affect it being low power?
HaxxaIts an always on led
Haxxai think it goes through 3.3v line?
iWalrusok. i'm sure it won't be an issue to remove it.
iWalrusif in doubt, test it.
Haxxawhy are you sure - if its an always on led would that not indicate it is possibly apart of key circuitry?
Johnsenok im gonna count my money and order that quad
Johnsenif it doesnt count too low
Yotsonmaybe trace its connections? big chance it taps off from the 5V or 3.3V side around the lm1117 regulator.
HaxxaI am bypassing regulator - straight 3.3.v
Haxxato save energy
Haxxait needs to use really low energy - asleep most of time
Yotsonchecked if the regulator likes its output being higher than its input?
Haxxano I am bypassing reg it has connection for 3.3v
Haxxaok new problem anytime I power the arduino with 3.3v (standalone atmega) sdcard does not work - just do quick test to see if it blink upload works on 3.3v but I cannot seem to solve this...
Haxxaso sd card reader will not work on 3.3v tried two different readers - any suggestions - works fine on 5v...
Haxxaeven when 5v is plugged in to 3.3v input
Haxxaonly time it will not work is when sd card is been powered by 3.3v
Johnsenon board vreg?
Johnsensome sdcard shields seem to have a 3.3v vreg on board
Johnsenmaybe if it drops another few volts you have nothing left
HaxxaJohnsen sure but it has a vcc pin for 3.3v and for 5v and I assume 3.3v bybasses 5v vcc
Haxxabut if I put 5v into 3.3v vcc it works...
HaxxaYotson any ideas?
Yotsonchecked if the regulator likes its output being higher than its input?
HaxxaYotson I am bypassing reg.
Haxxawhen using 3.3v vcc on sdcard
Yotsondid you remove it from the board?
Yotsonso its output is fed 3.3V and its input is floating?
Haxxanot sure its designed for 3.3v maybe refer to circuit diagram but possibly
Yotsonnot sure at all but i would check if its datasheet mentions something about that.
Haxxano datasheet I can find
Yotson... come on. schematic mentions lm1117-3.3
Haxxaoh you mean of reg
Haxxawhat about it
Yotsonso its output is fed 3.3V and its input is floating.
HaxxaI suspect
Yotsonstart off with powering the thing like its supposed to. if it works fine. alter something. check to see if it still works. ...
Haxxait works with 5v fine
Yotsonatm you are basically just throwing parts in a bag, shaking said bag. and hope it will work. It may, or not. :D
Yotsoncool. while you are powering it with 5V. what current does it consume at that 5V? just a ballpark figure, will come in handy later.
Haxxanow I am geeting avrdude: Yikes! Invalid device signature. - hangon
Haxxasorry about this
Yotsoni suspect you are using the arduino 3.3V supply. Which arduino (like) board do you use exactly?
HaxxaI am using standalone atmega328p with arduino uno as isp
Yotsonok. and what are you using as 3.3V supply?
Haxxathe reg on it
Haxxa3.3v pin
Yotsonthat one is rated for 100mA. Bit on the low side. iirc sd card spec mentions 250mA (not sure)
Johnsenbaybe only in 4 channel data mode
Johnsenprobably not in slow spi mode
Yotsonso. did you measure the current consumption while powering from 5V? (assume the 3.3V side will have ~ the same current.)
Johnsenargh, this quad copter looks nice and affordable at 46 euro
Johnsenbut its so new they dont have spare parts yet :p
HaxxaSo I think I acciently uploaded sketch made for arduino micro on atmega328p now I am getting - avrdude: Yikes! Invalid device signature.
HaxxaYotson I will try from bench power supply what current limit shoudl I set for 3.3v
Yotsonpick different board from the menu.
HaxxaI am
Haxxathats what I get now
Yotsonso. did you measure the current consumption while powering from 5V? (assume the 3.3V side will have ~ the same current.)
Haxxanot yet
HaxxaMy atmega is not responding any more
Haxxaneed to get that sorted
HaxxaI don't want to keep chucking out atmegas :(
Johnsendid you put 3.3v in the 5v hole?
Yotson"but if I put 5v into 3.3v vcc it works..." this, don't do stuff like that.
Haxxayer thats not why it broke though
Yotsonno idea. could very well be, or not.
Yotsonand if you don't know. how are the peeps trying to help you would know?
HaxxaInvalid device signature would not suggest that would it - it would suggest it is the wrong board identified
Haxxaok I have got a new atmega I will try with bench power supply set at max 500ma and 3.3v
HaxxaMy bench power supply has a dial for voltage and current course and fine it seem the current always reads 0.0v any ideas?
HaxxaIt has two leds one for constant current and one for constant voltage
sammybreads 0.0 even when current is coming out?
Haxxaled is on and it reads 0.0
Haxxaalways 0.0
SpeedEvilAre the meters two seperate modules?
HaxxaIts one unit
bertrikmaybe the led current is too small to notice
Haxxayep your right 20 ma doesn't display
smedingget a nice big resistor
smedingwe have 3 big rheostats at the hackerspace now
smedingthanks to pietdv, who rescued them from a university lab
pietdvsmeding: one was broken?
smedingpietdv: the one where the wire was coming off
smedingthe others seem intact
pietdvnice :)
smedingwe cleaned all the gunk off one and now it works nicely again
pietdvwas it the 50k one that was broken?
smedingi don't remember, but that seems likely
smedingthe one with the really thin wire
smedingi was thinking to at least keep the 60 ohm and the 4.8 ohm ones around
smedingas equipment
smedingfrom the other two, one was broken, the other works but lacks a case
smedingwould be nice to put proper banana jacks on them, though
pietdva case is not realy an issue right?
pietdvjust screw them on a piece of wood
smedingno, but the other two are the nice ones, and i don't think we need more
smedingso i figured we could just have that one available if anyone needs one for a project, or something
pietdvyeah, seems like a nice plan
smedingand the other ones as tools if someone needs a load for a bit
smedingJuerd was talking about mounting them on a wall to save on space, which i guess is possible
smedingso long as they're removable :)
pietdvyeah, doens't seem handy to have your load mounted against a wall
denysoniqueI built this small circuit http://i.stack.imgur.com/Lvphn.png and connected it to a mV meter it seems to detect fine a mobile phone on call and a WiFi router. Will this circuit also detect a FM bug to check if its working?
Haxxaand the testing continues
madistdenysonique: that circuit is too random to be predictable.
Haxxagee my power supply fan is nosiy
pietdvHaxxa: submerge it in oil
madistsand is better
denysoniqueotherwise what would be the quickest way to test if my FM circuit is oscillating. (without a scope)
pietdvthe entire power suply that is
Haxxamineral oil
pietdvdenysonique: find a scope?
madistFM Radio ?
denysoniquethe circuit is very unstable I find it hard to locate on a SDR sometimes
pietdvdenysonique: where are you located?
denysoniquenow I am not sure it is working
synx508denysonique, if you couple that into the antenna output (make sure it's ac coupled, i.e. through a capacitor) then it should indicate that there's some RF happening
basuotokoguys, can i ask an english question?
basuotokoI know what does "when is hot (in car) camera losing focus" mean.
basuotokobut what does it mean when having a 'cons' in the beginning?
denysoniquesynx508: and I should just leave the ground open of the circuit or hold it with my hand?
basuotokoso that "cons:
basuotoko - when is hot (in car) camera losing focus"
synx508denysonique, connect both grounds together
basuotokocondensation??? google says this means freezing?
pietdvbasuotoko: it means that it is a bad thing
pietdvit comes from 'pro's and cons'
shrdlu-condensation means that water is forming on a surface
synx508denysonique, your meter will probably go off the end of the scale, you may need to reduce the sensitivity with resistors
basuotokoOH YEAH. the early sentence has 'pros' in beginning
shrdlu-oh, yes. pros and cons makes sense for a review
sammybpros and cons = good and bad
synx508denysonique, get yourself a frequency counter, or make one.
synx508(before someone gets hurt)
basuotokopietdv, shrdlu- , feichang ganxie!
denysoniquesynx508: today I am going to around for arduino based counters if I find a nice one I will order an atmega and build it, otherwise I will just buy one
denysoniquesynx508: after connecting that circuit to the Tx I only see an increase of 0.5mV which simple could be the circuit wires pickup up some other RF. 0.5mV is defenitely too low. I guess it is not oscillating.
denysoniqueI moved away from my laptop now the mV stays at 0
denysoniqueregardless if the Tx is connect on or off
denysoniqueNeed to recheck the circuit.
denysoniquesło przyjęte - jesteś zidentyfikowany(a).
denysonique05:51 -!- Irssi: Unknown command: win2
denysoniquesorry for this random paste
Johnsensilly foreigner :p
denysoniqueyep, that was from another foreign IRC server
Johnsenhttp://imgmgr.banggood.com/images/upload/2014/10/SKU174942_10.jpg black or white? :p
Johnseni think black
denysoniqueJohnsen: go for black
denysoniquewhite will get dirty and black is more covert
denysoniqueJohnsen: is this just the frame or a premade copter?
Johnsenpremade only 46 euro
Johnsenhttp://www.banggood.com/JJRC-H8C-2_4G-4CH-6-Axis-RC-Quadcopter-With-2MP-Camera-RTF-p-950652.html here is the page
denysoniquepremade means not cool for me
denysoniquesitting on ##electronics and buying premade quadcopters, pfft
Johnsensitting on ##electronics and not owning a frequency counter, pfft
denysonique*not having made one* you wanted to say
Johnsenanyway you carry on throwing harmonics all over the frequency band and i go on buying quadcopters
Johnseneveryone happy
Johnsenim gonna buy a white one, easier to paint in your own color :p
denysoniqueafter I got a frequency counter I will upgrade my Tx and hijack your quadcopter
Johnsenyou mean you'll read a book and hope you'll have any clue what you're talking about by then
denysoniqueI mean I am going to have a nice quadcopter and you are not
Johnseni'm not mean :p i just dont need comments on spending 46euro on a quadcopter that flies btter than one you can make for double the price by someone that wants to make radio transmitters with as less components as possible :p
HaxxaOk I have tried with becnch powersupply still 3.3v doesn't work while 5v does
anonnumberanonHouston, we are back into the frequency domain!
anonnumberanonThat glorious feel when studying.
Haxxaany ideas??
smedingthe word is 'feeling'
smedingalso, glorious? studying just makes me feel dumb :p
knobThat love'n feelin' ....
anonnumberanonsmeding, not where I hang
smedingACTION hangs anonnumberanon
Johnsenyou dont need to study
anonnumberanonACTION 's neck and head are way too slippery for that
Johnsenjust wait util you get an epiphany
anonnumberanonyeah but it takes studying, go away troll
Johnsenguided by the spiritual
anonnumberanonNewton studied all day.
Johnsenand what did it bring us? :p
Johnsensome silly obvious physics law :p
anonnumberanonAlmost everything, I don't understand your question heh.
smedingnewton's an asshole
kate`newton also drank mercury, and studied alchemy
smedingwithout newton, flying would have been so much easier
smedinghe had to go and ruin it with this 'gravity' of his
Johnseni dont have the feeling i would fall more if i didnt know newton
anonnumberanonlol you sure did checkmate all of use there
anonnumberanonI will still name my son Isaac out of rebellion.
Johnsenand blame everyone else when he gets bullied in highschool?
smedingisaac isn't such a bad name
anonnumberanonThat's where martial arts come in.
SpeedEvilAsimov or Newton?
Johnsenits better than Gaylord
smedingmartial arts are not really a good defense to bullying
smedingin my experience
SpeedEvilNewton is important in martial arts.
anonnumberanonsmeding, they were for me
SpeedEvilsmeding: they're awesome - they let you know just where to punch people to make them give you their money.
smedingi guess the best defense is a good offense? :)
anonnumberanonI had a friend who stopped en entire recess war with one round-house kick to a guy who was 6 apples taller than him (received it in the lower jaw).
anonnumberanonWe were 11-12 yo
denysoniqueWhat is the name of a device capturing a change in current?
Johnsenor growing up in a place where highschool isn't a popularity contest among shallow people
Johnsenthat helps too against bullying
madistI was never bullied at school.
Johnsenme neither
Johnseni was in a relatively smart school with wellbehaved people
Johnsennot some gang wannabe school
madistI did beat up a few kids now and then though. I hope they don't think I'm a bully.
Haxxayer still stupid same problem 5v logic work and 3.3v does not :(
HaxxaI am trying everything
Johnsenstill with that vreg?
smedingdenysonique: capturing?
HaxxaI removed v reg
smedingdenysonique: in what sense?
Johnsena current transormer :p
denysoniqueACTION bullied students at school with his selfmade inductor taser
anonnumberanonI was bullied alot because i was short. And didn't care about discussing with idiots.
anonnumberanonIdiots don't like that.
smedingsounds to me your problem was being an arrogant asshole
denysoniquesmeding: basically it is probably going to be a transistor setup, if the current goes lower or higher I want to be able to detect this
Johnsenfrom now on we'll call you Bouncy
smedingdon't worry, i was too in high school
anonnumberanonIt was all in my mind though.
smedingdenysonique: a resistor will produce a voltage from a current
Johnsenas long as you're not a fat korean kid eating alone in front of his cam immitation a bunny
smedingdenysonique: an inductor will produce a voltage from a rate of change of current
anonnumberanonsmeding, actually, if the dude was a scary I always had that reaction.
smedinghi corecode
HaxxaJohnson any ideas?
anonnumberanonscary idiot*
HaxxaJohnsen * any ideas?
Johnseni rarely have ideas
denysonique1. circuit is on. 2. if current increases on pin a) then LED blinks for 3 seconds and it calibrates itself to the new current level, flashing the led if it goes down again or higher
Haxxathis is reallly peeing me off
smedingdenysonique: sounds like you want a microcontroller
smedingsounds like you're deluding yourself about not wanting a microcontroller
smedingthere's sequential logic out the wazoo there
Johnseni dont think deny is very open for discussion
denysoniquethere must be a way to do it analogically
corecodesmeding: how's it going?
Johnsenwith a big carrot and a pot of vaseline?
denysoniquebased on some feedback
kate`denysonique, you could implement a state machine using flip-flops :)
madistand if that doesn't work, try thongs
corecodesure you can do it in analog
Haxxaproblem wit vreg is that I went from using microamps in idle to using 100ma in idle
anonnumberanonit would be very hard but seems possible
kate`denysonique, that's the most sensible non-MCU option i can think of
HaxxaI ahve no idea why it will not take 3v though...
Haxxaanyone willing to guide me through debugging
denysoniqueif I say I want a device that remains on once latched for only 1s, you are going to also tell me to use a microcontroller
Johnsennot me
anonnumberanondenysonique, may want to research transistor-transistor logic now
corecodettl is binary
denysoniqueanonnumberanon: already familiar with TTL and 7400s
corecodedenysonique: what do you want to do?
Johnsenanywy i'm gonna take my chance of this annoying moment to axtually leave and go work
denysoniquelearn tricks with transistors
denysoniquethis channel is sometimes crazy
corecodedenysonique: you want a schmitt trigger
anonnumberanonYou could use capacitors as counters for the 3 flashes.
Haxxaany other ideas?
corecodeplus monoflop/flipflop for timeout/latching
denysoniquecorecode: for latching a basic 2 transistor SCR will do the job
corecodethat's a flipflop, no?
jaggzwhat's a good website method (blog, wiki, .. with replies.. with a forum... ?) for providing how-to's on making things? Some examples: Techniques of working with PVC for custom-made devices. Designing molds in blender [for 3d printing]. etc.
corecodebistable multivibrator
denysoniquelike here http://www.analog.com/library/analogDialogue/archives/35-05/latchup/Figure_01a.gif
denysoniquecorecode: nope that is not a multivib
corecodeit is not
denysoniquethe latter question wasn't really a question
corecodeit was not
denysoniquebut comming to my original question I found actually why I need it and what exactly
denysoniqueBasically given a mircophone input I want to be able to automatically adjust the gain depending on how loud someone is speaking
denysoniqueand avoid overdriving the amp
denysoniquethere must be a technical name for this
synx508google AGC, or audio limiter (not the same things btw)
denysoniquesynx508: Thank you.
synx508automatic gain control is usually a somewhat slowly changing gain adjustment that gets the audio level approximately right, a limiter will impose some kind of compression above a certain limit
synx508infinity:1 compression above a limit would give you no change for any increase in input, which is what you want for a deviation protection limiter for FM - you also need a clipper and low pass filter for that, too
synx508and ideally an overshoot compensator
denysoniqueAnalog electronics for now are black magic to me as opposed to learning programming. For coding or sysadmin there is much more knowledge on the web
synx508you can avoid it by doing all that in DSP
denysoniqueDSP - not analog - too easy, to straightforward, nothing new to learn.
synx508easy? right.
synx508ACTION runs away to the kettle to make a nice cup of tea
corecodeso you want to integrate
corecodeand change the feedback resistance based on your accumulated charge
oohalyeah because analog signal processing is TOTALLY different and not 90% the same shit
denysoniquesynx508: detecting the amplitude programmatically? of course it is easy, there are even ready libraries for stuff like this
denysoniquedoing it with descrete components not easy (for me, for now)
synx508denysonique, typically, to get the most out of FM the audio spectrum is split into 4 or more bands and each of these has its own AGC, compression, limiter, clipper, filter
synx508it distorts the signal, but it sounds louder and still good
synx508it's much, much easier to do in software, but not at all trivial
denysoniqueComputers ruined electronics ;>
buttercertainly runed Radio
butterthankfully AM still has a *strong* presence, at least in new england
synx508I agree, heavily processed audio sounds bad, but it's louder and that's all that matters in the land of money
butteroh but it's Orban!!
denysoniquebutter: I think internet ended pirate radio, I never listened to it though
synx508it should've but didn't
denysoniqueThey could've made a standard for FM radios and assign extra 20MHz for unrestricted broadcasts
synx508I believe New Zealand allows that in a section of their FM band, not totally sure though
synx508also 20MHz is about the size of the current band, so that would be double
denysoniqueI am curious what is the license cost of getting on commercial FM
synx508It's insignificant compared to running costs, such as licencing music
synx508although that's not true for small stations which get a better deal with that
denysoniquesynx508: most pirate stations in the old days were running to promote non-mainstream music and its artists
MarkXmorning, quick question. in this schematic >> http://dlnmh9ip6v2uc.cloudfront.net/datasheets/Dev/AVR/32U4_Breakout-v11.pdf << there are 5 caps in a row shown. are those there to deter noise?
denysoniquesome countries even require a license for online radio streaming
synx508denysonique, actually pirate radio in the UK (which is kind of where the term originated owing to the use of boats) was the only source of rock/pop radio in the 1960s
synx508it wasn't alternative music, it was what would've been considered mainstream in the US
synx508we only have the BBC here and they devoted a few hours to music of that sort, every week
synx508there was actually more of it on TV than on the radio and there was no commercial radio at all
MarkXi think they made a movie about that too
synx508yes, not seen it personally. It has a different title in the US. I think it's just called "pirate radio" or "the boat that rocked"
MarkXpirate radio iirc
MarkXi heard good things about it
theBeari gotta stop eating butter or i'm gonna die ! not generally, just today
synx508eating ONLY butter?
toominIts tasty
toominWith some sugar
theBearwell, sometimes i spice it with other things
synx508I do that, the thought of it makes my wife feel sick
anton02ignoring the current limiting feature of BJTs, what's the practical differences between mosfets and bjts
theBeartoomin, all kinds, but on that note, those dutch know a thing or two about salting cultured butter i'll tell yer
synx508I feel less strange now
theBearsynx508, simple solution, don't think about it
MarkXyou guys are weird XD
Haxxaok I am done I have lost 3 microcontrollers - 2 sdcards - 2 pcbs - now is time to move going to use a eeprom instead probally better for microcontroller anyway
theBeartransistors have a current limiting feature ? err, wait, no they don't
theBeareeproms are bigger, therefore harder to lose
synx508they do, in as much as any conductor has, it's an irreversible limiting feature
toomintheBear, I just have experience with commercially available salter butter.
anton02theBear: the base limits current through the drain and source
theBeartoomin, i only had commercially available dutch butter, but hot damn, it blows my mindballs
theBearanton02, no, the transistor "multiplies" the base current
toominDutch you!
MarkXin this schematic >> http://dlnmh9ip6v2uc.cloudfront.net/datasheets/Dev/AVR/32U4_Breakout-v11.pdf << there are 5 caps in a row shown. are those there to deter noise?
HaxxaOut of interest after I have logged all my data I could simply upload a new program to read out contents
theBearanton02, aka allows
theBearcurrent limiting implies, you know, limiting
synx508MarkX, that's sort of the main reason, yes.
theBearMarkX, and don't repeat yourself
MarkXsynx508: is there a name for what they are doing there so i can read up on it?
MarkXtheBear: everyone missed it :'(
theBearno we didn't, some of us just didn't wanna open links
theBearand there are ways of drawing attention without repeating something hoping for a different result
MarkXbut i did get a different result
theBearyou DO understand this makes you insane, and therefore no better than me now
synx508I'm not going to name what they do, because there will be a religious war that nobody can win
anton02theBear: yeah, beta value multiplied by current at base will determine the max limit. So if 6Amps attempts to be drawn through the drain and base*beta=3Amps, it will be limited to 3A and not reach 6
theBeari'm still unwilling to open a link, but gonna say "decouple"
MarkXyes... this one particular incident makes me insane...
synx508theBear, ok, we'll go with decoupling capacitors
theBearanton02, NO ! 3amps will be ALLOWED to flow, and amps can't attempt to flow
MarkXnot the fact that i've had "the final countdown" on loop for about an hour now
theBearsynx508, being old and jaded has advantages, you watch if anyone dares question me
synx508but they're bypass capacitors to some people
synx508and I hate that discussion so much
theBearbypassing is decoupling, they both mean the same thing when applied to a rail
MarkXlol cool i'll go read up on them
theBearMarkX, hint: wires aren't wires, they're tiny resistors
anton02is there a solvent you can spray on uncopper to make it untarnished?
theBearuncopper ?
synx508good job there are no bypassers present, theBear, that's like saying that sunni and shia are the same thing
MarkXlmao synx508
theBearsynx508, woah man ! watch what yer saying, bro !
theBearlol, i said bro with a straight face
theBearand i wasn't even talking to a coconut
synx508the capacitor people are silent. Phew.
theBearanton02, oh, and use a soft eraser
theBearthe white kind
theBearor maybe the soft coloured kinda ones, i dunno
theBearif yer making pcbs from bare clad fibro use a scourer
theBearbefore resist
denysoniqueWhy in some countries soldering paste is more popular than kolophonium as flux and vice versa?
theBearwtf is kolophonium ?
theBearmaybe it's cos we never heard of it
denysoniqueits resin as flux
denysoniqueand smells much better than stinky soldering paste
theBearheh, crazy foreigner, cos europe has stupid laws, tho paste and flux aren't mutually exclusive
theBearnor are regular solder and non-rosin flux for that matter
theBearpaste is really only appropriate for smd stuff, and arguably only some of it
denysoniquethe flux inside the solder core is almost always kolophonium and yet you never heard of what you were using
theBearand not arguably only for non-iron soldering methods
theBearwait, rosin not resin
theBearrosin IS a resin, i think, but not the only kind
anton02what metal has lower resistance than copper?
theBearand i know what i use and what everyone else uses or i couldn't have answered the question
denysoniqueyep rosin
theBearanton02, err, silver i think, but you're doing it wrong
denysoniqueand rosin is kolophinium
theBearmaybe in your crazy language
denysoniqueor colophon
anton02theBear: cause surface area?
denysoniqueactually colophony
theBearanton02, cos copper resistance is a minute % of the problem you need to solve
theBeargold is higher resistance
theBearbut it doesn't corrode and it's soft and stuff
synx508a moment ago I was sorting through some old PCI cards in my garage
synx508some interesting corrosion happening there
veektheBear, thanks - yeah surprising: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_resistivity_and_conductivity
theBearveek, i felt the same way when i recently found out
veekonly graphene and silver
synx508tempting play a game of "name that oxide"
synx508some pretty colours and shapes
theBearpfft graphene, i'll believe in graphene when i can catch a elevator to the moon :)
veekwhy is it used in chips? malleable?
theBearveek, reasons i said
veekdoes not form an oxide etc
theBearveek, oh wait, in chips, maybe oxide and compatibility chemically
theBearit sure wets easily, no doubt due to the oxide thing
MarkXjust to confirm, a PTC is different from a thermistor right?
fklhow is a strobe line different to a control line?
theBearMarkX, thermistor is a general term, tho it also refers to a specific "thing" ... you can get ptc and ntc characteristics in various things
theBearfkl, strobe is a clock
Johnsena strobe gives pulses for an action to happen while a control line gives a permanent level to set a setting
veekWhile possessing higher thermal and electrical conductivity than gold, copper had previously been seen as less reliable due to its hardness and susceptibility to corrosion.
anton02i bought some $20 2mm lead refill from office works expecting it to have carbon resistivity
Johnsenand a ptc is a positive temp coefficient thermistor yeh
Johnsenvoila my good deed of the day
theBearwtf do highschools teach in physics these days ? graphite/lead pencils have pretty high resistance, look at pots
Johnsenwrong or not, i answered 2 questions :p
MarkXah i think i understand
oohalgraphene isn't graphite
theBearJohnsen, again several meanings, tho arguably yeah, personally i'd say component and not thermistor
theBearok then, i gonna cook this bacon and eggs for 2nd dinner and finish this wine and generally sit in the dark watching funny tv like some kinda jaded miserable cripple, hooray ! well, for the wine and bacon and eggs and funny part
theBearstay scientific, yo !
Johnsengod you're not religious
synx508god is afk
Johnsenwith the amounts of food you eat a day you'd have to pray 23x a day
Johnsenits about time they commercialise wormholes
Johnseni'm tired of waiting a month each time for my chinese stuff
basuotokoa month? wow
oohalyeah, but fedex is keeping the wormhole down
basuotokoJohnsen, can i know, what sutff spend a month to deliever to you?
jaggzthebear, can you test something for me?
Johnsenwell, between 3 and 5 weeks
Johnseni just ordered a quadcopter, and i wouldnt mind if it was already on my doorstep by now :p
basuotokoJohnsen, You mean you order stuff from China instantly?
Johnsendirectly? yes
Johnsenwhere else?
Johnseni could order my chinese crap from adafruit for 10x the price :p
synx508Johnsen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA_gwzx39LQ
basuotokoJohnsen, will you tell me from where you get that quadcopter from? website...
Johnsendot com
Johnsenhttp://www.banggood.com/JJRC-H8C-2_4G-4CH-6-Axis-RC-Quadcopter-With-2MP-Camera-RTF-p-950652.html i just ordered this one 30 min ago
toominSeems nifty.
basuotokoJohnsen, well...
toominAnd they even ship here.
Johnsenits so new they dont have spare parts yet
Johnsenthats the only con
basuotokoi am guessing that adafruit is a local shop over there
Johnsenbut knowing banggood spares always do come, just like a month later
basuotokoJohnsen, Have you heard of taobao.com?
Johnsennah adafruit would be import tax etc
Johnsenon top of the 10x prices
toominAdafruit is kinda expensive.
toomin(esp for smaller components)
Johnsenanyway some ppl like toygrade chinese qquads, others dont, but fact is that generally chinese toygrade flying stuff actually flies very well
Atquetoomin: Do they increase revenue more than costs?
Johnsenit seems they found out the secret to wellflying things in china :p
basuotokochina! china! :)
Johnsenits true, great for fun 50euro
Johnsen(and a whole bunch of extra batteries)
toominAtque, dunno.
basuotokoJohnsen, http://s.taobao.com/search?initiative_id=tbindexz_20141022&tab=all&q=%CB%C4%D0%FD%D2%ED&suggest=0_1&source=suggest&sort=sale-desc
toomin> With HD Camera,high revolution 2 million pixels.
Johnsenhigh rev could mean 60fps, but it could also mean nothing at all
Johnseni know most of those taobaeo models, they're all on banggood too
p0g0I didn't see any example photos on their web page... that may be a clue about the camera.
basuotokoi bought a chinese made dashcam for cars. but this one sucks
Johnseni wtched other videos from same priceclass 2mpix
Johnsenits not great but it is a video :p
basuotokoso when with high heat it loses focus.
Johnsenthats annoying
basuotokoi had to returned it back to the seller, i got a new one.
basuotokobut it is the damn same!
Johnsenppl on the road here are getting so bad im considering one
basuotokonow this time, i had to return it to the chinese factory where they make this product exactly
basuotokoI have been waiting for 1 week+, told me they have detected the issue: true, the losing focus problem . now they are trying to fix it.
Johnsengood luck finding out ;)
toomin^ wearable quadcopter
basuotokoalso told me, that even after it is fixed that they'd need to test it for 36 hours. and when it goes to my house, it will attach with a report in singal detailed
Johnsenthat first quad is a hubsan h107, got one of those too :p
Johnsenthe one around 0:30
denysoniquebasuotoko: how much did it cost?
basuotokoactually it is not chinese made.
basuotokoit is Taiwan designed, but chinese made it.
Johnsenall this effort
p0g0basuotoko: what sort of shipping rates did they charge you for that copter?
Johnsenand then it seems its to make selfies
toominJohnsen, review it for me when you get it, ty.
basuotokodenysonique, it is a DOD LS400W plus, costed $100
Johnsendisgusting! ;)
toomin8 minute flying time kinda kills it.
toominI bet you'll end up getting 5.
basuotokosome people told me that could be using plastic lens to cause this problem, not sure
Johnsen8 minute is the same as every rc toy out there
basuotokoor even with glasses lens, but the lens body is made from plastic, same problem remain
Johnsenmy h107 batteries are all dead
basuotokoso this time i do not blaim chinese
Johnsenall 8 of them
basuotokobut taiwan sucks, bad design.
basuotokop0g0, shipping rate?
p0g0$ to ship it?
basuotokop0g0, No, the shipping fee is free
p0g0OK, thx
basuotokop0g0, I live in china. :)
p0g0And I do not...
basuotokoThey make the massive of DOD dashcam from their shenzhen factory.
p0g0a lot of slow boat between here and there...
basuotokoand sell them to the rest of world
Johnseni think in china there's just 1 big factory
Johnsenmaking from dashcams to phones to quadcopters
p0g0well, and a big farm
Johnsenno dunno, but it seems rebranding is VERY popular there
basuotokop0g0, i live in sichuan province, from here to shenzhen 2600KM or so
basuotokop0g0, as i need to return this product to their original factory to test it out, i pay the shipping fee from here to there.
basuotokothey pay the rest.
basuotokocheap, 13 yuan, aka. 2 dollars.
basuotokoso if anyone need a dashacam for cars, i'd recommend http://www.dashcamtalk.com
basuotokoa good bbs zone.
HaxxaHi hopefully someone can help me wrap my head around this - I want to write data from various sensors to an eeprom - considering the data is smaller than one byte (1-255 numerical data) I should write straight to the address
Johnsen0-255 = 1 byte
p0g0why to the eeprom?
Haxxathat way I have all the 32000 addresses of the eeprom
p0g0they tend to have short write lives. That is, you can burn them out by writing to them too much
Haxxap0g0 sd card is annoying me for various reasons but it is out of the question now
Haxxa100,000 writes is fine will only be used once
Haxxaso 32,000 writes I suppose... lets say I have a reading from an analoug pin on an arduino and I want to save this to the eeprom how would I do this as its larger than 1-255 - thier are libs that enable writing large strings but I want to stay clear of them...
p0g0Haxxa: do you want to pack the data? If it is smaller than a byte, you may want to build data structures and pack in more data rather than wasting the rest of the byte?
Johnsenits per byte i assume
Johnsenso writing 32k butes does not mea u used 32k of your 100k writes
Johnsenjust once
Haxxap0g0 consider this I have a heat sensor, humidity sensor and analoug reading polled at the same time what would be the best way to save them?
HaxxaJohnsen elaborate please?
p0g0Haxxa: I would use a union, make a data type that can be parsed as bytes or as the data set you are reading.
p0g0but there are a lot of ways to do what you want
Johnsen16bit = (uint8_t)value and (uint8_t)(value >> 8)
Haxxasimpliticy is key to me thats why I liked the idea of seperating by address even at cost of wasting data
Johnsenyour question is wrong :p
Johnsennoone knows what you mean
p0g0I think I do
Johnsenyo don't sound convinced :p
p0g0he want to map a set of measures into memory in a 1x write, using the sddress ofset as an index
p0g0*address offset
Haxxap0g0 yes
HaxxaI bet thats a really sill idea
HaxxaHeat will be -60c to 10c so I could use 1 address, humidity is value from 1 - 100 % so could as well, though analough reading is 1- 1024 so not sure how to handle that
p0g0I'd guess that there is a polling loop for the measures, and that conforms to some time signature::address mapping.
Johnsenyou wanna use different reserved lengths depending if the value exceeded 1 byte or not?
Johnsenthat seems annoying
p0g0no, he wants to learn about complex data types and unions...
Johnsenif its only that
p0g0and use a fixed address space per loop iteration
p0g0yeah, that's all
Johnseni rarely need onions i cant just replace by casting to a different type
fklJohnsen, in the case of a dedicated strobe line, is it an oscillating pulse, like a real clock, or does it stay on a certain level until a change is required?
p0g0I like onions
Johnsena strobe should be a pulse
p0g0*and unions
Johnsenso it does not need to remain high, but thats really depending on the datasheet
Johnsenit all depends
Johnsenthe strobe for for example the rom to an MCU will be pretty stable
Johnsenthe strobe to write an eeprom may not be$
Haxxathere is also this - http://www.hobbytronics.co.uk/eeprom-page-write
Haxxabut this confuses by how do I know where the end of the data is so not to overwrite
Johnsenthe easiest way would be writing the current address to the first/a fixed spot in eeprom
Johnsenlike a very basic filesystem
p0g0Haxxa: do you know the sizeof() function?
Johnsensdcards are more annoying since you need to write blocks of 512 bytes at once
p0g0In many languages, that function will return the number of bytes a data type uses.
Haxxadoes it calculate size of last write
Johnsenno but it can tell you the size of your struct
Johnsenwhich should b a fixed size anyway
p0g0and that size is the increment you need to index to the succeeding or preceding datum
fklsizeof is unary operator
p0g0depends on the language...
Johnsenif you work with mcus and no memory allocation you should know the size from writing the code:p
SopaXorzTakerneed a I/Q wav file of PSK modulation, filtered
SopaXorzTakerwrote a I/Q plotter
fklJohnsen in that were the case, it really is much like a clock, afaics
synx508er, generate one with gnuradio?
SopaXorzTakertoo lazy
chris_99it's not rockets science ;)
SopaXorzTakerand need file distorted a bit
synx508that's not how urgency works
p0g0Haxxa: viz pastebin.com/B7UwA28A , that is a type declaration, a union (you'll need to declare a variable of that type to use the structure).
p0g0You can write the entire structure as 55 bytes, or as the constituent native types (long, char, etc).
p0g0You'll need to study and practice a bit to get the hang of that, but it is a good way to manage the complex data you are reading/writing.
p0g0You may find a sober use of such unions can reduce yuor code size, for example, using a single write with the 55 byte string in the example, rather than traversing all the data types and writing them individually.
p0g0Haxxa: the other thing to know about such unions is that their internal mapping is architecture dependant, endianess and word size matter. So you have to be careful if you think you are writing a general bit of code that might run on different cpu types.
p0g0Because it won't unless you do things right...
Haxxaok will do
p0g0& gn8
Johnseni had onion soup this noon
p0g0from a can?
Johnsenno from out kitchen woman
nistonshe had it from a can.
Johnsenbut she did add real onion
Johnsenim bored
nistonmuch cunning. such wow.
Johnseni could be flying but instead i have to work
Johnsenand when i get home itsdark
nistonflying what?
Johnsenflying objects
nistonyou mean like quadcopters and such?
Johnsenhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoqE_zKxQe8 <-- flying fuck :p
p0g0maybe he plans to toss the furniture from the 2nd floor...
Johnsenrc heli yes
p0g0ACTION heads off to yet another industrious day.
elektriniswhere can I find a crimp tool for 1.5mm pitch connectors?
elektrinisall those from pro's kit are no good
Johnseni take you to the crimptoolshop
elektrinisfound no suitable tools in any of shops
Johnseni'll let you lick the voltage drop
elektrinislick yourself.
Johnsenim too scared for that
Johnsenamerica's got talent at its best :p
Johnsenif its not a redneck doing some show with a pig its a fat american woman making pig sounds
anton02molex kk right angle PCB headers are pretty common, but i wonder if you can get right angle plugs that plug into straight headers
Johnsenanton02: when we answer your questions do you write things down?
anton02Johnsen: why
Johnsenjust to make sure
Johnsenwhen i started working in this place we wrote things down
Johnsenmy current new colleagues always have to be reminded
Johnsenif we ask "did you write it down" we generally get the same answer as you and an arrogant look :p
Johnsenanyway if they ask me something for the 3rd time i just answer "look in your notes"
MarkXso i'm adding a PTC resettable fuse to my schematic. in the reference schematic, they put the symbol upside down.
MarkXdoes it matter which way you solder a PTC resettable fuse?
MarkXi wanna ask if it's polarized but I don't think that is the right terminology for it
MarkXah cool. thanks!
Johnsenits effect is based on the heat inside
Johnsenaccording to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resettable_fuse
intranickyo Johnsen
Johnsenyo intranick
intranickhow goes?
Johnsenbored of working
intranickim getting ready for a trip
intranicki have work later this afternoon
Johnsenthe the pharmacy? :p
intranickgoin hunting
Johnsenmurderer !
intranicki probably have more respect for the bird i hunt than most people
linux_probebird or burd?
Johnsenfew days ago in the weekend there was a marriage in the party place over my door
Johnsenbut also in the forest on the other side of my house, and dead ducks dropped off their truck right in front of the marriage entrance
Johnsen+hunters in that second line
Johnsenso ppl stopped for it and everyone started using their horn
Johnsenbut it was a turkish marriage they always use their horn
Johnsenat 4am when they left it was a whole concert
Johnsenanyway i dont like tose hunters
Johnsentey're averagely 80yo, barely see, and are drunk
Johnsenand those ppl go shooting next to my house
intranicki have a few drinks with the guys AFTER the hunt
Johnsenthose are you know
Johnsenthe old rich baron types that like drihnking cognac
Johnseni dont trust them for a second
Johnsenalso because deluted baron types may actually shoot ppl and think they get away with it
Johnsenyou know what i mean
Johnsenthey live in a castle and think they're above the law
veekmost barons are prolly poor sods who can't afford cognac because of repairs to the castle
Johnsenpossibly, but they still wanna act wealthy for the outside world
Johnsenah well
Johnseni guess becoming an alcoholic is cheaper than heating your castle
linux_probewhat about getting drunk and overheating the castle
linux_probeas in pass out in chair half on keyboard with heater running, wake up two hours later to nearly 80F
linux_probeACTION would make a bad bum, i'd have electric in my cardboard box =p
Johnseni bet they use mechanical typewriters
Johnsenand heat with wood
Johnseni dont know
linux_probeheating with wood inside a cardboard box = no bueno
Johnsenthe one in my town is avoided by most ppl
Johnsenalready since i was a lil kid 25yo ago word went young boys shouldnt get near the baron
Johnsennot sure if itd true, but i doubt this things are said without reason
Johnseni didnt try to find out
linux_probeprobably true
linux_probeit's probably "skid row" and who knows who/when someone will end up there
Johnsenindeed he even looks creepy wearing one of those flat russian hats made of furr
Johnsenanyway he's old now nothing to worry about anymore
linux_probecould be a great person in shambles though, who knows
Johnsenhehe perhaps
Johnseni just finished task 7600000 :p
Johnsenbut im not gonna give a drink for it
linux_probethere's many bums I'd trust more than the many idiots in government ;)
linux_probeACTION has a drink for them
Johnsenlegalised thievery :p
linux_probebut what are they stealin?
Johnsenmy wellearned money
linux_probefood & drinks?
Johnseni mean government
linux_probeACTION facepalms
Johnsenfor years they promoted diesel, and it being cheaper etc
Johnsennow that everyone got a diesel they're adding dieseltax
linux_probeprofessional thieves/crooks they are, if you're not you get nowhere
linux_probeyeah, irl diesel is better, but their cashcow dried up when everybody went to diesel
linux_probenext will be, diesel is bad (diesel exhaust fluid anyone?)
Johnsenfine dust
Johnsenthats the latest thing here
Johnsenas if they didnt know that 10y ago
Johnsenbut it goes further
Johnsenretirement age got raised to 67 last week
linux_probeyeah, never ending saga of how to screw the world :)
Johnsenthey're skipping 1 indexation (dont ask me about economics) but apparently skipping 1 indexation makes a change for the rest of your life
MarkXsynx508: still around?
Johnsenby the time we're retired that makes a few thousands of euro difference
linux_probeas such, life goes on towards human extinction, due to stupidity
Johnsenunless things get better i even think its selfish to make kids
synx508MarkX, yes
MarkXin the schematic i showed you earlier, they used the caps but the datasheet for the chip suggests using a low pass filter (cap + resistor).
MarkXwould the cap by itself suffice?
MarkXor am i missing something?
synx508MarkX, no idea, sorry.
MarkXno worries. thanks though!
zigggggyhm where is kludge
madistACTION looks in the basement
x86_64My desk lamp is killing me everyday
x86_64My 220V fluorescent desk lamp has a "touch" switch which turns the lamp on or off.
linux_probelol, random on and off I bet
x86_64This touch switch electrocutes me everytime i touch it. Now i have to use a battery to touch it
madistconstant microshocks can have a cumulative effect over time.
madistone day you will touch the switch and fall over, dead.
madistlike zigggggy.
synx508on the other hand, if you rely on a heart pacemaker, it'll be fully charged
synx508(* this is not medical advice, it's lies)
Johnsenmust be an Aplle desklamp
x86_64Well... Im using a battery to touch it. Makes me ok now. But .... I bought it to TOUCH
Johnseneverything from apple that you touchhas electrimicity on it
synx508did you try licking it?
synx508I don't recommend it
madistdon't you have anything else that's more enjoyable to touch ?
linux_probequit building up static then touching it?
Johnsennow you risk the chance of blowing a battery in your hand :p
x86_64Arg lol
x86_64Hmmm.... Serious?
Johnsenand i can think of something soft to touch
Johnsenfluffy dice!
linux_probeI can see it now, x86_64, electrocuted dead with battery blown up in hand
Johnsenor... you could actually attach a real switch to the pads
Johnsena push button of some sort
Johnsenor maybe its as simple as just grounding the lamp?
linux_probeor place it in nearest rubbish bin
synx508too late, the lamp won
x86_64...my house only has Line and Neutral. No real ground actually
Johnsenclapping switch > touchpads
SopaXorzTakerwrote a I/Q plotter in py, here's QAM4: http://imgur.com/o002w1i
[7]depending on how idiotic it is designed, it might help to turn the plug around by 180 degrees, if that's possible with your country's plugs
Johnsenso its your own fault everything feels charged :p
linux_probeI used to call them "the crapper"
Johnsen7 has a point too
Johnsenif its designed like an old tube tadio :p
Johnseni cant wait for next month
x86_64Houses around here do not have real ground unfortunately.
[7]ACTION wouldn't put that past the makers of such things
Johnsenno pin in the ground?
Johnsencopper rod whatever
Johnseni do, i even know where :p
Johnsenand my ground is pretty wet so it should work ok
Johnsenthese days they even do a loop around the house don't they?
x86_64Since i was born... Ive never seen any house around here with real ground.
Johnsenhehe and wires covered in cotton ? :p
synx508I have a touch controlled light in the bedroom, but I rarely use the touch panel as it also has a remote
Johnsennah i dont know
synx508because turning off the main room lights from bed is convenient
Johnseni have good old switches inside the circuit
Johnseni noticed that these days they dont do that anymore
Johnsenthey put every wire to the cental box and put electronic switches there
Johnsenwhich isnt bad if you wanna upgrade to automatisation one day
[7]ACTION is working in a building where they have these digital bus systems for light switches etc., which take about a second after you press the switch until they actually turn the light on or off
Johnsenargh, disgusting
Johnseni have now ledlamps turning off a second after you cut power
Johnsenit annoys me
[7]heh, would be nice if they'd just smoothly fade down like a good old incandescent bulb ;)
Johnsenbut for once that the chinese put large caps i may as well leave them in place :p
synx508predicitive light switches that turn off the lights a few seconds before you intend to, that would be truly annoying and cool at the same time
synx508predictive even
[7]ACTION recently bought some 22µF and 10µF caps (0805 and 0603) from china
Johnsenmate has these dimmers you have to press
[7]the 22µF ones are actually 17µF
Johnsenand then they start sweeping until you release them
[7]but the 10µF ones are 15µF... WTF?
Johnsen20% error
Johnsenyes 17 falls just outside
Johnsenmaybe you have 30% error caps :p
ShadowJKI was in an Ikea store that dimmed fluorscent tubes as you walked around. Stuff further away from people got dimmer, stuff right next to them was full brightness
SopaXorzTakerPerfect DPSK at I/Q plot: http://imgur.com/RSJsnST
Johnsenthen again do you trust your C meter? ;)
[7]Johnsen: it seems to be fairly accurate
[7]samsung 100nF caps read like 97nF
Johnsencan you be sure if you're measuring 20% error caps :p
Johnsendoes samsung make caps?
Johnseni thought they make phones tvs and fridges :p
smedingsamsung make a ton of stuff
madistSamsung makes ships
[7]I also zeroed out the lead capacitance
madistand airplanes ?
Johnsensamsung makes employees' life miserable
ShadowJKMitsubishi makes airplanes
[7]but a +50% deviation on china crap... wtf?
smedingJohnsen: they're not the only ones
[7]the -20% were kinda expected...
madistI'm still waiting for the Honda Jet.
Johnseni know
Johnsendaiwoo rockets :p
ShadowJKmadist; i thought it existed
madistShadowJK: its a prototype. I don't think its in commercial production.
madist> Samsung Aerospace produced 140 F-16 C/D Block 52 fighters under license from Lockheed Martin in the 1990s
synx508I wonder if they put their own terrible UI on them
Johnsenand send your details back to samsung :p
synx508unencrypted, of course
Johnsenah well they all do it
synx508only if you connect them to the network
Johnsenwas it LG that uploads filenames of content of your usb stick
madist^ Samsung/Hyundai airplanes and helicopters
Johnsenso you may want to rename your goatporn files :p
madistthat's a jazzy plane: https://c2.staticflickr.com/4/3758/12201235635_e6d595d049_h.jpg
eggWhat happens when I connect two electrolytic capacitors in series to a laboratory voltage source and I measure voltage on one of them?
zigggggyACTION handles egg with care
madistegg: did it explode ?
eggmadist: no, I didn't exceed the limit
eggthe problem is that the measured voltage wasn't even constant. It started well above the value I'd expect and slowly decreased much below the expected value. Why is the value changing when it's connected to a constant voltage?
egg(there's no resistor, it should charge very quickly)
madistwhat kind of meter did you use ?
madistthe voltage should decrease, that's expected because your meter is discharging the capacitor.
madistbut I wouldn't expect it to be so fast that you can see it happen.
madistunless you were using a 20k/v meter.
eggmadist: shouldn't the source compensate this loss?
madistnot if there's another capacitor in series.
eggi used a common multimeter and a "voltage probe" Vernier
gkwhcanyone here use KiCad? I was wondering if electrical type really matters when creating symbols?
[7]gkwhc: use something sane :P
kate`is kicad that bad?
[7]kate`: it's just useless
madistkicad is for ideologues.
drac_boyany of you know if theres even any stores selling the lvds or vga cape for beagleboard or its pretty much totally EOL?
eggmadist: so what exactly happens in the circuit? why does the second capacitor matter?
madistpeople who use open source for ideological reasons.
madistegg: I only answer 3 questions for free. if you want more answers you have to deposit $100 in my paypal account
eggmadist: :-(
[7]ACTION wonders if madist accepts BTC as well
eggmadist: i did it in front of my students. they asked, what does it mean, and i had no idea.
madistegg: you should not be teaching
madistegg: its a voltage divider. the voltage across the other capacitor will rise as the voltage across the measured capacitor falls.
drac_boyor well an alternative question could be: is there even any sub-$100 board with useable video output onboard at all? (no need for a $60 active adapter dongle sticking off etc)
Johnsennot prepared for students with actual proper questions! shame on you
[7]egg: you used much too small capacitors for that experiment, or meters with insufficient inner resistance
PoleschAnyone know a good place to find 3D models of components?
eggmadist: ah! thank you, now i get it.
egg[7]: yes
egg[7]: it was this probe, but I don't know the resistance. capacitor was 100uF. http://www.vernier.com/products/sensors/voltage-probes/vp-bta/
[7]egg: i.e. a crap probe ;)
Johnsenfancy name for 2 crocodile clips on a wire
Johnsen+/- 10V lol
Johnsenoh wait they claim it has a sensor
[7]that whole CBL stuff is pretty much rubbish
egg[7]: the good thing is it can do 10 measurements in a milisecond and immediately draw a graph on PC screen.
Johnseni see you read the teacher manual pretty well
Johnsennow its time to read the actual theory books :p
[7]I once explained to a rather confused student why the voltage that he was reading using the differential probe was randomly oscillating when it should have been almost constant
[7]turns out this thing has no anti-aliasing at all
[7]it samples at a few megasamples per second, and then throws away most of the samples instead of averaging them, if you request a lower sampling rate
egg[7]: omg, really?
[7]at least that's what the behavior suggests...
drac_boynevermind I asked then
[7]give it a 100Hz sine signal and you'll get random junk output as its sampling freq drifts against the signal freq
[7]the sampling rate doesn't even seem to be really constant
eggJohnsen: IIRC, they use these on MIT too
egg[7]: ah. thank you for this info. now i have to take the values always with a large grain of salt.
eggI'll try it once again with a digital multimeter.
[7]egg: that probably has a much higher inner resistance => it will drift down more slowly
Johnsenanyway i rarely see voltage dividers with caps alone
[7]also make sure to discharge the caps before attempting this experiment
[7]egg: these vernier probes crap out as soon as the signal contains any significant amplitude above the nyquist frequency (i.e. half the sampling rate)
eggJohnsen: yeah, it was just an example to practice calculation. then i wanted to verify the calculation by experiment.
egg[7]: i see
[7]egg: tell your students that the probe is in fact a (fairly high) resistor, which will slowly discharge the cap that you're measuring (further charging the other one)
egg[7]: yes, now i understand it
eggthank you, guys :)
[7]if they're clever, they'll suggest to measure both at once to compensate that effect ;)
egg[7]: that's another thing that can't be done with these probes. using two requires connecting them to a common ground.
[7](although that will actually equalize the voltages, i.e. that trick only works if the caps are equal)
[7]egg: put the ground in the center then
Johnsenoh boy
Johnsenwhen i was in highschool we just got 2 DMMs
Johnsenissue solved without weird probes
[7]Johnsen: these things actually have a conduction path to USB ground :P
Johnseni know
Johnseni read the page
[7]and yes, I fully agree that they're crap, except maybe for plotting of slowly changing voltages
Johnsenbrb one last toilet visit in my bosses time
Johnsenthese days they check how many minutes you were at work
Johnsenbecause some ppl cheated
Johnsenanyway i have 90 mins overtime
Johnseni am also from the opinion that if they check undertime they also have to accept overtime
Johnsenso when im at 4 hours i can leave at noon
eggJohnsen: as you see i'm not very good at practical electronics but i'm learning. i'm just trying to make the lessons more live and interesting. so please don't tell me I'm a bad teacher. you don't know that.
[7]egg: you should know what you're doing though ;)
[7]otherwise students will pick you apart :P
Johnseni was just messing, but i do wonder how you got electronics teacher then
Johnsenpersonally i'd be happy if my students asked clever questions
egg[7]: that's why I came here to ask when it came to a thing that confused me. nobody knows everything. i can explain it to them tomorrow.
Johnseneven if its only 1 interested person
eggJohnsen: it's physics class
[7]ACTION is usually the guy that they run to when they have that kind of problems over here ;)
egg[7]: good to know :)
Johnsenwhat i remember from physics class are the laser through slits and the prismas
PoleschAnyone know a library of .wrl 3D models of components? :/
Johnsenand the jacobs thingie with the sparks
Johnsenoh and of course the vacuum pump
[7]egg: that already started when I was still a student at that school, now that I'm doing IT sysadmin work for them they keep asking me electronics questions when they run into weird things ;)
eggJohnsen: that's my favourite experiment: measuring the distance between tracks on a CD using a ruler and a laser pointer.
Johnseni dont know that one
Johnsenwhen i was in school it were still HeNe lasers, i assume most physics classes now just use a laserdiode
Johnsenanyway i did my 15 minutes overtime of the day
Johnsensee you at home or another day
[7]Johnsen: heh, back in ~2005 they used incandescent bulbs and a slit instead of lasers for those optical experiments
[7]not sure if that has been replaced by something more modern yet
Johnsenboth here
Johnsenbulbs to see the spectrum, but laser to see the "light is a wave thgough a slit" experiment
Johnsenbut i had to reopen putty because i saw the highlight :p now im off
metacollinlasers + students tends to exact a high price in the form of lost retinal cells
metacollinwell sort of
Johnsennot with a 20yo heNe laser;)
Johnsenah well i was in a smart school :p
Johnsenand i was from a not so dumb generation :p
eggmetacollin: common red pointers are't very dangerous
metacollinegg, clearly you've never given one to a kid
metacollinwhat are those? Like 1mw?
egg"dumb generation" is a myth. but that's off topic here.
PoleschHad laser pointers in my eye many times
linux_probelaser pointer to eyes, weee
eggACTION afk to cook dinner :) bye
linux_probea boss of mine did that two me twice, then i explained to him where I was going to insert the laser pointer if it happened again
linux_probehe put it away, I didnt get fired and everyone was looking at me O_O
linux_probeirl, i should have been fired from there 10+ times
linux_probego union job!
linux_probebunch of bozo's horseplaying non stop
metacollinHah, ok, 5mW laser pointers require you shine them into your eye for several seconds, and without blinking (which, while brief, is enough time for the part of the retina the laser was heating to cool off again), so you have to shine it direcrtly into your eye while fighting your blink reflex to damage your retina
metacollinthat's good to know, you can only hurt your vision with low power laser pointers if you're a total fuckwit
metacollinlol though NIST did a study of class IIIa laser pointers and found over half of them put out significantly more power than what they were rated/supposed to. One '5mw' pointer put out a 66.5mw beam
metacollinman, I want to know which one put out 66.5mw because I'd love a 66.5mw laser that was priced like a 5mw laser
ShadowJKI would imagine there's price overlap
metacollinNot really, a ≤5mW laser pointer is less than a dollar, they're basically just given away for free as swag at events and shit. A 60mW laser diode is like $20.
metacollinbut if they were 70 cents I'd buy a grip lol
metacollinnote, pointer vs. diode. under a dollar for a complete pointer with batteries, plastic bullshit case thing, a button, optics (if it isn't just part of the LED). $20 is for just a diode with the 60mW. Though, I just found one for $12 but sitll
metacollinWell, actually, nvm, I forgot you can buy overpriced pointers that are all fancy for way way more
[7]metacollin: the 66.5mW one was very likely just an overdriven 5mW diode? :P
PoleschCan someone tell me why all open-source software sucks?
zigggggybecause people prefer to be paid for their wor
nickjohnsonCan anyone tell me how I should go about adjusting the filter on page 30 of this datasheet for a higher LPF cutoff frequency? http://www.ti.com.cn/cn/lit/ds/symlink/dsd1796.pdf
madistpage 30 of the pdf or page 30 of your pdf viewer ?
nickjohnsonPage 30 in the datasheet
nickjohnsonFigure 31
madistpage 30 is figure 32
madistfigure 31 is page 29.
madistmake up your mind.
madistand learn the difference between page numbers on a pdf and page numbers as displayed by your shite OSS pdf viewer.
nickjohnsonSorry, yes, figure 31.
nickjohnsonOkay, calm down. The page number is correct, I just got the figure number wrong
madistthe filter is in figure 32
awallinfig31 just shows simple transimpedance amplifiers. time-constant is R*C while the transimpedance gain is R, so there is a trade-off. if you want to go really fast the source capacitance and opamp input capacitance matters also
nickjohnsonawallin: Yeah, I meant figure 32 :)
nickjohnsonI want to modify it for a corner (-3db) frequency of 2MHz
nickjohnson(It's not going to be connected to that specific DAC, naturally
awallinR7*C3 and R8*C4 need to be lowered to 1/2MHz roughly
awallinas well as R3*C5
madistnickjohnson: http://www.ti.com/lit/ml/sloa088/sloa088.pdf
awallinhard to say what values exactly will work - maybe simulator (ltspice, ni multisim) would help
nickjohnsonYeah, I have a working simulator model
nickjohnsonAnd, for instance, dividing all the cap values by 10 gives me roughly the right range
nickjohnsonBut I'm positive that's not optimal :)
madistalso C1,R1 and C2,R2
nickjohnsonI mostly understand the difference amp configuration of U3 as a variation on a multiple feedback filter
nickjohnsonBut I don't understand how the filtering works on the transimpedance amps
nickjohnsonmadist: Thanks, I'd been meaning to reread that
awallinne5534 is only 10MHz BW, so if you want stop-band to extend higher take a faster op-amp
nickjohnsonYeah, I'm actually using LT6207
awallinthat transimpedance configuration is common with photodiodes, might be worth googling for that too
nickjohnsongood point, thanks
nickjohnsonI'd love to just use a filter designer and convert it to this, but I suspect it's not going to be that simple
Johnsenha johnson!
nickjohnsonheh, hi
Johnsendoes anyone have a new VW with automatic red light engine stop ?
Johnseni'm wondering hwat the criteria are to stop
Johnsenfor 2 days my replacement car didn't stop, and today it suddenly does
linux_probeI can see many lawsuits coming
Johnseni think its the front parking sensords
autrillaWhat happens if one device writes a 0 to RS485 and another one writes a 1? I'd get a 1, right?
Johnsenif they see something engine doesn't stop (it assumes you're doin,g maneuvres) but its just a guess
Johnsenyou get a 'short circuit' from a high to a gnd
linux_probelayer some black tape over them, solved :))
linux_probeerr foil tape rather
nickjohnsonautrilla: 0 is dominant, so you'd get a 0
nickjohnsonJohnsen: No, RS-485 is differential, with dominant and recessive states
Johnsenone device will be sourcing, the other sinking, and youill have a direct connection from +wheter volt to gnd
Johnsenah ur right :p
Johnsendepends on what side of that rs485 tho :p
autrillanickjohnson, that's great. As each device on my network will read what it writes, if any device reads anything different to what it wrote, there was a collision
Johnsenwhy not work with master and slaves?
Johnsenor dont they do that in rs485?
autrillaJohnsen, because I want automatic addressing
nickjohnsonThis is why I like CAN. It has collision detection built in.
nickjohnsonOr rather, better, arbitration
autrillanickjohnson, and a fixed message size
nickjohnsonautrilla: Yeah :/
autrillaAnd a fixed message structure
nickjohnsonNot really, there's an address field and a data field
autrillaSTX + MESSAGE_TO + MESSAGE_FROM + FLAGS + MESSAGE_LENGHT + MESSAGE + CRC (2 bytes) + ETX fits me better
[7]Johnsen: automatic or manual transmission?
autrillanickjohnson, CAN limits you to a 8/64-byte payload... and 11/29 bit addresses
nickjohnsonautrilla: Actually, 0-8 bytes payload for regular CAN
vampi-the-frogI don't get it, why do people recommend PIC18F4550 or PIC18F2550 for USB projects, when there are cheaper USB PICs with less pins (srsly, the 14-pin one is about $2)
autrillaYes, extended is up to 64 and 29 bit addresses
nickjohnsonNo, extended 29-bit CAN is still only 8 bytes payload
nickjohnsonI think you're thinking of CAN-FD
autrillanickjohnson, yes
autrillaI'm thinking about using a Raspberry Pi or something similar instead of an AVR for our control panel. I like objects.
autrilla(objects as "object" in OOP)
nickjohnsonThere's always micropython :)
HodappOOP as in "OOP"(tm)(c) or as in Alan Kay's research with Smalltalk?
autrillaHodapp, as in Object Oriented Programming
autrillaI think it might be a bit hard to pair devices with temperature probes etc on an AVR + 1602 display
Johnsen7: manual, as soon as i press clutch it starts again
Johnsenits jus that for a 3 day replacement car im not gonna read the manual :p
Johnsenas long as it brings me to work anbd back
hackkittenACTION wonders whether it's worth fixing a socket 775 board by replacing some caps
madistwhat's the alternative ?
Johnsennot fixing it
Johnseni wouldnt fix anything under core2 duo
Johnsenand even then i'd doubt
madistI thought this was a joke, but apparently it really happened! http://www.cbc.ca/newsblogs/yourcommunity/2014/10/taylor-swift-accidentally-releases-8-seconds-of-white-noise-tops-canadian-itunes-chart.html
Johnsentaylor swift
Johnsenpretty lady
Johnsenbut weird
Johnseni saw her on one of those chat programs from bbc entertainment
Johnsenalan cart or that other gay guy, dont remember
madistpretty ? she looks like a lizard.
smedingplease don't talk about a respected infosec professional like that
Johnsenyes buy you have high standards :p
madistbut she must have dedicated fans if she could release a track consisting of nothing but 8 seconds of silence, and have it top the charts the same day.
Johnseni didnt realise ppl paid for it
Johnsenwhat respected infosec and talk like what?
smedingtaylor swift
Johnseni hope you're not assuming saying a lady is pretty is sexist, but you''re probably not
Johnseni dont want my car back lol, this replacement is better
Johnsenthe car shoots away from standing still
Johnsenonce at speed it doesnt accelerate that great, it seems to have all its power in very low rpm
[7]Johnsen: the manual ones stop the engine as long as no gear is selected and the clutch is not pressed
metacollinJohnsen, exactly like every other car with a transmission that has gearing? ;)
[7](as well as some internal checks, such as system power consumption, air conditioning, and a shitload of other things that require the engine to be running)
metacollinsince 1st gear is stronger, then you get up to speed, and 5th doesn't accelerate much
Johnsenbut sometimes it shows an A with a / through and doesn't stop, and i wanted to know the criteria to meet for the car to decide not to stop
metacollinI know what you meant
kludgeWhat you need is a Trabant.
[7]Johnsen: that's a whole lot, it will usually tell you what exactly the reason is in some "car status" menu on the media touchscreen
metacollinI want a wagon pulled by a team of capybaras
kludgeThe 2-cycle engine has a very, very narrow rpm/torque curve.
kludgemetacollin: that would probably accelerate faster than a Trabi.
[7]Johnsen: can be anything from A/C on to door open or seatbelt not fastened
Johnsenanyway not worth it i get my own car back tomorrow or friday
Johnseni thought it was front parking sensors assuming you were parking
[7]Johnsen: unlikely, I haven't seen them do that
kludgeBut the trabi accelerates very fast over a very very narrow speed range, but it has too few gears to keep it anywhere near that range most of the time.
Johnsenthis is just a golf bluemotion with tdi (red i)
madist2 stroke engine, + small wheels + suitable gearing = great acceleration.
[7]Johnsen: i.e. the standard common rail diesel start-stop engine ;)
madistyou should watch tuk-tuks racing away from a stoplight. nothing can keep up.
Johnsenyes, but golfs are glued to the road
Johnsenbut my food beeps, laters
Johnsenor the oven does
kludgemadist: The tuk-tuk has more displacement than a Trabi though.
kludgemadist: And it's probably safer.
madistI sense you don't love the trabi.
kludgemadist: No, it is very cool! The trabi is great!
kludgeIt's just not very fast or safe, but it is very cool.
GoatmanHey. I have this old terminal with a DB-25 pin connector. This has what looks like telephone cable with 4 wires and a shield soldered on to 5 pins. There is a +12V potential across the two pairs. Is this some kind of serial connection?
kludgeGoatman: yes, that is the standard rs-232 connection.
Goatmannice. I thought rs-232 was 5V. So a standard USB to Serial converter should interface?
kate`15v, isn't it?
Tachyon`+/-15v, yes
Tachyon`but they took liberties often
Tachyon`so wouldn't be surprised to see 12
GoatmanYeah. There is quite a bit of line attached to this Point of Sale terminal
GoatmanIt’s a dumb terminal
[7]I think +-15V is the limit, +-12V the nominal signal voltage
Tachyon`ACTION coughs nominal for IBM
Goatmannice, Is there a known decent recommended USB to Serial adapter, or should I just buy from ebay?
[7]Goatman: get an FTDI/FT232 based one
[7]or maybe CP2302 or whatever that thing is called
[7]those PL2303 ones are crap
HodappGoatman: FTDIs can handle pretty much anything, but if you are pretty sure something cheaper and simpler will suffice, the PL2303 and CP2102 models work alright
HodappI've seen FTDIs work at low voltages where I forgot to even connect grounds...
[7]Hodapp: unless you're running windows 8, where PL2303 just outright doesn't work
[7]"oh, this is outdated hardware, we're not going to release a new driver that doesn't have that artificial limitation, you'll have to buy new hardware"
Hodapp[7]: oh, we pretty much only use Linux here
[7]Hodapp: yeah, I forgot to mention the numerous bluescreens (on windows) and port lockups (linux)
[7]anyway, stay away from that thing. the cp2102 is a good and fairly cheap alternative
PoleschThere's a 3-phase transformer here with the primary labeled as "230 V 11 A" and secondary is "400V 10A", how does that work? P = VA?
HodappCP2102s have worked fine for us too
[7]the FT232 is a solid device, but a bit more expensive
Goatman$12 isn’t bad
[7]yeah that's the usual price range for FTDI
[7]although that particular board is a 5V TTL level port
[7]you need a real RS232 one (with max232-style level converter)
[7]you typically get that in the ones that are sealed into the DB9 connector housing
smedingPolesch: P = V*I*cos(phi), but also, it depends on how the windings are connected
HodappGoatman: you definitely need RS232?
madistI didn't know they leave the engine in when they make a memorial out of a tank ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yN7p2XOm16U
Poleschsmeding, that gives a power factor of 1.58, that's reasonable
PoleschThere's a mass-shooting inside the Canadian Parliament
madistWhy were they having Mass inside Parliament ?
PoleschAlways pray first
madistanybody who mixes religion and politics deserves to be shot.
kate`madist, is that your political view, or your religious view?
madistneither. I just get a kick out of shooting people.
smedingPolesch: power factor can't be >1
PoleschIt can if you have three!!
smedingthat's not rolled into pf AIUI
smedingthat's just a sqrt(3) i think
smedingseparate from the rest
rate_reducerayo does anyone understand this assembly lang (not sure if it’s just one used by my class) http://i.imgur.com/4QOj1iF.png
rate_reducerI don’t understand how to do this
Johnsendo you know the arch ?
Johnsensometimes basic and asm look very similar :p
Johnsenearly couch time today, otherwise i may crash tomorrow
Johnsengood night
hackkittenmadist: I don't really need the system, but it's part of a Q9550 system which I kinda want to revive to use as a bit of a dev system :) It's still quite a bit of oomph.
hackkittenReplacing a couple of caps on a mainboard isn't that much work anyway
madistyou need a hot iron. multilayer boards are a bitch to desolder.
hackkittenit's about 18 'TK'-branded 6.3V, 820 uF caps
hackkittenI have a 70Watt soldering station :)
hackkittenit's kinda weird, this Asus board has Rubycon (yay) and TK (who?) caps on it
hackkittenalso a lot of polymers, fortunately
hackkittentwo of the TK caps are goners
hackkittennot too crucial and the board probably runs without them
hackkittenbut I want to play it safe
hackkittenplus I needed an excuse to play with this soldering iron :)
The_Coolestmetacollin the heater died.
MarkXfor a switch like this >> http://www.digikey.ca/product-detail/en/1825910-6/450-1650-ND/1632536 << what indicates the pin numbers on the component?
PoleschWhoever recommended DipTrace to me some days ago, thanks.
[7]MarkX: you just don't care. flipping it around by 180 degrees doesn't change anything
[7]it's symmetrical
MarkX[7]: ahhhh i see. awesome. thansk!
zigggggyi have to tell him asbout my car at the dealership
Hodapphi zogzog
Hodapperrr, zigzog >_>
zigggggyHI HODAPP
hackkittenACTION flops~
zigggggyACTION picks up hackkitten
hackkittenACTION squirms~
vampi-the-frogdoes anyone know, for sample-based MIDI synths, how the samples would be uploaded to the synth? ie what MIDI message is sent
vampi-the-frogor perhaps for DLS fonts, how are those uploaded to the HW. is it a MIDI message with the binary data, or is there something else?
Hodappvampi-the-frog: softsynths, or hardware samplers, or both?
HodappACTION balances a crumpet on hackkitten's head
vampi-the-frogit doesn't matter. I'm trying to make a HW synth with some sample support, and if it's all done through MIDI, it's a lot easier for me.
vampi-the-frogbut if there's some other channel of sending the sound data, I'd like to know it
vampi-the-frogbecause I'd like to use existing standard protocols
vampi-the-frogso that I don't have to write drivers
Hodappvampi-the-frog: I would guess that (if it is over MIDI) that it is over SysEx
SpeedEvilACTION balances a 747-400 on top of the crumpet.
vampi-the-frogwell, guess is not good enough, because that's my guess as well
vampi-the-frogand i need to be sure
Hodappvampi-the-frog: every sampler I've used, which has not been much, has gone outside of the MIDI protocol to do so
hackkittenACTION balances :o
hackkittenbunneh style~ (o/
vampi-the-froghow do they 'go outside'?
Hodappvampi-the-frog: they use something besides MIDI.
vampi-the-froglike what
Hodappfor softsynths, it's just configured to point at some files (for instance)
vampi-the-frogwell of course
SoapsI have a question about power supplies....
madistzigggggy: what happened to your car at the dealership ?
SoapsIf I take this power supply http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Mean-Well/NEL-400-42/?qs=odi%2fggezlBth%252bIjHgLVtpg%3d%3d Can I run 4, 20 amp loads off of it?
SoapsTypical draw wouyld be 8 amps, But I'm planning for 4, 16 amp draws on 4 devices
SoapsI mean, 4 total.
blockyin the context of signal processing, is an analytic signal the same as a complex envelope?
FreezingColdwhat the hell air canada
FreezingColdthey just raised the rate as I was looking at the flight
bobo1on1clear the cookie, or check from another computer
blockyFreezingCold: they do that because they know if you look at a flight, leave, and come back to the same flight, you're very likely to buy it even at the raised price
scottstampPerhaps a dumb question, and I doubt there are a lot of electricians in here, but here goes. I have a 15A wall switch to act as an interrupt for a 10A relay, should it go cord -> relay -> switch -> outlet; or cord -> switch -> relay -> outlet?
[7]scottstamp: doesn't make a difference at all
scottstampThat's what I had figured. Alright cool.
[7]in both cases the input must be fused for 10A
scottstampI have the relay just kinda sitting on my desk right now so y'know, fuck getting zapped. Decided to stuff it all in an electrical box.
scottstampYeah. They're not, but yeah.
FreezingColdjokes on them, I just won't buy it
scottstampMy entire room's on a 20A breaker though and I'm sucking down 5A pretty much constantly. :P
[7]sounds like you live in a 110/115v area
scottstampIndeed. Canada.
scottstamp115V on a good day, 105V on a "what the fuck stop trying to break my TV" day. Our utility sucks.
blockyFreezingCold: try in incognito mode, or through a proxy
blockyFreezingCold: if you want the low price, that is
SoapsIf I take this power supply http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Mean-Well/NEL-400-42/?qs=odi%2fggezlBth%252bIjHgLVtpg%3d%3d Can I run 4, 20 amp loads off of it?
scottstampAt 4.2V, sure
Soapslol Hi scottstamp
Soaps4 DNA 40 boxes, is the plan
scottstampYou're well within the capability of that PSU for that config.
Soapsgood deal!
SoapsThe vapor shop wants me to make them one
scottstamplol, like I said, just try not to blow anybody up. ^_^
SoapsNope... I'm going high quality for their stuff
Soapshence, the meanwell PSU
Spidawhat happens if I connect an input pin of an unpowered microcontroler (power supply not connected at all) to a voltage near the necessary supply voltage against ground? will there be a current flowing into the input pin?
Soapsscottstamp, http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Mean-Well/RSP-500-4/?qs=8uyp%2fy7yFW7yAJq6BLg0AA%3d%3d Would this one be safer? More headroom?
scottstampYou already have a stupid amount of overhead.
Soapsyeah the DNA40 is max 16a
scottstampThat's under worst-case scenario
scottstampi.e. dead battery
bobo1on1Spida: depends on the mcu, but often it has a diode to vcc, so you will power the mcu with it
Soapswhich won't happen
scottstampLower input voltage = higher input amp draw
PoleschDoing a teardown of an altec lansing subwoofer system, very fascinating actually
nistonthis one?
nistonah. I had the other one and it was crap.
PoleschStill based on a TDA chip though, but that's fine
Jan-hihi :)
Jan-ACTION waves
SpeedEvilJan-: hello!
blockywow how old is that system
Jan-hey speedy
Jan-how's srtuff
blockyi had an altec lansing set that looked exactly like that 10+ years ago
nistonthe grey one?
Jan-ACTION and phil watch "Red Dwarf" from the 80s
SpeedEvilJan-: slow.
blockynah the second one
blockythe black 2.1
blockyJan-: mutton vindaloo?
SpeedEvildog milk
nistonthe grey one, I got it 2000, I think. The black one looks newer.
PoleschI just found one in the bin, heavy as shit, but made of thin wood and a small speaker, so that made me curious
Jan-blocky: Queeg.
Jan-ACTION is falling in love with chris barrie
PoleschA very nice toroid transformer in this one aswell
Rab[7], not sure FTDI is much better than Prolific these days: http://hackaday.com/2014/10/22/watch-that-windows-update-ftdi-drivers-are-killing-fake-chips/
blockyRab: what did prolific do?
smedingi think they used to have drivers where counterfeit chips just wouldn't work
Jan-are they the pl-2303 guys?
Jan-we found they were ass
smedingfrom what i remember, i wasn't convinced your appraisal was very fair
[7]blocky, smeding: not only counterfeits, also original ones older than 2 years or so
smedingbut maybe
[7]they just decided to completely drop support for chips older than the driver in the windows 8 driver
[7]one can still get them to work using a hacked up vista driver, but that's a mess
Jan-smeding: they don't produce proper rs232
Jan-nor do they produce ttl levels
Jan-although to be fair most of them seem todo that too
smedingi'm pretty sure the ones i've used output proper ttl level serial
smedingof course i didn't use it on windows with questionable drivers like that :p
bobo1on1Jan-: fake FT232RL is even better, recent FTDI drivers break them
bobo1on1ah someone already posted it
Jan-why's that
FreezingColdIsn't the market filled with fake FT232's?
Jan-on purpose/
blockywhich is stupid on their part because 99% of the people using them will have no clue why their device is now bricked
bobo1on1it's a fantastic troll
Jan-I was gonna say
FreezingColdserial is being abused anyway
[7]anyway, FTDI acting like that is a definite reason for me to completely switch future board designs to MCP2200
Spidabobo1on1: I cannot find this information in the STM32F105 datasheet. I can see on page 77, fig 35 that this uC has the diode you mentioned at least for adc pins, but I am not sure about the others.
Jan-but ultimately this is why I started using arduino boards
FreezingCold[7]: no problem with fakes here in linux ;)
bobo1on1Spida: check max pin voltage
bobo1on1it's usually something like vcc + 0.3
Jan-rs232 was a nightmare with normal avrs
[7]bobo1on1: STM32 5V tolerant pins don't have clamp diodes to VCC
[7]they can easily be pulled several volts above the supply rail
smedingyeah someone at our hackerspace ran into this FTDI thing on cheap clone arduinos
smedingi think, at least
bobo1on1so did someone at my hackerspacew
RabFreezingCold, don't let anybody use your device under Windows.
smedingbitlair, no?
RabWindows: Not Even Once
smedingguy here bricked like four in a row
FreezingCold[17:28:21] <Rab> FreezingCold, don't let anybody use Windows.
smedingbut apparently they are salvageable
bobo1on1*plug* hey doesn't work, lets try another, hm nope
FreezingColdsmeding: the hell? it actually bricks them?
FreezingColdthat's a dick move
FreezingColdI thought it just didn't work
bobo1on1that is an awesome move
smedingFreezingCold: it writes junk to eeprom
FreezingColdRab: all my serial devices are pl2303
bobo1on1it sets the usb PID to 0
smedingit's still got the vendor strings iirc
[7]it's a surefire way for OEMs to stop using your products, as the OEM just can't be sure that they don't get fake chips
FreezingColdFuck FTDI.
bobo1on1why don't those fake chip makers just make a chip that works with usb cdc
[7]PL2303 is even worse though
smedingbut it doesn't acquire a device name
[7]bluescreening all the time
bobo1on1no driver needed, you can sell lots of them legally
FreezingCold[7]: I haven't had Prolific attempt to brick my device
bobo1on1they obviously know how to make a chip
hackkittenpunishing consumers instead of cloners. Sure-fire business strategy
bobo1on1prolific drivers make random bluescreens on fake chips
Jan-we found wel couldn't find one that was actually normal rs232
Jan-or one that was just ttl
[7]FreezingCold: prolific locks out windows 8 users even on legit but old chips
Jan-either would be fine
hackkittenACTION has an RS232 adapter with hopefully a real FTDI chip
RabFreezingCold, OK. ;)
Jan-all the ones we bought were sort of badly done half measures
bobo1on1I just don't use windows
Jan-even the real ftdi ones
bobo1on1there, fixed
hackkittenI'm tempted to just use FPGAs for adapter stuff at this point
hackkittengo Open Cores \o/
FreezingColdI'm trying to get more into FPGA's and away from microcontrollers
bobo1on1you can make your own usb cdc device using an mcu with usb
[7]cp2102 seems to be just fine, and MCP2200 as well
hackkittenyeah, FPGAs are many shades of awesome :)
bobo1on1that's a reasonable option
FreezingColduse an allwinner/rockchip interfacing with an FPGA FTW
[7]MCP2200 is funny because it's very cheap and in fact it is a reprogrammable PIC microcontroller
bobo1on1if it doesn't work right, just fix your firmware
Hodappbobo1on1: doesn't Black Magic do something like this?
bobo1on1I've done it with an AT90USB162
bobo1on1in the firmware, you just get the rs232 data, do with it what you want
Jan-or just use an arduino board
Jan-one plug
blockyfpgas are fun, just wish the tools were more user friendly
bobo1on1one plug to rule them all
Jan-yeah well
Spidabobo1on1, [7]: thx
FreezingColdblocky: altera is user friendly?
blockyFreezingCold: I'm stuck with ISE at the moment
FreezingColdWhat's ISE? Lattice?
blockyXilinx has two products, ISE is the old one for Spartan6 (which i have) and older, and vivado for newer stuff
FreezingColdnever touched xilinx
blockyI've heard vivado is better
blockyand I've heard altera is better than vivado
FreezingColdaltera seems more open, dunno if it's true
FreezingColdfpga's are pretty closed to begin with
blockyI'm still learning vhdl so I haven't even really started using the board i bought
fstd31521Hi. I am fstd. I am dumb :(
FreezingColdblocky: lol I did the graphical view to learn :P
blockyFreezingCold: you build everything with schematics?
FreezingCold"everything" = first year class yeah
FreezingColdso not that much honestly
FreezingColdblocky: we'd often just use them to simulate random 74xx chips
FreezingColdI dunno why my college loved 74xx chips so much
Jan-teehee red dwarf is hilaritastic#]
blockywe did that in our intro to logic, sdram controller out of 7400 logic
Jan-"We are holograms, there is no risk of disease or pregnancy. That's why we only believe in sex. Constant, guilt-free sex."
blockyJan-: did you ever read the novels the show is based on?
Jan-The novels are based on the show I think
FreezingColdhmmm, I somehow doubt my FPGA pin can give out 85 mA
blockyJan-: you may be right, but i think the novels are much funnier
FreezingColdactually, shouldn't a voltage regulator from a different power source fix that problem?
blocky"Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers"
FreezingColdI want to activate a 24V relay using 3.3V from my FPGA pin
smedinguse a transistor
smedingn mosfet
FreezingColdwell I have this 5V <-> 3.3V level converter
smedingwell neither of those numbers is 24V
FreezingColdsmeding: But couldn't I use that output to drive the relay?
FreezingColdwhich is 5V?
smedingyou said it was a 24V relay
smedingand level converters, afaik, don't usually source/sink significant current
smedingjust use a mosfet
FreezingColdI thought voltage regulators did sink current?
FreezingColdsmeding: it isn't, I lied. It's a 5V coil which can be used with up to 30VDC 10A
smedinga voltage regulator is not a level converter
smedingand neither of those are coil drivers
smedingi'd still just use an N mosfet and a diode
FreezingColdsmeding: I can't make out what the writing says on the 3.3V/5V interface, I thought they might be using voltage regulators since they're cheaper?
smedingthat wouldn't be bidirectional
smedingthe cheapo 5V 3.3V level shifters i've seen use mosfets
smedingwired funny
Hodappthat circuit is clever
FreezingColdsmeding: it's not bidirectional
smedingthen why did you say <->
FreezingColdthat's what it looks like
FreezingColdit has separate TX and RX pins
FreezingColdthe RX 3.3V pins are just a 10k resistor between the TX 5V pins lol
smedingit'll be fiiiiiine
smedingthe ESD diodes will clamp it
FreezingCold..what diodes?
bobo1on1electrostatic discharge diodes
bobo1on1that or you will get SCR latchup and your part will be destroyed :P
FreezingColdbobo1on1: I know. And I'm asking where on my board are they :p
bobo1on1inside the mcu
Jan-ACTION warms FreezingCold up
FreezingColdbobo1on1: I'm using an FPGA.
smedingoutput stages on digital logic often have them
bobo1on1put some ESD diodes in the VHDL then
smedingi dunno if FPGAs do
smedingmaybe not the high speed stuff
autrillaOn RS485, do devices listen to themselves?
FreezingColdpempernik: do you want me to download it for you?
pempernikFreezingCold, no need.
Dianoraautrilla: no. half duple
Dianoraautrilla: no. half duplex
FreezingColdbobo1on1: using ebay as my part source, what should I buy to get enough current out of a 3.3V pin?
Dianoraautrilla: one use is/was local area network for banking point of sale machines
autrillaDianora, oh. Then my collision detection algorith is broken.
pempernikthanks FreezingCold
bobo1on1how much current do you need?
smedingFreezingCold: magic
smedingFreezingCold: or an n mosfet
Dianoraautrilla; eh? in POS use they are polled
smedingand a diode
smedingthe diode's for the relay kickback
Dianoraautrilla: so not CSMA
FreezingColdbobo1on1: anywhere between 15 mA and 85 mA
autrillaDianora, eh?
Dianorabut I guess you could ;)
bobo1on1do you need to sink or source
DianoraPOLLED not CSMA how clear is that?
autrillaI was planning on checking the input buffer and the output one, and if they diferred, there was probably a collision
smedingcan you even reliably detect collisions by listening to yourself
autrillaDianora, not at all
FreezingColdbobo1on1: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/5V-One-1-Channel-Relay-Module-Board-Shield-For-PIC-AVR-DSP-ARM-MCU-Arduino-X5RG-/251653632533?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a97b9b215
smedingi doubt that would work very well tbh
autrillasmeding, kinda
smedingbut i have no idea
bobo1on1that'll work, although a bit slow
autrillasmeding, that + CRC check
Dianoraautrilla: ONE station is a master it talks to each of the other devices on the net
Dianorago read up on basic networking sheeesh
autrillaDianora, but ONE master cannot automatically hand out an address to each slave
smedingFreezingCold: find a module that can do 3.3V
Dianoraautrilla: I am not going to talk to you until you do some reading. shoo
FreezingColdsmeding: that relay can be triggered fine with 3.3V
smedinghard to see what's on there
autrillaDianora, I have done some reading. I still don't see why you're talking about polling etc
smedingbut looks like there's a mosfet already, maybe?
smedingthey give two pictures from the worst angles
smedingnot all of them do 3.3V fwiw
Dianoraautrilla: go read. bye
autrillaDianora, bye
autrillaRead what. What don't I know?
smedingDianora: i'm also not sure what you mean, fwiw
smedingFreezingCold: some have an optocoupler with an indicator LED in series, 3.3V is not enough for them
autrillaI know what polling is
FreezingColdsmeding: the SRD-05VDC-SL-C can do 3.3V
smedingthat's not all that's on that board though
FreezingColdanddd that's why I'm asking here ;)
smedingstill looks to me like there is a sot23 part
smedingbut can't tell because those pictures suck
smedingthe sot23 part would presumably be a mosfet
autrillaDianora, let's say I have 10 "slaves" and one master. The 10 slaves don't have an address. How do you give each one of them an address over RS485?
smedingand if you look whether it can handle the current of the relay at 3.3V Vgs, you have your answer
FreezingColdsmeding: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/New-Eight-8-Channel-Relay-Module-With-optocoupler-Fr-PIC-AVR-DSP-ARM-Arduino-5V-/171265879930?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27e03def7a
smedingno, different
smedingi'm confused as to what you're trying to ask
FreezingColdsmeding: can I drive it with a 3.3V FPGA pin?
smedingthose look like the ones that have an optocoupler in series with an LED
FreezingColdsmeding: it's active low too
smedingso probably not
smedingi don't like these modules much
autrillaDianora, and polling has nothing to do with it. To poll I have to be able to identify each device.
FreezingColdif it's active low, it sounds like it's using the external power supply, no?
Dianoragood basic read on rs485 http://www.chipkin.com/bacnet-mstp-installation-rs485-and-cables/ seeing as you folks don't do your own work
smedingjust get a relay
smedingand a mosfet
Dianoraautrilla: yes and?
smedingand a diode
Dianoraautrilla: WTF are you doing?
autrillaDianora, and I need to be able to identify all devices..?
autrillaDianora, connecting farm equipment together
Dianoraautrilla: in a polling network you configure the master to know the id's of each device connected, then poll in normal operation
DenhartACTION shakes his fist at a MASWSS0115TR 
Dianorayou send a "HI any data for me" message to each of the devices connected
autrillaDianora, the thing is that's not what I want
Dianorathey then say Yes or No
autrillaDianora, as I said, I know what polling is
Dianoraautrilla: Then why are you talking to me? go read some more.
autrillaI want polling with automatic address handouts.
FreezingColdsmeding: any prebuilt boards with that?
Dianoraautrilla: hint, read up on token ring
pempernikim really impressed by Peter Mansbridge
FreezingColdsmeding: doesn't it being active low change things?
autrillaDianora, I have already read that. To what device do I send the token first?
pempernikhes been calm, collected and exceptionally factual - in direct juxtaposition to CTV, let alone CNN
pempernikoops, wrong window
Dianoraautrilla: you decide !
autrillaAs I said, you have 10 devices. You only know the address of one. The rest are just on the multi-drop network and will get all messages you send.
FreezingColdpempernik: Didn't he cover the Berlin wall too?
DenhartHaha pempernik i had no idea who you are talking about :D
smedingi've used a protocol for arcade machines that just uses an extra line out of band to assign addresses
pempernikFreezingCold, perhaps - i've only learned of him today
smedingby daisy chaining
autrillaDianora, to use token ring or polling you need to know the address of each device (or use unreliable randoms)
pempernikFreezingCold, not canadian here, watching CBC for the first time
FreezingColdpempernik: ah, I'm from Ottawa.
madistare you the parliament shooter ?
madistACTION thinks there's something very fishy about FreezingCold 
autrillaDianora, so.. unless I cycle through EVERY serial number we'll write on our devices...
FreezingColdI'm not a fat basement dweller who's a wanna be ISIS member
autrillaNo other way of identifying them
smedingFreezingCold: just a regular fat basement dweller then?
pempernikFreezingCold, american news agencies are calling it "Canada's 9/11"
pempernikfreaking amateurs
smedingcanada's 9/11 in that it will probably cause more security bullshit?
Dianoraautrilla: 32 devices on your network, one would load the known addresses of devices on that network into the master. That's assuming a master/slave
smedingsounds about right
pempernikdidnt a bunch of canadians die on 9/11 as well?
Dianorasmeding; no, bullshit
FreezingColdpempernik: I'm already fucking pissed at Harper. He's always just following the US's lead into war, but this fucking time when he needs to do something himself he fucking won't.
FreezingColdsmeding: just a basement dweller
Dianorawhat FreezingCold said
FreezingColdsmeding: but my basement apartment is nice
autrillaDianora, yeah, I figured I could do that. Still not what I want. I want it to be plug-and-play.
pempernikFreezingCold, what do you expect him to do?
Dianoraautrilla: not going to be easy
autrillaDianora, I know.
Dianoraautrilla: master/slave is what banking industry does with POS or did
FreezingColdpempernik: we've had no problem bombing countries in the past like Libya for the USA. Why can't we fucking bomb the shit out of Iraq and Syria?
autrillaThat's why I've read quite a bit
smedingautrilla: if you can make a daisy chain, you can use the trick i mentioned
autrillaDianora, yeah, but they can go through the trouble of giving the master the ids of the slaves
pempernikFreezingCold, didnt they just approve the usage of canadian F16s over there?
smedingor anything else that uses the device position to assign addresses, i suppose
FreezingColdpempernik: Yes, to conduct missions for the USA basically.
autrillasmeding, the cable would be too long then
FreezingColdthe fact is that /we/ need to say okay, we're going to spend the next week dropping millions of dollars worth of bombs on your country
autrillaI think I'm going to have to go with randoms + listen to self + CRC
pempernikFreezingCold, so if canada went DEFCON 5 on iraq and syria, you think that would somehow lower the potentiality of these kind of incidents?
Dianorano idea if they still use this probably all internet protocol now
autrillaAnyway, CRC _should_ be ok. If two packets are sent at the same time, 1 is recessive so it'll get corrupted
FreezingColdpempernik: Yep. The "peace" from the 1991 war invasion lasted ten years
autrilla<Loshki> Is this offtopic chat bad? <CoolBear> Are you new here?
pempernikFreezingCold, that was 91, you still had saddam in power running the show, and now its just a mess
FreezingColdpempernik: We would lower the chance if we stopped following the USA into wars we can't even help in to begin with, but apparently we're not going to stop doing that.
madistDropping bombs on people will lead to peace.
FreezingColdpepijndevos: it's not our mess
madistYeah sure. Lack of education and job opportunities makes people less radical.
autrillaDianora, what do you think about that? Can you think of anything better?
FreezingColdYou know what the most annoying thing was today? Seeing all my friends post prayers and Bible verses
madistWatching your countrymen get blown to bits by bombs from a foreign country makes you a peacenik.
madistAll this military action will lead to a peace dividend for future generations.
FreezingColdBecause this whole thing was caused by some other dude's prayers and "Bible" verses.
Dianoraautrilla: it's unusual use. I can only relate my experience from banking industry.
Dianoraautrilla: good luck
madistThere won't be any orphans and others without any hope in life, willing to become suicide bombers.
FreezingColdmadist: How will you become a radical from seeing your countrymen die if you're dead too?
DianoraFreezingCold: yes. Prayers are what caused this senseless death in the first place
autrillaDianora, using stuff for something it was never intended. Heh!
pempernikFreezingCold, i dont think this theory of bombing them until they're deterred enough will work, especially when you're dealing with people happily ready to sacrifice themselves to kill as many heretics as possible - also i dont see how you're gonna reduce the chances of these kind of incidents happening without seriously clamping down on people's rights
autrillaDianora, unusual, but maybe plausible? I have little networking experience
madistMore bombs = more peace.
FreezingColdDianora: not sure if that's sarcasm or not... but didn't it? You don't think Islamic terrorists pray too?
Dianoraautrilla: heh
FreezingColdpempernik: the trick is bombing them until they're dead enough. Not deterred.
pempernikthats naive at best
RabFreezingCold, you appear to be proposing genocide.
madistLearn from the israelis. The single biggest contributor to less terrorism is more education in Palestine. More schools, more jobs = less terrorists.
DianoraFreezingCold: no, the Isalmic terrorist prayed first before killing our soldier
Dianorait's stupid one prayer does not nullify another prayer
FreezingColdDianora: if we had neither prayer, the killing would have not taken place.
FreezingColdthat's what I'm saying
madistLets bomb God.
DianoraFreezingCold: I am furiously agreeing with you
madistAnyone know where He lives ?
FreezingColdDianora: lol, sorry :p
pempernikFreezingCold, even if you had the political manuverability to do something like that it would take years if not decades - and will come with great costs.
FreezingColdmadist: My point is throwing religion back at a religiously motivated attack is like drinking alcohol to help a hangover.
Wetmelonhow wide of a range do linear regs usually have, volt-wise?
madistI don't see it being effective, but I don't see how it makes anything worse.
Dianoramadist: prayer does fuck all, the people doing first aid on this soldier were doing more than prayer ever does
Dianorasorry guys , I am in Ottawa.
DianoraI'll shut up
madistDianora: yes, that's what I meant. I don't know why religion is relevant.
Wetmelon'saight. Most of my family and friends are in Ottawa. I get it's pretty crazy atm
DianoraWetmelon: I am going off for a bit. I am all caps now. not good.
madistThere are Muslims in America. They aren't bombing their neighbours. Islam is an excuse. The cause is the social and economic fucked-ness of the middle east.
madistWhy do extremist Muslim converts always happen to come from the poor part of the city ?
FreezingColdDianora: yeah, I think only Ottawans really understand how angry we are right now.
pempernikjust nitpicking here, but bin-laden came from an extremely wealthy family
FreezingColdpempernik: bin laden is a pretty fucking rare case
FreezingColdjust saying
madistIdeologues come from the elite section of society. That is always the case.
madistYou will find rich Christians in America who want to convert the whole world to christianity.
Dianoramadist: would you please fuck off and die ? thank you.
madistBut they're not terrorists.
Dianorayes they bomb clinics
FreezingColdRab: I'm proposing we drop a bunch of daisy cutters on any area that has ISIS supporters.
madistDianora: no ?
Dianoramadist; yes, they bomb clinics
Dianoramadist: they throw bricks through windows
pempernikalso the crusades
madistDianora: the people who do the actual bombings - they're poor Americans.
RabFreezingCold, including the USA, I'm sure.
pempernikalso look at ireland
FreezingColdmadist: They picket abortion clinics and verbally threaten women with physical assault.
SpeedEvilStart dropping diasy cutters, and the areas supporting ISIS will grow quite fast.
smedingyeah i don't get this reasoning like
madistWell religion might have a role, but its a minor role. Economic and social conditions are the major contributing factor.
smedingsomeone bombed us and hates us, let's solve this by bombing them
FreezingColdmadist: Nope. The abortion clinic riots/clusterfuckers often come from rich christian families
smedingsince it worked so well for them in getting us to stop
RabAll you have to do is shock and awe them!
jogas/them/their family/
pempernikRab, because that worked well so far.
FreezingColdSpeedEvil: There's only so many people available before they're all dead
Rabpempernik, yeah, we were out in 6mo tops! No problem.
Jan-ACTION has cocoa
Jan-*slurp* ahhh :)
SpeedEvilACTION has no sugar.
SpeedEvilI guess I've got honey
Jan-honey cocoa could work
pempernikRab, 6 months? in iraq?
madistBush Sr was pre 9/11 or post ?
madistah. what a stupid thing to ask.
smedingJan-: hey! me too!
Rabpempernik, sarcasm.
smedingi have some fake stuff from a packet that just needs hot water :)
madistdehydrated bombs
madistdessicated I guess.
FreezingColdDianora: great, the shooter is a fucking idiot. He used a legal .30-30 Winchester
Jan-smeding: it's not cocoa unless it's got so much chocolate and sugar in it that the spoon stands up for whole seconds.
Jan-you know
Jan-the sort of stuff you can only suck up a straw with some difficulty
WetmelonFreezingCold, eh?
Wetmelona .30-30? Wtf
smedingJan-: this isn't that, i'm usually too lazy to go about making such a thing
pempernikyou could bomb the living shit out of iraq and syria, all it takes is couple of highly motivated guys with simple weaponry to pull this kind of incident
pempernikand you cant really do much against it without clamping down on peoples rights, without the government looking through everything you do at all times; without it arresting people based on suspicion alone etc
FreezingColdWetmelon: I don't know why it's called that, but it is.
smedingpempernik: even with that, you can't do much
smedingpempernik: i think most of that 'security' is an illusion
RabSo are these Canadian shooters islamic? CNN doesn't mention any religious/political affiliation.
WetmelonFreezingCold, 30-30 is a low power center-fire .308
smedingRab: hell if i know, but that's obviously the conclusion people jump to
FreezingColdWetmelon: and?
smedingRab: because muslims are scary
FreezingColdnot seeing the point
WetmelonIt's just a dumb gun. Nobody uses them
FreezingColdactually, here's a good idea: when people apply for a gun license, ask them if they're willing to kill someone if they are told by God to do so.
LeBarontoo melony today
smedingFreezingCold: yes because people would never lie
WetmelonToo much melon? :(
FreezingColdthat's not discriminating any religion.
LeBaronyeah I forgot my melon in the freezer
LeBaronso it froze
smedingbut yeah i think it's naive to see all this extremist business as separate from the socioeconomical concerns
FreezingColdsmeding: lol I'm not suggesting it would prevent attacks. You'd be surprised how many people would say yes to that though.
WetmelonThey actually ask you that question on US residency tests lol. "Have you ever committed an act of terrorism?" "Have you ever considered it?" "Have you associated with a terrorist cell"
LeBaronthen I have to listen to some athiests bullshit about religion
LeBarontough life honestly
FreezingColdsmeding: I think most Christians I know would say yes
WetmelonLeBaron, lol.
smedingFreezingCold: huhauheuaheuahe those christians are so dumb amirite??????
smedingFreezingCold: is that what you want me to say?
pempernikFreezingCold, afaik religious people are allowed to formally lie if they are doing it to "save lives". so there are loopholes
FreezingColdsmeding & LeBaron: christians are fine, they're usually shitty are following their religion so it's not a problem.
smedingreligious people are allowed to lie????
LeBaronFreezingCold, and what sort of authority do u represent to tell what is good and what is not?
smedingi don't know what the fuck kind of point anyone is trying to make anymore
Dianorahas anyone done any electronics today?
pemperniksmeding, they are allowed to seemingly violate all religious rulings inorder to "save lives"
smedingbut the feeling is one of your usual atheist circlejerk
Dianorasmeding: only because theists keep shoving their religion into our faces.
FreezingColdLeBaron: the same one that tells me it's probably worth living, so we should try to do this together and get shit done.
WetmelonDianora, I have a little bit lol.
smedingi don't think anyone has done so in this channel
pemperniksmeding, for instance i think a muslim is religiously bond to eat pork if hes forced to
smedingpempernik: who cares tho
DianoraWetmelon: really! cool what?
smedingsure, there are annoying religious people
smedingbut on the internet, annoying atheists seem to outweigh them
LeBaronFreezingCold, uncle sam once called me and said: I do not like your religion.
WetmelonI'm trying to decide whether to add a voltage regulator to a circuit to power a couple LEDs, or to just tweak the resistor values so it works, or just tell people not to use anything above a 12v source.
smedingpeople have shoved religion down my throat less than people have shoved atheism down my throat
LeBaronI answered, u will be FORCED to love it and learn to live with it.
Dianorasmeding: bull shit.
pemperniksmeding, FreezingCold offered to base the security on the validity of answers religious people supply in gun ownership applications. thats not a safe policy as they can obviously lie
Dianoraanyway. so anyone done electronics today? :)
LeBaronso FORCED is the keyword to life
smedingpempernik: it's not a safe policy because it's dumb as shit
FreezingColdpempernik: of course it's not a safe policy to rely on! I'm not suggesting that at all. But how could it hurt to /add/?
smedingLeBaron: i don't even know what you're trying to say but i'm guessing it's dumb as shit
smedingFreezingCold: you too
WetmelonHow much does the brightness of an LED depend on current?
smedinggood question
LeBaronsmeding, u will understand it at the right time
WetmelonAnd how can i read the datasheet to know what the limits are?
smedingWetmelon: from what i remember, it's roughly proportional, but get a second opinion
DianoraWetmelon: there are charts
smedingLeBaron: ok then be quiet until then
DianoraWetmelon: I doubt it is very linear
LeBaronthere is always a right time for things to be understood
pempernikFreezingCold, if you travel to the states, emigration still asks you questions on whether you were every part of a terror cell or collaborated with the nazis -i dont imagine anyone ever answered these affairmitavely.
Jan-smeding: Phil made it.
Jan-He makes good cocoa.
madisthehe. you don't know what he puts in it.
smedingJan-: no wonder you live with the guy
smedingas for doing electronics
smedingi was going to continue work on a pcb layout
LeBaronso haxoids wattup wit da shit?
smedingbut i can't reach my desktop at home from here somehow
FreezingColdpempernik: I don't know in this situation, but there's a chance this dude got his gun license before he even thought of a plan to kill a bunch of people. So at the time of his licensing, if they asked him "would you kill someone if your god demanded you?", he would have no reason to lie.
smedingso i can't copy my shit over
pempernikFreezingCold, honestly a sufficiently motivated person can cause havoc with a fishing knife
smedingFreezingCold: it's a completely useless thing to add
FreezingColdsmeding: I can promise you at least ONE person would say yes to it.
pempernikFreezingCold, do you think that will go through supreme court appeal?
pemperniki doubt it.
FreezingColdpempernik: Guns are the go-to weapon because knives take a lot of balls to use.
LeBaronWhat happens one day if u order and H Bridge but receive something else? :D
jaggzwhy can't openoffice/libreoffice be smart like gimp and save in the background
LeBaronfor instance like an H nuke
jaggzthing is slow as hell
FreezingColdpempernik: I don't see how it would get that high? The only legal reason to kill someone is in self defense.
RabLeBaron, it belongs to you.
FreezingColdpempernik: what fucking court do you think would agree killing in a god's name is legal?!
smedingFreezingCold: and they'd be too incompetent to shoot a person anyway
FreezingColdpempernik: seriously, what the fuck
LeBaronwill it run your step motor perfectly :D
FreezingColdsmeding: well, the shooter today nearly missed his shot at point blank range.
LeBaronthe chat is a bit investigative
LeBaronI wonder why
LeBarondid something happen in mexico or brazil?
smedingis everyone here a goddamn idiot
smeding(this includes me)
LeBaroncould be
smeding(but mostly it's other people)
WetmelonFreezingCold, you don't need a gun license bro
Wetmelonthey got rid of the long gun registry
FreezingColdWetmelon: Are you fucking stupid? You still need a fucking gun license
pempernikFreezingCold, if he knew that if he answers postiviely he couldnt get his license then he would obviously lie
jaggzwhat do we need gun licenses for?
smedingi think it's probably for the best if we stop talking about this
LeBaronhey enough arms shit
FreezingColdWetmelon: https://www.google.ca/#q=derr+hurr+can+i+buy+the+gunz+without+dat+license%3F
jaggzoh.. to buy a gun
Wetmelonlooool. Yes, i can. I could have bought a rifle at the gun show last week
LeBarontalk about electronics or I am reporting u to the FBeye
smedingbecause i don't think anything said here on the matter is like
FreezingColdWetmelon: In Canada?
smedingat all
FreezingColdWetmelon: Because we're talking about Canada.
pempernikFreezingCold, basing your valuation of whether someone should or shouldnt have a license strictly on honesty is not very smart.
jaggzACTION dismisses the channel
smedingyes we've established FreezingCold is an idiot
smedingyou're an idiot for indulging him, so am i
pempernikalso i dont see how it adds value as the truthfulness of their answers is questionable
WetmelonI'm 99% sure you don't have to jump through all the hoops in ontario to buy a long gun
FreezingColdpempernik: I never fucking said that would be the only cunty criteria.
pempernikFreezingCold, it sitll adds no value
smedingi've got a headache so i think i'm going to call an end to this
smedinglet's talk about electronics guys!
pempernikFreezingCold, every potential criminal will just straight out lie - so its pointless
smedingor at least about electronics, guys
FreezingColdWetmelon: I am 100% sure you need a license to buy a gun.
LeBaronthis chat is too investigative
PoleschThe most valuable item from this subwoofer system was a toroid, 15.9-0-15.9, 12-0-12 and 7.5 V. At 2 A, 3.5 A and 0.75 A. Pretty handy.
FreezingColdpempernik: again, there will be one or two who will be truthful.
FreezingColdDo it.
LeBaronit just tells u how idiotic these NSA operatives r
smedingdo what
FreezingCold[19:07:31] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to smeding
FreezingColdI assume that means something?
smedingso far i just put on a stylish hat
PoleschNothing but a threat, no worries.
LeBaronsmeding u r an op, wow :)
smedingi figured with the right fashion accessory, you guys might pay more attention to what i was saying
pempernikdo you feel overlooked? :(
smedingnot anymore
WetmelonACTION steals smeding's hat
smedingPolesch: hmm, that's not a huge toroid
smedingPolesch: i have some nice ones doing stuff like symmetric 40V and such for amplifiers
dymHey! Is anyone fermiliar with this sort of wiring? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pdnlp8exq3e6235/AAA8j5rrZqPDwMeyIu2tve-ma?dl=0 I'd like to connect the doorbell to the GPIO of a Raspberry Pi, to be able to use the pressing of the doorbell as an event for things. How would I go on about something like that?
smedinghold on, slow internet
PoleschToday's amplifiers are lame though
autrillaOn RS485, what would you say is the chance of two devices sending at the same time if I check if the bus is being used before sending?
madistwhat toroid ?
smedingi think that wiring is termed 'a mess'
pemperniki never knew this could happen - little lightning bolts of magnetic flux
autrillaI mean, how big would the time window be?
smedingautrilla: 'small'
LeBaronthey say custard tastes good
smedingautrilla: apart from that i'd say it depends on system parameters more than anything else
autrillasmeding, small enough to just use CRC as a collision detection mechanism?
smedingPolesch: todays amplifiers are nice and switch-mode-y <3
smedingautrilla: i'm not convinced you can detect collissions on outgoing packets
smedingbut on incoming, sure, i think that's feasible
autrillasmeding, I can detect them on other devices, not on the sending devices
autrillaWhy does the sending device have to find out about the collision? :P
madistcollision detection doesn't work that way
Poleschmadist, just found a subwoofer system in the bin, decided to tear it down and salvage parts, nothing interesting except a nice little toroid
smedingautrilla: so it can stop and back off?
autrillamadist, I'm open for suggestions. I've got a twisted pair. Go!
PoleschJust four TDAs in it
LeBaronPolesch, what is a torroid?
autrillasmeding, stop? It will stop when it has sent the complete packet
smedingi'm ordering my coupling transformer toroids tomorrow
madisthow will you inform the sending device to resend without risking another collision ?
smedingautrilla: could take a while in some systems, but i guess it's not so bad if they're short
madistcollision detection has to be done by the sending device.
PoleschLeBaron, a doughnut transformer
autrillasmeding, and then wait for an ACK. It won't get one, so it'd retransmit again after a random amount of time
LeBaronPolesch, what u do with it?
autrillasmeding, the max size would be ~260 bytes
pempernikcheckout that link
LeBaronPolesch, why does it have 4 wires instead of 2?
PoleschIt can have as many as you like
autrillamadist, I won't
LeBaronPolesch, I saw one once in a dead PSU
PoleschMine has 10 wires
autrillamadist, it will just not get informed the message arrived at the destination.
LeBaronI did not know what it was for and why it had 4 wires!
pempernikpretty cool
pempernikits height, not density apparently that matters in field emission from ZnO
madistautrilla: if you can't see the problem with that, you should not be attempting to design your own protocol.
autrillamadist, enlighten me
autrillaI don't see any problems with that
autrillaWhat is the chance CRC16 will fail?
madistautrilla: what's your plan ? transmit, no ack, retransmit ?
smedingLeBaron: it's a transformers, many transformers have four wires
LeBaronPolesch, they say spying does not pay :D
madistmine has 5!
autrillamadist, take into account this is only until I hand each device an address
LeBaronbeer time :/
autrillamadist, this is my DHCP, if you will. Afterwards everything will talk if it has permission from the master
madistautrilla: you're building a system that will work fine in testing and then fail in the field.
smedingthis is my DHCP. there are many like it, but this one is mine
autrillamadist, why do you say so? What's the difference between the field and my test location?
autrillasmeding, IT IS MINE. DON'T EVEN LOOK AT IT.
madistI envy Polesch. I don't find subwoofers in the trash.
smedingthere's a ton of shit in uni electronics trash lately
smedingbut it's mostly like
smedinghalf UPSes and such
smedingvaguely useful, but not enough to lug it around
malinussmeding: do you dumpster-dive your local uni?
autrillamadist, first of all, a collision is going to be a weird thing. I will first check the bus is free. Then, transmit. Then, wait for ACK/timeout. Then, if no ACK or a NACK is received, wait a random amount of time and resend.
smedingmalinus: not so much dive as look through the electronics bin that is right there, and basically meant for that :)
autrillamadist, and if it fails again, make the random range twice as big
autrillaIsn't that what TCP/IP does anyway?
malinussmeding: "basically meant for that"? heh
smedingmalinus: it's the EE/CS/maths faculty! most of the trash is in a separate area, but the e-waste is in a public place
LeBaronsmeding, can I build small transformers with toroids? like 12v to 5v or 3.3v ?
smedingLeBaron: if you have to ask, probably not
smedingthere's more to transformer design than two numbers
LeBaronsmeding, I got the magnet wire and toroids are arriving some time soon I hope
Firehopperhave you seen the new back to the future trailer? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B0fwP9nIIAEZIXl.jpg *ducks from thrown objects*
autrillamadist, when you said randomness would be different on the field and on testing, you meant I was relying on randomness too much, right?
LeBaronI found a way to look at pictures without fear of infection :)
madistLeBaron: you're planning on hand-winding a mains toroidal transformer ?
madistzigggggy: what about your car at the dealership ? I demand to know.
smedingthe toroidal transformer i'm planning on winding is going to be a bit tricky
smedingthe secondary is 15mm copper tubing.
madistnutcases. all of you.
smedingsomeone offered to solder it together from right angle plumbing fittings though, which seems more sensible
zigggggymadist what do you want to know
zigggggythey havent called me
zigggggyi dropped it off 8 hours ago
madistthe new guy at the dealership has taken his girlfriend for a spin in your car ?
LeBaronmadist ok I live in a rural area I dont have lots of stuff here. how can I build simple transformer?
madistLeBaron: do you have a hammer ?
LeBaronyes I can buy one
madistif you hit a wallwart hard enough with a hammer, a transformer will come out.
madistalso works with old stereos and VCRs.
smedingit might not be a very big one, depending on whether it's a swithc mode supply :p
LeBaronthat is breaking(-) not making(+)
smedingyou have to break a few eggs if you want to make an omelette
LeBaronthat way a person learns to be aggressive towards electronic parts
zigggggymadist they wrote down the mileage before they took it in
zigggggysmeding dont break egg
madistWinding the primary of a mains transformer by hand is equivalent to masturbating 20 times in a single day.
madistthat is to say, very doable.
smedingmadist: i think you're winding wrong
LeBaronok how about I wind the magnet wire on say a metal bar
FreezingColdsmeding: Yep. The shooter was on Canada's no fly list. That's all I have to say.
smedingLeBaron: anything that breaks, you put up as an example to intimidate other ocmponents that fail you
smedingFreezingCold: i'm not sure why you're telling me
smedingFreezingCold: but let it be known that i don't care to discuss this
smedingwith you
smedingoh, and the primary for this transformer is (rectified) mains!
LeBaronFreezingCold, if u dont stop ur investigations u r going on ignore. be warned
smedingbut it's only 30:1 or something
LeBaronsnowden is in Russia
smedingLeBaron: shhh grown ups are talking
FreezingColdsmeding: Do you think I'm conducting an investigation here? :p
LeBaronu r not a grown up if u act like toddlers
madistI walk around my apartment like a toddler.
FreezingColdyeah me too, I often don't wear pants
madistI don't wear a shirt either.
FreezingColdLeBaron: u will need 2 talk like an adult 1st before i take u seriously'
LeBaronACTION smokes the EGO e-cig
FreezingColdmadist: don't you find it gets cold?
smedingi wasn't picking on his use of abbreviations
smedingit's more the things he says
madistI'm always suspicious of people who are very angry/outraged.
FreezingColdsmeding: but we can both agree on mocking his abbreviations, there's nothing political about that :)
smedingi don't agree though
smedingand not /just/ to be contrarian
smedingi'm always suspicious of people
LeBaronwhy did they stop using audio transformers in newer electronics?
madistnot needed.
LeBaronyes why?
madistvalves have a very high resistance, so they need transformers to match them to low impedance speakers.
smedingaudio transformers are expensive
smedingso if they're not needed, you don't use them
madisttransistors have a low impedance, so they can match speakers by themselves.
smedingjust run the transistors off rectified mains
smedingwith transformer matching
LeBaronbut which produces better sound, transistor or audio transformer?
smedingneither are supposed to produce sound
smedingin normal operation
smedingi guess you can make a transistor go BANG
smedingthat's a pretty good sound
madistI prefer the hum of a transformer with gaps in the laminations.
LeBaronwhich has better sound quality?
madistdefinitely the hum.
smedingthe one that costs more
smedingif you spend more money on your audio system
madistbangs are very impressive sonically, but they lack polish.
smedingyour brain will make it sound better
ikarustransformer, excited at 50Hz
smedingbecause of bias
LeBaronwhat is bias?
smedingthe observation that humans can't observe completely rationally
LeBaronah u meant bias as in drawn to one side
LeBaronI thought that was some electrical term
smedingit's an electrical term,too
LeBaronas in bias-ing a transistor
theBearthe meaning doesn't change
smedingbut that's not what i was talking about
smedingalso, what theBear said :)
smedinghi bear
theBearerg, yo
smedinghow's life in bearville this fine... morning
theBearafter only err, 11 hours i managed to stop falling asleep and get off the couch
smedingtoo bad, sleep is nice
theBearthat's why i came in here to the bedroom
LeBaronu ok?
theBearand that's why i'm watching this conversation for 10 minutes first
theBearumm, i'm a bit more sober than usual, but i'm ok
LeBaronsomeone told me that the word bear is some what related to pedophilia
LeBaronI told he I only drink beer
theBearsomeone completely misinformed you... it's refers to a niche of the ADULT gay community
LeBarontheBear u ok?
theBearbut not in my case
LeBaronoh u provided a better explanation
theBearstop asking that, of course not, i haven't been ok since the 90s
LeBaronr u the one with the bad nerves?
LeBaronhand nerves
madistno that's flyback
theBearmy foot not working has something to do with nerves, but not being ok has to do with lsd and brain chemistry
LeBaronlsd! r u a CIA test object too?
theBeari wish, and what do you mean by too
madisttoo too
smedingLeBaron seems to be one of those people who come here with... 'interesting' 'theories'
LeBaronthey say the first time the CIA tested LSD was on a guy who started halucinating until he commited suicide by jumping from the balocny
LeBaronthat is why drugs r bad
theBearand according to you they say bear has to do with paedophilia.... you ain't exactly a reliable source of information
LeBaronif u suffer some syptoms of feeling bad inside just use herbs like Saint John's Wort...etc.
LeBarontheBear, they were not the same people
theBearlol yeah, cos that's got way less toxic side effects than lsd
LeBaronthe LSD story I read it online somewhere
theBearoh, well if the internet said it, that's different
LeBarondo u see the document there?
LeBaronI forged it so people can believe my claims
theBearoh wikipedia, excuse me, that's a whole other level of infallability beyond the rest of the internet
madisttheBear: what's October 23rd like ?
LeBaronu want sources on gov hideous BS :D
LeBaronu must be crazy
madisttell us about the future!
LeBaronor just plain naive
theBearmadist, full of crazy persons
theBearand LeBaron, don't go making this personal
theBearand on that note, this ain't the place for 'interesting' 'theories' eitger
theBearthat's eiger with a h
LeBaronI wanna resell some stuff on Amazon :)
Brightohms law is just a theory i disproved it with my one simple trick
theBearand a t
LeBaronanyone got experience on that?
smedingi want to sell a slightly used LeBaron on amazon
smedingfew slight problems
smedingvolume control broken
LeBaronI am used and abused alright
smedingfree for local pick up
LeBaronI havent gotten married yet
LeBaronbut hopefully I will one day. always a late-comer
smedingare you trying to seduce me
LeBaronI look for wife a woman.
smedingtheBear: well /you/ can seduce me any day, sir
LeBaronyoung and RELIGIOUS
LeBaronso athiests can die in vain :D
smedingeveryone dies in vain
smedingexcept me, i'm just not gonna die
theBeareven that pancho guy ?
smedingso, bear
smedingwhat's the plan for today?
LeBaronu know some haxoid restarted my system
LeBaronI wonder why
theBearthis ranting right here has got me good and sleepy for the next couple hours, then i get a big trip out to the doc, and by the time i'm that far i shold probly stop at the pub or visit a buddy round the corner, i spose
theBeari know some kiddy didn't restart anything
LeBarontheBear, what u suffer from?
LeBarondo u need a wife?
smedingannoying questions on irc
smedingi'd presume
LeBaronif u need a wife just get married
shrdlu-does anyone know of a cheap prebuilt board that I can use to drive an ignition coil at 2khz?
LeBaronlotsa women out there
shrdlu-I've found a nice looking pwm board for coils and stuff, but it's like $100 for the higher end one
shrdlu-something generic I can use?
madist2kHz only? use a 555 and a mosfet.
shrdlu-oh, I forgot to say I need microcontroller control over the drive
BrightLeBaron: what if you want a husband instead
shrdlu-I was looking at this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PWM-Control-Circuit-for-HHO-Ignition-Coils-Fuel-Injectors-up-to-300V-HV-Tesla-/151420326123?pt=UK_BOI_Industrial_Automation_Control_ET&hash=item23415ad0eb
LeBaronBright, I am not gay like u.
LeBaronu r thinking a husband. I am thinking a wife
theBearnothing wrong with being gay, and no conspiracy links
smedingrepeat after me: it's okay to be gay
smedinganyway i'm off to bed
Brightwow this is me: http://goo.gl/D3VWAB
smedingyou have the conn, theBear
madistthere's a time and a place to be gay
theBearerr, me too in a minute, but sleep well smeding :)
shrdlu-make it so, mr bear
madistif you burst out singing at a funeral, nobody appreciates it
hackkittenACTION snores~
shrdlu-that conspiracy site is quite impressive
madistcats don't snore
shrdlu-looks like timecube
smedinggood night folks
hackkittenmadist: you caught me :( I'm just fake snoring \o/
hackkittennight, smeding o/
shrdlu-cats absolutely do snore
hackkittenACTION hasn't been accused of snoring so far~
madistyour cat has a cold shrdlu-. take it to the vet.
theBearaww, he went sans chat
shrdlu-maybe it's not equiv to human snoring, physiologically
shrdlu-but it sounds like snorning
theBearand that site IS impressive, who knew san diego comiccon was an instrument of evil ?
theBearok, gnight :)
j4jackjshrdlu-: etaoin
ReptiliaWhat is actually the difference between Drive and Distortion [related to guitar amps]? No one have made the difference strict and exact, and a beginner like me, is lost :D
LMNOPi dunno usually there is some preamp gain then a master volume
_Shurik_Overdrive sounds softer
LMNOPyeah a distortion pedel is like a fuzz box
LMNOPi havent seen amp with a distrotion knob
LMNOPo hai
ReptiliaSo, do they try to re-create the over-driven tube sound, and that's why it's called "drive"?
LMNOPyeah its like the class A valve overdriven sound
StoobStrictly speaking, distortion is just the change between the input signal waveform and the output signal waveform. Drive AKA overdrive is when you increase the signal level to a point that the devices you're using can no longer reproduce it with low amounts of distortion, usually because amps start "clipping". Overdriving tube amps tends to result in a much "softer" clipping (fewer hard edges on the waveforms) than overdriving solid state, which
Stoobusually results in "hard" clipping. Clipping is when a waveform goes above the maximum possible amplitude and has its peaks "cut off", which is a form of distortion.
StoobIn other words, Drive and Distortion on a guitar amp's faceplate have no technical difference, it just depends on what the manufacturer calls it.
StoobBut in the real world, overdrive *leads to* distortion in the form of clipping.
LMNOPexcept show me one amp that says 'distortion' opn the faceplate
Brighti've seen one
LMNOPprobably one with a builtin efx processor
LMNOPamps dont have distortion only preamp ie drive
LMNOPthat signal goes to the power stage (if it has one) either solid state or a rectified valve stage
ReptiliaStoob:Thanks! :))
StoobI'm giving Reptilia a big picture idea of the difference between the terms distortion and overdrive, particularly when talking about guitar amps *and* pedals.
LMNOPwhich gives close to no distortion whatsoever
ReptiliaAnd you made it crystal clear, thanks again
LMNOPclipping has very little to do with it
Stoobclipping has everything to do with it
Brightpsu sag
LMNOPif u say so
Stoobguitar "distortion" is either clipping or *the emulation of old tubes 'clipping'*
Stoobit's cutting the peaks off of your waveforms, throwing in high order harmonics and giving it that 'rough' sound
LMNOPits the soft clipping that gives the tube sound just to be clear
LMNOPhard clipping is bad
Stoobhard clipping generally sounds bad, but in modern music... who fuckin' knows. maybe they want that effect.
LMNOPyeah true dat
ReptiliaThe BOSS Metal Zone, isn't that "hard clipping"?
LMNOPclass A valves soft clip and produce the nifty harmonics that everyone likes
LMNOPhard clipping is loss
StoobReptilia: hard vs soft clipping isn't well defined, there is a gradient of hardness. So maybe the BOSS Metal Zone is harder than most, but I have my doubts that it's what I'd consider outright hard clipping
LMNOPmetal zone is like a decent pedel i like em
LMNOPa good one is tube screamer... pretty much a classic
LMNOPbluse overdrive is kinda mild
LMNOPDS-1 is hmm well Vai uses em
LMNOPmy fav so far is the Boss Adaptive Distortion
LMNOPcheck that one out after all the rest
LMNOPthat being said you can probably find a schematic for a tube screamer and build it in a few minutes
LMNOPvery simple circuit
rate_reducerwhat’s the offset of a binary/hex number?
rate_reducerwhat does offset mean
__robrate_reducer, in what context ?
rate_reducernvm i figured it out thx
rate_reducerit was for some assembly lang
WetmelonSo how much power does a Linear Regulator dissipate? What's the formula?
WetmelonNvm, found it with a 2 second google. "The power dissipated by the regulating device is equal to the power supply output current times the voltage drop in the regulating device."
kevtrisyah ohms law
Wetmelonyeah idk why I thought it would be something strange lol
WetmelonLike with FETs, you use i^2 * Rds(On)
kevtristhat is only true for a linear regulator though
kevtrisfor a switching regulator it's no longer true
WetmelonFor a switching regulator it would be vrms^2 / load or something?
kevtrisloss = power in - power out
WetmelonHeh well that's one way to do it
kevtristhat's about all you can do
kevtrisbecause voltage/current is different on in and out. a linear, current is the same thru the reg and thru the load
kevtriswhich is why the ohms law method works
WetmelonI want to support a wide range of voltages from ~ 6v - 24v DC. What's the best option?
ReptiliaLMNOP:The adaptive == Dyna Drive?
HaxxaIf I want a counter to increase a variable by one after each loop - would "++;" be the most effective way of doing it - arduino code
jgarbersHi! Pretty new to electronics with what I’m guessing is a simple question. Would anybody here be able to explain to me and my daughter why her blinky kit blinks *faster* when we connect it to 3V than when it is connected to 6V? Schematic here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/251626958942
jgarbersHaxxa: i’d guess that would generate pretty optimal code, yes
Haxxaok cool thanks
jgarbersHaxxa: if you’re doing a “for” loop, the variable generally is incremented as part of the loop itself. Are you?
jgarbersas in for (i = 0 ; i < 10 ; i++)
jgarbersthat last bit being what happens at the end of each iteration through the loop
jgarbersobviously i’m a software guy, not a hardware guy...
Haxxanot really its actually its in reference to eeprom code a bit hard to explain - but basically all I want to add one to a varaible and I think it will dp
jgarbersoh, okay. well, then, x++ is probably the best way to go.
jgarbersi’d think the compiler would optimize “x = x + 1” or “x += 1” to the same instructions as “x++” but why type more than you have to...?
LeelooMinaiHaving ++ operator and writing x = x + 1 is a bit lame
jgarbersLeelooMinai: agree completely. just pointing out options.
LeelooMinaiYes, I was addressing that to Haxxa:)
roxfanbtw counting down to 0 is often slightly more effective
LeelooMinaiDue to compare to zero
HaxxaOk I think I made a simple error here I have - unsigned int address = 0; and then address ++; but I get 'address' was not declared in this scope
Haxxaany ideas?
jgarberscan you put the whole thing in a pastebin? need to see the context.
ReptiliaLMNOP:To be frank, don't understand the purpose of the DA-2.
LeelooMinaiHaxxa: It was declared in your line context:p
Haxxaits really messy as I am adapting code away from
Frogging101-chanWhy is this ( http://www.digikey.ca/product-detail/en/9B-27.000MBBK-B/887-2023-ND/3522003 ) significantly cheaper than this ( http://www.digikey.ca/product-detail/en/ECS-270-20-4VX/XC1587-ND/1693756 )?
Frogging101-chanThey seem the same
ReptiliaLMNOP:Dyna Drive yes, changes the amount of distortion, depending on how hard you pick, but the DA-2...
HaxxaLeelooMinai ?
LeelooMinaiHaxxa: If your code was as you wrote, it would be fine.
Haxxa#include <dht.h>
Haxxa#include <Wire.h>
Haxxa#define DHT22_PIN 3 // what pin the sensor is connected to
Haxxadht DHT;
LeelooMinaiFrogging101-chan: Freq tolerance 50 vs 30
Haxxa#define photocellPin 0 // analog 0
Haxxa#include <avr/sleep.h>
Haxxa#include <avr/power.h>
Haxxa#include <avr/wdt.h>
Frogging101-chanhey hey
Haxxa#define DHTPINVCC 2
Haxxa#define PHOTOCELLVCC 9
Haxxa#define disk1 0x50
Haxxafloat temperature;
Haxxafloat humidity;
Haxxauint8_t counter=0;
LeelooMinaiThat's not pastebin...:)
Haxxa//count number of entering into main loop
Haxxauint8_t loopCounter=150; //set to 1 for debug (short sleep) - 150 (20min)
Haxxavolatile int f_wdt=1;
HaxxaISR(WDT_vect) {
Haxxa if(f_wdt == 0) {
jgarberspastebin is your friend.
Frogging101-chanthey already pasted, the can't stop
Haxxa f_wdt=1;
roxfanwe don't have an op?
Haxxa } else {
Haxxa //nothing
Haxxa }
Frogging101-chanbut this is why anti-flood kick bots are useful
Haxxavoid enterSleep(void) {
Haxxa set_sleep_mode(SLEEP_MODE_PWR_DOWN); /* EDIT: could also use SLEEP_MODE_PWR_DOWN for lowest power consumption. */
Haxxa sleep_enable();
Haxxa /* Now enter sleep mode. */
Haxxa sleep_mode();
Haxxa /* The program will continue from here after the WDT timeout*/
LeelooMinaiHaxxa is probably sitteng there now smashing keys and sweating bullets
Haxxa sleep_disable(); /* First thing to do is disable sleep. */
Haxxa /* Re-enable the peripherals. */
Haxxa power_all_enable();
Haxxavoid setup()
Haxxa //Serial.println("Initialising...");
darsieHaxxa: quit your chat client.
Haxxa Serial.begin(9600);
Haxxa Wire.begin();
Haxxa unsigned int address = 0;
Haxxa /* Clear the reset flag. */
Haxxa MCUSR &= ~(1<<WDRF);
Haxxa /* In order to change WDE or the prescaler, we need to
Frogging101-chanLeelooMinai: Is that a huge difference?
LeelooMinaiIt's like watching the opening text to Star Wars
Haxxa * set WDCE (This will allow updates for 4 clock cycles).
Haxxa */
Frogging101-chan50 vs 30
Haxxa WDTCSR |= (1<<WDCE) | (1<<WDE);
Haxxa /* set new watchdog timeout prescaler value */
Haxxa WDTCSR = 1<<WDP0 | 1<<WDP3; /* 8.0 seconds */
Haxxa /* Enable the WD interrupt (note no reset). */
Haxxa WDTCSR |= _BV(WDIE);
RoChessLeelooMinai, queue the music
LeelooMinaiFrogging101-chan: ... it is what it is - 50/30 difference
Haxxa //make it blink at startup
Haxxa digitalWrite(DHTPINVCC, HIGH);
jgarbersLeelooMinai: Maybe it’s the source code for Revenge of the Sith.
Haxxa digitalWrite(PHOTOCELLVCC, HIGH);
Haxxa delay(500);
Haxxa digitalWrite(DHTPINVCC, LOW);
Haxxa digitalWrite(PHOTOCELLVCC, LOW);
roxfanRoChess: it's "cue"
Haxxa //Serial.println("alive");
Haxxa //Serial.println("\n");
Haxxa //Serial.println("dead");
Haxxa delay(1000);
Haxxa writeEEPROM(disk1, address, 123);
Haxxa Serial.print(readEEPROM(disk1, address), DEC);
Frogging101-chanppm means I "parts per million" I guess, so 27MHz/20000000 Hz error?
Haxxavoid loop()
Haxxa if(f_wdt == 1) {
RoChessroxfan, was pun on purpose the way channel chat is getting queued :)
LeelooMinaiACTION wonders if that code was "2 IRC hours long"
Haxxa loopCounter ++;
Haxxa if (loopCounter > 6) {
Haxxa // 110 *8 = 880s = 14.6min @ 16mhtz
Frogging101-chaner, 50000000
Haxxa readSensor();
Haxxa loopCounter = 0;
Haxxa }
Haxxa f_wdt = 0;
Haxxa enterSleep();
Haxxa } else {
Haxxa //nothing
Haxxa }
Haxxavoid writeEEPROM(int deviceaddress, unsigned int eeaddress, byte data )
Haxxa Wire.beginTransmission(deviceaddress);
darsieACTION ignores Haxxa. Please tell me when he's done.
Haxxa Wire.write((int)(eeaddress >> 8)); // MSB
Haxxa Wire.write((int)(eeaddress & 0xFF)); // LSB
Haxxa Wire.write(data);
Haxxa Wire.endTransmission();
Haxxa delay(5);
Haxxabyte readEEPROM(int deviceaddress, unsigned int eeaddress )
Haxxa byte rdata = 0xFF;
LeelooMinaiI think this is almost the part where inperial cruiser appears
Haxxa Wire.beginTransmission(deviceaddress);
Haxxa Wire.write((int)(eeaddress >> 8)); // MSB
Haxxa Wire.write((int)(eeaddress & 0xFF)); // LSB
Haxxa Wire.endTransmission();
Haxxa Wire.requestFrom(deviceaddress,1);
Haxxa if (Wire.available()) rdata = Wire.read();
Haxxa return rdata;
Haxxavoid readSensor() {
Haxxa digitalWrite(DHTPINVCC, HIGH);
Haxxa delay(1500);
Haxxa digitalWrite(PHOTOCELLVCC, HIGH);
Haxxa delay(500);
Frogging101-chanhow big is this fucking file?
Haxxa //Serial.println("\n");
Haxxa int photocellReading = analogRead(photocellPin);
Haxxa int chk = DHT.read22(DHT22_PIN);
Haxxa //Serial.print("Read sensor: ");
Haxxa switch (chk)
Haxxa {
Haxxa case DHTLIB_OK:
Haxxa Serial.print("OK,\t");
Haxxa break;
Haxxa Serial.print("Checksum error,\t");
Haxxa break;
Haxxa Serial.print("Time out error,\t");
Haxxa break;
Haxxa default:
Haxxa Serial.print("Unknown error,\t");
Haxxa break;
Haxxa }
Haxxa digitalWrite(DHTPINVCC, LOW);
LeelooMinaiI will lol when the code ends, there will be 5 sec delay, and his english homework essay will start.
Haxxa address ++;
Haxxa //Serial.print("Humidity (%): ");
Haxxa //Serial.println((float)DHT.humidity, 2);
Haxxa //myFile.print("\n");
Haxxa //myFile.print("Humidity (%): ");
Haxxa //myFile.print((float)DHT.humidity, 2);
Haxxa //Serial.print("Temperature (oC): ");
Haxxa //Serial.println((float)DHT.temperature, 2);
WetmelonJesus H Christ
Haxxa //myFile.print("\n");
Haxxa //myFile.print(" Temperature (oC): ");
Haxxa //myFile.print((float)DHT.temperature, 2);
Haxxa //Serial.print(" Lux Reading: ");
Frogging101-chanI'm laughing :p
Haxxa //Serial.print(photocellReading);
Haxxa //myFile.print("\n");
Haxxa //myFile.print(" Lux Reading: ");
Haxxa //myFile.print(photocellReading);
Haxxa //myFile.close();
Haxxa digitalWrite(PHOTOCELLVCC, LOW);
Haxxa //delay(800);
Haxxaops sorry
RoChessaww Haxxa is including all the comments as well, how thoughtful
HaxxaI didn't mean to do that
LeelooMinaiHaxxa: O, really? :p
Haxxait was a mistake
Haxxamy irc client should autopost to pastebin it failed fro some reason
Haxxasorry :(
Haxxaagain sorry guys
jgarberson the way.
HaxxaAs you see in the code it used to write to an sd card
Haxxanow it won't compile
Frogging101-chanyou're not the first to make that mistake :p
Frogging101-chanACTION has done it
Haxxait was a mistake
HaxxaI don't understand why there isn't an antiflood system
HaxxaLeelooMinai which line?
HaxxaFrogging101- to post large chucks of text?
RoChessmy client warns me "you are about to post 10+ lines, are you sure?"
WetmelonYou could have /quit :P
Haxxamine does to
HaxxaI don't why it didn't work
jgarbersHaxxa: okay, here’s your problem
LeelooMinaiHis done too, but starts warning above 1000 lines
jgarbers“address” is declared within your setup() function.
Frogging101-chanLeelooMinai: So by 50ppm, they mean 50 units per million units, so 27MHz/50ppm = +-0.54Hz error?
jgarberswhich means that variable only survives as long as the setup() function us running.
jgarbersis running.
Haxxajgarbers yep does it need to be address elsewhere?
Haxxaah ok
jgarbersyeah, you’ll want to move it up to a global.
LeelooMinaiFrogging101-chan: That's what ppm means, yes
jgarbersup there near your temperature and humidity.
jgarbersi haven’t looked at your logic at all, so i don’t know if it’ll *work*, but it will *compile*. :-)
Haxxayer there is no logic
LeelooMinaiThat would explain everything:)
Frogging101-chanwell, I can live with 0.54Hz :p
HaxxaI have rewritten this code too many times now will start fressh sooon
jgarberswhat’s it for?
jgarberslogging temp/humidity/light levels?
Haxxajgarbers its a logging sensor in casey antartica
jgarbersoh my goodness.
Haxxabased on speial caps and equptment rated up to -50c
HaxxaI am not a coder
LeelooMinaiMaybe that's why the code keeps freezing
jgarbersAH HA HA HA
HaxxaThis ws key to the project
HaxxaHave 10 internet points :D
jgarbersHaxxa: PM me and I’ll get you my email address. Will be glad to review your code and offer suggestions.
jgarbers<am I saying that right?>
jgarbersbeen a while since I was on IRC.
HaxxaI might take you ip on that offer but I will sort some stuff out first
jgarbersokay, cool
Haxxafinish writing code
jgarbersanybody have any insight on that blinky circuit thing I posted before Haxxa’s source code crawl? :-)
HaxxaAs I say I am not a coder how would I go changing this floating point number "(float)DHT.humidity, 2" to a nice decimal
jgarbersHaxxa: you mean round it to a certain number of places, or convert it to a string, or what?
jgarbersusually you’d using something like sprintf for that, but I don’t know if it’s available in the platform you’re using.
jgarberscheck the docs for your compiler / libraries and see if they have it.
jgarberslooking at avrgcc, for example, it appears they have functions like “dtostrf”
jgarbersdunno if that helps in your situation
Haxxaok thanks
timemageHaxxa, depending on what you're doing, you may not need to involve floating point types at all.
drac_boyany of you know if it couldn't be difficult to make any uart-capable board output through the serial bus a simple 80x40 text screen? (and that'll be its primary display too)
jgarbersdrac_boy: you’re basically trying to treat the 80x40 text screen as a serial terminal?
jgarberslike a good old-fashioned VT-100?
paskyso about the difficulty of what part are you talking about?
paskyall unix systems treat their text terminals this way (rendering according to a stream of characters)
jgarbersit sounds like his 80x40 would have to have some sort of display controller, to accept inbound character data, put it up at the appropriate position on the screen, move a cursor around, etc.
jgarberspasky: wondering if there’s a part you can get that basically emulates some terminal and can drive a display.
jgarbersdrac_boy: 80x40 LCD, I assume?
paskyso, you can make your PC do it, for example :) (even just cat /dev/ttyUSB0 in xterm or screen)
SoapsAnyone have any better ideas for me to run Pos/Neg wires through a box wall than these? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GNX3SJS/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=1ZXZJWYFVCSMO&coliid=I3POHCLTVOAEO5
paskybut I guess you're looking for something more lightweight
paskydrac_boy: so what kind of hardware do you have/want for your screen (mainly the display device - per-pixel LCD or something else?)
jgarbersdrac_boy: something like this applicable? http://redbinary.com/microchip-pic-serial-lcd-driver/
drac_boyjgarbers well anything with either vga or ntsc input but yeah
drac_boypasky not sure yet but probably something with a 16 or 32bit cpu anyway
jgarberssounds like you just want terminal emulation software on a PC.
paskyoh so you want to output analog signal?
paskyyou'll need something like a PC (or that level of board) or a FPGA, most likely
drac_boyjgarbers except how do you tell the emulator to actually output to the uart? thats why I wasn't sure about looking there
paskydrac_boy: I think you should describe your full aim
paskydrac_boy: the emulator is getting and rendering your uart output
paskyon its input
jgarbersyep, a few more details might clear the fog a bit
jgarberswhat pasky’s talking about is very much like the serial monitor window in the Arduino IDE, I think.
jgarbersso the idea overall is drac_boy’s board sends stuff out its serial port; the PC running the emulator gets that data and puts it up on the screen. drac_boy, is that generally what’s going on here?
paskyor actually what you do when you connect over serial say to a linux arm board; you are greeted with a login prompt and after logging in you can do stuff like having working arrow keys, run midnight commander etc.
HaxxaOk I have a variable called - DHT.temperature. It measures the temp only problem for me is that the output could have "-" and decimal points in it. I need it to be represented as a 2 digit number only
Haxxano decimal points or minus
jgarberspasky: right, but that’s sort of going the other way, i think. it sounds like he’s wanting to send stuff from his board to his PC, not *control* the board from the PC.
Sky__anyone here know about stochastic differential equations? Thought it might be worth a shot
jgarbersHaxxa: by what rule / logic / algorithm do you convert the negative floating point value to a positive 2-digit number?
jgarbersDHT.temperature is a possibly negative float, and you want a positive integer...?
Haxxaits an atmega328p runnings arduino code
Haxxajgarbers yes
jgarbersokay. so say my DHT.temperature value is -20.3. What positive integer would you expect it to be converted to?
jgarbersokay, so basically you want the absolute value, and drop the fractional part?
HaxxaThe value must be a positive interger between 0-255
DanDareHaxxa, try reading the sensor directly from a byte var
HaxxaCan I post my code and examine how to do this?
DanDareit works at least for positive temps, as you expect (but without "intelligent" rounding)
jgarbersfair point. where’s the floating point value coming from in the first place?
jgarbersyeah, pastebin the code. PasteBIN the code. Note the BIN. :-)
LeelooMinaiACTION almost heared people hearts stopped beating when Haxxa wrote "Cat I post my code"
jgarbersokay, so you have this “dht” library. when you use that library to read your temperature, it gives you a float value in DHT.temperature. right?
HaxxaLine 153 "DHT.temperature" - Must be a positive number between 0-255
Haxxajgarbers yep
jgarbersso if it reads -20.3, you want the result to be 20. If it reads 20, you want the result to be 20?
jgarbersor if this is Fahrenheit in the Antarctic we just assume all temps are < 0?
jgarbersor even Celsius, i suppose?
jgarbersokay, so you can probably do something liike this:
jgarbersint adjusted_temp = abs((int) DHT.temperature);
jgarbersi think there’s an “abs” function.
jgarbersabsolute value
Haxxajgarbers exsacty
jgarbersso the inner (int) there casts / converts the float value to an integer, and then the abs() forces it positive.
jgarbersdunno if you’re expected to round or just truncate the fractions
jgarbersbut that should get you started.
jgarbersmeanwhile i’m hearing family calling so i probably need to bolt.
Haxxaso it ignores the fractions?
n17ikhdamnit FTDI
jgarbersthe (int) cast should just drop the fractions. there may be a round() that would round it off.
n17ikhwhy you gotta go and ruin your good reputation
jgarbersn17ikh: you’re referring to the bricking-counterfeits thing i assume
jgarbersthat was sad to hear.
Haxxajgarbers whats the variable name afterwards?
jgarbers“why you gotta be so mean”
n17ikhI can't be assured that whatever I buy isn't a counterfeit, so it's risky to buy FTDI
n17ikhso.. i guess future designs will use microchip parts, or something
jgarbersHaxxa: no, that’s the function. in the example I gave you, the result is going in the integer variable named “adjusted_temp”
blownACTION gives Flea86 a bong
jgarbersyou could call it whatever you want, of course. :-)
jgarbersi’ve never needed to use floats on avr / arduino, so you may need to experiment a bit.
jgarbersbut that should get you started.
jgarbersnot to be nosy, but are you down there now? or just working on something to be shipped there?
SoapsAnyone have any better ideas for me to run Pos/Neg wires through a box wall than these? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GNX3SJS/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=1ZXZJWYFVCSMO&coliid=I3POHCLTVOAEO5
Haxxajgarbers sadly just shipped :(
jgarbersoops. any way to get updated code into it? if not, why are you still working on it?
Haxxaships november 9th
jgarberswell, good luck, then. email me if you’d like me to do a bit of code review. good night!
blownACTION rides hoverboard 
blownACTION pulls another cone
WetmelonHeh, this new circuit has a fancy new accidental feature!
rate_reducerbig black cox
WetmelonIf you press the button and the light goes out, it means... well it doesn't mean much of anything tbh
Wetmelonbut it goes out and that's what matters.
hoverboardACTION turns upside down over a volcano, blown plummets
MuntACTION thinks hoverboard ’s volcano was made by storz & bickel
Flea86also o/
Goatman Is UART the same as rs-233
theBearuarts are serial "controller"s , rs-232 is a specific kind of serial
_abc__Thebear! Hi
Goatmanhmm. Would a uart controller function hooked to a 12V serial line?
csrssmore like, UART is a 'convention' by which you transmit serial data
csrssand RS-232 is a PHY layer for UART
csrsssame with RS-485 and etc
GoatmanI basically want to hook this up to a dumb terminal line: http://vocore.io/wiki/index
theBearno, rs-232 is a convention, a uart is a chip that handles baud and framing and crap so you don't have to
csrssRS-232 is not a convention. UART is referring to the serial transmission method (and yes, the transceivers that implement this) of which the line is normally at HIGH and you pull it low to begin transmission and do w/e data/stop/parity bit settings are
csrssRS-232 is just a PHY link for UART.
Goatmanexcellent. Thanks for the clarification.
theBear232 includes non physical spec
csrssWhen you design a UART core, you don't care about RS-232, you just follow the UART convention. and you just put MAX232 or something to link UART interface to RS-232 PHYU
zigggggygoat how are things on the farm
csrssor connect UART to MAX485, there you have RS-485
GPF_1232 does have a hardware standard.
csrssThe Electronic Industries Association (EIA) standard RS-232-C[1] as of 1969 defines:
csrssElectrical signal characteristics such as voltage levels, signaling rate, timing and slew-rate of signals, voltage withstand level, short-circuit behavior, and maximum load capacitance.
csrssInterface mechanical characteristics, pluggable connectors and pin identification.
csrssFunctions of each circuit in the interface connector.
csrssStandard subsets of interface circuits for selected telecom applications.
theBear"The RS-232 standard is commonly used in computer serial ports. The standard defines the electrical characteristics and timing of signals, the meaning of signals, and the physical size and pinout of connectors. "
csrsscrap, I hate this paste function
theBearbeat me
csrss"electrical characteristics"
csrssaka voltage levels and etc. for PHYU
theBearand timing
theBearand meaning
theBearahh crap, no framing
csrssit probably once was a part of RS-232 and it became so-called 'UART' convention thereafter.
theBearstill, uart is a "thing" (not necesarily physical)
theBearnot a convention
csrssbut either way, at least for now, you don't really mean RS-232 when you just say UART
theBeari can agree with that :)
_abc__It can even be. A USRT...
GPF_1UART is simply the input and output data coding, it can be electrically interfaced in what ever standard you wish.
GoatmanI want to use the UART with a null modem
Bird|lappyyeah, a UART can be TTL serial (say, for a debugging port)
Bird|lappyor RS-485
Casperor TTL
csrssor LVCMOS
Bird|lappyCasper, I already mentioned that :P
Casper5 or 3.3V...
csrssor whatever
GPF_1but keep in mind, when you specify standards, like 232 for example the TX and RX lines are inverted for the on bit
Casperor even 1.7V :D
GPF_1normally this is where you put the driver inverter in.
GPF_1for the current loading.
GPF_1this interface is suppose to be able to handle up to 25volts.
CasperBird|lappy: yeah I saw a bit too late
CasperI blame my headache for that
GPF_1since most of them were sinked signals, these voltages cames from external devices
GPF_1the serial port may include a pull up or low current TTL output.
GPF_1years ago, small devices were made and powered from the serial port, however, over time,
_abc__Sinked signals?
GPF_1voltage levels started to drop.
GPF_1the off state levels of the TX and RX lines.
GPF_1those lines are not a reall issue for this line powered devices in most cases.
_abc__It's called space or idle state. And they are not 'sinked'
GPF_1if the control lines alos drop the level of these voltages, then these devices stop working.
GPF_1_abc_: listen, the sink level is the only output you need to be sure is correct, any source voltage can vary up to 25volts.
GPF_1this is for the TX and RX lines, and back in the old days, they actually did this for all the lines.
GPF_1they simply past it to an inverter that was designed to handle HV.
GPF_1things TTY printers were especially driven line this.
GPF_1but the side that drives the inverters can be what ever it wants, as far as voltage goes and the logic state is not inverted, of course.
GPF_1PC serial ports supported 12 volts for the longest time and were great for powering up little serial devices.
GPF_1they had weak pull up, but could handle higher external voltages hitting it.
GPF_1of course that has changed now so all you can bet on now is to make sure your device switches at lets say 2.5 volts for 1 and - 2.5 for 0, they could even be less these days.
GPF_1any way,. I need to hit the rack... night all.
rznwhen FPGA programmers refer to JTAG UART is that UART over JTAG?
csrssWhat on earth is that
rzni see it all the time when referring to fpga programmers
csrsswell, I know NIOS II has a UART over JTAG functionality.
john_farm has serial wire debugging which has jtag features
john_faka coresight/swd
zigggggyACTION steps on waterboard
JFK911lol counterfeit ftdi's
Flea86JFK911: ftdi strikes back! :)
rznit's annoying seeing people say all the devices are "bricked"
rznthey work fine and as intended
rznjust the ftdi driver wont work with them
Flea86rzn: Most clones depended on that driver tho
rznthe hardware isnt bricked
Flea86but eh, stick with an older release
rznit can be reprogrammed
Flea86I am aware of that
rznpeople are runnig around on twitter like it's destroying devices permanently
Flea86rzn: Were they ftdi reps? :)
Storytellerhey, I have a plug in 12v car battery charger
rznno, it's the anti ftdi crew
rzncreating this whole storm of publicity
Storytelleryou guy wannas help me turn it and couple of old microwaves into a welder this winter?
zigggggyhi Storyteller!
zigggggyhi flea!
zigggggyStoryteller tell me a story about a bear, a flea and a goat
hjohnsonwhat about chickens?
zigggggywe dont have chickens
Storytellerok, so this goat was hanging out by this stream
Storytellerand he was peacefully chewing some sweet grasses that grew by the bank
veekwas it a manish looking goat.. like a satyr?
vindexanyone here with experience modifying a wireless relay like this one: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/50pcs-lot-RF-1Channel-High-Power-High-Quality-Multi-function-Wireless-Switch-Remote-System-for-appliances315MHZ/694858849.html
Storytellerand as he was chewing, he felt a tiny itch in his right haunch
zigggggyit was a flea!
Storytellerthe itch grew and grew unti he could take it no more
Storytellerthe goat began to rub against a nearby rock to scratch the itch
Storytellerand it went away for awhile
Storytellerand then it started again, except it was up on the midde of his back
Storytellerso he found a low branch to scratch against
Storytellerand it went away for awhile
Flea86hello zigs!
Storytellertime after time, the itch came back
veekdear lord - this stories taking a while
Storytellerhe could hardly sleep, or eat, or run around the mountains
zigggggyFLEA Storyteller is telling a story abut a goat, a flea, and a bear!
gkwhcHi everyone, in good design of power test points (for ex, regulator outputs), should one include one test point at the regulator output, separated by a jumper, with an additional test point at the load? is this how power test points are usually done?
Storytelleralong came a bear
Storytellerwho watched the goat rubbing against a tree
Storytellerand then a rock
Storytellerand then a branch
Storytellerthe bear thought this was the strangest looking goat he had ever seen
Storytellerso the bear asked the goat what was the matter
Storytellerand the goat explained his dilemma
Storytellerthe bear pondered this for awhile
Storytellerthen he ate the goat and the itch went away
Storytellerat least for awhile
zigggggypoor goat!
zigggggyoh no.. now the bear is going to be itchy!
Storytellerand he feels sorry for the bear^^
Storytellerdoes ziggs approve of his story about a goat a flea and a bear
zigggggyACTION applauds
StorytellerACTION bows
zigggggyACTION pats Storyteller!!!
zigggggyACTION throws flowers at Storyteller
codepython777anyone with pixhawk experience here? (3drobotics)
GoatmanHow large would a disk be to store 24 hours of raw data from this device? http://www.ebay.com/itm/181436980830
GoatmanI want to hook it onto my router and put the disk under the floor
GoatmanSomeone jacks my shit, I’ll have video
R0b0t1Goatman: Probably quite a bit.
Goatmanhttp://www.dvs.de/support/calculators/data-rate-calculator.html <<<<---- 93.31 MB/s
Goatman1920x1080 YUV 420 @ 8 bit, 30 FPS
mikk0why would you need 30fps on a security camera?
Goatmanwhy not? it could be 5
Goatmanmy local disks have a max rate of 143 MB/sec
john_fit only does 720p at 30 fps
The_Coolestwhy would you want to write raw data?
Goatmanwhy not?
The_Coolestthere are plenty of cards that will do h264 encode on the fly
GoatmanI want no losses of quality
The_Coolestbecause then you won't need stacks of hard drives
Goatmanmeh, a 4TB drive is like $150
The_Coolestok, hf
The_CoolestI'm off to bed :D
R0b0t1Goatman: Eh
R0b0t1Record when motion is detected?
Goatmanum. That’s really not really the real point
Goatmanthe point is to record 24 hours a day and look at each frame uncompressed as needed
t4nk761intranick: hello
AutumnnAnywhoosen here good with opamp theory?
DanDareHi. In this simple switching mode power regulator http://i.imgur.com/eFlpeQ2.jpg why C1 and C4 must be solid tantalum? Or why it cant be just usual caps?
DanDareDatasheet says inductor is a 60turns one. It's ok if i pick anything 600uH inductor despite the number of turns?
WetmelonThere. I have upgraded my model rocket launch controller to accept 6-24v input.
pepsiwerd to zigggggy's mom
CasperACTION feeds 24.001V to the controller
Flea86Casper: nooo
CasperDanDare: I believe solid tantalum have a lower ESR at those frequency, so you may need a bigger cap. Or the engineer is an ignorant idiot that just use them because he love them... Or most likelly, this is what he had on hand when he tried it and did the tests... same with the inductor
DanDareCasper, I see. It's possible that it works using common ones? Worths a try ?
DanDareCasper, cool. Thanks
Casperbut use low ESR caps
Casperand DanDare... I'm tempted to try one like that one day... but the inductor is huge... so I wonder if it's worth
DanDareCasper, Oh I see... must check about it. I have no idea how huge its. Also, 3A is too much for what I plan but for now thats the only simple voltage converter i managed to find
pepeeif you are messing with a computer motherboard, and it won't start anymore (LEDs won't light, fans won't start)... is it completely dead?
Goatmanhow dead is the power supply?
pepeehmm, no idea, I'm trying to help a friend but he left :/
MrGarlic why are external hard drives more prone to failure?
timemagepepee, usually that means the motherboard is grounded. often near one of the mount holes.
Casperpepee: no led on the board most likelly indicate a failed powersupply
pepeetimemage, what does grounded mean?
timemagepepee, on some supplies you can see the fan twitch once. on others you won't see anything. if you unmount the board and slip something underneath it, e.g. a vanilla folder, you may see it boot correctly. if so, you go hunting for where it's grounded.
Casperpepee: a computer psu is in reallity 2 powersupply in the same enclosure. One is an always-on 5V (the famous 5v standby)
Casperpepee: that standby psu power part of the board, like the power button circuitry and the on-board led
pepeeahh, I see, you mean it's making contact with ground
timemagepepee, meaning you have a short circuit from the motherboard to the ground. a normal pc powersupply will shut down when that happens. usually so quick that it just looks inert.
Goatmanzigggggy, I am attempting to load software into my router
Casperpepee: if that standby psu is faulty then you will be unable to power up the computer, because the power button circuit have no power (and also the main powersupply in the psu is powered from the standby one)
Casperpepee: do you still have the computer with you? or he left with the computer?
pepeeno, I'm helping him through IRC
CasperMrGarlic: mechanical abuse, aka being knocked, dropped and the like. Also some enclosure have zero ventillation, causing the drive to run hot. And... google has found that their main cause of drive failure is the difference in working temperature... so since the drive run hot, the cold-hot differential is quite high...
timemagepepee, also you can disconnect the power connectors (i would do all of them) and use a paperclip to connect the ps-good signal to ground. the power supply should fire up. this don't tell you that it' "good", but it does tell you that it's not completely fried.
timemagepepee, err, this doesn't tell...
pepeeyeah, I've done that
timemagepepee, already?
MrGarlicCasper: The point of RAID is that as long as you always replace a disk as soon as it fails, it's unlikely you'll lose data. Is this not true?
Casperpepee: my first suggestion would be to disconnect the psu from the wall, then remove it, open the cover and look for the top of the capacitor... one or more probably swell on the top... and may even have leaked... a brown dot or crust on top show that
CasperMrGarlic: yes and no
Casperthere is several level of raid, and different safety factor
pepeetimemage, I don't have the computer
Casperraid0 should be called aid... it do not have redundancy, but increase the speed
timemagepepee, right. so then, they've already tried that?
pepeeno, and I doubt he's competent...
pepeeI meant, I've done that by myself
Casperraid 1 is mirror, need 2 or more drive. handle drive fault until the last drive (so a 4 drives raid1 can handle 3 failed disk). you rarelly see more than 2 drives however...
MrGarlicCasper: How about for RAID 1. Why isn't that a backup solution?
timemageMrGarlic, to be clear, raid is mostly about uptime. it's not a backup solution. if your os corrupt- your file system, your raid controller with faithfully blow away all your data.
Casperraid 3 and 5 (3 is uncommon) handle 1 drive failure (total space is N-1, or the number of drive less 1), raid 6 handle 2 drive failure (space is N-2)
Casperwhen a drive fail and you replace it...
Casperit need to rebuild that drive
Casperwhich cause a stress on all the other member of the array
Casperwhich can cause another member to fail if it was about to fail
Casperhence the no :D
Casperbut in theory, if a drive fail and you replace it asap, then it should be fine
Casperon big setup, they often also install an hot spare drive, that is there, but not spinning
Casperwhen a failure is detected then it automagically add that drive to the array and start a rebuild
Casperand raid is not a backup solution, it's a redundancy solution
timemageMrGarlic, a couple years ago i put a pair of western digital drive into a software raid 1 configuration. i did this in part because i had distrust of their drives from prior experience and it'd be a while, so i wanted to see whether or not i was just being pessimistic. the mirror configuration to hedge my bet.
Casperit act as a solution against drive failure, but not software failure... or virus like cryptolocker (google it, you will be scared)
Caspertimemage: we moved to seagate at the store
timemageMrGarlic, they failed. in spectacular fashion. rather than dying outright, or having bad sectors, the drive described to return random junk with a prefectly good crc.
Casperwe don't trust much WD anymore
timemageCasper, dunno what "the store" is. but seagate has been my go to brand for harddrives for a very long time.
Caspertimemage: WTH
Caspertimemage: WD went downhill since the flood in thailand
Casperand their 320G blue...
timemageCasper, seem like WD went to crap in the late 90s.
zap0i concur.
zap0WD in early 90's was the awesome.
Caspertimemage: before the thailand flood, we had better luck with WD than seagate
Casperin fact, we returned about half of seagate
zap0i had a 1Gig WD in early 90's.. cost a metric fuckton, but lasted close to a decade.
Casperwithin 1 year
timemageMrGarlic, anyway, point being, there's a failure mode raid1 doesn't detect.
timemagemaxtor which has been owned by seagate for a while also seems to have issues. i haven't used them enough to have a strong opinion but avoid them all the same.
Casperbut right now... I'm trying to fix a screwup I did... when I created the raid on my system... it look like instead of using /dev/sdX2 I used /dev/sdX :(
Caspertimemage: seagate killed maxtor when they bought it... and seagate got issues at the same time...
timemageCasper, i had one of the smart bugged drive myself.
CasperI think seagate tried to mix the technology of both, and failed... so they decided then to use maxtor as their cheap brand
Casperoh the SD15 one :D
CasperI fixed a few of those
timemageCasper, yup. same here. one for myself which was actually eligible for free repair and another which was basically the same thing but apparently HP pissed on the firmware to make it there, so seagate wouldn't touch it without the usual charges.
Caspertimemage: the fix is easy if you have a max232 and 5 minutes of time
Casperbest of all, it do not lose the data
timemageCasper, i know. like said, twice.
gkwhcHi everyone, in good design of power test points (for ex, regulator outputs), should one include one test point at the regulator output, separated by a jumper, with an additional test point at the load? is this how power test points are usually done?
timemageCasper, i used a 3v3 ftdi cable. but same idea.