tgeekyanyone know what size probe -> BNC adapter to use for the rigol 2200 probes (come with 1054z)?
mnrmnaughugh, ok, time for /me to beds, thanks for listening peeps, when you sleep, may you dream well
tgeekyit looks like they might be ~ 4.6mm
theBearwowee ! apparently i got a self-signed expired ssl cert. on my email server in the loungeroom, probly handy if i'm ever any further than the bedroom and i wanna send a message :)
theBearyou mean nana plugs like yer meter without the extra shroud around em ?
tgeekytheBear: i mean the thing you plug the probe tip into, and at the end is a BNC connector
tgeekyfor connecting the probe to a signal generator, say
theBearyeah, i know that, but i don't know what a rigol probe looks like :)
tgeekypretty much like this:
tgeekyall the 2200 pictures have a yellow cap on the tip
tgeekywhich just falls off :/
tgeekythere is a direct pic
theBearanyway, i gotta fiddle this walkie settings now, and it's all kinds of confusing vice-versa options i gotta comprehend, so ya know, time to rhyme, means time to *SHINE* and that is a bnc pm tje ;eft
tgeekyViper-7: i will get two of them, eventually
tgeekybut right now i need probe -> bnc connectors
theBearthen that grey bit goes over the top of the probe end and somehow magically becomes an ic-clip
theBearhmm, you shouldn't <grin> but bnc<>rca usually fit that kinda thing ok
theBearhorrible impedance of course
tgeekyi have a bnc -> bnc, but dave says not to do that unless you have to
tgeekyViper-7: no!
theBearbut yeah, time for me to try using "the little grey cells, mon ami" so later taters !
tgeekysomething like that
tgeekybut 4.5mm
Viper-7so bnc to banana?
tgeekythat's not banana?
tgeekythat side fits on the tip of the probe
Viper-7still just looks like a fancy form of to me :P
thechawhat keeps you from reading out the chips in a printer and then removing the drm?
Viper-7i really should clean my desk
Viper-7apparently that pack of cigarettes was load bearing
tgeekyViper-7: it contacts the tip of the probe on the inside
tgeekyso it's not really anything like a banana clip
Viper-7thecha: most production chips cant be read out like that
Viper-7they'll run from their flash, but not provide it as a download
thechaViper-7→ is the reason for that known?
thechaare they laminated or something?
Viper-7a specific code protection bit
theBeari hope you don't mean asshat-dave, and wtf not ? chances are if yer doing something with bnc both ends and yer got the right impedance coax on a bnc<>bnc lead, that it's the right way to do things
thechaso they are basically encripted?
Viper-7once set you cannot read the firmware anymore
Viper-7more obfuscated
theBearheh laminated
Viper-7technically if you could open the package and attach leads to the die
Viper-7you could still recover the code
thechawho are they protecting the software from? the rightful owner?
Bird|ghostedthecha: more like have their read-to-the-outside-world thing turned off in hardware
tgeekytheBear: yeah, I think that's maybe correct. but i figured i would try to find a cheap connector and use the probes
Viper-7thecha: from people cloning their hardware
theBearthecha, competitors, paranoia, I.P technically
thechabut what if i bougth the thing and i decide that i rather not use their drm features isnt that proper?
_hephlanthi guys, I'm trying to design a circuit akin to a half b-bridge, and I'm trying to figure out which diode to use as a freewheeling diode across a motor running on up to 18V that can pull ~10A at stall; my question: Should the diode have a high or low forward voltage?
Viper-7you can copy their PCB, but the firmware for the chips - you'll have to rewrite that from scratch.
theBeartgeeky, you just testing a siggen or wanna sync a timebase to it or what ?
thechaif i dont like the training wheels on my bike i can rmeove them too right?
theBeara b bridgfe isn't a thing
tgeekytheBear: i don't know what that 2nd thing is, so I am not doing that.
tgeekytheBear: the 'good' BNC to BNC (3 foot) cable I got cost $15
_hephlantsorry h-bridge : p
thechawell whati am getting at i think my printer has a chip and some software that made the printheads refuse to work after a certain date
tgeekythe bad ones ($3) had some serious noise on them, and had problems when you moved them
thechanot pretending to know how nay of this works
Viper-7thecha: i can buy a chip and program it to do whatever i want, its then my choice as to wether i burn the code protection bit, to prevent anyone from being able to copy my chip
theBeartgeeky, but what ARE you doing ? and re: bnc/coax kinda leads, good usually has more to do with matching impedance to both ends (which ideally already match) than anything else
Viper-7thecha: likely in the ink cartridge, yes, that is a thing
thechahow doe this code protection bit even work?
Viper-7supposedly to prevent the head ever running dry
tgeekytheBear: yes, I don't know the impedence of the function generator. it arrived with no manual.
theBearthecha, you checked in webland ? often that's more trivial than one assumes
thechait is liek a key of encryption and once it is destoryed you would haev to decrypt?
tgeekytheBear: I assume my scope expects 50 ohm.
Viper-7normally a chip can read & write its own code
Viper-7once you burn the code protection bit, you can only write new code, or run the code stored - not read it out
tgeekytheBear: and this weekend, I'm using the function gen + the scope to make sure I have made a bunch (about 10) of RG6 coax cables with good terminations and that they are 75 ohm
Viper-7it just disables that capability in the chip's featureset
theBearscopes vary or switchable, but tend to be VERY high so they won't influence what you probin
thechawhat keeps oyu form enabling it?
thechait sounds like it is just some sort of switch
Viper-7usually the only way to reset the protection bit, is to erase the entire chip
thechathis is done when the chips programmed right?
Viper-7again, thats just restricted by the design of the chip
theBearthecha, think "cutting the programming read/write wires permanently"
thechathis is one of the bits set during writing the chip?
Viper-7you can erase the chip and start fresh, without code protection being enabled anymore
Viper-7but then you've lost the firmware it was running
thechaso could one in theory overwrite that bit?
Viper-7no, the chip wont let you.
theBeartho often commercial stuff disallows writing completely too, for various other reasons (like reliability/idiot-proofing for example)
Viper-7again if you crack open the chip and attach wires to the actual bare transistors inside on the silicon die, you could yes, but that takes.... serious effort
Viper-7yeah, many chips are also One Time Programmable
thechaso how do peopel get to the firmware when they are teying to get industrial espionage or the like?
theBearhas anyone ever really gone so far as decided ? heh, we think not
Viper-7thecha: usually from the computers programming the chips
Viper-7aka, social engineering not hardware hacking
theBearusually re-writing the firmware is the easy bit in those cases
theBear*goneski 5000*
Viper-7and reverse engineering a chip with an acid bath, a microscope, and some wicked probes is also a thing
Viper-7if theres billions of dollars involved at least :P
thechaViper-7→ what do you mean reverse engenering
thechai mena not the chip itself you can buy them for pennies on the dollar
Viper-7opening the chip casing and looking at the design inside
thechabut i mean the software on the chip lol
Viper-7so you can recreate it
thechaeah but you could jsut buy them a dozen a dolalr
Viper-7depends on the chip :P
thechalol true
thecha:D and number of items bought
Viper-7and yes, because of what i've mentioned, the way the chips are designed to offer protection features
Viper-7you usually have to go to that "crazy" hardware level, to actually get the software that way
thechaso how do they get arround those protection features once the y dont have access to the computers wiht the original software on it?
Viper-7<Viper-7> again if you crack open the chip and attach wires to the actual bare transistors inside on the silicon die
Viper-7you read & write to the memory cells directly, bypassing the processor and its protection features
thechaviper what you mean crazy level? special fucniton memory and programm memory on the hcip?
thechaso oyu can read them out once but then the chip is toast?
Viper-7you might not actually damage the chip, but basically
thechaso in that case you just buy a bunch of printers reada ou t one storage at a time?
tgeekycan someone explain what a probe readout actuator is? as far as I can tell, it's a small pin that contacts the scope chassis?
thechathen after combine what oyu learned from several chips of the same kind
Viper-7thecha: an easier to swallow example, look at more complex systems, for a playstation, the OS is so complex it cant possibly fit inside the processor's storage, so its held in a seperate flash memory chip
thechaViper-7→ will it be obvious by looking at the chip where everythign is?
Viper-7this means you can more easily bypass the protection features, by just connecting directly to the memory chip
thechai mean if it is a known architecture it is on the spec csheat right?
Viper-7there are even tools to make this very easy
Viper-7thecha: just removing the chip housing without damaing the die inside, or the bond wires connecting it to the pins, is a serious challenge.
thechawell but who needs a console lol
thechaa printer is much more suefull
thechaif it was free
Viper-7we're talking top end lab grade equipment & training here
thechai see
linux_probelab grade lol-quipment
Viper-7and nasty chemicals.
thechaViper-7→ liek what?
Viper-7if you search around for "die shot" you can see plenty
sceadwiannitric vapor
thechabattery acids?
linux_probeLSD and peyote
linux_probeeat it and say wee
Viper-7i've decapped a chip myself once, with electricity :P
sceadwianmmmm peyote
thechawell you shoudl be fine as long as you dont breath it in or let it get to your eyes
linux_probe.oo( oir dont and stay sane?)
sceadwianViper-7: ah but did it work afterwards? :)
linux_probeACTION fapz a bit to Viper-7 nudes
sceadwianThe most common way to do it as far as I know is heated nitric acid. shit is dannnngerous
linux_probedat poor pic
thechait creates a thick vapor
Viper-7that was -36V to the VCC pin
Viper-7and no it didnt work afterwards :P
thechawhich will eat your lungs form the inside
thechaand blind your eyes
sceadwianI got a few drops of nitric on a t-shirt once, it destroys organic materials.
linux_probedat electrinica porns
Viper-7thecha: heres a good example, the internals of an ESP8266 microcontroller,
sceadwianit was cool though cause it was a cotton polly blend so it disolved the cotton (you can make explosives that way by the way) but left the polymer behind which was this ephemeral spider web like bit
thechaok if i cant fix the drm crap on commercial printers, do you know if it is hard to build a 2 d pritner yourself?
thechathis must be much more taxing than creating a 3d printer right?
Viper-7depends on the resolution you want :P
thechawell if oyu want to creat a competitibve model
Viper-7to compete with your average shitty $20 modern inkjet - HARD.
thechasomething that wont stand out amongst commercial models
thechacan you explain why this is so?
sceadwianEven the bargain basement printers today are seriously well calibrated
thechai mean obviously it is hard or else there woudl be a free pritner around
thechabtu what makes this so hard
linux_probeACTION wonders how much of exploded tooth I ate/swalloe earlier
linux_probespit out a big chunk when it crunched on other teefs
Viper-7they're cheap because they're light and use minimal materials, but those things also very much aid things like a highly precise moving gantry
sceadwianthecha: something like 30 years of gradual engineering evoltion went into current 2D printer designs
sceadwianthecha: think you can do better in your basement? Good luck is all I gotta say!
linux_probeI dont know if that one had earely 2K bonding or 90's meatl fillings
Viper-7if you remove their chincy cheap plastic crap engineering for a grunty DIY build, you need to seriously scale up everything else - your motors, drive systems, etc
linux_probeif you remove the whole thngand start again, it will be grande
Viper-7and certainly nothing you build at home will compete with the resolution of a modern print head and such
tehchawhat makes this so difficult?
Viper-7which are produced using photolithography under lab grade conditions afaik
tehchawhy is that?
tehchawhat are the obstacles that keep a talented engeneer from build a good printer?
Viper-7just equipment
linux_probe3d junk, I can see
Viper-7you need like $50k of machinery to be capable of using the manufacturing processes that enable them to produce a high quality printer with sane cost/complexity
mrdatatehcha, printers are ruled by evil gods
Viper-7and thats doing it very, very cheap.
mrdatawhat did you sacrifice?
tehchaso all one had to do is to get canon to let you use their equipment when they are on a company vacation
tehchamrdata what you mean?
linux_probelike most all electronics
ewongand if your management disapproves of the said-$50k of machinery.. you're screwed ;P
Viper-7tehcha: sure :P
linux_probecornees cut, parts skimped, pocket padding for them
Viper-7if you want such machinery for production quantities of such devices, you're looking at millions
mrdatatehcha, evil gods will take a sacrifice. if you are having trouble making your printer run, you didnt offer the right sacrifice yet
Viper-7$50k we're talking maximum fuckery, but possible.
tehchamrdata→ i am not sure i follow
tehchai believe people would fund this if good people were to do this
mrdataplease try hard to follow concise messages
tehchamrdata→ ?
sceadwiantehcha: Your only arugment for the possibility of what you want to do so far has been 'well it can't be that hard'
Viper-7i've tricked my 3d printer out about as far as its chinese parts will go
tehchaViper-7→ photo lithogrpahy is the same process oyu can use to ech chips?
sceadwianViper-7: I'm telling you, get a small CNC mill, you'll never regrett it.
tehchaViper-7→ have you buiot your own 3d pritner?
Viper-7on the 3d printer, 0.2mm "points" with 0.05mm movement precision is considered "decent"
Viper-7kit from china, yeah
sceadwianViper-7: Even a manual mill might be okay, half the hard part of a good 3D printer is the lead screws.
fartduinohey guys whats a good site for robotics news i am fixing to take the dive into it
tehchawhy is it that some people who havent had an engeneering degree can build these things from scraps in the middle of 3rd world coutnries and we all need ot buy these fancy rebuilts?
sceadwianthecha: define "these things"
Viper-7thats... between 128 and 512 DPI in 2D printer terms
mrdatatehcha, because they never show you the sorrow they paid
Viper-7modern 2D printers start around 720 DPI
fartduinowhats Min
Novotraes3d printers
Viper-7Novotraes: the only reason i got a kit was so i had all the parts i needed - stuff like a matching pair of motors for the z axis, etc
fartduinohow fast are 3d printers currently
Novotraesthere was a story on ccnn the other night about some guy in a 3rd world coutnry building a 3d printer from electronic scraps
Viper-7typical head moves are 80mm/s
NovotraesViper-7→ so if one knows EE one can do it themselves?
Viper-7Novotraes: sure
Novotraesviper are there any chips involved?
sceadwianNovotraes: sure. the two hard parts are the lead screws and the head.
Viper-7Novotraes: sure, but theres nice cheap solutions for that
Novotraesor this done solely by personal computers and wirringu p the pritnr
Viper-7nah, a fkn arduino of all things, but meh
fartduinoso what kind material feeds a 3d printer is there plastic or rubber
Novotraesarduinos are very powerfull right?
Viper-7they're trash
Novotraesthey are a high end chip with a hefty price tag?
sceadwianThey're fine :)
Viper-7overpriced and underpowered in the modern world
mrdataNovotraes, go to your nearest electronics junk yard and pull out old stuff and start building. by the time you are finished, your story can get on CNN or someplace
Novotraescompared to the normal chips which cost pennies onth eodlalr they go for as mucha s $25
fartduinoif there trash then what do u guys like to use
sceadwianViper-7: depends on your barrier to entry with the programming
Novotraesmrdata→ ?
mrdataNovotraes, you understand there is a gap there, right?
Viper-7thats an arduino mega, a ramps 1.4, and 5x DRV8825 modules
mrdatathat gap is all the stuff the popular story did not disclose
sceadwianI can't see any reason not to be using something like Organge Pi today
Viper-7what that means is, 7-45V input, 5 2A stepper motor drivers with 1/32 microstepping, 3 high current PWM outputs for heaters, and all the onboard logic to turn it into a USB device
Viper-7and yes, i then plug that into an orange pi
Viper-7which acts as a wifi print server
Viper-7you can actually do the same with just an ESP8266
Viper-7but i didnt want to make a PCB :P
mrdataNovotraes, i can tell, english is not your first language.
linux_probetoo much workings for a opne off
fartduinowhat microcontroller did you starts on Viper-7
Viper-7fartduino: PIC
Viper-7PIC16F627 probably heh
fartduinodo u use atmel ?
Viper-7PIC18F2550 quickly became my favourite
Viper-7not much
linux_probeI;d like to see all this new fudge burnt and dump all current electrical engineer folks onto old school tubes
Viper-7i use ESP8266 for most everything these days, unless i need to use something else
fartduinoare pics cheaper
linux_probe:)) lets see what they get done
Viper-7for me they were :P
Viper-7home-brew programmer and free sample chips
Viper-7maximum effort, but zero cost
linux_probeother than electrocuting themselves
Viper-7and im glad i did it that way
Viper-7to use my first microcontroller i had to first build a serial port programmer, including a 13V level shifter
Viper-7once i got that thing flashing an LED... meant a hell of a lot more than an ardweeb's hello world, thats for sure :P
fartduinois the PIC18F2550 good for robotics and what language do u need to program them
fartduinohow bout c++
Viper-7the 2550's main role is as a USB device
Viper-7its great for making joysticks / keyboards / controllers / sound cards / serial adapters / etc /etc
Viper-7its a great "anything to PC" adapter
Viper-7modern model is the PIC18F25K50
Viper-7also 14K50 and 45K50 for smaller and larger packages
NovotraesViper-7→ once you got your chip written with software, how do you go about hoooking it up to actuators?
linux_probeJoe Walsh - Space Age Whiz Kids (1983)
Viper-7depends on what they are
Viper-7i love the little h-bridge modules, i have dozens of them
Viper-7i use them like fets
Novotraesliek i sort of get hwo you get the software ont he chip but how then do you connect this chip to the restof oht euniverse?
Viper-7thats 4x 1.5A push/pull outputs
Viper-7heres 2x 30A push/pull outputs instead
Novotraesso you need another eniter chip to control the motor?
Viper-7or if i want to read an analog sensor, i love these
Viper-7dual channel differential 24-bit analog to digital converter, with 1-128x gain amplifier
Novotraesoh ad converter...
Viper-7Novotraes: yes, these days you can just lego together the modules to achieve the result you want tho
Viper-7which is why i made...
Novotraesmay i ask, why are all links aliexprees?
Viper-7usually the cheapest
Novotraesis it that this is major source for electronics parts today?
fartduinohow long have you been using pic Viper-7
Viper-7its a good way to order stuff directly from the shenzhen markets, or even sometimes directly from manufacturers themselves
Novotraesare these who supply those the same who produce the parts for commercial products?
Viper-7its also quite "safe", aliexpress is an escrow agency, they hold your money until you confirm you received the order, and it was as advertised - only then do they release the funds and pay the seller
Viper-7fartduino: probably a decade
Novotraesviper so they give the customer all the poer
Novotraeswont the customers abuse this privilege?
Novotraeswhat keeps customers from screwing over manufacturers by claiming to received bad aprts
Viper-7meh, amazon gives the customer more
Novotraesi see
tmerrpaypal is a similar story
Viper-7both sellers and customers have ratings
Viper-7my absolute #1 must have thing
Viper-7get one.
Viper-7get 10.
tmerrholy shit
samy^suggestions on building a circuit to light an LED from AM radio if i'm close to a station?
Viper-7its like an arduino, you can use it from the arduino IDE, or using its native LUA script system (which is awesome!)
Viper-7its a 32-bit, 80MHz microcontroller with 4MB flash memory and WiFi
Viper-7can actually overclock it to 160MHz
Viper-7and it can do all sorts of silly things, like bit bang so fast it can transmit color analog TV
tmerrthat's pretty impressive
Novotraeshow much will this cost to a chinese citizen?
linux_probecustomers screwing overe lulvercharge by 5x+
Viper-7those boards come with a usb to serial adapter and such too
Viper-7to make programming easy
Viper-7those 2x 30A drivers i linked earlier
Novotraesif i was chinese and i walked up to the factor what would i pay as opposed to ali express?
tmerrhow the heck does it work from the arduino IDE?
Viper-7you should see them on sparkfun.
tmerri mean, does it have similar libraries
linux_probeso many sold, would take dozens of bunko reports to prove bad parts
linux_probethe rest are marked off as shcukleheads and you get raped on next orders
Viper-7tmerr: the arduino IDE supports the concept of a "board support package", which can include a new compiler, new libraries, etc
Viper-7they basically re-implemented arduino for the esp
Viper-7but seriously, the lua firmware is epic.
tmerrNovotraes: most likely they'd say you're not worth their time, if alibaba's minimum order quantities are any indication :P. For factories on AliExpress, it's the subset that cares about small purchases, and even then there's a system to it.
Viper-7its like wifi.connect("ssid", "password")
Viper-7content =
tmerrthat's very neat
Viper-7if(content.match('foo')) then gpio.write(5, gpio.HIGH) else gpio.write(5, gpio.LOW) end
NovotraesViper-7→ can i pm you?
Viper-7if you must :P i prefer to talk in public
Novotraesi know but i am shy
Viper-7go for it :P
Viper-7i should also link this while there seems to be a new newbies around
Viper-7a few even
linux_probeBill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine
tmerrnice site you've got there :)
Viper-7as for why PIC? they just seem to have the right attitude all round... free IDE, free compiler, one of the most liberal free sample policies of any vendor, their chips are nothing special in the cpu department, but they dont need to be - they have epic peripherals, and if you do your job right, the CPU should pretty much always be in sleep.
linux_probeACTION charges Viper-7 $5K for looking at his webshart'
Viper-7the chips are cheap to buy for production, they'll gladly ship you unlabelled or re-labelled chips, even pre-programmed if you're ordering like, thousands
tmerrthis $2.60 wifi enabled chip... I'm not sure what I would do with it... hmmm
tmerrcould automate my coffee maker
tmerrthat sounds important
tmerrbut that would take some more hardware
Viper-7i try to treat the wifi part of it as secondary
Viper-7it makes for a useful interface to set config settings and such
tmerrso you're mostly in it for the 80 mhz?
Viper-7but ultimately, its just an arduino on steroids
Viper-7like 16x the power or something in most cases
tmerrfor my current project in need analog inputs
Viper-7it only has 1 native analog input pin
Viper-7but you can easily and cheaply add an external ADC
tmerryeah that's true
tmerrany idea what the ADC's resolution is?
Viper-7wrong link
Viper-7the native ADC is 12 bit, 0-1V input, i think up to about 80kSPS
Viper-7thats a 4ch 0-5.5V 860SPS I2C peripheral
Viper-716 bit but also with a 4 bit programmable amplifier, so 20 bit in theory
tmerrcould also just multiplex like the dickens
Novotraesmrdata→ no it is not my first language
jsoftSo, Team, the all important question; Pencil vs Pen ?
tmerrthat'd be reasonable yeah? grab one of these
tmerrso you could have 16 analog inputs where you read one at a time
mrdataNovotraes, so then it is important that you understand, the media articles, promoting that some guy built this thing from spare parts, are handing you a human interest story. all the hard work is not so much emphasized in a short article. there remains hard work
mrdataNovotraes, do you have an engineering degree?
Novotraesmrdata→ i am fully aware that he has to be a talented ee
Novotraesmrdata→ i didnt go to college
mrdataNovotraes, so build it in separate modules that you can test independently; and put them together. when all the pieces fit, you will have a running machine
Viper-7im a programmer, most of my EE skills are related back to my programming skills
Viper-7components are like language functions
Viper-7modules are like third party libraries
jsoftViper-7, yeahhh... on the surface :)
Viper-7i'd rather lean on a high level library, and let it handle the complex stuff for me
Viper-7then its not my fault when it doesnt work as advertised
jsoftThey usually have reference circuits which prove its functionality. If it works there and not in your design, then its your problem
tmerrit's like programming but if you mess up your system is destroyed
tmerrit's like working without version control
tmerrabsolutely reckless
tmerr<-- programmer
Casper<=== not a programmer, but I'm trustable with a screwdriver. What do I do for a living? :D
mrdataturn screws?
jsoftIts like cooking without gas
Casperthey say: don't trust a programmer with a screwdriver, as in: they are not technician, they ain't good :D
tmerrthis is true
tmerri killed a board yesterday...
jsoftI've not destroyed anything in a while
jsoftI must be getting rusty
tmerrtry soldering in the dark
adyertmerr: just light the table on fire. problem solved.
Casperat work, I saw quite a few of those: "My son is a programmer (oh boy... not again) and he tried to fix my computer (no... NOOO...) and things are worst than before! (I knew it!)"
Casperiexplorer -> history: google: how to remove malwares .... ..... ..... cnet .... great...
CasperACTION waves at jaggz 
tmerrim pretty abusive to my computers
jsoftI got a thinkcentere xeon 8 core the other month, happy with it :)
mrdatayou monster
jsoft64G of ram
jsoftand has one of those fancy cd rom drives
Casperin case you didn't know... those sites are bundling malwares with everything, including the malwares cleaner
tmerrCDs still exist?
jsoftI dunno
Casperwhen I upgraded my computer, I actually removed the dead dvdrom
SladeCasper, did they pick up all their malware at cnet?
jsoftI very rarely use CD-ROM's / DVD's, except to install OS
CasperSlade: the initial infection, no idea
tmerri think the worst thing i did was brick a laptop
Casperbut 90% of what was there was due to the cleaning attempt by said programmer...
tmerr... though now that i think about it i can probably fix that.
jsofttmerr, I semi bricked a laptop by smashing it in the face. Still worked, except had no monitor
tmerri flashed a BIOS that didn't work out
Sladeno wonder you like low alcohol content in your drinks
jsoftI dunno how many screens I have destroyed in the past
tmerrin my defense I was a kid, and HP told me to, which was retarded
Caspertmerr: I fixed a laptop from a bad flash
tmerrsometimes there are recovery modes
Casperwas fun to find the hidden procedure
tmerri think i had to resolder the chip
tmerrthere definitely wasn't such a procedure on my laptop
SladeHP makes it difficult in general
Sladethey dont want people finding their whitelists and such
Casperthere might has been... but even the hp tech guys don't know about
Casperbut man... that procedure is so slow....
Casper8MB bios... 15 minutes to flash!
jsoftOf course
tmerroh yeah now i remember. i even got a cheap used motherboard that was probably fucked to begin with off of eBay
jsoftTransmission through a wet noodle
tmerrto replace it
tmerri replaced the laptop's motherboard
tmerrand it still didn't work properly
Casperneeded a <=2G usb drive in fat16, with a single file on it, named exactly in a non-intuitive way... then remove battery and AC, press power, put back batt and power, hold alt-B, press power, release power, wait for the fan to spin like crazy, release alt-b
Casperit was like FIL0B24L.FIL for the filename...
tmerrmy room is slowly becoming a post apocalyptic cyberpunk bit graveyard
tmerrelectronics everywhere, fried things everywhere
tmerri just need keanu reeves and ice T
tmerrmaybe angelina jolie is allowed
Viper-7tmerr: meh, thats what i thought
Viper-7then my i7 died, so i switched to my backup i7 system
Viper-7then that didnt work, so i switched to my backup backup pc, a core 2 duo
Viper-7then that died, so i switched to my backup backup backup pc, an athlon x2 5000
jaggzo/ casper
Viper-7i think i still have 3 or 4 more left if this one goes :P
tmerroh god that's too deep
tmerrthough... i am using a LGA775 system...
Viper-7still have my i5 tablet
Viper-7its become increasingly relevant lately :P
Viper-7this athlon 64 system is depressingly slow
tmerrMy LGA775 desktop has an LGA771 Xeon because hacks
Viper-7i think i only have 2gb of ram in too
tmerrare tablets relevant? they just make me angry
tmerrI didn't think i'd start rejecting technology until my 30s
Viper-7the last bundle option (with docking keyboard)
Viper-7is basically what i have
Viper-7tho i have a samsung :P
tmerrwhat do you use it for?
mozzarellayeah, I hate tablets too
Viper-7it runs debian, and is my development server / coding terminal / media terminal / etc :P
tmerrdo you use an external keyboard?
Viper-7with the keyboard docked its a laptop
tmerrthere ya go
tmerrthat's fine then
Viper-7at both home & work i dont use the native keyboard at all anyway, i use synergy
Viper-7and an external monitor
Donald-Trumpare there any gigabit internet x86 64 bit development boards?
Viper-7but its very useful as a laptop
Viper-7and also nice to be able to detach and use as a tablet on occasion
jsoftYou're a detached tablet on occasion
Viper-7it has a wacom graphics tablet built-in with pressure sensitive stylus etc
Viper-7so kinda nice there
tmerrfor sure
Viper-7its wierd having so many input methods available heh
Viper-7touch + stylus + docked keyboard + synergy
Viper-7any capable of being used alone to do everything :P
jaggzViper-7, you saw how the put out bs?
Viper-7and yeah, the i5 processor is certainly beefy enough
jaggzI think the baud is wrong..
Viper-7it runs a full instance of my hosting system from work
Viper-7jaggz: probably
Viper-7setserial kgo
davidc__Donald-Trump: unless you're thinking of one of the special embedded X86 procs; or really care about extreme low level stuff
davidc__Donald-Trump: any motherboard would work
Viper-7jaggz: despite appearances, the serial port has no real concept of a 'session', it doesnt care if you have the device open yet or not, and the last mode set on the port will be the mode its in when you next open it
Viper-7programs like minicom will both set the port to how they want on startup, and return the port to how it was on close
Viper-7thats a manual step handled by the software
Viper-7you can use an external tool to say, set the baud rate of the port
Viper-7then use whatever simple scripts you want, and they
Viper-7'll run in that mode
jaggzoh php.. not python
Viper-7php doesnt have any native methods to control the baud rate of a serial port, but linux does
Viper-7you can use these via exec() from the php script, or just run them beforehand
jaggzminicom doesn't return it
Donald-Trumpis there any small pc thing with a few gigs of ram
jaggzstty -F /dev/ttyUSB0 shows a simple setup.. 9600 baud, very few other options
jaggzafter minicom runs and exits it's all set with lots of options and 115200, etc.
tmerrDonald-Trump: raspberry pi?
Donald-Trumptmerr: I want x86
crtDonald-Trump, do you support the race war
Viper-7Donald-Trump: meegopads have 2gb ram
Viper-7oh, t07 has 4gb
jaggzViper-7, did you whip up phpcom at that moment?
Donald-TrumpI found this thing called a "mini pc"
Viper-7z8300 atom
Viper-7jaggz: yes
jaggzyer a kewl cat
jaggzit echos back enters and stuff .. but I don't get anything from the port now
Viper-7Donald-Trump: you can get the same thing as that in a box instead of a stick format, but meh
jaggzafter the port settings are all set with minicom (and examined with stty)
jaggz(I don't really speak that way .. cool cat..)
davidc__Donald-Trump: mini-itx board. Plenty of small form factor boards
davidc__Donald-Trump: you can also get SOM / SBCs with x86 processors explicitly intended for industrial / embedded apps
davidc__but they're relatively expensive for the same compute performance / feature set
davidc__Also, you'll probably be using Linux/etc as your host OS
davidc__so the actual HW choice, as long as it has the right peripherals, probably doesn't matter
davidc__ofc, if you're going to market, you definitely want to start benchmarking / validating your app on your actual HW
davidc__and typically, that HW is always going to be from an existing ODM/OEM, unless you're really high volume, or a really niche application
davidc__the cost of developing and qualing a modern x86 board is so high that generally its always more cost effective to use someone elses' SOM, or just hand specs to an existing vendor that can customize for you
Viper-7yeah, an industrial SBC is nice, but at least triple the cost of consumer gear
davidc__but still _much_ cheaper than R&D/NRE/qual cost to spin your own
jsoftYeah what a nightmare it must be right, to get all the stuff sorted in a MB
Viper-7well, especially these days with stuff like atom
Viper-7they're basically a SoC anyway
Viper-7so its less of a big deal
davidc__Atoms are actually easier, well, because of their more SoC like nature
davidc__there's an Xeon type thats similar as well
davidc__but yeah, DDR3 is a pain, and a bunch of the other interfaces aren't much better
davidc__but, HW cost typically isn't a big deal. For embedded/industrial products that need the compute capabilities of an actual x86 proc
davidc__the amortized cost of SW dev is >> than the HW cost, so it makes sense to use an SOM/SBC
Viper-7except that the consumer devices are just as hackable
davidc__Oh yeah, especially for prototyping
davidc__I was meaning for volume production
Viper-7you can repurpose one of those atom stick PCs as a USB host + wifi network server just as easily as you could use a dev board with 10x the cost
Donald-TrumpI wanted to get a small home server thing
davidc__Viper-7: absolutely
davidc__Viper-7: I was talking about prod runs :)
Viper-7yeah, thats fair :P
davidc__Donald-Trump: yeah, go buy yourself a mini-itx
Viper-7ACTION glances at the 3d printed NUC lid on his desk
Viper-7theres plenty of options
davidc__Viper-7: I (apparently falsely) assumed that since this was ##electronics this was an actual electronics question :P
Viper-7why does "actual electronics" imply production and not design/prototyping?
Viper-7kinda tangental i think
davidc__Viper-7: oh, I wasn't differentiating between prototyping/production, but between customized system vs home-server
davidc__seems like Donald-Trump is looking more for an off-the-shelf mini-itx / etc type box (NUC, atom, etc), rather than my long description about "how to get x86 class HW in useful, produceable embedded form factors"
mrdatadavidc__, this channel tends to wander a bit
Viper-7im just going by his requirements, a small x86 system with at least a few GB of ram, and i default to whatever the cheapest method to obtain that is
Viper-7in this case, like $95 gets you a fully functional atom system
Viper-7with 4gb ram
tgeekytheBear: et. al: this function generator can actually put out two seperate signals without coupling. i must have accidentially turned on some coupling mode.
Viper-7if his requirements change to include say, 12 sata channels, then sure i'd probably recommend something more like a NUC or other mini/micro chassis server
Viper-7or for say, 48 sata channels, a 4RU or full tower server :P
Viper-7"For those budding Pokemon Trainers out there using Pokemon Go - whilst the Darwin Police Station may feature as a Pokestop, please be advised that you don't actually have to step inside in order to gain the pokeballs."
Viper-7aliexpress in a nutshell
Casper[1536423.996439] konsole invoked oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x24201ca, order=0, oom_score_adj=0
Viper-7someone ran out of ram :P
Casper64G ram
Viper-7someone ran out of ram :P
Casperlook like something in wine went crazy
Viper-7likely heh
Casperor firefox.... that is what got killed
Viper-7it wasnt java under wine was it? :P
jsoftJava is excellent.
Casperit was steam under wine that run mighty no9
archivistwindows code likes to grab all memory
Casperbecause they still hasn't released their promised linux version
Viper-7jsoft: at using infinite memory? yes it is
Viper-7i use steam for linux all the time :D
Viper-7the home streaming stuff is frankly brilliant.
Viper-7from my windows pc to my linux tablet, over wifi, with like 1-2 frames of latency
Viper-7but afaik you can only use steam for windows as a server
Viper-7steam for linux only works as a client
OoTLinkACTION grins
mnrmnaughi saw a cool thing today. kvm spider. a hardware vnc kinda deal. video goes in, ethernet goes out
Viper-7(windows can do both)
OoTLinksigns of life ^_^
Viper-7mnrmnaugh: yeah, IPKVMs have been around a while
OoTLinkyou know what I found weird back in the day? There was a sort of magic dongle that could turn 1 windows computer into "2'
OoTLinkwonder how that worked lol
Viper-7iLO on HP servers is pretty damn sweet
mnrmnaughViper-7 yeah, apparently, just never seen one. i had it backward at first. i was like huh? :p
Viper-7remote power, bios, screen, keyboard, mouse, usb, sound, etc
Viper-7OoTLink: i've seen what i think you're talking about
Viper-7they made a usb hub and a driver, so you could plug a second keyboard & mouse into that, and it'd have its own pointer and "focus" within windows
Viper-7so you could have a standard dual monitor system, with two mouse pointers and two keyboards, and each person just keeps to their screen :P
OoTLinkViper-7, as I recall this one was more aimed at computer labs
OoTLinkthat's more along the lines of how i figured it'd work though
Viper-7its not that hard to do for the mouse pointer
mnrmnaughoh, yeah, there's an intel thing that does that softwarewise, zaphod head. i wanna rig a kvm footpedal up and use it with two monitors \o/
Viper-7adding a second focus for keyboard input is tricky tho
Viper-7i just use synergy
Viper-7kinda the opposite i guess :P
Viper-7multiple systems, different OS, but you can just move the mouse between them, and type on whatever screen the mouse is on
OoTLinkI've used synergy before
Viper-7like multi-monitor except you cant drag windows between :P
OoTLinkproblem is it'd require me to have multiple computers on at the same time
Viper-7although you can copy using the clipboard
mnrmnaughyeah, i need the double pointer mostly, i use panning and, it's a pain to get allll the way over there
OoTLinkand although I have multiple
OoTLinkI have no idea why I'd ever want to do that XD
Viper-7mnrmnaugh: you can setup hotkeys to switch too
Viper-7the biggest thing with IPKVMs imo, is to get one that actually uses VNC
Viper-7which ironically means the cheaper models
OoTLinkguess i'm not the best nerd here xXD
mnrmnaughViper-7 yes, it dawned on me earlier i could just warp the pointer. but. i love hardware :p i want a foottrackball too \o/
OoTLinkI used to be a better nerd at running my own server and stuff
Viper-7the more expensive ones use their own weird protocols and arent as easy to integrate with
OoTLinkthe only server I run is a vps that sits neglected and hosts my website
OoTLinkruns arch linux and has a very, very broken pacman
mnrmnaughOoTLink feed it dots? :p
OoTLinkthere's a pacman mod that shows a pacman eating dots for progress
Viper-7i have 4 dedicated servers in DCs around the world, another 4 VPS servers, 2 servers at the office on 100M fibre, and my tablet setup as a development instance, which pushes a connection through to the live server via an ssh tunnel for preview builds
mnrmnaughit needs a minigame
Viper-7one of those servers has 192GB ram
Viper-7with about 170GB free...
Viper-7it replaced 12 VPS instances
Viper-7which my boss was paying over $300 per month for, each.
OoTLinkgeez lol
Viper-7im like... gimmie half what you pay for one of those and ill fix it.
mnrmnaughD: well
Viper-7now i have a beefy mostly idle server :D
OoTLinki have a ton of VMs on 3 servers at work
jsoftI have an openbsd VPS for like, I dunno, $5 per month
OoTLinktwo of the servers are 'mirrored' - they're used for different things but have a similar configuration and run the 'same' software
mnrmnaughViper-7 start renting the extra :p
OoTLink(not quite, for practical reasons, like the people using the software on machine A didn't want to be interrupted when I made the new VMs that were supposed to replace theirs)
Viper-7and i have a new dedicated hosting server in australia
OoTLinkand then the 3rd server
Viper-7which will give clients much better performance, etc
OoTLinkhas this bastardized fucked up network config
Viper-7i just havent gotten around to setting up yet :P
Viper-7in like 3 months :P
OoTLinkthat the integration dude SWEARS is kosher and swears I don't know how to config networking on linux
OoTLinkwhich is.. kinda true
OoTLinkbut the way he routed the network is fucked up, too
Viper-7(well, im building a whole new interface, and finishing that before bringing the server live, but hey :P)
Viper-7still feels like such a waste
Viper-7fkn metro interface
Viper-7i hate it
Viper-7it looks jazzy
Viper-7but i hate it
Viper-7noob friendly is the order of the day
Viper-7so it is what it is
mnrmnaughi tried getting into networky stuffs. but. i only have one machine. went for vlans in qemu. it did not end well. i blame the router os i was using. i tried to emulate what i actually have, openwrt on a mips. did not end well
Viper-7my company is a full service shop for corporate IT needs - servers, support, maintenance, backups, website, phones, data projectors, you name it
Viper-7i do websites, mostly PHP design & hosting
mnrmnaughdo they make off the shelf arm routers? o.o
OoTLinkright now i'm just in a mood of self-loathing
OoTLinkthat's what routerboards are for
Viper-7had an order come through the other day, import this website, big client we're doing everything for them, good impression yada yada
Viper-7take a look at it - its fkn a python app
Viper-7boss is like uhh, nothing we can do, we're commited to hosting it, fix it
Viper-7so i setup a hosting environment for python, wsgi, nginx, chroot jail with python virtual home, all the trimmings - website is online, working great
Viper-7their developer pings us - holy shit at the performance of your servers! i cant believe how fast its running! ive never seen the like! what are your rates? can i get you to host other projects?
mnrmnaughheh, nah, like. well sure it's not really meant for that, but pythons gotta be similar to php. maybe not as fast/nice, but, atleast it's sane
Viper-7yeah yeah whatever, we've built it now, we can host all ur shit
Viper-72 days later
Viper-7can i get ssh access?
OoTLinkpython is pretty darn nice
Viper-7sure, already done, whats your ssh key and ill add it?
mnrmnaughwhat else is there really
Viper-72 days later
Viper-7what the fk mate? why dont i have root?
Viper-7uhh? wut? why do you need root to run a python app?
Viper-7what? dont you use docker? isnt this my own VM? are you an idiot? do you have any clue about hosting? what the fkkjkkkk?!?
Viper-7maybe he'd know better performance if his everything wasnt running through 4 layers of virtualization :/
tmerreach nested docker container is 10X the performance
tmerrwow i'm tired
Viper-7i ran for many years
Viper-7open php code execution environment
Viper-7people could run any binaries they like, make outgoing tcp requests, etc
Viper-7yet nobody could send spam with it, nobody could take it down (permanently at least :P)
Viper-7there were a few close calls, but it was my honeypot, to learn how my security could be broken
Viper-7i'd like to think i have a pretty firm grasp of such things now :P i dont need to run scared to a virtual machine to provide basic security for an application in a scripting language
mnrmnaughoh, speaking of, # ok, sure it's dotslash, still kewl though
Viper-7the best attempt was from a proper penetration testing outfit, who shall remain nameless :P
Viper-7they couldnt escape my security, but managed to damage the jail in such a way that no other pastes could run
Viper-7at least for around 5 minutes, until my watchdog rebuilt the jail
jsoftA jail!
jsoftYou diddling with fbsd?
Viper-7nah, on linux heh
Viper-7so it can be sketchy
jsoftOhh. Phhtt.
Viper-7my codepad goes all out tho - system call tracing and all
jsoftGet out of here with your linux lego
jsoftWhats solaris up to these days? Has oracle completely demolished it yet?
Viper-7im pretty darn comfortable with a chroot jail + unprivileged user on a modern linux OS
jsoftOpenSolaris was starting to look pretty good for a while there
Viper-7there are a few vulnerabilities im aware of that are still exploitable, but they're really quite edge case stuff
jsoftI like obsd for that kind of jazz
mnrmnaughreally? afaik solaris is kill
jsoftmost things are chrooted for the win
NovotraesViper-7→ are you on jabber xmpp?
Viper-7at the very least, its significantly better than the security offered by things like PHP's "safe_mode" or "open_basedir" :P
jsoftget out of here with xmpp / jabber
Viper-7Novotraes: nup :P
Viper-7no IM system at all
Viper-7except occasionally steam
Viper-7or google talk via that little applet on the side of gmail
Viper-7IRC for life
jsoftI set up an openfire federated thing a while back. What a load of crap it was
jsoftSuch a nightmare.
jsoftJava bullshit everywhere
Viper-7i used to run a bot to aggregate my everything else to IRC
Viper-7email, office communicator, icq, msn messenger, steam messenger, rss feeds, etc
Viper-7i built it in ruby of all fkn things
tmerri made some bot that relays chat between IRC and omegle
Viper-7was a good experiment to learn the language ill admit
Viper-7but never again
tmerrwhat's wrong with Rubby?
Viper-7ruby has to be one of the least maintainable languages ive ever seen
Viper-7you can have the exact same algorithm in your code, written in 20 different ways, and have completely no idea they all do exactly the same thing
tmerrI thought it was a typical OO language. Haven't used it
Viper-7its "expressive" syntax is very much the antithesis of DRY
Viper-7i far prefer something like golang
mnrmnaughruby ... you got your perl in my python
Viper-7a very intuitive syntax, but theres almost always only one true way to get the job done
Viper-7you learn the rules and use the language the way it wants to be used
mnrmnaughno kid, i, really have only looked at it a bit. but it's ugly
Viper-7not express yourself the way you feel like
Viper-7that doesnt lead to good code.
tmerrpretty much
tmerrBut really, what is it about Ruby that lets you do things your own way?
Viper-7ruby on rails i always found a humorous name, because thats the one comment i'd really make
Viper-7ruby has no "rails" to guide you
Viper-7tmerr: just check the basic syntax, there are like 8 different fundamental ways to loop from 1 to 10
Viper-71.upto(10) { }
Viper-710.times { }
Viper-7for i in 1..10 { }
Viper-7like... wtf
Viper-7and thats before you even get into the "DSL"s and such that are so common with it too
Viper-7so you end up not using any of those dozen odd native ruby methods, and instead use one of several ones implemented by your own code
Viper-7its just hipsters run amok
NovotraesViper-7→ i use jabber/xmpp with pidgin thusly i can communicate off the record
Novotraesi like to adopt practices that make dragnet surveilance impossible
Viper-7the record of irc hasnt proven problematic thus far
Viper-7at least for me
tgeekyViper-7: you won't win this argument
Novotraesnot because I have something to hide but becasue i dont want to reward illegal behaviour from the owners of this country
tmerri can see what you mean about ruby
NovotraesViper-7→ how could it
Novotraesit is not about it being problematic i am doing this becasue if enough did it it would put an end to drag net surveilance
Novotraesbut Viper-7 i agree there is nothing wrong with irc
tmerryeah that's pretty gross
Viper-7Novotraes: so use ssl to encrypt your connection to the irc server
NovotraesViper-7→ good point will do that
Viper-7in regards to what i say being on public record, doesnt really give me any fear, although i might not openly discuss some topics
Viper-7eg SWIM smokes pot
Novotraesbut i am not really worried about being untrackable or anything i just try to take any steps to make it impossible to do dragnet surveilance
Novotraesi believe it interferes with democracy by creating a panopitcum effect
Viper-7aka, i dont give a shit what anyone knows about me, as long as they cant use it against me in court.
NovotraesViper-7→ in that case anything you say can be used against you
Novotraesthere is no inocent paragraph that cant be turned agsint its author
Viper-7eroid would beg to differ :P
Novotraesthat is what they did in those witch trials
Novotraesand so forth
Novotraeswho is eroid lol
Viper-7erowid sorry
Novotraessme thing
Novotraeswho is that
Viper-7basically the wikipedia of drugs
theBeareroid, the premier site for body-buiilding related drug info and general talk
Viper-7their forum are the main source of the "SWIM" prefix
Novotraeslol yeah i am not knowledgeable on those lol
Viper-7Someone Who Isnt Me
Viper-7to prevent self incrimination
Viper-7SWIM does drugs
Viper-7i dont do drugs
Viper-7cant be used against you out of context
Novotraessomeone who is totally not me
Novotraes"a friend of mine" not good enough anymore?
theBearheh, i remember a time that site knew more than i did about a few things... it probly still got me on some of the finer points of more obscure herbs and hippy-shop stuff
qmrthat reminds me
theBearand doas i say, not as i do, no mind should ever be subjected to psychadelics, my god mnan !
qmrViper-7: what is your preferred Indian pharmacy?
NovotraestheBear→ did you know there is a meso american platn that has no efects btu once you sleep it allows you to take control of your dreams and makes you aware you are dreaming?
Novotraesit is called the dream plant iirc
theBearmy pharmacy is only 2/3rds indian, if you count by registered full pharmacists
Novotraesever heard of that?
Viper-7that said, i also have a pretty liberal attitude, and can be vocal about it, but thats mostly because im in a country where we typically get away with such things :P
theBeari don't even know wtf a meso american is
Viper-7qmr:no clude
Novotraeslol Viper-7 great
Viper-7clue even
theBeari do know more than the first thing about getting some active dreaming going on tho
qmrok -- anyone else have a preferred Indian pharmacy
theBearand i'm deep into learning how to program fancy modern moto walkies, so umm, concentrayshun !
NovotraesViper-7→ but what if a donald trump comes to power and decides to line up all the liberals? would it not be best if this future trump would not have an easy time gathering data on dissidents?
theBearanbd yeah, bayley st pharmacy, small but they got what yer need and the personal service is above par ! *click*
Viper-7Novotraes: to be clear, i do mean liberal in the purist sense, these days the parties can be somewhat.. reversed :/
NovotraesViper-7→ gotcha
Viper-7i believe strongly in negative liberty
Novotraesliberal usually means a leftist
Novotraesin the usa it means a harcor capitalist funamentalist
Viper-7the right for a person to do as they please, when they please, how they please, without any interference from anyone else - as long as it doesnt interfere with anyone else.
Novotraesusually it means someone who doesnt accept authority except where it can be proven tohave legitimacy
Viper-7not the positive liberty "right to power and corruption"
Novotraesat any rate a rose by any other name
Viper-7that makes me very much a democrat by political standards, but again its all corrupt and twisted, so bleh
NovotraesViper-7→ it always was this way
Novotraesthere never was a good old days
Novotraesit is getting better only by hard and painfull fights
Viper-7doesnt mean its good
Viper-7and i dont think its getting better
tgeekyViper-7: i believe that all parties should have good music, plenty of booze, and a joint circle that would make snoop dog proud. Republican and Democrat included.
Novotraesliek the civil rigths movement brought some civilizing effects across the spectrum
Novotraeseven though the civil rigths movement was ultimately destroyed by fbi conitel pro and other efforts
Viper-7"The Trap: What happened to our dreams of freedom?" - a documentary by the BBC (old now), speaks my view with quite some eloquence
Novotraesbut they lead to other groups getting up and fighting like th eowmans movement
Novotraesi mean int he 60s and 70s
NovotraesViper-7→ these days we all have the opportunity to learn online
Novotraesand to connect with millison of people
Viper-7our modern view of freedom, with checks and goals and guides to follow in every way and safety measures at every to keep us from any harm, is a very strange and limited view on the term "freedom"
Viper-7at every level*
tgeekyViper-7: adam curtis documentaries are one of the best things on this planet
tgeekyViper-7: bitter lake is awesome.
Novotraesthe more oportuniteis we commoners have the less likely the owners of this coutnry can keep us opressed
Viper-7we said ok, we'll monitor hospital staff, to make sure they're doing their job
Viper-7doctors, you must treat at least 6 patients a day
tgeekyViper-7: Novotraes: you'll probably want to watch this, at some point:
Viper-7suddenly all the easy to treat patients had great care
tgeekyyou *probably* haven't seen it yet
Novotraesviper i can say what i mean by better: for example 100 years ago a black man could just be lynched by a village for nto crossing the street when a white couple came along
Viper-7all the tricky ones got neglected - they gamed the system
Novotraesor that kenedy coudl just nappalm and agent oragne poor vietnam
Viper-7so we added more checks, you must treat x of this class, y of this class
Novotraesreagan couldnt do this
Viper-7your actions getting more and more strictly controlled
Novotraeshe had to resort to undergorund methods
Viper-7in the name of freedom
Novotraesthis lead to les peoplebieng dead
NovotraesViper-7→ i agree but a rose by any other name
Novotraesthey can call it whatever they like
Novotraesdoesnt change what it is
Viper-7i apparently have a very odd view on inequality
Viper-7i dont really understand it at all
Novotraesbut more people are agsint this jsut the media is very good at tuning all of them out
Novotraesso they all feel isolated and alone when themajority feels liek them
Viper-7even animals and such, just because they cant speak english, doesnt mean much to me
Viper-7i was recently thinking about that - how i dont think theres a religion on the planet that recognises the concept of a 'heaven' for animals - its always an exclusively human concept, as if we're some "higher being"
Novotraesthere is a difference between equitable treatment and equal treatment
Viper-7the darkness is ingrained at our core.
Novotraesa fair society will treat people how they want to be treated not terat everoyne how a rich guy might want to be treated
Viper-7this all being said, im an australian, we come off as racist at the best of times
Viper-7we give everyone shit - equally :P
NovotraesViper-7→ yeah i fgot the impression
Novotraesthe stuff australiens did to aborighinies is horrible
Viper-7if we didnt give someone crap about their culture, that would be racist
Novotraesand they still havent got their coutnry back
Viper-7excluding them and treating them differently to how i'd treat anyone else
Novotraesmust suck to be bosseed around inoyur own homeland
Novotraesand treated as less than human int he place you call home
Viper-7ehh, they dont do too badly
Viper-7my old housemate had like 1/16th aboriginal blood
Novotraescompared to before the brittish arrived?
tgeekybossing around in your homeland? you mean like, a wife?
Novotraesi am not trying to say i am better or anything
Viper-7he was on full time government pension
Novotraesor that i ma holier than thou
Viper-7they had him in some job seeking program, he just called up every time and said 'sorry, im too stoned, cant do'
Viper-7they said yeah no worries
Viper-7keep paying him
Viper-7full pension + rent assistance + concession card + etc
Viper-7for existing
Novotraeswell it is like robbing someones house and car and then allowing them to borrow the car
Viper-7i wasnt impressed if you cant tell :P
Viper-7well not really that either
Novotraesi bet if the aborighinies had a vote they woudl rather have things the way they were before the brittish arrived than have the pensions
Novotraesnot trying to roast you
Novotraesi know this is probably a hot button issue
Viper-7i dont think theres any "stolen" land left, at least from a european perspective
Novotraesand as i said i am no angel either
Viper-7it was all bargained for
Novotraeswell let's agree to disagree
Viper-7some later, after it was stolen, it was then paid for, in land here or overseas, and substantial funding etc
mrdataACTION thinks there's lots of remaining land to steal (all of it!)
Viper-7you can argue wether those deals were fair sure
Viper-7but eh
Viper-7which deals are?
Novotraeswell i think it is best to disagree to agree
tgeekyyou can't really argue that in the U.S.
Novotraes:) nto trying to ruffle any feathers
Viper-7hardest one of the great travesties in the world
Novotraeswell as i said i amno angel either
Novotraesand no better by any means
Viper-7Novotraes: im not offended :P i just dont think they have much title anymore - and it gets abused very badly
Viper-7every now and then they'll claim the land under a shopping mall or something and get paid off millions - then do it again years later
Viper-7im just a realist - they were conquered. this is how the world worked.
NovotraesViper-7→ :D i believe they shoudl get the entirety of australia back i am not saying peopel who live ther eneed to leave but they shoudl be handed the reigns
Novotraes:D obviously we are nto going to see eye to eye on this :P
Viper-7Novotraes: there arent many places in the world that weren't owned or claimed by someone else at some stage
Novotraespeople deserve a place to call home
Novotraesa place were they can live their way of life
Novotraesth ebrittish already had such a place
Viper-7and they expanded.
Novotraestaking it away from the aborghinies and then living the brisih way over there while denying the aborrighinies theri way of life is not ok
Viper-7the natives couldnt fight them off, and lost much of their territory
Novotraesi think the aborighinies shoudl be owners of their hoem again
Viper-7its sad
Novotraessame with the native americans
Novotraesdidnt israel return to their native lands?
Viper-7i dont understand the reasoning at all, why is it so different to when any other borders have changed around the world
Novotraesso why cant the same rigths be granted to the aborighinies
Viper-7and believe me, they've changed a hell of a lot over man's existance.
Viper-7because its more recent, it should be forgiven?
Viper-7or perhaps just because it was an isolated region like a continent rather than a state with no clear borders to draw from
Viper-7entire states have vanished from existance
Viper-7should we bring them back? could we even?
Viper-7entire countries**
Novotraesjsut becasue the romans commited genocidee agaisnt kathargo doesnt mean this is ok
Novotraesi mean if someone steals a car and they then pass it on to their kid the kid shoudl return the car to the rightfull owner or their descendent
Novotraesit is the decent thing to do
Novotraesthere is a saying by senecca the younger
Novotraeswho benefits from a sin, commits it
Novotraesi am not claiming to be holier than thou
Novotraesor any better than anybody else just think that what has been taken fromt he right ful owners shoudl be returned...not saying anybody shoudl leave, just give aborighinies thei reings back
Novotraes:D hence i am proposing to you to agree to disagree
Viper-7sorry, my net dropped
Viper-7i missed anything after <Novotraes> jsut becasue the romans
Viper-7but im with ben folds five on this one
Viper-7In a haze these days, I pull up to the stop light
Viper-7I can feel that something's not right, I can feel that someone's blasting me with hate, And bass
Viper-7Sendin' dirty vibes my way, 'Cause my great great great great Grandad, Made someones' great great great great Grandaddies slaves
Viper-7It wasn't my idea, It wasn't my idea, Never was my idea
Viper-7my dad didnt leave me with anything, i'm not responsible for his sins, let alone his distant ancestors - but im here now, this is my house, i pay rates and tax and bills - if you someone wants to say they owned the land first and wants it back - they'll have a fight on their hands.
Viper-7if you +or someone
NovotraesViper-7→ i am nto trying t egg you on or anything or say i am any better
Novotraesfar from it
Viper-7im just openly discussing the subject
Novotraesjust in my opinion the aborghinals should be given the reigns over australia
Novotraesoh ok
Novotraesi was fearing you being offended or ayntign
Novotraesand as i said i dont feel like i ambetter or anything
Viper-7usually pretty hard to do that, takes a special kind of person, and i dont think you're it :P
Novotraesto be fair i believe the same should be done in other places
Novotraesliek give the natives of canada and usa and southafrica their land back
Novotraesjust as was done with indonesia or india
Viper-7europe and such would become a mess
Novotraesthe dutch left indonesia and returned the land
Novotraessame with the british in india
Viper-7at what point do you pick for the "correct" age?
Novotraeswell i dont hink that would be the problem of the aborighinals
Novotraesthey never asked for any of this
Viper-71 AD ?
Novotraesthis si our problem
Viper-7do we just redraw the borders to that?
Viper-7neither did any invaded nation
Novotraesand i dont think leaving is necessary
Viper-7but its happened, very often in human history
Viper-7i dont think you can just "undo" anything
Viper-7even if you gave it back
Novotraeswell gneocide too btu that doesnt make it right
Viper-7whats done is done
Viper-7move on is whats best
Novotraesand sitting on stolen property makes one no better than the original thief
Novotraesof course if you never kenw it was stolen that woudl be different
synx508Nobody owns places.
Novotraesbut i mean we all know what our ancestors did
synx508We only have some of the picture
Viper-7if you go back to the borders that existed say.. 4000 BC, basically nobody is in the right place anymore
Novotraesyet white australians now effectively own the home of the aborighinals
Viper-7we all play musical countries?
Novotraesthe dutch left indonesia didnt they?
Novotraesor th ebrittish left india didnt they?
Novotraeswould it be ok for the US occupation of iraq to oncinue indefinetly and then have it resetllted by ever increasing numebrs of us settlers?
Viper-7because it made sense to them in some way
Viper-7and not about it being "fair"
Novotraeswell i guess we jsut regard the topic differently
Novotraesnothing wrong with that
Viper-7Novotraes: frankly i'd be happier if they actually called it a US state and were up front about it
Novotraesagree to disagree :)
synx508I am in England, nobody really knows who is from where. Conquered, interbred, target for migration etc for time immemorial
Viper-7i think if territory can be claimed by one person, that claim can be contested by another
synx508you'd have to wind back to the first person, which could be tricky
Viper-7theres no one true owner for every square metre of land
mrdatano it's me
SnakesAndStuffViper-7: What is the best aliexpress deal you have for a K-type thermocouple and amplifier? (perhaps MAX31855?)
SnakesAndStuff <-- that is what I'm coming up with
Viper-7eg im half british colonial, quarter american immigrant, quarter french islander
Viper-7where the fk do i go?
Novotraesyet if an aborghinal steals a piece of bread the people who stole their home send him or her to jail...
Novotraesseems liek a double standard
Novotraesto me it says the aborginals can not own anything
Novotraeswhile whtie people own everything
Viper-7Novotraes: if i walk into an aboriginal community and steal a loaf of bread, i'd expect to go to jail just the same
Novotraesbut if you take their enitre country you can just go on as if nothing happened
Viper-7Novotraes: unfortunately, its a simple truth that the world works in terms of power
Viper-7even nature follows this.
Novotraesso might makes right?
synx508animals agree
Novotraesthen it should be ok for me to critisize this
Viper-7harry potter was on tv the other day, a quote struck me as rather funny
Novotraesas i belive might makes right is not justice
Viper-7"killing is a violation against nature, it rips the soul apart"
Viper-7fk of is it
mrdatakilling what
Viper-7nature loves killing
Viper-7its how the natural order works
mrdatai'm sorry, but i dont photosynthesize
mrdatai have to kill something or i dont eat
Novotraesare we beast or are we men?
synx508so this morning I fed my cats, I have two cats. The female has lots more attitude, she ate from both food bowls and only when there were scraps left did she let the physically stronger male eat
Viper-7the strong eat the weak
Novotraesare we held to the same standards as wolves?
Viper-7Novotraes: as i said before, i dont see much distinguishment
Novotraeswovles dont even eat their kin
Viper-7i could see it happening
Novotraeswell wolves have limited coginitve resources
synx508they need to learn from politicians
Novotraesthey can philosophize or at least not to our extent
mrdataif i were a mushroom, i guess i would only eat things that died of their own accord
Novotraeswe have a lot more power and wtih this power comes responisbiltiy to not abuse it
Viper-7and the fact that we're more powerful and abusive than other creatures doesnt make us much better imo
mrdatai'll sleep on that
synx508mrdata, that is a beautiful dream.
Novotraesni ni
Novotraeswell elt's just call ti a day and agree to disagree
Viper-7you're saying a human has more morals than a wolf? i'd beg to differ in many circumstances :P
Novotraes:) i doubt either opinion or view is going to change much
SnakesAndStuffassuming wolves don't eat their kin is a strong (and likely incorrect) assumption. Oversiimplification of animals.
Viper-7indeed ;)
NovotraesSnakesAndStuff→ do you have any evidence to the contrary?
SnakesAndStuffNovotraes: It seems the onus for that would be on you.
Viper-7from my limited understanding and inference, wolves are very strongly pack oriented, and if for example a cub was taken in by another pack, and later came across its old family - i could absolutely see kin eatin a happenin
SnakesAndStuffNovotraes: You made the original claim. Lots of animals eat their own kin.
Viper-7does that mean its ok for an adopted child to kill his natural father? :D
Novotraeswell seems liek you are right
Novotraesthey eat their own kin
SnakesAndStuffAnd it is an oversimplification to place the rules of culture of wolves on humans....
SnakesAndStuffBut at the end of the day... Mother nature is a cruel, mean, bitch of a mistress.
Viper-7hell, i've seen dogs maul each other over a toy
Novotraesbut in general they dont resort to canibalism
Viper-7hence yeah, that quote of "killing is a violation against nature"
Novotraesthey behave like men in this regard
Viper-7might sound nice and poetic
Viper-7but is total and utter crap.
Novotraesthey might eat their friends when their plaine crashes and they are in some iced landscape withotu food
Viper-7Novotraes: but a wolf will happily chase, kill & eat a rabbit
Novotraesin that case they migh resort to canibalism to avoid starving to death
Viper-7and we're fine with that?
Viper-7natures fine with that?
Novotraesi will begrdugingly chase and kill and eat a rabbit
Novotraesi have already eaten rabbit
SnakesAndStuffViper-7: You see my link re: thermocouples?
Viper-7SnakesAndStuff: yeah but i have no idea about any better soz
Novotraes:( not that i was proud of myself but i ate all of it and didnt let any part of the animal go to waste
SnakesAndStuffViper-7: Wait.... You mean.... I posted an aliexpress link that is the best????
Novotraesi would not do that to a fellow human
Novotraesnot becasue i hate rabits
SnakesAndStuffNovotraes: Depends on how hungry you get.
Novotraesyou dont have to survive at any cost
Novotraesat some point i would call it quits
SnakesAndStuffNovotraes: No... Evolutionarily speaking, to have some level of success you just need to survive until you pass on your gametes.
Novotraesevolution is not about success
Viper-7Novotraes: say a person builds a house on a wolves home, it wanders off and finds somewhere new to live. it has cubs, and even years later, another wolf comes along, and considered that whole territory his, so attacks the new wolf - the kids gang up on the lone "owner" and likely kill or at least wound him, and "claim" the territory for themselves
Novotraesit is just about what happens to have some staying power
Novotraesit is all luck and at the right tim in the right place
Viper-7theres nothing unnatural, evil, immoral, etc about that process, except perhaps the person building the house
Viper-7some sad moments perhaps
Novotraesor at the wrong palce at the wrong time :)
Viper-7i dont see how its so different with people
Novotraesthere is nothing evil immoral unnatural abotu that unless ithappens to you
Novotraesif it was the other way arround i am sure you would nto feel that way
Viper-7its life, its nature, its the way of the world
Novotraesthere is such a thing as being invested
Novotraesand when somebody has a vested interest in an injustice it is really hard for them to see it neutrally
Viper-7no territory was ordained by the gods to be owned by any particular person
Novotraesi am just saying the slave owners probably could epxlain to you in great detail why slavery wa sthe best solution for everybdoy invilved
Viper-7its all one's claim against anothers, mostly now ancient grandfathers claims persisted through paperwork and history
Novotraeswell agree to disagree
SnakesAndStuffViper-7: Thinking of broadcasting some temp readings etc of my smoker while I cook... Figured K-Type thermocouples were the best bet.
Novotraesi gto to go now was a pleaure
SnakesAndStuffDue to temperatures involved.
Viper-7sure its a lovely dream that we could undo every military technology, invasion and death since the invention of the sword or the arrow, but at the end of the day - its that dream which is the "unnatural" element here.
Viper-7the death, destruction and changing of borders are sad, but just fact, history, done
R0b0t1_SnakesAndStuff: usually yeah
Jan-hihi electrons :)
Viper-7SnakesAndStuff: other than the one that came built in to the head of my 3d printer, i really have no idea about em
Jan-vipers and snakes :/
Jan-So that's a K type thermocouple.
Jan-Are there L type thermocouples?
Jan-or A, B and C type?
Viper-7apparrently this is K type too
Viper-7like i said i have no clue
Viper-7wikipedia says E, J, K, M, N, T, B, R, S, C, D, G types
Viper-7material of the sensor
Viper-7approximately 41 V/C.
Viper-7(for K)
Jan-41 microvolts per degree C?
Jan-that's not many microvolts
Viper-7well they max out at like 1500 C
Viper-7so thats at least a few mV :P
Viper-7i get the feeling its more about consistency and linearity than quantity, maybe 100mV full scale swing isnt bad for a physical effect type sensor input tho
Viper-7you dont get that much from most strain gauges / weight sensors
Jan-I'm not sure how any of this stuff works really.
Viper-7HX711 was fun to play with, along with some air pressure sensors
Viper-7128x gain amplifier then a 24-bit ADC
Viper-7really really fine details heh
Viper-7i dead bugged the sensor directly onto the HX711 to minimize any noise
Jan-lots of noise surely
Viper-7was surprisingly good
Viper-7slow samples tho
Jan-I think the denizens of ##electronics and ##engineering if there is one should band together and develop a fighter jet. We could hardly make more of a hash of it than any of the people who do it, then we could sell them for loads of money.
kevs926how about field testing and initial capital
Viper-7whats that, about 500pV per division? heh
jsoftWhat are we going to do with a fighter jet
Jan-sell 'em to people with lots of money.
jsoftWell fair enough then
Jan-we could undercut the big companies
Viper-7there was a nice article on working with femtowatt signals
Jan-ACTION hovers overhead in the rofl-f35
Viper-7meh, cant find it
jsoftDid you guys hear about the vote thing the british government put out to name some flash battleship or something, and the internerds voted 'Boaty McBoatface' ? :D
Viper-7Jan-: i can see it now.. it'd have 29 engines and no ejection lever
Viper-7jsoft: yup, i voted! :D
Jan-Me too!
Jan-Happily, they named the onboard submersible Boaty.
Viper-7the guy who suggested the name was quoted as saying "I'm so terribly, terribly sorry."
jsoftI think it's epic
jsoftFuck all the serious business, go to war with loltastic battle names
Jan-it's a research vessel, anyway, not a battleship.
jsoftoperation shooty pow pow, Boaty McBoatface to lead the fleet
Viper-7"i served two years aboard the distinguished HMS Boaty McBoatface"
Viper-7it'd look nice on the resume
jsoftDamn random explosions around this area
Viper-7i'd crew aboard the great ship "Don't Shoot Me"
jsoftWhats up with this place and its random explosion noises
jsoftViper-7, hahaha :D
_abc_ come to think of it, I've been doing it all wrong all these years, zapping my hands, my chest. Should have known that doing it to the head is much better.
Viper-7this is the USS Don't Shoot Me, Please don't shoot me.
_abc_Has anyone here built a "biofeedback" or other brain/head related thingy lately? Arduino powered, or not? That trend should be coming soon too.
jsoftOr something like USS Friendly
Viper-7another great news headline
_abc_The USS Shoot Me is iirc the US destroyer which keeps going into the Black Sea here, on "visit".
_abc_Taunting the Russians a bit
Viper-7_abc_: i played with an emotiv epoc headset long enough to realise that with the right stimulus, it could create some scarily effective feedback loops, but thats just input
_abc_ this one.
_abc_USS "Shoot Me" Donald Cook
_abc_I wonder what crap electronics they used that they got fried like that.
_abc_Viper-7: I don't know what that is. 4 electrode? 3? More?
Jan-hihi _abc_!
Viper-7like 18
Jan-ACTION offers _abc_ a chocolate biscuit
_abc_The cookie person!
_abc_ACTION stashes it away, trying to lose weight
Viper-7but they arent attached to the scalp, they're on a plastic headpiece thing
_abc_hi Jan-
Viper-7so its kinda noisy as hell, but the signals are there
_abc_Viper-7: Yeah 18 will partly image the "location" of the pulses
_abc_Viper-7: no get or such right?
_abc_The electrodes, are metal, not conductive plastic or gel? No wetting requirement?
Jan-ACTION pokes experimentally at _abc_'s belly
Viper-7i think they might be a conductive plastic, maybe metal, but yeah no gel or anything
Viper-7hair can be in the way, tho causes issues
_abc_I know.
Viper-7all i know is, it was scary good at getting a few simple gauges for things like 'engagement'
Viper-7basically just inferring neurotransmitter levels
Viper-7but in realtime, without any chemical contact
d1zis there an #electricity channel rather? something more akin to a channel with people with expertise in high tension lines
_abc_What is "engagement"?
d1zoris this the place to ask?
_abc_ACTION thinks engorgement at head level is not goof
_abc_d1z: do you wanna steal current?
d1z_abc_: no. I've been having a problem of overvoltage in my 220V current for a long ass time
d1zthe incompetents from the company haven't been able to fix it
d1zI was wondering if it was possible to reduce/extract? a specific amount of voltage from the line
d1zthe thing is, my voltage protectors indicate an overvoltage, I don't know exactly how much it is, but I could probably measure it if I get a multimeter
Viper-7_abc_: in this case im specifically talking about dopamine or such, usually a pretty clear sign the person is enjoying what they're doing and is paying attention to it
d1zthen, I was wondering how to setup some gadget that would reduce the overvoltage of the circuit so that it stays closer to the 220V that I need
_abc_Viper-7: Google will make those things mandatory then.
Viper-7in my case playing with it i found at least one gauge which was very much an analog representation of this
_abc_Viper-7: how many readouts? I guess 5?
_abc_alpha beta gamma and 2 inferred from them?
Viper-7the software gave like 23 axis, in total, many calculated, i believe it was 5 actual scientific ones
_abc_d1z: buy a "voltage regulator" matched to your power needs and use it all the time.
_abc_d1z: you are in Asia right?
_abc_Viper-7: There were several kit staratups like EEG arduino etc and several evaluation boards from analog devices and some else I forget for EEG -> PC data acquisition. Anything else new on the diy plane?
Viper-7it was enough to make me re-think quite a bit about mental feedback loops, mind control, hypnosis, advertising, etc :P
Viper-7i havent heard of anything new in a while
_abc_Viper-7: 5 scientific ones? With 18 electrodes?
_abc_1970s biofeedback was cute. Rings on 2 fingers, lies/no lies; he loves me/not
_abc_7555 + 9V battery
Viper-7well, im not sure anything that emotiv mob were doing was "scientific", but 5 actual analog dimensions of data from the sensors
Viper-7the rest were all calculated from that
d1z_abc_: no, south america
Viper-7if you're intense and focused, you're angry, etc
_abc_Viper-7: and it could sort of tell that? Did you use a double blind test?
_abc_Self reinforcement while watching the gauges being a thing.
_abc_Think of it as subjective^2
Viper-7well, you could certainly learn to influence the probes yes, but that was kinda much of the point of it
Viper-7it wasnt transparent mind reading, as an alternative input device
_abc_I see,
_abc_Thanks for the input. Was the device wireless?
Viper-7it had i think 3 different 'categories' for the data
Viper-7there were "emotions"
d1z_abc_: I reckon you are suggesting a voltage regulator, as opposed to a voltage protector which is what I have right?
Viper-7one that was more eye/head tracking "movement"
_abc_yes. d1z search "mains voltage regulator" on google
d1zis a voltage regulator able to dissipate/cut out the excess of voltage?
_abc_d1z: yes
Viper-7and the silly "jedi" stuff where you trained it based on arbitrary brain flexing :P
ShadowJKd1z, what kind of protector do you have?
Viper-7which you could get 3-5 discreet "buttons" from depending on the person, with varying levels of effort required (more than you'd want)
_abc_Okay, "emotions" = "noise"; "tracking" = "left/right correlation"; "jedi" = correlation with stimulus
_abc_Looks like I decoded that easily >;)
_abc_ACTION did tinker with some digital filters for eeg->computer input control
Viper-7it was being pushed at the time to the gamer market, for eg counter-strike, dont reach for the reload key - just think it!
_abc_two word:
d1zshadowjk: some shitty one that almost never puts itself in green (alas, overvoltage is what it indicates 90% of the time)
Viper-7as you'd imagine, nowhere near reliable, responsive, or low effort enough to be remotely useful
_abc_s: ring mouse/glove
d1zshadowjk: but I also have a decent/better one and it also displays overvoltage
Viper-7the one semi-reliable use i did find was for voice comms
Viper-7it was capable of telling when you "meant" to be talking to your friends or not
d1zthat one has a little thing to adjust the minimum voltage only, but not the maximum
_abc_Ah? Mental PTT?
_abc_I know a person with Tourette's who could use that ;)
Viper-7your brain while playing a game, versus your brain while getting yelled at by your mum, look pretty different to a computer :D
Viper-7but yeah even like, answering the phone for a work call, it wouldnt fire, then you'd yell for covering fire and it'd come :)
Viper-7that was cool
ShadowJKd1z, I ask because I've never seen one with indicators like that
_abc_off topic: Sanders is wrong, Socialism's planned economy is not "groping about in the dark", it's about groping around in the pockets of those who have something left.
_abc_ShadowJK: cheap protectors are just varistors and leds for high med low
kuribasIs there protoboard without copper?
kuribasShould be easier for desoldering & making changes.
Viper-7i say we ditch the economy and switch to the beerconomy
Viper-7earn a carton an hour, pay your rent with a pallette, and drink the profits
ShadowJK_abc_, the fanciest I've seen have been gdt+varistor and led behind a fuse and led. Once the varistor dies, the fuse blows, and the "protected" led goes out
Viper-7yep, im australian.
ShadowJKsurge protectors can't do anything about permanent overvoltage though..
Viper-7sure they can
Viper-7crowbar/shunt it long enough to blow the fuse
kuribasI am looking on aliexpress, they all have copper pads...
_abc_ShadowJK: expensive stuff uses onion sized triacs or sidacs and fuses before it but that is rare.
ShadowJKI built my own at work and put 0.5A gg/gl fuses in it
_abc_ShadowJK: a normal relay or triac or motor/variac based voltage regulator is the norm in 2nd and 3rd world countries
_abc_The variac one is among the more popular. Also ferroresonant ones.
ShadowJKSince so much stuff is built for worldwide voltages these days, I wonder if most should be able to handle 250V anyways
_abc_The latter are indestructible but heavy and run hot
Viper-7ACTION connects _abc_ to a variac
Jan-now I have to get on a train and go to a place :(
_abc_ShadowJK: Some older things have trouble, a classic example are small automation devices like compressor, thermostat etc which use a tiny pcb mount iron transformer, which is tightly dimensioned and very lossy. 250V cooks it in time.
Viper-7Jan-: hope the trains not full!
ShadowJKThat reminds me
_abc_Jan-: your trains are still running? I heard they cancelled hundreds of them.
Jan-they usually do
_abc_ShadowJK: also tubed/valved equipment is picky about mains, and will have transformer taps for 220 240 260
Jan-there's basically no penalty for them not running trains
Jan-they don't have to refund fares
ShadowJKOf the machine at work that has a 500VA 24V transformer, rectifier and 10,000uF capacitor, feeding a 0.5A load. Things go "pop" sometimes
theBearwowee ! that weather eh ? had front and back wipers going flatout and struggled to see anything, almost aquaplaned the whole way to the shops
Jan-hey bear :)
Jan-ACTION gives theBear a big hug
Viper-7theBear: its been dried up here for hours now
_abc_ShadowJK: 0.5A or kA?
theBearthat's way too many va's, and not nearly enough uf's or load :)
theBearhurro young jan :)
_abc_ShadowJK: oh I see
theBearViper-7, well err, bully for newcy ?
_abc_theBear: but no snow? Where does it snow in Aussie? I saw a film of one of your roos crossing a ski slope full of people.
Viper-7down south
theBeari know all kinds of stuff ! the lady at the little shop where you stand outside and there's a thing full of food in front of you likes me, so i gots me 3 fresh garlic breads for all my change ;-)
Viper-7canberra, melbourne, etc see snow
Jan-ok byebye all
theBearwe only got maybe 2 mountains you can ski on, very occasionally ? and they near him, i'm west-si-ide-eh these days, winter is 90% 10-20c and summer is 90% 25-45c, and it ain't tropical, not even slightlyh
Viper-7sydney and perth less so
theBeara hour or so south of viper i never even considered a static strap due to the sub-tropicalness, but over here i get lots of little shocks regardless of shoes clothing or floor material, you know, to remind me to put on a strap
theBeari seen a lot of hail more than ankle deep a few times, that was kinda a winter-wonderland, i spose
Viper-7i bet that fur is murder for static
theBearheh, i like being years behind everyone else with tech like computers... when i came in i just glanced at the end of the kitchen bench and spotted at least enough ram to double what is in my shiny new g5 here, and i suspect a way better video card, not sure if it's agp or pci64 maybe
Viper-7yeah, its hailed here more than a few times
theBearmore than a few eh ? impressivce
Viper-7usually everyone just panics about their windscreen
theBeareveryone should panic about their face !
leizhouhello everyone
leizhouNice to be here
Viper-7hai dr nick
theBeareffin ouchey fingies, specially on one side... mighta got a bit excited with the razor/stanley blade last night when that stupidass walkie battery was just sitting there not being open
theBearleizhou, and we're glad to have you !
leizhouthanks theBear
Viper-7i speed-trimmed a 3d print earlier for a friend that came around
theBearleizhou, mmm, freddy is suppose to have a clip to play here... so, how were your holidays ?
Viper-7i dont *think* i got myself with the knife
Viper-7time will tell
leizhounothing much, theBear. just lying in my bed the whole weekdays.
theBearACTION adjusts his clothing and desk-effects excessively and does some letterman grade casual sitting around
theBearheh, sounds like that's where the smart money is from here
theBearACTION adjusts his tie knot yet again and checks his immaculate cufflinks
theBearhehe, that letterman, the new batch ain't got nothing on him
Viper-7ACTION walks by theBear and drips coffee on his shirt
Viper-7its true
Viper-7i saw some new late night with some nobody the other eve
theBearpfft, been there, done that, also got blood, double sidey stupid battery insides goop, and err, i dunno, cuople other little mystery stains, but they're from last week,. so it's cool
Viper-7such epic fail
Viper-7"is that blood on your shirt?" 'its ok, its old and putrifying'
theBearthey all switched... no more jay or conan or letterman, that scottish feller and his mohawk half-a-robot announced retirement for a december or two back, now it's the fat english kid from that movie about the sword of dialdo and the lesbian vampire business, and err, well at least reggie seems to be the new paul on all of em recently
theBeartomorrow i'll wash this blood off my shirt, but your face will still look like that ! take that random passer-by !~
theBearwould you like another ?
jozea little
theBearACTION puts on his lightest full-finger "ninja" (literally printed on the back of) gloves and goes to save his saucepan-kettle from boiling dry 
theBeari need to make a giant saucepan-sized whistle for it really
theBearjoze, mmm, feisty one you are
theBear=but you'll keep
Viper-78pm on a saturday eve
Viper-7and i have nothing to do
Viper-7sad state of affairs
theBearoh yeah boooiiiiiii, fresh quick way too hot oven garlic breads for my laughing gear to get all wrapped around
Viper-7ooo u bastard
Viper-7its ok tho, i has tim tams
ss23play pokemon go
theBear6pm and i still got options, tho i'm a cripple and a pensioner, so it's not shameful if i stay home ;-)
ss23I walked into the office so I could do work
ss23I think I win out of the three of us
Viper-7what is your obsession with pokemon
theBeargot breakgfast plans with mum and one of her pretty staffs from the cafe tomorrow too
ss23Mine? ;_;
ss23I've almost never mentioned it!
theBeari'm not obsessed, i just like pre-evo pikapika ... pika C HUUUUU
theBearand i've literally never mentioned it, and dunno if ash and pikachu are even still on the scene
Viper-7i admit that human sized 3d printed pikachu was pretty coo
theBearand not sure i ever watched a single episode
theBearhmm, cool you say ? you sure it wasn't me and not pikachu at all ? i am human-sized, more or less
Viper-7you dont need to have read any comics/manga, watched any series, or played any games to know who pikachu is or what he sounds like :P
theBearat least that's what i tell myself when i can't get to sleep a t night
theBearspecially if you took too much lsd in the late last-century, dpm
theBear;don't strictly need any cartoons anymore
Wayward_VagabondI like putting stickers that say 'actual size' on random objects.
Viper-7pretty sure i said coo, and i think i know the difference between bears and mythical yellow creatures that shoot lightning bolts out their ass
theBearfortunately i'm not very strict on myself
theBeari'm not sure you do !
Viper-7you might turn yellow and shit lighting at any moment?
Viper-7pikachu's tail is a waveguide using the skin effect?
Viper-7yogscast to the rescue
barubaruWhat is the name for a generator of sinusoidal signal based on L-C-C topology like colpitts generator) but where tranaistor is always on or always off? transistor in half-on mode isnt efficient
_abc_Power oscillator. barubaru I want a share from your profits, from your free energy generator.
Viper-7finally actually read your link btw _abc_
barubaru_abc_: its not about free energy generator, unfortunately, its a boring motor excitation, so profit is unlikely to be big
Viper-7sounds like the violet ray all over again, just connected to your skull...
Viper-7of course it has all kinds of healing powers, its electricity!
_abc_Viper-7: I did teleportation once. Seeking a noisy hissy HV leak from a color tv, light off to see it, zapped me in the forehead. Woke up staring at the ceiling with a bad headache.
Viper-7oh btw it might cook you.
_abc_Viper-7: look up "violet wand". I had to, someone asked me to build one. I declined.
Viper-7bigclive's recent video on them was a good refresher on the subject :P
_abc_He studied the matter? Wow. Daring man.
Viper-7apparently they're on the ~$20 item from china list now
Viper-7"recent", "1 year ago"
Viper-7oh well
barubaru_abc_: cant find anything useful out power oscillator, is there another name for it?
_abc_barubaru: Royer converter
_abc_Viper-7: bigclive sounds British? Or American?
Viper-7british, but theres something else in there too
jsoftAnyone rocking HP 15c's ?
barubaru_abc_: yeah, thats very close to what i need but royer oscilllator is based on L-L-C, so a double inductor, but i want L-C-C, double capacitor
_abc_Half a Royer converter. Yes it works.
theBearmmmmm very nice... i know that "clean" isn't the word for it, but it's certainly 12 very full shopping bags of crap closer, assuming i get them off the kitchen floor and to the bins waaaay up the far end of the carpark
theBearhalf a royer is a jewel-robber innit ?
barubaruJewel thief is a relaxation type, very different
theBearand you can ecxhange l's and c's... they're all 90deg if you push the cutoff far enough, just different directions, but you know, -360 is still 360
barubaruIt doesnt give sine wave, but a delta waves instead
theBearwell, i guess i can't remember what one of those 2 circuits looks like then
theBeardelta waves ? like missisipi blues ?
theBear1bit d-a is lots of teeny delta waves, that's what i just decided
theBearprobly just as many whatever shape sigma's are too
theBearshould probly workout wtf is all intermittent and supernotcool on the massive fpc in that battery and get it back together,. now i got the software side tamed
theBearyou think he'd notice if the battery was a lot more hollow and not-power-ey than it used to be ? he IS a sharp feller
theBearand Viper-7 is a fart smeller <grin>
Viper-7the correct term is snorkeldorfer, thank you very much
Viper-7(someone who farts underwater then sticks their nose in the bubble)
theBear]turns out i not only got way more cream than i thought, even slightly runny flavour which is perfect for sketti reductionist sauce approaches, but i even got half acheese ! i'll eat like a king tonihgt !
theBearheh, something new everyday !
theBearwhen yer think about it, every day of life really is a new adventure !
Viper-7such amazing discoveries to be made!
barubaru_abc_: half of royer is a jewel thief, as i see it, thebear was right
talin_hello. kicad or eagle? :)
barubaruand it still needs more wires from inductor
Viper-7talin_: kicad, eagle has stupid size limits on the free ver
theBearwoah there, easy tiger, i dunno about all these discoveries, lets not get carried away and raise our expectations
talin_Viper-7: aah, great. thanks :)
theBearViper-7, yuour circuits are just stupidly not-small
sammybkicad is good for me
jsoftYeah kicad seems legit.
Viper-7why the fk would they put the bar at 70mm
Viper-7when every fkn board house goes from 50 to 100mm
theBearbarubaru, seriously ? wowee ! and kudos fer mentioning it, i woulda happily gone thru life thinking i was wrong there :)
jsoftkicad is only a free version.. what are you talking about
Viper-7thats on eagle
Viper-7and why i prefer kicad :P
theBearpretty sure the bar, hehe, 70mm bar,, was in inches when the foreigners still owned eagle
jsoftI have the 'trial' version of altium, and prefer others
theBearcan't blame 'em fer selling out tho, bet farnells would paid more than a few bucks
jsoftkicad seems nice to a noob like myself
Viper-7if we're talking payware, i fkn loved autotrax dex.
theBearwell we're not.
jsoftI prefer HP 15c.
Viper-7it was noob friendly but had all the features of the best ive seen
theBearbig man with your fancy disposable income
barubaruThebear, you was right =)
Viper-7but yeah $99 a copy
Viper-7i said fu.dat
jsoftfoo dat
theBeari got a hp 15" pfft, 6345 or something like that here if yawant it cheap
talin_i have a friend who uses kicad and he says it's great for exporting to some sort of script language that can simulate circuits too
Viper-7i'll use kicad and do my whole project on $20 kthx
theBearchoice of either core2 or athlon64 model even!
jsoftRoger that, Viper-7, out
Viper-7theBear :<
theBeari'll use noname veroboard and do mine for 4buck
theBearmaybe less, i bought a few big chunks about 20 years ago and they seem to be going a long way
Viper-7the footprint wizard for dex had a rather absurd package selection, and everything had not only schematic & pcb footprint, but 3d models included as standard
Viper-7so everything you made just worked out of the box as 3d models etc
Viper-7and it had a cool auto-place and auto-route system where you could fuzz out a sensible layout with nearly zero thought/effort
theBearheh /me imagines some wild haired old dude in a big smock with giant feet and a witches hat stomping around making footprints every which way
theBeartheyu should make magazines like that, 3d models and some fancy routing deal all included standard
Viper-7if i was a footprint wizard, i'd be sitting back and letting the shoes do the walkin
theBearcan't mnake footprints with thje shoes, unless maybe you got shoes that look like giant feet ~!
Viper-7sure you can, just turn them inside out!
pokmodoes anyone know if it's a good idea to do PWM on the MSP430?
pokmoi have some code working on the arduino, so i wonder if it'd be a good idea to port it to the MSP430
Viper-7pokmo: works fine sure
Viper-7i have an msp430 based pwm motor controller right next to me
Viper-7i was using a PIC, but i blew up my pickit
theBearhmm, wtf kinda antenna holes are those on the back of my shiny new g5 ? and what's the deal with that fat round looking dvi plug ?
Viper-7so MSP430 it was :P
pokmoViper-7, i see. will a separate timer be needed?
theBeari heard worse ideas
Viper-7they have everything you need on chip except the pass transistor
theBearand that's the magic of programming, you get to decide on acceptable specs,. then gyou can achieve them a billion ways
jsoftAnd the only true way is through a multitude of in vouge java frameworks
Viper-7pokmo: energia is actually really well done, they clearly put some money into it
Viper-7arduino code running under energia runs very well - tightly optimized etc
Viper-7and well, the TivaC impressed me
Viper-7Serial7.write() etc
theBeari wonder...l the big fancy shield thing above the cpu sink has been a bit monkied, the ram can't have been working how it was kinda in t here, and i still pretty sure this is the hassley water-cooled-cpu model that aeven i used to avoid moving the cpu end cos of th e hassles.. do i strip it righ ddown or justfix the ram and see whaqt it does ?
pokmoi havent tried energia
theBeari do feel like a punk, burt not sure if it's a lucky one or not
Viper-7pokmo: its the arduino ide, only red.
Viper-7red like the commie scum that is.. texas instruments... wait....
theBearthe only well-running arduino c ode is arduino code that isn't running !
theBearprocedural c ftw !
Viper-7the esp8266 arduino support is great too
Viper-7its not like the API is a hard target to hit
pokmoso i could use energia for programming the arduino, msp430, esp8266?
theBearhmm, wonder how many years i can not write a whole program in any language, even a small one, and still be allowed to make such agressive comment s
Viper-7energia looks like the arduino ide but is only for msp430 / tiva c / other Ti chips
theBearso you saying the api is a lot like a massive fat puter-nerds ass ?
pokmoi see
Viper-7the arduino ide can be used for arduinos, or via board support packages for esp8266, stm32, and more
pokmoyeah, i use the arduino IDE for esp
Viper-7for example, the arduino IDE doesnt offer much native control over the PWM
Viper-7even the ability to set the frequency is an extension
Viper-7both energia and the esp8266 board support packages include extra functions, to enhance these capabilties, while remaining backwards compatible with the arduino API
Viper-7so yeah, its all pretty nicely done
theBearheh, yer poor little avrduino running slow? hey, you just keep coding poorly in an excessive oo paradig-em and we'll give you an infinitely more powerful stm for it to waste instead ;-)
Viper-7i have an stm32F103 board
Viper-7an STLink v2 programmer
Viper-7the arduino ide
Viper-7and the board support packages
Viper-7i gave it a go for a good.. 3 hours?
Viper-7at the end i finally got it to blink a LED
Viper-7but had no peripheral support working
Viper-7i'll stick with an esp8266 kthx
Viper-7works like a champ
theBearheh, and you're ADVCOCATING the rap that did that t o you
Viper-7im not advocating stm32 via arduino :P
Viper-7i never did :P
Viper-7hardware wise the stm32 is great
Viper-7but the community is one of the worst
Viper-7the support just aint there, everything is roll your own
Viper-7once you get setup sure, you can then (ab)use the great hardware
Viper-7but bleh
Viper-7i've been seriously an nRF51 DK tho
Viper-7the dev kit for the nRF51822
Viper-7its $99 for 4 devices/dongles, the programmer, and licences to their IDE and bluetooth stack
Viper-7kinda just holding out for esp32 tho
Viper-7*i've been seriously considering an nRF51 DK tho
jsoftI've been seriously considering another bourbon
Viper-7ive had 3
Viper-7theres 1 left
jaggzI got a new usbc cable (
jaggzleft the phone on a 2A charger for 3 hours.. didn't seem to move a bit
jaggzit says "charging slowly"
Viper-7so it doesnt recognise your charger as 2A :P
NullEntityjaggz, part of the risk of buying from china. For fast charging, you generally need more than just the power pins so some usb cables that are power only won't work
jaggzhmm.. it says "data charge charging cable"
jaggzso.. yeah.. my other cables, from amazon -- also usb b-c cables -- say "charging"
jaggzI get "charging (slowly)", "charging", and "charging rapidly" (I think that's what it says)
Wayward_VagabondMy phone doesn't charge off of most 'charger' ports
Wayward_VagabondIt's a candybar phone who's included ac adapter is only 500ma, but is the pickiest damn thing about what ports it'll accept power from
jaggztrying to find details on what exactly it's looking for
jaggzlike the old .5 or 1A if data pins shorted or something
Viper-7a potential divider for each pin usually these days
Wayward_VagabondI have this 4 way lighter plug splitter in my truck, the usb port on the bottom charges my phone, or one in a 2.1a adapter.
NullEntityjaggz, to be fair, I wouldn't be too surprised if a cheap cable from china didn't work. It's part of the risk
Wayward_VagabondGotta be a dedicated 2.1 port, anything that has more than one port with 'pooled' current capacity won't work
Viper-7Wayward_Vagabond: careful with the lighter one :P
Viper-7those are typically still linear heh
Wayward_Vagabondthough I suspect the one in the splitter is just jumpered differently, as it doesn't boast any sort of current spec
Wayward_VagabondWhat's wrong with it being linear?
Viper-7~14V supply, 5V out, 0.5-2A current
Viper-7thats 9-48W of heat
Viper-7can get melty after a full charge
pokmoViper-7, is energia the canonical IDE for programming the msp430?
Viper-7especially if you like, charge more than one phone after the other
Viper-7pokmo, no, ccs is
Viper-7or IAR
Wayward_Vagabond9w max then, phone doesn't charge faster on a 2.1 port than on it;s included ac adapator
pokmooh right
Viper-7energia is just an outreach to the arduino community
pokmoViper-7, so energia happily takes arduino sketches?
pokmoi see
Viper-7Wayward_Vagabond: actually 4.5W at 0.5A actually, but yeah
_abc_Viper-7: did you do something with a picduino? pic32?
Viper-7still plenty in a sealed plastic case if left for a while
Wayward_VagabondI have a 2.1+1 for my rechargeable head lamp/mp3 player respectively, never noticed it get warm when both are plugged in
Viper-7_abc_: pic16/18 are where i stayed
_abc_Viper-7: pic32 is mips
_abc_I am waiting for the picduino version that can run retrobsd on it. Then, I'll get it...
theBearhmmm... i hthinks maybe i decicded on my next course and it might be all nice and hot in the kitchen ? left find outski !
jaggzI'm looking into where this 56k pullup is supposed to be
Viper-7i dont use any pic for its cpu :P
jaggzI don't actually want it to charge at the full rate.. i want the middle rate
jaggzthe charger that comes with it is 3A
jaggz"charging rapidly"
Wayward_VagabondPhone doesn't need charged terribly often of take very long to charge when it does either
theBear56pullup ? more like a tug as gently as you just willing it to go up
jaggzI want the "charging" message I get on my 2A charger
Wayward_Vagabondmaybe an hour every 3 or 4 days
jaggzI don't know what that cable does yet
theBearyou can borrow my texta ... it could be charging all the time !
jaggzI do NOT want this "charging (slowly)" message.. cuz it never gets there
theBearyou could ever crossout slowly and write fast, with flames coming off the back of it
Wayward_Vagabondjaggz: Does your phone have the demi-standard micro usb on it?
jaggzc only
theBearthis IS a limited time offer tho, to use my super duper texta...
jaggzcharger that came with it is c-c
_abc_USB C is evil.
jaggzI mean.. charger is c, female
theBearwtf is C ? micro + 150% micro ?
_abc_You crossed over to the round side...
jaggzso I got these usb-a -> c cables and it works nicely on my 2.1A charger
Wayward_VagabondAh, another new usb connector?
theBeari know where yer can get a round table
_abc_theBear: USB C. ishiny weird
jaggzbut these new cables don't work
theBear_abc_, mmm, t hat doesn't really h elp me know if i seen ittho :)
_abc_jaggz: yay early worms get eaten. Report what it feels like.
jaggzi love my two-way connector
Wayward_VagabondWas about to say, you should be able to find micro usb cables at any conveince store near the counter
theBearthat's what she said
_abc_theBear: goopile is chock full of them.
theBearand don't shoplift !
Wayward_VagabondI have a few with a cloth serving over them, them look quite nice and aren't tangle prone
_abc_ Image Gallery at bottom: What hell's gates looks like.
Wayward_VagabondI could use a few more mini-usb cables though
theBearpfft ! yesterday in 5 minutes that piece of shit couldn't show me the ufo dude looking all "woah !" like he does, while saying how science, is one hell of a drug ! i'm on the verge of abandoing that mess even fer image searchery, just gotta find a way to fill the massivfe voids in my knowledge that cover over with the circuit fragments and meme parts and so-on that it used to give me
bobo1on1well at least the connector is reversible
Wayward_VagabondA right angle one, to the side, would be ideal
bobo1on1only took them 20 years
_abc_bobo1on1: yes, you can break it off either way
bobo1on1it's a lot better than normal usb connectors, which are in a quantum position until you try plugging it in
Wayward_VagabondI think looking into the port with long side on top, it needs to go to the right
theBearonly took me 20 mins before ireversed yer mum and yer sister <grin> sorry, but you know how i feel about mums+sisters :)
_abc_ aww look at all those uncopiable parts making money for their makers
jsoftWhat is the impedance of a watermelon @ 4500 hz ?
Wayward_Vagabondbobo1on1: Heh, usb connectors do tend to use 4D geometry. It takes 3 tries to get them aligned correctly
theBearbobo1on1, until the whole thing stopped working recently, one of the 2 little usb holes by my knee on the front of this machine here would take a plug in either way round equally smoothly, but if it was upside down no power or data :)
jaggz adb shell "cat /sys/bus/i2c/drivers/fusb301/*/fclientcur" ... "If the result is 3000 an A to C cable is non-compliant"
_abc_Wayward_Vagabond: what is 4d geometry?! One is time, eh? Takes *time* to get it right?
Wayward_Vagabondjsoft: How good of an antenna tuner do you have, and how well matched do you need this melon?
Viper-7_abc_: see imgur link :P
Wayward_Vagabondae__: 4 spatial dimensions
sammyb_abc_: one concept was that random mechanical noise will cause it to self assemble over time
_abc_sammyb: very cool.
theBearthe one day, well, lets say i need to have a little look at where those usb holes live... course the number of fones and crap t hey charged and flashed and generally done thelast few years is mental, far as large numbers can be err, mental
jaggzooooh.. my WORKING cable says 0 too
_abc_And at least 9 of the 10 possible combinations would be a werewolf?
veeki need to substitute a defective usb kybrd cable .. the plug has RGWhiteBlack but the ps2 has RGWYellow.. and this shows oranage and blue?
jaggzthe one with the middle-ground speed
theBearACTION makes lots of random noise, and occasionally saomething assembled comes out the other side
Shawn|4650Mthis is neat
Wayward_VagabondLike fukken quantum effects- 360 of spin is only half a turn
theBearveek, wtf ? and both usb and ps2 internal colours are sometimes t he same as one another between cables, if you check firs
theBearand remember only older usb or very late model ps2 keyboards know how to pretend to be the other with a passive adaptey
jaggzACTION puts a million theBears on typewriters
theBearand if yer not real sure, just get gnd and +5v rigth then try the other two and flip them if it don't work
Viper-7my pet peeve of late has been dvi
Viper-7why the fk they gotta be so hard to plug in blind
veekbut its a cable substitution i'd rather it work it being a usb kybrd
theBearheh, shoulda made it a million with only 99999 typewriters so they would have to steal my one
theBearveek, huh wha ? you sayin you mentioned two different cables and some colours for no reason ?
Wayward_VagabondDVI is large/high enough pin count you can't fumble it to the socket like vga
theBearlucky for you, my tummy liked my garlic bread, and it hungers for more foodstuffs ! effing LITERALLY, bro !
Viper-7well its more the fact that it has a near square profile with raised edges on the female connector
Wayward_VagabondDB-HD15 vs ???lotsadensepins
Viper-7it just likes to not be aligned
Viper-7it in no way self-guides
veektheBear, i have a USB kybrd with a faulty wire. so i removed that wire and kept it's usb plug. now i have an old unused ps2 kybrd with a good cable.. so.. how do i connect the usb plug to that old ps2 cable
theBearand still noone tolds me what i do with that fat round 2nd dvi on the back of my new g5 mac tower !
Viper-7round dvi?
Viper-7u gettin crazier son?
Wayward_VagabondtheBear: buy an overpriced breakout cable from apple
jaggzACTION groans
_abc_Everything is round if it's coming from Apple!
jaggzso, ON my charger, both my working and lame cables say 0 "standard usb charging"
theBearveek ohhh , i woulda just calledee the ps2 part "a bit of spare cable" :-) ya just match the colours at both ends to what they were in the original cable, solder the ps2 insaide the keyboa rd like the original/existing one, and at the plug end snip it a few "'s back (hopefully the usb end isn't where the problem is,) then snip gnd/5v long and short on either cable-end so they can't touch later on, the two data lines something similar, little
theBearsilicone, heatshrink to squish that in, b ingbang bong
_abc_don't forget the BOOM. Did you know that PS/2 5V out is not protected to 0.5A-2A like USB's
_abc_You can run all sorts of fascinating things from PS/2 power out
theBearWayward_Vagabond, that doesn't sound like something theBear would do, you know on his last new graphics card he hand wired a dvi connector on a blank pci-cover right onto the back of the fancy DP socket on the card ... course without any level conversion and jusxt a couple passive dividers where they were 110% needed it wasn't great at high res, but mmmm, surely it's agp and not the worlds only pci64 vga card
theBear_abc_, it often is, maybe 30% a link instead of a fuse..
theBearACTION looks for his relevant image
Viper-7i made a 4x4 composite video & stereo audio switchbox for a mate
Viper-7fk i regretted wiring that one :P
jsoftObviously it would sound like shit witout valves
nightsis it at all possible to sim unlock a phone without operator's help?
nightswas reading this
Viper-7nights: usually with the right cable and the right software yes
theBear check that closup, 194 image explains what i doin (my sexy old trackbnall right here.... and err
Viper-7but both are typically protected and not available
nightsmy operator here in japan charges like $35 to do it
nightsbut this approach seemed to have been all software
theBearand maybe 207 or 208 for final as it still is today, including 20mm fuse :)
Viper-7yes, you can do it just by entering a code on the device
Viper-7but that code will likely be imei specific
Viper-7so you need the tool to generate it
theBearnights, outside of a handful of older samsung and the odd htc you often need a paid dongle/credit -based-software to do it, even if it is possible by pure-usb on a given device
nightsdid you see the thread i sent?
Viper-7sometimes for popular models the stuff you need is leaked / reverse-engineered
theBearwhat fone you GOT ?
nightsi'm buying a galaxy s6 on auction right now
Viper-7im limited on bw atm, so no sorry
nightsand i will need to root and sim unlock it
Viper-7got like 20mb for the next 2 hours
Viper-7generally its easy if you can root the phone
Viper-7but doing it without that, means vendor support
nights"You can unlock your device that you don't need a PC, just need a wifi (pingpongroot only). Your device will work on GSM network outside US. I can't test it in US because I'm not in US."
theBearalso a lot of things like older huawei and zte take mere minutes wwith the old qualcomm/similar chipset factory option-setting softwares
Viper-7either by their software or their techs over the phone, etc
nightswhy would anyone go to the operator then?
nightsif they can sim unlock themselves
theBearif it s6 find a web site someone else has used successfuly and get the code for 30 or 35 buckas
nightsseems like you need some hush hush secret sim code
Viper-7you do, the vendor wont do it for you freely
theBearpingpongroot does work on s6, but it ain't gonna help you unlock the net work
nightshm but the thread i posted seem to do it without the code
Viper-7the vendor provides the operator the capability to do it
Viper-7it shouldnt be hard to try a prepaid sim from a different network and see if it registers or not
theBearsigh, rthis better be worth the looking efforts on my glasballs
nightsyeah i rooted before, but sim unlock seem to be something that requires verificating through the carrier network no?
nightsnot sure how it works though...
theBearand i usually just use expired or not-activated sims to testy that kinda thing, i got a seletion
Viper-7the lock is only on the device
theBearcarried locks are implemented a few ways at a below-os kinda level in different fones
Viper-7the vendor provides ways to control the lock to the carrier, by way of config messages, similar to how they setup your internet gateway settings
Viper-7you can also control it by "secret code" on the handset
Viper-7or via a debug cable
Viper-7or via software on a rooted device
jsoftAhh the old secret code
nightsso a code is not always necessary?
Viper-7the vendor and the carrier have a contract - they supply 10000 phones, which can only work on the carrier's network
theBearhmmm... memory is t elling me the sprint s6 is quite different to every other one, is memory right therte ?
Viper-7so they implement a (fairly weak) security measure to achieve that
Viper-7i have no clue about the sprint s6
Viper-7so shrug
Viper-7both the carrier and the vendor have the capability to remove the lock, as does a technician who might be working on the device
Viper-7but legally the only one meant to release it is the carrier
theBearon most remotely recent any brand fones sim/network locks are via secret-code, fancy jtag/wired inside custom fone tools, or someone has found a few bytes to flipflop somewhere in the baseband/wrong byte-flipped super-brick area
jaggzmy wifi connection doesn't like to work after I run my sprinklers for a few minutes
Viper-7or at least, thats what they'd like :P
Viper-7in many/most countries they actually cant enforce that, but hey
theBearjaggz, switch the 24v, at least the solenoid end, to dc
Viper-7eg nokia phones would have a *#???????????????# code you could punch in that was imei specific, that would toggle the lock
Viper-7but you could also do it by removing the battery and attaching a serial cable to the stupid pogo pin port
nightsViper-7: thanks for explaining
Viper-7or also by calling your carrier and paying them $$
theBearhmmmmm.... july last year ? surely if it worked on non-stupid-merkan models i woulda seen this guys work
theBearnokia mbus
jaggztheBear, after the spinklers are off
jaggzI think ground reflection or absorption
theBearjaggz, hmm, your wifi is dumb
jaggzit's like 80' maybe
Viper-7nights: in technical terms, the lock is a config flag on the modem, which as far as the modem is concerned is freely available and non-sensitive information, so anything with raw access to the modem can toggle it - so yeah, the carrier, an app, the phone's OS, etc
Viper-7the modem's internals are mostly locked down, all that is exposed are things like those config registers and data buffers
theBearthe first page of the actual original/real work thread from your link makes it sound like the sprint locks are soft/done with sneaky droid settings/untouchable files vs "the real way"
nistonwrong-byte-flipped-super-brick-area xD
theBearjaggz, heh mine is at least 4', so i been told <grin>
KF5YFD"I'm gonna go pop some tags... only got 20 dollars in my pocket....."
theBearfor reference old galaxy ace (original ace) byte-flip techniques as seen in relevant xda-dev areas work 100% across all ages and stock droid versions, if yer careful of course
Viper-7SWIM thinks his pot tastes like oregano
nistonmaybe it is
Viper-7that was some chunky leaf then
nightsViper-7: so the code protection is part of the modem ?
theBearre what viper just said, i forget the details/why, but pretty much all gsm/modern mobies have 4 standard lock types that are always in there somewhere if the vendor wants ot use em... simlock, netlock, and err, 2 others, maybe imsi/specific-sim-lock and i dunno, #4
Viper-7nights: IIRC (dont quote me) its implemented as a whitelist of network IDs that its allowed to register on
Viper-7you can clear this list and it can register anywhere the sim will allow
theBearnights, not even protection so much, just obfuscation, tho the working % of all those $20-50 unlock your fone websites somehow worked out how to generate the codes (at least they usually give a code to you to unlock with)
Viper-7or the modem can filter only a network that the sim & modem agree on, will be registered
theBearViper-7, like i say, 4 generic/standard lock types
Viper-7the unlock codes are an OS feature, a whole different level
Viper-7filter +so
Viper-7but once again, im talking in general terms, mostly about GSM modems from years gone by
theBear and err kinda "prove" what i'm saying
Viper-7no idea what your specific handset does
Viper-7theBear suggests its quite a different story in this case
theBearand no, that code only works on a handful or all not-current fones
theBearViper-7, you mean re sprint s6 ? not me, the dude that his link eventually led to, and it seems not just s6, but a bunch of samsungs
nightsits not just s6
Viper-7doing it on a handset FW level sounds dodgy as shit to me
Viper-7but shrug
theBearolder galaxy i think the galaxy hack app can give you codes, but they're getting a bit slow and small even for me to use]
yashiCan I get some help with converting a 110v amp to 230v?
theBear yashi maybe, what kinda mp
Viper-7if you have good evidence to believe its crapware based like that - i'd probably just pay em
testoI only buy unlocked phones now
KF5YFDOhayō gozaimasu yashi-san
Viper-7generally the first thing i do with a new phone is root it
Viper-7shh theBear
yashiIt's a Rotel RSX-1056
yashiI found this thread about it but I can't read Dutch and I'm a bit confused about the pictures
testoyeah wipe it and load new rom
Viper-7'convert 110v device to 230v' - add a diode and pray? :D
kramer3dyoud need a boost converter
yashiniston: I did that, but there's one msg which I don't understand, the one where he speaks about switching fuses
Viper-7to drop voltage? why?
nistonyashi: which one ?
yashi"I'm just a bit up and down sprinted called radio Piet and T3.15 for a whopping € 0.40. exchanged with another fuse and unplugged. amp is neat and I see or smell any smoke, all seems well. so as to connect the speakers and turn a cdtje, but I expect no problems there."
kramer3doh i misread
Viper-7run a 110V device on 230V supply
nistonyashi: are you converting from 115 to 230 ?
Viper-7half wave ~= 115V :D
theBearapart from last weeks $30 (locked, but to my existing provider,) 90s style 3g, basic sms, gprs/old-useless "browser", vga cam and stupid phone-keypad message typing special (tiny, weighs like <50grams, and ya know, works) i been living off other peoples throw-away or frankenfixed from the pile once 2+ of something land in the spares dept for maybe 5 or 6 years now.. recently up to 2 anqd 4 core multi gb ram/spare-user-flash teh last few rounds :)
yashiMy device is 110V. I live in a 230V country.
swenssonHello, I got this Samsung R519 that won't make any effort in powering on, Tried removing the power supply & batterys and holding the power button but nothing. When I plug in the power source cable I get a led light turned on, when I press and hold the start button the light go out and dosn't come back until I replugg the cable, When I got the battery connected the led is orange instead (still solid color) and same thing here,
nistonyashi: so you will need to move the jumpers and change the fuse
nistonfuse for europe must be 3.15A slo-blow
Viper-7and check the voltage rating on the input caps
Viper-7if they're 250V rated its no good
theBearViper-7, heh, root ie eh? i woulda missed that if you hadn't hushed me <grin> heh ,root
Viper-7should be 400V for use on 230V mains
yashiFirst of all, before I open it, I understand I have to ground the capacitors or something? How do I do that?
nistonthis doesnt look like a switching power supply
theBearhmm, rotel eh ?
Viper-7short the capacitor pins out
nistonso probably no need to ground any caps
yashitheBear: Yeah, from eBay
Viper-7preferably with a resistor, but anything metal will do in a pinch
nistonsince they likely wont be mains voltage caps
Viper-7better than it discharging through you
nistonbut yeah do as Viper-7 says if you feel uncomfortable and short them out
theBearwtf is a r519, and if it maybe 4-8 y.old fone, you probly just gotta remove/jumpstart the teeny little supercap/mem-batt (kinda hard to tell em apart these days) inside and once its past about 2 or 3v it'll be like ne
yashiHow do I know which ones are the capacitors? They're only accessible once I open the thing up, right?
nistonthinking bout it, if you dont know what caps look like, I suggest you leave the caps alone.
theBearViper-7, note that many mains (x1/2 and y1/2 and motor start etc) rated caps for 230-240 will be marked 250vac, which of course really means 400ish
Viper-7yashi: capacitors are mostly the big round cylinder things :P but they're not usually the bad ones to watch out for
nistonjust move the jumper bridges and pop a new fuse in there you should be all set
Viper-7theBear: yeah, 250vac rated is different :P
yashiOK hold on I'm opening the lid
yashiI wonder where to get a new fuse, and where it fits inside the thing
Viper-7those are the ones that'll bite ya.
nistonyashi: fuse must be 5x20 dimensions
Viper-7him too
Viper-7rainbow of jellybean pain & death
theBearfor ref the T means slow fuse, and voltage is largely irrelevant on fuse ratings, what that comment/fuse note means is T3.15a (slo) at 230-250vac, and 8a at 110v
theBearand if it the same as the pic in that translate link, just moving both the jumpers sideways should be enough
yashiOK it's open
theBearoh, and the fuse, but why did yours blow ¿ if you going up in voltage the fuse shoulda been double or more as big as it needed to be
theBearnotes ... small 20mm*5mm-dia glass or ceramic fuse is called m205 and biggger 1/4"dia by 32mm from memory is err, got a name too :)
yashiThis is it:
yashiWhere can I find the fuse?
theBearwhat ? you mean you can't find the fuse physically ?
nistonIt'll probably be on the board that says "GND801" in the left corner
yashiI can see the jumper bridges--two of them--which I need to change
nistonanother possibility is that the fuse is in a holder on the back plate of the amp
theBearand i'd guess it's either just above the rotel/warning where niston said, tho right side, or if there an iec-socket in the little drawer hidden ttin there
theBearif it's on that pcb wheret he pic doesn't show it'll be in two little metal U grabby springy clips
jaggzIs there nothing in life for me but irc?
theBearalso lever near the ends pref. on the metal caps to pop it out, don't lever the clips open or they won't be good
yashihold on let me search
ToAruShiroiNekoI am trying to determine the antenna size of
theBearAND if you pl.ugged it to 230/240 set to 110v and yer having a bad day various other stuff might not be happy, even if nothing is "broken" the rail fuses on the other side of the transformer probly poppe
theBearToAruShiroiNeko, looks like regular pci wifi card sized screw on's from here, but you notice there is a link on that page to a manual which will tell you right
yashiOK I found the fuse
theBearand i pretty sure you call that some kinda sma with the opposite sex and thread to everything i wann aconnect to it
ToAruShiroiNekotheBear I own the device and am holding the antenna
ToAruShiroiNekoI am trying to get a TNC adaptor for this
theBeartime to go do stuff that isn't for people who ain't gonna be supplying me with liquor and tobacco, to keep my dependancy issues happy enough to rant at you later
yashithis is it, right?
theBearToAruShiroiNeko, oh, well just go to yer local 'lectronics shop asn get one
slothif electroluminescent wire is kinda like a series circuit can i control how much of it is lit by limiting the amperage? like if i'm looking to make a thermometer style display out of it
theBearyeah, thats a m205 (20x5mm dia) glass fuse
yashiSo I need to get a 3.15A slow-blow version of that?
theBearand you wanna do the opposite of that warning and replace it with a very diffeerent one <grin>
_abc_ToAruShiroiNeko: reverse sma is common
theBearyeah T3.15A m205 or 20mm fuse, should be under a buck at yer nearest hifi or music or repair place
theBearanywhere with repair techs you likely get a couple fer free if you sound like you on top of it and not gonna be bringing it to them tomorrow for fixin :)
swenssonHello, I got this Samsung R519 that won't make any effort in powering on, Tried removing the power supply & batterys and holding the power button but nothing. When I plug in the power source cable I get a led light turned on, when I press and hold the start button the light go out and dosn't come back until I replugg the cable, When I got the battery connected the led is orange instead (still solid color) and same thing here,
yashiThanks a lot for your help guys!
yashiI'm gonna go get the fuse
JyZyXELswensson: have you opened it up and done a visual inspecting of the boards yet?
swenssonJyZyXEL, yes and I can't see anything that would cuase this. Have tried removing the battery on the motherboard. Tried removing power supply & battery and holding button but nothing
swenssonGot a solid green like, 2 from bottom up. looks like an +0- If I connect the battery the solid green changes to orange
swenssonif I click the power button once the led turns off after 10sec, then delays 1 sec to turn back on. If I press and hold the power button the led goes out and dosn't come back
jsoftApparently electrons do stuff and make things happen, some kind of 'electronics' they call it.
jsoftWhat is all this fan dnagled electronics and what is this doing of hings
swenssonI get 0 sound from the laptop
JyZyXELhave you checked if the power supply is in working condition?
swenssonIt is, checked in another laptop and it works great
swenssonbattery shows 80+ charge
JyZyXELah, great
ToAruShiroiNekotheBear we dont have electornics shops, if i can determine the sozes I can buy from amazon
theBearmm, i rewally got carried away with thatbattery yesterday..,. my fingertips are all effed up, and tools and bits and pieces were all over the bench where they don't belong, even with gloves i havin trouble just putting levers and crap back in the spots trhe live
theBearhmm, why don't i have your link
swenssonTried different cmos battery aswell, nothing.... (the battery on the motherboard)
JyZyXELswensson: it might be a bad solder joint under the CPU or GPU BGA package that has cracked
theBearswensson, don't repeat yerself, specially when yer never answered an important followup question
swenssonJyZyXEL, should add I spilled coffe all over this when it was powered on
JyZyXELand after that, the troubles started? :D
swenssontheBear sorry did I miss a question?
theBearoooh r519, that's one of those modern chrome/life/whateverbooks innit ?
swenssonBut I opened the laptop up, and it dosn't look like coffe made it into the laptop
JyZyXELoh dear, you should wash it with distilled water or isopropyl alcohol then
swenssonTheBear , the laptop is like 5years old I'd think, not a "book" ;P
theBearand it ran windows with auto-updates turned on and one day just didn't reboot ?
theBearhmm, coffee, eh ? "all over" eh ?which dept of all over, and did yer turn it off soon after and remove any power so it didn;t anti-galvinised itself to death ?
swenssontheBear, it ran Ubuntu, 14 I think. It spilled coffe over it, the touchpad got a bit coffe on it but when I opened the laptop it dosn't look like anything got in the laptop
nistondisconnect the touchpad
theBearToAruShiroiNeko, oh, cos you didn;t give a link <grin> that explains it
nistontry again
swenssonI have disconnected the touchpad
nistonno good?
theBear10 seconds of power led then off again eh ?
swenssonI have everything disconnected but pwoersupply and hdd atm, no keyboard, no touchpad and no speakers
swenssonYes TheBear if I click once on the power button
theBearyou disconnected the keyboard of course, and reseated any ram cos that never likes wiggling after years ofn ot moving
nistonmight think that something is shorting out and it shuts down
ToAruShiroiNekotheBear sorry which link?
swenssonIf I click and hold the led goes out completely and I need to reinsert the power supply to make it appear again
ToAruShiroiNeko ?
ToAruShiroiNekoIw as rewiring the computer
ToAruShiroiNekosorry that got me distacted
theBearToAruShiroiNeko, heh, no link, i waS confused.. ask the searchey machine for something like tnc sma flylead or patch cable
swenssonyeah I think something is shortning out, that's whay I dissconnected everything, thought that would help
_abc_Inverse sma
ToAruShiroiNekothe high gain attena I have a tnc
theBearheh, and i'm getting my new g5 ready to try, reprogramming a walkietalkie and both repairing and reassembling its merss of a battery in the other room :)
ToAruShiroiNekoI need something that connects a tnc male (I think) to whatever this acces point take sinput
ToAruShiroiNekolooking for maual
_abc_Ime routerw with suffix N have no removable antenna, WN have removable
theBearToAruShiroiNeko, dude.......
_abc_ToAruShiroiNeko: ask in #openwrt they know a lot about wlan routers there
theBearjust make sure to pick the kinda of sma/reverse that has the same thread/male or female as your antenna (thread can be inside/outside, and you know about man bits and lady bits :)
_abc_Also replacing one of 2 antennas on a 2 antenna router will get you into trouble, especially on 5GHz
_abc_It switches antennas somewhat randomly
theBearalo don't buy the $30+ farnells one, buy any of the other <$5 ones :)
nistonToAruShiroiNeko: what are you trying to do?
_abc_ ToAruShiroiNeko this is what I had to do to make ours stop doing that
nistonwifi USUALLY has RP-SMA connectors for the antennas
ToAruShiroiNekoI own
ToAruShiroiNekoI want to connect that to
theBeari got a fancy modern bottom-line-cisco (or just beyond top of line dlink apparently) and it's got a crazy number/array ofd tiny antennas all over the insides
swenssonwhen I only insert the battery without the power adapter, the led "blinks" once fast and dissapears...
_abc_theBear: do you get farnell parts in aussie? How's shipping? 2 weeks and $100?
theBearToAruShiroiNeko, you click my link yet ? if i do anymore i'll have to order it for ye
nistonToAruShiroiNeko: get two TNC pigtails, remove the internal antennae, and wire the pigtails instead
ToAruShiroiNekotheBear I have
_abc_theBear: which cisco have you got? 887?
ToAruShiroiNekoit suffers from being a tnc male connector
ToAruShiroiNekoIt has to be tnc female for sure
_abc_theBear: ?
nistonToAruShiroiNeko: do you know if the router has connectors on the inside for the antennas?
nistonor are the wires just soldered?
theBeari boycott since they lost my LONG patronage by testing a surprise overnight brand-change on our market, and a stupid one at that,, but yeah, order before 7pm localtime next first/morning courier deliver in all capital cities, most of the last 10 years has been free postage/courier on ALL web orders with accounts etc
ToAruShiroiNekoboth anttena has a hole in the center
ToAruShiroiNekoso that makes the router male, right?
theBearToAruShiroiNeko, so add female in the little box at the top, you can do this, i believe in you !
KF5YFDNeko no Wakusei?
ToAruShiroiNekotheBear I am trying to determine the sizwe of the smaller one
theBearmale has pokey outey bits like males, females have pokey inney bits, holes if you like
theBearToAruShiroiNeko, it's sma, check the wikipedia page if you don't trust m
ToAruShiroiNekono I trust
ToAruShiroiNekothats not the issue here
_abc_Never trust!
nistontrust dont rust
_abc_It's reverse sma, last time I'm saying it
theBearroughly 1/4" thead dia, tiny middle pin, as seen on pci wifi cards and 60% of routerey things if they ain't permanent attached
ToAruShiroiNekoyes I got it
nistonthe antennas?
nistonthe antennas he posted read TNC on them
ToAruShiroiNekoyes thc to an sma router
nistonand the router he posted has no external antenna connectors because the antennae are not removable
theBeari don't know what it is other than some kidna sma, last timeI'M sa ying it !
ToAruShiroiNekoof course the antenna are rmeovable
ToAruShiroiNekoI removed it
theBearheh, thc to sma ! stick that in yer pipe and smoke it
nistonaight then
nistonprobably RP-SMA connectors on it
nistonlike everyone says
theBearand the home/maker link he pasted earlier clearly says 2*rmeovable antennas
theBearniston, heh, WE AGREE THEN ! WELL ! good.
theBearACTION looks intensely at niston and _abc_ while casaually nodding his head 
_abc_theBear: you park it near a just landed B747
theBearit's nice to beimportant, but it's more important to be nice
_abc_theBear: which is still maneuvering and blips the throttles a little too much
_abc_The importance of being nice? I thought it's the importance of being earnest.
_abc_What with lies being the norm nowadays that is no longer important.
nistonnowadays its the importance of being rich
theBearorright then , you cover the ranting for me, i'm gonna go repair the absolute crap outta that battery, hack off some excess plastic edgey bits, jam the effer back in there and goop the hell outta it, trust ing that my brutal preparation didn't betray my many years of similar repairs at a pro level :)
nistonso you can stand above the law and shit on anybody else from such a height that they'll think god himself crapped on them !!!!
theBearbut i'm not earnest, i'm theBear, nice to meet you
nistonlike hillary
theBearACTION don't lie, but he ain't no washington "but, i cannot tell a lie !~" effin holier than thou wooden toothed dead bastard 12
nistonanyone know of a good 868MHz patch antenna on ali ?
_abc_Patch at 868 is large, no? Paperback book size?
nistonmnot sure
theBeari know a nice ruggedised one about 6" from m yleg here
theBear8something anyway
nistonnot sure if crap though
_abc_ wow Pitr took the words out of my mouth...
ToAruShiroiNeko <- is this a TNC male or fmeale?
nistonholy fuck
nistonits RP TNC
_abc_ Size: 250*220*60mm ...
_abc_That's HUGE
_abc_Where do you need to put this?
theBearrever se polish ti eh
sammybyeah i love using lynx and being told by stupid sites i'm using an adblocker
niston_abc_: roof/balcony
sammybjust cos i won't run their shitware
sammybin my browser made it mandatory to use a js and updated/new browser recently. I got bitten. No fresh browser, no .zip download.
enthdegreeugh i hate those websites
enthdegreethey always include a trite lecture about morality that i always disagree with aside from it not even applying to me
sammybexactly enthdegree
sammybwell said
Bird|ghostedyeah -- re: ads -- they have no business lecturing on morality when they blew *their* end of the bargain
theBearsammyb, old school ! i prefer the new links2 with x/some-image support ;-)
sammybabsolutely ridiculous _abc_
nistonToAruShiroiNeko: the router has an TP-TNC female connector
sammybahah yes i do enjoy links2 too theBear ;) depends which box i'm ssh'd into :)
Bird|ghostedto the point where $work blocks most ad servers at their proxy
_abc_sammyb: let's start a commercial initiaive: We offer web site operators the opportunity to run their code on our browsers, for a fee. Similar to what cell phone companies tax you per kilobyte when you do not have a data plan? Looking forward to 20 cents US for every kilobyte of crap code they want to run on my browser, per view. CPU time is billed extra.
nistonRP-TNC sorry
theBearkinda new, ya know, when my laptop had just upgraded to a 100mb hd an 8mb ram :)
Bird|ghostedsimply as a security measure
nistonso the antenna will have RP-TNC male
ToAruShiroiNekoniston okay so I need something like
sammybahah i like it
ToAruShiroiNekocental pin looks massive in the photo but I suppose thats normal
nistonToAruShiroiNeko: something, but not exactly, like that
theBearACTION can't believe that someone who actually wants this connector/adapter, and has t he hole it gotta fit/look like in their hands right now, is STILL not sure what they want
nistonyou need RP-TNC female to RP-SMA female
theBeari wonder if i got a pic of my updated netbook yet, it's got a sexy sma thread poking outta the angle curvey edge on top of the back of the screen now ;-)
nistonerr fuck that. RP-TNC male to RP-SMA female.
_abc_theBear: come on, you have been on ##electronics for a long long time. You should know that the present circlej***^h^h^^ discussion is not even reaching a 1.5 on a badness scale from 0 to 11
theBearbut i'm not even paying attention and i see person after person PLUS repeats still questioning which ones are mans and ladies and which way they go, the web has pictures ffs
nistonRP connectors are a stupid fucking idea anyways. fucking wankers.
nistonthe FCC came up with it so ppl couldnt connect non-wifi antennae to wifi routers
_abc_niston: they had to make the silly antennas in a way that prevents punters from sticking a longer wire into the hole to make a "better" antenna.
theBearand everything bigger than bnc for tiny low power antennas looks kinda dumb since t he early 80s i think:)
nistonwhich was the dumbest fucking idea ever
_abc_niston: I think one of the regulatory bodies (F*** Ceee *) required it
nistonthey were thinking like "oh jolly gee, what a splendid idea we had. since nobody on earth will ever make any adapters for this! *snicker*"
theBear heh, i bet them fcc dudes would love wha t i done t this netbook, and the various options i haven't even had to cowboy outta myimagination so far to plug to it
_abc_niston: that being said, molded usb cables are hard to get for my projects so I buy USB A-A cables and cut them in the middle. A-A should not exist, but it does. I get 2 cables from one...
_abc_niston: the fun part is they are wired straight through. So even the colors match.
theBearand after you forget to take an antenna with you and buy a few of the opposite plugs to what you needed, some line, some panelmount, some little flyleads or straight adapteys, turns out you are suddenly supplied with bits to reverse/makeup-of-decent-quality just about any effing reverse this or that you want :)
_abc_I shudder at the thought of connecting 2 USB hosts with some oomphy psus with such a cable.
ToAruShiroiNekoniston I dont know the FCC has a long list of dumb ideas
ToAruShiroiNekowhich one is worst excapes me
_abc_ToAruShiroiNeko: they have never reached that point, but are trying hard every day.
ToAruShiroiNeko_abc_ indeed, it is a full time job
KF5YFDthe fcc rarely if ever writes there own rules
KF5YFDthe industry does and says hey agree witht his
_abc_KF5YFD: I'm not in USA and fcc's deeds loom over me. As the EC's deeds do. ROHS for one.
theBear_abc_, it breaks the rules, tho it's kinda hard to argue in some recent examples, like those fancy err, hp maybe screenputer tv things that got a flip option that can switch yer keyboard and a couple usb ports and vga/screen input from internal machine to a backwards usb cable and maybe a vga lead or something, so yer laptop magically works with yer normal input devices etc
theBearcourse that also breaks the usb rules as i remember them
ToAruShiroiNekoKF5YFD then industry regulating body should regulate the industry
KF5YFDfor isntance motarolla wrote the murs regulations
_abc_theBear: I don't know those. HP eh? They are breaking the rules now?
theBeari do have the worlds oldest webcam right here in front of met tho, which needed A-A cable cos it had a socket on the cam
enthdegreehuman beings were a big mistake
_abc_Oh god. Reminds me of the 'laptop light' webcam from China which was miswired on the usb side inside. Dollar shop find, lights up orange when plugged into 2A usb supply. Binding wires on camera chip glow.
KF5YFDcuse they wanted to do something with all the part 90 radios they had that didnt work for the newer digital trunking systems they were about to release
theBear_abc_, whatever i was mumbling about hacving to remove the edges of the smashed frontglass/touchscreen maybe pfft, 9 o r 6 months ago, musta been summer cos i got the backyard sun to assist (put a ipad or something int he summer sun for 20mins here and the screen literall;y falls out if you tilt the thing
_abc_heh. Nice to know.
Bird|ghosted_abc_: A-A exists because there were a few dummies who put A female on devices :P
Bird|ghostedOlimex among others IIRC
_abc_Must be a low cost thing.
theBearmiddle of summer the light thru the glass door + flyscreen does it halfway up the loungeroom
_abc_Only thing I like about A's is they are SOLID and come ganged even in 6es
Bird|ghosteda form factor goofiness thing for Olimex but some folks probably did it for cheaps too
theBearBird|ghosted, tho like i said, technically that's not usb, cos it breaks the strict and simply set out rules
Bird|ghostedtheBear: yeah, USB-IF probably had a cow :P
KF5YFDtraditional part 90 2m has been dead since the 90s
_abc_Rules are made to be broken theBear. You should know about that <g>
_abc_KF5YFD: dead how? 144-146MHz ham band?
_abc_What i part 90?
KF5YFDno the old part 90s freqa
theBearpfft, they probly up there in their towers eating off their little silver spoons writing up ridiculous new rules with no rhyme or reason with no idea of the realities for us pleb grunts :)
Bird|ghosted_abc_: part 90 = commercial land mobile
Bird|ghostedwell, commercial and public safety land mobile both
KF5YFDred dot blue dot purpledot etc etc
theBearshould know it ? i'm the effing poster boy ! tho i ojnly got to here by diligently learning and following thhose same rules for many ears
theBearyears also
_abc_Is this related to plentiful cheap Motorola VHF "taxi" radios?
_abc_We see a lot of those here in Eastern Europe.
theBearmotorola says i can tell what this antenna here is by a coloured dot, but i can't see what that colour is
theBeardef. a dot tho
KF5YFDin the late 90s motarola moved all there customers to the 700mhz and up areas
_abc_"red and green dot antennas are harmonically related in tuned frequency to help the color blind"
_abc_theBear: do you carry along a little credit card sized color filter piece, gel, to identify stuff when needed?
_abc_KF5YFD: in Europe the VHF taxi and fleet channels are still on and they frequently use cheap Motorola radios.
_abc_KF5YFD: Which may well be from that era.
theBearnext they tell yer that both old incan+filterdiffuser and new led traffic lights are biased for us too, but i notice a lot recently in bad weather, if i can't see if it top/bottom that is lit up, effed if i can tell the red from the green :)
_abc_2 channel typically and no features excepting roger beep and call / ctcss
KF5YFDin the usa most biz lease radios from the local motarola dealerships
theBearthiss radio in front of me is far from cheap, so i gonna go fix the battery now :-)
_abc_I believe they are leased here too but some buy them.
KF5YFDmotarolla wanted to sell off the old ones referbed as a new product
_abc_Heh I have an idea where they found a buyer...
KF5YFDso they talked the the fcc into createing murs
KF5YFDbut then decided not to do that
KF5YFDso murs exists with no one selling radios for it
KF5YFDwell a few but they are not verry comon
theBearthey sure got a LOTTA fancy stuff you can sset/config if ya wanna get carried away, and who the eff wants 50 encryption keys and 1000 channel presets ffs ? that's just silly
_abc_niston: the 868 MHz panel antenna, you need it to improve your cell reception or what?
KF5YFDit uses the spectrum formaly used by part90 radios
theBeardualcore proc to drive the 4 line text lcd and the fairly soft radio dept
_abc_theBear: the dots for channels can be blue or green. No red ;)
KF5YFDyou can use a part 90 radio produced before 2001 on murs legaly
_abc_KF5YFD: yes I see it's in that area, we have 140something MHz and 170something
_abc_between the lower and upper air bands?
niston_abc_: nah
KF5YFDin the usa
_abc_Which is a rarely stupid idea if you ask me but whatever
nistonI want to reach a lorawan concentrator that is 8.4km away
KF5YFDbut if your part 90 radio is made after that its not technicaly legal
_abc_Those cabbie radios moving up or down 10-20MHz due to issues and you have an air band problem.
KF5YFDand you need a special part95 certification
_abc_KF5YFD: hey they are working every day... the fcc...
_abc_Anyway the MURS channels are spaced out quite a bit I see. What's in between them?
KF5YFDso basiclay an old part90 radio from the 80s is ok on murs
KF5YFDbut a chinese part 90 radio on murs inst
KF5YFDisnt i ment
nistonMURS? wth is that?
_abc_ niston
_abc_One of the usual fcc/commercial/monetized spectrum circle j**s
KF5YFDa similar thing happens on the 220 band
KF5YFDthe fcc made some special deal with UPS to take 20 mhz from the ham 1.5 spectrum
KF5YFDthen ups never used it
nistonwhy do they put stupid regulations like "may not be connected to the public telephone network, may not be used for store and forward operations, and radio repeaters are not permitted"
KF5YFDthose are to discourage real use hehe
nistonlooks like
_abc_ Aussie band plan (obsolete?) for the same bands KF5YFD
KF5YFDthey want you to pay them money for comercial
_abc_KF5YFD: yes the cabbies buy a channel, and the fleets.
_abc_What radio nav sat service is on 150MHz?!
_abc_I know some wefax sats send on VHF but nav?
_abc_The map in that pdf pretty much delimits the inhabited areas of Aussie, right, theBear?
_abc_And you're in one of them?
hypermisthow could i power some leds off 5v microusb ?
_abc_hypermist: with a resistor each, and all in parallel
hypermist_abc_, oh sheit really that easy ?
nistonhah. you can use CB without a license in .ch
_abc_No, no, wait, you need a high efficiency switching regulator chip with active rectification.
nistonbut only since 1.1.2013
_abc_niston: CB is/was always free in Europe, only the radios need to be certified afaik.
niston_abc_: not so around here
hypermist_abc_, a whut and a WHUT XD?
_abc_They were selling 5Watt CBs in the supermarket here.
nistonyou needed an amateur license before 1.1.2013
_abc_hypermist: was joking to scare you
_abc_niston: really? In .ch?
_abc_The things I learn...
hypermist_abc_, you cofused me more than scared ;p
hypermistwhat type of reisistor would i need to power some rgb led's _abc_ ?
_abc_hypermist: it was a $10 joke, those things do exist
_abc_hypermist: a resisting resistor. One for each color.
Bird|ghostedKF5YFD: 2MHz but yeah *sigh*
hypermist _abc_
hypermistso are you saying 1 resistor per line :P?
_abc_hypermist: you need to measure one and see what resistor is needed. No way to guess.
_abc_Yes one per led pin.
hypermistobviously i'd have to buy them first
_abc_Resistors are 1 cent each, no worries.
hypermist_abc_, im meaning the leds i dont have any of those
_abc_they will have when you operate them or they will all be orange.
hypermistis there any certain resitance value i need ?
_abc_yes and you can't know what that is until you get the leds
hypermistah okay thanks (:
gkwhchi all, if traces can be layed on a pcb to form inductors, cant they be turned into electromagnets that interact with other magnets?
_abc_ gkwhc
gkwhchmm what are some softwares out there that can simulate this? like coil dimensions to strength of mag field?
gkwhcoh cool
_abc_Ask in #physics
niston_abc_ so you think that other patch antenna could be alright?
yashiGuys, I can't reach the fuse here: Is there an advice for which kind of tool to use so that I don't have to take the whole thing apart?
_abc_niston: well it's certainly large enough...
_abc_yashi: needle nosed pliers
niston_abc_: yeah I figured it must be larger than a wifi patch because lower frequency. not sure on exact specifics though.
nistonso I might give it a try
_abc_niston: I told you dimensions from their site. 25x20x6cm
_abc_Large book or catalog size
yashiBTW, in another part of the device there ARE 3.5 A fuses of 250V:
_abc_ this is very cool. I wonder if they will turn up in hobby shops soon. Would completely change the way we make small robots.
yashibut that's unrelated to what I have to replace, right?
_abc_yashi: no way to tell, start doing it, measure all the fuses
nistonI think these are the rail fuses
nistonleave them alone
yashiok I figured I shouldn't touch them.
_abc_Just measure all of them on ohms.
yashibcs they're on another part of the device
nistonthere should be only low voltage on that PCB anyways
_abc_Simplest scenario with an iron transformer is the transformer immediately saturated at 220V and blew the mains fuse. But there will have been at least one full wave of ac at double voltage in the secondary. So check the fuses and the bridge diodes!
yashiOK I got the fuse out
crtmarijuana bong
crta treat everyone can enjoy
SuperBawlzHey, I need a super low power Arduino controller. Any thoughts or experiences as to which chip I should use?
sammyb328p is quite low powered
sammybtime for bed night all
SuperBawlzThank you. I will read up on that.
SuperBawlzAny other thoughts peeps?
yashiSo this is the one I need, right: ?
curlyearsyashi: does it match what you have that's blown?
curlyearsI don't read German, so I can't tel for sure which type of fuse that is
_abc_Traege = slow blow
ExeciNI have a DC to AC inverter, basically gets 10-15V CD DC and gives 220~240V AC. This thing can operate at 75W continuous load or peak at 150W. How can I put a load of lets say 120W without blowing up the inverter?
ExeciNbigger heatsink?
_abc_You can not.
barubaruwhen oscillator has a amplification less than 1, for example 0.5, so that if previous cycle was 10v it will try to make something like 5 v next cycle, how is it called?
_abc_Buy a larger inverter.
ExeciNit works at those loads but if it gets too hot it shuts down
barubaruI mean oscillator with LC tank
listebarubaru: damped?
neosisaniif i have non-linear amp and some way to supress all harmonics, will it behave like linear amp?
neosisanior will i still get distortion from something like two signal intermodulation
slothis it possible to have electroluminescent wire light up only a certain distance or is it an all or nothing kinda deal?
intranickACTION plays overwatch
wesley-chanHypothetically speaking
wesley-chanHow would one go about generating extremely brief terawatt pulses
wesley-chanIf possible
wesley-chanwell I know its possible but
wesley-chanHow "easy" is it to do
ace4016how brief is brief?
ace4016you just need to be capable of releasing the energy very quickly
wesley-chanlike billionths/trillionths of a second
wesley-chanyes but how does one do that
ace4016or inductor
wesley-chanwhat kind of capacitors are we talking
wesley-chanLike I imagine they'd be HUGE
archivistfast ones
wesley-chanare there any examples of anyone doing this
ace4016you're talking about a tiny fraction of a second which means the energy isn't that great
ace4016no, because that's useless
slothcould use a capacitor from a microwave oven
slothmicrowaves are a good source of all sorts of things
mnrmnaughhmmmmmm, i wonder, what do you want it for?
wesley-channothing specific
wesley-chanjust "because I want to/can"
ace4016calculate how much energy you need to have and how much time you want to expend it
ace4016you can find an RC or RL circuit to let you discharge quickly enough
wesley-chancould you dump that into a laser diode
wesley-chanor what would happen
ace4016not much
ace4016may not give it enough time to use the power
wesley-chanif you could i bet something cool would happen
wesley-channot sure
ace4016that the laser pulses faster? or you crack the gain medium?
wesley-chanI mean shoot it at something and maybe observe some radioactive byproducts idk
wesley-chanim just guessing
wesley-chanyou'd probably knock some electrons off
ace4016you already do that
ace4016that's nothing new or neat
ace4016that's how solar cells worl
wesley-chanyea but I mean
wesley-chanmake it register on a Geiger counter
ace4016that's not how radiotion works
wesley-chanwell when you are dumping terawatt pulses into stuff
wesley-chanit kinda is
neosisaniyou'd need much more then terawats to make atoms radioactive
mnrmnaughno, noo, it uh
ace4016you need to break the nucleus of an atom to start seeing stuff
wesley-channo you don't
ace4016knock a few protons off
wesley-chan>what is ionization
ace4016knocking electrons off won't create radiation. you knock the protons off
ToAruShiroiNekoelectrons would radiate off
ToAruShiroiNekoelectromagnetic radiation
wesley-chanwhat do you think beta radiation is?
wesley-chanace4016, ^
ace4016light, yes
wesley-chanBeta radiation is electrons
neosisanispeaking of which, can you kick electron so hard that when it comes back to its natural state it emmits a gamma photon?
wesley-chanalpha radiation is helium nuclei
wesley-chanand gamma is high-energy photons
ToAruShiroiNekobeta radiation is nasty
mnrmnaughyes, but, does a geiger hear that. i'll admit i'm rusty, but
wesley-channah gamma is the nasty stuff
ToAruShiroiNekoalpha rediation isnt that harmful comperatively
ace4016beta radiotion is blocked by a thin aluminum foil
ToAruShiroiNekogamma is the nastier stuff
wesley-chanmnrmnaugh, since its a form of ionizing radiation
wesley-chanyes a GC will pick it up
ToAruShiroiNekoace4016 unless you are wraing yourself in aluminum foil you will be exposed to beta radiation
ToAruShiroiNekoyou would need protective gear
mnrmnaughyar, ooo oh, palaver!
ace4016you mean like the suits they wear made of aluminum?
ToAruShiroiNekoa bit like that
ToAruShiroiNekoor a tin foil hat
ace4016or the metal boxes they use
ToAruShiroiNekolead boxes
ace4016you don't need lead
neosisaniGC will pick up dentist x-ray machine, it doesn't mean it is radioactive
ToAruShiroiNekolead makes right
ace4016not until you get to gamma
ToAruShiroiNekotrue but you could get lead poisoning while protecting yourself in an ironic manner
mnrmnaughtbh, i have no clue how a gc werks :p
curlyearsneosisani: in theory, probably. in practice, I suspect it would take an accelerator about 4 or 6 times the size and piower of the CERN super collider
curlyearsneosisani: in theory, probably. in practice, I suspect it would take an accelerator about 4 or 6 times the size and power of the CERN super collider
wesley-channeosisani, are you saying xrays aren't radiation?
wesley-chanBecause they absolutely are
ToAruShiroiNekox-rays are em radiation last time I checked
ToAruShiroiNekolet me check again
mnrmnaughthey are
wesley-chanThough GCs dont really pick them up very well
wesley-chanthey are ToAruShiroiNeko
wesley-chanon EM spectrum above UV
mnrmnaughbut, as for what they interact and cause emmisions as
ToAruShiroiNekoGCs arent meant to detect radiation. They have very specific uses
neosisaniwesley-chan not all xrays are coming from radioactive decay
ace4016honestly, with this convo and the way people are talking, a piece of metal exposed to UV light is radioactive and we should all be scared
ToAruShiroiNekojust because GC doesnt pick up radiation doesnt mean there isnt any
wesley-chanRight. But they are still radiation
wesley-chanSound is a form of radiation, technically speaking
ToAruShiroiNekouv itself is radiation
mnrmnaughno, define radiation. :p
SpeedEvilThe top layer of the skin is dead.
ToAruShiroiNekoas is visible light
SpeedEvilRadiation does nothing to it
wesley-chan"Energy travelling through a medium" is the definition
mnrmnaughall waves radiate
wesley-chanSound meets that definition
ToAruShiroiNekoyou radiate infrared radiation
ToAruShiroiNekoyou are radioactive
wesley-chanGenerally when people say "radioactive" tho
wesley-chanThey mean ionizing radiation specifically
mnrmnaughyar, but back to
wesley-chanNot sound or IR
ToAruShiroiNekopeople have ionising radiation
ToAruShiroiNekocarbon-14 and all
ToAruShiroiNekothat too
ToAruShiroiNekoyou never truly die by this logic
wesley-chanIron 54 is slightly radioactive too I think
ToAruShiroiNekosince half life will never reach 0 :3
curlyearssound isn't a "form of radiation," in the sense that gamma rays or UV light laser are "forms of radiation." Sound is the physical vibration of mechanical obje4ct on the macro scale. EM is an electromagnetic field, and no physical in the macro sense at all.
wesley-chancurlyears, yes. I know
wesley-chanI was just being a pedant
ace4016the original discussion was still a bit "nothing new here" type of stuff though
curlyearsace4016: s'OK :p
mnrmnaughyeah, no i kinda was pedantic to, just makin sure :p
mnrmnaughsorry, i'm sleep dep. where are we?
curlyearsmnrmnaugh: go to SLEEP!!!! Idiot, sleep deprivation can result in all sorts of unpleasnt side effects
neosisanican class e/f amps be used to amplify ssb signals or just single tone signals?
ExeciNsloth: all or nothing
ExeciNsloth: you can cut it in segments though
mnrmnaughcurlyears i should, but, "things" <3, not this, other stuff
ace4016also, looking at the wiki page, an electron flying off isn't enough to consider it beta radiation >_>
curlyearsneosisani: class E and F? I knnow A, B, C, and D.. . WTF are E and F?
neosisanicurlyears D on steroids. let me find you the link
curlyearsno, for an electron to be considered a beta particle it must carry a certain amount of enery and be moving at a certain minimum velocty
mnrmnaughyeah, "how fast is it goin", if were still on this
mnrmnaughan elctron goin to it's neighbor ain't gonna do much
ace4016from the article, you still have to cause an imbalance in the nucleus to consider it beta radiation; eithe proton decomposition or nuetron decomposition
mnrmnaugh"jiggling balls" and such
ace4016otherwise, ionic bonds are beta radiation catastrophies :P
ace4016no wonder salt is a killer
slothExeciN: ah okay, thanks
ace4016(you should read articles you link before using them as proof)
slothso an EQ style bar with EL is unpossible
ace4016wesley-chan, did you confuse power for energy btw?
ExeciNsloth: it is possible but you have to make small segments. if you go this way you probably have to multiplex through the segments (brightness might go down a bit)
ExeciNsloth: I don't exactly know what you're up to but try and look into VFD as your display
curlyearswow, that's some heavy math there. neosisani
slothExeciN: i wanna make an EQ but not using LEDs
slothjust to be difficult
ExeciNsloth: use a VFD as your display
nistonsloth: use several EL wires :P
curlyearsExeciN: or LCD
slothwell i wanna try to fit it into a bezel is the thing
ExeciNcurlyears: yeah but where is the challenge in that? "sloth: just to be difficult"
curlyearsthen either an LCD or a VFD is your best bet, sloth
slothi do like to be difficult
ExeciNa led matrix would look sick
nistonbake yourself some OLEDs or shit
curlyearsExeciN: where's the excitement in a VFD, really?
ExeciNcurlyears: playing with voltage that stings
curlyearsThat holds zero interest to me, I've played with multi-thousand Volt circuits, and I've plays with multi-hundrd Amp circuits.\
nistonwtf is a "posistor"
ExeciNI said stings, not kills
sceadwianniston: sounds like something for google :)
nistonbrand name for PTC thermistor
intranickcurlyears: did you lick your fingers and touch them?
crtmarijuana bong
curlyears100,000 Volts won't kill you, ExeciN, unless the current sourced exceeds 15mA. 15 mA across the heart, at *any* Voltage, will kill you dead
curlyearsintranick: no.
crti hate being killed dead
curlyearscrt: it sucketh, yes
nistoncurlyears: makes me think of the army/navy guy who stuck probes through his thumbs to measure "internal resistance" and then died.
nistonmultimeter probes I should add
intranickcurlyears: you should try :D
sceadwiancurlyears: that whole 15ma will kill you dead is bullshit.
sceadwiancurlyears: 15ma or so is the lower threashold for causing cardiac arrest. That assumes no resucitation atempts.
nistonlol this thing looks like it was designed in 1950 and never upgraded ever since:
curlyearssceadwian: well, pick at nits, why don't you? I don't know about you, but I have zero interest in being resucitated after an electrical shock. I think the whole process would be very painful
sceadwiancurlyears: yer dead at that point, I think the experience of pain would be a good thing at that point :)
intranickwell and the voltage has to be high enough to overcome the resistance of your body
curlyearsniston: more like the 1960s. Obviousl;y designed for use in CB-like services (consumer telecommunications)
intranicklike -- you could have a 1000 amp circuit at 12v, and touch it with dry hands
intranickand it not do a damn thing to you
nistoncurlyears: yeah
nistonit also says that they won't restock once sold out :D
curlyearsintranick: that's a given, since if thr Voltage isn't high enough to overcome the body resistance, the curretn won't flow *doh(
wesley-chanace4016, might have im p drunk
intranickbut most people dont understand that
sceadwianLets see if I can start another fight ;)
curlyearssceadwian: I mean the aftermath of all lthat would be extremely painful
sceadwianIs the general semiconductor switching effect physical a voltage or currenet controlled phenomenon...
wesley-chanif i want a thing to shock myself
wesley-chanHow high can I theoretically push the power output before I die
wesley-chanI want it to hurt
sceadwianthere's no theoretical number, every individual human being is a unique electrical circuit there's no real way to predict
wesley-chanwell whats a good lower limit
curlyearssceadwian: there is no room for argument. Technically, all transistors, regardless of type, are current controlled devices. On the other hand, things like Zener diodes appear, at least, to be Voltage controlled
sceadwiancurlyears: bzzt, wrong. they're all electric fiel controlled aka voltage. currents are required to creat the voltage imballance but the effect is inherently related to the electric field strength at any given moment
curlyearswesley-chan: pardon, and I apologize for the vehemence aheqd of time, but what the fuckl is it with you? You want to do all these stupid, dangerous things
wesley-chani enjoy shocking myself?
wesley-chanis that so weird
curlyearswesley-chan: stick your tongue on the terminals of a 9V battery then
sceadwiancurlyears: the semiconductor effect on an atomic level is regulated by the electric field. So while current flow can't be removed from the conversation it does not inherently cause the effect itself.
wesley-chancurlyears, eh Ive done that
wesley-chandoesnt do much
wesley-chancar batteries just give me muscle spasms which isnt what im looking for either
curlyearssceadwian: you got me there, and, ,embarassingly enough, I already KNEW that. I answer3ed without thinking it through.
wesley-chanJust a nice, intense buzz feeling
curlyearswesley-chan: so smoke a joint or two
sceadwiancurlyears: Very few people that actually knwo anything about electronics get that one right :)
nistonwesley-chan: there's those electric fence things that farmers use.
nistontry one of em
wesley-chanmight have to go find one
wesley-chananything easy I can make myself tho
sceadwiancurlyears: atomic theory just isn't taught in electronics courses.
nistonpiezo ignitor
nistonfor a lighter
wesley-channot really intense enough ive used them before
ketascurl years
curlyearssceadwian: actually, they taught some atomic theory in my DC electricity course and my introduction to semiconductor courses. Not a complete education on the subject, but some so we could relate to the devices we were brungin up[ on our breadboard :p
nistonwesley-chan: also worth a try: ignition coils from a car
nistonbut be careful
nistonthe larger ones might kill you
nistonlike theres truck coils that source around 100mA
sceadwiancurlyears: most of what i've ever seen on websites is about the electron shell, some cover tunneling a little bit because it's how avalanche and zener effects work but the atomic interactions at a PN junction aren't very well covered.
curlyearspreferably get an old coil from a 6V vehicle, even 12 V onmes can be very hazardous
Wayward_VagabondIgnition coils won't kill you, but a jolt from one isn't that pleasant
nistonWayward_Vagabond: not sure.. I wouldn't touch said truck coil
Wayward_VagabondA solid shock feels like a punch square in the chest
curlyearssceadwian: well, I have to admit that I have difficulty separrating the sources of my information, aside from the courses I took, I've been reading tehcnical trade journals and technical publications from semiconductor companies for eyars.
nistonmaybe try with a coil from a small motorcycle
curlyearsI got a GREAT book on MOSFET theory and design from one of the EAuropean semiconductor houses once. Wish I cuold remember which one, they probably still offer it for free if you ask for it
sceadwiancurlyears: hardly ever see any semiconductor physics described, if you run a cross any papers that give details on any kind of interactions on real devices keep me in mind. Most of the theory I've read are't on practical devices it's just basic theory, would be neat to see how the peeps in the industry actually do stuff, especially with power electronics.
sceadwianThe internal designs they came up with to defeat the original limitations on transistors is quiet neat.
curlyearsI'll see if I can remember where I got that book, sceadwian
curlyearsit's quite elucidating to see electron micrographs of semiconductor power devies. Really helps with understanding what the theroiwes are talking aout
sceadwiancurlyears: Yeah, I was totally cluseless about even a simple BJT until I found basic semi conductor theory, it helped a lot. Just cause there are so many weird effects with BJT's that can only be explained if you know the physics.
curlyearsthe thing that has always baffled me is that all the emitter current going through a BJT power device is flowing THROUGH the relatively small and thin base region on it's was back "out" of the device. Most to the collector, some trhough the base itself
ketasWayward_Vagabond: 100ma could kill you...
sceadwiancurlyears: I don't think I've ever seen detailed graphs of the current flow through a BJT, just basiv theoretical models.
curlyearssceadwian: think about it. The transistor consists of a sandwich of tree elements, a relatively heavy thick "collector" element, a thin "base" element, and a somewhat larger than the "collector", the "emmitter" element. The emitter is slightly larger because the bias current has to flow between the emitter and the base, but the collector current
curlyears also has to flow from tyhe emitter, through the base, to the "collector."
sceadwianSandwhich of tree elements? how do they shrunk the trees? (sorry couldn't resist)
curlyears:p you got me, sceadwian`
sceadwiancurlyears: It depends on the junction configuration, that's what I really don't know, how the ACTUAL junctions are shaped and designed in modern devices. I know things like power fets don't even use simple junctions they're multi layered arrays.
nistonsceadwian: maybe you'll find this to be of interest
curlyearsright, except for the JFET, there are no semiconductor junctions in a modern FET. FETs are not sandwiched in three layers like BJTs. FETs consist of a bulk conductive (or insulative) region with the source connected to one side, and the drain to the other. The gate consists of an electirc element ewhich imposes an electric field on the bulk cond
curlyearsuctor, either increasing it's resistance, or decreasing it, the strong the field gets. So usually lateral "2D" arrangements, with the exception of some new ultra-dense 3D MOSFETs used in microprocessor chips and memory chips.
nistonesp section 3
sceadwianNice, that coveres a few different designs that's niston.
sceadwianChewy that up next time I'm in a mathy mood.
codepython7771If I want voltage to stay between a bound, or else the circuit trips, what do i use?
nistoncodepython7771: a comparator
sceadwiancodepython7771: comparator
codepython7771how do i find one that will keep the voltage between 12 to 19v, or else trip and let me use a switch to switch the circuit on?
curlyearsactually, guys, if he's concerned about both upper and lower bounds, he either needs two comparators, or a microcontroller with built in ADC
codepython7771I also need 3A support
codepython7771I could live with only lower bound
codepython7771so 1 should be fine
codepython7771I need a comparator with 11.5v and at least 3A support
codepython7771 - something like this?
sceadwianWell the comparator doesn't handle current, it just triggeres the fet.
sceadwianYou use a switching fet to disable the circuit
curlyearsno such thing as a comparator chip with a 3 Amp capacity. You need a comparator and some logic chips, that interface to an SCR (if a DC circuit) or a Triac (is an AC circuit)
nistonthat module might work or not
sceadwiancodepython7771: Can your monitor circuit run from the same voltage source or does it come from something else?
nistontheres like, no specs
nistonso no telling
codepython7771sceadwian: I need a 12v comparator that will stop the circuit if the voltage falls below 12. I also need a manual switch on it, so that i can switch it back on. I have total of 3A current
curlyearsniston: actually, it says it's 12VDC, and it says it uses an LM393, so it wouldn't be difficult to determine the output current supported. But I'll guaran-damn-tee you it ain't anywhere NEAR 3A
codepython7771the voltage is coming from a step down buck
nistoncurlyears: yeah but it has a relay
nistonso might just as well be able to switch 3A
nistonthink the comparator just switches the relay on/off
sceadwianComparators are like partial op amps, they typically drive transistors that do the real world even small relays.
nistonbut no telling what kinda relay they used or if the PCB traces do hold up to the current etc etc
curlyears20 Amps for 250VAC and 10Amps for 30VDC
curlyearsniston: iof you clikc "view details" it gives a closeup photo good enough to read those specs right off the relay case
curlyearscodepython7771: then you just wire yourt manual; switch in parallel with the relay contacts, so you can manually turn it on and off
curlyears\whether the relay is open or closed
codepython7771curlyears: i see. no automatic way of doing this?
codepython7771How does power supplies handle this in a computer?
curlyearsnmo automatic way of doing what?
sceadwianWith.. comparators...
curlyearsif your power source is a buck reguklator, why do you need a secondary comparator at all?
curlyearsin a computer, they have a small quantity of power available at all times (assuming it
codepython7771curlyears: i was mistaken, my power source is a lipo battery in this case
codepython7771curlyears: i am worried if there is large power draw on that battery, it will drop the voltage on this line
curlyears's plugged in, the user pushes a button, which feeds that Voltage back on annother wire to the PSU, wehere a logic circuit turns the rest of the psu on through a large MOSFET
sceadwiancodepython7771: it's kind of hard to make suggestiosn when you start a conversation with a buck source and then decide it's a lipo later :)
curlyearssceadwian: now, now :p
sceadwiancurlyears: Well it isQ!
curlyearsYes, it is
sceadwianNot that my sentences will make senmse with all the typos anyways..
sceadwiancodepython7771: Can your monitor circuit draw it's power somewhere else or will it draw from the same power source you're trying to watch?
curlyearsI spent from 08:15 until 16:30 yesterday riding city busses, walking, sitting in the sun for an hout wiating for a bus, juust to spend 20 minutes in a doctor's office . No pain killers, so I ***HURT**, I was heavily dehydrated, and dead tired when I got home
codepython7771sceadwian: sorry.
codepython7771sceadwian: there is only one lipo that is driving everything
curlyearsto be honest, codepython7771, it would appear that you arte engaged somewhat over your head. Can you describe the purpose of this system?
sceadwiancodepython7771: Your best bet is a dedciated lipo monitor IC.
curlyearssceadwian: agreed
sceadwiancodepython7771: A single lip power source monitoring itself has to boost needs an internal reference and comparator. Unles you want to do that yourself just find an IC for it, there are TONS of cheap monitor chips out there.
sceadwianTend to be very simple too
curlyearssceadwian: again, agreed
curlyearsI read a spec sheet one time for a LiPo control/monitor chip that handled 12 separate LiPo cells.
sceadwianProbably only a few bucks too
sceadwianprogrammable hyseresis and voltage the whole 9s
sceadwianThe one's that monitor more than one cell tend to be able to do charge ballancing as well, letting you use a simpler charger.
curlyearssceadwian: do you know the etymology of them term "the whole 9 yards?"
sceadwiancurlyears: nope
sceadwianI think it's a textile term though
sceadwianoooolld school
curlyearsfighter planes had in-wing "cannisters" to hold belts of cartidges for their wing cannon. These belts were 27 feet (9 yards) long. If a pilot ran his entire ammunition supply oout firing at one target, he was referred to as giving them "the whole nine yards"
curlyearsinteresting factoid
curlyearsthat was in WWE II, buy tthe by
sceadwianNice, didn't know that one.
sceadwianI just looked at it on Wikipedia says the etymology isn't known and there's a few references to the whole six yards as well.
curlyearssceadwian: differing sources on such "slang" are not uncommon
sceadwianYour explsnation is the first one given in the list
sceadwianIt's always intersting looking up the origins of the weird things we say :)
nistonbah 30°C in the office
sceadwianI used to get pissy with people that can't use good english until I got into more of the details of the complexity of our own language, now I try to tend to cut people slack :)
Punktguys i hope someone are able to help me about inch
sceadwianan inch? I only have a 1/4 inch... don't know how far that'll get ya.
Punkti have a inner thread with arround 18.25mm
Punktis there any inch threads with this?
Punkton the metrics i not able to finde anything
sceadwianYou're talking screw threads here?
niston1.825cm ~ 0.71850394 inches
curlyearsThat's like the etymology of the word "fuck." I was told by a former linguistics profssor who later because a US Senator that the origin was in midieval England, round about 15-1600. Prostitution was legal, but you had to have a license from the King, so propriewtors od brotherls woudl hang a sign, in te olde English fashion having the first lett
curlyearser of each word laerger, in caps, and heavily stylized, that read "Fornication Under Consent of the King"
nistonprobably not a standard thread, dunno
sceadwiancurlyears: that sounds too bullshitty to me, is there any verification of that?
curlyearsnow, tht etymology is even more arguable than the one I gave for 9 yards
sceadwianWould be neat, then you could say with a straight face that at least some time in the past our leaders did give a fuck...
nistonprostitution is legal.
sceadwianniston: not here it isn't!
nistongo to nevada :P
sceadwianAhh true, there's always Nevada.
nistonits legal around here though
sceadwianI think that road may have been too travelled..
nistonprobably in most of yurop I think
nistonnot sure though
barubaruWhat square wave or delta-impulse generator may have a very large waiting time comparing to impulse width? Something like 20ms impulse per several minutes
sceadwianPunkt: I'm the wrong person to ask but I severly doubt you're going to get a match
Punktprobaly i found it out
curlyearssceadwian: not that I know of, but S.I. Hiwakawa was a sitting US Senator, and highly h onored linguistics professor (also one tim e President of San Frabciusco State University, under Ronlad Reaggan as Governor of California) and was a fried of my grandfather's. He was invited to dinner once night while I was visiting my grandparents, and spent n
curlyearsearly an hour explaining such things to me. I don't THINK he was pulling my leg.
Punkti will try on 15min print :9
nistonBritish Standard Pipe Thread
synx508so in 1500 I don't think enough people could read to make a sign worthwhile, let alone a sign that got turned into an acronym
curlyearsbarubaru: I don't understand your explanation of what yyou want to know, could you try again?
sceadwiancurlyears: you'd be surprised :)
curlyearssynx508: whill not a l ot of peopple could read at that time, MANY establishments had signs in front.
mrjinxHi there fellas
nistonwasnt that how signs infront of pubs and bars the like evolved?
barubarucurlyears: i want something like multivibrator or joule thief with pulse ratio of 1000 or more. So that a short pulse and long time with no pulses.
synx508curlyears, there's a reason pub signs are basically pictures
curlyearssceadwian: it's possible. It's still an interesting story.
nistonbecause ppl couldn't read, they draw signs like lions, roses etc
sceadwiancurlyears: Yeah, snopes busted that one. It's a common myth
curlyearsbarubaru: probably the easiet way to implement that would be with a cheap 8 bit mmicrocontroller
nistonPunkt: 18.25mm is clearance drill for M18 thread
mrjinxI got a question, more like a general wondering, about subwoofers if audio systems. may I ask it here?
nistonbut other then that idfk
curlyearsrmjinx: don't ask to ask. just ask\
nistonmrjinx: where else if not here?!
mrjinxThanks man... <3
sceadwiancurlyears: I'm a hard ass about such things, if it's not verified three ways from Sunday I'll gladly say I don't know before I tell a story :)
mrjinxhave you ever seen subwoofer that the speaker inside it is put in backwards?
tmerra subwoofer is a woofer but smaller. a walking woofer is a pupper and a mega woofer is a doggo
mrjinxlike the back of it is actually the part that is outputting the sound
nistonmrjinx: do you mean dipole speakers?
nistonhmm probably not
sceadwianIt's funny when you're a regular coffee drinker, don't have anything for a couple days and then have a fresh cup. I can literally feel my sanity returning.
nistonmrjinx: I think its popular in car audio
ketas"two young men from russia decided to make selfie with hand grenade, to make photo special they pulled pin from it, as expected, it exploded, killing both... later police found photo from still-intact phone found lying around"
nistonfor show-off reasons most likely
sceadwianmrjinx: I've seen them
sceadwianmrjinx: at least one
slothso i ordered like 100 10mm LEDs a while back when they were on sale for like 30c each and now I need to pannel mount one, does anyone have any suggestions on how to do so? google only links to those pannel mount made LEDs that cost like $10
nistonmrjinxnx:, and
sceadwiansloth: 30c = cents?
mrjinxyes it is a dipole speaker, according to google photos
slothsceadwian: indeed
slothgot a bunch of 10mm greens and reds for 30c each
mrjinxso it is ok?
sceadwiansloth: that actually sounds expensive.. I think the last pack I bought was less than 10c each
niston"So you can see the pretty motor structure and magnet. If you were doing a isobaric front to front in a push/pull design you might also have one motor structure appealingly reverse mounted. There are no acoustic benefits to either reverse mounting or normal. "
nistonso, show-off reasons
nistonas I predicted
slothsceadwian: i live in australia
emolaturmrjinx; bottom of this stack: ?
slothso 600% markup on everything
sceadwiansloth: Ahh, sorry :)
sloththey're normally like $1.10 here
sloththis is 10mm ones tho, the 5mms are a lot cheaper
nistondipole speaker will have two drivers
sceadwiansloth: What kind of mounting do you really want to do? If you just drill clean holes they'll look pretty good naked
sceadwiansloth: wow, that's highway robbery.
curlyearssubwoofers are usually larger than woofers, as they are designed to reporduce sounds below (or sub) the sounds of woofers in frequency. They are sometimes mounted "backwards" in cabinets, dependiong on the design of the cabinet.
nistonsame as bipole
slothsceadwian: i want to mount them on the front pannel of this
slothalthough i guess i could put them on the top pannel under a clear dome and make it look all old timey
nistonsloth: I usually panel-mount leds with hotsnot
sceadwiansloth: Just drill really clean holes for the leads and use a tiny dab of glue to seat them. that's gonna be an awful weird source of light though
niston^^^^ drill hole, insert led, fix with glue
sceadwianniston: hot glue?
curlyearsThere is a company that makes little plastic "lenses" that you stick through a hole inthe panel, and it locks in place, and you stick a 5mm LED into the back ot if. They come in yellow, red and greend that I jkbow of, I suspectt hey might also now make them in blue. I just can't remember the name of the company *damn*
slothi guess i could dremel the LED to have a flat face
nistoncould also be super glue etc
slothsceadwian: its just for an on/off indicator
slothi gotta put a switch on it
sceadwianhot glue is good but your terms hotsnot is probably better it's a paint to work with
sceadwianleast it is for me
sceadwianpain not paint..
slothwhat is hot snot? the only hotsnot i know refers to a man's special fluid
slothand i'm not putting that in my workbench power supply
sceadwiansloth: Yeah, just drill clean holes and glue it down nice, not worth making anything else unless you want it for decoration in which case I would of course recommend wood :)
sceadwiansloth: He's talking about hot glue, the snot being I'm assuming because of it's tendancy to run into a stringy freegin mess when you pull the gun away.
slotho i c
slothi could use a two part resin
sceadwiansloth: that's way over kill that stuffs worse to work with than hot glue :)
Bird|ghostedneutral cure silicone might be worth a shot as well
curlyearssloth: this isn't the one I was referring to, but:
sceadwiansloth: If you don't have one already get yourself a pin vice (small screw driver like device with collets on it to mount drill bits) and use a .5mm drill bit to put the holes in the case.
slothi have a dremmel
slothhey yeah that led holder
sceadwiansloth: I'd have had the thing mounted in the time it took for this conversation +)
sloththats what i want
sceadwiansloth: a pin vice is much better for that kind of thing, way easierto control. Dremel's can get away from you REAL fast especially on that kind of plastic.
jaggzthey have those little plastic ring things that hold LED's and snap into the panel/enclosure
nistonbah led holders
jaggzthey snap from on top and hide your ugly hole
nistonmight as well flush your money down the drain
jaggzit depends on what desired final aesthetic you want
nistonwell yeah
jaggzif that's grammar proper
jaggzwhat's the dremel-flat spot for?
jaggza round hole is hardly noticable though..
jaggzplastic-adhering epoxy is great for nice solid mounting of such things, btw
jaggzI have a love hate relationship with hotglue
sceadwianjaggz: you're not the only one.
jaggzI like the stronger less rubbery/gummy stuff
sceadwianI like niston calling it hotsnot. much more descriptiove
Bird|ghostedI kinda think of silicone as the superior alternative
sceadwianjaggz: hitemp is the only way to go. my wife uses the lotemp for some crafty stuff but not much
jaggzsilicone's a great idea
Bird|ghostedno need to get it hot, and it actually doesn't like....disintegrate/... on you down the road
sceadwianSilicone is worse than hotglue!
Bird|ghostedjust make sure to get the neutral cure!
jaggzmeaning no acetic acid or whatever coming out
jaggzafk, sleep
sceadwianThere's nothing wrong with the acid based stuff if you keep it away from metal
Bird|ghostedjaggz: yeah, no acetic acid coming out
Bird|ghostedsceadwian: yeah -- it'll corrode your electronics into oblivion tho
nistonsceadwian :)
sceadwianBird|ghosted: Yeah, depends on what you're using it for.
sceadwianI'd seriously have those LED's mounted already ;) I never overthink these things :)
nistonif you want to make it look nice, you can grind them LEDs flat, so they will be flush with the front plate
nistontake care not to grind away too much though xD
sceadwianniston: That really screws with the light distribution though, makes it look to harsh if you ask me
nistonsceadwian: doesnt matter for an indicator imho
sceadwian10mm LED's have PLENTY of plastic to grind off.
Wayward_VagabondYou can get flat LEDs too
sceadwianniston: for me it does, I'm hyper anal about the quality of light coming off stuff.
Wayward_VagabondAnd if you did grind a normal one, wouldn't you have to repolish the face of it?
nistonokay, get flat leds then
nistonWayward_Vagabond: not in my experience though
Wayward_Vagabondsceadwian: I hate led lighting as currently used in cars
sceadwianniston: a bright point source will drive me freegin nuts in my peripheral vision. I diffuse the crap out of everything.
nistonwell depends if you want a clear led I think
nistonif you grind them they become not-clear
sceadwianWayward_Vagabond: don't think I've really seen enough to comment
nistonincreases diffusion
Wayward_VagabondCheap/simple optics, so it appears as a cloud of points rather than a diffuse even light
Wayward_Vagabond*grid of points
sceadwianYou can use a light spreader ripped out of an lcd monitor for that.
sceadwianThat would look really nice
nistonWayward_Vagabond: do you hate led front/tail lights? or interior?=
nistonbtw the light spreader stuff in lcd monitors is usually a teflon sheet
Wayward_Vagabondniston: Both, really
Bird|ghostedI just hate the habit of running blue indicators in the mA range
Wayward_VagabondOh, I've a vendetta against blue leds
Bird|ghostedseriously -- 470ohms on a GaN blue?! that's blow-your-eyes-out. can't they up it to like a couple of kOhms?
Wayward_VagabondThey're just something gimmicky that people will laught at when remembering the styling of late 00s and early 10s electronics
nistonBird|ghosted: I tend to underdrive most of my indicator leds
nistoni mean if its' clearly visible with 2mA, why drive it with 20
Bird|ghostedniston: yeah -- you can get away with 100uA or less on GaNs from what I've heard, too
sceadwianniston: to blind people of course\
sceadwianBird|ghosted: they're super efficient at the lower current I believe?
Bird|ghostedsceadwian: yeah
nistonblue light is super obnoxious in the bedroom
nistonit'll fuck with your sleep patterns
sceadwianI love the blue myself, but Niston nailed the point, they just use too much of it.
nistonblue light tells the brain to wake up
nistonyears and years of evolution made it so
sceadwianI had to put TWO coats of car window tint over my alarm clock, and you can still fucking read by the damn thing
nistona positive side effect is, it makes your device more eco friendly
DMackeyI used RED plastic on my clock
nistonin a real way
nistonbecause it'll use less power
nistonif you dont fucking overdrive the leds
DMackeydimmed it way down but I could still see it in a full dark room
GyrosGeierACTION curses Jenkins and the reverse proxy
sceadwianmakes me think taking my clock apart and seeing if I can find the current controller.
nistonthink of all the power saved if 100'000'000 devices would drive their leds with just 2mA instead of 20mA
sceadwianShould be a nice simple mod
DMackeythats what I was thinking for my clock too... just to dang many other projects needing my attention more
sceadwianDMackey: that's why I slapped window tint on mine.
sceadwianI haven't modded anything in forrrrrrrever though, if I can't figure out a clock then something is wrong :)
DMackeyI usually toss a bandana over mine after I set the alarm.
nistonspeaking of clocks, i ordered some wristwatches from ali
nistonvery interested in learning about the build quality of these
nistonthe most expensive one was like $24 or so
Wayward_VagabondIt may be placebo, but I swear this torroidal transformer i'm using an isolation transformer couples tranients less then ther standard one did
Wayward_VagabondMaybe it's related to the noticably higher inrush current when plugging it in?
synx508circular objects are inherently better in every way.
synx508Sorry, I'm really getting into the whole post-factual vibe
Bird|ghostedo/ synx508
Wayward_VagabondExcept in minecraft.
Wayward_VagabondCircles are the devil there.
sceadwianniston: 24 bucks? that's expensive for ali :)
sceadwianWayward_Vagabond: toroidals shield a LOT more
Wayward_VagabondIgnoring anything else, the torroid doesn't have as much temperature rise
Wayward_Vagabondsceadwian: Using it to mainly help supress transients on the lin from small capacitor run motors turning on and off
sceadwianIf it weren't for the construction issues, in an ideal world everything would be a toroidal transformer, it totally contains the magnetic flux
nistonsceadwian: the funny thing is, those same $24 watches sell for $124 if they sport a fake prominent-swiss-watch-manufacturer style dial
niston(not on ali though)
sceadwianniston: Doesn't surprise me in the slightest.
sceadwianniston: people are stupid.
nistonthere are some VERY good replicas around though
sceadwianI'm a person, believe me I know I'm stupid sometimes :) most aren't aware of it though.
nistontempted to buy a patek phillipe calatrava 5119G replica
sceadwianA what?
sceadwianI'm totally ignorant of that fasion stuff.
nistona replica of a very beautiful $20'000 wrist watch
sceadwianI'd wear a gray t-shirt and jeans every day for the rest of my life.
Wayward_VagabondI like digital watches, I'm not fancy enough for high end ones
Bird|ghostedWayward_Vagabond: yeah, I've had the exact same watch on my wrist since middle school
Wayward_VagabondI've worn a stainless casio illuminator for a few years, and for even longer before that just the black plastic/rubber version
Wayward_VagabondGot tired of breaking the bands
sceadwianWayward_Vagabond: I'm sensative to anything on my skin. Took me 2 years to get used to my wedding band, haven't worn a watch in like 15 years I'd never be able to get used to one again
nistonmost ppl use their fone as the watch, these days
Wayward_VagabondMy wrist feels naked without the watch on
synx508I am surprised that watches are still popular. They seem entirely redundant to me
sceadwianWayward_Vagabond: I'm not diagnosed but a few years ago I found out I have very strong autistic traits which explains a lot, so the sensory world I live in is dialed up to 11 all the time.
sceadwianIt's like having an an audio circuit with a wacky automatic gain controller.
nistonhaha xD
Bird|ghostedsceadwian: yeah -- that's a good way to describe it
sceadwianBird|ghosted: Gotta remember that description, it's hard explaining to some people what autistic means.
sceadwianI stimmed (typicalyl rubbing my fingers together) for 35 years before I even knew what it was.
barubaruWhat do we have similar to joule thief? (Half royer), one transistor, relaxation type
sceadwianWhy something similiar? It's hard to get simpler than a joule theif
Sladei wouldnt mind oneof these..
sceadwianI love planes with the nose canards
sceadwianpushers too
nistonsceadwian: I have one for you:
nistonwrong plane :>
Sladesceadwian, i wish the EAB versions that did that didnt have such high stall speeds :/
sceadwianniston: there's light talk about making a new one that doesn't have a serious sonic boom. Kind of curious how they're going to do that.
nistonsceadwian: its the wrong plane though. im looking for the right one :D
sceadwianniston: it flashed up wih a picture of something with a canard on it before it went to that
nistonhere we go
Sladesceadwian, oh wait. you're not in the us are you. eab - experimental amateur built
nistonsadly it was rendered obsolete by ICBMs
sceadwianniston: wingtips fold down and everything, awesome thatnks for the vid. I've seen models of that before never video
sceadwianslade: No I'm in the US.
nistonyeah 't was a pretty impressive plane
sceadwianLooks almost like a paper airplane cause of the wing design
Sladesceadwian, yea realized you might not have known what i was talking about ;P
nistonthink about the sound the engines must have produced :>
sceadwianSlade: I didn't :) I'm not much of a plane guy except for the aesthetics, and typical desire for flight :) Would love a heli license in my dreams at least :)
Sladeare you in the sad land of easa? or in the southern happy islands?
Sladeare you in europe, or australia/nz
barubarusceadwian: i want something like joule thief but with capacitors instead of inductor with many outputs
sceadwianNo, I'm in the US.
sceadwianWestern, NY state.
Sladeah cool.
Sladehelicopters are expensive :(
sceadwianbarubaru: You can't make something like a joule theif without an inductor. the entire functionality of the joule theif is centered around inductance and can't practically be done with a capacitor
sceadwianyou can charge capactiros in parelle and discharge in series but that's not going to be even close to simple or compact
Sladeout of interest, how come helis over airplanes, or gyros ;)
sceadwianI've always had a fascination with helicopters.
sceadwianAnything that spins :)
AirPlanesSlade, ???
sceadwianGyro's are cool too. I'd go ultralight over a gyro I think.
SladeAirPlanes, dont get all snarky with me over your poor choice in names
barubarusceadwian: there is capitts oscillator with one inductor and two capacitors, i thought there is something in between joule thief and capitts oscillator
sceadwianI see an ultralight pilot over the house every now and then there's a handful of pilots in the area
Sladesceadwian, hmm. what does ultralight mean to you?
sceadwianSlade: hang glider boot strapped with a swamp boat motor ;)
Sladebecause i dont think it means what you think it means :)
Sladeah, yea thats a weight shift control aircraft. it may or may not be ultralight
sceadwianWhat's the proper definition?
AirPlanesSlade, GyrosGeier
zigggggyACTION boards AirPlanes
zigggggywhere we going AirPlanes!
AirPlanesoh fuck man nice WPM
AirPlanesthat is nice WPM!!!!!
Sladeultralights are single seaters, weighing less than 254 pounds. 5 gallons of fuel. some other things. they don't require a license to operate
AirPlaneszigggggy be like
sceadwianSlade: No license?
Sladesceadwian, correct.
sceadwianYeah, this was definitly an ultralight then
Sladeyou could get in one right now and kill yourself legally ;P
sceadwianI could probably pick the whole thing up if I wanted to and I'm a banterweight
sceadwianI could lend him my weed wacker for some extra cruising speed :)
Sladeonly 1 seat?
sceadwianI think so, never gotten a good look at it
SpeedEvil - on the topic of ultralights.
SpeedEvilThis ultralight is more by weight than silver
SpeedEvil~50kg glider
Sladebut ultralights can be any formfactor.. for example
sceadwianSlade: That looks simultaniously awesome and terrifying :)
Sladesee also <-- yes thats a VW engine sawed in half
Sladeany my personal favourite
sceadwianSlade: Is that last one real?
Slademade by a finnish family
sceadwianWould love to see a video of that one that's awesome
Sladethey've got some videos on their website
SladeACTION love seaplanes
SpeedEvilThat's almost certainly not a seaplane
SpeedEvilbut a wing-in-ground-effect machine
SpeedEvilIt can only fly to several feet in altitude
sceadwianExplains the small form factor
phinxyis lead good to separate magnetic fields or is it just for radioactivity?
sceadwianyou need mumetal for magnetic fields
sceadwianlead won't do jack
phinxyis it very different from steel ?
SpeedEvillead is entirely nonmagnetic
sceadwianIt's some kind of weird alloy, neverl ooked into it, but it's very dfiferen
SpeedEvilany magnetic shielding it performs is due to its conductivity
sceadwianyou can get mumetal sheeting but it's pretty expensive
SpeedEvilwhich is not great
SpeedEvilIt depends what you mean by 'shield magnetic fields'
SladeSpeedEvil, this is out of ground effect.. not sure if its being towed tho.
corecodei wonder - is it bad practice to use the GBP of an op-amp to provide a low pass filter?
Sladeah yea. its not being towed
Sladesmall form factor is because its a biplane
SpeedEvilout of ground effect is likely to use lots more power
SpeedEvilcorecode: 'yes'
SpeedEvilcorecode: once you fall out of loop gain >> GBW, all of the opamp nonlinearities get into play
SpeedEvildepending on the opamp, it may be quite adequate
Sladesceadwian, if this thing had better specs i woulda bought one earlier this year.
sceadwianThose really aren't 'planes' by my thinking, toys more than anything.
SpeedEvil^also - it may not have any meaningful climb-rate in non-ground-effect
SpeedEvilSo, it can't be safely flown out of ground effect
Sladeyou dont need much power with something that light
sceadwianSlade: Looks nice, like a flying family camper :)
SpeedEvilSlade: yes and no.
sceadwianAhhh, yeah so it's like a puddle jumper then
SpeedEvilSlade: batteries are more the issue.
SladeSpeedEvil, agreed
SpeedEvilIf you're happy with 5 minute flights, damn near anything can work.
Sladei'd prefer gas, because even out of a few hp you can get some impressive stats with the right design.
sceadwianSlade: Those all probably cost close to as much as I've made in the last 5 years so I might just have to pass :)
Sladesceadwian, your thoughts of helicopter means if you ever do it you'll be broke at almost any price ;p
Sladehelicopters are both time and hour limited :(
corecodeSpeedEvil: i'm really only interested in DC value
sceadwianSlade: Oh I know, they're worse than planes from what I hear
Sladeway way worse
corecodeso 10Hz is a fine 3dB point
sceadwianSlade: As I stated originally, in my dreams :)
sceadwianI always liked watching RC heli pilots, especially the nuttier 3Ders
Sladeyou could get airtime for 80$ an hour just to get up. in a heli you're getting $300-$400
sceadwianIf only we could get a human piloatble version of those :)
Sladeso small the weight-power ratios are amazing on the rcs
sceadwianI've seen 3D flyier that do shit that you would just never think was even physically possible
sceadwianMakes playing the piano look simple.
Bird|ghostedsceadwian: I wonder how much ballast you could cram into a R/C helicopter before you hit the structural limits
SpeedEvilBird|ghosted: what do you mean?
sceadwianI mean they gotta be mentally rotating all three axises and vchangin the control vectors mentally Like a flying rubics cube
Bird|ghostedit'd be interesting to see if a R/C ballasted to the power-to-weight of an actual helo could be used as a training/demo tool for pilots of the real thing
SpeedEvilBird|ghosted: I have a platform that I have not assembled, that's a hex. It weighs about 1.5kg, and has a max all-rotor thrust of 10kg
sceadwianBird|ghosted: Not much, they handle load for shit.
sceadwianBird|ghosted: You go from insane ultiamte 3D awesomeness to up down forward and backwards FAST
SpeedEvilBird|ghosted: you'd simply install a slightly better class, or differently programmed controller, which would mimic the full sized craft.
Sladei've really been thinking that a diesel->electric power system in a small aircraft would be a clever design
SpeedEvilOnly up to fairly low speeds in general though.
Bird|ghostedSpeedEvil: that's interesting that you could do it with a controller change
SpeedEvilSlade: NASA has done some research onto turbines.
SpeedEvilsplitting the turboprop in half can do interesting things.
SladeSpeedEvil, yea. turbines are fuel hungry, but
Bird|ghostedI was thinking for like demo-ing autos, VRS, corner cases of various rotor systems
sceadwianSlade: I heard someone (maybe you) talking about that the other night, is that even moderatly efficient?
Sladesceadwian, maybe me. depends on how you define efficient.
sceadwianSlade: I mean why not just go with straight diesal and ditch the electric, you lose so much in the conversion
SpeedEvilSlade: low power turbines are inefficient
SpeedEvilSlade: high power, high compression ratio turbines are up amongst the most efficient of engines
SpeedEvilCompression ratios are ~20
Sladesceadwian, reliability. a diesel designed for direct drive gets a time before overhaul of 1200-2000 hours.. diesels designed as power generators run for years :P
SladeSpeedEvil, yea. which is the sad thing of it for the smaller designs
SpeedEvilscaling sometimes sucks
SpeedEvilFlight time scales linearly with length, for example, for the same design
sceadwianSlade: ahhh, makes sense.
SpeedEvilSlade: drives designed as power generators run at a third of the RPM
SpeedEvilSlade: and are _much_ heavier
Sladewell you only want like 1800rpm
SpeedEvilyes, but RPM is proportional to power output
Sladesceadwian, plus i'm betting you could do clever things with electric motors, since they scale linearly.. with 8 motors computer controlled, do you still need a rudder?
sceadwianSlade: you'd probably want one.
sceadwianYou don't wanna lose rudder control if you have an engine failure I'd images.
sceadwianimagine even
Sladeoh, sure. if its there for safety. assuming you dont wanna just pop the big parachute
sceadwianI prefer instrinsically safe design myself.
curlyearssceadwian: *AMEN*
Sladesceadwian, well, thats where the rub is
Sladeas a pilot its far more likely that you crash due to improper use of the rudder than a mechanical failure
curlyearsbut rudders are usually driven hydraulicly on large jets, and the hydraulics are all locval to the ruidder, controlled electronically from the electronics bay near the cockpit
sceadwianSlade: If I screw up I'm not gonna be pissed when I hit the ground. If I die from mechanical failure I'm going to be bitter about the whole thing till I splat ;)
Bird|ghostedcurlyears: depends on the jet, really.
sceadwianThat's just the way I think ;)
Bird|ghostedsceadwian: yeah, pretty much
Sladesceadwian, yea. or you just run out of motor. pop caps and sail down to the ground :P
curlyearsolder, smaller jets had hydraulic systems that reached the entrie length of the plane for stuff like rudder control
sceadwianSlade: additional failture points/
sceadwianTo make me truly happy you' have to fill a cavern on the moon with air and give me wings
sceadwianthen I know there's the least possible amount of things that can fuck up.
Sladesceadwian, sure. howevre i've never heard of an instance of caps failing to deploy tho.
curlyearsam not sure what they do on fighter planes and such
Sladeyou cant handfly fighter planes anymore
curlyearsI am pretty sure that the forces involved dictate direct hydraulic drive for the rudder and flaps
Sladehumans lack the reactiontimes required. its all fly by wire
curlyearsSlade: that's been true for a long time now
sceadwianSlade: It's not so much human reaction time as it is feedback, you can't fly if you can't feel what's going on.
Bird|ghostedcurlyears: for widebodies, yes -- you need full powered surfaces
curlyearssceadwian: one reason I never really took any interest in PC based flight simulations...without the input offered by inertia, it was a sadly incomplete simulation
Bird|ghostednarrowbody jets and smaller can get by without it though (everything derived from the original DC-9 has very minimal hydraulic boost)
sceadwiancurlyears: Force feedback gives you some stick at least. I'll bet a current generation VR system would be good for you.
sceadwianIf it doedns't make you yack ;)
Sladesceadwian, either way using a diesel engine powering motors eventually gives way to designs that can be battery powered when battery tech gets there
curlyearsBird|ghosted: I am not all that familiar with it, just know things I've rerad in various trade journals. I am a trade journal freak, love them, even for trades I'm not in (maybe especially for trades I'm n ot in)
sceadwianI'm dieing to try out an Oculus rift and see how bad the simulation sickness is. I'm hyper senstaive to that kind of stuff.
sceadwianSlade: Battery tech is decades away.
Sladesceadwian, agreed
sceadwianAT least for large scale commercial
sceadwianFuel cells maybe not though
Sladefuel cells too heavy for aircraft as far as i can tell
sceadwianBut fuel cells have been one of those promised technologies that's been just around the corner for 20 years.
curlyearssceadwian: nope, I havce zero depth perception. One blind eye, from birth, so I have never HAD depth perception. Can't catch a ball for shit\
Bird|ghostedan electric powered two-seat trainer plane wouldn't hurt my feelings too badly though
SladeBird|ghosted, they have them. barely legal
beanbag-that's what she said?
Bird|ghostedyeah, I think they'll get better with time though
beanbag-that's what she said?
sceadwiancurlyears: My son almost joined your ranks, he's so far sighted his visual centers weren't developing in one eye, nearly lost the vision till we started patching him
SladeIts just battery tech
sceadwiancurlyears: he went from like 300/20 to 10/20 in 8 months with glasses of course
Sladesceadwian: nice
curlyearsmine was a genetic defect, the retina in my left eye is not fully formed. I've seen 3D images of it at the opthamlogist I go to. It's prettu fucked up, with all sorts of missing areas
sceadwianSlade: I see about a dozen 'battery cehmistry breakthrough' articles a year on every one of them is at best a marginal improvement and mass scale adapation to large scale manufacotring plants is still a decade away on every one of them
SpeedEvilsceadwian: Or more accurately, will never happen.
Sladesceadwian: yea. I think sonys sulphur stuff is closest. Will help but isnt enough
sceadwianSpeedEvil: Oh no it will, in one chemistry or another. Just not anytime soon.
SpeedEvilPeople who write press releases to go with papers need to be punched a lot more in general.
sceadwianSpeedEvil: the advancements in chemistry happening right now are astounding
SpeedEvilsceadwian: Most of the battery breakthroughs reported will never be implemented, and something different will be.
sceadwianOh god's don't I know it.
sceadwianI frequent a lot of science communities on Google+ and I spend about half my time correcting people's misinterpretations of bad science reporting.
Sladesceadwian: how how your fuelcell stuff? Anything even remotely light enough for aircraft?
SpeedEvil - random link
SpeedEvilThis week in virology - I find it a great podcast
sceadwianSpeedEvil: They all have various one off ussages, like super fast charging or high energy density. I'm sure Nasa uses application specific chemistry for everything.
SpeedEvilsceadwian: err - no
sceadwianSlade: i don't know, haven't read just about anything about fuel cells in years.
sceadwianIt seems to be dormant, or I'm just missing the sources of information on it
SpeedEvilsceadwian: most of these papers reported technology will never ever be implemented practically, for various reasons, anywhere.
curlyearssceadwian: are you familiar with the design of a flow battery at USBerkeley that runs on non-toxic, "green" electrolytic chemicals, which can be cheaply reprocessed when "worn out" and reused? The things were announced during summer 2014
SpeedEvilBecause they don't work in volume, or something more practical/better comes along.
sceadwianSpeedEvil: Most of the one's I'm talking about are anode/cathode materials or tweaks to the lithium chemistry and a few geometry changes.
SpeedEvilsceadwian: yes.
sceadwiancurlyears: I've heard of it, chemistry is my weakest area though
SpeedEvilsceadwian: there have been _hundreds_ (probably many thousands) of these papers in the last decades.
Sladesceadwian: lots out there. Google installing them and such. But bad power to weight
sceadwiancurlyears: flow batteries have possibilities for large scale power storage for green energy but I don't think they'll ever get power/weight down for practical vehicle usage.
SpeedEvilsceadwian: most of these are not implemented, for one reason or another
sceadwianSpeedEvil: I'm talking about the more reasonable ones :) even those are going to take forever to hit the market.
SladeGotta get at least remotely close to 1kw per pound
SpeedEvilSlade: you need nowhere near that.
sceadwianSpeedEvil: I know the one's you're talking about, they're all based off 'well if we just add some unobtanium this will revolutionize everthing!'
curlyearssceadwian: for me as well. I have hypothesize and sketched out a design for an all electric flow cell powered railroad l;ocomotive baseed on thier designs. There is an Italian company that is being "built" that plans to offer automobiles and small-to-medium sized trucks based on the technology, supposedly by 2020
sceadwiancurlyears: trains, sure, I could see that.
SladeSpeedEvil: no?
SpeedEvilSlade: 1kW/lb is the sort of power you require for small high exhaust velocity ducted fans, quadcopters are at ~3-10g/W or so, planes are _much_ lower.
curlyearsI just recently read an announcement where some researchers have discoverd some means of adding oxygen to Lithium ion catchodes, which supposedly triples their energy stroage capacity and cuts rercharge time bt=etween 2 or 3 times
barubaruDo dielectrics have saturations? Sort of if electric field reaches some amount their properties decreases to dielectric constant of air?
SladeSpeedEvil: bung standard io360 from the 1960s. Produces 140kw and weighs 250lbs
sceadwiancurlyears: that's one of those 'needs 10 years of developement' to even determine if hte theoretical constraints are valid.
sceadwiancurlyears: the results are all wishful thinking.
curlyearsbarubaru: if the strength of the electris field gets high enough, it will simply rupture the dielectric
barubarucurlyears: yeah, i know this =)
curlyearsbarubaru: so, unless the capacitors are in a vacuum, rather onviously the dielectric constant at the point of rupture will be that of the mean path through the air between tyhe two plates
barubaruI thought there would be a saturation point before breaking point
curlyearsand I don't recall with the dieelctric constant of vacuum is
sceadwianThat's something I never heard anything about is research into new dielectric materials
sceadwiancurlyears: very low
curlyearsbarubaru: nopt that I have ever heard pf, but maybe. ANyone else want to comment?
curlyearssceadwian: that's what I assumed, but I can no longer remember the numbersa
sceadwianbarubaru: yes dielectrics do saturate the materials will absorb electrons
sceadwianbarubaru: the electrolyte will as well.
sceadwianMore than once I've gotten nasty zaps from a discharged cap.
barubarusceadwian: i mean this: in case of a capacitor as it is being charged it capacitance will drop after reaching some voltage and then will grow like it has very low capacitance, but before breaking
sceadwianElectrolytes work somewhat similar to but in a different way from a battery so they exhibit similiar charactorisics under high charge/discharge
curlyearselectrolyte isn't part of the capacitance. It simply forms the aluminum oxide layer that becomes the dielectric
sceadwianbarubaru: the capacitance won't drop that I'm aware of, you'll just get gradual leakage till it shorts out and explodes.
barubaruOkay, thanks
barubaruI need to think at least a few questions which explanation doesn't end with a word 'explode'
sceadwiananyone wanna help me with a little project later?
sceadwianI got my son a stupid cheap RC car, I wnana take a look at the electronics and see if I can dtermine what the limiting factor of the voltage is.
curlyearsso, if the electrolyte is removed from the equation, the capacitance of the device is very small, but it doesn't really make much difference what the chemical compositoon of the electrtolyte is, so long as it oxidizes the aluminum on one plate. The thickness of that oxide layer, combined with the area of the plates, determines the total capcitanc
sceadwiancurlyears: electrolytic double layers the electrolyte itself actually forms the capacitor plates I think.
sceadwianAlthough I don't think those are liquid
curlyearssceadwian: "limiting factor?" I would imagine the size and configuration of the battery pack it runs on
sceadwiancurlyears: well that's the point, i wonder how high i can bring the voltage before I kill the electronics
sceadwiancurlyears: I'll check the drive electronics, that's the easy part but I don't know about the receiver circuit
sceadwianit's only on 3AA's right now, I'm pretty sure I can put a fourth in it without hurting anything
sceadwianBut well hot rodding a 10 dollar toy is fun :)
curlyears\nom the plates are metal, the electrolyte converts the surface of one plate (the cahtode?) to aluminum oxide, which is the cdielectric
sceadwianI'd love to be able to run it on 2S 18650
pnormansceadwian: look for a voltage regulator, then look up the maximum input voltage from its specs
sceadwianBut that's almost three times it's nominal voltage so I'm sure it'd neat some tweaking to say the least if the motor could evven run on that
curlyearswhat is the Voltage of aan 18650 again? 2.? or 4.?
sceadwianpnorman: it's cheap chinese junk hopefully I can find it
sceadwianWill give me something to do when the kids go down for nap
N0ZYCapparently they made a solder-on connector with nylon?
pnorman18650 is 3.7V iirc
pnorman18650 should beat 3AA if there's any significant current draw.
pnormanOh, maybe not.
SpeedEvilSlade: you are confusing W/kg for the power unit and the whole system.
SpeedEvilSlade: A 2kW/kg battery will at most last for 3-4 minutes.
sceadwianpnorman: I actually doubt it has a regulator. most of hte one's i've seen like this run straight off battery.
SladeSpeedEvil: right thats a function of fuel. I am pro dead dinosaur in my fuel selection
sceadwianthe current draw is low, I seriously think they under voltaged this.
curlyearsslade: it is no longer prudent to use petroleum as fuel, it is much too valuable for it's provision of chemicals 9including the base chenmicals used in pharmaceuticals) and lubricantsd to be bruning willy nilly
curlyearssceadwian: how well ldoes the car work nnow?
Bird|ghostedcurlyears: to some extent, yes, especially with certain components of the petroleum stream, such as BTEX
Sladecurlyears: not a relevancy to me until a suitable fuel that meets mission requirements emerges
sceadwiancurlyears: sluggish on even fresh cells, I won't have anything to really talk about till I pop it open in a few here.
Bird|ghostedevery liter of BTEX that vaporizes and starts trying to give people cancer is a liter that isn't going into a chemical plant somewhere and making those people's lives better instead of worse
sceadwianBird|ghosted: Yes, we need more plastic!
beanbag-actually most plastic is made from gas not oil
curlyearssceadwian: that could be due to insufficient Voltage, or it could be that the three AAA cells don't provide enough current to meet the demand\
Bird|ghostedI was thinking more dyestuffs, drug intermediates, other various chemicals
beanbag-that's what they are building here in pa
sceadwianbeanbag-: Is it? Now I feel silly :) I thought the feedtsocks more most plastics were oil based
beanbag-a new ethane cracker
beanbag-shell paid millions for the land
beanbag-they paid millons to demo the old zinc works
beanbag-they paid millions for pollution cleanup from the zincworks
beanbag-they are rebuilding the bridge, builinbg new power lines
curlyears\and they pay many millions to build the ethane cracker, as well
beanbag-yes they are
beanbag-they removed moutains for a new road and 200f oot high power masts
sceadwianBird|ghosted: isn't that mostly refinery limited though? to make that stufff cheaper you need really high tech distillation to get pure enough chemicals
beanbag-and they weren't even 100% commioted yet
beanbag-mabye they have a fall back another manfacturer will buy the area
beanbag-but it's to crack natural gas into ethane
beanbag-for making plastic and synthetic lubes
Sladesceadwian: I've actually wondered often what a small business "refinery" would be.
curlyearssceadwian: the final chemcials, yes, but this is feedstock...what those final pure chemmicals are deriverf rom chemically
Bird|ghostedSlade: there are smaller refiners out there -- often dealing in specialty fuels and suchnot
beanbag-insteresting story
beanbag-with all the over production of oil and gas
KF5YFDthe real secret is shell hasent spent a dime yet
beanbag-shell is losing $$$$ on fuel sales
Bird|ghostedsceadwian: yeah -- we're talking what goes into the chemical plant :)
beanbag-but their plastic business will make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
beanbag-cause their feedstock is dirt cheap right now
KF5YFDall that construction your goverment is paying for
KF5YFDto "entice" them
SladeBird|ghosted: probably the people making 100LL snd stuff. Really the question is what does a chemE do if they want to start their own business
Bird|ghostedSlade: all sorts of stuff
nistonBird|ghosted: meth
SladeI thought their options were kind of limited
beanbag-horsehead that's what Loshki said
nistonwe know that since breaking bad
beanbag-err LoRez
curlyearsKF5YFD: sort of. The governemtn is "paying for it" by NOT taxing Shell as highly as they should be, so it isn't money directly out of our pockets. Eventually, yes, but it isn't like the Feds are pro-actively spending already extant tax payer funds
curlyearsI think I need a nap
sceadwianI woke up ready for a nap
beanbag-I think you need a shovel
sceadwianbeanbag-: harsh!
sceadwianI blame the government, I think everybody needs a nap from the depression talking about it causes =O
beanbag- <--- this track owns your "canuck:"
beanbag-ACTION piledrives Montezuma 
joebobjoeMy bluetooth mouse interferes with my 2.4 GHz wifi connection, and visa versa. Is this normal?
sceadwianbeanbag-: way too chill for my taste.
SpeedEviljoebobjoe: yes.
joebobjoeI know bluetooth and wifi use slightly different frequencies. Is it acceptable for the frequencies to shift due to environmental effects or something?
SpeedEviljoebobjoe: they use overlapping frequencies
SpeedEvilchanging channels on the wifi may help
joebobjoeWith such limited consumer spectrum, why don't we have standards that divide spectrum up by time?
Bird|ghostedjoebobjoe: some do just that -- Bluetooth and WiFi use a more sophisticated approach though
SpeedEviljoebobjoe: we do
Bird|ghostedcalled "spread spectrum"
Bird|ghostedbut it's still not always enough
sceadwianbeanbag-: There's a remix of this called animal that I like, it's about as slow as I go.
LoetmichelHA! NIIICE that Ultrasonic cleaner... put the glasses 90 sec in it (filed with water, windex and some IPA)... squeaky clean... i can SEE again! ;)
sceadwianjoebobjoe: consumer spectrum is already stretched about as much as it possibly can be, the only way to get more is to open more spectrum to it.
sceadwianThe FCC is too lazy to do any meaningful change.
SladeFcc was barely able to defend gps vs obama.
sceadwiannot to mention it being incredibly difficult to change the real world devices.
sceadwianMost of the spectrumn is still dedicated to technologically obsoleted systems but there'd be no practical way to upgrade the entire country to new standarrds, so we're pretty much stuck with the way things are more or less.
enthdegreehi all
enthdegreedoes anyone know about lomb scargle periodigrams
enthdegreei have to do weird spectral analysis bc
sceadwianenthdegree: how dare you call me that!
enthdegreemy data is irregularly sampled
sceadwianWow that's rare, I thignk I actually have to look up all three of those words.
curlyearsdoes anyone know if Mouser's MultiSim Blue is available for linux?
gkwhcmight anyone know how to estimate the capacity of lead acid batteries based on different power loads/discharge rates throughout the day? im trying to size a solar system
Bird|ghostedjoebobjoe: a lot of it is that there are many things people don't see that need spectrum space too
sceadwiancurlyears: won't run under wine?
curlyearsI won't run wine, I have NEVER has it perform acceptably
Bird|ghostedradars especially are major spectrum eaters -- there are also significant blocks carved out for two-way radio
sceadwiangwkhc: it depends on the batter cell type cause anode/cathode construction will change the discharge curve. I know that much! Not enough to help you though sorry.
sceadwiancurlyears: REally? I use wine for ltspice, it actually performs better than under native windows.
sceadwian curlyears: LTSpice was actually specifically designed to run well under wine though
sceadwianenthdegree: what are you trying to analyze?
gkwhcsceadwian: hmm alright, i know that datasheets tell you the different capacities based on discharge rates like C/5, C/20, C/100, but not sure how to model it if the battery was to discharge 75A for 20 min then 10A, etc
sceadwiangkwhc: yeah good luck with that :) You need a discharge curve model in math to figure that.
sceadwianEspecially with that load range, I'm sure someone somewhere else can give you a rule of thumb that's better than that but I'm clueless.
sceadwianI'm far too much of a theory monkey rather than a practicioner.
curlyearsgkwhc: your best bet is going to be to obtain a watt hour meter and determine your diurnal total power consumptino for several days, average it, and use that as your guideline to kW/Hrs of bettery capacity
gkwhccurlyears: i do have an idea of the consumption per day, but capacity varies quite a bit with discharge rate (as much as 300+Whr/day) if discharged 75A vs 3A
gkwhcsceadwian: i do have a discharge curve!
curlyearsgkwhc: of course it does. That's why you have to average it over som eperiod of dasy. The more fluctuations you expect, espec ially fluctuations of that magnitude, the more days you will need to average over. I'm sorry, my mathematics skills are not up to explaining it any better thanthat
joebobjoeSpeedEvil Bird|ghosted: So if they use a sophisticated approach then why do they interfere with each other?
ThomasSMIHello, has anybody read the introductory books in the channel topic?
joebobjoeThe problem I'm facing:
Bird|ghostedjoebobjoe: because trying to use the same frequencies without interfering with each other is REALLY HARD
SpeedEviljoebobjoe: see above
SpeedEviljoebobjoe: they are different standards
SpeedEvilswap to not wifi network, or not bluetooth mouse
joebobjoeSpeedEvil: see above? I think I got DCd
SpeedEviljoebobjoe: the xkcd link
sceadwiangkwhc: need the math for the graph though
sceadwiangkwhc: send me a link to the data you have, i'll look at it
barubaruIs there something like royer generator but that reconnects inductor as H bridge? So that inductor doesnt have a middle point
gkwhcsceadwian: cool thanks!
sceadwiangkwhc: Do you know what generated that graph?
sceadwianIt's a pretty simple curve
joebobjoeSpeedEvil: ha
gkwhcsceadwian: yeah I plotted by the given nominal capacities here
sceadwiansorry had to scroll one line, clikcing on links on my tablet is tricky for some reason
sceadwianRassin frassin technology, can't touch the damn thing! one minute :)
gkwhchaha thanks :)
sceadwianWTF, they can give you a half dozen detailed graphs but not the damn equation <grumble>
gkwhclol i dont think manufactures typically give out equations :p
sceadwiangkwhc: I know, I finally found a spice model for AVR I/O drivers
sceadwianthtey only want to give you the.. can't even remember what it is model
sceadwianit's a program you can run that will spit out numbers for you hides the equation from you.
sceadwiangkwhc: I'm sure you could curve fit that graph you made, but I'm horrible at that.
barubaruIs there a multivibrator type that gives 2 type of impulses but also a pause between them? 0 - pause, 1 - first signal active only, 2 - second signal active only, so: 01020102...
sceadwianbarubaru: probably, but no point just use a micro then you can create any kind of pulse train you want.
barubarui will switch to a MC eventually, let me continue my bad habits for now =)
sceadwianYeah, see I caught on early, I won't even touch that stuff ;)
gkwhc truee
sceadwiangkwhc: pop p matlab and do as imple exponential equation keep tweaking some constant till you get a cruve that matches your graph
sceadwianThose curves are basic exponents..
sceadwianSo it'd be like y=x^2*.???
sceadwianKeep tweaking and overly the graphcs till they match
sceadwianProbably have to add an offset in there.
sceadwianor two
sceadwianMaybe tangent not exponent?
sceadwianSorry just typing out loud.
sceadwianThat's how I'd approach it at least.
sceadwianOnce you get a matlab equation that matches the graph you made you just feed it your expected discharge over time data and see what it pops out
sceadwianShould be able to figure it out in a couple hours.
gkwhchmm alright, ill give it a shot
television 500kA pulse for 1ms
barubaruSounds scary
sceadwiangkwhc: If you get it worked out send me a private message I'm curious, if you have trouble I might nbe able to help you tweak it if you get some results taht are close.
sceadwianACTION is away for a bit.
ikeon ebay there are cheap modules NEOWAY M590E GSM GPRS
ikethey are second hand
ikedo you know where they are desoldered from
ikedo you know any product that uses M590E GSM module?
samy^suggestions on building a circuit to light an LED from AM radio if i'm close to a station? i was thinking just antenna into a diode rectifier, then to capacitor+led...but not sure how to complete the DC circuit exactly
SpeedEvilsamy^: that is pretty much it
samy^SpeedEvil: this is what i've tried with no luck:
SpeedEvilWhat do you mean by 'close' ?
SpeedEvilAlso - you do have a ground?
ikesamy^ for this to work you need to have 2*0.7V+1.7V between antenna and ground
samy^SpeedEvil: i'm not really sure how to have a ground - the circuit isn't connected to anything other than an antenna
samy^in my test i'm using a UHF antenna and amplifier to send a CW 1cm away from the antenna in that circuit
ikeare you making LED flashlight or what?
samy^ike: i'm just trying to light an LED via RF
samy^using the power from RF
SpeedEvilsamy^: what RF transmitter?
SpeedEvilmost diodes will not work for UHF
SpeedEvil^what power
samy^SpeedEvil: TI CC1101 with a minicircuits ZRL-400+ amp
ikedo you know anything about "near field" and "far field"?
samy^ike: no, will read about it nw
ikewhat about "Resonant inductive coupling"
samy^i know it's not an efficient way to do it but my ultimate goal is to affect a circuit that i can *not* control other than sending directional RF energy, so i'm trying to get a simpler scenario working
ikethen you need magnetron from microwave oven
samy^i would use inductive coupling but ultimately i'd like to affect an existing circuit which i can't modify, so i'd like to understand how to induce voltage in a circuit wirelessly and can't add any coils
ikewaht is that "existing circuit"? is it wireless charger for phone?
samy^ike: a USB keyboard (with microcontroller and scan matrix)
beanbag-samy^, wtf is .la
samy^beanbag-: technically Laos
darsieACTION is deep discharging a single NiMH cell with a joule thief. 0.37 V now and going, but draws very little current, it seems. Restarts like a charm.
samy^though i do live in los angeles
nistondarsie: what is the load ?
darsieniston: A violet LED behind a schottky diode and 100 uF.
nistonpurple led? wtg :D
nistonway to go
darsieThe use case is my 375 nm UV LED, but I didn't want to waste it's lifetime for this long term experiment.
SpeedEvildarsie: it's pointless to do then
SpeedEvildarsie: it damages the NiMH cell
SpeedEviland gets out ~0 energy
darsieSpeedEvil: But IIRC deep discharge doesn't harm NiMH.
nistonSpeedEvil: I think thats exactly whats intended
darsieNo, I don't want to harm the NiMH.
SpeedEvilWell under 5% of the energy is at under 0.8V
SpeedEvila more efficient boost converter will get more total energy out
darsieI'm fine with 88% efficiency.
darsieAt the LED.
SpeedEvilHow are you measuring the efficiency?
beanbag-samy^, too bad you aren't la_california canadian
samy^beanbag-: why?
beanbag-bad quake joke :P
darsieI want to know when the joule thief will stop working/restarting.
beanbag-depends how good your tranny and coil are
darsieSure, I could test that with purpose made voltages.
beanbag-might be worth hand picking for something like that
ike<darsie>I*U/(I*U) this is not now you measure efficiency
darsiebeanbag-: It's a ferrite ring core with an 28 t bifilar winding.
beanbag-I mean the tranny
SpeedEvilike: err - sure it is
beanbag-stupid canuck
ikebeanbag- are you flyback?
ikeLOL you are still alive
ikehi im frogs
beanbag-yeah no one is more disappointed than me!
beanbag-oh cool
beanbag-hi frogs
beanbag-anyways seriously darsie it might be worth hand testing the tranny if you are trying to hold into the very last microsecond of power
darsiebeanbag-: the ferrite ring and winding is the transformer.
beanbag-isn't though 0.6v the bottom limit on a bipolar
darsiebeanbag-: diodes conduct at every voltage. Exponentially.
beanbag-darsie, also they they have some very low sub volt smps controllers now
beanbag-I think one goes down to 0.2
darsieI don't have an SMPS controller.
beanbag-I know you have a joule thief circuit
beanbag-using a bipolar and a coil
darsieAnd honestly down to 1 V would be enough.
ikeBE drop is 0.7V and CE drop is 0.2V
darsieike can you calculate BE current at 0.37 V?
darsieBE drop is a function of BE current.
ikebut what are you going to do with 0.0000000000000001A BE current, white boy?
darsieLooking if my joule thief still works.
darsieIf I can still see the LED shining.
ShadeS this is interesting
ShadeSbut there is no information about the gloves
darsieIf you end up with a NiMh cell that is showing 0 volts resting, the cell is damaged. In an over discharged state, the electrodes inside the cell corrode. This results in impurities contaminating the electrolyte, and a loss of active electrode material. The longer the cell sits in this over discharged condition, the more damage is done.
teurastajaid like a summing amplifier with follower outputting a tanh signal
teurastajaschematics please
ikethat will be 500$
teurastajaim 1st year college in robotics. i made a neural network in software and i want an electronic neuron
teurastajaim not familiar with that and i sort of wanted to use ICs
teurastajaon a protoboard
teurastajaits small enough
teurastaja16 resistors as "synapses"
ikeyou are wasting your time
teurastajaits summer time
ikethis "neural network" can't do shit
ikelearn FPGA
ikeor make more neurons with OpenCL for videocards
teurastajai sort of wanted to know how to output a tanh signal with amplifiers though but thanks for the open source tip
teurastajaamplifiers are next year
teurastajawell this year
ikeso first neural network then amplifiers
teurastajaand i wanted to do this simple XOR neuron with 16 resistors
teurastajai dont need help for the neural network part i figured that out i just want to see an example tanh output schematic with a summing amp with followers
nistonstill undecided on what 868mhz antenna to get
niston perhaps?
nistonor rather ?
beanbag-later all
nistonanalog neural net? interesting
nistonl8rs beanbag-
teurastajayes, and undoable
teurastajaat my level that is
nistonyou might find this interesting ?
nistonnot entire sure. so much math blah blah to confuse me, but the plot there sure looks like tanh?
teurastajai did see that but im not sure i understand it well
teurastajai want a tanh
niston"output of the transconductance amp as a function of differential input voltage"
nistonfig 5.5
nistonusing a resistor, you should be able to turn the output current into a voltage
teurastajahow do i calculate though? im not sure about those equations
nistonI have absolutely not the slightest clue
teurastajapretend i have an input X and i output Y through a tanh. can i just do that?
nistonfigure you'd tie the second input of the opamp to GND or something
nistonmaybe you could vary that "GND" potential to simulate some sort of neurotransmitter action
nistonthat increases or decreases neurons tendency to fire
teurastajai just havent seen a schematic of it yet :/
yashihey guys
yashijust wanted to let you know I bought the fuse, hooked everything up and it at least powers on and does not explode
archivistteurastaja, you are not asking the right question
yashiI haven't connected it to the speakers yet though
yashibut I think it should be fine
yashiso thanks for all your help
teurastajawhich question should i ask?
archivistis it tanh for a dc signal
archivista logic signal
archivista random noise signal or something else
mrdataperhaps you would like a D class amplifier?
teurastajaits probably gonna be TTL to analog then back to TTL if possible
archivistI think you are guessing because you missed class
teurastajano we just havent seen anything like it
N0ZYCeevblog not happy with digikey
niston"CMOS VLSI Hyperbolic Tangent Function & its Derivative Circuits for Neuron Implementation"
teurastajaim starting my second year at college to be technician not engineer. next ill take engineering
N0ZYC0.1% tolerance critical resistors out past 1%
nistonmaybe you should read that :D
ikeyou guys know those cheap 433 modules
ikehave any of you done anything like virtual white with them?
ikehow can I get the maximum range
SpeedEvilLoshki: line of sight
teurastajadoes vlsi mean ill have to design my own IC?
iketeurastaja haven't you done it before?
JFK911yes mosis will hook you up
Kake_FiskDo DC motor specs usually provide viscous friction constant B?
teurastajaits all this year
teurastajabut no not yet :/
JFK911N0ZYC: lol dave deserves it
LoshkiSpeedEvil: ?
JFK911i doubt he has accurate metrology equipment anyway
teurastajaisnt there an existing IC for that then?
teurastajatil i learn how
ikethere is a libs and IC's but I want to do my own and make it better
Smidge204You can probably improve the range on those wireless modules by using parabolic reflectors
teurastajayour own? id like to see the details
teurastajaill be back later thanks for the infos
ikeI'd like to write a lib that gets the best possible range from those cheap modules
Smidge204I don't think software has very much to do with it...
barubaruIs there a multivibrator that makes signal at left sidelike this: 010000 while his right side sends this signal: 000010, so that signal is sent only for a short time and moat time both sides are off?
Smidge204Either the signal is strong enough to be received or it isn't. You have a very narrow case right at the threshold but error correcting isn't really improving range and will only get you so far.
Loshkiike: Are you stuck with those modules? I got much better range/reliability with nrfs. And now you have to take into account the appalling cheapness of esp8266s.
Smidge204If you want to imporve range, you need to increase the power transferred between the modules. You can either up the power at the transmitter or use a fancier antenna to try and focus the energy better
Loshkiike: In the end, after a certain distance, you're going to need repeaters of some kind to make it work
ikeLoshki I have nrf24l01, si4432, 1W VHF, esp8266 and gsm modules, but I'd like to play more with 433 cheap modules because I have tons of them
N0ZYCso JFK911 doesn
N0ZYCdoesn't like the brit on youtube
sceadwianWhich brit on youtube? Fairly sure there's more than one
N0ZYCeevblog not happy with digikey
JFK911eevblog is a brit?
JFK911no, i like mikeselectricstuff
leizhouit's an Ausie
MjrTomthat seems pretty bad if you order 0.1% resistors and get resistors as much as ~2% out
sceadwianMjrTom: Wouldn't surprise me from China.
Wayward_VagabondMjrTom: What supplier and brand?
MjrTomdigikey is china?
sceadwianwow that is suprising
MjrTomlol watch that vid N0ZYC just linked again
MjrTomhe finally just said it's Burns (from digikey)
Wayward_VagabondSay, how hot is acceptable for a transformer I have no data sheet on?
sceadwianahh well that was 5 years ago
leizhouHello Everyone
sceadwianWayward_Vagabond: Do you smell insulation burning?
MjrTomoh yeah
Wayward_Vagabondsceadwian: No
sceadwianWayward_Vagabond: yer good :)
sceadwianuntil the insulation starts to smoke there's nothing to go wrong (generally)
Wayward_VagabondI can touch it lightly, or if I apply pressure, I can hold my hand there for ~3 seconds
sceadwianmind you don't quote me on that, and if it explodes it's not my fault!
sceadwianWayward_Vagabond: That seems fine to me.
sceadwianI wouldn't even worry till you can't even touch it lightly
Wayward_VagabondLarge torroid I'm using as an isolation transformer, but it got just as warm from basically nil load
mrdataWayward_One, i imagine due to hysteresis losses
sceadwianIt might even get cooler under load
sceadwianif i t's light
Wayward_VagabondCame from a large rackmount power amp, 6" diameter x 3" tall overall, 4x 80VCT secondaries, 0-100-120 primary, and all the waire off it is 16awg
sceadwianWhat'cha using it for?
Wayward_VagabondIsolation transformer running two sets of computer speakers
Wayward_VagabondConnected the end of two windings to the center taps of two others to get a pair of 120v wingings, brought the leads out to a receptacle I split the tabs from both sides on
sceadwianI think you mentioned this the other day.
sceadwianWhy ya need an isolation transformer for speakers?
Wayward_VagabondSpeakers only say .5a each for current draw, but have linear supplies, so 60va would be a safe assumption
Wayward_VagabondTrying to filter out spikes from capacitor run motors that were causing loud crackles in the speakers
Wayward_Vagabondcompressor in a mini fridge cycling, and fans
Wayward_VagabondI'd like to have some ballpark of the rating on this thing, but 120va is easily within what it'll do
sceadwianYou need a choke
Wayward_VagabondA comparable amp gave a normal transformer with 120vct secondary, good for about 750va based on the ratings of the amp, no info left on the chassis the torroid is from
Wayward_VagabondRight now, it's plugged into the 75dB port of an isobar power strip
sceadwianIf you crack open the amplifier for the speakers you can probably add a cap to the input power filter to redudce the problem to, they're usually not bypassed very well,.
Wayward_VagabondI've tried to get in the case, but I remember the innards being in ther fairly well
Wayward_VagabondThe power is mounted in the sub's case though, so I don't wanna disturb the stuff that much
Wayward_Vagabond*power amp is
sceadwianHave you tried to just use the just the primary winding as a hot line choke?
sceadwianI wonder if that would work :)
sceadwianOr if it'd explode :)
anton02do 32khz crystals generally have lower drift than >10Mhz crystals?
sceadwiansure, if only because there are fewer oscilations to drive
sceadwiandrift even
sceadwianthat's assuming equally stable oscilator circuits and good calibration
Sladesceadwian, you're retired?
sceadwianSlade: Nope, working poor working stuff.
sceadwianstiff even
Sladeoh ok
Sladeyou said something earlier made me think you were retired and popping out babies now ;p
sceadwianI have a 3 and 4 year old, no more please!
anton02what is this pic from
sceadwianback in a few afk
sceadwiancommand promtp on he brain heheh
anton02the USA had a law of no admittance to china men
Wayward_Vagabondsceadwian: I'm sure the isobar has chokes in it, and I likely have some iron around I could use as a choke
Wayward_Vagabondthough it would drop voltage and sag under load
Wayward_Vagabondanton02: Old US propaganda poster, WWI or WWII era, with a chinese flag photoshopped into it
anton02apparently it was because of the gold rush in the 1870s. people started to dislike chinese because they were taking a lot of the gold
Wayward_VagabondAh, even older poster then
Viper-7the only thing that surprises me about that pic, is that the white guy isnt standing on top of a black guy while he throws the asian guy :P
Wayward_VagabondHey, we're civilized, Viper-7, it's not like we're chiname- oops.
sceadwianPeople are civilized, instituions are not.
sceadwianwell people CAN be civilized.,
Viper-7sure, and civilized man have soft feet, not like slave, bred for work
Wayward_Vagabondinsitutions are made of people
sceadwianWayward_Vagabond: GRoups don't act like people.
sceadwianJust because institution are made of people doedsn't mean it acts like them
Wayward_VagabondGenerally the louder more bleligant ones have more say in it though
sceadwianInstitutions typically work more like bacteria life
Wayward_Vagabondper cell, people are more bacteria than human, so it fits
Viper-7ACTION is divided by sceadwian's point
Wayward_VagabondACTION is pointed by divide's sceadwian
sceadwianI probably just missed something I dc'd
Wayward_Vagabond19:35 * Viper-7 is divided by sceadwian's point
Wayward_VagabondYes, you didn't
sceadwianI had a point?!
Viper-7mitosis doesnt need anything sharp :P
Wayward_VagabondYou did at one point.
sceadwianWell I think I was waxing philisophically about the emergent behaviors of a group over an individual.
sceadwianNot that an entity made of people is greater than the people, but it is certainly different an doesn't follow the same rule as peole.
Viper-7and i was making silly puns over your bacteria analogy
sceadwianThis is why I'm an introvert :) Pretty much no one else is going to agree with anything I think so, why try? =)
sceadwianViper-7: In the real world that's called a spinoff company :)
Viper-7all sounds right to me, but shrug :P
sceadwianWe'll all be ruled by Alphabet soon enough.
Wayward_VagabondYour latin characters mean nothing to me
Viper-7you know its gonna be a fun day when your alphabet cereal keeps spelling "KILL"
sceadwianDon't mean much to me either.
Wayward_VagabondI'm the product of 50 mongeese trying to eat and/or make love to keyboards
Viper-7that sounds... messy.
Wayward_VagabondKeyboards and mongeese and replaced as they break, every half hour or so a hand full of food pellets is tossed into the room
Wayward_Vagabond*and -> are
sceadwianstupid question someone might know. If I pipe a command in linux with sudo will the piped command have elevated privlages as well?
SpeedEvilanyone want a 75kw microwave oven?
sceadwianlike sudo ps aux | grep mux
sceadwianSpeedEvil: Yes please! Aim it at my work, get the damn morons off the phone
Viper-7sceadwian: i'd think no
Viper-7sudo echo | whoami
Viper-7? :P
sceadwianNope doesn't elevate
sceadwiannice little example there, have to file that away in a corner.
sceadwianI'm only 15 years late on the linux game.
Viper-7note that sudo "echo | whoami" should work differently :P
sceadwianoh wait
divxdudeso the 20/24 pin atx power conversion cables on ebay are purest of crap. does anyone know of a smaller adapter that will just add the extra 4 pins? needs 12v 5v 3.3v and com
balldivxdude: Sounds as though you need a new PSU.
Viper-7you could chop the end off a sata cable and put the 4 pin atx plug on it, but that'd be it
Viper-7and yeah, its quite possible your PSU doesnt have the current capacity on various rails required by the more modern system
Loetmichelmost mainboards will work with the standard 20 pin connector
divxdudewell i have several machines here and these 350w mad dog supply seem pretty well made.
Loetmichelif not its usually a too small psu, not the missing connections
sceadwianACTION wanders back on with a bruise on his head.
sceadwianwtf did I just do..
Loetmichelor you forgot to plug in the 4/8 pin cpu connector
divxdudethese baby have reset button internal led braid cable , heavy.
Viper-7well eg power supplies without this extra connector, have 3.3V rails for only the motherboard, and for SATA drives - thats it
Viper-7they may only have a few amps rating on the 3.3V rail
sceadwianirssi went totally non responsive, I had to kill it destroy it's tmux window and start again
LoetmichelViper-7; thats what i just said, didnt i?
jsoft sceadwian; sounds like a bad capacitor
Viper-7im saying theres only like 2 usable 3.3V wires, rated at like 4A each, so its quite unlikely his PSU has the 8A+ rating the newer board expects.
sceadwianjsoft: In my brain maybe :)
sceadwianCan you detach a process from a window in tmux?
Loetmichelthat counts as "too small PSU" in my book
Viper-7joy for you
Viper-7im trying to help explain it to a noob :P
Loetmicheli could have said "wrongly spread power ratings over the single rails" but that would not be any clearer
sceadwianLoetmichel: That is so common it's not even funny
sceadwianGotta get a 1500watt supply just to get 150 on the rail you want
sceadwianWell those are made up numbers but, anyways =)
divxdudeso maybe make a new 3.3v wire from one of the 12v wires?
Loetmichelbtw: i have driven a 300W PC (measured) on a 145W IBM atx psu for years
Viper-7divxdude: the main fear is the current rating on the 3.3V (and maybe 12V) rails, there should be a sticker on the PSU telling you the ratings for each rail
Viper-7(in A)
Loetmicheland on the same PC a cheap 450W china PSU died instantly
Viper-7my nice coolermaster 850w died
Viper-7so i replaced it with a cheap china 1500W
sceadwianLoetmichel: That's one of the few areas where branding is still very important
Viper-7its nice :)
Viper-7this one has tasted 240V mains on its secondary side
Viper-7and is still kicking
Viper-7so im happy enough
sceadwianViper-7: How do you not have a pile of copper?
Viper-7sceadwian: i do
sceadwianIN a slightly.. liquid phase :)
sceadwianperhaps even gaseous
Viper-7old atx power supply connected to a breadboard, connected to a pickit, connected to my computer's usb port
sceadwianOr aerosol at least :)
Viper-7primary to secondary short in the old power supply, breadboard goes live to 240V, pickit conducts the 240V to the usb DATA PINS, computer mainboard fries, everything on that usb hub fries, computer PSU still fine
Loetmichelsceadwian: i once followed a supposedly "500W atx2.0 PSU" back thru a few sellers to the manufacturer in china
Loetmichelit said 500W on the german sellers site
Loetmichel450W on the bulk seller in GB
Loetmichel400W on the bulk sellers page in china
Loetmicheland 320W on the manufacturers site in china
sceadwianViper-7: The second on the PSU though is just mainly for isolation though so it should be mains tollerante.
divxdudeit was a 250
Loetmichel... and it disintegreated repeatedly at 300W load
divxdudefrom 1995
Viper-7sceadwian: primary to output
Loetmichel(thats why i followed it back)
sceadwianWonder if you blew a protection diode out and never noticed =)
Loetmichelevery seller had "nicened" the specs a bit ;)
Viper-7the old psu that caused it was quite literally crowbared
sceadwianLoetmichel: anti derating
Viper-7it had a bunch of random metal shavings inside
Viper-7no idea where from
sceadwianI guess I better go feed my kids before they start dragging their mother to the oven
sceadwianI hear assorted screams from upstairs, but this is not unusual.
ketasare assorted screams like assorted chocolate candy set?
Viper-7reminds me of my neighbours kids
sceadwianketas: Yes actually they are remarkbably simiar.
sceadwianSome come from lovel cream filled delectible one's
droolim converting a screen to led backlit. what leds should i use
sceadwianand others ceom from the dark choclate toffeess.
droolim hoping someone here will link me to the perfect ali express page with the best leds for the job
Viper-7one afternoon we heard this loud, blood-curdling scream - i've never heard the like, sheer terror from a kid - everyone for like 3 houses in every direction came running over, we were all sure the kid had found a dead body or something
sceadwianViper-7: Do you ever get tired of being the Gooogle of electronics components?
ketassceadwian: is it sex or murder upstairs?
Viper-7heres the kid, pointing at the wall, still screaming - finally stops, "what is it? what is it?" we ask
Viper-7"sssssppp SPIDER!"
sceadwianketas: Worse, tickles.
Viper-7^%#& ffs kid!
sceadwianViper-7: Lol, mine aren't afradi of spiders at least
sceadwianIf my son so much as sees a drop of blood though
sceadwianHOlly hanna...
Viper-7holy hannarah
sceadwianHannah Barbara?
sceadwianACTION poofs
ballMy daughter's seen so much blood. Thankfully she won't remember most of it.
Viper-7hannah brindley?
ketasball: was it during her birth?
ballketas:, though there was a certain amount then too. ;-)
droolwheres the best deal for white led strips right now?
Viper-7probably from ali
droolso 5630 refers to the dimensions of the led. the 5630s are the cheapest because they are the most common?
leizhouI feel like a beggar, been waiting for my wife to answer my skype call.
Viper-7they're a newer style, longer and skinnier than historically - cheaper to produce for higher output, so they're the best bang for buck atm
Loetmichelmeh, windows froze completely. no ctrl/lat/del, no mouse noting. had to press the rest button... thats a first on this machine.
ketasleizhou: chat is not enough?
leizhouketas: LDR
droolViper-7: why are they easier to produce>
Raccoon1400Is there such a thing as an ohm meter with a variable test current?
ketasleizhou: is it painful
ketasthe ldr
leizhouYou said it right, ketas.
Viper-7drool: larger pads inside, better yields on the die, less impact from manufacturing defects
ketasleizhou: how does it feel?
Raccoon1400And does anyone know the ohm meter test current in a fluke (I have a 115)
leizhouketas: so many things pops out of mind right now.
ketasleizhou: it's fun that we talk about another ldr in electronics channel
Loetmichelsceadwian: on the other hand i have a NMB atx PSU i use here as a lab supply for a few years that even puts out a few amps MORE than the rated 24A on the 12V power rail. and that without any load on the other rails at all... ->
ketasleizhou: does she have sex with other men?
leizhouketas: I'm sorry about that.
leizhouI don't think so, ketas.
droolholy shit the prices are low
Loetmichel... was quite a struggle to fit all the wires in there tho
leizhouLoetmichel: Is that your Bench Power Supply?
hexvbDA BEAR!
Loetmichelleizhou: for fixed voltages: ye
leizhouLoetmichel: Cool Bench Power Supply there mate.
leizhouLoetmichel: You have the schematics for this one?
Loetmichelnone needed
Loetmichelthats a modified ATX PSU
Loetmichelfrom a PC
Viper-7drool: btw, :P
drooloh yeah
droolViper-7: thank you man
Viper-7np ;)
Viper-7drool: theres a nice controller remote thing on my site for under a dollar for em too if you want, but do keep in mind those strips want pretty close to spot on 12V
Viper-7eg running directly from a car (14.4V typical during charge) isnt ideal
Viper-7but an old computer power supply can run dozens of strips
drooli bought a buck converter from frys that outputs 12v. should be alright.
droolViper-7: any tips on telling whether or not an offer on ali is legit or not before buying?
Viper-7drool: you should generally have some idea of what you're buying before shopping there, and make sure *everything* correlates (picture, title and description), if that all checks out i go for it - you can always dispute right up until you hit "Confirm Order Received" - until you do that the seller doesnt even get paid.
Viper-7drool: i am a little concerned about your power supply tho, got any details on this buck converter?
Viper-7these strips can easily draw 10W per metre
Viper-7so if your buck supply is one of those dodgy "3A" units that only actually handles about 1A, it'll only be good for about 1M of this strip
droolViper-7: hold on
Viper-7also what are you powering the buck module from ? :P
Viper-7these things are great for the 80c each or whatever they cost
Viper-7but i'd still only want to run ~2M from one of those
Viper-7maybe a module at each end would work well
Viper-7possibly even a third in the middle heh
Viper-7ahh ok, yep no worries
Viper-7kinda close to its rating, but meh, should be fine
droolim running lcd driving circuitry with this too though. dunno how many watts that draws
Viper-7the strips are usually rated at up to 75W, but due to them being cheap china crap, normally actually draw around 45W for a 5M set
Viper-7so thats a 60W supply, sounds fine
Viper-7you may still find it helpful to run supply lines to both ends of the strip
Viper-7due to the high overall load
Viper-7but meh
drooloh hey i remembered something. when i was probing the outputs of that power supply i would get zero volts from either positive or negative lead to ground. voltage across the negative and positive was 12 though. how is that possible?
Viper-7lcd's draw near nothing, thats fine
sadponehalp, somebody save me
Viper-7voltage is also known as potential, its always there, its how hard the power is trying to force its way from + to -, if the voltage is high enough (thousands of volts), it'd arc right through the air
Viper-7current, or amps, is the flow of power, how much is actually pushing through
Viper-7supplies can actually be voltage or current regulated, or both
sadponemy wacoms power supply kinda bums out enough now that it cant handle startup for my tablet, gotta get a new power supply
Viper-7but most commonly they're voltage regulated
sadponething is, they cost $100-300
sadponei was wondering if anyone knows how a 4 pin power plug works?
sceadwianThere, no more orphaned tmux sessions
Viper-7sadpone: err?
Viper-7sceadwian: dont kill the orphans!
sceadwianViper-7: It's too late. they're gone.
sadponei moment ill bring up a picture
Viper-7what'd they ever do to you?
sceadwianThey ate two lines of my screen cause the last geometry on that session was smaller
sceadwianSorry, fuckers hadda go.
sadponebasically i wanna know if there is anything special about these for a 24v power supply
Viper-7theres nothing standard about it
sadponeor if its just outputting plain old 24v
Viper-7no idea
Viper-7ask wacom :P
droolwell the multimeter is high impedance so the power supply should never know its there. if its reading voltage across the leads how could it not read voltage across either lead and ground?
sadponethey say buy a new power supply
sadponebut it costs $300 in australia, $100 anywhere overseas
Viper-7well 4 pin suggests its more than one voltage being delivered
Viper-7if your psu still partially works, probe it and see
sadponerighto :(
Viper-7drool: its an isolated supply, power can only be conducted in a circuit, there is likely no circuit path between the +/- of the output and ground
sadponebtw, when a 24v 5A power supply begins to fail, but only after long periods of inactivity, what is it that can get it working again?
droolthanks Viper-7
Gallomimiasounds like components are overheating. replace those
sadponebecause its been faulty a while but it always manages to work after a while
Viper-7drool: using a transformer, electricity is converted into a magnetic field, and that magnetic field induces an electric current the other windings of the transformer - inductive power transfer
sceadwianHow did I never know about ` command substitution..
Viper-7*current +in the other windings
sadponeits really cold, once everything seems like its warmed up, it begins working normally
Gallomimiadiodes must be goobered
Gallomimiaor maybe capacitors
Viper-7sadpone: i'd still say most likely to be bad capacitors
Gallomimiathe only way to solve it is test every component, and replace the bad ones
Gallomimiayeah. caps are the most common thing to fail
Gallomimiaget your soldering iron out
sadponeif its become noisy, could that indicate caps?
Gallomimiaalso, don't kill yourself. PSU's have caps and coils that are capable of giving you a huge zap
Viper-7they're easy to replace :P but i think you're better off checking the ratings on the supply and replacing it entirely
sceadwiansadpone: what kind of noisy?
Gallomimianoisy is either cap or the laminations of the transformer
nistoncrop circle reports started booming in the late 1970
sceadwianlol squiggly... what's that sound like? :)
sadponehigh pitched, louder than my gaming laptops supply
nistonincidentally, it happens that the first GPS satellite was launched in 1978
Gallomimiaof course they did niston. that's when there was all kinds of hippy kids with a rope and a board and a pocket full of drugs looking for a little fun
sadponewhich has been that way since new, but, this is squiggly noises
sadponebest i can describe
nistonhaha Gallomimia
sceadwiansadpone: if it's high pitched you should be able to locate it while it's running if you have it open
Viper-7the high pitched noise is fine and fairly normal
sceadwiansadpone: record it text descriptions are about useless :)
Gallomimiatip: don't touch your ear to a high voltage contact
Viper-7it going "squiggly" would probably be it falling out of regulation and resetting the controller
Viper-7which yeah, bad caps will cause
sceadwianwoudl explain why it works when it warms up
sadponewell in any case its worth a fix either way, ited be nice to have a decent 24v supply on hand
sadponecaps work better warm or something?
sceadwianWell faulty ones might
Gallomimiaseriously tho. PSU's are hard as hell to diagnose. there's so many parts that could have failed. all you can really do is test each component and replace what you find to have failed
Gallomimiaaside from a few osiciloscope tests of the circuit in the middle
Viper-7specifically, broken caps can work better as a short circuit when they're cold :P
Gallomimiacaps that short when they're expected to filter is bad. nkay?
sceadwianViper-7: But even if it's act high resistance when it warms up, wouldn't they burn up?
Viper-7not if its high enough resistance
Gallomimiadepends where in the circuit they are
sceadwiandiode hybrid caps to take over the world.
Viper-7its probably an electrolytic that is bone dry
Gallomimiayep. look for caps that have deformations
Gallomimiabut seriously. don't die
sadponeis there a standard procedure for opening sealed PSUs
Gallomimiatransformers and capacitors are really rough on the heart
sadponeand resealing? or do you just kinda fuck it open then tape it shut
sceadwiansadpone: Sure, remove the screws and pull :)
sadponenah this is like a laptop supply
sadponebut bigger
sceadwianOh crap
sceadwiangood luckl
sceadwianThose things are welded shut frequently.
sadponenot big enough though that it uses screws
sceadwianYEah, you might have a problem there.
sceadwianI gutted one for parts a few years ago... I swear it was like breaking into a tank
sadponeone other thing, Asuming it doesnt deliver multiple voltages, could i get a generic 24v supply with a higher current rating?
sceadwianBut, ya never know.
kevtrisI tend squeeze those glued/welded wall warts and line lumps in a vice around the edge to break the glue/weld
kevtrisworks a lot of the time
sadponeor might there be something special about this one since its for a graphics tablet
kevtristhen you can reglue it. if not, you can wind some tape around it to keep it together
sceadwiankevtris: hmm, never tried that, but I don't have a good bench vise either.
Gallomimiasadpone: yes. higher current available but same voltage results in same current drawn by input device
Viper-7sadpone: it basically has to be delivering more than just +24V and ground, they dont use 4 pin connectors just for the fun of it
Gallomimiait's the item being supplied that determines the current, not the PSU
sceadwiansadpone: so this is a relativly low current supply? I think there's a good chance the case is welded shut.
Viper-7also yeah, many of those power supply units are "potted", aka filled with epoxy resin, you cant service shit if thats the case
Gallomimiaif i wanted to open a case like that, i'd look for screws first. probably under labels
sadponeagain, 24v, 5A
Gallomimiaand second, i'd get a knife and a flat head screwdriver or two and pry it open
Viper-7as for stuff to watch out for
sadponethe tablet uses 3 or 4
sceadwianPotted would definitly put a damper in repairing it
Viper-7those are the ones that'll bite ya.
Viper-7rainbow of jellybean pain & death
Gallomimiai disassembled the PSU on my laptop no problem. it was plastic-welded shut
Gallomimiapried it open, with some cracking. taped it shut
sadponewatch out for dont touch? OR to test?
Viper-7dont touch, short the pins with a screwdriver or such as a test before you even think about touching
Gallomimiaanyway, when you get em open, look out for the caps. short them out with a screwdriver or better yet a resistor
Gallomimiathey can store power
Viper-7those can hold lethal amounts of mains voltages for an hour or so
sadponeim aware
Gallomimiaso can coils but not while is off
sceadwianEspecially if it's not meant to be opened no reason for them to put bleeders on
Gallomimiathe coil in a PSU is what causes the spark when you unplug it
sceadwianGallomimia: Really? I thought that was from the main input caps charging.
Gallomimiawhen you plug it in, yes
Viper-7it is :P
sceadwianoh UNPLUG it
sceadwiannever mnd :)
Gallomimiawhen you unplug it, the coil causes a rampup in voltage and results in an arc
Viper-7sadpone: if you short them out and do get a good zap from it discharging - dont then assume its safe either
Viper-7they can "recover"
Gallomimiayeah short it a couple times
droolthe leds i just ordered will be here in 6 to 15 days it says. thats bullshit right?
Gallomimiaand look for coils in the neighboring circuit
Viper-7drool: probably about right
Gallomimiadrool where did you order from?
sceadwiandrool: sounds about right
Gallomimiaoh wow. could be twice that
sceadwian6-15 days is actually not bad
Viper-7transferring such a large burst of power will cause the cap to heat up rapidly, increasing its resistance, and cutting off the power flow
drooldamn and i paid next to nothing for shipping
Viper-7once it cools, the capacitor still has power
Gallomimiai've ordered stuff from HK and it took a month
sceadwianMy wife ordered some stuff from a chiense reseller last weke, took 3 weeks
sadponesweet, screws
sceadwiandrool: that's why it takes 6-15 days
Gallomimiawhen they say "shipping" they mean.... with a ship.
Viper-7drool: usually i get stuff in 9-12 days, sometimes it can take 6-8 weeks if it gets held up in customs, but thats rare
Viper-7Gallomimia: no, its air freight
Viper-7china post is just slow
sceadwianYep, the phrase 'the slow boat from china' is quiet literal
sceadwianViper-7: really?
drooli came into it thinking that it would take a month and a half. very pleasantly surprised right heyah
Viper-7typically what happens is it gets loaded from the place you buy it in shenzhen
sceadwianI should have thought that through before I said it ;)
Viper-7to a storage depot
Viper-7where it then gets loaded onto a truck
Viper-7trucked over to hong kong
Viper-7then dumped at the post office as a massive load
Viper-7takes them days to sort through
Viper-7then its on its way
drool3 days for processing it said
Viper-7thats for the seller themselves
droolthats a fucking marvel of human innovation that is
Viper-7to go down to the market and buy what you ordered :P
sceadwianViper-7: Do they have open air markets over there for this stuff?
sceadwianI would so love to see that.
Gallomimiahere's hoping you get one that hasn't been rained on :P
Gallomimiaif you see melts marks in the plastic wrap, that's the acid raid
Viper-7i've seen 44 gallon drums full of SMD LEDs sold by the scoop
droolGallomimia: do you mean that litteraly or do you mean got busted up by the authorities
sceadwianGallomimia: well at least it gets to smog out of the air for a little bit.
droolViper-7: lol
Gallomimiai meant literally :)
sadponeyay, it opened!
Gallomimiawas it easy?
Viper-7now careful of the deadly jellybeans :P
sceadwianmust have been, he only tried it a minute agoi
Gallomimiauh... care to give us your address in case you don't answer in the next minute ;)
sadponelooks a bit small though for a 5A supply
Viper-7they dont have to be big these days :P
Viper-7the 48V to 5V @ 3A buck modules i use are about the size of my thumbnail
sadponelike, yeah but still, it looks more like a 3A max 2A supply
sadponeespecially given the fact its totally sealed
Viper-7is it a switching supply? it should be
Viper-7which means you really cant tell much about capacity until you know the switching frequency
Viper-7if its >200kHz, it can be surprisingly tiny and wimpy lookin
sceadwianViper-7: They have multi megahertz resonant switchers now, make the supply he's doing now the size of an iphone adapter.
dsrtrckHow can I connect my car stereo into my wall?!B(4FDQwB2k$(KGrHgoH-D8EjlLlzKDlBKeiCGFjww_12.jpg
sceadwianThey're juuust hitting the market now.
Viper-7yes, those tiny modules i mentioned are 1.5MHz nominal
sceadwianViper-7: The HV one?
Gallomimiadsrtrck: you need a 12V power supply. probably at a lot of amps
Gallomimiayou could try a battery charger
sadponegreat thing is now that i can access the end of the leads i can desolder it without causing irreversable damage
dsrtrckGallomimia, are there adapters that I can buy?
Viper-7sceadwian: 24V actually for the ones i was thinking of
Viper-728V max
sadponeeven if the supply cant be salvaged, i can still use another
Gallomimiasure there's lots. but you need to know how much power its going to draw
dsrtrck12v DC
sadponeand theres only 2 WIRES YAY
Viper-7you can find em all over ali, look for the "mini 3A buck module" with a 4R7 inductor
Gallomimia12V is not a value for power
sceadwianViper-7: Nice haven't seen any yet.
sadponei have university starting tomorrow, so, not having my monitor die on me is convenient
Viper-7thats a lot of 10 for $8
dsrtrckGallomimia, How can I find out? Should it be in amps?
Gallomimiaamps or watts
Viper-7sadpone: so do any caps look like they've shat their pants?
sadponehard to tell
Gallomimiadsrtrck: whats that right next to the jack? 8MAX
sadponeits got this aluminium shielding
sadponefortunately though its got very basic removeable solder points
sadponealmost like its designed for servicing or easy access
sceadwianDesigned for servicing? they still make stuff liekthat? :)
dsrtrck Page 42 indicates Fuse: 15-amp
sadponewell, they charge $300 for these so i expect so
Gallomimiadsrtrck: so it's not more than 15 amp. probably more like 5-10
Gallomimiathat's around 100W
Gallomimiastill a fair amount tho.
dsrtrckIs this something I can pick up locally, like at RadioShack or Fry's Electronics? (I'm in California)
Gallomimiayou can get things that are meant to give you 12V power with a cig lighter
sceadwianDid you just say radioshack? <slowly draws a knife>
Gallomimiathey still got radio shack in US?
sadponeis radioshack still real?
sceadwianGallomimia: What's left of it...
Gallomimiai miss it.
sceadwianThe last store with components closed a few years ago
Gallomimiabut the execs played politics and they got what they deserved.
sceadwianthey sell sprint phones and 500% markedup 10 year old bad consumer electronics
sadpone2010 is the last time i saw a dick smith store with electrical components
sceadwianOh yeah and cables at 1000% markup
dsrtrckThat connector has 16 pins but I don't think it's a universal/standard plug, is it?
sadponeall their store branded stuff after that was shit, i bought a 16gb sd card that literally crumbled in my hand
sceadwianGallomimia: The last local electronics surplus sell closed here a couple yers ago after they retired, there's no more brick and motar stores I know of within like 25 miles of me.
Gallomimianor here
Gallomimiain fact the actual brick and mortar store for electronics near me stopped carrying most electronics
sadponeah well to be fair, electronics stores are more suited to online stores, since your dealing in high volume low cost stuff
Gallomimiain canada the radioshacks all rebranded as "TheSource" which they had to label "by circuit city"
Snertis there a mystery? we buy from ALi for cheap. Brick and mortar stores close. Makes sense.
Gallomimiasince CC bought the parent company
Gallomimiaand because "the source" is already a pornography store chain
sceadwianSnert: i blame it more on the stores, if they stocked common items from ali I'd pay for a markup to be able to go to a brick and mortar store
Gallomimiadsrtrck: the connectors are usually vehicle brand specific
Snertat some point, store owners get tired of listening to piss-n-moan customers bitch about 2bucks for a resistor.
Gallomimiayou'll need a harness. they're like 20-30 bucks
Viper-7sceadwian: meh, they were a thing, floor to ceiling shelves of little cardboard boxes with a genuine old guy in a lab coat that'd get the parts you wanted
Viper-7they didnt get enough business.
dsrtrckWould they have these at a car audio installation place?
sceadwianViper-7: Same here.
Gallomimiaquestion: why do you want to make a car stereo work in the house?
Gallomimiayou'd spend less getting some speakers for your house and hooking up an mp3 player
Viper-7the only stores that survived were the hi-fi / home appliance stores who stocked components on the side
Viper-7and even they found it not really viable to continue
sadponegod damnit on aliexpress they always put the cable over the current rating or have the current numbers in chinese so i cant tell anything apart
sadponei bet all the power supplies are identical
Viper-7caveat emptor :P
sceadwianAre there any websites that do chinese to english from pictures?
Viper-7word lens still doesnt do chinee?
tgeekyanybody recognize the format of the circuit defintion here (in file -> export to text)
dsrtrckI wanted to test it before reinstalling it in my car. The video went out and I'm trying to fix it.
tgeekyit looks like it might be arbitrary for this site, but i have no clue
sceadwianViper-7: Consider I didn't know about word lens, not sure :)
tgeekyor is that spice?
Viper-7sceadwian: its well worth going and knowing about then :P
Viper-7smartphone app, google bought it and made it free
sadponewell, $100 isnt too bad i cant get cheap express postage maybe
Viper-7dsrtrck: sorry i havent been following - you have a car head unit and you want to power it up on the bench?
sceadwiantgeeky: why are you using that site? use a real spice simulator, the learning curve is a bit but it's well worth it
Viper-7do you have that cable that plugs into the back of the head unit at all?
tgeekysceadwian: because it's very easy, and looks nice, and ...
tgeekyi just asked a question if the format is recognizable
wesley-chanis there any way to use a solid-state system to generate a torque
wesley-chanlike theoretically electrons have mass so if you had a loop of wire
wesley-chanit should generate at least some torque right?
Viper-7dsrtrck: the connector is semi-standard, but if you have the plug for it, the wiring on that has color coding which is very standard and easy to follow
tgeekywesley-chan: like a solid-state gyro?
wesley-chankind of tgeeky
sceadwiantgeeky: it looks vaguely like spice notation
Viper-7dsrtrck: is the standard color coding
drooldoes a particle accelerator generate torque? questionof the day
Viper-7connect both battery and accessory to +12V, ground to ground, and she'll run
wesley-chandrool, hmm
wesley-chanI'd imagine it would, though at extremely miniscule scales
sceadwianwesley-chan: you will generate more torque by interacting magnetic fields that you ever could from electron momentum
wesley-chanbut lets say I was out in deep space
Viper-7its matter, its being accelerated, theres torque being applied
wesley-chanbetween galaxies
sceadwianwesley-chan: I think you might have trouble finding enough zeros on a calculator to measure how much force it generates :)
wesley-chanHow much power would it actually take?
Viper-7wesley-chan: are you just after an ion thruster?
sceadwianHigh enough to know it's a waste of time to calculate.
droolhas anyone seen a good implementation of a tritium battery
wesley-chanim just curious
MjrTomsounds like he's after a reactionless drive
sceadwiantritrium battery? (prepares the tinfoil hats)
wesley-chanaye admittedly I am but only for fictional purposes
sceadwianwesley-chan: I can give you a great idea for a fictional reactionless drive ;)
droolusing tritium decay to power stuff
sceadwianone sec wesley gotta look this up.
sceadwiani forgot his name
wesley-channeat Viper-7
wesley-chandrool, well are there any size limits to it
wesley-chanbecause I know how to generate power using tritium easily
wesley-chanyou set off lots of nuclear bombs and collect energy from them
sceadwianwesley-chan: Google Mike McCulloch
sceadwianwesley-chan: He's a geoinformatics professor (math geek) whoe things he's come up with a theory for the source of inertia and claims that it explains the thrust produced by the emdrive
wesley-chanwill read
sceadwianHis website, physics from the edge is his blog
Viper-7ion thrusters work in complete vacuum, and are incredibly efficient on their expelled mass for propulsion (although still need something)
Viper-7but they're weak, very weak
sceadwianthe theory is called MIHSC.
Viper-7"An ion drive would require two days to accelerate a car to highway speed."
wesley-chani have a hypothesis about the EM drive but its kind of far fetched
sceadwianIt's modified intertia for hubble scale casimir effect or something like that
wesley-chanWhat if
wesley-chanvia some Quantum Field Theory stuff
sceadwianViper-7: They have them in orbit though :)
wesley-chanits somehow generating a gravitational field
wesley-chanoh fuck son
sceadwianwesley-chan: yes, MIHSC is the 'through quantum field theory stuff'
Wayward_VagabondI have a theory about emdrive too
sceadwianThe idea is crackpot.
Wayward_VagabondThat's pure bullocks
wesley-chancrackpot ideas are always the most interesting ones tho
Wayward_Vagabond*That it's
sceadwianbut there's something that ticks at the corner of my brain about his theory like there's something there even though it's probably not what he thinks
Viper-7essentially an ion drive just tosses some ballast matter out the ass end of the ship, at near as possible to the speed of light :P
sceadwianwesley-chan: Yeah, but this one has teeth, maybe bad teeth, but still they're there.
sceadwianwesley-chan: Do you know what Unruh radiation is?
wesley-chanwhat do you mean by that
dsrtrckViper-7, thank you.
Wayward_VagabondMjrTom: Should I send you up a drink, and are you coming home?
sceadwianI'll take that as a no :)
wesley-chanand yes
wesley-chanI do
MjrTomyes Wayward_Vagabond send me up a drink
wesley-channo I meant the first part about teeth
wesley-chanI know what the Unruh effect is
Wayward_VagabondI'm sorry. I mean I'm not really, but yeah.
sceadwianwesley-chan: Unruh radiation is a theoeretical radiation that exists on all accelerating objects it's due to quantum vacuum fluctuations
Wayward_VagabondACTION passes MjrTom a cold one
dsrtrckSo it seems it's the flex ribbon cable that's at fault toast:
wesley-chanits purely theoretical, no?
sceadwianwesley-chan: Well Mccolluch claims that because of rindler horrizons there's a unruh radiation pressure imballance on all accelerating masses and this is where intertia comes from
sceadwianThat kinda actually makes sense.
wesley-chanon the surface of it, it makes some sense
Wayward_VagabondIf quantum is the most technical term in a sentence, it's a huge red flag.
sceadwianBut he uses it to explain where the supposed thrust from EMDrives come from
dsrtrckany ideas what would cause one of those pins to be burnt like that?
drooltoo much current
Viper-7dsrtrck: a short circuit
wesley-chanit seems a bit uhm...
wesley-chan"wishy washy"
wesley-chanbut I have no authority to say he is wrong. Who knows
sceadwianwesley-chan: I'm sure there's something deeply wrong with his idea, he's not a physicist, but it's still an intrgueing idea.
Viper-7thats on the front panel display ?
sceadwianwesley-chan: I'm following him until some real physicist debunks him cause I wnat to know why it's wrong.
Viper-7i'd say its likely theres something else wrong inside, possibly something metal rattling around, or other damaged components
dsrtrckso if i replace the flex ribbon cable, it might short circuit again?
Viper-7the display panel shouldnt be capable of doing that under normal operation
sceadwianwesley-chan: But just read his blog, if it's true it can do the whole free energy nullify gravity bit :)
wesley-chanill check him out
wesley-chanat the very least, he has some interesting stuff
MjrTomwe can already nullify gravity
sceadwianwesley-chan: he really takes it too far, but it's a perfectly plausible fictional source. It actually almost sounds like it came out of a sci-fi book.
MjrTomhave been able to for quite a long time
sceadwianwesley-chan: His politics are a bit much though. I follow him on twitter and he's hyper liberal.
wesley-chanMjrTom, are we talking about "perceived gravity"
wesley-chanOr actual field gravity
dsrtrckwhen i opened the cover for the flex ribbon cable, i noticed that one side of the little plastic piece that snaps the cable in place was loose. would that have caused the issue? I would have to hold the display a certain way for the video to come back one.
MjrTomperceived gravity? what's that?
wesley-chansceadwian, I gathered
wesley-chanMjrTom, as in
MjrTomhot air balloon has been a known anti gravity device for a very long time
wesley-changravitational field in orbit is 95~% of that on earth-
MjrTomnullifies gravity pretty well
wesley-chanNo its not
wesley-chanA hot air balloon is purely mechanical
MjrTomyeah, so
wesley-chanjoke of a site
Viper-7dsrtrck: for that much current to flow, there had to be a short circuit somewhere else - as i said this could've been something metal rattling around inside the panel which has bridged two pins (probably only temporarily), or it could be a component has failed, and has become a short itself
sceadwianwesley-chan: All that being said, he's working with some experimentalists to possible test the theory before it predicts some odd effects on spinning objects that could be detected. I'm waiting for results :) I"ll probably be wait a very long time
wesley-chanwell good on him if hes right
wesley-chanmore power to him
Viper-7dsrtrck: is it a removable front panel? after this ribbon? it could also be caused by someone shoving some random metal object into the connector
sceadwianwesley-chan: Actually the though of him being right terrifies me :)
wesley-chanwhys that?
sceadwianwesley-chan: It would be serious actual real live free energy and anti gravity type stuff... People think that stuff would be great. We'd anhilate ourselves within 10 years! :)
Viper-7sceadwian: i especially love the ones that dont even pretend to know where the energy is coming from
wesley-chanwell maybe if we get free energy we will figure out FTL before that happens
Viper-7no idea, but its free!
sceadwianEven if it describes inertiat that'd be great.
Viper-7yeah! that wont cause any problems im sure!
sceadwianViper-7: Yeah, Mccholohs theory is really kind of oddly sound though.
Viper-7which is that?
sceadwianViper-7: the one I've been talking about for the last 5 minutes
sceadwianHe calls in MIHSC
sceadwianI think
Viper-7i havent been listening :D
dsrtrckViper-7: the first picture shows the four holes where the small metal panel goes that covers the flex ribbon cable connector. It's about 1x1 inch.
sceadwianViper-7: It's cool even for a lark read.
sceadwianone sec
Viper-7dsrtrck: yeah, shouldnt matter
Viper-7i highly doubt the fault is actually near the connector
Viper-7(for the flex)
sceadwianModified Inertia from Hubble Scale Casimir Effect
droolwhy even discuss the emdrive. it isnt real
sceadwiandrool: we're still waiting on Nasa's final results on that.
theorbtwoNear-light-speed is plenty interesting by itself. Being able to get a probe to Pluto in a few hours, to alpha centuri in a few years?
Viper-7"I won't go into details before publication"
wesley-chanit might be drool
sceadwiandrool: they supposedly have a paper due out soon.
wesley-chandont shoot down stuff before its confirmed
sceadwiandrool: probably totally debunking it but that's fine with me.
sceadwianThey know they're measuring something though I just wanna know what.
tgeekydrool: you could attack a proposed idea in many ways, but denying that it's real with at least 10 different experimental groups have attempted to replicate results
sceadwiani got a great laugh when they found that faster than light nutrino a ways back
tgeeky... is not an adequate rebuttal
sceadwiansome doof didn't have a cable plugged in right
tgeekysceadwian: some of us who work around CERN got a kick out of that.
wesley-chanall I could think when they found the FTL neutrino was
sceadwiantgeeky: they NEVER should have published that paper.
tgeekythere were a lot of bets taking
tgeekysceadwian: certainly not, no.
tgeekysceadwian: I think BICEP2 publication was a great deal more defensible
sceadwiantgeeky: yeah they should have double checked their work, but that's what the peer review process is for.
tgeekysceadwian: they did double check, and they have no peers
Viper-7ACTION blinks
tgeekyOPERA, on the other hand, has a peer not even 1 mile away.
Viper-7"With greater acceleration the horizon comes closer"
sceadwiantgeeky: I think they didn't want to debug their algyrthm theirself, decided to just say 'fuck it' and publish what they got let everyone else tear it apart and get some press
Viper-7he doesnt justify this at all, and i dont see how it'd be so
sceadwiantgeeky: yes, but they didn't account for known factors in their data.
dsrtrckViper-7: thank you. I'm going to buy a new flex ribbon cable. Hopefully it will last just as long as this one did without it going bad again.
Viper-7dsrtrck: i really dont think its the only fault.
tgeekysceadwian: they did account for known factors, they just used a incorrectly naive correction factor for it
Viper-7dsrtrck: and you can likely repair that cable with a bit of solder :P
tgeekysceadwian: they also got unlucky; had they looked at a patch of sky just a few degrees away, they would have been fine
sceadwianViper-7: Justify what? that's basic relativity.
tgeekybut this isn't ##physics, so we probably
droolis #electronics invite only?
sceadwianViper-7: The horizon he's talking about is the rindler horrizion, it's a feature of special relativity
dsrtrckViper-7: How would I go about repairing it with solder?
droolwhy does nobody care about tritium batteries. its a 10 year battery with no charging
theorbtwo#electrioncs would be the offical irc channel of electronics. If the IEC wants to have an offical IRC channel, then maybe they can have it.
tgeekyACTION looks through his collection of batteries. NiCd, LiIon, AGM... nope, no tritium battery there
theorbtwodrool: Is tritium cheap and plentiful?
Viper-7sceadwian: yes, but the scale he's applying it on, just seems grossly wrong
droolidk but it prolly could be
tgeekydrool: the answer is no
drooljust add neutrons is all
droolhow much do neutrons cost
tgeekyrule #1, if an element is radioactive, it's neither cheap nor plentiful
Viper-7dsrtrck: cover both sides in flux if possible, heat both sides of the pad (as gently as possible) and bridge the burned gap with a thin layer of solder
Snertdrool: Companies don't get rich by not selling batteries.
Viper-7they do if they arent battery companies :D
Snertgood point :)
Wayward_VagabondDepleted uranium is relatively cheap, but the isotopes of much interest are all removed
tgeekyViper-7 is *technically* correct, which we all agree is the best kind of correct.
tgeekyWayward_Vagabond: it's not plentiful
Wayward_Vagabondtgeeky: You forgot to stamp your form 5 times
Wayward_VagabondI'm demoting you one grade
drooloh well. i want to build a huge and bad ass lithium battery one day though. and put it on a bike
droolimagine the power mates
dsrtrckViper-7: thank you. I've never done that before. :) hmmm...
Wayward_VagabondNatural uranium seems relatively plentiful, but isn't easy for joe shmo to get
drooljust go to an old testing ground
droolgrab it
Wayward_VagabondUnless he wants to mine it himself, then purify the ore
drooljust get some aluminum tubes
Viper-7dsrtrck: flux will help the solder stick to the pads, either the one you want or the ones either side - it should be reluctant to bridge gaps from pad to pad, or across the gap, but it should be do-able
theorbtwoRadium is fairly cheap and plentiful in many places, but it's probably not radioactive enough to be worth the effort.
Viper-7dsrtrck: and i hope you have a temperature controlled soldering iron
Viper-7or you could easily cause more damage here, although i guess its already dun fukered
droolnobody here is an ebike person? sad.
droolev person?
sceadwiandrool: too broke :)
sceadwianI'd go ebike though
droolme too once i have everything lined up
sceadwianCause why not take the most lethal object on the road and make it silent as a ghost.
droolit will be the most lethal because it will have lasers mounted
sceadwiannow you're talkin
MjrTomI want to mount shark on my bike
droollasers dude. population inversion. coherent light. one day i will make a laser sniper rifle
MjrTomand then mount lasers on the sharks, ofc
drooland pop peoples tires coming out of the bar at 2:00 am
sceadwiangenetically modified cybernetic shark lasers
sceadwianNo we just need a big vortex...
droolis there a freenode irc for genetics and sythetic genomics?
Wayward_Vagabondfrickin sharks with laser beams
sceadwiandrool: I'm gonna go with no on that one :)
sceadwianYou can be an armchair physicist, not so much in genomics :)
droolsure you can
droolpick up a textbook
droolgo on arvix
sceadwianGood luck with the lab..
droolif you live near a uni you can read lots of papers for free
sceadwianIf you want free papers. I can get you free papers ;)
sceadwianI know a guy :)
droolarmchair implies you just read stuff
Viper-7drool: i'd like to play with these, thats about as EV as i get
sceadwianActually, it's not a guy it's a website and it's quiete easy to find.
sceadwianYou got a DOI number, it's got the paper for you, no questions asked.
drooloh yeah i heard about that
sceadwianget while the getting is good, the feds are trying to take it down.
droolyeah there are a few other sites like it too
sceadwiandrool: I've used it a half dozen times in the last couple weeks.
droolone is russian, super famous. forget the name
Viper-7lol with disc brakes?
Viper-7what happened to regenerative braking ? :<
droolViper-7: these hubs are fuckjng sweet
Viper-7yah heh
sceadwianViper-7: the hard part of regenerative breaking is dealing with the power dump
droolyou can do regen you just need the right hardware to drive it
droolif these use magnets then it will simplify things greatly
droolthey prolly use magnets
drool(how do they work)
droolthe price is so good for a 350 watt hub
sceadwianViper-7: would you stop that? i don't think there's a link yet you've posted I don't want..
sceadwianViper-7: is that really 350watts or 'chinese' 350 watts?
Viper-7sceadwian: more than 250 real watts says my guestimation
Viper-7but really buggered if i know
droolyou can run them at that wattage they just will get too hot
drooland blow up
droolthats why you pour oil into the hub
droolget more powa
droolor you can cut penis shaped holes in the siding
Viper-7ooh 24V
sceadwiani will not click on that link! =O
Viper-7might be time for
droolits sfw
Viper-7336W continuous rated at 24V
Viper-7per channel
Viper-7(720W peak)
Viper-7i still love the competition heh,
Viper-7nice markup sparkfun
Viper-7captain 1400%
drooljust get some of those hubs and build a monster battery. now you can drive across town and back and its awesome
droolwow dat markup
Viper-7(to be fair, the ali link is absurdly cheap, but hey :P)
Viper-7they're normally $8-10
droolthe lipos are cheap and sexy. get iron phospate headway cells to avoid explosions and fired though
Viper-7those things are 16kW peak.
sceadwianViper-7: 70 bucks? And to think I used to like that site
drooli gotta go. cya Viper-7
CasperACTION wants some LiFePO4, 24V SLA replacement, 30+AH, for 20$ shipped :D
Viper-7maybe you'd like a blowjob thrown in too?
CasperI'll take the battery only
Viper-7cheap lithium is like $1 per Ah per cell, so $6 per 22.8V nominal Ah, so ~$180 worth on the cheap end of the scale
Viper-7and thats not lifepo4, and not with BMS or such to make it an SLA replacement
Viper-7even with 20x your budget i dont like the chances :P
Viper-7Battery Management System
Viper-7internal charger + over-discharge protection + state of charge monitoring
sceadwianI know what you mean after ti was decronymed :)
Wayward_VagabondViper-7: You'd want ~28v to replace 24v lead acid
sceadwianI just really don't care about my typing today apparently.
Viper-7Wayward_Vagabond: possibly, most 24V loads dont care if they get 20V even
sceadwianOh wait! Never mind, I never care about my typing. All better now.
Viper-76S gives 25.2V charge voltage, and you need to give the BMS some headroom
sceadwianViper-7: they don't chew up more than like 10% tops?
Viper-7shouldnt be that much
Viper-7more like a diode drop plus a few milliohms
Viper-7still you'd want say 26V charge input
Viper-7so you cant really afford to add another cell
Viper-7then you'd need 30V charge input
Wayward_VagabondFair enough
LoetmichelWayward_One: you have it
Viper-7but yeah, that does put over-discharge termination at an optimistic 19.2V
Viper-7which might be low for plenty of 24V loads
Loetmichelyou can charge a lifepo cell to 3.9V
Loetmichelbut nominal it has 3.3V
Loetmichelso if you have a 7 cell lifepo its way within the SLA cell limits
sceadwianlifepo's are charged that much lower than regular lithiums?
Viper-7Loetmichel: that just makes a 7 cell lifepo even more infeasible to charge from a 24V system
Viper-7you'd want 5 cell or such heh
Viper-7or just to under-charge them
LoetmichelViper-7: a "24V" sla system charges to 28.8V
Loetmichelfits near perfect
Loetmichellifepo4 can be charged up to 4.1V without damage (but reduced lifetime)
Viper-7meh, yeah near enough i guess
sceadwianWhat's the advantage? highr current or energy density?
Viper-7oh derp
Viper-7sorry, i somehow thought you said more than 4.2V
Loetmichelsceadwian: less wear than sla, mor cycles, less weight, more ampere
sceadwianLoetmichel: I meant comparable to regular lithium cells
Loetmichellifepo4 vs lipo?
sceadwianLifePo is the high current ones hobby systems use?
Loetmichellifepo4 cant burn
Loetmichelfor startes
Loetmichelit has a bit less energy density than lipo
Viper-7sceadwian: usually just lipo
Loetmichelboth weight an volume
sceadwiani thought all lithium chemistries were fireable
Loetmichelbut MUCH more cycles than lipo
Viper-7lifepo4 is more like, electric vehicles and such
Viper-7like, real cars :P
sceadwianViper-7: so then higher current though?
Viper-7not necessarily
Viper-7they have huge arrays
Viper-7but they must be safer etc
Loetmichellipo cells have a typical lifetime of 100 to 1000 cycles depending on how deep the cycles are
Viper-7and durability is certainly nice, although semi-debated
LoetmichelLifepo4 have 1000 to 10000 cycles under same conditions
Viper-7if you charge a lipo up to 3.9V it can last far beyond its designed life too
Viper-7so the numbers are a little unintuitive, but lifepo is still better
Loetmichel[04:32] <sceadwian> i thought all lithium chemistries were fireable <- lifepo cant self-ignite
Loetmicheland it dies "safe" even if grossly overcharged
sceadwianLoetmichel: so no thermal runaway then.
sceadwianWhat happens, the iron get in the way?
Loetmichelno idea
Loetmicheli can only tell from practical applications
Viper-7i guess they're designed to increase resistance with temperature?
Viper-7on an internal cell level
Loetmichelmy multicopter batterys live forever since i switched from 3s lipo to 4s lifep
Viper-7making them intrinically self-protecting
Loetmichelthe lipo ones looked like this after a year:
Wetmelonaww yiss
Wetmelonpuffy lipo, so hawt
Loetmichelthe lifepo4 (in the background) are still going strong now in the 5th year
Viper-7all you mean bastards - the poor things fart once and you throw them away
Loetmichelalso the have a loer self discharge rate
WetmelonCan confirm, LiFePO4 is damn impossible to light. According to one person, you could toss one in a fireplace and it probably wouldn't catch fire
Loetmichel<- sorts his fingers
Loetmichelalso they (the lifepo4) have a lower self discharge rate
Viper-7well the normal test is to fully charge the cell, then internally short one plate with the other, preferably using a sharp impact the middle of the body :P
Viper-7*to the middle
LoetmichelViper-7: which is slightly difficult with the lifepo steel cans
Loetmichelas opposed to nailing a lipo foil pack to the wall
Loetmichelbeen there, done that ;
Viper-7it should rapidly balloon up - and that gas is quite flammable
Loetmichelit just hissed a bit and smoked some and smelled like "mon cherie" and then died quietly
Viper-7yeah, if you have an ignition source nearby its more impressive
Viper-7often in a real failure the short will create sparks and thats enough, but hard to produce on demand
sceadwianACTION is off to play chaufer
sceadwianhowever you spell that silly word.
Viper-7the nice word for taxi driver?
Loetmicheli mean its not like i dont torture these cells
Loetmichelmy copter draws up to 1.2kW at full throttle
Viper-7im still damn impressed by these lolworthy 18650s
Viper-7"9900mAh" on the side
Viper-7i paid 60c each for them
LoetmichelViper-7: and the real capacity?
Viper-7my expectations were about as low as you could get.
Viper-71-2Ah depending on the cell
Viper-7and not one has failed or showed any signs of problems
Viper-7(i got 11)
Loetmichelgot some 18650 with a cheap 12 eur flashlight...
Viper-7the worst has 860mAh
Loetmichelresult (bought two)->
Viper-7but seems to be holding at that, not degrading
Viper-7i've seen dozens of dead lipos
Viper-7i dont think i've ever seen a dead liion heh
Viper-7(yes yes, go to africa then -_-)
WetmelonAyyy lmao
Loetmichelbtw: the 4s xcell packs (2300mAh, rated peak current 60A) have NO problem at all starting my 2.5 liters 6cyl diesel car
Loetmichelbeen there repeatedly ;)
Loetmichelalso the copter i use the packs in is drawing 120A for up to 3 seconds
Loetmicheland they are still going strong ;)
Loetmichel(not more than three seconds tho. because its out of visible range by then ... right up into the sky ;)
Viper-7i still have a kind of morbid fascination with the fact that these are almost exactly the same size as an 18650, and run perfectly from one
Snerthome made cattle prod
Viper-7the output from them is rather crazy
Loetmichel400kV? with THIS thin insulation on the secondary? who are they kidding?
Viper-7yeah not even close, but very feasbily into the say, dozens of kV range
Viper-7no worries with like 25mm of spark gap
Snerttypo shouldbeen 40k maybe
Viper-7and geez its a crack when that strikes
Viper-7they're potted, but i've seen a teardown
Viper-7there IS a cap across the output
Viper-7so not only is it at a decent voltage, but there can be a whack of current behind it too
Viper-7anything larger than like 5-8mm of spark gap is over-rating it from what i can tell
Viper-7but hey, i got the thing for shits & giggles :P
dsrtrckWell I didn't have to do anything! the flex ribbon cable is fine. amazing!
dsrtrckthe video is working again.
Viper-7dsrtrck: if you havent repaired that trace on the flex, i'd fear it will go bad again with the vibration from driving in the car sooner or later
dsrtrckThanks Viper-7 and Gallomimia! :)
Viper-7so perhaps order a replacement if you can - now that its not a rush ;)
dsrtrcktrue! thank you. ;)
Viper-7np :)
Viper-7dsrtrck: btw, if you get the length and pin count of the cable, you can probably find a replacement on aliexpress or such for very cheap, if you dont mind waiting a month or two for it to arrive
Viper-7(i'd expect a couple of dollars including shipping)
peepsalotcan someone tell me what's all the extra stuff on the bottom of this "LC filter" board:
dsrtrckok thank you.
sceadwian9well I'll be damned. juicessh does support swipe text entry.
sceadwianhelps to read the manual folks, really does.
sceadwiannow just to get the system bell notification to work.
Casperwhat is a... "manual" ?
hexvbnow what..
hexvbthis thing work...test one, one two
hexvbACTION blames IRC programmers
sceadwianCasper: luckily they're digital now so they're geek friendly :)
Casperhexvb: test failed, try again next year :D
Caspergeek unfriendly actually
CasperI hate the electronics version
sceadwianhow do you program irc? it's one of the few existing standard servers you can actually telnet into by hand if you want.