backrowto which I added some CERT forensics tools
truexfan81maybe i shouldn't be doing this today lol
truexfan81install finished then left me at grub rescue
truexfan81wiped it all out, did another install, worked lol
chinosoliard_anyone have a solution for this:
truexfan81so does fedora auto ssd trim?
devhennot by default, unless something has changed recently
devhento enable weekly trim do sudo systemctl enable fstrim.timer
truexfan81nice kk i'll do that after dnf finishes upgrading me to f27
jaziz1So I've downloaded
jaziz1and I try running it from terminal and I just get "no such command"
jaziz1so I go through the file explorer, double-click it, and the text .sh file just pops up
jaziz1and eventually bugs out and force quits
jaziz1what could be going wrong?
devhenjaziz1: looks like its avail on copr you'd probably have more luck with that.
devhensudo dnf copr enable jsouthworth/racket && sudo dnf install racket
GAitare there known boot issues with the latest two kernels in F27 on some thinkpads? i had to use 4.13.13-300
linuxsonHey guys...I need some help troubleshooting why my pc is currently freezing up on me
linuxsonIs there a way to track this via system logs or something? Not sure what to look for
KBmewhy don't the packages installed by abrt-gnome show up in dnf history list?
KBmenor in dnf autoremove?
KBmecan't I undo the package installation abrt-gnome did? why?
KBmeso anything that uses packagekit doesn't use transactions or what?
mac^^^I just installed F27 modular server beta and I notice there are still a lot of packages missing such as xinetd, will these packages be added?
scottroAre you talking about what's available in the repos that come with it?
scottroAs I understand it (I asked this on the testing list awhile ago), the server is going to have its own modular server repos. I _think_ your best bet is to ask on the Fedora testing list, or maybe I know that they aren't planning to include, say, various desktop packages such as urxvt
scottroI used to download the server net install and choose minimal install (for a desktop) and build from there. The last time I did, I saw the repos for the server have changed.
scottroSorry, not a really complete answer.
mac^^^I am also hoping that I can build a F27 server the way I have always built on before F27 (i.e. without having to learn how all this container stuff works)
mac^^^scottro: but a lot of packages ARE there such as mariadb and httpd
mac^^^but not php
scottromac^^^: I know, that's how I'd always done it too. However, this seems to be the way they're going. I'm not even sure if it's container based, or an effort to make something say, a web server, an SQL server, etc. The documentation seems a bit unclear to me.
scottroWhether it's an improvement or more of single user laptop developers trying to act like sysadmins, I don't know.
scottroSigh, early morning, that was a nasty comment on my part, I withdraw it, (but I'm not typing the whole thing backwards to take it back) :)
mac^^^scottro: thanks for that
scottroSeems like the not uncommon Fedora solution in search of a problem, though.
danyo2008Hi, have one question, since the update from kernel 4.13.13 to 4.13.15 i get the message during boot, the the kernel modules could not be loaded, i shall check systemctl status systemd-modules-load.service. But this command do not say much. Have Installed Nvidia proprietary driver and Virtual box from RPM Fusion. I have also executet the command "akmods --force". There is also no error message. Nvidia work well and
danyo2008Virtualbox too. What could be the Problem and how can i solve this? Any suggetions?
scottroOld, but possibly relevant?
danyo2008scottro, thx, i will check
mac^^^scottro: one thought I have had is I might be able to make the kde spin be a server (linux is good at not particularly distinguishing server from workstation)
scottroIf you like KDE, I don't see why it wouldn't work. (Not familiar with the spin myself. My way is to take minimal install then add openbox and dwm)
mac^^^I use kde for workstation, for server, the kde portion is really irrelevant since I wouldnt have a monitor attached to it anyway
scottroWouldn't it be trying to autostart KDE though?
scottroThough I would guess you can still set it for text boot.
mac^^^sure but the fact there is no keyboard and no mouse and no monitor isnt going to stop things from running
scottroI should add that I'm just guessing here, no experience with the spin. :)
mac^^^I could do same probably with gnome spin
scottroSo you would have a fairly generic KDE workstation, which you'd be familiar with as it's what you use. Then, you can just install the server items that you need.
scottroIt seems that the added weight of all the KDE stuff would slow things down but on a powerful machine, that's probably not all that relevant.
scottroSo, I would think if you set it to boot to text mode you'd be good.
mac^^^its not the "kde" portion I would use, its that apparently the packages that are not available on fedora modular 27 ARE available on those spins
scottroBut I'm not a Fedora server expert. :)
scottroMy last job was a CentOS shop, but I'm at a FreeBSD shop now, and while we have CentOS for various things, I've not done deep level sysadmin on it for awhile.
mac^^^IMO the only difference between server and workstation is that workstation has some gui component
mac^^^or at least thats the way in a perfect world it ought to be
scottroAssuming you want a minimal system to start, that you'd build upon, I'd take the workstation net install and during installation choose minimal. That would give you what we've always had from the server install. (Till this modular stuff)
scottroIf you do that, there are no gui components installed in the original installation
mac^^^as far as minimal insall goes, I stayed away from it because it never had basic things I thought should be there like rsync for example
mac^^^I'm not saying minimal install isnt a good way to start
mac^^^at least ls is there :)
scottroyeah, I know, some of the things lacking would surprise me.
scottrobut easy to rectify.
mac^^^over the years I"ve developed this newLinuxBox script which automates a lot of stuff for me
mac^^^its a bash script which calls a more complex perl script
scottroYeah, I have a laptopcommon directory which has a lot of stuff that I'll put on laptop installs. Not scripted though, just a bunch of files, say, my openbox config file, a wpa_supplicant.conf and so on.
scottroYours sounds far more sophisticated.
scottroMy perl is limited to print 'hello world';
mac^^^maybe there is some other repo which has all my "missing" packages and I could just install that repo and fix all my problems
mac^^^yeah right (sarcasm)
scottroWell, the generic fedora repos. That's why I have started downloading the workstation net install.
mac^^^so, the idea of building a fedora server by NOT using fedora modular server isn't as wild an idea as might be thought
mac^^^hey I worded that good
scottroHeh. No, not at all. It's probably, until they better document the modular stuff, the best way to do it, and it's the way one would do it with the more server oriented CentOS.
mac^^^scottro: you seem to have the freedom to say what you think whereas "ops" in the channel might feel pressure to echo more the party line
scottroThat may be. I'm not in this channel often enough to know. There are certainly party lines, so to speak though. For example, in CentOS-7, you're supposed to use nm-tui, but I always get rid of it and do it manually. I won't say that on the forums though. :)
mac^^^scottro: ignore my last post, I should not have said that
mac^^^at the place I worked until recently, we used CentOS for perfSONAR
scottroNo problem. :)
gr8I am trying to compile a program that asks for the pkg-config file "gladeui-2.0.pc" but package "glade3-libgladeui-devel-2:3.8.6-1.fc27" only provides gladeui-1.0.pc. Where can I find this file version 2.0?
rdietergr8: dnf install 'pkgconfig(gladeui-2.0)'
gr8note that still contains this file
rdieter(spoiler: glade-devel)
gr8uh interesting :D What does that command do? Never seen such syntax
rdietergr8: any package providing a <foo>.pc pkgconfig file can be installed that way
mac^^^rdieter: I was commenting earlier about building a fedora 27 server starting with some spin like kde because it seems to be closer (all my fav packages are there or available) than from the new fedora modular server
mac^^^i.e. I have to make fewer changes to my old habits
rdietermac^^^: either way should be doable, though I'm not too familiar with modular yet
mac^^^I don't have to have a monitor, keyboard, mouse plugged into my kde spin if I want it to be just a server :)
mingdaomac^^^: just curious why you would want a DE on a headless server?
mingdaoscottro: ping
scottroyes I am here.
scottroWactching a fight over nothing in #freebsd but my wife and I had one of those this morning, so I shouldn't judge
mingdaoscottro: query?
scottroSure, if I can answer.
elxais steam/dota2 kinda broken on f27 ?
TingPingsteam is "kinda" broken everywhere
elxait worked, but seems like either a recent fedora or steam update broke
elxaocassionally dota 2 lags very hard, spamming the systemd journal
TingPingnvidia driver?
elxaintel + amd, all on opensource, games running on amd with dri_prime
elxajournal is getting spammed with this
elxathe dbus errors are not new and don't cause this lag/freeze issue
nightrazerI installed the last release of Fedora and got a problem with one of the newly installed dnf package manager. Any ideas?
Fish-FaceI'm upgrading from F26 to F27 and the Software app says it's going to remove the kernel package
Fish-Facejust wanted to check that this is normal
TingPingFish-Face, it will be installing a new kernel also
elxaFish-Face: it's only a problem if you end up with 0 kernels installed. Usually older versions get removed while a new one get's installed
nightrazermessage reported: dnfdaemon client error occurred: g-io-error-quark: GDBus.Error:org.baseurl.DnfSystem.LockedError. dnf is locked by another application (36)
Fish-Faceoh god why is it trying to reboot to upgrade. Is this Windows
TingPingFish-Face, because offline updates are the most reliable method of updating software
TingPingFish-Face, also you are moving from f26 to f27 right, of course it should reboot for that massive of a change
elxado rhel servers ask you to reboot to update? I don't think so :D
TingPingelxa, server admins have to track which processes need to be restarted
TingPingdesktop users don't do this.
scottroIn some cases, glibc, kernel--oh wait, I think I can avoid kernel reboots with splice
elxaI assume they think rhel admins know how to handle all the side effects of updates
Fish-FaceI am happy to reboot my machine after the upgrade is finished
Fish-Facehaving it off for an unknown amount of time is just ridiculous
TingPingelxa, anyway servers are going towards image based also, docker, atomic, etc
scottroAh, I could be wrong though, you may have to.
TingPingscottro, dozens of packages still require rebooting including systemd, glibc, kernel
TingPingscottro, the in place kernel upgrades only work for a subset of minor patches
scottroTingPing: thanks, I remember (vaguely) reading about it, but didn't remember the details at all.
TingPingFish-Face, the problem is its still unreliable to change files under packages, things like firefox crashing or corrupting are not uncommon
TingPingFish-Face, so.. if they want truely reliable updates they go offline
Fish-Face"not uncommon"
Fish-Facemaybe they effect 1 per 10000 users
TingPingFish-Face, fedora has a bug tracker with hundreds of thousands of bugs, i think they understand common problems
Fish-FaceI thought you were talking hypothetically
Fish-Faceif there is a bug affecting firefox on upgrade, do tell me
Fish-FaceI mean, I upgrade firefox via dnf all the time without rebooting and nothing happens
Fish-Faceand have done so via apt as well
TingPing"it works for me" isn't a valid response to real bugs that happen
Fish-Faceso unless there's some specific reason to suspect that this time replacing files will cause it to break, I actually don't care
Fish-Face"it works for me" is a perfectly valid response to "ooohhh it's terribly risky" though
TingPingwhen it does break what will you do? blame the developers or blame yourself for not doing an optional offline update
Fish-Facefix the problem and get on with my life
scottroworks for me indicates they can't replicate it. I remember one developer trying very hard to replicate a bug I'd reported, but couldn't.
scottroThere's no way you can test every permutation. Shucks, Apple has a lot more resources, and look at that bad bug they let through recenty.
Fish-FaceWhat happened to "sane defaults, not the only option" anyway... seems that philosophy is being gradually abandoned by more and more of the Linux ecosystem
scottroMy own, old guy, get off my lawn impression is that basically you hnow have single user laptop user developers making decisions for sysadmins and not having had the experience of being responsible for other peple's data
scottroBut see the beginning of that sentence, I'm an old grouch.
scottroand take what I say with that in mind.
TingPingscottro, i'm confused, the conversation is workstation being *more* reliable, which is counter to that
scottroI was simply defending the Works for me answer, saying it's not always a dismissal
TingPingright the argument is about usability going down in exchange for reliability
TingPingi expect that to only continue with Atomic Workstation though, which is *way* more reliable having images and rollbacks but *always* requires restarting
TingPingthough using flatpaks for applications does not require restarting
elxahow do you get an installed/updated package + version history via dnf?
TingPingelxa, dnf history
danyo2008how can i rebuild initramfs with dracut. (uefi)
japa-figrift, hi Grift, did as you suggested, everything is working fine now!
griftglad to hear japa-fi
japa-fiI did manage to block all incoming traffic though, had this as last rule: "iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-host-prohibited" 30 seconds later: Why can't I access this web site??? oh, it should have been: "iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --state NEW -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-host-prohibited"
griftyes that happens
japa-fiOne more question, as it's been while since I've worked with iptables. Are the rules I've now manually inputed from command line persistent between boots or do I need save them to specific file at specific location?
japa-fi(I've made a backup of them with iptables-save > myrules.txt)
axk4545japa-fi: they are not
axk4545japa-fi: you need to load on each boot AFAIK
japa-fipointer to best practise on that area?
grifttheres probably a /etc/sysconfig/iptables(6)? file
griftyou can put the rules in there if that/those file(s)? exists
svensevenslowHi! I am trying to install fedora 27 using a USB stick, I get the following error(it looks like BOOT_IMAGE =/images/pxeboot/vmlinuz crashed) when entering the screen, where one can choose between "try fedora" and "install to hard drive"
svensevenslowAny suggestions on how to proceed further?
Calinousvensevenslow: what's your graphics card model? you may attempt to boot in "nomodeset", i.e. without graphics acceleration
Calinouregressions in graphics drivers unfortunately do happen, and can cause systematic crashes when booting a live media
Khaytsussvensevenslow: Did you have it check the media?
axk4545so I am running a docker container with ports forwarded. do I need to open them in the Fedora hosts firewall?
KhaytsusIf you're expecting to reach it from outside, of course
japa-fiyes, /etc/sysconfig/iptables is there
griftand an ip6tables for ip6 probably
grifti think you might want to enable ip6tables as well if you have an ip6 stack
griftsystemctl --enable ip6tables --now
axk4545is there a fedora server specific channel I should use or is here ok?
modlinaxk4545: it is a fedora support channel, don't ask to ask, just ask
axk4545ok. can I run cockpit on Fedora and make it only accessible from the localhost?
KhaytsusMost web services in Fedora default to localhost, but I wouldn't say it's a strict thing. you're sure it's listening on 0?
KhaytsusIf you need to change it
KhaytsusI wouldn't change the ports or you'll have to adjust selinux I suspect.. but specifying address with standard ports would be fine
axk4545Khaytsus: hmm? basically I want to use cockpit to manage my Fedora Workstation system but I am on a uni network with a public IP allocation and I don't want to get hammered
svensevenslowCalinou: My graphics card is Intel(R) HD Graphics 620
Calinousvensevenslow: I see, it usually should work ok… if you want to be more sure, try booting a Fedora 26 ISO (if you have time)
Calinouelse, try booting with the "nomodeset" kernel option, but I've never done this
Calinouso I don't know how to do that
svensevenslowKhaytsus: what do you mean by did you have it check media?
Khaytsussvensevenslow: When you boot up a live, it can check itself to make sure the burn was correct.
svensevenslowI didn't get it to check if the burn was correct
Khaytsus.... so
svensevenslowKhaytsus: How do you check if the burn was correct? I am using rufus to make the bootable USB
svensevenslowCalinou: Is it just a problem while running fedora using live USB or will it create a problem after installing it too(i.e for eg when I have dual booted Windows + fedora)
axk4545svensevenslow: use Fedora Media Writer instead of Rufus
axk4545svensevenslow: also for checking the media when you boot the USB it should have a menu and one of the entries should be start fedora live and test this media. pick that one.
Calinousvensevenslow: it may also happen on the installed system, but may be solved by installing system updates once logging in
Calinou(as live ISOs don't include software that was updated after the release)
ardevdhi all! I'm having issues with virt-manager under Fedora 26 and Fedora 27. The issue is that my cursor turns invisible. It's not just in the VM but in the associated virt-manager GUI as well
ardevdAnyone else had this issue?
Khaytsusardevd: I use it daily, and I have not.. maybe hardware cursor bug (an X thing)
KhaytsusBut I use F26, XFCE, X11, with nvidia RPMs.. At work, same, but Intel video. No problem.
ardevdKhaytsus: Hmm, well that's depressing.
ardevdKhaytsus: are you on Wayland?
KhaytsusI do have problems using alt-drag if that helps you out ;)
KhaytsusIf I alt-drag it makes the VMs act crazy... like input and output is very, very, slow.. if I close the window and reopen it, it's fine. If i drag the window using the window title bar it's fine
KhaytsusAnnoying, because i alt drag pretty much all the time
KhaytsusEven tried to assign it to a button on my mouse but never could sort it out
ardevdI guess I'll try and boot with X and see if that helps.
Khaytsusi don't use wayland because I don't use gnome's hell.. No idea how it works honestly.
KhaytsusI know it's fine for most users
odinsbaneis it possible to install an older version of mariadb?
yatesi have one ssd drive (256G) and one regular drive (1TB). how should i setup partitions for f27
[R]yates: however you want?
bhencyates: create root on the ssd drive, swap and home partition on the regular drive, and follow:
bhencodinsbane: yes, it is. There's probably a smarter way to do this, but manually downloading and installing packages from with dnf install examplepkg.rpm will do the trick. I know that a self-respecting package manager like portage can seamlessly switch between package versions with masking, but I have yet to find a dnf equivalent. Anyway, why do you need an old mariadn version? Legacy
bhencsupport for a production system? Newfound bug in mariadb?
odinsbaneLegacy support of a production system.
odinsbaneThe target system is a centos vm.
bhencCentOS 7?
odinsbaneI think it is 6.
odinsbaneI have a rails app up and running there, but the host doesn't have enough memory to update my rails.
bhencuh that sounds like fun
bhencodinsbane: I mean I'd probably pull down the whole thing with rsync into a VM and just update rails that way, then upload the VM to a hosting provider that supports that
bhenc... thought the DB files won't be consistent unless you can stop mariadb
bhencodinsbane: what kind of downtime can you afford?
odinsbanebhenc: I might be able to do that. I also might be able to just update rails, and keep the old ruby. (building ruby was causing the memory issue)
sdimkovWhat bootloader does Fedora use on UEFI systems? If it is grub2-efi can I choose systemd-boot from Anakonda menu?
bhencaxk4545: yes you can run cockpit on localhost. Just copy /lib/systemd/system/cockpit.scoket to /etc/systemd/system/ , edit /etc/systemd/system/cockpit.socket and replace ListenStream=9090 with ListenStream= . Run systemctl daemon-reload and systemctl restart cockpit.socket . Confirm that cockpit is accepting only connections from localhost with netstat -tlpn
danyo2008Hi, i am thinking about moving my webserver from debian to fedora server. What would you think about. Or should i use centos instead. Or should i stay with debian?
[R]well the life cycle of fedora i like a year
sdimkovWhat bootloader does Fedora use on UEFI systems ? If it is grub2-efi can I choose systemd-boot from Anakonda menu?
bhencaxk4545: also, firewalld is enabled on fedora, check your firewall rules with firewall-cmd --list-all . By default, if "cockpit" is not listed under services in the output of the firewall-cmd command, nobody can connect to cockpit from the outside network even if cockpit is listening for connections from any IP.
[R]sdimkov: grub
sdimkov[R]: can I somehow choose systemd-boot from Anaconda?
bhencdanyo2008: if you can frequently update, you can use fedora. It's listed somewhere in the official docs that you should be ready to frequently update fedora. You can create a high availability setup with haproxy in front of your webserver with blue/green deployment. I guess sticking to CentOS would be easier if you don't need the bleeding edge features/kernels. Be warned though that the nginx/apache config
bhencof debian is much nicer IMO.
danyo2008bhenc, ok, thx.... Why is nginx/Apache easier under debian as under centos?
danyo2008bhenc, you mean things like a2ensite and so on?
danyo2008bhenc, or the configuration itself?
bhencdanyo2008: yes a2ensite, sites-available and sites-enabled are a godsend for keeping things organized with multiple domains
kk4ewtbhenc, are both using the same version of apache ?
danyo2008bhenc, yes, you are right. And those tools are not present in centos?
kk4ewtthere were major changes between 2,2 and 2.4 apache
bhencls /etc/httpd on fedora27 : conf conf.d conf.modules.d logs modules run
KhaytsusDidn't we go to 2.4 like.. years ago?
KhaytsusC7 ships with 2.4.. C6 is likely 2.2
kk4ewtbut of course they talking centos and debian which is really off topic for this channel
bhenckk4ewt: he asked fedora vs centos vs debian. I wasn't talking about centos at all.
danyo2008yes correct.... it is off topic.... My questions was, if it is better using fedora server, debian or centos
kk4ewtdanyo2008, depends on your application
danyo2008only a few blogs, wordpress, drupal, owncload, etc.
danyo2008sorry, nextcloud :-)
Khaytsuswordpress.... ugh
kk4ewtif you are doing work for a production environment i would say centos or rhel
danyo2008Khaytsus, yes, wordpress is...... But it works out of the box :-)
danyo2008kk4ewt, ok.... I will test centos in a testenvironment
KhaytsusProbably get hacked right out of the box, too
danyo2008play a little bit around...
danyo2008Khaytsus, using it severel years now for one blog.... I was never get hacked ;-)
kk4ewtwordpress is definitely not one of those set it and forget it applications
caterfxoKBme: Are you're asking about /usr/bin/gnome-abrt ?
kk4ewtand neither is drupal
caterfxohilight -nick -full -color %Y KBme
kk4ewt*** F27-20171128 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
scottroand once again thank you for making these available.
kk4ewt*** F27-20171128 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
kk4ewt*** F27-20171128 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
DelvienI have an encrypted install of fedora, I am attempting to migrate my physical install to a VM, but all my methods have failed so far. How can I copy practically everything I have to an image, and move that to a new install of VM, or just migrate it TO the VM VDI
caterfxoKBme: Yeah, I don't know either. I assume you opened 'gnome-abrt', selected a problem from the left, clicked 'Report', and chose 'NO' when asked 'Ok to upload core dump?'
caterfxoKBme: So then gnome-abrt automatically installed a lot of *-debuginfo rpms, according to the log.
caterfxoKBme: From what I can tell ABRT depends on PackageKit and 'pkcon backend-details' lists dnf as the backend. I couldn't find the PackageKit transaction with dnf either.
caterfxoKBme: FTR I did 'rpmdb --rebuilddb', 'dnf shell' then '> repo enable *debuginfo', and even then '> info *debuginfo*' did not show nss-mdns-debuginfo as installed.
caterfxoKBme: Neither with a few other tries of the same thing in different ways. Probably someone else will know, though. My question now is whether I have to erase and reinstall abrt in order to regain the 1.1G of disk space used up by the debuginfo rpms, but I'll save that for another day. good luck.
bhencDelvien: you can user rsync to move everything, but you need to get the bootloader working again (unless you're using dd, the MBR isn't copied over).
caterfxoKBme: p.s. all this was on F27.
bhencDelvien: if you're around tomorrow I can post you more detailed instructions
kk4ewt*** F27-20171128 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
KBmecaterfxo, yep. it's weird, but I saw this quite a while ago. even the graphical interface for installing packages doesn't do dnf transactions for some reason, which is why I never use them.
matpowerDoes anyone know a workaround for the ignored laptop lid settings on Xfce's Power Manager? I have only found messing directly with logind and it doesn't behave the way I want it to (basically, the same setting affects both unplugged and plugged)
KBmeme too, f27, abrt installs a buch of debuginfo packages that I can't uninstall automatically neither with autoremove or dnf history.
matpowerIn case I couldn't explain it clearly, I mean these settings:
KBmeanyone know how I can list all the packages installed on my system with debuginfo in their names at least?
KBmei'm prtty sure that won't be all the packages abrt installed but it'll be a start before having to reinstall my system because of this dumb
kk4ewtrpm -qa |grep debuginfo
kk4ewt*** F27-20171128 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***
kk4ewtKBme, if you have to reinstall use the updated isos it will save another 500M of updates
KBmekk4ewt, thanks
matpowerOh crap, connection died, nice
[SLB]is the default python version on fedora27 3 or 2?
kk4ewt[SLB], it has both
[SLB]i'm referring to the /usr/bin/python symlink because i'm not sure i changed something
matpowerAs in, the python command? It calls Python 2. python3 calls Python 3
[SLB]ah okay, thanks
kk4ewtmainly python3 but there is somethings that still use python2
[SLB]my symlink points to python2
matpowerOnly Arch calls Python 3 in python AFAIK
kk4ewtdnf provides /usr/bin/python
matpowerIt is pretty much standard to do python 2 as python and python 3 as python3
[SLB]i had previously installed miniconda in /opt but besides a path it shouldn't touch anything in /usr/bin i suppose
[SLB]let me try that
[SLB]thanks it's v2
[SLB]i found a webpage that was talking about the switch to v3 maybe in f28, so i wasn't sure anymore eheh
elxaadding drm.debug=0x1e log_buf_len=1M to kernel parameters as mentioned here is not intel specific right?
kk4ewt*** F27-20171128 updated lives available: Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins ***