andycolmoteus: you around?
ronybeck~take-a-number Can I do freeswitch.bridge() in LUA in a way that doesn't block?
c88810:27 ronybeck, you are number 3
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apsilvahi can i block peer to peer chat messages in fs?
apsilvai try set action stop in chat plan, but the messages is still sent to the destination
glk70HI. I'm experiencing a very strange bahaviour in freswitch. when placing a call i get a LONG dealy in answering state. after the called has accepted the call, the caller stays for 3/4 seconds in an answering state. then the call proceed normalli
glk70looks like Freeswitch is busy in som external action.
glk70can somebody help me understanding this ?
BoteManglk70: Is this a new installation of FreeSWITCH?
glk70fresh one
BoteManDid you change the default password in vars.xml?
BoteManAh! Then I would start by examining the debug log output in fs_cli to see if the problem reveals itself there.
glk70I see nothing
glk70the ca proceed normally, simply from some networks... looks like the packat are accepted in late
glk70but the ping latency is normal
glk70the call proceed*
BoteManYou must isolate the problem, at least at the block level. Is it FreeSWITCH? Is it the carrier? To do this you can view the FreeSWITCH call progress logs in fs_cli:
glk70it is NOT he carrier is this happens only in some networks
glk70looks like freeswitch is busy with... something else
BoteManWhat is meant by "only in some networks"?
glk70BoteMan: I mean , I've a phone on my desk registered on the same freeswitch of a customer of mine. my customer has 40 phones registered
glk70If I call an extension of my customer, no delay occours
glk70if my customer call me from an extension of his, 3/4 seconds delay accours in answering
BoteManSo a different network behaves differently, therefore it can't possibly be the problem??
glk70same provider, same router, same configuration
BoteManBut a different network?
glk70yes a different network
glk70internal ip and external ip different
glk70but same provider and same router
BoteManDo you mean that you and your customer share the same physical router hardware? Or they use the same model as you use at your location?
glk70same model, same configuration at two locations
c88812:34 3 ronybeck: (02/08/18 10:27:26 Can I do freeswitch.bridge() in LUA in a way that doesn't block?)
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BoteManglk70: Basic troubleshooting: focus on the differences to determine if that is the cause of the problem. If they are on a different network, then it might be related to FreeSWITCH trying to map its way through NAT on their end?
BoteManThe FreeSWITCH debug logs will show you what FreeSWITCH is doing:
glk70nat is a candidate, but the provider is granting that there is NODIFFERENCE bwetween me and customer
BoteManYes, carriers NEVER lie. And their networks are always PERFECT!
glk70ok I'll go through sngrep
glk70before posting anything I'll study carefully the log
BoteManIt's a good learning experience so that you can troubleshooting future problems as they occur. It's a staggering amount of log data at first, but the problem might be obvious once you look at it.
glk70BoteMan: I've examined a LOT a calls with wireshark... likely I'll get sngrep log and TShark log
glk70I'm more used to analize it with wireshark....
BoteManI STRONGLY recommend looking at the FreeSWITCH debug output since that is where you are confident the problem lies. FreeSWITCH tells you in excruciating detail each step that it is taking, so why not look there for the cause?
glk70because I've alredy done it, no clue. I see the aswering proceeding, but nothing appears in those 3/4 seconds delay....
c888ACTION 13:00
glk70and then the call (voice) starts normally
glk70I've run sngrep.... it panics VERY easily
dinku~take-a-number I am part of user group 'accounts', I would like to dial an extenstion which bridges to all other members in my group except me. is it possible with standard dialplan?
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BoteMandinku: See if the default dialplan still has this call-group-simo example:
BoteMan<action application="bridge" data="{leg_timeout=15,ignore_early_media=true}${group(call:$1@${domain_name})}"/>
BoteManThis is one way to do it and I believe FreeSWITCH does not call the originator. Try it.