suneetsrihow can i setup the owncloud server on docker
oukhi @ all, need help with a 404 error immediately after performing Installation Wizard with a LEMP server on a fresh Raspbian 9 stretch
oukhave no clue why it's happening, have set file permissions with the script from the manual page on OC's website
suneetsriHello, can anybody help setup the server with docker
notsponsibleIs there any way I can run the owncloud windows client in debugging mode to get a better idea of why my sync fails? I am trying to synchronize a 55GB folder and the client spends forever checking files and eventually states that the operation was canceled before it starts the file check all over again. This is an issue with an initial sync to download the data off the server. I have tried seeding the data by copying it manually (and preserving
notsponsibletimestamps) but it will do the same thing, just keep checking until it says operation canceled.
suneetsrican someone help me in setting up the owncloud server on docker
suneetsriHello i did setup the own cloud on docker
suneetsribut I m facing issues on docker-compose up -d
suneetsriIt says Unsupported config operations for services.db,