Maaimy third attempt at GIMP. after living a little... i found it brilliant!\
Maaineed to reboot. Pi3 ran YouTube small screen, 3 terminals and was struggling playback. reboot will clear it
doubis there a way to monitor the supply voltage on a pi zero or do i need some external tool?
ShorTieexternal tool
Maaidoub: PROBES!!!
Maaisearch for VOLT METER
Foxfir3how do I start i3 from lightdm?
Maaion the pi board are two points to hold red and a black lead
MaaiACTION a red and a black lead
doubthe problem happens after several minutes, so i'd like to not only measure voltage but find a data logger of some kind
doubit would have been easier if the SoC measured supply voltage :-(
ShorTiewhat problems ??
ShorTiehave you looked in the logs ??
k_sze[work]Does anybody have recommended settings for exporting video from Adobe Premiere Pro so it can be played on the Raspberry Pi 3 with omxplayer?
k_sze[work]It looks like omxplayer is quite picky about the H.264 profile and level.
puffEvening all.
noregretwhat can I get along with the noir camera for recording at night?
{HD}Why is it so difficult to delete pi as a user?
{HD}noregret: I bought some I are LED spotlights from eBay that mount to the side of the camera module. I like them pretty well.
{HD}I are = IR
{HD}STUPID spell check
noregret{HD}: can you link me please and how powerful are they? how many meters can they cover
Foxfir3did the 7" screen rotation get updated in Raspian?
azywhats the best camera i can stick on this thing?
Foxfir37" screen show boot, but then goes blank. is that a common issue?
Foxfir3when i plugin the hdmi while its running It show the 7" screen setting. I installed Arandr and checked again. shutdown, pulled out the hdmi, and booted. Same thing.
NotInTheMoodAnyone running a RPI 3 as a wireless AP using the built in wifi? I'm wondering about how the range is. If anyone is or has something to say about it please highlight me
Foxfir3solved. screensaver cuts in too soon.
HabbieNotInTheMood, i do that on occasion but over just 2 meters - it works well in that case
HabbieFoxfir3, re 'reboot without battery' - did you figure out that question?
NotInTheMoodHabbie, whats the max range you've gotten it to go? Also how many clients? I'm looking at 3 clients, youtube / general bullshit
Foxfir3Habbie: actually I didnt. I just dont enough about hardware yet I guess. I dont see any battery on the Pi3. So I wonder how It is possible. But maybe the reboot only goes down to certain run level. Sorry. so much to learn :D
HabbieNotInTheMood, two clients, 2 meters, that's all i tested
HabbieFoxfir3, so here's the thing - why do you think you need a battery to be able to reboot?
Foxfir3Habbie: right. hmm.. I thought a battery in a computer was there to boot the first level. So obviously I was wrong.
HabbieFoxfir3, ack, it's not
Foxfir3Habbie: so the battery only keeps track of time?
HabbieFoxfir3, what a battery does depends on the system; on some, it's just for time, on others, it also keeps various settings ('BIOS/CMOS settings')
Foxfir3Habbie: thanks :) learned something new today then.
password16this is the firstime in my life i typed the correct channel name the first time for this channel
LartzaDepends if you were looking for raspberry pis or pies
shaunotrying to pluralize pi still boggles my mind
LartzaI pledge non-nativity if I did it wrong :D
shaunoI'd have no idea if you did. if I knew what correct was, there'd be no boggling
ShorTieisn't that how you do names ??
HabbieShorTie, no, that's how you do possessive
Lartzasomeone toll all of pi's pies
Lartza*stole all
Lartzathe rest of the pis were very upset of the pie's fate
password16our pi's came in a pie box from the pifactory
password16we kept the box because of the excellent pun
azywhats the best camera i can stick on a raspberry pi?
ScrumpyJacki have the google audio hat on a rpi3 (no AIY software installed yet)
ScrumpyJackthe big button is connected to gpio 23
ScrumpyJackhow do i "press the button" with wirigpi?
ScrumpyJackgpio write 23 1 doesn't "stick"
ScrumpyJackok, it seems GPIO23 is wiringpi pin 4
HabbieScrumpyJack, wiringpi has flags to tell it what kind of numbering you mean
gordonDrogonmaybe you need to read the big button?
gordonDrogongot a link to the google audio hat?
gordonDrogonoh wait - I'll google it ;-)
gordonDrogontry this:
gordonDrogongpio -g mode 23 in ; gpio -g mode 23 up
gordonDrogonthen: while true; do echo -n "`gpio -g read 23`" ; done
gordonDrogonor maybe you're wanting to simulate the button push via software? that might be possible, but it will depend on the circuit which I've not seen.
gordonDrogonScrumpyJack, ping?
ScrumpyJackgordonDrogon: just off to lunch, biab
lastaidsmsc95xx: unknown parameter 'macaddr' ignored ... this is what i am getting with debian aarch64 on the raspberry pi. also the network interface never comes online
gordonDrogonsmsc95xx is the network interface.
lastaidcan i set the "parameter" somewhere in the bootconfig?
lastaidi think the problem is that i cannot read the cpuid (serial) which is probably used to set the mac addr
lastaidwhen i do a cat /proc/cpuinfo i don't get the serial either
gordonDrogonno idea... but if this were raspbian ...
gordonDrogonmaybe check the cmdline.txt file on a raspbian install vs. this debian system...
lastaidgordonDrogon: the debian one has to do tons more. but i am acutally interested if i can inject my own "macaddr" into the kernel using cmdline.txt
gordonDrogonthe ethernet mac address is normally set from the serial number. you can change it once booted - normally.
hypercorewhich os should i install on my v3? (not raspbarian)
shiftplusoneiirc, the mac address is passed to the kernel by the firmware, but uboot drops that information.
shiftplusonehypercore: raspbian or archlinux.
hypercoreis ubuntu not a good choice?
shiftplusoneor whatever else you want, there's no one OS you 'should' install.
shiftplusoneubuntu would work.
Habbiehypercore, why not raspbian?
hypercoreshiftplusone: i use arch as my daily driver, but i think i'll use ubuntu on my pi, as all my VPSs use ubuntu anyway
hypercoreHabbie: i don't need a GUI
Habbiehypercore, raspbian lite doesn't have a gui
hypercoredidn't realize there was a lite version
hypercoreHabbie: are you recommending raspbarian lite?
Habbiei am not recommending anything
Habbiei am trying to help you figure out what is best
Habbiebut i like raspbian lite a lot
hypercoreHabbie: why use raspbian lite over debian/ubuntu lite though?
Habbiehypercore, i just said i am not recommending anything
shiftplusoneraspbian has the most support
hypercoreshiftplusone: for the rasp pi hardware you mean?
shiftplusonefrom community and for the hardware
hypercoreshiftplusone: what do you mean by "from community"?
shiftplusonemost people run raspbian. If you run into trouble, it's easy to get help.
shiftplusoneIf you run ubuntu, chances are most people will ignore your question because they don't run it themselves.
hypercoreshiftplusone: meh, that's ok. Can't think of many situations where i would need help anyway
hypercorethink i'll go with ubuntu core
shiftplusoneisn't ubuntu core some iot thing that's not ubuntu?
Habbieyeah, no apt-get
Habbiejust snappy
hypercoreah in that case ubuntu-server
hypercorehow big is raspbarian lite?
shiftplusoneif they provide a pi image.
shiftplusoneI know ubuntu mate do, but you said you don't want a gui
hypercoreyeah a gui would just be a waste of space, i wouldn't use it
hypercoreraspbarian lite is 350MB apparently
shiftplusonethat might be the compressed size
hypercoreguess i'll give raspbarian lite a shot then
Habbienot raspbarian
mk-fgACTION read that as rasbarbarian
Netham45Can I get a 120Hz signal from the PWM pins on an RPi?
HabbieNetham45, i bet
Netham45The 'channel' for RPI.GPIO is the same as the pin, right? Or is there another mapping?
Habbiei don't know
Habbiegot docs?
waveformNetham45, depends on RPi.GPIO.setmode which is called with either BOARD (pin numbering) or BCM (GPIO numbering)
Netham45Okay. The code I copied without really reading at all is using BCM. I'm assuming those are the GPIO numbers next to the pinout.
Habbieshows you board and BCM
hypercorehow do i ssh into my rasbpi?
Habbiedid you enable ssh?
hypercorei haven't accessed the device at all, that's what im trying to do
hypercoreis ssh not enabled by default?
Habbieit's not
Habbiefor security reasons
Habbieyou can put a file called 'ssh' on the FAT partition before you stick the SD in the Pi
Habbieor, if you have a screen and a keyboard, configure it when booted
hypercoreHabbie: can i use screen/keyboard with raspbarian lite?
hypercoreHabbie: thanks. OK so i've enabled ssh, but i'm not sure i can access my wlan
Habbiehypercore, the pi is not wired?
hypercoreHabbie: i've put in the ESSID and the passphrase, but apt-get update fails (due to no internet connection most likely)
Habbiewhere did you put it in?
hypercoreHabbie: i attached a keyboard and monitor to it
hypercoreit's not using a cat cable atm
hypercorei just have my wireless dongle in it
{HD}Why can’t I start “raspberry pi configuration“ from an XRDP session?
akkhypercore: ifconfig or ip link can show you whether your network is up, and iwconfig can show if you're connected to wifi.
Lartzaakk, iw
akkMaybe that too. I haven't used iw and the usage is very long and not super helpful.
Lartzaakk, ifconfig and iwconfig are deprecated, replaced by ip and iw
akkOh, figures. Well, I offered commands hypercore could actually type, feel free to chime in with the comparable iw command
akkbecause it's not obvious to me from a quick read of the 101 lines of usage I get if I just type iw.
hypercoregot it working!
Lartzaakk, iw dev wlan0 link afaict
Lartzanot sure if just iw link or iw dev link works too, for all devices
akkI get "command failed: No such device (-19)" for iw dev wlan0 link on a regular debian box (don't have a pi up atm) but maybe that's because the wlan0 link isn't active.
akkWithout the "dev" it gives the long usage statement.
hypercorewhat do i do with my pi now?
Netham45Cool. Got an LED controlling a 120v phototransistor and I can use PWM to dim an LED bulb with it. :D
Netham45I'd record a video but apparently it's impossible to record a video of a bulb dimming on a Pixel
hypercoreanyone here?
hypercorehi! just wondering if someone could help me create a docker-compose file, i'm a little unsure of how to do it for this particular example
KevinCarbonarasorry, I'm not experienced with docker
zleapKevinCarbonara: you could try #docker
zleapif no one here can help
zleapi don't know much about docker either, i did see a kubernates set up on Saturday but it wasn't on, it was on 3x raspberry pi cluster. hopefully will see a demo at a future exeter pi jam
mpliwhen I use iwlist wlan0 scan on a fresh raspbian I only get displayed connection speeds up to 54 Mb/s, but iwconfig lists a higher connection speed for my currently connected network. Is that normal?
Greg-JWhat chip does rpi3 use for 3.5mm audio output?
HabbieGreg-J, there's not really a DAC on it, if that's what you are asking
shiftplusoneit's just filtered PWM
Greg-JIs it just using pin(s) straight off the BCM2837 to the jack? Is there nothing that lies between?
HabbieGreg-J, has some nice details
Greg-JCheers for that
shiftplusonethere's a filter
zleapmpli: what is the speed of your wireless connection on the router]
Habbiethe url has a diagram of the filter
zleapi am guessing if that is set to 54Mb/s then anything connected will only go that high
zleaphi r00ter
zleapsorry r3
Greg-JThanks Habbie
r3sorry? I'm sorry for the quit/joins
Greg-JThis isn't bad at all. I thought I was going to have to add a DAC to this CM3 project.
HabbieGreg-J, note that on the pi1 the quality was terrible
HabbieGreg-J, i hear pi2 and up do slightly better
HabbieGreg-J, but be prepared for disappointment
Greg-JRoger that
Habbiei'm guessing cm3 comes without the filter?
Greg-JI think so. There is no mention of analog audio on the pinout.
mplithe networks I can find here support up to ac
mplin is as well supported, so I should at least detect those datarates
HabbieGreg-J, but the two pins are there?
Greg-JYeah, the pins are all there (and more)
Greg-JThe word "audio" isn't even mentioned in the datasheet.
mplibut iwlist is only telling me about datarates up to 54mbit, even though the networks support more and I'm connected with a faster speed
mpliI don't understand why it is not displaying the faster speeds
Greg-JI really ought to write an article when I'm done with this on what you need to add to the CM3 to get basic functionality. I haven't really found a lot of good material on it yet.
HabbieGreg-J, isn't a single CM3 way expensive to get working anyway?
HabbieGreg-J, or are you doing a bigger project?
shaunoI think most people just crib off the cmio schematics where needed
Greg-JTo get it "working" is pretty much just power supply 1.8/3.3/5 and running usb+hdmi.
Greg-JIt's not too bad.
ali1234shiftplusone: when did libraspberrypi-dev get pkgconfigs?
Greg-Jshauno, I can't read schematics without reference yet.
Greg-JThis is a hobby I'm really _just_ getting into.
shaunoI do wish there were some cheaper boards for the CM though. I have a spare CM1, but it's not worth spending €100 on a cmio for
akkIs there a name for the USB B male to B male cable I'd need to use a USB console on a pi3b?
akkI'm searching ebay for things like usb b male to b male but it's finding everything else but.
Habbiethe only B port on the pi3 is the microusb for power
Habbiewhere did you read that something like this is possible?
akkI've done it with a pi0 -- google for raspberry pi ethernet gadget. It's very useful.
Habbiei've also done it with a pi0
shaunothat's quite specific to the zero (and the model A, I believe, but haven't tried)
akkOh, really? Darn.
akkpwillard mentioned it the other day on arduino and I thought maybe it was universal if I could just find the right cable.
shaunoit won't work with a hub between the cpu & the host, and the model B uses a hub to give you four ports (and ethernet)
akkI do have a 1A so the cable would still be useful for that (it also has B-sized USB plugs, like the model B) but I don't use the A much.
Greg-Jshauno, Are CM_VBAT and CM_VDAC both 5v?
Habbieakk, 'B-sized USB plugs'? do you have a picture of what you mean?
akkOh, maybe I mean A. I thought B was the standard-size USB but it looks like I had that wrong.
HabbieA and B are not sizes
HabbieA and B are sides
akkReally? I guess the wikipedia page is very misleading and I should be looking elsewhere.
Habbie ?
akkYes, or specifically
akkwhich seems pretty clear that type-A is the size I'm talking about (so I erred saying B) but that it's a size, not an end.
Habbiei don't see how you would conclude that
Habbieit has mini-a, mini-b, etc.
Greg-JAhhh, okay. VBAT is 5V and VDAC is 2.5V
shaunoit's kinda .. both. A is the host, B is the device. they put a different plug on each end to enforce this. then went nuts creating different sizes every few years when we started using it for more than just printers
akkIt does, but type-A, there in the upper left, is the standard plug I was talking about
akkwhether male or female
Habbieakk, because there was no size prefix in the days there was just one size
akkI have cables that go from that connector male to that connector female ("usb extension cable")
akkbut not with that size male on both ends
Habbiei actually do have one
Habbieit does serial on one of the early pi copycat boards
Habbieforgot the name
akkIronically, we did have one such cable here but when we were cleaning up the house about 6 months ago, I said "Nothing ever uses that, why do we even have it?" and I guess we got rid of it.
shaunoA to A is an evil cable that's not meant to exist lol
Habbieshauno, +1
akkOh, well, if it would only work on my Pi 1A I guess I don't care enough to order a cable anyway.
shaunoit's supposed to be (size-)A on the host to (size-)B on device. Then they came up with OTG to confuse the issue, and usb-c to give up on the issue
Habbieat least otg is kind of explicit about it
akkI think the A-male-to-A-male cable we had was for some ancient Mac thing.
shaunoI still think otg is witchcraft
Habbieoh me too
Habbiemy wife deals with otg all day and even she still thinks it's weird
shaunoand then usb-c is what happens when the witches form committees
akkI only know about OTG because I ordered some adapters when I got my first 0w.
Habbieakk, you can also use those adapters to attach a mouse to your phone
akkAnd the adapters turned out to be useful for making a power cable for the 0w.
akkHabbie: That sounds pretty cool -- I should try that sometime.
Habbieso i tried powering the 0w from my chromebook while also doing otg serial
Habbiestarted smelling bad pretty quickly
Habbieand then the port was dead until i powercycled the chromebook
Habbieso don't do that, kids
shaunoI've never needed to do that? the 0 will power from the otg port
Habbieshauno, apparently the chromebook was not willing to provide enough oomph thre
shaunothat's a shame. that's how I almost always use mine. just a bog standard "cable I'd charge my phone with" from the laptop to the zero, and nothing else
Habbieworks fine with the wemos d1 mini
Habbiebut not with the official nodemcu board
akkHabbie: Too cool! (just tried mouse on android)
Habbieand not the 0w
Habbiedon't know about the 0 non-w
Habbiesome of these things got better when i bought a bunch of Anker cables instead of a cheap set i got somewhere
Habbiebut not all of it
shaunoweird. wonder if the chromebook is being fussy about things negotiating for power properly
Habbiei decided not to experiment further :)
Habbiemeanwhile my pi3 gives me the yellow voltage icon if i attach a single wemos d1 mini
shaunoI know the macs just resorted to making 2100mA available everywhere, when the first ipads wouldn't charge from 500mA
Habbieyou'd think ipads could negotiate correctly with macs
shaunoyou'd think. round about that time there was 3 or 4 different 'standards' for identifying a device as high-current
Greg-JDoes anyone know of a chip+antenna package like the ESP-WROOM-32 that is raspberry-pi friendly but isn't so thick?
HabbieGreg-J, dumb question, doesn't the cm3 have wifi?
MacGeekI don't think it does
Habbiei think wemos has esp8266 boards without the big plate now
shaunoit's pretty much just the soc, ram, and flash (emmc)
Habbieshauno, so more like a pi2 1.2 than a 3
Greg-JNo Habbie
Greg-JNo connectivity
shaunolike a CM with a shiny new cpu :)
Habbieack :)
shaunoexactly what I wanted to be honest. only catch was they had to slightly change some of the voltage requirements
cerionhi. I have a headless rpi0 W on an old phone charger. I wonder if it runs underpowered. Is there any way to know that ? by looking at the log, or some /proc or /sys file ?
gordonDrogonthe logs might say.
gordonDrogontry just typing dmesg into it.
gordonDrogonif you have a screen attached you'll see a yellow lightening bolt icon if the voltage is too low.
ceriongordonDrogon: at what kind of message am I looking for ?
ceriongordonDrogon: no screen
gordonDrogonI can't remember - it's been some time since I saw it, but I recall it was obvious.
Lartzacerion, multimeter?
cerionLartza: no.
gordonDrogonoh, hang on ...
gordonDrogonI'm not sure if the Zero has the low voltage detection chip fitted...
gordonDrogonand google isn't help me here here - yet.
ceriongordonDrogon: ok
gordonDrogoncerion, issues to do with low voltae include general instability and possible SD card write errors.
gordonDrogonthe zero is fairly low consumption to the others though, so should work better with a PSU that might not power a v3 OK.
LartzaI noticed it by my filesystem getting slowly corrupted
Lartzaheadless pi2
gordonDrogondid a better psu fix it?
Lartzatook a while for it to corrupt something I noticed though :/
LartzaYes, or the switch from f2fs to ext4, I believe both
Lartzaf2fs has been fine for me on desktop systems and phones so
cerionLartza: did you switch after or before the corruption ? I tried to use f2fs but I kept on getting error message about non clean fsck so I gave up
Lartzaf2fs isn't really clear cut faster either so, it's not really worth the effort most of the time
Lartzait's slower for stuff like sqlite databases iirc
cerionwith ext4, an unclean shutdown is dealt with an automatic fsck at the next boot. with f2fs, that did worked
LartzaI usually fsckd my f2fs filesystem on a virtual machine
LartzaBut that might just be an Arch thing plus pebkac for fsck on boot not working
linux_dreamhi people, quick question. on amazon i see several sellers for the rpi3. apparently some of them ship the made in china rpi3. is it exactly the same as the official one from great britain?
redrabbitdoesnt really matter
redrabbitso, yes
linux_dreamwhy? i thought the rpi was expensive because of charity. if i buy the one from china, will part of my money go to charity
redrabbitits the other way around.
redrabbitbecause of charity its supposed to be not expensive
linux_dreamif not, then why would i go for a rpi3 instead of say, an orange pi. if both are from china and none contributes to charity, I should pick the cheaper
redrabbitthey are fine
redrabbiti have both
redrabbitstill prefer the rpi for software support
linux_dreamyou cannot install raspbian on an orange pi?
razzyanyone tried nixos?
redrabbiti use armbian
linux_dreamoh i didnt know that redrabbit .
redrabbitraspbian is rpi only
linux_dreami see
linux_dreamand should i get one of those kits for the rpi, that includes some stuff, or should i buy them separately ? what bothers me is the shipping price, adding up enormously if i ship separately
redrabbitaliexpress has free shipping
linux_dreamyeah right but they are made in china, and they aren't recommended on the rpi official website. so i was wondering whether the money goes to charity like if i buy the one from GB
redrabbitkits are rarely worth it
redrabbitive never seen a good one
redrabbitits the same
linux_dreamso the money goes to the rpi foundation?
akkWe have some people in the makerspace starting with kits and they seem to be doing okay, but I think you'll hit their limitations fairly quickly.
akkThe RPi kits mostly don't seem to have the extensive hardware collection you see in arduino kits.
razzyredrabbit: what do you think about beaglebone?
razzywhy raspberry use closed graphics chip?
linux_dreamwhat on earth...... i just googled and the claim is that i shouldnt buy the rpi3 from china
linux_dreamthe money wont go to charity
linux_dreamso they're overpriced as hell
Lartzarazzy, There's on open alternative?
LartzaThe pi also has an open source driver so
LartzaNot sure what more you want open sourced, the firmware?
razzyLartza: beaglebone is opensource alternative imho
linux_dreamive heard orange pi too
redrabbitrazzy: beaglebone is vaporware right
redrabbitwhere can you order them
Lartzarazzy, No video decoding and I doubt the firmware is open?
Lartzalinux_dream, Definitely not, even the reverse engineering of Mali is stalled afaik
LartzaI don't think there are even free mali drivers
Lartza*open source
Lartzaindeed, there is a work in progress driver based on the earlier reverse engineering, and a binary driver
linux_dreamah ok thanks for the info
redrabbitlinux_dream: got my rpi3 from amazon and uk vendors for the rpi0w/rpi0.. aliexpress for the orange pi
redrabbitworks fine
Lartzabut like I said, what's wrong with rpi? It's open source too
Lartzaredrabbit, I can find beaglebones for sale just fine
Lartzaelement14, mouser, digikey
Lartzaand arrow in the US apparently
Lartzathat's my local farnell distributor
Lartzathe wireless version is even in stock, the regular one is an order item
redrabbitprobably mixed up beaglebone with some other arm board
redrabbitthat i wanted and could not find
redrabbitmaybe the chip
redrabbitor something else idk
Lartzaor maybe the renegade boards
Lartzathey are hard to come by iirc
redrabbitthe rpis are fine anyway
redrabbitorange pis as well
redrabbitand cheap
Lartzaaltho seems now you can actually get them
Lartzaor well, preorder ;D
Lartzathey were on indiegogo and their target there was january this year so, not that late yet
redrabbiti never backed any crowdfunded stuff never
LartzaI have unfortunately...
Lartzaonly one of them turned out awesome, and that was divinity original sin 2
redrabbiti order products
shaunoI've mostly had good luck with kickstarter
shaunothe main catch is just things taking so long to ship, that by time they arrive I have to try to explain why I thought something was a good idea 9 months ago
wyvernI can't seem to figure out how to use the serial console. I've got a rpi 3 running the latest raspbian, and I can tell it's booted up because it's receiving an IP address from my DHCP server. I have an FTDI USB/serial board ( plugged in to a What should I be doing with minicom to see a console?
wyvernI am getting a tty created at least: `FTDI USB Serial Device converter now attached to ttyUSB0`
BurtyBwyvern, did you enable the uart in config.txt in the boot partition?
wyvernI didn't realize I needed to do that. Is there documentation beyond ?
wyvern(i'm using the Stretch Lite image; I have no need for a desktop)
shaunoyou'll probably want to take a peek at the uart docs too; (it's grown a little complicated because the bluetooth is using the 'good' uart by default)
wyvernI see. How are new users expected to figure this out by themselves? I'm just wondering if I missed something obvious
wyvernhaving a distro that boots in a "no ssh, no serial console" default seems... odd
BurtyBwyvern, from that doc you just need to add "enable_uart=1" to config.txt and then you should get a console running and connect with 115200 8n1
akkwyvern: You're not the only one who thinks that. But I guess raspbian is more aimed at people using the desktop with a monitor.
wyvernapparently so, since their other config wouldn't really be less useful if it didn't boot at all ;)
wyvernIs there some other less useless distro that people use in practice, or is raspbian pretty much it
akkAnd in addition to the enable_uart=1 you'll probably need another line: dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt
BurtyBakk, you don't need that
akkNo? I guess I didn't try it without, but the official docs told me to include that IIRC.
akkwyvern: Also I think the raspbian people figure anyone with the audacity to run headless must be expert enough to be good at googling.
wyvernI did google quite a bit and found lots of people saying "And then I used minicom and everything just worked" :/
akkWhich probably makes some sense since we also need to be able to configure wifi and run ssh.
akkReally? When I googled after discovering it didn't work I found it pretty quickly.
wyvernI found lots of things that were all in the pattern of
wyvern"Look it's easy. Just run minicom and it works. Tada!"
akkOh, maybe the difference is that I knew it was a new change, so I was probably googling for "raspberry pi zero", not just raspberry pi
akkbecause the console used to work on older pis without doing anything extra.
shaunonot that it helps, but if I search for raspberry pi serial console, the first result I get is how to enable it, form adafruit's tutorial
wyvernI found from adafruit, which was of course unhelpful
akkI seem to have somehow disabled mine (on an install that used to work) so there may be some subtle things in play too.
wyvernKnowing what I know now, I can get some query strings that get more useful results... it just seems pretty vicious to say "here, install this raspbian thing" and not have even a link to "oh and you'll need this to make it work at all"
akkI can't figure out what I did that disabled it.
wyvernoh well
akkwyvern: I do agree, I wish they were more up front about headless issues.
wyverndo people typically run the desktop distro even if they're going to be using it headless in practice?
akkThere is an official page somewhere on enabling the serial console but now I can't seem to find it whatever I search for.
akkwyvern: I don't, I start with raspbian lite and add what I need from there.
wyvernyeah, all i wanted was the rust compiler toolchain... didn't seem so hard...
redrabbitscreen /dev/ttyUSB0 <baudrate>
BCMMwyvern: most linux distros that people actually use are not distinctly "desktop distros" or "server distros"
BCMMso my headless systems usually run distros that also work as desktops
wyvernYes, but I don't want to have to uninstall a desktop environment and other associated fluff.
redrabbityou dont have to
redrabbitraspbian lite
wyvernWhich, in its default config, is useless.
redrabbitor debian... or armbian.. or lots of options
wyvernI'm just sayin' that's weird.
redrabbitwhats your point there
redrabbituse what works
akkThe point is that it would make more sense to set up raspbian lite so that it had ssh and a serial console to begin with.
akkIt's a reasonable point.
redrabbittake a second to set it up
wyvern this page, which is there for beginners to read and learn from, does not say "BTW if you download Stretch Lite you will be confused because it doesn't work at all by default"
wyvernIt just says "slap that on a SD card and you're good to go" basically
wyvernWhich, compared to the otherwise excellent rpi beginner experience, stinks.
wyvernIt startled me. That's my point. Nothing more.
redrabbit i made that script that does the config automatically
redrabbiti use it quite often so i dont waste time on that
wyvernoh kayyy...
BCMMi mean, either you start with a distro that doesn't have the stuff you need, and add the stuff you need
BCMMor you start with an image that has stuff you don't need, and remove what you don't need
BCMMit's a mistake to expect there to be a distro that fits your precise use case right out of the box
wyvernYeah, like "being able to log in"
wyvernpretty weird use case
faekjarzHi, anyone here, who sucessfully used a HDMI to VGA converter dongle with a Ras Pi 3 B? (Does the Pi 3 B provide power via its HDMI port, in order to drive sich a converter dongle?)
faekjarz…i mean, it's HDMI, and thie pi 3b has hdmi, so it should be compatible, right?
mlelstvit even works