Greg-JIs there a setting in Cura to require a certain amount of filament to be required to draw a path?
Greg-JI have prints that have a stupid amount of little dots being drawn, even when I have 0 infill, and I have yet to find a way to resolve the issue
bpyeMazhive: E3Dv6 is nice if you want all metal, not sure if it's drop in compatible though. Why do you want a metal x carriage?
lowrizzlebuying a e3dv6 to put on an otherwise all chinese printer is kinda like casting pearls before swine
djdeloriemmmm... bacon pearls...
lowrizzleand it's not drop in for a mk8 printer, those have a square heatsink
lowrizzleor rectangular
lowrizzlesince it's from china, it's actually meant to be a rectangle but is actually a trapezoid
tjb1_Anyone recommend a printer with minimal 3D printed parts and direct drive extruder?
Greg-Jtjb1_, budget?
Greg-JBuild volume requirements/
tjb1_200x200x150, $600?
tjb1_Yeah I was looking at that and the higher one with the touchscreen
GrantM11235In that case, two of them
tjb1_Need to research which is more hackable I guess
tjb1_Probably the one you linked as it looks like it uses a standard printing display
Greg-JThe Wanhao CR-10 clone looks very promising.
Greg-JI think they're calling it the dup 9
tjb1_Hard to find where it is
lowrizzleid just get a cr10 at that point
lowrizzleor a tevo tornado, it has a solid state bed and gets up to 100c in 2 mins
tjb1_CR 10 is bowden
Greg-JI love my CR10, but I would prefer a tornado
lowrizzleoh right, direct
Greg-JJust throw a Mk10 on there.
bpyelowrizzle: Fair enough. I guess I can only really recommend what I have tried :)
tjb1_tornado with direct would be great
lowrizzlei kinda want a second tornado
lowrizzlei do have a spare titan extruder to try doing dd on it
tjb1_You already have one?
Greg-JI've been tossing around the idea of grabbing one and going DD on it.
djdelorieDunkin Donuts?
lowrizzleyes, the tornado is kinda my go-to printer anymore
lowrizzleit's big
lowrizzleoh but there are bad jerk artifacts with the default electronics
lowrizzleso maybe it's not worth it tbh
tjb1_you have any picture of inside the control?
tjb1_will a smoothie fit?
Greg-JWhat's that direct drive that runs off of a cable?
Greg-JLike a dremel extension
Greg-JI forget the name
lowrizzlei'm sure a smoothie would fit, and the electronics are already 24v in the tornado
bpyelowrizzle: Did they fix the quality issues from the tarantula?
tjb1_Greg-J: flex3drive?
lowrizzlebpye: i never had one so i wouldn't know
Greg-JThis thing:
bpyeGreg-J: ?
Greg-JThat on a Tornado would be perfect
lowrizzlebpye: reading the facebook group though, i'm guessing 99% of issues are idiot-induced
lowrizzlemake a real cheap printer, get a real low bar for entry
Greg-JYeah, that's the stuff.
bpyeThe guy behind the flex3drive hangs about here sometimes
bpyeseen mutley*?
gthxmutley85 was last seen in #reprap 5 days, 10 hours, 59 minutes, 2 seconds ago saying 'mm'.
gthxmutley was last seen in #reprap 8 days, 5 hours, 36 minutes, 32 seconds ago saying 'willmore: no worries'.
gthxmutley_ was last seen in #reprap 118 days, 5 hours, 27 minutes, 13 seconds ago saying 'hey Lizards|Work'.
tjb1_lowrizzle: where did you get yours
Mazhivebpye: durable , not bending.
Lizards|Workhey, me
Mazhivebpye: now i have a abs x carraige with a piece of wood ( heat resistant) between my stepper and extruder i have replaced allready once because it saged over a while
MikeeeI use cork
VanessaEMazhive: you sprinkled finely chopped herbs over your extruder carriage?
MazhiveVanessaE: :) why should i would it grow ??
VanessaEheh, just poking fun at the typo ;)
djdeloriealthough in this case it would be printpourri
Mazhivehaha :) i guest so... well appreciated
djdeloriewe all comment on what hot filament smells like. Why can't it smell like mint for a change?
VanessaEACTION is waiting for her printbite to finish heat-curing
Mikeeeuse one of those filament oiler clips, but add mint oil to it
tjb1_lowrizzle: did you get it from Tevo aliexpress store?
Mazhivee3dv6 gold ??? does it have a significant advantage ??
VanessaEI dunno....looking at it, it kinda strikes me as the "Monster Cables" of hotends
tjb1_Worth almost double the price? no
tjb1_Just get the Lite6 if you have no plans of going above 245
VanessaEtjb1: hence my "Monster" remark.
djdelorieACTION goes above 245 often...
VanessaEI only go above 245 when my hotend overshoots while heating up :P
djdeloriePETG layer 1 is 250
VanessaE(I can't seem to get the PID tuned just right)
tjb1Tevo Blackwidow looks better than the Tornado
tjb1You can probably take it to 250
tjb1you just dont want the PTFE getting to 260 or so
tjb1the ptfe in the lite is pretty far up
tjb110-15mm from end of coldend
lowrizzletjb1: i got mine through gearbest for $333 shipped
tjb1lowrizzle: I think im going black widow
tjb1thing checks like every box of what I want
lowrizzleif you get it i'd be curious how it works out
tjb1Its like $60 cheaper on gearbest vs aliexpress
tjb1How do you know the seller on gearbest?
lowrizzlegearbest is just a reseller for tevo
tjb1Does aliexpress have large fees or something?
lowrizzlei dunno tbh, i just know that gearbest sells a shitton of 3d printers with affiliate links
lowrizzlewhen i bought mine i just looked for the most recent youtube review and got a link to drop another 20% off i think
tjb1and it was original tevo?
tjb1just worried about getting a copy of one if such thing even exists
lowrizzleyea it's definitely the real deal, they print a test piece and leave it on the bed for you to scrape off
lowrizzlethat was how my bed came
Cyber_AkumaWow, nice
bpyeNow to recalibrate my sensor z offset
tjb1are there adjustments for the v wheels?
tjb1only thing I havent seen yet
lowrizzleyes the wheels are eccentric on all axis
lowrizzleyou just turn them until turning one wheel makes the others on that train move as well
lowrizzlemy big cxo
lowrizzlecomplaint is that the bed can wobble on really large prints
lowrizzleit'll print out a stormtrooper helmet in one piece but i still have some tighening to do
tjb1what is causing that?
tjb1loose wheels?
lowrizzleyea, on the z axis, i'm having trouble getting it spot on
tjb1Do you know if it matches openbuilds profile?
lowrizzlealso having only one leadscrew i think when it get up high it starts to just have gantry wobble
tjb1the one I looked at said "v-slot" but it was just normal slot
lowrizzleit does, i've seen a lot of people on the facebook group buy polycarb wheels
lowrizzlethis has the profile in the slot
lowrizzlethe 45 degree
r0n0xim looking forward to my first paycheck
tjb1I think its a printer similar to the tarantula...cant remember the name now
lowrizzlei had a coworker snip me about 20 pieces of assorted metals, i'm gonna test out laser engraving using cermark versus dry moly spray tonight
lowrizzlei can definitely engrave steel but i'd love to learn to leave a mark on aluminum
tjb1tronxy x3 is the one with the funky v slot
r0n0xsince i get paid monthly its gon be huge
durrf2why is my octopi acting a fool
lowrizzleoh yea the tronxy printer has normal extrusions and they basically put bathroom rollers on it
lowrizzleit's horrible
DigitalReapermy Anet A2 has the same thing and it is indeed horrible. the rollers are starting to shed material =/
tjb1biggest thing about the blackwidow is the plate where they mount the hotend
tjb1you can do anything without a lot of modification
tjb1already has groovemount
lowrizzleseems more rigid overall than the tornado/cr10
tjb1dosent look like you can do usb control though
durrf2wow so the timelapse temp folder has a lot of shit in it
durrf273% of my sd card was timelapse temp files
durrf2gg octoprint now that I've seen printbite in action (on my bot).... I'm putting this stuff on every printer I build in the future. it's like printing onto double-stick tape :)
djdelorieVanessaE: with petg?
durrf2i like buildtak and clonetak
VanessaEactually, pla at the moment.
VanessaE(because I went with glossy black printbite, so while PLA for dialing in. didn't want to crack open my white petg yet0
Ameisendoes blender have 'flood select'
AmeisenI have two objects that are discontiguous
AmeisenI want to select one of them
VanessaEselect one of its faces, then hold ctrl-keypad-plus
VanessaE(one or more faces)
VanessaEyou can lasso select with ctrl-left-button
r0n0xare there any boost converter modules for heat beds?
r0n0xlike, to increase from 12v to 15
lowrizzlethey have some power converters at toshi station but i don't know if they work on heated beds
AmeisenHe might be printing womp rats
tjb1lowrizzle: so was your experience with the tornado pretty good? I see quite a bit of bad about the black widow and tevo in general
lowrizzlei assume tevo is a shit company, they copy copies, and i went in not expecting support
lowrizzlei maintain that a good portion of complaints, though, are from novice printers due to the price bar being so low
tjb1I see a lot of complaints about the control and external mosfet
tjb1I plan on throwing a smoothie in anyway
lowrizzlemy only complaint is that the board/drivers they use causes salmon skin artifacts and i had to put in tl smoothers
lowrizzlethe electronics are the only weak spot really
lowrizzlei'm fully satisfied with what i got and like i said i am considering buying a second
lowrizzlei haven't really been using my rostock max v3 at all since i got it, maybe a few hours
lowrizzleall i've done is put in the smoothers, and it does 48h prints with minimal tuning. it's pure chineseum but eh
tjb1I think Ill pull the trigger
tjb1Not really worried about electronics, just throw em all away
zinghmanyone here using a azteeg x5 mini V3?
lowrizzlei'd still fire it up, jog it, and do a few test prints to rule out physical issues before you do that, but you probably know that
tjb1guy complains about missing screws because they only included enough to assemble the printer
tjb1and not any extra for him to replace after he stripped them out...
lowrizzlei had extras and a couple extra t-nuts
lowrizzlebefore i ever had 3d printers i never kept metric hw on hand, but i'd just get some and not blame them
lowrizzlenow that i 3d print i can only seem to think in metric
Cyber_AkumaI seem to switch between metric and standard based on what I am doing now
Cyber_Akumastill more used to standard though
jstevewhiteI tend to think in imperial if I'm workin on my house, metric when I do anything else.
crankyhow the hell did USPS deliver me 1 of 2 packages from the same source mailed at the same time, presumably in the same drop shipment
Cyber_AkumaIt's the magic of how usps works
crankyproblem is that second package had my atomic CF PETG
lowrizzlei only think imperial when i'm burning down toshi station looking for droids
Cyber_AkumaYou're metric scum and a traitor
crankysomehow, I don't think this trackign is right
crankyexpected delivery wednesday feb 7 by 8:00 pm
crankyDeparted USPS Regional Facility INDIANAPOLIS IN DISTRIBUTION CENTER ANNEX Your item departed our USPS facility in INDIANAPOLIS IN DISTRIBUTION CENTER ANNEX on February 7, 2018 at 4:22 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.
crankyhow the hell does that happen, they were picked up from the same location 4 minutes apart
Cyber_AkumaAmazon told me earlier todaythat my poackage MIGHT be late.... one that they already said is likely lost and I got a refund on weeks ago
crankyyet one is here, the other, not so much
jstevewhiteone van was full
crankyCyber_Akuma: ups was fucking shit up like crazy during the holidays, I have 1500ft of bubble wrap because of it
jstevewhiteAmazon told me a package was going to be late ... but it was delivered yesterday, and they refudned my shipping.
crankyjstevewhite: it never left indiana
crankyone is here in NJ, the other package, picked up in the same load from the source, took 2 days longer to leave hte state
jstevewhitevan was full
jstevewhite"Shitter's full"
cranky"shitter was full"
Cyber_AkumaGeez, slic3r hasen't been updated outside of beta builds since 2015?
crankyjstevewhite: it's ok, I said it wrong for years too
Ameisenjstevewhite - strange
jstevewhiteAmeisen ?
gthxAmeisen is <Ameisen> Parentheses, Exponent, Oatmeal, Division, Addition, Subtraction
AmeisenI didn't think anyone in the world still used Imperial since Britain switched. I thought that all that was left was Metric and US Customary.
jstevewhitepotato potato
jstevewhitetomato tomato
Ameisensome of the units are different
Ameisenand some of them are nonexistent
AmeisenAlso, US Customary Units predate Imperial
Ameisenthus it's only proper.
lowrizzlei use olde brittishe measurements when i hand craft my steampunk mustache twirler
jstevewhiteI use cheeses
jstevewhite"That car weights 37 Wheels of Parmesano Reggiano"
crankyanyone use the epoxy coatings?
crankyare those coatings wearable?
crankylike could you coat a part of a moving joint
RaMcHiPYAY I got my Titan Aero in today!
jstevewhiteoh, bummer.
RaMcHiPThe stepper likes to skip steps but I think its because I just plugged it in without tuning it and I dont think I can tune it because my USB is broke and I think its done through firmware on mightyboards..
RaMcHiPI think that means its time to order my duet wifi :D
lowrizzlecranky: no it is rigid
lowrizzleor will crack and peel
PsychoHackwhat was the DLP SLA chat channel?
PsychoHackNM found it #dlp3dprinting
PsychoHackgrr, no extruding on first print attempt :)
PsychoHacknot enough tension
Cyber_AkumaBah, 180C print failed again, and my bed leveling is perfect this time. One last time with a just-cleaned bed, if it still fails, I am sticking with 185C
Cyber_AkumaBTW, I am having a hard time telling if there was ANY difference in the strining between my 60mm, 40mm, and 20mm retraction speed prints. Is there any benefit other than stringing to hacving a lower or faster speed?
Cyber_Akumaslower or faster*
Greg-JAny other CR-10 owners in the house?
DJHenjinshould be at least 5 or 6 in here,
DJHenjinbut if they are active right now is a different story
taxilianGreg-J I have one, but I've hacked the crap out of it
taxilianso I'm not sure it counts as a CR-10 anymore =]
Greg-JI love mine, for the most part, until I have to print PETG. It does not behave at 240.
Greg-JAs in, I have to set it to 250 to get it to 240. If I set it to 240, it'll get to 230.
Greg-JI can connect to it using repeteir host (figured I'd do a tune), but the EEPROM menu is blank.
Greg-JAny ideas?
DJHenjinI doubt the eeprom is enabled by default
Greg-JI suppose it's time to flash it. I've been avoiding this.
randoCan someone recommend me a 12V 5A power supply that can be plugged into miniRAMBo?
nytanyone know a good high temp black filament that's more matte?
Mikeeerando a laptop charger with a step down converter will do fine
Mikeeebut if your intention is to just run heaters with the 12v, you really can just run it at 18v PWM'd to whatever you need.
r0n0xif i wanted to make stuff with acrylic, are there any easy DIY options?
r0n0xeasy and cheap*
Mikeeei'd get a CNC
randoDo laptop chargers have supply and ground leads that can be plugged into pin connector to connect to RAMBo?
r0n0xi will buy a cnc, however, that wont be for a while yet
Mikeeerando you mean power supply enable?
r0n0xin the mean time could i make a CNC of sorts using my old reprap?
Mikeeerando or are you asking if its an idiot-proof quick connect by default where you, for whatever reason, can't just strip the wire
r0n0xreinforcing the x axis and using a dremel via flexible drive
Mikeeer0n0x you could with a dremel, but most repraps aren't up to the task
Mikeeeif its an i2 or any triangle-based design it'd likely be strong enough. i3's not so much
r0n0xits i2
Mikeeethey're just not stiff enough to handle the forces required
Mikeeei2 10mm or 8mm
r0n0x10mm, i think
Mikeeethen yeah it'll certainly do it
Mikeeejust not fast
Mikeeesearch thingiverse for a dremel x carriage
r0n0xif its 8mm would i just need to reinforce the x carriage with a 3rd rail?
MikeeeI suggest getting one of the flex extenders, so the x carriage isn't carrying all the weight
r0n0xit is
r0n0xi have a flexible shaft for the dremel
Mikeeeoh I meant the threaded rod, not the rails
r0n0xwell, its not a dremel, its an ozito rotary tool but nobody knows wtf a rotary tool is
Mikeeethe threaded rod needs to be atleast 10mm (which is 3/8" standard, if i recall correctly)
r0n0xwell i thought that they existed in either form
r0n0xall 8mm or all 10mm
Mikeeethe original i2 designs were based on 8mm rods. Everyone went with 10mm or 12mm just because its like 10 dollars extra overall
r0n0xoh, than im probs 8mm
Mikeeethen you may be out of luck when it comes to milling
Mikeeebut laser is possible, albeit a big investment
Cyber_AkumaIs stringing the only reason to speed or or slow down retraction speed?
r0n0xwhat parts will take the strain then?
r0n0xif 8mm
randoMikeee I'd like to strip the wire and have one wire going into supply and another ground. I stripped some chargers where they don't have 2 leads but more of a stranded wire around a sheath of another stranded wire
Mikeeerando coaxial. And thats easy to work with, you just strip it back, twist and solder so you can clamp down nicely in the board
r0n0xor is it just rigidity as a whole?
Mikeeeor you can just buy a laptop DC jack and use it
r0n0xif its bad like you think mikeee, what will happen if i say, used a very small mill bit and took multiple passes at something?
Mikeeer0n0x loss of accuracy
Mikeeeyou'd retain precision, but lose accuracy
r0n0xwhats the difference
r0n0xlike ability to do fine details?
Mikeeeprecision is the number of discrete possible values it can be. Accuracy is how close it actually does that in the real world
r0n0xwell no worries there
Mikeeeso you'd have X steps per mm, but the cutting bit will jump around a lot from the forces applied to it
Mikeeeso everything will have a rough, ugly edge
r0n0xno problems there
Mikeeei suppose thats fine, if you don't care about an object looking professional
r0n0xi just need reliable cuts
r0n0xand holes
Mikeeeyou can also just print a 12mm i2
Mikeeefor like 40 bucks
r0n0xi hated building my i2
Mikeeethats likely from inexperience
Mikeeenow you know where everything goes and how to wire it
Mikeeemy first i2 took a month to print and assemble
Mikeeemy second one was about a week
r0n0xnah it was just a cunt to do
Mikeeenow i can do it in about 4 hours
r0n0xusing galvanized threaded rods didnt help tho
Mikeeegalvanized just prevents rusting
Mikeeeit shouldn't hurt or help you
permafleekhas anyone seen those ohjms law coins
permafleeki bought one like idk 7 years ago
permafleekfor $5
permafleekthey slowly went up to like $15
permafleeknow the mint is outta biz
permafleeki lost mine along the way and quickly got one for liek $14 before theyre sold out errywhere
Mikeeenever saw them before today
Mikeeebut thats neat
Mikeeeimma make one
permafleekdo eet
permafleeki want one from the mint else id just print one and do a casting
Mikeeei hate casted coins
permafleekhow would you make one
permafleekim new to casting
Mikeeepress a blank
Mikeeei have a shop press, i can machine a negative
Mikeeejust gotta find a fancy material for the blank
Mikeeecopper is likely the best option
Mikeeenow thats interesting
permafleeki bneed one so bad now
Mikeeenot a bad price
NowhereManoh, and the currency defacement law? never heard of it being enforced with regards to jewelry or art
NowhereManand coins have been used for art for a long time now:
Mikeeeno its 100% legal to destroy money
Mikeeeyou just can't deface it AND then use it as currency again
intranickever see those penny molding machines that you put in like a buck and a penny and you get like.. a crushed piece of copper back with a fancy design in it?
r0n0xits the cheaper heavy kind
lowrizzleplaying a bit with this iceSL slicer
lowrizzleits kinda neat if crude
lowrizzleit has 'effects' that are basically lua scripts that you can manipulate the model with
lowrizzleswiss cheese, wireframe, snow on top etc
lowrizzlewrong, it's illegal, and if they want to prosecute you they can
lowrizzleit's illegal to deface the currency to the point that it can no longer be reissued
lowrizzlewhether you intend to or not
lowrizzlewill they? nah
Aro2220I'm trying to print TPU with my prusa mk3 but it does this weird thing where the filament comes out the side and stops extruding
Aro2220I'm not sure how to explain it
lowrizzleit goes out the side of the extruder?
Aro2220It seems to slip off the extruder gear or something...doesn't do this with PLA
lowrizzleyea, it's compressable
lowrizzlepla isn't
lowrizzleyou need something in the path to stop it from compressing
Aro2220yeah...what can I do?
lowrizzlethere are probably already mk3 mods
Aro2220something in the path??
lowrizzleyea, something that constrains the filament path
lowrizzlesee the green bit there
lowrizzleif i did not have it, the blue tpu would come out right there
lowrizzlethat is tpu fwiw, just on a super cheapo printer
Aro2220that's exactly what is happening to me
Aro2220thanks again
lowrizzleno problem
lowrizzlealso, you need to slow down and turn off all retraction if you haven't already
lowrizzleif you print at 60mm/s try 20 then 30, and always turn off retraction
lowrizzleup your multiplier as well, to counter how it compresses in the path
lowrizzlei've been lasering a dickbutt into a huge chunk of stainless steel for the last 2 hours and the edge is curling up due to the heat buildup
lowrizzlekinda neat
lowrizzlealuminum fails to leave a mark no matter what speeds and power i use =\
lowrizzleit looks like it does, but the cermark washes right off the the dickbutt right after it
Aro2220in that case i'm glad you had the time to help me with my problem as i see you are quite busy with important tasks xD
Greg-JIt would be great if the Cura team would just fix the bugs in the beta before adding new bugs.
DJHenjini've been reporting bugs to them, hopefully they fix them soon
Aro2220lowrizzle well i figured out how to turn off retraction and i also turned off all my speed settings to really really low...never faster than 15mm/s
Cyber_AkumaUnbelievable, the SAME PIECE keeps coming off again now that I am trying a lower nozzle temp, what the hell
Aro2220I think the latter was a little over the top and unnecessary...the retraction was probably what was doing it...
Aro2220so far it seems to be working okay but we'll see in the morning.
Aro2220Btw, the TPU seems to leak a bit when it's doing the calibration bed test right before a print
Aro2220each of the 9 points it dips down to test leave a tiny dot of TPU
Aro2220any idea why this is happening?
Aro2220I have temperature set to something like 227f...i think maybe 233 or something for first layer
lowrizzleAro2220: i print tpu at 210, but tpu is highly variable in formulation
lowrizzlei have only printed in blue
lowrizzleand one brand
lowrizzlebut it does that, tpu strings like crazy
Aro2220Yeah it does seem to string a lot but I read it does that so I wasn't worried
lowrizzleif your model has a lot of moves, look for a 'dont cross perimeter' setting in your slicer
Aro2220Maybe the temp is a bit too high
lowrizzleit will keep boogers off your perimeters
Aro2220I think I saw something like that. I'm using the prusa slic3r version
Aro2220but I'm not going to set it tonight
lowrizzleotherwise the toolhead moves across perimeters and will leave strings
Aro2220Will just let it do this slowly...see if it works...then try again with faster/different settings etc
lowrizzleyea that's how i did it
Aro2220Yeah that does seem to be a problem
lowrizzlei took it bit by bit
Aro2220the filament bunching out of the extruder was the main problem
Aro2220stringing is small in comparison so I will worry about that second lol
lowrizzleat this point i just make fingers out of tpu, i have made 100 dog food lids and ran out of things to make
Aro2220admittedly, this stringing might cause problems with the print by making the layers not even
Aro2220but whatever
Aro2220I'm trying to make a cell phone case atm
Aro2220would like to make little feet for my mk3
lowrizzlewell i guess fingers and thumbs
lowrizzlea thumb is not a finger
Aro2220one thing i noticed about tpu...
Aro2220seems to work on touch screens
lowrizzlethe fewer perimeters and the less infill you can use the more it flexes btw
Aro2220like if my finger is behind it i mean
Aro2220maybe that's if it's thin enough
lowrizzledo like, 2 perimeters and no more than 5% infill
Aro2220 lol
lowrizzlei print models kinda based on those contraints
lowrizzleotherwise it won't really flex
Aro2220I'm trying 100% infill here
lowrizzleit'll be too rigid
Aro2220it's for a phone case though
Aro2220i dont want too much flex
Aro2220just want some kind of impact resistance
lowrizzlewell if it's thin it'll flex
Aro2220we'll see
lowrizzleif it's thick, like .75mm or more, it gets rigid
lowrizzle.8 is what i do walls at
lowrizzle1.2 it gets rigid for me
Aro2220it will be fun to play with
lowrizzlei just wish i knew what to make with it
Aro2220i am still waiting for my order of PETG or whatever it's called
Aro2220I think I ordered it from China somehow
Aro2220so it's going to tak ea while lol
lowrizzlei've printed about 10-12 spools of petg, it's one of my fav plastics
Aro2220Things to print with TPU to me seem to be stuff like bumpers for your RC cars or something
Aro2220yeah I've heard good things...although been told it binds too strongly to the surface I have
lowrizzleif you have a build surface it will
Aro2220so I need to put down glue stick or talcum powder or something...I'll cross that bridge when I get there
lowrizzlei was going to say you can mitigate that with glue layer
Aro2220other than that, the properties of PETG sound fantastic
lowrizzlesame with tpu
lowrizzlepetg really really likes blue tape as well
Aro2220well so far TPU has peeled off...the thin layer i've made before the extruder bunching problem
Aro2220i just get a knife and peel up a tiny bit so i can grip it
Aro2220and then the whole thing comes off easy
lowrizzleyea, that's the way, slowly so it doesn't tear
Aro2220it'll be fun to play around with some more
Aro2220being able to print with a few different types of 3d materials is really cool
Aro2220just wish i had some advanced printer that could print with 2 soluble...without having issues
Aro2220so i could print all my supports in some water soluble stuff
lowrizzleit is, i've printed a lot of vases in petg and left them at work with candy in them or something
Aro2220that would be amazing
lowrizzlethen explained it's basically modified water bottle material laid down line by line
lowrizzleit's at least a conversation starter
lowrizzlei will suggest avoiding abs
Aro2220yeah i've heard enough about it
lowrizzleif it were 2014 i'd say only use abs
Aro2220it melts in acetone so you can like put a bath of it in an enclosed area and smooth it out
Aro2220good for models
Aro2220other than's toxic and bad and bed adherance is an issue blah blah blah blah blah
Aro2220so it's not really on my list
Aro2220PLA, TPU and PETG
Aro2220not sure if there's anything else worth looking at for me...atm...
lowrizzleit has interesting properties but is a point of diminished returns
Aro2220other than different brands of TPU that have different properties etc
lowrizzlethose are enough to learn for sure
lowrizzletransluscent versus opaque petg for example print differently
Aro2220that's interesting
Aro2220really at this point i need to learn autodesk fusion 360 more than i need more material types
Aro2220so i can custom make things i want
Aro2220that's when this 3d printing will really become a useful tool for me
lowrizzlebeing able to make things out of your mind is the rosetta stone to the solid world around you
Aro2220little by little
Aro2220anyways have a good night ;-)
lowrizzleeven if its just a dickbutt
lowrizzlegood nigt
lowrizzleinfSL, some random french slicer, attempt #1 is wtf
lowrizzleindiana jones wouldn't want those artifacts
jammimore here
bastardguten morgen!
Nebukadnezalowrizzle: french slicer wtf
nytcrunch you here?
DJHenjinhey neb, hey yt
DJHenjinwhat's up tonight?
nytnot much
nytpickin out some new filaments to try
nytjust ordered some cf petg from crunch
nytand gonna grab a spool of asa from somewhere
gthxasa is Acrylic-Styrene-Acrylonitrile, a UV stable version of ABS and is found at and is also at , , ,
jammican't wait for some plastic to be abbreviated ass
jammi"smells like ass here"
nytno black asa on amazon annoying
gthxfilafarm is an Onlinestore for 3D printer and equipment. More information @
nytwill try this 2dxmax
gthxswitch is a brand new and open switch-system for print beds for 3d printer with fused deposit molding technology. More information @
gthxYUMYUMYUMYUM YUM. Delicioso!
nopcodetrying to print something like a sphere with supports, sitting with the south pole on the bed
nopcodeslic3r produces supports with a large distance to the sphere leaving only the single contact point which makes it break off during print
nopcodei've tried reducing xy-part-distance and it seemed still not to work
nopcodeany ideas?
nopcodeso it basically makes a "cup" shape around the sphere but its like 0.5-1 mm away which doesnt support it at all
jammiredesign your model to make it easier to print
nopcodejammi: probably the right answer, still want to understand the issue
nopcodei think s3d managed
nopcodethough i had xy-distance set to 0 there which made it super difficult to remove supports
nytwhats the strength of asa like compared to pla
nytlooks similar to abs, meh
nopcodealso whats the best tool to cut meshes for multi-part printing and adding holes for bolts? would that be meshmixer?
nopcodeis there something that lets you place like a dozen cut planes or so and automatically evaluate printability without supports of the individual resulting parts?
nopcodewith different subsets of the cut planes
icecube45seen crunch*
gthxcrunch was last seen in #reprap 1 day, 15 hours, 5 minutes, 30 seconds ago saying 'pearl blue is bacl'.
gthxcrunch_ was last seen in #dlp3dprinting 42 days, 17 minutes, 53 seconds ago saying 'did u buy 3?'.
gthxcrunchbutbetter was last seen in #reprap 332 days, 11 hours, 38 minutes, 6 seconds ago saying 'eyyyyyy'.
s1car1uswhy the noise?
rapidshot64anyone tried using resistor to test thermistor line in mainboard?
nytholy fuck this pcmax is strong
nytim impressed
LoetmichelACTION just had to measure the inner pin of a hollow dc plug... so i raped a digital caliper. Good thing that they cost only 10 eur ... if i had done that with the 250DM mitutoyo in my first apprenticeship my master would have hit me in the face repeatedly... and with good reason... ->
Cyber_AkumaThat looks exactly like the one I have
Nebukadnezawhats wrong with it?
mozzarellashould I get 304 stainless steel screws or 12.9 grade alloy steel screws
bpyeI do wish the P3Steel had a better 3 point mounting system
diecksloth: erm. Yes. Yes, there could be. And actually, there is.
Cyber_AkumaAnyone here every heard of 3D Solutech brand filament? It seems to have a ridicously high recommended temp (190-220) for their PLA... makes me wonder just what's wrong with it
XXCoder190-220 is only 10c higher than max I have heard of so far of 210c.
bpyeI've printed that hot with PLA before
Cyber_AkumaDoesn't PLA normally start out at 170C?
torinFor me it's 230 every day. e3d...
torinCan't print it with lower temps.
bpyeHow many revisions do people designing printer parts go through. Just modifying a part for my printer I ended up printing 2 or most things and 5 of one part to get it right
Cyber_AkumaHmm.... so far out of seeing all the falament brands on Amazon, the only one that seems that I should stay away from is Tianse, all the others are unclear, other than Hatchbox and eSun being decent, but that's well known.
bpyeCyber_Akuma: Are you in the EU or US?
Cyber_Akuma3D Solutech, Melca, Dazzle, 3DRAX, 3D Mars..... can't seem to find decent information for most other brands if they are decent or not
Cyber_AkumaI wanted to pick a brand or two for "cheap filament for non-important stuff"
gthxatomic is atomic filament ( good stuff ) and is made by crunch ... REPRAP12 coupon for 12% off orders of 2 or more 1KG rolls (may only be used once per customer), no 3.5kg rolls or clearance items allowed for coupon use, please respect that, orders with 3.5kg or clearance items will be cancelled.
Cyber_AkumaThat's good filament from weverythiong I have heard
bpyeI've been told here that that is good but you have probably already seen
Cyber_AkumaI woulden't waste atomic on just the tests and nonsense I would want to print with the cheak stuff
bpyeI have only tried 3dPrima's PLA but that's an EU brand
dieckI'd say most "brands" are made up names from CN resellers. Trust the ones you know where they come from, like crunch, and be aware of others. They might work good once you figured the temperature out, but a second roll might not reproduce the same way
Cyber_Akumawhat about some of the really common ones like Hatcnbox or eSun?
dieckthat said, I used a look of "noname" brands before, and most of them worked out reasonable well
dieckexcept one or two
Cyber_Akuma... there is also FoxSmart, but they only sell that on their official store
bpyeI guess PLA is more forgiving of worse filaments?
Cyber_AkumaI tried it, onyl one I had issue with was their gold PLA, others seem to like it
Cyber_AkumaOh yeah, apparently 3D Solutech claims to be from the US but according to reviews their site is in Engrish...
Cyber_Akuma <---- Huh, these "Dazzle Light 3D" guys must make some special stuff, I never heard of the color "Greeen" before...
dieckif that is 1.78mm, the roll is quite small, what is that 250g?
XXCoderits green, only more so
crankynothing better than having a box full of parts arrive after waiting a week to find out you ordered momentary switches
crankygood thing I ordered other switches too just to see how they were
crankySwitch Function Off-Mom
bpyeWow, E3Ds 30mm fan is stupidly loud
crankyyeahhhhh I guess I missed that :(
bpyeI've switched the the MK3 carriage design with it's 40mm fan, so much quieter
jammithe 30mm fan thing and v6 heatsink are basically obsolete
jammibasically something to look back at as ≈2015-2018 era vintage 3d printer setups
Nebukadnezav6 heatsink is obsoleted?
jammipretty much, especially in direct setups
jammititan aero is the way to go if you can or already use a titan extruder
jammiand mk8-style stuff is still fine for direct extruders, and titan aero is similar to them as well
jammiand they're available in clone form as well, as much as the other e3d stuff
Nebukadnezatitan aero is pretty much direct-only too, right?
jammiand sure there are some delta printers and such niches where direct extruders aren't feasible
jammihowever, there are better hotends for those as well
Nebukadnezai just recently installed a genuine v6 on my bowden-cr-10
Nebukadnezasince the frame can’t support it i can’t run at super-high speeds
Nebukadnezaso … is there a tremendous advantage to $some_new (which e.g.?) hotend for me still?
Nebukadnezai always wanted to try that b-something pico clone, but … not sure if it’s worth the hassle
jammiI used one for a while
jammiit's not bad, and it's very small and pretty light
jammihowever, at least in my case you want to keep the filament in it moving if you use it without a fan
jammiotherwise there'll be enough heat creep to cause a jam
Nebukadnezawithout a heatsink-fan?
Nebukadnezahu … i wasn’t aware that’s even possible
jamminot an issue as long as you print, but I'd suggest adding gcode at the end of the print to pull out the filament from the hotend once printing is done
jammiit'll easily jam in there otherwise
jammiduring printing, it's not a big issue unless you're printing very slowly
jammisince there's some relative air movement as long as the hotend is moving and as long as you keep extruding there's not enough time for the heat to melt the filament too far up either
jammiwhat I like most about it is the all in one formfactor
Nebukadnezamh ack
Nebukadnezai’m always very nervous about changing the nozzle …
jammibut it's kinda pointless when coupled with a titan aero; a volcano is a much better deal with those
jammiand only slightly heavier and bigger
jammibut not as tall
jammithe nozzle change has had some thought on the b3 pico; it has machined in slots for a 13mm wrench to hold it while you fasten or remove the nozzle
jammibut I like the volcano-style nozzles better
jammialthough you could maybe modify a pico for those
jammiif you have some good drilling and tapping setup somewhere to get stuff absolutely centered (a lathe, basically)
Nebukadnezayeah, that takes away the stress from holding the heaterblock and being in anguish about breaking the heatbreak-thin-part off
XXCoderfunny for the day. sweat and snot.
jammiI don't understand what's funny about that
DJHenjinin some ways I envy you, in others I pity you
Cyber_AkumaDammit, I'm almost certain this print is going to run out of filament :(
jammijust be on the location when it's about to run out and feed in more at the point it's pulling in the last bit
Cyber_AkumaI don't have more of the same filament
Cyber_Akumaalso I was about to go to sleep, I am tired as hell :(
jammiit's not even likely to produce any visible artifacts if the filament you switch in is the same color
jammiand both ends are clean cut
jammiwell, feed in some other color and let it blend it
jammiand you can arrange the switch so that you just cut the old one when you have the new one ready
Cyber_AkumaI am likely going to be asleep if it runs out
jammihence just cut the old one before it runs out
gthxcut is
RaMcHiPSo I got a titan aero and installed it. I got it heating up fine and everything looks great but when I go to extrude the motor seizes. I am on a mightyboard so I am thinking I need to set current maybe?
Cyber_Akumapretty sure that's not it
jammiCyber_Akuma: take some sharp pliers or even scissors and cut.
Nebukadnezagthx, watt?
Cyber_AkumaI have no idea if the new filament will even work at the same settings as my current one
jammiRaMcHiP: higher vref or loosen the tensioner a little
Cyber_AkumaThe only one I really have to spare is gold
Cyber_Akumaand I am currently printing in blue
RaMcHiPjammi. How do I set Vref I see it in gcode but I think there is a pot on my drivers that needs help too
jammiCyber_Akuma: if it's the same type and same brand, it likely will work somewhat similarly
Cyber_AkumaPlus this gold as left in it's bag with that moisture-sucking packet, the blue has been left out for ayeah
Cyber_Akumathey are the same brand
gthxvref is and is important as incorrect tuning will distort the wave form as can be seen here: see "pot tuning" for more info
jammiRaMcHiP: ^
jammiactually link rot in there
RaMcHiPYeah I just got some
RaMcHiPits all over me now LOL
jammibut yeah, just google it for your setup
RaMcHiPnow that I know that is what I am looking for I will check it out
RaMcHiPI almost want to say this is futile since I am going to duetwifi anyway but I am going to learn something here :D
Cyber_AkumaI am compeltely out of black filament it seems
jammiCyber_Akuma: well, either proceed to rescue the print like that or just cancel it right away
Cyber_AkumaGreat, broke the filament on the spool in half now
kraegara couple small cuts, and the first side panel set is done.
kraegarsome cleanup to do on the parts, those are right off the mill.
Cyber_AkumaSigh, didn't think I would have to print MORE of these damn risers
Cyber_Akumapretty much wasted the entire damn roll trying to figure out how to print it right
durrfthats the way it goes sometimes :(
Cyber_AkumaIt's NORMAL to waste an entire roll trying to figure out how to use it?
Cyber_AkumaI mean, what's the benefit after you have wasted it?
Cyber_AkumaYou are going to have to repeat the process on another roll
durrf2you got all that experience
Cyber_AkumaNot really...
durrf2if you dont like things that are difficult printing is gonna be rough
Cyber_AkumaACTION went to check on the test print to make sure this new filament is printing the same
durrf2its so frustrating that sometimes i niglect things for weeks
Cyber_Akuma"awww dammit, nothing is extruding"
Cyber_Akuma"no wait..... it's just the same color as my bed"
Cyber_AkumaThis could be a problem >.<
durrf2haha yes, i print a lot with translucent filament
durrf2its frustrating at times :P
Cyber_AkumaIt's "gold" filament
Cyber_AkumaBut it's more a pale yellow than gold
Cyber_Akuma(It's also mislabeled as "Glod")
Cyber_AkumaKnow what else is a pale yellow?
Cyber_AkumaPEI >.<
durrf2yeah theres the same issue with translucent filament
Cyber_AkumaCourse, the print just started, still remains to be seen if this sample print... that killed my filament all the other times.... will finish
Cyber_Akumaand if it won't string to shit
durrf2its just stringyness thats the issue?
durrf2theres small prints you can use to test settings instead of using a real print
Cyber_Akumaadhesion was also an issue, but I think it was bad leveling
Cyber_AkumaWell, the real print wasn't much
Cyber_AkumaI figured it's extra parts that way
Cyber_AkumaAlso considering I am going to be replacing like half of my printer's parts soon, I haven'yt learned much >.<
Cyber_AkumaThough hopefully those better parts will make this a bit less of a bitch
Cyber_AkumaBTW, I wanted to get people's opinoins
Cyber_Akumawhat materials/brand do you print in?
durrf2i opt for whatevers cheapest on amazon because im cheap and it genreally works out for me
durrf2i recently got some 14 dollar kilograms of MG chemichals PLA
jammiI usually go with categorically next to cheapest in all things unless it turns out I need soemthing of higher standards and at that point, it's often getting the "buy it for life" thing
durrf2funny enough the only filament htat has given me issues was the most expensive stuff i bought
jammiI haven't really found anything in common with the filaments that have caused me issues
LoetmichelACTION is just maxin out his Anet A8... Einstein bust in less than 5mm smaller than the print volume in any direction... (220mm^3).. hope that works and i dont come back to a mess or the smoldering remains of the company tomorrow (16 hours estimated print time):
jammisome of the cheapest ones have produced the nicest prints, and some of the more expensive ones have been horrible
jammibut also vice versa
Cyber_AkumaSo far, at least it's printing ok
jammibut TiO super opaque bright white seems to be a common thing to not be reliably extruding
Cyber_Akumanow remains to be seen if the stringing will be the same
Cyber_AkumaI also suspect that maybe the filamemnmt took in moisture which is why it was so stringy
NebukadnezaLoetmichel: you leave the spools out in the open?
jammior maybe TiO2
LoetmichelNebukadneza: yes
Cyber_AkumaIt was left out in the open since like late 2015 or so
Loetmichelclose to a year now, couldnt detect any deterioation
NebukadnezaLoetmichel: no problems with humidity?
Loetmichelmaybe the company is pretty dry :-)
Cyber_Akumanot sure what to do with this current spool now
Cyber_Akumasince it broke in half as I was trying to re-wind it
Nebukadnezaeither you’re not very picky, or your company’s very dry :-)
Cyber_Akuma~How dry I am. How dry I am. Nobody Knows....~
jammiI'm so dry I piss powder
Cyber_AkumaYou are a SLS printer?
XXCoderi'm so dry my penis suck in water if I try to pee
durrf2ugh i gotta start working
intranick322/((2+3*4)-14) =
Cyber_AkumaI just used random_number
Cyber_AkumaStupid Sony apps
Cyber_AkumaNo stringing.... which means it's likely the stringing was due to moisture in that roll
Cyber_Akumathe one I just wasted attempting to figure out how to print with it without stringing
gthxHello is hi and welcome to the den of 3d printing nutjobs ;)
RaMcHiP_we need one for nutjobs....
Mangy_Dogyou would never find a more reched hive of scum and villanary
Cyber_AkumaHmmm...... just for the hell of it, despite it being a total waste, I kinda want to print that rocket raccoon figure to see if it will actually print recognizably or all details will be a blob like when I tried to print Cloud.... wonder if I can find a filament that matches his color
RaMcHiP_Well I think you hit it dead on, I just needed to loosen the tension on the arm and its now feeding without skipping steps!
RaMcHiP_OK now to see if I can just adjust the steps per MM in S3D and hope that it will adjust through GCODE! :D
RaMcHiP_I guess I dont need USB on this mobo!!!
thewsRaMcHiP, adjust steps per mm in your firmware
RaMcHiP_I cant edit the firmware
RaMcHiP_I have no USB on the board
RaMcHiP_I was about to edit in S3D firmware settings but as far as writing it to the board directly, no bueno
thewsRaMcHiP_, make a gcode file that runs it, put it on the sd card
RaMcHiP_I think that is what S3D automatically
thewss3d doesn't do that
thewsunless they added something new
RaMcHiP_Well the steps per MM adjusted the second I changed my firmware settings in S3D
RaMcHiP_it wasnt extruding anything really then I adjusted and it worked amazing
thewsthought you didn't have usb?
thewsdid you adjust extrusion multiplier or steps per mm?
RaMcHiP_steps per MM
RaMcHiP_I dont have USB
RaMcHiP_I set it in the firmware x3g firmware settings in S3D
thewswhere's the settings for that at in s3d?
RaMcHiP_Tools > Firmware Config > X3G Tab
RaMcHiP_it is only there for mightyboards
RaMcHiP_If you select a makerbot flavor
RaMcHiP_Man thank god I had one of my original thermocouples! This came with a Pt100 and I needed the type K
RaMcHiP_Never throw things away. This is why :)
thewsnever messed with x3g
thewsdoes it not do normal gcode at all?
BrandanoRaMcHiP_: the true reprapper would have twisted some wire off a twist tie and a solid core cat5 cable and built up a new table for it
RaMcHiP_Brandano, I am working on becoming a true reprapper! A TRUE reprapper wouldnt be using a friggin mightyboard...
Brandanoall the while whistling the McGuiver theme
RaMcHiP_I have much to learn :)
RaMcHiP_But I am tenacious..
jammithrow broken things away, but disassemble them first
jammiBrandano: is McGuiver some cheap chinese knockoff of MacGyver?
BrandanoActually, building a 3D printer allowed me to get rid of a lot of junk
thewsBrandano, show me de wae
thewsI collected more printers and lots more parts
RaMcHiP_jammi, HA!
BrandanoI can toss prints away, no biggie. Can always print a new one
RaMcHiP_I think I am heavily over extruding
RaMcHiP_is there a GCODE that I can do that will just extrude 100mm?
BrandanoI just colletcted tons of junk for some future project where it would be useful
RaMcHiP_through S3D
thewsG1 E100 F1000
RaMcHiP_OooOo TY
jammilike, disassemble broken things until you have usable working things and sort out the broken-broken things
Brandanonow I can go "nah, I can print it when the time comes" and let it go to its natural resting place in a landfill
RaMcHiP_I guess learning GCode must be my next undertaking huh?
thewsmight first need to run G92 E0
gthxG92 is Set Position: and is also for linuxcnc, grbl and smoothieware
thewsRaMcHiP_, I'm not even sure if just normal gcode works with your board
thewswhich means I can't help much
RaMcHiP_It doesnt, I need to load code then convert to X3G...
thewsthat's unfortunate
BrandanoRaMcHiP_: can you change the board's firmware?
RaMcHiP_whats a decent cheap board that can run 24v
thewsI think they can all run 24v
RaMcHiP_Brandano, I wish, my USB is broke :(
RaMcHiP_I am thinking about ordering a $30 ramps from china LOL
Brandanoconvert it to a Klipper slave
RaMcHiP_I should just get some good electronics but I dont have 230 right now for the duetwifi LOL
thewsI wished the duet boards were slightly cheaper
thewsdid I miss a black friday sale?
RaMcHiP_I have totally revamped this printer and its almost back from the dead
BrandanoRaMcHiP_: do you have another microcontroller you can use as an ISP programmer?
RaMcHiP_I THINK I do but I am escared of doing that LOL
RaMcHiP_I want another board in hand before I attempt that crazyness
Brandanohmm, you'd still need a serial connection to it for a klipper slave, though
RaMcHiP_Man this thing is doing remarkably well for a $50 titan aero setup LOL
RaMcHiP_chinese cheapo
RaMcHiP_This whole printer is chinese cheapo except the IGUS bearings LOL
jammiRaMcHiP_: yeah, they're really high quality knockoffs nowadays
Brandanobut even if the USB port is bust you should be able to wire up half an extension cable directly to solder points on the controller board
jammiunlike the baseline stuff maybe 5 years ago
RaMcHiP_Brandano I have heard that but I am not sure how to do it
RaMcHiP_isnt it GPIO?
RaMcHiP_I think I even have the serial to USB converter
Brandanoif the data pins are on the gpio you can probably make an adapter
RaMcHiP_I have 2 or 3 of them one is a barrel plug like headphones and the other 2 are just jumper wires
BrandanoAh, you can use an FTDI adapter and tap into the serial port on the GPIO pins
RaMcHiP_Id LOVE to get octoprint back on this
RaMcHiP_I will order new electronics and then do that after they have arrive just to gain the knowledge
jammiI think one reason for the higher quality stuff nowadays may be becaues the sellers don't want anything but 5/5 stars in their ratings, so they self-filter the crappiest stuff away
jammiwehreas a few years ago they didn't care much about reputation stuff
Brandanojammi: probably the difference in cost is not enough to justify the reputation risk
jammirather, they even care about the concept of customership; selling something to the same customer again
RaMcHiP_I think 837 steps per MM is super high and I am over extruding
Brandanonah, geared extruder?
RaMcHiP_Now i need to figure out how to calc the steps per MM on this chinese knockoff
jammia new thing I've seen is they start including printed brochures and business cards with their stuff now
RaMcHiP_Yeah its a titan knockoff
RaMcHiP_That guy
jammiRaMcHiP_: I have one as well and I'm super happy with it
RaMcHiP_what are your steps per MM on it?
jammipossibly not exactly that one, but anyway
Brandanowhat's the gearing ratio on the titan?
jammigot the titan clone before there were aeros around, and got the heatsink separately
jammiBrandano: 3:1 iirc
RaMcHiP_jammi what is your steps per MM the titans should be exactly the same regardless of aero or not
Brandanoso it's 200*3*16 steps for a revolution, if it's a 1.8° stepper at 16x microstepping
jammiRaMcHiP_: 480steps/mm iirc
jammior somewhere thereabout
jammithe exact value is what what you do with a binary search when calibrating it
RaMcHiP_TY that sounds better just looking
jammiand it even varies a step or two per filament thickness variation
jammibasically make a mark at as exactly 120mm from the filament inlet as you can, then extrude 100mm and measure the difference, tune and repeat until you get it spot on
bpyeGah, left the brim enabled
bpyeIs thingiverse still the best place to upload designs or has anything better appeared?
Brandanowhen it's so far off I disconnect the hotend and disable cold extrusion prevention for testing
RaMcHiP_jammi it makes it hard since I cant just tell it to extrude said amount without the USB so I gotta get rough values then adjust my %'s
Brandanono LCD panel?
jammiRaMcHiP_: sure you can even if you do it from sd
jammijust have a gcode file with it
Brandanomake two gcode files, one to extrude and one to retract
Brandanoboth set for 100mm and turning off cold extrude prevention
RaMcHiP_uhmmmm 480 seems to have done well!
RaMcHiP_OMG well!
Brandanoan useful thing to have would be a clear tube with two marks 100mm apart
RaMcHiP_Gunna let this print and see how it goes this already looks infinitely better
Brandanolike, a bic pen body
RaMcHiP_OMG first layer porn! Like glass!
RaMcHiP_That lightened up my gantry sooooo much too
RaMcHiP_Got rid of so much metal on my gantry
jammiyeah, same
RaMcHiP_Smaller lighter stepper, now i have a v6 hotend on my printer I could technically do volcano but I see no reason to do so
jammialso made the thing quieter, since the 40mm heatsink fan doesn't have to be nearly at full speed
jammimore like minium speed it turns at
RaMcHiP_dude jammi thanks for your help man youve set my right 3x this morning!!!
RaMcHiP_I cant control fan speed so mine just hauls ass LOL
jammiI use the onboard mosfets on ramps for fans
jammicase fan, part cooling fan and heatsink fan, all driven by marlin in pwm
RaMcHiP_I am thinking about doing a RAMPS conversion. Cheap and easy and I think my current lcd/buttons would work on ramps
RaMcHiP_So I dont have to mod my case or anything.
jammibed and hotend are driven with external modules just from some of the servo pins
jammieven the super cheap bundles nowadays seem to have most of the known ramps issues fixed
jammibut I don't trust it to switch any serious current
RaMcHiP_I think ill take the dive and just order one
RaMcHiP_it cant hurt! I can use it for anything right? Like DSLR control or time lapse slider and all that right?
jstevewhiteThere are some nice, fairly inexpensive bed controllers that can be driven right from ... what is it, D9?
jammiand many of the cheapest ones have 16V capacitors, so they're only good for 12V
RaMcHiP_I need 24v
RaMcHiP_I want all to run off 24v that is ONE THING makerbot got right LOL
jammiRaMcHiP_: then you need to replace caps or get a better than cheapest possible ramps board
jammiI'd say the cheap bundles are worth it regardless, even if you replace all the A4988 drivers with something better and replace the ramps board itself with another
durrf2whats the fd mean
RaMcHiP_I think some of the combos I was looking at was 24v
jammipaid like 20-25€ or so for a bundle with the reprapdiscount display, 6xA4988 drivers with heatsinks, ramps 1.4 and mega2560
durrf2lmao nice blade fuses
RaMcHiP_AND! I just realized I can get a BL TOUCH and do autobed leveling on this!!!
durrf2i hear mixed feelings about bltouch
jammigood luck finding a firmware for that thing
jammiand it's not ramps
jammiit's one of those sbase things maybe
RaMcHiP_I got a proximity sensor with my titan I just tossed it off to the side
jammimeaning it won't fit ramps cases and good luck finding schematics or other troubleshooting info for it
Brandanojammi: probably it runs a custom version of smoothieware
Brandanoor the 32 bit port of Marlin
jammiBrandano: or some bastard son of marlin, yeah
Brandanothose mosfets...
jammiI ordered a ramps 1.5 board as well, it's been shipping on the slowboat for maybe 2 months now
jammihas smd mosfets and looks generally nicer than 1.4 boards
jammiand definitely nicer than that geetech thing
BrandanoI have one of those
Brandanothat geeetech board is odd
Brandanotoo few pins on the MCU. Looks like it's using two GPIO expander chips
jammiyeah, they probably figured what'd be cheaper than ramps 1.4 and mega2560
jammiso of course the first thing to go was the expensive atmel mega2560 chip, and its separate board
Brandanoit has an OSHW logo
Brandanoso the schematics and gerbers should be available
jammilogo doesn't mean shit in chinese stuff
jammiit just means they added a logo, maybe in hopes to drive sales in people looking for a logo
jammisimilar to the fake CE logos
RaMcHiP_AND s3d is working!
RaMcHiP_My life is going better!
Brandanothere's the schematics
Brandanoit's meant to go on a due
Brandanodoesn't have the MCU on board
NowhereManthat Ramps-FD has known problems, dont use it
NowhereMangoogle it up, the designer wrote about it on reprap forums, Brandano
NowhereManGeetech won't make the next version of Ramps-FD that works...
BrandanoI wasn't contemplating it
Brandanojust looking up what it is
NowhereManand with the Chinese, OSHW = someone else designed it
NowhereManit is a Ramps to be used with the Due
Brandanothe power terminals look wimpy
Brandanoand I bet the traces aer too thin
NowhereManand they are...
jammihowever, at least some of the ramps 1.4 boards around are based on the original 1.4 design, but have some manual fixes applied
NowhereMansure, but AFAIK not the Ramps-FD
Brandanothe RAMPS is a pretty "dumb" board
jammiBrandano: yeah, but still had a lot of issues originally
Brandanoeven a poorly made one should be fixable
BrandanoI mean, add wires in parallel to the power lines
jammiI don't think there's a big risk of encountering the bad ones anymore except in old printers
NowhereManI have seen Ramps "1.5" and "1.6", rev'd up by the chinese mfg...
jammiNowhereMan: the 1.5's I've seen looked like legit 1.5's
NowhereManI believe on Ebay
BrandanoI have a "1.5", seems decent
Brandanonot using it atm. I want to see if I can get it working with a ST dev board
Brandanothis one:
Brandanoit's missing a whole double header of expansion pins, though...
RaMcHiP_YAY and verizon fixed my LTE on my laptop
RaMcHiP_Today is going GOOD for me LOL
jammiBrandano: I'm also going to consider that. I've had unused nucleos stuffed away for a few years waiting for something to use them on
jammithey're too big for most of my own one-off projects, where I rather use something like funduino pro mini or digispark
Brandanothere's some STM32 port of smoothie
NowhereManI saw that too ^
jammiBrandano: yeah, i've seen it, but breadboard stuff
jammirather than something to configure it for ramps
Brandanobut it ought to be able to be hacked for a RAMPS
NowhereMandoes the micro use 3.3 volts?
Brandanoas long as the pins can be re-mapped
BrandanoNowhereMan: most likely
Brandanoso, off with D1 to start with
NowhereManwill you get it to run 24 volts too?
Brandanodon't see why not
Brandanomy current controller runs at 24v
NowhereMan32 bit RAMPS that can run 24 volts would be the ballz
BrandanoIt's a velleman K8200 controller, essentially a RAMPS with an Atmega2560 on a single board
jammiI think the bigger issue is whether you can run the i/o with 3.3V
jammisince the arduino is 5V logic
Brandanowell, USB is 3.3v on the signal lines
jammiand the newer stuff is all 3.3V
jammimosfets, steppers and all that
NowhereManI know there were some 5v vs 3.3v issues on the Ramps-FD boards....
Brandanothe biggest problem is the mosfets
jammiand thermistors and such
RaMcHiP_Are the V6 hotends with the carbide inserts worth it?
Brandanomost common mosfets are not completely switched at 3.3V
NowhereManbut, I'd be glad to have Brandano work the bugs out and test it up then show us how to do the same
jammiBrandano: yeah, and many aren't at even 5V
NowhereManACTION grins
Brandanothe thermistors are only parts of a voltage divider
Brandanoso they work the same at any voltage
NowhereManso a mosfet change is the biggest problem?
jammithe high-power mosfets I use for stuff generally needs at least 7-9V or so to even start conducting, but like 12V or so
Brandanomosfets might need to be buffered
jammi12V or so to be completely on
jammiI'm just accustomed to using small pnp or npn transistors with them
Brandanoanother option is to use an optoisolated mosfet daughterboard and drive the optoisolator instead of the mosfet gate
NowhereManthat's a nice solution
Brandanoas long as the pin can manage it
NowhereManreally, keep the bits that burn on another isolated board
jammibut there are plenty of 74-series and other logic stuff that would have a lot of gates level-switching either inverting or not, by primary purpose or not
Brandanojammi: I was thinking about possibly using some 74-series buffer driver to drive optoisolated mosfet boards
jammiwhy optoisolated though?
NowhereMancome up with a single sided board...
Brandanobecause they are commonly available
NowhereMangib me a taco TheHexaCube
jammiI wouldn't bother with that unless you're having some high-voltage ac stuff on the other side, or an expensive computer, like a laptop or desktop system
TheHexaCubetaco taco olé
Brandanoand the reason they are optoisolated is mainly because they are set to be driven by the controller's own mosfet
TheHexaCubeand that concludes my spanish
NowhereManoh yeah?
NowhereManI doubt that
jammiBrandano: yeah, but I'd just go with wathever's cheapest
NowhereManever have a burrito?
jammiwhether inverting or not
Brandanoand since the controller switches to ground, it's easier to drive an LED than to ask the user to tap into the controller gate
TheHexaCubeNowhereMan: what if I tell you I never had one
NowhereManI wont believe you
jammiyou'll use the adc's and dac's directly anyway
jammiand they'll share the same psu as well
TheHexaCubeI think spanish/mexican foods aren't really popular or common here in germany
BrandanoNowhereMan: Not many burritos in Germany. A lot of kebabs, though
TheHexaCubeI don't think we have one restaurant for that in my city
TheHexaCubeI love me some kebab
jammiyeah, not much spanish/mexican stuff here either
Brandanojammi: not a lot of turkish stuff either, I gather
jammitypical junk food is pizza, by a wide margin, followed by hamburgers, followed by kebab places, followed by nepalese food
jammiBrandano: not really
jammisimilar to indian, but different
jammialthough I think the nepalese stuff is rarer than chinese in other parts of the country
TheHexaCubehere it's kebab, theeeeeen much later we have asian food :D
TheHexaCubethat's what you can eat in my town
BrandanoWell, overe here Pizza is traditional, but we also have a lot of kebab places and American chain junk food suppliers
TheHexaCubeoh and american fast food of course, depending in which half of the city you are :P
NowhereManamerican junk food is popular
TheHexaCubeone half has McD and BurgerKing next to each other
TheHexaCubeand the other one doesn't have any big fast food chain at all
jammimcd's are found anywhere in the world
BrandanoApparently there's a KFC in Rome
BrandanoI haven't been there yet
jammibk is a newer thing here, within the past decade or so
NowhereMannew McDonalds in a place last year, now there is a sign that Burger King is opening nearby....
TheHexaCubeI thiiink we have a domino's or something
Brandanothere were quite a few in London when I lived there
MeisterQ[08.02.18|16:22:17] <jammi> mcd's are found anywhere in the world <- ive found a mcd in that super healthy country danmark
TheHexaCubeI ate there once, tasted awful
NowhereManthey chase each other around
MeisterQbut i paid double the ammount there, as here in germany
jammithere's probably mcd's even in north korea
BrandanoMeisterQ: there's definitely a McDonald in Copenhagen
MeisterQprobably its called McUn
NowhereManone of the reasons McDs is popular in the USA is the low cost
BrandanoIIRC one at the airport and one in the train station
NowhereManif it is costly, why go there?
TheHexaCubeanyways, today I found out how much more you earn if I'd go to on-site assembly after my apprenticeshi
Brandanobut that was 15 years ago
NowhereManthen do it TheHexaCube
jammiNowhereMan: over here they're "popular" mostly because they're everywhere
MeisterQyeah Brandano, but not on that small citys on the north sea
TheHexaCube19% *just* because you go to another country
TheHexaCubethat's nuuts
jammibut still not as common as pizza-only and pizza-kebab places
jammikebab-only is pretty rare as well
NowhereManI rarely eat there but confess I did grab a meal the other night on the way to the airport
MeisterQpizza kebab places are everywhere
TheHexaCubeplus free airplane tickets and food and hotel
TheHexaCubecan't wait to go abroad *sigh*
Brandanoin Rome you will find two kinds of pizza. well, 3, really
jammiI think any town with 50k people or more has at least one mcd's
MeisterQwhere are you going TheHexaCube?
TheHexaCubeMeisterQ: well I guess wherever my employer tells me to... big sites are china, sweden and the US
Brandanoone is the street food variety, "pissa al taglio" bought by the slice and cooked in large retangular pans
TheHexaCubechances are high I can go to any of those countries
Brandano*Pizza al taglio"
BrandanoHow I mistyped that beats me
MeisterQwell, but not in your aprentenship right TheHexaCube?
jammipasta-in-a-box is one of the newer things
TheHexaCubeMeisterQ: yeah, I mean afterwards :P
jammibut they're outnumbered even by sushi places
Brandanothe other is the round pizza you buy in a restaurant. Roman pizza is thin.
TheHexaCube6-10 weeks China does sound like a great experience
BrandanoNeapolitan pizza is deeper, with edges that leaven up when cooking
jammiBrandano: basically pan pizza vs regular (pan pizza being ones with thick crust and not baked directly on the oven plate)
BrandanoAnd naturally all of them come in many varieties. None of them , I am happy to say, with pineapple
TheHexaCube... but pineapple on a pizza tastes nice ;_;
MeisterQi have to travel 4 times a year for about 1-2 weeks everywhere in the world
MeisterQfor my work
jammiare you kidding? pineapple is one of the better things to have on pizza
jammianjovis is absolutely the worst thing ever, whether on pizza or not
Brandanojammi: neapolitan pizza is baked directly on the oven plate but has a thick crust
MeisterQso jammi
jammior maybe not as bad as surströmming
jammibut both are fish
MeisterQpineapple was the reason, anakin skywalker killed that younglings
jammipineapple and blue cheese go hand in hand on pizza
TheHexaCubeew blue cheese
jammino, it's an awesome combo
TheHexaCubeI really wish I liked more cheese but I just can't stand the taste or texture of soft cheese
Lizards|Workblue cheese is garbage
jammiblue cheese isn't even soft
MeisterQbest combo is cheesepizza with garlic
jammiit's pretty hard and crumbly
Lizards|Workright, blue cheese is garbage
Lizards|Workit's ruined
MeisterQand more garlic as cheese is more better
TheHexaCubei loooove mozarella though :D
jammimozzarella is bullshit
NowhereMangarlic is good
NowhereManeat moire garlic people
BrandanoAFAIK the only pizza that SOMETIMES has garlic on is this:
TheHexaCubeare garlic people like... lizard people?
TheHexaCubebut with garlic?
NowhereMandon't rile up the lizard people
TheHexaCubeoh thank god I have a day off tomorrow
MeisterQnah, just order your cheesy pizza with a big load of garlic Brandano
MeisterQyou wont ever eat any other pizza anymore
TheHexaCubei don't think I'd survive another day of work
jammior just have an vampire infestation somewhere near them
BrandanoMeisterQ: I am Italian. I might consider it if you name it something else.
MeisterQahh bella italia
TheHexaCubepizza al formaggio! (or something? :P)
Lizards|Workmine more garlic!
NebukadnezaBrandano: high-gluten-sourdough pizza FTW
Brandanothere's a "Quattro formaggi" version
MeisterQwell. if you sell that pizza over there, you'd probably become a millionaire
NowhereMangluten is good
TheHexaCubeI really gotta eat some kebab again
Brandanowhich meand four cheeses. but it's a generic name, and the cheese varietise are not set
Nebukadnezawell, for a proper nice pizza you need it
TheHexaCubeused to eat it twice every week when I went to school
TheHexaCubenow it's been months since I had one
NebukadnezaCaputo Blue Gastro FTW
MeisterQso what if on four cheese pizza are five diffrent kinds of cheese?
buZzcomplete waste of pizza then
MeisterQis it not called four cheese anymore?
buZz'new york pizza' here sells a five and six cheese pizza
MeisterQsounds nice
MeisterQid order extra garlic
Brandanoprobably varies from region to region based on what cheeses are more typical of the zone
NowhereManso many varieties of cheese....
jammiquattro formaggi is nice, with pineapple
jammiand egg
Brandanojammi: slap some nutella on it while you are at it
Neomex*war beings*
Brandanoand anchovies
NowhereManmy wife loves pizza with chicken and pineapple
MeisterQpineapple is the reason for a death of an big group of people
jammichocolate pizza is also thing, as is marchmallow pizza
BrandanoI don't know of any pizza with chicke, pork, beef or any other kind of meat on it
Brandanoonly cured meats
jammiMeisterQ: so is any ingredient
NowhereManso, who died for the pineapple?
MeisterQtheres an disgusting chocolate pizza in germany
BrandanoMany bothans
jammiBrandano: your pizza selection is just too limited
MeisterQ[08.02.18|16:38:40] <NowhereMan> so, who died for the pineapple? <-- the jedis
TheHexaCubeyou know what tastes nice on a pizza?
MeisterQall of that younglings in the temple of jedi
TheHexaCubechicken and curry
NowhereManwtf? is this place full of Trekkies?
jammiI rather replace chicken on pizza with feta
MeisterQjedis are no trekkies
NowhereManr u sure?
MeisterQtrekkies are star trek
MeisterQjedis are star wars
jammilike, feta-bluecheese-paprika-pineapple
kraegarBrandano: I think we've discussed this before, but this place sounds fairly similar in their pizza to what you get.
NowhereMansame thing, really
MeisterQthats disgusting
MeisterQyou can buy it here in germany
jammiMeisterQ: yeah, I've seen the same here
TheHexaCubei don't even get why people dislike that pizza so much
TheHexaCubeisn't it essentially a dessert?
MeisterQive ate afew slices of that
jammiMeisterQ: my favourite oetker thing is the thick-crusted quattro formaggi
MeisterQnot more
NowhereManno, it is a meal
Brandanokraegar: close, except that Pepperoni is an American thing :)
MeisterQyeah, thats good jammi
MeisterQbut with garlic xD
jammiMeisterQ: oetker rustica iirc
Brandanoprobably similar to a type of hot sausages we have in some places in southern Italy
kraegarBrandano: that one's new.
jammiI have some in my freezer, but without the cardboard (takes too much space)
kraegarBrandano: they didn't have that when I was there. I think they added to to placate people who show up and want pepperoni, lol
Brandanoalso, the truffle oil is a recent thing
jammimy favourite italian thing is parma ham
jammiair dried ham basically
MeisterQyeah thats nice jammi
jammiin some specific caves there
BrandanoPersonally I prefer Tuscan ham. It hs a stronger flavour, and more salt.
MeisterQon a pizza even better
NowhereMancappacuolo and prosciuttini FTW
BrandanoParma is aged in two phases, and requires a pretty specific environment
Brandanothough nowadays we have climate controlled aging vaults
Brandanowhich makes it a bit easier to do
NowhereManhow hard is it to buy off the supermarket shelf?
Brandanoit's the reason why prosciutto is only made in some regions. Up in the mountains the same cut is smoked before aging, and is called Speck
Brandanothere's no traditional prosciutto in the south, though they probably make some too
NowhereMancouldn't they just buy it from the north?
Brandano they do now
Brandanonot 50 years ago
Brandanowell, 70 years ago
Brandanoyou have to consider that 100 years ago for us is not THAT long ago
NowhereManI think they have traded with each other for thousands of years....
NowhereManall of europe did a lot of trading
Brandanoyup, but the country is criss-crossed with mountains and rivers
NowhereManI know, very pretty country
Brandanotransporting stuff took time, and there were no fridges
Brandanoso you end up with salted fish being a traditional mountain dish
NowhereMannone of that would have stopped trading
jammi100 years is a long time in US, and 100 miles is some bullshit in US units anywhere but US
NowhereManand when you talk Europe, the people there have done a lot of trading since before written history
TailslideAnyone have a problem with their bed heating up so fast that it starts printing before the glass reaches the same temp as the bed ?
jammialso, when you talk Europe, it's not a single cultural area at all
NowhereManmy printer heats the bed then the hotend
jamminor ethnic
TailslideNowhereMan: Yeah mine too but it's still not enough time.. maybe I just bump up the temp an extra 10 degrees for the first layer
NowhereManneither is the USA
buZzTailslide: using the wrong gcode for bedtemp then
buZzTailslide: one is 'fire and forget' , other is 'set and wait till reached'
NowhereMantry that Tailslide
gthxbed is
TailslideIt was all printing fine then I put in a 24v 200w silicone heater and started having problems... adding 10 degrees seems to help.
buZzTailslide: check these
gthxM140 is set bed temperature, sets temperature and returns control to host immediately. Example: M140 S10
gthxM190 is set bed temperature and pause until reached, host loses control until temperature is reached. Example: M190 S65. In marlin M190 R30 waits for the bed to cool down too, useful in end gcode to run a fan until cool
buZzyou probably are using M140 , where you are looking to find the behaviour of M190
TailslideBuZz: no it's waiting until the temperature reaches reported temp
buZzoh, its heating up -too fast-
buZzput the thermistor on the other side of the glass then :D
TailslideYeah.. it does 110 degrees in like one minute
buZzor use thinner glass perhaps
TailslideI have one of those flexible buildtak plates on order maybe they heat up faster?
buZzno clue
TailslideThinner glass is a good idea
buZzi have a PEI sticker on a alu heating element
buZzheats up plenty fast
TailslideI have aluminum, glass with PEI on top
jammiglass on pcb on alu here, and heats about as fast as the hotend
buZzwhy would you do glass -and- PEI?
buZzjust clean glass adheres near perfectly already
buZzat least for PLA :)
TailslidebuZz: I have two plates .. one with PEI and one without. Some things stick to well to PEI some things don't stick well enough to glass
TailslideI just lift them out and swap them.. thermal mat between the glass and the bed.
BrandanoNowhereMan: I am specifically referring to Italy
buZzTailslide: so you're heating a 3 layer sandwich :)
buZzyeah that'll take a while
Brandanothat wasn't even a single country until a relatively short time ago
buZzmoving the thermistor to other side of the bed would fix it :P
Brandanowe surely had a lot of trade, but not for food
TailslideMaybe my slicer has a way to add a pause before printing
Brandanocustom gcode in the header
Brandanothere's both a code for a pause and one to wait for a continue from the user
Tailslidegreat.. I'll give that a shot
gthxM226 is G-Code initiated pause, works the same as the pause button. Matches M1 in NIST RS274NGC and M0 in Marlin. See
Brandanoalso, the set temperature commands are in two varieties, waiting and not waiting
buZzyeah he is waiting
buZzbut the heat isnt on other side of bed by that time :P
gthxG4 is Dwell, or pause the machine for a period of time, see also
BrandanoAh, I was looking for that
NowhereManBrandano, Italy isnt that large of a country
RaMcHiP_Man I am in love with this titan aero!!!
Brandanoif you are on RepRapFirmware you might want to use M291
BrandanoNowhereMan: yep, Odd that it still takes more than 6 hours to go from Rome to Pesaro by train, then
RaMcHiP_Printing my esteps calibration now but she looks like glass.
NowhereMan6 hours? not that long
Tecan 7 dollars
NowhereManI read 736 miles long by 237 miles wide
NowhereManit takes five days to cross the USA
Brandano6 hours is a long time for 300km
NowhereManTexas takes a day to get thru
NowhereManare you saying your trains suck?
Brandano4h by car
NowhereManhow were they under Mussolini?
Brandanotrasins suck, roads suck... there's a mountain range between them!
Brandanoit's the Appennines, so not even the tallest mountain range, the Alps are worse
Brandano3hr 40m by air
NowhereManit takes 4 hours to drive the Jersey turnpike
BrandanoItaly is a geographically complex country
Lizards|Workthe US is boring af
NowhereManthe USA is more complex
Brandanoyes, it's also a much bigger place
Lizards|Workno way
NowhereManyes way
Lizards|Worki don't believe you
Brandanobut don't presume that because Italy is small it's easy to travel from place to lpace
Brandanobuilding a motorway means punching through mountains
NowhereManyour belief is irrelevant to reality, Lizards|Work
NowhereManI've been thru many different mountains
Mangy_Doggeographically speacking
NowhereManlived on a few too
Mangy_Dogamerica is NOT boring
NowhereManhe's just jealous
NowhereManwhere do you live, Lizards|Work?
Lizards|Worknear some Great Lakes
Mangy_Dogamerica is the one continant with every kind of geographical feature
Mangy_Dogim eating a sarny no time to spell good
NowhereMansee? he sounds Canadian, Mangy_Dog
Mangy_Dogactually im british
Mangy_Dogbut i would love to live in canada sometimes
Mangy_Doglovely country
Lizards|Worknah, i'm in the great lakes megalopolis, but not on the canadian side
durrf2canada is nice
durrf2but its too cold here!!!
Lizards|Worki love how because i'm not a great big dumb face you assume i'm not american
Lizards|Workdurrf2: what's the outside temp in your backyard right now?
NowhereManit is 56F here right now
Mangy_Dogits pretty cold here in norfolk too
NowhereManso you've never left the chicago area, Lizards|Work?
Lizards|Work-11C here, and we're gonna get 12-20cm of snow
Lizards|WorkNowhereMan: "chicago area"
Mangy_Dogonly around 1c at the moment
NowhereManand Lizards|Work, Americans use Imperial
Lizards|Workmethinks you're misunderestimating the size of the great lakes megalopolis
Lizards|WorkNowhereMan: because i'm inclusive of the poor metric-tards who can't/won't do the conversions?
NowhereMan>americans convert into metric
NowhereManyer a trans-american
Lizards|Workthis channel is a place that you \cannot\ productively communicate without using metric
Brandano10°c, pretty cold for this time of day
buZzNowhereMan: what year was metric made official in US again?
NowhereManit never was
NowhereManbut keep dreaming
TheHexaCubegod damn alternate timelines
buZzNowhereMan: actually 1994
Lizards|Workthe inch is defined as what, now NowhereMan
buZzStill, most Americans are unable to make metric conversions
NowhereManI will fight for my right to use my ancestor's units, not your commie frenchy crap
Lizards|Workthe inch is a metric unit, because it's defined as 2.54cm
DigitalReaperNASA officially uses metric
BrandanobuZz: OR imperial conversions
NowhereManthe meter is defined as what, now Lizards|Work
Lizards|Workthe meter is the distance travelled by light during FUCK YOU
NowhereManbecause the survey data was changed to fit what they wanted when they created the meter....
BrandanoNowhereMan: you mean the units imposed from the UK on their colonies?
NowhereManthe inch was used all over europe
buZzUS is just a UK fanboy
buZzNowhereMan: nope
buZzjust UK
BrandanoActually, there's also an official meter standard
NowhereManand the metric system came out of the french revolution
Lizards|WorkBrandano: i sent a pm with my local weather... the airport is a little too specific for my location to share in the channel ahahaha
Lizards|WorkBrandano: he's a troll bruh... it's not worth it
NowhereManand that meter standard is no less arbitrary than the foot
buZzfrench revolution was before US even existed
NowhereManno, it wasnt
Brandanowell, the Romans had a sistem of measures
Brandanono inches AFAIK
NowhereManbefore you open your mouth you should learn some history, buZz
buZz1789 :P
jammiUS units have been based on metric, just with funny conversion factors since late 1800s
Lizards|Workthe meter may have been arbitrary, but as a centigrade standard unit it's way better than "the width of an acorn"
buZzmost of US was still french back then
jammior not just based on metric, more like defined in metric
buZzwell they still are
buZzseeing they all speak european
NowhereManthe us declaration of independence was 1776....
Lizards|Work1inch = 2.54cm
durrf2DigitalReaper: Science uses metric
jammiand it's also where they diverged from imperial
jammiand became us customary rather than imperial
BrandanoUS pints <> UK pints
buZzhmhm, US pints and barrels are smaller than UK pints and barrels
Lizards|Worka pint's a pound, the whole world 'round
buZzbut they sold as '1 barrel' obviously
buZzUS is built on fraud and tax evasion
BrandanoOunces <> Ounces. There's at least 3 types of ounces
NowhereManduodecimal >> decimal
buZzduodecimal , rofl
NowhereMandozenal rules
NowhereMandecimal drools
Brandanoand several types of miles, knots etc...
buZzBrandano: most amusing to me is the shoesize of the guy that made the 'feet' standard
buZzguy had some big ass feet
NowhereManhere is a good webpage y'all should read
NowhereManlearn something
buZzor gal
buZzNowhereMan: no
buZzyou can keep your flatearther math in your limited genepool just fine
buZzno need to spam
NowhereManoh look, we gots a badass here
BrandanobuZz: actually, it was the size of the foot on the Colossus statue, in front of the coliseum
Lizards|Workeverybody, i'm sorry... he's an "american" but i don't associate with him
NowhereManpoor buZz
NowhereManACTION pats buZz on the head
buZzBrandano: ha :) so even fakefeet
Lizards|Workoh shit
buZzACTION boops NowhereMan on the boop
Lizards|Workthat was a hell of a flex
BrandanoI believe it represented Emperor Nero
NowhereManoh look, he is trying to impress me
NowhereManyou know the metric system was imposed on the french in an attempt to remake the society, don't you?
BrandanoAh, no, the statue of Cossitus. I misread that
Brandanothe Colossus was much bigger
Lizards|Workah the old rejoin-aroo
Lizards|Workthat was a heck of a broad brush for the mute there lol
buZzwho even uses ipv4 anymore
Lizards|Work"this entire class b supernet, fuck you"
Mangy_Dogmost people
BrandanoACTION raises his hand...
buZzMangy_Dog: sad people
Mangy_Dogi use both
jammiLizards|Work: there are no ip classes anymore
Mangy_Dogmy internet is ipv6
Lizards|Worki'll use ipv4 until ipv6 is required for in-home LANs
Mangy_Doginternal ip4
Mangy_Dogmy internet is both
BrandanoWell, class C networks are mostly IPv4 still
buZzLizards|Work: sure makes it all a shitton easier :P
Mangy_Dogso my computer has both
jammiiirc, late 90s in when it was abandoned for a finer-grained system than merely classes
Lizards|WorkbuZz: if you say so...
Lizards|WorkbuZz: i can store a 32bit binary in my head
buZzi can afford a dns server :P
Lizards|Worki haven't been able to do the same for ipv6 addresses yet
Lizards|Workroot root root
Lizards|Worksu root
jstevewhiteI root ALL the packetzes, bitchez
Lizards|Worki fight for the root user
Mangy_Dogit just took me over 2 years to remember my mobile number :/
Mangy_Dogim shit at remembering sequinces
Lizards|Worki accidentally learned my library card number when i was forced to use it for signing on to library computers back in the early aughts
Lizards|Workit's... still up there
jstevewhiteI learn my credit card and debit card numbers accidentally
Lizards|Workcan't remember the natural color of my sister's hair, but i know my library card number
buZzcheck her armpits
Mangy_Dogi know my debit card
Lizards|Work"hey stand still long enough to grow some pit hair"
Mangy_Dogbut only because its hardly changed since i was 16
NowhereMandone being a moron, buZz?
Mangy_Dogthe first three sets of numbers have aways been the same
buZzNowhereMan: please address the mirror with your own name, not mine
jstevewhite"I'm rubber, you're glue" lol
NowhereManyeah jstevewhite
jstevewhite"I know, but what am I"?
Brandanohmm, should I play Monkey Island yet again?
NowhereManshould I call him a poopyhead now, jstevewhite?
jstevewhiteNowhereMan: You're playing that game, not me
NowhereManam I?
Brandanoone advantage of a normal memory is that you can forget some of the puzzles in adventure games
BrandanoI mean, it's great to remember everything, but I don't envy you Lizards|Work
jstevewhiteoh, I forget aqll kinds of stuff I shouldn't.. And remember all kinds of stuff I shouldn't.
Brandanosame here
durrf2i have forgotten more then you will ever know!!!!!!!!!!!
buZzlike 'ken sent me'
Lizards|WorkBrandano: i was just thinking... i haven't had a difficult run-through of first generation pokemon games since ... 1999?
durrf2its me im the library of alexandria
buZzthe password for larry1 to get into the brothel
BrandanoI remember random sets of letters and numbers generated with a script for wifi passwords
jstevewhitedurrf2: But you seem to have forgotten more than YOU know, as well.
NowhereMani remember more than you have forgotten, durrf2
durrf2Lizards|Work: pokemon games are not difficult
durrf2you cant just say the same thing i said but in reverse
durrf2thats not how it works
Lizards|Workdurrf2: unknown dungeon, victory road, cinnabar islands
NowhereManI just did
Lizards|Workgetting to the birds, getting all the "puzzles" solved
durrf2Lizards|Work: just get a missingno
Lizards|Worki don't even bother getting flash anymore, i just muscle memory through that cave
NowhereMani have a bird on my shoulder right now
Valduare_i see #reprap is in some oddish kind of pissing match of weirdos this morning :P
Valduare_normal day :P
thewsLizards|Work, unless you're a savant you just need to feed lots more numbers into your brain to purge the old stuff
NowhereManit's IRC
jstevewhiteValduare_: you're here, right?
Lizards|Workthews: i've tried...
thewsLizards|Work, I barely recognize stuff from networks I manage now
thewsseveral locations and a hundred vlans
thewsand stuff doesn't always click
BrandanoLizards|Work: maybe you can volounteer as backup human DNS
Lizards|Worknah, i'm not quite a savant... i know i can forget things... i just don't get to choose what goes
Brandanopeople rarely get to choose what to forget
jstevewhiteDude I worked with in a camera shop had the most... retentive memory I've ever seen
Brandanoand generally it requires large consumption of alcoholic beverages
jstevewhiteGuy walked in and sat down at the high dollar counter, and Rick said "Hi, Mike." The dude was like, "How the hell do you remember my name? I was in here ONCE, like, four years ago."
Brandanosome people can forget specific things, for a fee
jstevewhiteRick said, "Yeah, and you bought that red dial from me, a 30mm, and a 90mm."
buZzeasy trick to remember people's names when you meet them the first time
NowhereManmaybe Mike was someone you couldn't forget easily
buZzget them to mention their name before you mention yours
thewsI can't remember the names of the two guys that I just talked to
jstevewhiteRick went on " That red dial was serial number nnnnnn"
buZzand repeat it back to them before saying your own
thewsmichael and something
thewshave their business cards in my pocket
buZzthews: bay
jstevewhiteNowhereMan: nope. Rick could remember *everything*
Brandanojstevewhite: well, he knew your name so yoyu must have struck a conversation
thewsother one was thomas
Brandanoand that helps a lot
jstevewhiteBrandano: ?
Brandanonormally you don't formally introduce yourself to a guy behind a counter
jstevewhiteWell, it wasn't *me*, it was some rando
jstevewhitebut back then you had to fill out reciepts by hand with th eserial numbers and shit
jstevewhiteso you wrote down the customer's name and serial numbers
NowhereManthe good old days
BrandanoAh, ok, I mean he must have struck a conversation with your colleague
NowhereManpre-puter, when things got done well
jstevewhitebut Rick remembered them FOUR YEARS LATER
bpyeI really underestimated how long it'd take me to design a part for my printer...
jstevewhiteWhile that is probably true, Rick never forgot anyone's name
bpyeAnd it's just a cable strain relief :(
NowhereManyou modeled a ziptie?
Brandanojstevewhite: memory is weird
Valduare_jstevewhite: Dude I worked with in a camera shop had the most... retentive memory I've ever seen —— he was probably taking pictures of everything to remember :P duh
Brandanoif someone strikes you as odd for any reason you are more likely to remember him
bpyeNowhereMan: Not quite, it's to attach to my P3steel frame
bpyey carriage*
NowhereManit doesn't seem that complicated, what CAD package did you use?
Brandanobpye: any reason the bottom subtraction has two lobes?
NowhereManoh boy, that explains it
Brandanonah, it's a matter of habit
NowhereMantry a real CAD program and that sorta thing is modeled easy
Brandanomost of the things you would classify as real CAD programs are less CADish than OpenSCAD
NowhereMannot at all true
TheHexaCube:( now nearly all pads are square again
NowhereManOpenSCAD is for Linux Engineers, not real engineers
bpyeBrandano: Hm not really any reason...
Lizards|Worki remember when i was compelled to troll in #reprap
Brandanobpye: I was wondering if you should just hull them before subtraction
NowhereManwho is trolling, Lizards|Work?
NowhereManseriously, if that part took a long time to model you should move to a better CAD program, bpye
NowhereManOpenSCAD is pretty much like the CAD packages of 1983
buZzyeah openscad is for real engineers, not winderp users
TheHexaCubethe thing I dislike about openscad is that it still uses faces >:(
TheHexaCubei mean
buZzif you're handicapped into using winderp, better use one of em clicky cads
Valduare_fusion360 is all you need
buZzValduare_: and once that gets released as FOSS i'll consider it
NowhereManfusion360 is far better than OpenSCAD, that's for sure
Valduare_your loss
Brandanowell, there's FreeCAD too
NowhereManhe is a True Believer, Valduare_
Brandanobut I prefer OpenSCAD
jstevewhiteFreeCAD is... terrible.
bpyeI did try FreeCAD once but I struggled more with that...
Valduare_i belive in productivity :)
NowhereManI prefer Pro/Engineer
jstevewhiteOpenSCAD is fun
NowhereManit's made me a lot of $$
jstevewhiteFreeCAD and Blender compete for 'who can have the worst UI'
NowhereManworse than blender?
NowhereManoy vey!
BrandanoActually, Blender's UI is not that bad
Brandanoit just has too much stuff on it for a beginner
jstevewhiteThis is clearly some use of the phrase "not that bad" I haven't encountered before.
jstevewhiteEh, fuck that
jstevewhiteI've used the commercial pro programs too
buZzyeah once you get past the basics on blender, its starting to make a lot more sense
jstevewhiteBlender's UI is TERRIBLE
BrandanoI have used 3DS Max, and it was not any better
jstevewhiteBack in the 90s, sure :D
Brandanothe fact is, mesh modellers are complex
NowhereManhell, y'all might as well use LightWave
Brandanoand Blender tries to cram every function on the screen
jstevewhiteI've used lightwave. It's better than Blender, UI-wise
jstevewhiteI've used Maya
AmeisenBlender's UI is awful, but it's better than the competition usually
Brandanothere's a few themes that make it more user friendly
AmeisenBut I'm a programmer
jstevewhiteEven Houdini had a better UI than blender
Ameisenthe issue Blender has is almost everything is very non-intuitive
NowhereManI don't use gamer cad software
Ameisenand I always have to ask VanessaE how to do things
ccecil_jstevewhite, it's not so bad once you get done pulling all your teeth
BrandanoBlender is not CAD
VanessaEACTION hides
jstevewhiteccecil_: +++
Ameisenlike... flood select shouldn't ONLY be doable through, say, whatever VanessaE said it was
Ameisenctrl enter or something
Ameisenthere should be a clear menu option
Ameisenvertices - select adjacent vertices
Ameisenvertices - flood select
VanessaEor ctrl-left-button for lasso
Ameisenselect _all_ connected vertices
AmeisenI had to hit ctrl++ like 20 times :(
Ameisengot slower every time
VanessaEthere IS a select-all-connected
Ameisenblender isn't very fast
Valduare_you hear that VanessaE blender is not cad :P
VanessaEI just don't remember it.
BrandanoYou can use Blender to do some parametric modeling, if you keep the modifier stack un-applied
NowhereManit isn't cad
AmeisenVanessaE - it shoudln't be hard to find, that's the problem
Brandanobut it just isn't meant for mechanical modeling
Ameisenblender tends to use weird names
Ameisenand hides things
jstevewhiteI mean, commercial software has complex interfaces as well. ZBrush, for instance
Ameisenflood select should be a very obvious and common thing
jstevewhiteit's complex, but it doesn't SUCK.
Ameisenwe should fork blender, clean up the UI
Ameisencall it Food Processor
Ameisenand rewrite it entirely in C++ so it doesn't take an hour to do simple tasks ;)
NowhereManCuisinFart Modeler
jstevewhiteAmeisen: That would be awesome. Give it a good UI.
ccecil_we talked about doing a skin that was 3d printer cad friendly
AmeisenI blame the plugins all being interpreted as to why it's slow at simple things
ccecil_many...many years ago :) but that project seems to have stalled at inception
buZzccecil_: they did implement some plugins to show overhangs etc, i think?
ccecil_buZz, it was really good for making nested plates of stls
ccecil_that was mainly what I used it for...and it had a visualizer
BrandanoI think it would be neater to add mouse input generation and altering of primitives in OpenSCAD
ccecil_there was a gcode visualizer plugin for it at one point
VanessaEAh. Ameisen: Select -> Linked
Ameisensee, that's a weird name
Ameisenwhy not call it flood select
VanessaEyes, it is weird.
Ameisenthat's what basically everyone knows it as - flood fill
AmeisenI'm still not clear on edge loops, etc
Brandanobecause some commercial product would claim they are copying them?
Ameisensometimes edge loops work
Ameisenother times they're confusing and don't work
ccecil_all I remember about blender was "N" for the proper menu/interface page
ccecil_only useful page on there :)
BrandanoAmeisen: edge loops are dependant on topology
Brandanosame as edge rings
Valduare_When is something going to be used other than .stl
gthxamf is Unlike its predecessor STL format, AMF has native support for color, materials, and constellations.
AmeisenThere was actually a guy writing a simple 3d modeler (think milkshape but muuuuuch better) for game development
Ameisenbut he stopped
Ameisenwhat he had for a while was actually really nice
Ameisenit wasn't meant at all for rendering, etc
Ameisenit was purely a modeler
ccecil_yeah...amf would be sweet...use different color for different fill...etc
Ameisenand had limited animation capabilities
BrandanoI believe it supports arcs too
Brandanocurved edges defined by vertex normals
ccecil_wasn't it patented though or something like that
Brandanonah, just "stl is good enough"
ccecil_until it isn't :)
Brandanoand you'd have to rewrite the entire toolchain
ccecil_my printer shows the limitations of the stl in the final print...and it is many years old
Brandanonot all firmwares support arc moves, and most slices can't generate them
ccecil_smoothie does...marlin I am not sure
BrandanoMarlin supports arc moves, but internally segments them in linear moves
AmeisenVanessaE - I'm going to try using pypy or something with Blender
Ameisenmight speed it up
BrandanoI assume smoothie does the same
AmeisenBrandano - I'm working on that in Tuna
Ameisenthat's one of my next tasks
AmeisenNot arc moves in particular, but adding true curved movements
BrandanoAmeisen: is tuna going to run on STM32?
Ameisensince I want to make edge curve slightly to reduce jerk
AmeisenTuna won't. Skipjack will.
ccecil_Brandano, I would need to ask jim
AmeisenSkipjack will inherit some libraries from Tuna, but otherwise will be a clean rewrite.
ccecil_Brandano, I know it supports arcs...not sure how it handles them but since it is geared more for cnc/laser I am not sure
AmeisenMy current very very very very very simple builds for ARM run on Teensy, but shouldn't be hard to migrate to STM
VanessaEAmeisen: I thought blender just used python for plugins and such, not the base code?
AmeisenVanessaE - I think some of the things like modifiers run in Python
Brandanoccecil_: as long as the straight segments have a higher resolution than the mechanical limits of the printer they should be fine
Ameisenwhich is why they're INCREDIBLY slow to run
Ameisenthat, or the people who are maintaining Blender are programmers with absolutley atrocious concepts of how algorithms work
Ameisensince some of the things I ask Blender to do take like an hour, where I could literally write a C++ snippet that does it in 10 seconds
Brandanoa good portion of the Blender UI is managed via python
Ameisenlike generating complex spheres
Ameisentell ie to make a 1000x1000 sphere
AmeisenI can generate all of the vertices, normals, etc for that in C++ in less than a second
Ameisenit takes Blender about 30 minutes
AmeisenI have zero idea what it's doing
Ameisenand Blender's build process is annoying
AmeisenBlender... just tries to do too much, I think
AmeisenI want a modeler.
AmeisenMaybe with some animation support for gamedev
AmeisenI don't need a full renderer, etc
AmeisenBlender is certainly geared more towards rendering than mesh work
Valduare_Ameisen: its hitting up to get some cheap 5 dollar program to calculate the math for it and then IT displays the 1000x1000 sphere :P
AmeisenThus, I think forking Blender might not be a terrible idea
Ameisentake blender, strip out the renderer and tings for it
Ameisennow we are working from a codebase that's 25% the original size
Ameisenand can optimize for use-cases
Ameisenand can strip out some of the internal logic it uses for meshes that is no longer necessary
Ameisenthe math to generate a UV Sphere (as blender calls it) is very simple
ccecil_Brandano, yeah...smoothie is segmented too...arthur answered :)
Ameisenjust a bunch of sin and cos
Ameisenisospheres are a bit more complicated, but really not by much
Ameisenstart with a... whatever the shape is called
Ameisenpyramid with 3 sides
Ameisenthen just repeatedly subdivide each triangle
Ameisennormalizing the distance of the new center vertex
Ameisentheir annoyance is UV mapping, since there's no 'nice' way to UV map an isosphere
Ameiseneasiest way is to use a warped cubemap UV
Ameisensince you can generate a cubemap from a cylindrical map, still works for things like planets
Ameisenand helps eliminate the annoying 'wrinkle' at the poles
AmeisenI've actually used cubemaps for skyboxes in cabes
Ameisenit eliminates some potential warping issues near the edges with certain FOVs, and eliminates some overdraw from vertices.
BrandanoAmeisen: use a subdivided cube conformed to a sphere shape and you get nice mapping
Brandanothink basket ball
Brandanoall quads and relatively little distortion on the edge cases too
Brandano90 degrees angle widened to 120 degrees where you have to join 3 faces instead of 4
Ameisenall spheres tend to have issues with mapping on the GPU due to normals
Ameisenthe GPU uses linear interpolation of values between vertices
Ameisenproblem is that the surface of a sphere requires spherical interpolation
Ameisenso you can have lighting artifacts
Ameisennewer GPUs can give you the ability to override the default interpolation behavior though, IIRC
Ameisennot cheap\
AmeisenVanessaE - I'm extracting the PyPy source right now
Ameisengonna see if I can fix up the Win64 issues they have (they use long heavily to hold pointer values - works on Linux because long is 64-bit there, but on windows long is 32-bit)
AmeisenPyPy is a JITted python implementation, so should be faster
AmeisenPython also has a bytecode, so I can write my own JIT potentially
Brandanowell, the python bytecode is not exactly compiled
Brandanocython is compiled, IIRC
AmeisenAll I need is the python code already lexed and parsed.
jstevewhite"compiled to bytecode" is a thing
Ameisenwhich the bytecode will already be
Ameisenthat will give me the overall logic of each method, which shoudl be enough to JIT or even just AOT-process the code into native x86
BrandanoI mean, the "compiler" makes no effort to optimize for a specific target or to optimize program structures
AmeisenThat would be the AOT compiler's job.
Ameisentrivial optimizations are simple.
AmeisenSHould still be faster than CPython execution even with only basic optimizations like constant folding
crankylinuxuseroptimization #1: replace user with shell script
Lizards|Workcrankylinuxuser: i do this wherever possible
crankylinuxuserwhat do you do with the body, then/
AmeisenACTION isn't a huge fan of Python
AmeisenI am usually either writing where I need performance, or am writing simple scripts to help a build
Ameisenwith the latter, meh, I just use Ruby
Lizards|Workcrankylinuxuser: they usually get repurposed into order fulfilment positions
crankylinuxuserawww, that's lame. I figured you would toss'em in the baler and send them on their way :)
crankylinuxuserso, C and Ruby, eh?
jstevewhiteThe person I prefer replacing with a script is me.
jstevewhiteAnd then I do other stuff.
jstevewhitelike chat on IRC
bill2or3Wait, you're not a script?
BrandanoSoylent green
crankylinuxuseryeah wasnt there that verizon engineer who subcontracted their job and then did whatever (prolly batin)
jstevewhiteI know devs who've had overseas 'dev for hire' types do some of the tedious work for them.
Brandanothe problem was reading back all the comments in hindi
crankylinuxuserunless there's a clearance involved, I see little wrong with that :)
jstevewhiteNeh, he paid the extra quarter to get english speaking devs
AmeisenThere is Cython
jstevewhitecrankylinuxuser: frankly, neither do i, but the businesses involved don't see it that way
durrf2fiver is great for tedious shit
Brandano"ok, the program works, but does it erally need to implement a whole SMTP server?"
crankylinuxuserjstevewhite, unless it's about *your* job. Then they most certainly do
Ameisenso if we actually fork Blender... what would be wise would be to make Python plugins obsolete, but to run current ones through Cython and execute them as libraries
jstevewhitecrankylinuxuser: yep
AmeisenPython seems a weird language to do mesh/modeling plugins in - it's better at other things.
AmeisenFunctional languages, and also C-like languages like C#, are better at math.
crankylinuxuserpass the pain and suffering to all, and use perl5
BrandanoAmeisen: it's meant to be easy for non-programmers to use
AmeisenBrandano - which probably also explains their performance problems :P
crankylinuxuseron the bright side, it is good at handling the text with STLs and gcode
crankylinuxuseryeah the bigger problem with python is shared execuition space with all things that run python. Makes for some interesting debugging sessions
AmeisenPyPy is written in RPython
AmeisenI'm not set up to work with Python
crankylinuxuseralthough for speed stuff, im looking more at Rust
crankylinuxuserI tried Golang, but I just don't like their design decisions
AmeisenBrandano - since you seem to know Python
Ameisenat what level are optimizations performed?
AmeisenYou say the compiler lacks an optimizer
AmeisenAre they performing optimizations by preprocessing the bytecoe?
crankylinuxuserit's a JIT
Brandanoeven running a python .py script it's converted to bytecode before being executed
AmeisenCPython isn't a JIT
Ameisenor at least, not in the traditional sense
Ameisenit isn't converting anything to host machine code
Ameisenit's a runtime bytecode generator/interpreter?
crankylinuxuserUnladen Swallow was an optimization branch of CPython, intended to be fully compatible and significantly faster. It aimed to achieve its goals by supplementing CPython's custom virtual machine with a just-in-time compiler built using LLVM.
jammimodern js's otoh are jit, and perform much better
Brandanoessentially, Python can't optimize much, because the language itself is "too flexible" for that
Brandano"Your if condition == True: example is a good one: that comparison could be optimized only if the compiler could prove that condition is always a boolean, which is a non-trivial task if it derives from anything but literals in the current scope - and if it could prove that, at runtime, nobody managed to overwrite True with something else (possible only in Python 2 IIRC). "
jammiand on the ruby side (at least mri), the C extensibility is made so easy and straight-forward it doesn't matter much how the ruby code performs since you can easily identify and optimize the bottlenecks, when it matters
jammiwhereas in python, it's comparatively a major pita to deal with C++ extensions
MerkWerkso i have an old prusa mendel i2 that is my primary printer. say i want to upgrade it to something more modern (like i3). any recommendations on a kit for that? :P
Brandanojammi: well, one advantage of python there is that it's strongly typed, even if it allows to reassign different types to the same variable
jammieven moreso in js, where it's pretty rare regardless
Brandanoif you try to sum an integer and a string python will complain
crankylinuxuserMerkWerk, not entirely sure what the hordes here suggest as a migration from i2
jammiBrandano: it doesn't differ much vs js and ruby there
Brandanojs will just decide that the string wins and concatenate
jammior does so only artificially
AmeisenUnladen Swallow was not integrated into CPython
Ameisenonly parts of it
AmeisenCPython itself is still lacking a JIT
reifsnyderbseen mutley*?
gthxmutley85 was last seen in #reprap 6 days, 4 hours, 22 minutes, 44 seconds ago saying 'mm'.
gthxmutley was last seen in #reprap 8 days, 23 hours, 14 seconds ago saying 'willmore: no worries'.
gthxmutley_ was last seen in #reprap 118 days, 22 hours, 50 minutes, 55 seconds ago saying 'hey Lizards|Work'.
jammiin the real world, unless you're writing binary formats or protocols (for which they all are the wrong tool), it shouldn't really matter since mistyping is rare
BrandanoMerkWerk: print parts for a new printer, then reuse the hardware you can
crankylinuxuserAmeisen, quit using tools the way they werent intended, and spend time on tools that work.
BrandanoMerkWerk: there's some nice corexy designs
crankylinuxuserpython is great for a bunch of things. Speed is not one of them.
Ameisencrankylinuxuser - ok
MerkWerkyeah i cant certainly make the printed parts. guess i need to do some research and see what else would be good
Ameisentell the Blender developers that
Ameisennot me
Brandanopython is great to glue libraries together
MerkWerktrying to keep it cheap, so i dunno if i could manage to switch to something like corexy
crankylinuxuserMerkWerk, stay away from anything that uses acrylic as a structural material. Too brittle and will snap when you least expect it.
BrandanoAmeisen: Belnder uses C and C++ for the things that erquier speed
AmeisenBrandano - then why does generating a UV Sphere with high vertex density take 30 minutes
MerkWerkoh no doubt. aluminum for sure, but will settle for steel too
Ameisenwhen I can do the same in C++ in about one second
BrandanoAmeisen: to dissuade people from doing it
AmeisenBlender is awful at processing complex objects
crankylinuxusers/at processing complex objects//
Brandanowhen people uses Blender commercially, they don't use high poly complex scenes
kraegarwho let crankylinuxuser back on? thought we evicted him
TheHexaCubehrmpf I wish there would be small IC heatsinks with longer fins :(
Brandanoyou can get the same result using textures properly
TheHexaCubeno, they just increase in area instead
crankylinuxuserno that was curlyears :P
jammiruby + c is a nice combo of making something nice and pretty on the high level, yet perform low-level tasks well
TheHexaCubeehhh, Blender does fine with up to 1 million verts
reprapperguys, do you know whats a bulli ? :)
TheHexaCubeyour scene can get awfully complex until you reach 1 million verts
crankylinuxusersooo, nobody's going to respond to "blender is awful", eh?
BrandanoTheHexaCube: as long as you have enough RAM
jammibut for a modern app you typically use a dynamically typed language, the quality of the runtimes / jits and other tooling just makes js stand out
TheHexaCubeBrandano: nah it's not even RAM related afaik, blender just has problems with going above that :P
reprapperblender is an amazing tool
Brandanocrankylinuxuser: well, try it in #blendercoders
TheHexaCubeunless you turn several features off
TheHexaCubethen you can go up to 40 million verts or something
TheHexaCubefeatures as in, display features
BrandanoI think OpenGL is one major bottleneck there
crankylinuxuserjust pirate zbrush like most of the artists do on thingi :P
Brandanoif something has 1 million vertexes, it displays 1 million vertexes
jammithere's a reason both apple and microsoft went with their own proprietary display techs rather than stick to opengl
Brandanothat can be awfully slow on some hardware
AmeisenIf I were designing a plugin interface, I'd likely use C# for it
TheHexaCubedoes it really Brandano?
Ameisenand if I had to use a higher language, Lua
jammiopengl is like the python of 3d engines
TheHexaCubeiirc there's the option to display only verts that are actually visible
crankylinuxuserC-sharp? uhhhhhhhhh
BrandanoTheHexaCube: Intel integrated graphics?
Ameisenjammi - OpenGL isn't a 3d engine
Lizards|Workseas harp
jammikinda pretty on the outside, but performs like a dog
Ameisenit's an API
jammiAmeisen: maybe oversimplified, but 3d hal / api / driver interface, yes
Ameisenone that has a lot of ancient idiosyncrasies
Ameisenand lost a lot of developers to D3D after D3D9
jammiyeah, something that should've died in the 1990s along with sgi
Brandanoanyway, I think I will head home
Ameisenand now we have D3D12 and Vulkan for very low level
Ameisenand they're almost the smae.
jammiand metal
crankylinuxuserNo, S3 had MeTaL
Ameisenmy GPU has no difficulty rendering one million verts
Ameisenor 10 million.
AmeisenBlender has difficulty _processing_ large numbers of vertices
AmeisenI have no idea what it's doing
jammimy gpu choices are more about driver compatibility and quality than speed; they're all fast enough at >200€ or so
jammifaster of course being better, but it doesn't really matter as long as they're not the bottleneck
crankylinuxuseryeah, stay away from nvidia if you use linux. way too many badnesses there.
MerkWerkthingiverse search is broken again, yay
jammiyeah, and stay away from amd if you want to hackintosh. shitty drivers.
jammiactually both for cpu and gpu
crankylinuxuserwhy would you willingly wear a strap-on-computer?
jammiyou mean why would you willingly use a unix system with great quality native gui apps and development tools available?
crankylinuxuserYeah, Debian is pretty awesome
MerkWerki generally use ubuntu, but yeah :P
jammidebian makes for nice appliances and servers, sure
jammiat least low-effort ones
jammibut for gui apps... meeeh
jammiand not really that great in the development tool department either
jammiespecially if you use apt to manage them
MerkWerkit has vim and gcc, what more do you need? :P
crankylinuxusermacintrashes are already 99% app-ified. You need to go through a whole song and dance to even install a 3rd party package. Not even microsoft is that bad.
jammiMerkWerk: a lot more
jammicrankylinuxuser: I have no idea what you're talking about
crankylinuxuserand what, you want to install something into /usr/bin ? NOPE
MerkWerkapple stuff is fine if you fit into their narrow view of the world. and dont mind paying through the ass for it
jammiMerkWerk: hackintoshes are the remedy for the latter at least
jammiand the former applies to everything
MerkWerkbut i personally think the company is evil and shouldnt get my money regardless
jammithe options are narrow views of the world vs other narrow views of the world. sometimes there's some overlap, but mostly not
crankylinuxuserwhat part of "I download a package from a trusted 3rd party website, outside their app ecosystem, and the system prevents it from being installed" do you understand?
Nebukadnezanew hotend sock
AmeisenWhy the heck did the PyPy developers write it in RPython, convert it to C, and then build the library
Ameisenjust write it in C.
jammicrankylinuxuser: I think you've no knowledge of what you're talking about
Ameisenit adds a number of build steps
jammicrankylinuxuser: what are you sourcing it from; slashdot? :D
crankylinuxuserinb4 soviet russia
bill2or3I've heard that python developers often prefer to code in python...
jammicrankylinuxuser: remember gnaa?
crankylinuxuserthe gay nigger ass-ociation of america? ugh.....
crankylinuxuseryeah, I saw a post recently on reddit that linked to their shock site, Last Measure. I thought they had all died.
Tecan 7 dollars 7 dollars
jammiI'm kinda pissed early slashdot was buggy enough to corrupt my 4-digit account
Tecanput openwrt on the teslacoil
jammiand they never fixed it, so I just have to use my 5-digit account like a common pleb
crankylinuxuserI still remember my troll I did that picked up 300 something comments.
AmeisenACTION just had a nightmare of the PHP developers writing the PHP interpreter in PHP
crankylinuxuserIt was a routine Opera Feature notice. I bombed it with an anti-open-source diatribe (surprised?) . It took the troll cake
jammiAmeisen: how about 1-upping it to php developers writing a python interpreter in python, and beating cpython hands down in performance?
AmeisenI wrote the fastest MIPS32r6 emulator in existence :P
jammipersonally, I think python is actually that bad
Ameisenwhich is an accomplishment because I'm also probably the only person who has used MIPS32r6 for anything
jammiand I have no high thoughts of php either
crankylinuxuserpretty high programming ?
crankylinuxuseror horrible? I can never remember
Lizards|Workpersonal home page
Lizards|Workphp hypertext preprocessor
jammishould've been called ssi++
Lizards|Workphp hypertext preprocessor hypertext preprocessor
Lizards|Workphp hypertext preprocessor hypertext preprocessor hypertext preprocessor
jammissi being the server side include ssi
crankylinuxuserhit'em wit it
Lizards|Workoh snap!
crankylinuxuserwell. dead bot
GrantM11235Benoit B. "The B stands for Benoit B. Mandelbrot" Mandelbrot
MerkWerkdoes prusa even publish his design files anymore?...
MerkWerkahh cool
crankylinuxuserbwahahahah, "LL bean is sewing electronics crap in their clothes that posts shit to the ethereum blockchain.." uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
crankylinuxuseryou cant make this shit up
lowrizzlei'm waiting for them to be able to use my wrist implants to mine
crankylinuxuserMaybe I just don't get the blockchains. But damn, use a fucking database. not rocket surgery
lowrizzlei reckon i dig up at least one coin a morning right before i get out of bed
MerkWerkhmm not really having any luck finding a mk3 frame kit that comes with the extrusions
Ameisennext time I build a printer, I think I'm gonna use 4040, 6060, or 8080 extrusion
Ameisenvery very very very rigid, but also easier to work with than stock
durrf2200200 or bust
Ameisencouldn't find 200200
AmeisenI found 150150
crankylinuxuserpay 10x as much and go with 8020!
TheHexaCubei really gotta find out how expensive 4040 is at work
Ameisenthere's 120120
Ameisenmisumi has 100100
TheHexaCubethose pictures
TheHexaCube"yeah we don't really know how to build industrial machinery so let's just use extrusion" :D
AmeisenGo with 500500 extrusion
Ameisenbuild the printer inside the tube.
TheHexaCubenevermind, they actually just enclosed the machines
TheHexaCubeI take my statement back
crankylinuxuserLaaaame, just use I-Beams
Ameisenjust build a wooded mold for your printer, pour aluminum into it
Ameisensolid frame
TheHexaCube1st link is faulty
TheHexaCubenow THAT are some heatsinks
crankylinuxuserso r u TheHexaCube :P
AmeisenI just use old aluminum ramsinks
Ameisenmeant for old GPUs
TheHexaCubebuuuut they of COURSE don't give dimensions
MerkWerkthe p3steel frame looks like a decent option
crankylinuxuserheh. someone said I suck because my "how'd they do that" wasn't a fucking dissertation. Told'em I'd blow too if they were nice.
MerkWerkif i can find a source in the us...
p3ckMerkWerk, does that help? They are out of NJ
lowrizzleconsequently all their stuff smells like an armpit and has a shitty attitude
lowrizzleand calls coffee kaw-fee
NowhereManit's a jersey joke
NowhereManthings from there smell like an armpit because jersey IS the armpit of the USA
NowhereManand you'd have a shitty attitude too if you were stuck in jersey, lowrizzle
MerkWerkoh ebay. $69! (with $58 shipping)
lowrizzlei'm probably drink a lot of kawfee
MerkWerkwonder how much it would cost to have a frame laser cut locally
NowhereManyou have to ask to find out, that could vary a lot
bill2or3I wonder if waterjeting is cheaper.
bill2or3ACTION ponders
NowhereManthat also would depend on who cuts it for you...
MerkWerkwaterjet could be. but would want one that has kerf angle compensation
NowhereManhow thick is the frame? 1/8"?
MerkWerklooks like 3mm is specified
lowrizzlethe frame itself doesn't need to be extremely precisely cut
lowrizzleit just needs to be straight and rigid
crankylinuxuserlowrizzle, its better than covfefe, right?
lowrizzleyou could print the frame pattern out in paper and nibble it out of 1/8" sheet with a jigsaw
lowrizzlei wasn't joking
MerkWerkthats too much work :P
lowrizzleyea i'd just buy one
lowrizzlei'd just buy the printer though
durrf2or a drill
durrf2instead o fusing a saw you just drill holes close to each other
lowrizzlei wonder why nobody makes their printer frames out of nice hardwood
GrantM11235Moisture induced warpage
MerkWerkwood is not a suitable material for precisions machines. because of that yes
SpeedEvilHeating helps quite a lot.
gthxdolly is
durrf2not hardwood
durrf2but close
SpeedEvilHeat for ~3h under steam at 180C, and you greatly reduce moisture absorbtion and make the wood more stable.
durrf2like in the oven?
SpeedEvilsteam at atmospheric pressure.
MerkWerkit is probably still an order of magnitude less thermally and humidity stable than steel or aluminum
MerkWerkcan it work? yes. is it ideal? no
lowrizzlenice stained hardwood indoors isn't going to thermally cycle much
SpeedEvilDepends on your shop environment.
lowrizzlethe i3 was designed with an mdf frame in mind after all
SpeedEvilmdf isn't wood really.
MerkWerk"much" is not a precision term :P
SpeedEvilIn many ways structurally it behaves very, very differently.
lowrizzleit swells more than hardwoods
lowrizzleit thermally cycles much more readily than maple
SpeedEvilMDF swells linearly though.
lowrizzleits nowhere near as rigid or dense
lowrizzleso it's decided then, someone needs to make an white oak 3d printer frame
SpeedEvilOne of my projects is an air bearing using french polished wood.
SpeedEvil(not really)
SpeedEvil(maybe really)
lowrizzlehow many frenchmen does it take to polish wood
MerkWerkif you are looking for a precision of say .1mm in what you print, what is the acceptable tolerance of the materials the machine is built out of? :)
SpeedEvil20 euros is 20 euros.
SpeedEvilMerkWerk: that depends how many elements are in your correction curve.
crankylinuxuserhow many frenchman? no clue. they wear out pretty quickly at 20k rpm
MerkWerkwell. you debate. im gonna go get a sammich :)
lowrizzlethats a lot of rpms
jstevewhitelowrizzle: I had a cabinet grade plywood 3d printer frame for a while
|Jeroen|ikea grade?
SpeedEvilDecent ply is pretty stable.
SpeedEvilACTION has a sheet of 8*4 ply that has a 3' bend in the middle.
TheHexaCubeI'm getting 70€ from my company next month AND 70€ from my car insurance
TheHexaCubeI'm going to be ROLLING in dough
Lizards|Worksick bro, don't spend it all in one place
TheHexaCubeit'll all go into my new computah
durrf2sounds like a fancy computer
crankylinuxuserwhat kinda chip you got in there? a doritos?
TheHexaCubewell I'm not saying I'll buy a PC for 140€
TheHexaCubejust that I'll add that money to my savings for it :P
durrf2whyyyyyy do you want liquid cooling
TheHexaCubebecause it looks reaaaally sexy
durrf2spend 100 dollars less and buy a fancy assed fan
TheHexaCubeI looked up what a noctua cooler costs
Lizards|Workcrankylinuxuser: it's all about the pentiums bay-bee
durrf2dont need the noctua heatsinc just the fan
crankylinuxuseruh huh, yeah!
TheHexaCubeand it's not that much cheaper if I want black fans instead of the horribly ugly brown unes
crankylinuxusersigh, kids (TheHexaCube) these days :P
TheHexaCubeperformance wise the NZXT loop is about on par with the noctua setup
TheHexaCubeI think the noctua was 3C cooler under extreme load
TheHexaCubebut just look how cool it looks!! :P
durrf2TheHexaCube: looks aint everything
crankylinuxuserbut how many bitcoin per second can you get?
durrf2when the pump dies
durrf2you will be like
durrf2why didnt i listen to durrf
crankylinuxuserbut seriously, the less moving parts, the better.
crankylinuxusermoving things = eventual not moving = failure and sadness = whining on IRC
TheHexaCubei mean the dark rock cooler looks sorta nice
TheHexaCubebe quiet dark rock 3 or whatever it's called
TheHexaCubebut it doesn't perform as well as the Noctua DH15 :(
curlyearsheigh hough
TheHexaCubehey there curlyears o/
crankylinuxuserhey ned flanders!
Lizards|Workit's like i'm wearing *nothing at all*
reifsnyderbseen mutley*?
gthxmutley85 was last seen in #reprap 6 days, 6 hours, 3 minutes, 20 seconds ago saying 'mm'.
gthxmutley was last seen in #reprap 9 days, 40 minutes, 50 seconds ago saying 'willmore: no worries'.
gthxmutley_ was last seen in #reprap 119 days, 31 minutes, 31 seconds ago saying 'hey Lizards|Work'.
curlyearshey hey, TheHexaCube
reifsnyderbgthx: tell mutley to ping me when he's around
gthxreifsnyderb: I'll pass that on when mutley is around.
reifsnyderbgthx: tell mutley to ping reifsnyderb when he's around
gthxreifsnyderb: I'll pass that on when mutley is around.
curlyearsgthx; tell reifsnyderb that you've got it already :)
gthxcurlyears: I'll pass that on when reifsnyderb is around.
reifsnyderbcurlyears: What have I got already?
gthxreifsnyderb: 18 seconds ago <curlyears> tell reifsnyderb that you've got it already :)
curlyearsreifsnyderb: gthx agreed to notify mutley the first time you told him to. I am giving you a hard time. :)
reifsnyderbcurlyears: Ah, ok. :-)
reifsnyderbcurlyears: gthx doesn't always cooperate with me. :-)
curlyearsGearheadRed: and the same to you.
gthxwat is
curlyearsgthx doesn't always play well with anyone, so far as I can tell.
gthxgthx version 1.28 2018-01-09: OK; Up for 29 days, 12 hours, 51 minutes, 53 seconds; kthx is GONE mood: pretty good.
curlyearsBkZtm-vh9t that is what you said, GearheadRed
GearheadRedoh damnit
reifsnyderbghtx has a mood?
GrantM11235You just have to treat him with respect
gthxYUMYUMYUMYUM YUM. Delicioso!
reifsnyderbI wonder how we change gthx's mood....
gthxgthx version 1.28 2018-01-09: OK; Up for 29 days, 12 hours, 52 minutes, 36 seconds; kthx is GONE mood: pretty good.
Lizards|Worki think it's server load on the place he lives
gthxgthx version 1.28 2018-01-09: OK; Up for 29 days, 12 hours, 52 minutes, 38 seconds; kthx is GONE mood: pretty good.
gthxgthx version 1.28 2018-01-09: OK; Up for 29 days, 12 hours, 52 minutes, 42 seconds; kthx is GONE mood: pretty good.
gthxgthx version 1.28 2018-01-09: OK; Up for 29 days, 12 hours, 52 minutes, 49 seconds; kthx is GONE mood: pretty good.
Lizards|Worki'm pretty sure it's based on server load
Lizards|Workgthx source?
reifsnyderbLizards|Work: too bad. :-)
GearheadRedthanks for ping curlyears
Lizards|Workinfo karma?
gthxSorry, I couldn't find an entry for karma
GearheadRedi think karma was just a kthx thing?
VanessaEthe poor bot :(
curlyearsGearheadRed: you are welcome, though to be honest, I was just giving you a hard time :)
GearheadRedkarma curlyears
GearheadRednah its good, i gotta change my home screen unlock password now
curlyearsI don't use a "memmorized" password. I use a simple generation algorith that I can "run" in my head, so I don't have to memorize a gazillion passworfds
reifsnyderbgthx needs to have karma added. It was always nice to check shawn413's karma rating. :-)
TheHexaCubenah, botsmacks/botsnacks change ghtx's mood
TheHexaCubeand afaik if he gets in a REALLY bad mood, *something* happens
TheHexaCubebut that hasn't happened yet
jammicurlyears: I just use the password manager and the keys it generates
jammithe master password is just a phase that's pretty long but quick to type
VanessaEit's a IRC rule - all bots are female. Not sure why, guess it's like cars and ships.
durrf2its 2018 genders dont exist anymore
TheHexaCubemy company has the stupid rule to change passwords every month
TheHexaCubeand it's two passwords
Lizards|WorkTheHexaCube: it's called password entropy
jeffdm_homeNorm might object
TheHexaCubeeach has to contain numbers, high and lower case letters, special characters
durrf2TheHexaCube: and cant be any of the previous 6 passwords
jammiLizards|Work: it's called "make the users pick too easy passwords because they no longer care"
durrf2jammi: or have it written on postits
jammidurrf2: yes
Lizards|Workeh, just increment a number in the middle of a word sandwich
durrf2lmao my work password requires changing for some stuff so i just chang ewhat letter is caps
VanessaETheHexaCube: C0rr3ctbatteryH0rseSt4ple:P
VanessaEthere, that ought to cover it.
TheHexaCubedurrf2: previous 12 even
durrf2dosnt even need the l33t sp34k added in, but using other words then that would be ideal, as im sure that so many people actually use CorrectBatteryHorseStapler as a password
TheHexaCubewell I'm using my *current* password (shame on me for reusing the same one several times I know) plus a couple more letters and numbers
durrf2password algorithms are the best way ot use passwords anyway
TheHexaCubesooo... it's pretty long by now
durrf2for a while my home pcs password was "thesnozzberriestastelikesnozzberries" and people would be like "what the fukc" when they saw me type in my password
durrf2because of how long it is and how fast i typed it in
TheHexaCubehehe yeah
TheHexaCubei do wonder though
VanessaEwho ever heard of a snozzberry?!
TheHexaCubeif that'd be a pretty save password
TheHexaCubebecause it just has sooo many letters?
durrf2anyone whos seen the movie supertroopers :P
VanessaEdurrf2: FAIL
durrf2its a direct quote from the movie
durrf2its not a very secure password but its easy to tweak to become one
GrantM11235Anyone who hasn't seen it needs to go watch it right meow
ccecil_durrf2, came from willie wonka
VanessaEdurrf2: no, it and reply are from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
VanessaEmy reply*
durrf2i dont know i fi ever seen either of those movies
durrf2i know what its about
nytsupertroopers referenced it
Lizards|Worksnozzberry was a euphemism for a wiener
durrf2but til
nytthats why it was funny
crankylinuxuserthats a skookum choocher
ccecil_wonka was a serial killer
crankylinuxuserno ccecil_ , that CEREAL
durrf2what if willie wonka is actually like life of pi
crankylinuxuserdeath to froot loops!
durrf2and its not actually kids
durrf2but something else
jammifor phpbb sites and such, don't bother picking a good password and definitely don't pick anything you have somewhere important
durrf2what year is this?
ccecil_crankylinuxuser, that was exactly how he responded when accused on the stand :)
Lizards|Workjammi: like how you could just use the username "jay" and get full admin access to everything?
jammidurrf2: there's still a shitload of online communities running on that shit, and still bots harvesting their users and probably using the sites as nodes in their botnets
crankylinuxuseris the password "99bitchez" :P
jammiit's also a good idea to have a wildcard email domain
TheHexaCubepleeenty of heatsink area now :>
jammithen just register on the shitty sites like
jammiand then it's easy to see when they've leaked
jammihappens in no time on those php sites
durrf2or if you use gmail just do like
jammiI don't trust google
durrf2i trust google too much
Lizards|Worki give google as much data as possible
Lizards|Workthey're my mobile carrier
crankylinuxuseryou dont have to, unfortunately. They still see almost all emails since responses contain previous. And only 1 party has to use it
jammiand judging by the ads google gives me, google doesn't really know me
Lizards|Worki'd have them as an ISP if they'd expand here
jammispeaking of which, I'd need a better youtube ad filter, since that's where ads are leaking through at the moment
jammicrankylinuxuser: I don't trust gmail users with anything confidential either
thewsjammi, what would be too confidential for gmail?
jammithews: "hi, how are you?"
durrf2i cant wait for the 2nd one
jammiit'd indicate I know or share interests with the person
durrf2but the fake canadian accents...........
durrf2and the french from france instead of quebec???
RaazeerMeh, I'm puckered out again. I was planning to actually make a dent into getting an mqtt broker to run, but then my dns failed on me.
Raazeertook me till two in the morning to fix it.
thewsjammi, that's why I refuse to use email
thewsinsecure protocol
durrf2i dont even use my work email for anything
durrf2most of my email is fliers and receipts
thewsI think I'm gonna stop using tcp/ip
jammithews: well, it's kinda a surrogate for a proper notification system anyway
durrf2token ring networks only
jamminot so much a person to person communications system anymore
Lizards|Worki just stay offline entirely, no data leaks that way
thewsif gmail is a problem irc definitely is
thewsLizards|Work, stay offline and wear a mask
thewsso you don't get noticed by google / facebook face recognition
jammi90% of its use is getting aliexpress package delivery status updates and clicky email address confirmations to sites registered on
jammiat least that's basically what my inbox looks like
jammioh, and calendar invitation emails
thewsyou got leaked
jammiirc is basically public discussion anyway
Lizards|Worki'll just get horrible facial scarring, so that my face doesn't match \my\ face
thewsLizards|Work, gotta rescar every once in a while
thewsa lock only keeps honest people out
jammiLizards|Work: or just let one of those face transformation ai apps mangle your face enough that other ai's can't match it with your own face, but people do
Lizards|Workor get surgical mods so that i have a nondescript face like emmett from teh lego movie
jammifaceapp is good for that
jeffdm_h_gotta do surgery that changes your eye spacing and such
jammifor instance, I *never* smile irl, or at least not getting such caught on camera
durrf2or like tom cruise from that future cop movie where they stop crimes befor ethey happen
durrf2i just get powerful IR leds installed in ym face
jammiso I just select the "smile" filter there and post that image; face-matching apps don't match it with my real face
durrf2so that im blasting cameras with IR instead of being able to see my face
jammipeople could easily, beacuse they have imagination
TheHexaCubeyou guys heard about that deepfakes stuff?
jammiTheHexaCube: yes, and it's banned on reddit now
durrf2AI everything is scary
TheHexaCubewait really?
jammibrowsed it to boredom one night
TheHexaCubeawww :(
jammigot banned yesterday or the day before that or so
Lizards|Workdurrf2: minority report
TheHexaCubewhere do I get my porn and nicholas cage movies from now?
durrf2yes thats the one
Lizards|WorkTheHexaCube: giphy
durrf2the non-porn ones are not banned
durrf2its just the porn one that got banned
jammiai stuff is going to get much weirder still
durrf2its being weaponized
GrantM11235durrf2: I'm pretty sure they also removed the SFW subreddits too though
durrf2and thats scary as fuck
jammisome day, we'll have some imaginary ai friends we chat with like this, but we won't even know it
durrf2this whole room could be just AI
durrf2you are alone here
durrf2we are borg
Lizards|Worki am locutus of borg
TheHexaCubebut porn aside, the fact that the image overlay works so amazingly well is... amazing :D
jammiand they'll have super convincing backstories and identities and you can call them and so forth
jammibut not meet them in irl
Raazeerdurrf2, who tells you the computer you sit at is real? Matrix baby!
GrantM11235Wait, are some of you guys human?
Raazeerwould explain a lot.
durrf2im not a matrix baby i was born in the real world
RaazeerGrantM11235, not me.
TheHexaCubeweep boop
TheHexaCubeI'ma cube
Raazeerdurrf2, that's what YOU think.
Lizards|Workdurrf2: you got a belly button?
durrf2no i had it surgically removed
durrf2nobody can track me
Raazeerdurrf2, through your belly button?
durrf2not anymore, Raazeer
Raazeercia must be geting desperate. Next they're gonna track you through your arse hole.
jeffdm_h_Tom Scott talked about it and he claims he started working on the talk as a hypothetical in the future thing but it became real as it finished out.
jeffdm_h_lectrocutus of Borg
gthx => Faceswapping, Unethical Videos, and Future Shock => 1 IRC mentions
jammiRaazeer: it's as identifying as your iris or fingerprint or anything like that
jammiso some day in the future it's included in the pre-flight checks
jeffdm_h_wow gthx was on the ball there
Raazeerjeffdm_h_, I've had some business in the loony bin for a while, I met a man there who swore on a stack of bibles that his landlord fired microwaves at him to make his bowels move.
Raazeerjammi, good thing there's very little reference material, unless cia hides cameras in toilet bowls now.
jeffdm_h_So now mortgage applications will require colonoscopy scans
Lizards|Workcolonic mapping
RaazeerNow if I DO find a cam in my toilet bows, it MUST be cia, because not even in japan are there people sick enough to want to see THAT for carnal reasons.
ccecil_Raazeer, what if the landlord really was?
Raazeerjeffdm_h_, we had to take shit from bankers long enough, so why not give them some?
jammiRaazeer: they've hidden the scanners on airplane seats
reprapperFasted print switch ever ;)
gthx => Filafarm Switch exchangebale bed system for 3D-printer + CR-10 => 1 IRC mentions
jammiit's not like the thin layer of fabric on your clothes (or the seat) could fool their scanners
Raazeerccecil_, who am I to tell? He said his landlord also had him and the police bugged, because every time they turned up the equipmente was nowhere to be found.
Raazeerjammi, so after tinfoil hats, it's now tinfoil butt plugs?
jammiRaazeer: well, every day the past 15 years or so, or you're too late
Raazeerdon't let the conspiracy theorists hear that, they go for that kind of thing like a puppy goes for a slipper.
jammiit's integrated in much of public seating everywhere by now
jammimovie theathers, buses, trains, lobbys and so forth
Raazeerjammi, I'll make my children wear tinfoil butt plugs everywhere from the day they're born then.
RaazeerTHey'l drop out of the system and become the rebels.
jamminot park benches though, but who cares about hobos anyway
Raazeerjammi, right, and who wants to look up their arses at that?
jammiso that's the golden opportunity; become a hobo and avoid being a part of the system
Raazeerjammi, also the whole affair explains why my chair gives me butt cramps.
durrf2reprapper: thats not even the fastest way to od it
reprapperbut the best ;)
durrf2 this solution is awesome but not as elegant as this other one im trying to find
gthx => Auto 3d print ejection system working 100% => 1 IRC mentions
durrf2 there you go this is my favourite one\
gthx => MatterHackers Punch-Out! => 4 IRC mentions
lowrizzlethe punchout one is smarter than the trap door at least
lowrizzleis automated print removal on a hobby machine really what the world needs though
willmoremutley's not here, stop asking. :P
durrf2the trap door is so rad
durrf2its part of a print queue system
durrf2the 2d printer prints out the files details and who requested it etc
durrf2then the bed becomes that sheet
lowrizzleand im sure it works 100% of the time on that really tiny test print
durrf2i have seen that system working with bigger prints in other videos
durrf2iirc its used at a makerspace
lowrizzlejust seems like the answer to a question nobody really had
lowrizzlebut if it works well i'm just being a hater
ccecil_lowrizzle, if it works bad you are still being a hater ;)'s all
TheHexaCubehrrrrmpf so apparently I need a new haircut
jeffdm_workDid you get stopped by the hair police?
TheHexaCubeyeah something like that
TheHexaCubebut two of my friends were telling me "dude you really need a real haircut"
TheHexaCubesooo I guess there's something to it ;_;
ccecil_shave "conform" in the back
lowrizzleor just shave it all off
durrf2i might be able to knock this print over and move it to start a new print
durrf2but i dont want to risk breaking anything
durrf2wheres a boxing glove when you need it
RaazeerI'm off to bed. Anything I'd touch at this level of exhaustion would probably spontaneously combust.
Raazeersee you friday.
lowrizzleheadbutt the print
lowrizzleit hurts the buttee way worse than the butter
TheHexaCubeturns out people in the automobile industry earn a shitton better than me :(
Lizards|Worknobody wins with a headbutt
TheHexaCubeapparently each worker at audi gets a 6000€ bonus every year
thewsTheHexaCube, deepfakes made national news so reddit had to police it
jstevewhitechuck norris wins with a head butt
TheHexaCubethat's literally half of what I make in a year :(
thewsI hadn't heard of it until national news
jstevewhitethews: did they take deepfakes off reddit?
thewsjstevewhite, yeah
thewsand like 11 others
jstevewhitecan't put the genie back in the bottle
lowrizzleyou literally only make 12k eur a year?
lowrizzleget off irc man!
jstevewhiteAt least if you found a video there you KNEW it was fake.
lowrizzleunless you're in school or something
TheHexaCubelowrizzle: I'm in an apprenticeship
TheHexaCubeI (sadly) earn alot of money for my age
lowrizzlea professional often makes 10x that in a month
TheHexaCubeand those 12k are pre-tax :P
lowrizzleerr makes that in a month haha
thewsTheHexaCube, it probably takes 6k a month to be a breadwinner in a family and be able to retire
TheHexaCuberealistically I think I end up with about 10500€/year now that I got a pay increase \o/
lowrizzlethews: in major cities it takes 12k a month for that
TheHexaCubeand about 11500€ next year
TheHexaCubethanks to my workers union :>
jstevewhitethews I wonder if they'll stop folks from posting, say, Simpsons porn now?
thewslowrizzle, for sure
thewsjust saying in his country
TheHexaCubebuuut yeah... most people my age (as in, in an apprenticeship) make much less than I do
TheHexaCubeaverage is about 400-500€/month
thewsjstevewhite, the nicholas cage sfw ones are pretty weird
thewsjstevewhite, so I can sort of see where they're coming from
thewsthe never gonna give you up clip I saw looked just like him for part of it
lowrizzlethem removing deepfakes just put the concept on more peoples radars
TheHexaCubebut according to my boss, if I work a few years in on-site assembly I can build a house afterwards
jstevewhiteoh, there have been a couple of vids I've seen that if no one had told you they were fake, you'd never have known it.
lowrizzlei get why they do it, and i find the whole thing distasteful, but they just streisan'd it
jstevewhiteI think it's far more significant than fake porn
jstevewhiteI mean, celebrity porn is fairly boring, even when it's not fake
lowrizzleit is, it's the potential for your likeness to be used in any way anyone wants
lowrizzlesolution is to live in a cave
jstevewhitebut the ultimate idea is crazy
jstevewhite2 scenarios:
jstevewhite"Check out this video of Obama shooting a young mother in the face with a 12 gauge"
lowrizzlei have a 4gpu deep dream server i built but i only used it to process a couple vids
jstevewhite"Of course that wasn't me in that pee tape. DEEP FAKE!"
lowrizzlei should figure out a better use for it
thewslowrizzle, probably best to sell it
thewsbut not anymore really
lowrizzlei can't
lowrizzleits lab hardware
TheHexaCubeby the way, why the heck did bitcoins drop so much?
lowrizzlei cant mine on it either
lowrizzleTheHexaCube: fake currency
thewsTheHexaCube, the better question is why did it go up so much
TheHexaCubethews: fair enough :D
TheHexaCubei wonder if It goes back up
TheHexaCubeprobably will
thewsit'll go up and down
thewsa correction to 6k would put it kind of normal
thewsbut it's actually less valuable than it was years ago
thewsbeing able to use it anyways
thewsless adoption now
VanessaEthe hell with bitcoin. use litecoin :)
thewsbusinesses tried it, it didn't work out, they abandoned it
Lizards|Workthe hell with all those, everybody buy garlicoin
Lizards|Workbuy buy buy
thewswhy did it go up after being a failure, get rich quick schemes
thewsbuy my garlicoin
lowrizzleconsidering litecoin's valuation basically relies on bitcoin i don't know that i'd suggest it over btc
lowrizzleor any coins for that matter
lowrizzleDQ sundae tokens maybe
jstevewhitewhen a currency's value fluctuates so much, it's not useful as a currency.
thewsit's a pump and dump investment
jeffdm_h_The transaction fees also put a kibosh to the idea of currency
thewsnot a currency
jstevewhitewho wants to get paid for something in a currency that might suddenly be worth half as much tomorrow? Who wants to BUY something with a currency that might be worth twice as much tomorrow
thewsI've taken advantage of it plenty
Lizards|Workyeah it's a commodity, buy mine
thewsbut I won't lie about what it is
superkuhI feel like most people who complain don't actually use bitcoin and are just sour grapes about speculation not working out.
jstevewhiteclaims like that are unfalsifiable.
superkuhSure, transaction fees were bad for a bit. I stopped using it a couple months.
thewssuperkuh, or people stating the obvious
Valduare_the “way” bit coin is now its ridiculous
superkuhNow it's fine.
jstevewhitebut I was in, was out, was in, was out... :D
jstevewhitemade money every time. Not sour about it at all
superkuhMade money? Okay. But did you use it.
superkuhLike, I pay for my VPS every month, have for years.
jstevewhiteSure, for a while
lowrizzlethat's stupid
jstevewhitebought one of my video cards with it :D
thewsI used it when people accepted it
lowrizzlei pay $2.10 a month in usd for a vps
thewsthey don't now
lowrizzlethe prive never fluctuates
jstevewhitelowrizzle: ++++ that's my point
lowrizzleyou may be paying a burst value one month vs the next
lowrizzleand you're saying we're dumbn
lowrizzleyou 'use' bitcoin wrong
jstevewhiteIf you pay a fixed BTC price, you're getting screwed when it goes up in value. If you pay a BTC adjusted for dollar value, you're just paying in dollars.
lowrizzlemcrib: you wouldn't like me when i'm angry
mcriblowrizzle: It's like when it makes you angry :p.
thewscreate hype and sell
thewscreate panic and buy
Lizards|Workmake crazy lowball offers
Lizards|Worksee if you get any takers
lowrizzleserisouly, paying for your groceries using something that volitile is dumb
lowrizzlei did it all of 2014 and now i'm out quite a bit of what should be wealth
lowrizzleits not 'using it right' it's burning money
lowrizzleyou don't buy, pan for, or mine a gold nugget then go to the movies with it
thewslowrizzle, I don't think it's useful as a replacement for a wealth standard either
tjb1lowrizzle: its on the way
tjb1I think I'm going to add these as well
tjb1Well not from them because the price is ridiculous
Cyber_AkumaI need to add a second hinge to my y axis...
Cyber_Akuma"Dear (my e-mail). Our systems dettect unaothorized payment with your appleid. Then we notify"
Cyber_AkumaYup, looks legit....
GrantM11235Better give them your password so that they can sort it out
Cyber_AkumaAnd my credit card too so theyh can fconfirm my account
VanessaEand your tax id/social security number, of course
StoobDelivered -- haaaa yess my 10kg of filament has arrived
StoobACTION suddenly panics whether he actually got 1.75mm and not 3mm
tjb1lowrizzle: did your gearbest item ship from US?
Cyber_AkumaIt's 6.§8 ll
tjb1Looks like mine is coming from Ontario California?
Cyber_AkumaShoulden't have ordered it from Doesntexistisstan
lowrizzletjb1: mine shipped from china and was delivered by USPS
tjb1mine is fedex....smartpost
tjb1smartpost needs to die
lowrizzlethats where fedex handles air and USPS handles the last mile?
Ameisen[15:10:10] <tjb1> I think I'm going to add these as well
Ameisenwhy not just go buy a piece of aluminum flat stock
Ameisenand drill holes in it
tjb1its $12 for 5 of them on amazon
tjb1not worth the time
tjb1lowrizzle: yes, probably as slow as coming from china...
Cyber_AkumaAny easy way I can re-wind filament that I wound off the spool in an effort to un-tangle it?
Cyber_AkumaDamn thing cut in half, now half is on the psool and the other half is loose and tangld
TheHexaCubemhmpf finally ported all my designs to the new kicad file 'system' T.T
AmeisenI want to find an accurate 3d positive model of an xbox one controller :|
Ameisenso I can print better grips for my wife
durrf2thingiverse has shells i think
durrf2i love sugru
Ameisenthe shells I saw, when I tried using them to difference against a cube
Ameisenthe cube doesn't fit the controller
Ameisenso it's not precise
Ameisenused shell in blender as a difference against a cube.
AmeisenPrinted cube
AmeisenCube doesn't fit controller.
AmeisenErgo, shell isn't an exact match for controller.
Valduareprinter just hung middle of big print
Cyber_AkumaDidn't take into account maybe it's your thickness settings, inaccuracies in the print, or the material expanded when printed?
Valduareheatbed is cool and hotend is cool now
Valduarebut screen is frozen encoder frozen
AmeisenCyber_Akuma - it didn't really fit at all
Cyber_AkumaI once had a model I cut into four pieces
Ameisenangles were completely off
Ameisenthey LOOK close when you look at the model and the controller
Ameisenbut in reality they're quite different
Cyber_AkumaI even put the four pieces together in 3d modeling apps, they all perfectly fit
Cyber_Akumawhen printed, they didn't fit at ALL
gthx => Electronic Pattern Xbox One Controller Faceplate by Gibby707 => 1 IRC mentions
durrf2i mean...
Ameisenthat's the top faceplate, anywho
AmeisenI need the bottom and sides
Ameisenthere is a scan of one that fits together
Ameisenbut the print doesn't match my controller at all
Ameisenmakes me think it's a different xb1 controller they scanned
Ameisensince there's more than one kind
tjb1Cyber_Akuma: the best thing to do is throw that filament away
tjb1I hate loose filament, never buying it again
Ameisenjust tried fitting it again
Ameisenthe angle is completely wrong near the controller itself
AmeisenI think they scanned an S controller
Valduareso I had a print fail 19 hour print
Valduaregoing to attempt to modify the gcode to restart the print job
tjb1hello LoH
LoHhello tjb1
tjb1Enjoy the falcon heavy launch?
LoHDidn't watch it; too busy at work
lowrizzlephil ken heavy?
lowrizzlei'd love to see footage of the center booster's failure to land
Cyber_AkumaI think this other filament I used might be too brittle >.<
Lizards|Worklowrizzle: me too
durrf2lowrizzle: blooper reel must be being prepared
Cyber_AkumaHmm..... should I print my 3D Scanners in PLA or PETG.... PLA is "stronger"... but it can flat out shatter when it breaks, while PETG has some flexibility....
durrf2are you going to be scanning exploding bombs or soemthing? why would the scanner shatter?
lowrizzlemaybe he's really clumsy and drops shit nonstop
lowrizzlein which case you should invest in nerf
Lizards|Worknah, he's not me
jeffdm_homewhat 3d scanner
Cyber_AkumaI meant if the bed is heavy
Cyber_AkumaI actually have the kits of two, haven't printed the parts for them yet. ..... well, I did print the parts for one, but it was on a crappy kickstarter propitery printer so I want to re-print them
Valduarehows it going LoH any news with slic3r
Valduarenew stuff?
Cyber_AkumaAtlas 3D and Ciclops 3d
LoHValduare: I've been extremely busy with work
Valduareaye it seems
Valduarehavnt seen ya in months
Lizards|Workyeh LoH how am i supposed to troll you if you're too busy?
LoHLizards|Work: You'll just have to troll yourself.
Lizards|Worktrust me bro, plenty of that has been happening
durrf2he trolls himself so hard he called himself shreck the other day
durrf2wait thats an ogre
Lizards|Workgrind your bones for bread
jeffdm_homeAtlas and Cyclops scanners are shit
Lizards|Workspoilers: everything is shit
lowrizzlescanners is that movie where dudes make other dudes heads explode
lowrizzlebe careful
TheHexaCubethis is my swamp!
Lizards|Workwelcome to duluck what a perfect town
Lizards|Workand we have some rules, let us lay them down
jeffdm_homeReally, the dual fixed line scanners have major blind spots for concave geometry and gaps.
Lizards|Workdon't make waves, stand in line
Lizards|Workand you'll get along fine
SaldoT_which are the best designs of extruders for geared stepper motors?
Lizards|Workduluck is a perfect town
Lizards|Workperfect place, i think
LoHSaldoT_: I have one I like
Lizards|Workis place
Lizards|Workplease keep off of the grass
SaldoT_LoH, link please? =)
Lizards|Workshine your shoes, wipe your... face
LoHSaldoT_: looking
SaldoT_if its on thingiverse/youmagine that is
Lizards|Workthree cheers for autism?
gthx => T1 Gearhead Extruder + 2040 Vslot Plate by lenoxjoseph => 1 IRC mentions
LoHSaldoT_: or
gthx => Gearhead Extruder by TrinityLabs => 1 IRC mentions
jeffdm_homeThose gearbox motors add a lot of mass
SaldoT_LoH, does it have a quick release?
SaldoT_jeffdm_home, running bowden on a delta so doesnt really matter for me. =)
jeffdm_homefair enough
LoHSaldoT_: it does if you print a different idler
tjb1LoH: do you still use an E1x?
LoHtjb1: it's all vslot now
tjb1any new pictures?
LoHtjb1: but yeah the basic design layout hasn't changed
LoHtjb1: no idea, I haven't been working on it for months
tjb1some of the parts on mine are breaking so I ordered a tevo black widow
LoHtjb1: I did build a delta from shelf track
tjb1sick of having printers with printed parts
tjb1LoH: ?
LoHtjb1: yes
gthxhexydelta is and is also designed by arTaoss and is also and is also
LoHtjb1: ^
tjb1any completed pictures or videos?
LoHfor the hexy? Yeah
Lizards|Workmr burr disapparated from the internets, eh?
lowrizzlewhatty what what
LoHI've been trying to think of a better car solution with the shelf track but nothing's really come to mind
tjb1make one that climbs down the slots lol
LoHthe original design concept was araToss's
Lizards|Workthat guy
Lizards|Workhe's on an adventure too nowadays
gthx => 3D Printing things for friends => 1 IRC mentions
gthx => HexyDelta G32 probe test, magnetic arms => 1 IRC mentions
tjb1you cant use shelf track for the uprights and then use carbon fiber magnet arms
LoHsure you can
LoH there
tjb1you need to use like screwdrivers or something
tjb1highlighters stacked together
LoHtjb1: it's got a jhead in it too
tjb1looks like a bear to calibrate
LoHeh, smoothie
LoHreplace hotend with probe, it gets it pretty decent
LoHthe original arms didn't have enough range of motion
Cyber_Akuma <--- Took WAY too many attempts to get the stringing down >.<
LoHreally the only complaint I have about it is wear on the cars
durrf2hey look at the bright side
durrf2now you have spares that requirre just a bit of sanding
Cyber_AkumaThey aren't for me
NowhereMantake an exacto knife to the best of them and be happy you got the stringing down, Cyber_Akuma
NowhereManPETG I take it?
Cyber_AkumaMight have just gotten old, or moisture, or both
Cyber_AkumaIt was unpackadged since late 2015 or early 2016 or so
NowhereManahhhh, that is as stringy as PETG
NowhereMantime to toast that stuff
Cyber_AkumaI have a lot of filament I bought in 2015
NowhereManthat is terrible for PLA
Cyber_AkumaBut most if it is back in it's original box with that moisture absorbing packet thing
Cyber_Akumaeven if it was opened
NowhereManvacuum seal some of it
NowhereManI love my wife Food Saver
NowhereManI wonder if her food dehydrator would work on filament?
NowhereManit's big enough for the rolls I have......
Cyber_Akumai wish that filament dryer wasn't freaking $100+
DJHenjinyeah, just make sure it doesn't get too hot
NowhereManpla must not take much heat
NowhereManwhich filament dryer are you talking about, Cyber_Akuma?
r0n0xany idea how to find a good cheap laser cutter other than finding a second hand one which probs needs a new laser?
DJHenjinnew laser tubes can be had for pretty cheap
NowhereManI got a k40 for $350 shipped recently....
DJHenjinit's the electronics that get expensive when buying a laser
NowhereManso if you get a used one for $200 you arent't saving much $ if it needs a tube
DJHenjinyou would save about $100, i've seen lots of tubes for $40 shipped
r0n0xi think i need about 60-80W
NowhereMannever seen them that cheap
r0n0xdang though only $350
NowhereManthen you need to spend over $1000
NowhereManthe 350 is for what they call a 40 watt laser that is really like <35 watts
NowhereMan8" x 12" cut area too...
r0n0xsoz, 50-60W
r0n0xi wanna be able to cut 10mm stuff if i need to
NowhereManbetter off with 80 watts then....
NowhereMan100 watts even better
NowhereManwhat material will you cut?
r0n0xbut doesnt the price increase exponentially?
NowhereManit does, unfortunately
r0n0xand acrylic if i can find it cheap
r0n0xno particular color tho
NowhereManyou will need an 80mm diameter tube to do 80 watts
r0n0xif that matters
NowhereManit does matter
r0n0xwhats the best acrylic color then? black?
NowhereManwhat's your budget?
r0n0xdont know
r0n0xi dont want to have to buy another cutter for a LONG time
DJHenjinthere's a 150 watt machine on ebay for 7 grand
NowhereMando a lot of research on them then
DJHenjinand there's another on there of the same for like 2 grand
NowhereManthat's not bad for 150 watts
NowhereManalso look at fiber lasers
r0n0xso i wanna find out where the good value for money sits on a desktop sized cutter that can do 6mm normal
DJHenjinthough that one I would be skeptical of
NowhereManbit different than co2 lasers
r0n0xbut i might pay more to get the ability for 10mm
NowhereManI spent a lot of time learning about current laser tech and models for a cheap ass one
NowhereManyou should do the same
NowhereManmake sure you buy what you need
r0n0xi couldnt justify paying double however for a marginal increase in power
jeffdm_homeHas anyone done a replacement Arduino bootloader that doesn't reboot on USB serial connect?
NowhereManyou might be able to hack a 60 watt tube into a cheap ass K40 laser with some work
TheHexaCubejeffdm_home: I think you can solve that via hardware
TheHexaCubeiirc it requires a cap between two pins or something?
r0n0xwhat price should i expect for 10mm capability?
jeffdm_homeLike throwing out the board and getting a better MCU?
NowhereManI bought one with a cover on the end so I can add a longer tube, and there are 3d printed parts for that
r0n0xso, 60W laser
NowhereMana lot depends on the material, but you will need air assist and likely a Z life mechanism
NowhereManso you can move the focus into the piece, or you get angled cuts
r0n0xi never considered the option for angled cuts
r0n0xdidnt know that was a thing
TheHexaCubejust get a trumpf machine :P
TheHexaCubeit doesn't just lasercut
TheHexaCubeit also CNC bends and punches for you :P
NowhereManpicture a laser beam, it is cone shaped
TheHexaCubeit may also do your taxes
tjb1Tell me there is a way to create Raid 1 without emptying the drive?
LoHtjb1: nope
LoHtjb1: especially at a hardware level
NowhereManI can't do that, tjb1
icecube45seen crunch*
gthxcrunch was last seen in #reprap 2 days, 5 hours, 28 minutes, 30 seconds ago saying 'pearl blue is bacl'.
gthxcrunch_ was last seen in #dlp3dprinting 42 days, 14 hours, 40 minutes, 53 seconds ago saying 'did u buy 3?'.
gthxcrunchbutbetter was last seen in #reprap 333 days, 2 hours, 1 minute, 6 seconds ago saying 'eyyyyyy'.
r0n0xso, would a 60W cutter do MDF and acrylic 10mm?
NowhereManperhaps, r0n0x
LoHr0n0x: speed is another question too
NowhereMana big "perhaps"
r0n0xdoesnt matter speed
r0n0x10mm is for load bearing parts
tjb1this continuous scrolling garbage on thingiverse needs to end
NowhereMancan you use a cnc mill instead?
r0n0xthe one i have in mind is like $5k
r0n0xi wont get a $2k one in the middle
Lizards|Worktjb1: it's web2.5 bruh, ain't goin nowhere
r0n0xand i wanna cut small stuff too so yeah
TheHexaCubeI agree with NowhereMan man
TheHexaCubea cnc router might be nicer than a laser cutter for that sorta stuff
TheHexaCubethick MDF and plastics
tjb1a fix for it wow
r0n0xwhich needs more power? mdf or acrylic?
NowhereManyou can get a belt driven cnc router for about $1000
tjb1oh there is even a setting to turn off continuous scroll on thingiverse lol
TheHexaCubeNowhereMan: you can even get a ballscrew driven one for that much
NowhereManthey each cut differently
r0n0xagain, i dont want to get 2 cncś
NowhereManeven better, BALLscrews
r0n0xdifferent how?
NowhereMando you need sharp inside corners on your parts?
TheHexaCubenevermind, not $1000
TheHexaCubebut more like $2000
r0n0xon the 10mm stuff, no
NowhereMansounds more right...
Lizards|Workur a b utt
TheHexaCubeyou can also do aluminum with those
NowhereMan80cmx60cm on that router, not bad
r0n0xagain, im buying a real CNC
r0n0xi dont want 2
TheHexaCuber0n0x: sorry i overread that, what do you see as a 'real' CNC? (just curious, really)
NowhereManyou can't have only one cnc machine
NowhereManget realistic now r0n0x
r0n0xable to mill steel
TheHexaCuber0n0x: also to prevent confusion, it'd be nice if you said 'cnc mill/router/whatever'
NowhereMana mill != router....
TheHexaCubejust as a heads up, a 3d printer too is a cnc :P
r0n0xwhats the difference?
NowhereManeach machine has diff capabilities and uses
r0n0xbetween mill and router
TheHexaCubemill is HEAVY and BIG
TheHexaCubebut has a smaller milling area
NowhereManand used to cut ferrous metal
TheHexaCubea router is meant to cut large sheets
NowhereMannon-ferrous material
TheHexaCubeNowhereMan: well in *theory* a router too could cut steel :P
r0n0xim getting a mill
NowhereManaluminum is like really dense hardwood
NowhereManthe problem there is a router spins the cutter way too fast for steel
r0n0xjust to clarify, 99% of what i wanna cut is <6mm
TheHexaCubeoh right, there's that
TheHexaCubethough to be honest I haven't learned about correct chip loads and feeds so I don't quite know what too many RPM do to a endmill/workpiece
r0n0xthe ability to do 10mm is nice but if im spending way too much for that, no point
TheHexaCubeI guess it'll like... not cut properly?
NowhereManI think you should do a lot of research on the laser part and find out what machine will do the size material you need, and if it is too $$ look at routers
Spirit532r0n0x, sounds like you want a router
r0n0xif i had to flip something and get shitty edges for a 10mm load bearing part i can live with that
NowhereManit'll dull the cutter fast
Spirit532what do you want to make?
Spirit532<6mm sounds like sheets
NowhereManit sure is sounding like a router would suit you better than a laser
r0n0xnothing bigger than 30x30cm
Spirit532getting a CNC mill that will do 30mm in Y is going to bite you in the ass
r0n0xthat i can immediately think of anyway
Spirit532in terms of price
NowhereManyou could build a nice router for 30x30 cheaper than a 80 watt laser....
r0n0xi know
r0n0xas i said, i found a mill
Spirit532show it to us
r0n0xthe mill is for steel and alu, not MDF
Spirit532good luck, have fun.
r0n0xim not interested in a router
NowhereManwhy not?
r0n0xbecause almost everything i want to cut is just stuff impractical to print on my reprap
NowhereManI got the laser to cut scroll saw parts and picture engraving
Spirit532he wants to mill 6mm sheet steel
Spirit53230x30cm in size
r0n0xno i dont
Spirit532that is not a cheap endeavor
TheHexaCubei think the only applications a laser really works well on is either very thin stuff that's too soft to cut (like paper, leather, kapton)
TheHexaCubeor if you need really thin details you can't do with an endmill
Spirit532a laser cutter will NOT do anything steel-related under 500-900W
r0n0xi want to cut MDF and acrylic which might be 300mm long in the longest dimension
Spirit532then you don't need a mill.
Spirit532you want a router.
NowhereManexactly, the sharp inside corners are better cut on a laser if you can
TheHexaCubeSpirit532: really, just 500W?
NowhereManotherwise a router or a mill is what you need
TheHexaCubeSpirit532: what kinda laser? pulsed?
Spirit532500W CW.
r0n0xi dont want to cut alu sheet or steel sheet
Spirit532okay, then you want a router.
r0n0xwhich is why i dont want a router
Spirit532you don't want a mill.
intranickphased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range
Spirit532you want a router.
TheHexaCubeSpirit532: huh, interesting... I thought you'd need muuuch moar powah
NowhereMana router cuts MDF and acrylic very well
Spirit532TheHexaCube, we're still talking ~1-3mm tops
TheHexaCubethen again a 500W laser probably costs several thousand USD already
NowhereManaluminum on occasion
TheHexaCubewell when do you need more than 3mm steel anyways :P
r0n0xhow does a router compare to a laser cutter in speed and precision/accuracy
Spirit532it doesn't.
Spirit532apples to oranges
NowhereManit depends on material being cut and the machine itself
Spirit532and the application
Spirit532a laser cutter is basically binary
Spirit532cut or no cut
Spirit532plus or minus some engraving
NowhereMannot totally
TheHexaCubea router is more like.... wooooooononononSNAP
NowhereManpeople are doing some nice greyscale engraving with lasers
durrf2i have some lasercut puzzles that have various levels of etching into them
Spirit532which is why I said engraving
durrf2i assume they are lasercut
r0n0xok, let me put this another way, i want a laser cutter and would sooner kill myself than buy a router before getting a mill
NowhereMancheck out the work this guy does with a laser:
Spirit532you sound like you have no clue what you're doing r0n0x
Spirit532and no clue what you want
NowhereManyeah, this is not supposed to be emotionally based decisions
NowhereManyou need to buy the type of machine that will do the work you need
NowhereManhell, you could cut your parts with a pocketknife if you were fucking nuts
TheHexaCubeACTION lasercuts durrf2 
durrf2:( sometimes i dont use the most pratical tool for the job
NowhereMandon't we all....
durrf2i once needed a holder thing for something and instead of opening up f360 and designing a part i just cut a print in half, glued it together and drilled a hole in it
NowhereManyou should do a lot of research, r0n0x, and then you can get the right machine for your needs
lowrizzleNowhereMan: picengrave is neat
TheHexaCubedurrf2: if it looks stupid, but works, it ain't stupid :P
NowhereManI love that guy's work too, lowrizzle
durrf2no theres some stupid shit that works but its stupid
lowrizzlei prefer dickengrave though
TheHexaCube*urge to roast siderala rises*
NowhereManthis was done with a diode laser:
lowrizzlek40 almost made it right through the stainless
durrf2that hardly even looks like dog food
sideralago fuck urself
durrf2who would make packaging like that
lowrizzledurrf2: it costs more than most human food
durrf2looks like it might taste better then most too
lowrizzlemy dog eats better than most humans
NowhereManit just might, durrf2
r0n0xaside from speed, are laser cutters simply inferior to routers?
NowhereMani know that the babies used to eat the dog food a lot
lowrizzler0n0x: they do two toally different things
NowhereManno r0n0x, they are just very different machines
r0n0xin what way?
NowhereManone uses a laser
r0n0xbesides the obvious
lowrizzleone uses radiation
NowhereManthe other uses a cutter
lowrizzleone uses a spinning endmill?
TheHexaCubeNowhereMan: rofl ++
lowrizzlefuckin laser radiation man
durrf2"but they both cut stuff" but so does scissors
NowhereManmy mother raised pomeranians and they'd growl and bark when the carpet munchers got into the dog food bowl
durrf2some things are easier to cut with a knife then they are with scissors!
NowhereManand both machine can riun your day fast if you aren't careful
Spirit532he has no idea what he's doing at all
NowhereManwe are trying to help that, Spirit532
Spirit532it's blatantly obvious how a LASER, CUTTER, is different from a ROUTER
durrf2i hardly ever know what im doing
Spirit532a laser cutter cuts
durrf2a laser cutter cuts lasers
Spirit532either straight through, not at all, or just engraves a bit
NowhereManfuck it all, he really needs a waterjet!
Spirit532a laser cutter has no depth axis
Spirit532a router has 3 axes
durrf2i want a waterjet just because i want to cut shit in slices
Spirit532X, Y, and Z
durrf2can it have more?
Spirit532usually up to 6
Spirit532TheHexaCube can testify :P
TheHexaCubeit can have even more if you count the axes involved for tool changes :P
NowhereMan a rotary axis is very useful for engraving on a laser
NowhereManI'd love to start seeing home built waterjets though
TheHexaCubeour motor winding machine has 12 axes :D
durrf2NowhereMan: i have seen some
durrf2using powerwashers
lowrizzleghetto genie gives you 3 axes
durrf2just strap a powerwasher to a cnc
durrf2home made watercutter
NowhereManI saw one or two, but primitive machines at this stage
durrf2oh you gotta make the nozzle smaller too
NowhereManbe nice to see them at the 3d printer level of 10 years ago
NowhereMannot sure if that will ever happen though
NowhereManbut CNC machinery is getting more and more commonplace now
durrf2its not something that everyone needs
NowhereManit's GREAT
durrf2we are looking to hire someone at work and one of the potential hires has printers and a cnc
NowhereMana lot of small biz could use one
durrf2i hope we hire him :)
NowhereManyour job do a lot of cnc type stuff?
gthxmfg is omfg and is also
durrf2nope, not at all
durrf2im a computer tech, this is all hobbyist shit
DJHenjinhe just wants someone to talk shop with while at work
NowhereManI get that
durrf2but id love to have someone to talk to printers about with at work
durrf2fuck i murdered the grammar there
durrf2lol DJHenjin gets me
lowrizzlei got coworkers into 3d printing for that reason ahha
lowrizzlei made a bunch of them go with me to the work 3d printer lab to learn the basics, then a few got their own
Lizards|Worki'm postprocessing some glasses frames i pritned
Lizards|Workgonna bring those in and ask for lenses cut
Lizards|Worki'll make friends
NowhereManat a glasses shop? by bringing in your own frames?
durrf2i have some lenses from a pair of glasses i broke that i kinda wanna print a frame for
NowhereManuh, you might want to rethink that a bit
NowhereManthe frames are where they make the $
Lizards|Workwe have a lens cutting lab
durrf2dont tell them i spent 3 dollars on my prescription glasses
Lizards|Workright lol
Lizards|Workdude i know how much the lenses cost :/
TheHexaCube3 dollars?
durrf2plus shipping
NowhereManso what is that board for, TheHexaCube
durrf2but yeah 3 bux
NowhereManlooks like a 4 axis motion controller using a esp32
durrf2ok well technically it was a buy one get one free and i bought a pair at 6 dollars
durrf2NowhereMan: SLA printer
NowhereMan4 axes?
DJHenjintilt wipe raise, pump
NowhereManisnt an basic SLA one axis?
TheHexaCubeDJHenjin: has it figured out :D
durrf2i think theres shit like a wiper and some other shit that FDM dosnt have
TheHexaCubewait, not quite actually
Spirit532Lizards|Work, does your lens cutting lab only cut glasses? :P
TheHexaCubeone is for X
TheHexaCubeone is for Z
TheHexaCubeone is a wiper
TheHexaCubeand 4th will probably be a pump, yeah
durrf2looks like you forogt to wiper yourself you poopybottomboy!!!!
durrf2to pump up the jam?
NowhereManok, breakout all the unused pins so you can use that board for other CNC machines...
NowhereManwhat stepper drivers are you using?
durrf2ill break you out
NowhereManif you are gonna make a controller board, might as well break out the other pins so you can use the thing for other apps
NowhereManand sell some
TheHexaCubeyeaaah, I'll... maybe do that
TheHexaCubeI'm struggling to get it done atm
durrf2rome wasnt built in a day
TheHexaCubethe problem is that it needs custom firmware, too
TheHexaCubeso it'd be a shitton work to use it for other CNC machinery
durrf2hey man thats your problem not mine
NowhereManit uses a 32 bit micro
NowhereManhow hard would it be to get GRBL or Smoothieware running on it?