justRifRaf nice...
RoyOnWheels|MTWinfill prime on solid objects
A2_RifRaf: Prints look good with two colors, is that an Aluhotend?
RifRafRoyOnWheels|MTW, yep thats one way
RifRafA2_, yep, they are working the best for me
RifRafthe melt zone is not too large compared to some
A2_good to hear!
A2_I just finished watching JGR latest video an hour ago, and he's changed the design of his hot end, looks good.
RifRafyep will have to try a new one out soon
NETioRifRaf: 3 filaments into 1 hotend like Richrap did or is the filament retracted out of the hotend and the other one inserted. Like a 3-way fitting on a bowden before the hotend?
A2_Are you in the USA, and if so, how much was shipping, or is there a USA distributor, and what was the shipping? :)
RifRafNETio, 3 filaments auto swapping into a single hotend
NETioRifRaf: So they're completely retracted out of the hotend before the next is inserted. This is what I thought was going on
RifRafhave done upto 900 swaps in a 90mm high print without jam
RifRafNETio, yep 80mm retraction at moment
NETioand I thought I ran high retraction with a bowden setup
kthxtriplestruder is http://repables.com/r/291/ a 3 filament auto swapping extruder, current x carriage design for i3 or similar
NETioYou aren't getting stringing though :P
RifRafthats the files at moment
NETioPrints are beautiful. Done any 3 color yet?
NETioThose frogs looked awesome
RifRafyes upto 5 colour
RifRafby swapping at certain heights
RifRafbut having issues with priming towers, so has just been 2 last week
RifRafthis seems it will resolve issues, just have to sweep table every few hourse
A2_What resin, ABS, PLA, etc.?
AuzzeRifRaf you didn't include a 1.75mm version?
RifRafAuzze, so much time to test with 3mm, 1.75 should be easier though
Auzzeok, that will do for today, later
tjhowsefuck man
tjhowseI remember now why I don't buy shitty 100m spools of plastic
tjhowsefuck dealing with lose coils
tjhowsethis is wildly annoying
tjhowsethis is worse than trying to skin a live cat in a peta meeting
A2_RifRaf: Why did you choose to park your data files on http://repables.com
RifRafA2_, just testing it for now, non commercial etc
A2_tks, didn't know it was non commercial, that's cool.
joem__from 25 deg c to 110 deg c in less than 2 minutes, on the hot bed
joem__hooray 110vac 500w
A2_That's nice, what type of heater element, and have you posted how to some one can replicate your efforts?
NETioPeople Eating Tasty Animals? Yeah, we don't get too happy about cats. Cats != Tasty.
NETiojoem__: That's impressive
raldrichNETio: A couple of years ago I was confronted by a “Does your food have a face?” poster on the PETA booth at a local street fair. My first thought was “Great, now we have to genetically engineer animals without faces…”
joem__and only 5 amps
joem__the triac barely gets warm
NETioha ha ha
NETioI found it
NETioA nice little function in slic3r
NETiothat shit is getting rewritten by me ASAP. Nozzle_diameter * 1.5 is a huge ass gap to leave between support material and the actual printed part
RifRafsome other tests, the finished 3 colour prints are not here anymore but will make more soon http://i.imgur.com/0SxV4ze.jpg
x303NETio: That does seem like a bit much
NETioslic3r is doing support beautifully, but with a huge ass gap in the z-axis
A2_RifRaf: the figurines are really cool.
NETiopillars are almost working. Some of them are pretty thin, but still printable and they do work. I think "perfect" would be a bit thicker just in case, but they work. But what's the point in support if it literally doesn't even touch what's above it. He's had multiple issues opened over this, he implemented nophead's idea for peelable support, but missed the math a bit. It works for supporting flat stuff like bridges and blind overhangs, but for complex and tota
NETiolly freestanding stuff it's terrible. He talks about how it works because slic3r uses bridge math over support and yada yada yada. It works, but not a nice as KISSlicer. But after a short love affair with KISS I still like Slic3r, it just needs some tweaks
RifRafA2_, yep had to learn blender to remake them, still learning
NETioACTION remembers when Sound thought it was a good idea to make ultra-dense honeycomb infill support and he had to go in the code and change support flow rate to like 0.6 to make something that could even begin to be removed.
NETioRifRaf: I'm not going to lie. The prints looked better from a distance.
Rifis all good, they look better in real life :)
Rifbut they are all early tests, things will get better, is alot going on to make em
NETioLooks like inconsistent extrusion between layers
r4v5Rif: what is the workflow like for multicolor printing these days
NETioStill using modifers and running a boolean intersection on it?
RifRafr4v5, still a bit, been using blender to separate models into parts and exporting them is separate stls, then using slic3r to generate an .amf file
RifRafthen slicing the files is the biggest issue but cura is doin the best job for now, still post editing and adding gcode for priming towers etc
RifRafand then printing with pronterface / sdcard is about the workflow
blockh34dRifRaf: i added a plugin to cura wiki for the priming you might like
blockh34dyou can customize the code its adding
RifRafblockh34d, thanks will have a look
blockh34dRifRaf: np the gcode is from / for Micro3DP's stuff but i dont see why it wouldnt be pretty universal
blockh34dliking freecad so far
blockh34dwindows however, pretty much fed up with... gotta get my ubuntu install fixed or replaced ugh
NETiohow does one cross-compile Perl programs? I've cross compiled C/C++ before, never used Perl or had any formal classes on it
blockh34dtheres compilable perl?
blockh34di thought it was interpretted
blockh34dperl helloworld.cgi = <whatever helloworld.cgi says to do>
NETioSlic3r is a weird blend of Perl and C++ utilizing Perl's "XS" extension for the C++ part. All the heavy lifting is done in C++ now and has been for a while.
blockh34dand its just some text file, important part is the first line
blockh34dwhat do the perl files look like in a text editor? readable?
NETioand it's definately compilable, or at least can be bundled with an intepreter. That's how slic3r is distributed
NETioI think perl calls it a "Packer?
blockh34di'll have to check that out, i've always been more of apython person
blockh34dbut i've had some fun with perl, with web server stuff, way back in the day
NETioI can pack one on Windows. But I'm talking cross compile which means packing the script to an exe for 64-bit Windows on Linux
blockh34dits great for really obfuscated code
NETioI don't do Perl, I've done Python before, but 95% of my formal programming eduction is C++/C/Java
blockh34dyeah clearly i don't know much about the packing process, lemme know what you come up with sounds neat
NETioI'm not entirely sure it can be cross compiled
NETioBut it refuses to run from source on Windows so...
blockh34di would think you'd let the end user update their own script hosts
blockh34dbut maybe its better the way you're saying, i guess baked in there
blockh34dall about whats at hand i suppose
blockh34dfreecad is really nice, liking the looks of this quite a bit so far
NETiolol, so hard to use Inventor then use FreeCAD
blockh34dyou like inventor better i guess
TBoneCamha I was about to give FreeCAD a go.. Comming from inventor :)
NETioI try to do small stuff for personal projects on FreeCAD from time to time, but still love Inventor.
blockh34di'm making these robofingers in it
blockh34dwe'll see how it goes
macegrI want to try FreeCAD but it keeps crashing
macegrSo I just keep using Inventor
blockh34duh oh, i better save often. so far, so good
blockh34ddoes yours start up at all or just bam instant death?
NETioIt's perfectly functional for me. It just lacks advanced features that increase productivity and also things like splines and 3d sketches that allow for more advanced shapes. Although maybe it has them now. I haven't tried it in a while
blockh34dreally liking this outline creation workflow, nice smooth curves and fairly sane process going from series of points to nice outline to extrusion/revolution
blockh34dNETio: did you try the 'fillet' in sketch editting? its making gorgeous curves for me
NETioFillet is a basic CAD tool. 3d fillets are quite nice on a lot of parts. Makes things look more professional and less block-ish
NETiodoes FreeCAD do 3d fillets or just in the 2s sketch? IIRC it had 3d fillets
RoyOnWheels|MTWi get a few steps into freecad tutorials and give up. returning to openscad
NETioyeah. It does 3d fillets and chamfers
blockh34dRoyOnWheels|MTW: it actually reminds me a lot of 3dsr4 workflow so far... list of outlines, then list of extensions of those into 3d, somehow
NETioopenSCAD is so slow to do anything complex and near impossible to get organic shapes
NETioFine for simple mechanical parts, but even those can be done significantly faster in FreeCAD, at least for me
blockh34dthats whats keeping me away from the 'its all code all day' approach... i really like to trace out weird organic shapes and it doesnt seem to like that
blockh34dbut coffeescad did seem very impressive, i'll proably try it for something sometime
merkur2kthats what you think :)
merkur2ki do fine with openscad
NETioonly fast way I know to make an organic shape in openscad is to import and extrude a DXF, but the DXF comes from a CAD program so.... why not use graphical CAD?
GuShHhttps://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1574214560/desktop-plastic-extrusion-system-for-everyone what happened to this?
merkur2kyou would be surprised what can be done with a good understanding of math and coding
blockh34dyah povray comes to mind
merkur2kmy example is this https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-JwP9MF4lmhI/UZhEAkJLQVI/AAAAAAAACWA/Lg1z4oznO-0/w1598-h786-no/turbo+adapter.PNG
NETiomerkur2k: I have both. I wasn't aware openscad really allowed you to do anything beyond primitve shapes. Can you actually write code for the engine it runs on, forget the name of it
merkur2kmore direct support for doing fillets would be nice, but i get by
NETioThings like gears and such, they're very nice in SCAD
blockh34dneat look part thanks merkur2k that helps me a little with openscad
merkur2kmaths :)
blockh34dnot gonna lie, still mostly incomprehensible gibberish... but some of it... sinking in
NETio3d hubs must be making some money to offer 100 coupons for a free $15 print
blockh34dyah i do lotta similar maths for game stuff
blockh34ddistance, orientation, 3d draw stuff
NETiomerkur2k: Yeah, that's simple. I'm talking organic shapes. Could you design a car in OpenSCAD? Probably, but it'd take forever.
merkur2ki wanted a really good flowing part since velocites can approach supersonic. trigenometry made sense :)
NETiomerkur2k: I have to ask what that goes on?
NETiomerkur2k: Surely not a car turbo?
merkur2kcompressor inlet on a turbocharger
NETiomeh, velocities don't hit supersonic. Turbine tips do, but not flow
NETioAnd how is that not going to melt?
crunchrib tips are tasty
merkur2kthats what you think heh
NETiomerkur2k: Anything printed within 12 inches of my turbo would likely melt into a pile of goo
merkur2ktemperatures under a car hood dont get warm enough to melt abs, except possibly near exhaust
merkur2kwhich, is possible here. but so far its been fine
ccecila lot of underhood parts are abs
NETiolol, one side of a turbo is typically glowing bright orange under load
crunchthe day i ran my car without a downpipe on the turbo
ArtyuhaAs i thought amazon ships free only to us
ccecilNETio: not the compressor side
crunchthe thousands of dollars of damage
merkur2kyes, but thats the other side of the turbo from this
NETioMy turbo inlet and outlet are both high temp silicone
ArtyuhaCrunch can you give me your super supplier?
merkur2kit does end up a couple inches from one of the header primaries though. as long as its running airflow will keep it cool enough
merkur2kif i have problems i will remake it in nylon
ccecilmerkur2k: or polycarb
merkur2kor cast in aluminum
crunchu mean plastic?
ArtyuhaSuper cheap
crunchi dont know if it will be cheap
crunchlet me call him now
NETioThe compressor side of my turbo has to be at least 150F for intake temps to get to the ~140 range. I know last time I got the bright idea to pull my intercooler off right after turning off the car I had to wear gloves to hold it for any length of time
crunchit has to come from china to russia
merkur2kit saved me well over $100 in parts for something that would not have flowed as well either :)
ArtyuhaOk write me artyuha@gmail.com
NETiomerkur2k: The intake side will hopefully be ok
NETiomerkur2k: Since it's cool air flowing in. Outlet side on compressor would be a bit questionable, probably melt it
merkur2kthe compressor discharge will be several hundred deg f easily yeah. inlet will stay near ambient
crunchhow many rolls do you want?
NETioyeah, I was thinking intake temp hits 140F in summer with heatsoak on the intercooler
NETioSo actual outlet must be pretty damn hot.
merkur2k140f is still nothing to abs
NETio140F is post-intercooler
crunchnetio: on a gas powered card with a heatsoaked cooler , i was seeing 340+ F
merkur2kyeah i have a giant intercooler, temps arent much above ambient heh
NETiocrunch: Needs moar intercooler
NETioand waterspray :D
crunchit was a mr2 turbo
crunchthat was after a hard run
crunchsmall ic
crunchvery cramped
NETioI don't run my STi hard if I know I'll be hitting red-lights/traffic
merkur2kballpark math says 360F discharge temp for my setup
NETiobut the TMIC is not really ideal for stop-n-go traffic. I honestly haven't really "heat soaked" it. I just glanced at intake temps after some long idling on a hot day in my driveway
crunchyou dont boost at idle
NETiowell, unless you run Anti-Lag
merkur2k25+ psi makes a lot of heat
NETiorotational idle :D
merkur2ki do run anti lag :P
crunchat most 1 psi
NETioWhat are you running 25+ psi on O.o
RoyOnWheels|MTWmethonal spray right
crunchi run 48 psi on my tdi
crunchit can inflate tires :)
merkur2ka merkur :)
NETioACTION runs 21psi
merkur2kthey ran 15 psi non intercooled stock
merkur2ktough ass engine
NETiodiesel doesn't count
merkur2knot diesel
crunchmy diesl will eat your sti.
merkur2kbut i do have a tdi as well
RoyOnWheels|MTWa merkur for merkur2k how coincidental
NETiotalking about crunch
merkur2kRoyOnWheels|MTW: :)
NETiobut it only made 145BHP with 15psi
RoyOnWheels|MTWelectric > diesel > petrol
merkur2kmy tdi will hold its own, but the merkur will rape face :)
NETioFixed that for you: petrol > diesel > electric
RoyOnWheels|MTWdiesel electric hybrid ftw
crunchdiesel owns
crunchi love it
crunchlow maintenance
crunchlots of extra power when modded
merkur2kyeah diesel makes for an awesome daily driver
crunchand reliable
NETiodiesel is awesome, but not in racing
merkur2ktorque ftw
starnodoes M190 Rxxx work for anyone using marlin?
NETioyes, diesels have been raced with success
starnoI think its broken
NETiobut it's not the norm
RoyOnWheels|MTWsays the le mans winner NETio
merkur2kive taken my tdi to autocross, its a lot of fun
crunchnetio : my golf tdi does 11.2 consistently in the 1/4
crunchand it does not break
crunchand i get 37-38 mpg
NETioACTION gets ~20mpg
merkur2knot bad. best i got out of my merkur in my drag racing days was 12.7
NETioon 93
crunchthats good
crunchgood tires and the tq helps me tons
merkur2kwhich was on a junkyard budget, and street tires
merkur2kconsistent 1.8 60 ft times, people with slicks were jelly hehe
crunchi put advans on
starnowhy wont M190 R50 wait for the platform to reach temperature. Im calling BS on the marlin implementation
crunchm190 s50
starnofrom Marlin_main.cpp // M190 - Sxxx Wait for bed current temp to reach target temp. Waits only when heating
starno// Rxxx Wait for bed current temp to reach target temp. Waits when heating and cooling
crunchm190 sXX works for me
starnonot when platform is at 80C and you want it to wait until it goes to 50C
starnoit doesnt wait when cooling, it just sets the new temp and moves on
crunchgot you
xmatthiasyou're right - according to the docs M190 R50 should wait
crunchnever tried that
starnoI believe the docs are wrong because it doesnt work for me
merkur2kyeah i remember a whole bunch of discusiion on what awhile back, it doesnt work for cooling
merkur2kunless it was just recently changed
merkur2kare those docs for the version of marlin that you are using?
starnofrom the latest pulled less than a week ago
merkur2kdemand your money back then :P
starnomaybe Ill just put in a pull request for a new Mcode, M934, auto make coffee and stick it in the docs
NETiorepetier waits for cooling or heating to within a defined window
starnomy main goal here is to just to cyclical heating for a life-testing setup
starnoI'll implement dwell if thats the last resort
merkur2kcrunch: dont recall if i showed you or if you care, but heres my youtube channel that i post my racing vids to https://www.youtube.com/user/xrattiracer/
crunchi will look now
merkur2kbeen awhile since i made new videos, car being up on jackstands and all
crunchstarno , maybe just use delay times instead
crunchwait times
crunchmerkur2k: love the turbo noise
crunchmy tdi is almost silent
merkur2kcut the muffler off. and the cat, if you can get away with it
merkur2ki just have the muffer off my tdi, havent done the cat yet
merkur2komg i would have so much fun with that :P
merkur2kand be giggling like a little school girl the entire time
crunchthe girl looks decent
merkur2kmy measly 300hp is damn fun as it is heh
Loetmichelmornin'. Just got a phonecall. I'm uncle again. for the fifth time ;-)
crunchmy tdi puts 412 hp and 700+ tq
crunchbig spread
crunchcongrats bro
merkur2kmy tdi is like 150/200 or so
merkur2khaha the old woman is great
crunchi remember those days
merkur2kthe merkur is currently down for new transmission, clutch, flywheel, brakes, suspension bushings
merkur2kit may not beat most stuff in a straight line, but you will have a hard time in the corners :)
cef*sigh* there goes the forum again..
crunchlow budget hoes
merkur2kcrunch: theres one of me that someone else took thats not on my page either https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XloEmlcGV-4&index=1&list=FLqmjkfmh988DQ62rKaDTe7g
crunchmerkur2k: i am going to send you a can of krylon :)
merkur2kfunction over form :)
terramiromg I gotta wait 65 days for this print to finish lol http://s1237.photobucket.com/user/terramir/media/reprap/14-06-21at1137PM_zps6eb3b1ee.png.html
terramirat least according to pronterface :D
Computer_Barfit seems like estimation routines have not improved since early gui days
merkur2kthe host software doesnt have the ability to compensate for slowdowns caused to acceleration so its always going to be off
Computer_Barfwhat it repraps are actually curving space time , did you think of that? HUHHHH?
terramirit just jumped 30 mm in y had to clean and restart the print delayed by another 10 min
Computer_Barfim printing snap on spool holder for my mendelmax
crunchwhere the fuck is everyone
Incognito675in the either
merkur2kor getting drunk
merkur2kand high
Incognito675caught in that place between printing and non printing
crunchyour tdi is a nice lil red washington apple
merkur2ki would go finish swapping out ramps for smoothieboard on my i2, but i dont think that would be a good idea right now hehe
merkur2ki really wanted silver..
crunchthats what i got
merkur2kbut it was really the only 2 door golf tdi i could find, and the mods made it worth it. even for the high price
crunchthey are next to impossible to fine
crunchi had to look for months
merkur2kive had it a little over 2 years now, paid 9500 for it
merkur2kcouldnt negotiate on price cause there was a line of people wanting it behind me heh
crunchyeh i had that same problem
crunchi was tryin to get him down and the phone was ringing with other buyers
terramirehhh stalls on the y-axis causes (please list all you can think of
merkur2kabsolutely love it though, no regrets at all
terramircome-on peeps let get back on topic ;) printers
merkur2kpff, off topic is on topic here :P
terramirstalls on the Y axis causes solutions etc
terramirI need help
merkur2kmore current? less current?
terramiractually my prusa will need it tommorow
Computer_Barfwhat happened to the guy building the delta that was basically square steel rods with bearings riding them
Computer_Barfor the guy here that was extruding cement
merkur2kmy delta is a kossel legacy, bearing running directly on extrusions heh
crunchhe encased himself in cement
terramirhmmm cement extrusion that 3d printer is literally as big as a house
merkur2klarger actually, by definition
Computer_Barfoh my god ive been standing on the print bed and oh my god what am I doing on the dock oh my god im losing my balance
terramiractually bigger right
Computer_Barfand that was the first 3d print by the mob.
Computer_Barfno further explaination needed.
Incognito675custom cement shoes that fit! :P
terramirhey hmmm cement/ extrusion or actually cement drywall mixture would be cool for making molds for casting ;)
merkur2khmm finished off that growler of beer, guess its on to other things now
Computer_Barfcasting what terrramir?
Computer_BarfI was just looking at a guy casting aluminum
merkur2keh i dunno pla investment casting works well enough
terramiryeah but a waste of pal
merkur2kthey will make more :)
Computer_BarfSince all the aluminum castings come out a little rough
Computer_Barfi mean when i see them I think , ok thats great but your probably going to machine it some
Computer_Barfbut I could still imagine it being useful
merkur2kyeah you generally need to machine castings
Computer_Barfbut I would think that maybe some of the plastics that arn't that well suited tword perfect prints might be better suited tword aluminum casting
Computer_Barfplastic water bottles
Computer_Barfpete I believe
jaggzin FreeCad, how would you model a thread spool?
merkur2knever used freecad...
Computer_Barfput it in a sexy dress
terramirquestion any of you printing right now
xmatthiasterramir: just finished a small calib-piece
terramirI just started a 20m print
terramir20M of filament
Computer_Barfi just finished printing this ramps box. No final pics yet due to lazy. Perhaps someone might have some input on those first layers though
Computer_BarfI changed my retraction settings due to some previous recommendations
terramircomputer_barf questionn
jaggzmerkur2k: rhino?
terramirwhere you live
merkur2kjaggz: i use openscad...
terramirhow good are you at casting?
Computer_Barflol im interested in casting but I 've never
merkur2kive never done casting. i do want to, but gonna have to wait til i get my own place
terramirdang I need someone to cast the parts for the lathe
Computer_Barfthat would be cool
terramirotherwise I'm gonna have to do it in cement
merkur2kmake a backyard foundry :)
terramirI live in a three story building
merkur2kheh that could be a problem
merkur2ki rent a house, i just dont have enough room
terramirin the middle of los angeles the fire department would have a kniption fit
terramirif I did it in the alley
merkur2kmeh if its your property they can fuck off :)
terramirthe alley
merkur2kbut yeah it obviously isnt hehe
merkur2kwait, where would you even put a lathe? :P
terramirworkbench in living room
terramirI just has to m203 X30 Y30
terramirand it might be still to loud for 12 30 am
terramirI think my printer needs a lot of tlc
terramirbeen neglected for the last year
A2_Computer_Barf: Don't cast aluminum into a cement mold, the moistuer will cause it to explode, and molten aluminum on your face is a bad thing.
jaggzdepending on your floors you can probably get away with a lathe
Incognito675A2_: you never know, might be an improvement...
terramirA2_: how long would cement need to dry
Incognito675that terminator look is all the rage :P
A2_seriously, it will explode, you can never dry cement out, the water is always present. But taken to extreame maybe 100 to 200 years you could dry it out if you maintained the correct environment.
A2_google it
terramiroh ok so sand it is backed sand with clay right but the clay has water in it dun it
Incognito675yea, Ive read that even working over concrete is a bad idea, for same reasons
terramirread some things about casting a while ago
A2_it's porous, so the little water in casting sand can vent off
A2_I've cracked cement just with drippings from welding.
terramiryeah A2_ you do casting
jaggzdefinitely look into a bunch of pages on aluminum casting at home
A2_Long time ago I did with aluminum, and lead.
terramirnot anymore :(
A2_I've always had a workaround to not need to cast. Less plastic, cast a lot of that.
LoetmichelA2_: that is why you use gypsum + sand instead of cement for lost pla aluminium casting
A2_But google how to safely cast.
Loetmichelbecause that combination can be dried out fine ;-
terramirI need the parts for a 14Gingery style 14lathe
terramirbut I live in LA
terramirno way for me to cast here
merkur2kyeah, gingery shit is awesome, i want to build some of that too
terramirlet's see inner city
Loetmichelwhat is the problem wiht lA?
Loetmichelno backyard to cast in?
A2_Aluminum if clean, very clean doesn't give off a smell, so maybe you could cast in your apartment? :)
terramirfire department living in an apartment and in california everything is illegal lol
A2_And the mold can't give off gas
merkur2kthats the challenge heh
merkur2kwith investmest casting at least
Incognito675it meted due to the fire, honist...
A2_not worth it, but fun to think about.
LoetmichelTectu: i wouldnt use a waste oil burner to cast there
Loetmichelbut with a propane torch as furnace it should be faily smoke free
merkur2kbut loud. and hot
A2_I found an awesome DIY kiln video for melting aluminum in your kitchen, let me see if I can find it, worth being aware of.
LoetmichelA2_: i would NOT reccomend to cast ANY aluminium inside!
terramiryeah me niether
terramirdidn't even think a gas stove got that hot
Loetmicheluse a well ventilated backyard AND put a 5cm "sheet" of perfectly dried sand on the floor around the mold and the furnace
jaggzterramir: what part of L.A.?
terramirI dun have a backyard
jaggz<-- l.a. also
terramirnear mcArthur
pwavehi how long should the 3 mm setscrew be for the wade-gears
Loetmichelso any spilled aluminium cant get in contact wirt moist floor
terramirabout 5mm
A2_Here's the video of a guy melting aluminum in his kitchen: "Spiral Fire" Electrical Resistance Aluminum Melting Furnace [Perlite] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGO6Ml3KIhE Melting is not so bad if you have means to catch leaking molten aluminum, it's casting it where you need to be careful of thing blowing up due to moisture. But Yea DON'T DO THIS AT HOME, YOU SILLY KIDS.
blockh34dhttp://postimg.org/image/k473ru86l/ funny warning image from one of my guns manual
A2_Loetmichel: dry sand bed is a good suggestion.
blockh34dDo NOT shoot your backwards hat wearing friend
jaggzwhat happens with a wet sand bed?
blockh34dthis is the only image in the manual where theres hats, and they're backwards, and they're shooting each other... i think ruger is sying something there
jaggzdoes it bubble off the moisture and work its way down?
Loetmicheljaggz: moisture and liquid aluminium: explosion
Loetmichelsteam explosion
Loetmichel.> aluminium droplets EVERYWHERE
merkur2kat least aluminum isnt hot enough to separate it into hydrogen and oxygen and then ignite that mixture :P
Loetmichelmerkur2k: not neccesary
merkur2kbut yeah moisture in a rigid mold is bad
Loetmichelthe instant vaporisation of the water is enough to throw the molten aluminium anywhere you dont want to have it
pwavewhat ball bearing should i get for the gregs-wade-v3 ?
Loetmichelmoisture on the floor when spilling some aluminium is enough to get anythin in a 5 feet radius covered with little burned spots
Loetmichellucily i wore long clothing and a face shield
merkur2kmy dad used to work for alcoa, he had some fun stories about molten magenesium
merkur2k(which is hot enough to do said magic with separating water into hydrogen and oxygen)
A2_Yea, I wore a leather apron to my feet, and leather boot covers, a full face and head shield, and a leather coat, and leather gloves, casting aluminum, and some of that equipment when welding. I've danced a lot by my self in the garage with molten pellets in my shorts, HOKEY COWS!
A2_Was your dad a Millwright?
merkur2kno he did computer shit for them heh. but he was out in the factory sections enough
jaggzthis water-al thing is good to know.. thanks
A2_What state?
A2_They make a lot of boat stuff.
A2_makes sense they are in wa
merkur2khe doesnt work there anymore cause they shut that location down heh
A2_I missed your magenesium post. I had a huge box of magnesium chips, start it on fire and just add water, and OMG. Broke a lot of cement with that stuff back in the day. I got scared having it in the house and put it in the trash. I was afraid if the house caught on fire with that in my closet there wouldn't be much left of me or the house, so I got rid of it.
merkur2khaha nice
A2_Got it from work, some kid was running a CNC mill and he had the coolant on and as I was walking by, I noticed that it didn't look like aluminum. I asked him what it was he's cutting he said magnesium. I said you better not catch that on fire with that coolant, and give me all your chips, lol.
jaggzI made a circle in freecad and then it disappeared and I'm left with a dot with a tangent constraint icon showing...
jaggznever made a 3d object in freecad ..
terramirdude use openscad it's all math based much easier
A2_jaggz: have you ever worked with a CAD program before?
A2_If not get a mentor, if that is not an option, watch videos. If you're a programmer then check out openscad, if not stick with freecad. The future will be a blend of both methodologies. So you really can't go wrong. But it is a bit of a mind game if you're starting on your own.
terramirI'm printing 9.8mb of geode lol
terramirthis will be printing all night
merkur2kpff ive done well over 60MB hehe
terramirI just had to limit my printer to 35mm/s on x and y
terramirI dunno but my y axis is toast I think
terramirI think I gotta do some renovating tommorow
terramirmeasuring the y axis distance between bars with a caliper and maybe replace the bearings
A2_So in the next 30 days I'll be getting my first printer. I think it's a Mendal kit from about 2009. Two people tried to put it together and gave up. I saw all the bits and parts in a box, and omg did it look like crapola.
terramirI should also get my other printer up and running
terramirA2_: where do you live?
A2_I don't give out personal info on the web.
terramirnot address dude vecinity
terramirspelled that wrong
terramirif I tell you I live in LA that will not tell you much
crunchhe prolly got butt raped
crunchso he has a issue with that now
pwavehi i want to build a gregs-wade-v3 extruder and i cant find good instructions anyone have a good pdf ?
crunchyour asking where he lives
terramirACTION goes and slaps crunch on the back of the head
terramirout of line'
terramirbut A2_ you in the states?
crunchACTION goes and slaps terramir with a trout
terramirseriously asking for a reason
crunchdude , the guy has trauma
crunchhe dont wanna be met with
terramircause if two peeps couldn't get that together I assume some parts either missing or defective
crunchor the people are defective
terramirwas gonna offer to 1 off a few parts if needed cheap
mutley_ACTION is defextive
crunchACTION throws mutley a chey toy
terramirpossible but unlikely statistically speaking only 2.5% of the population is retarded
crunch466 people in this room , who are the 10 retards
mutley_ACTION starts to kill chewy toy
Loetmichelterramir: really?
Loetmicheli would have estimated 25%
mutley_ACTION swings arm up proudly
terramiryeah really normalization bell curve
crunchi deal with a lot more than 2.5% of stupid people daily
Loetmichelcrash_18974: stupid != retarded
crunchits hard to find smart people actually
terramirtwo standard deviations abovee and below the norm which is 95%
A2_Tks terramir for the offer, but if I'm missing components, I'll whittle them out of wood with my pen knife or buy them on the interweb. :)
Loetmichelahem crunch
crunchwhatsup michael
terramirACTION slaps some sense into crunch
mutley_if your going to talk about sleep pattersn, im relatively normal
crunchsomething in your throat?
terramirI used to sell emergency parts on ebay
LoetmichelA2_: its usually easier to build the first 3d machine if you have an experienced "friend" at hand that can lend you a hand
crunchyou got your caffiene drip going mutley?
mutley_crunch: caffience drip on auto feed and slightly over calibrated :)
mutley_been up a cpl hours, bagging flex's for a trip to posty first thing in morning
terramirLoetmichel: statistically speaking 2.5% of the population is genius and 2.5% retarded
crunchu selling lots?
mutley_crunch: a few have sold but im not ushing it atm
Loetmichelterramir: that also depends on the definition of genius and retarded
mutley_due to a decision that with hindsight was a bad decision, it over burdened me
A2_I've build a few production machines that can make millions of parts a year, and every thing in between. I've got a big hole in my knowledge base with the controllers, motors, and software, but that's why I'm hanging out here to pick up little bits of wisdom when they float by.
Loetmicheliirc retarded is defined as IQ lower than 85
mutley_decision reassessed, burnden lifted, self inflicted trout slaps taken place, back on track and making up ground fast
terramiriq of 70 and below 130 and above but that is
crunchbush was prolly sub 85 iq
Loetmichelcrunch: first or second one`?
crunchthe first one beat the 2nd
crunchfirst was prolly 110 or so
crunchhit the 2nd one too many times
mutley_A2_: thats what happenes when you fociis and specialize on something, everyone has strengths and weaknesses, very few get to be expert at anything
Loetmichelclassic inbred is more likely
mutley_i thought US president had to be inbred, or at least thats what i gathered from Bush
Incognito675British royalty too
A2_Royalty in the past were inbred, marrying first cousins generation after generation.
mutley_i think i have to agree on the royalty thing there for sure, occassionally the odd drifter gets to lay their seed in their too
crunchyeah and look at what happened to diana
crunchbangin a arab
mutley_and hewitt
mutley_and a pint of lager
Incognito675it must be quite horrid to live in the public eye, having every thing you do discussed by others. when its none of their darn business!
mutley_tbh that all leads onto far more serious conversations about dark forces and how everything is actually run, frightening
crunchsome love the attention
crunchi think most in this channel are shut ins
mutley_id happilly live in the public eye, would just mean id need to permanently wear a tshirt with the one finger salute
mutley_but alas i "chose" the close to shut in route as its far easier
Incognito675ACTION is becoming more of a shut in , week by week.
Loetmichelmy wife just gifted me a tshirt. front: " the early bird gets..." back: "... one if it doesent shut UP!"
crunchsigns of a omega male
mutley_mmm guidance neded?
Loetmichelcrunch: hmm?
Loetmichel[10:31] <crunch> signs of a omega male <- what?
A2_What's the reason a bike chain is not used to drive an axis, I can only think that it's due to the pitch. If you tension the piss out of it, there won't be much backlash. Granted the frame will probably have to be welded steel to prevent it from imploding on it's self. But is there another reason?
crunchhold on
mutley_weight? inertia?
LoetmichelA2_: because chains have inherent not lenar motion
crunchthere you go
A2_I've found NEMA 23 with 500, 400, and 300 oz-in torque, that are commonly used on larger routers cutting aluminum with chain drives in a servo-belt configuration.
A2_Ah, so the links are non linear.
mutley_one thing i do love about this channel is all the obscurity that comes from the links that get posted in reply to off topic comments
A2_But a few routers are using a chain.
terramirlaterz folks
A2_cy terramir and tks for your offer to help
A2_I priced miniature chains on McMaster Carr, dang expensive.
LoetmichelA2_: any chain link deviates speed a lotte on entereing and leaving the sprocket
Loetmichelthe less teeth on the sprocket the more deviation
A2_tks for pointing that out, and now chains are off my list.
blockh34dmade one joint of printed finger, at 50% size vs original, its already very very sturdy
crunchLoetmichel: did you read and define omega male now
blockh34dtrimmer line, again, strong as hell
blockh34dexcept to cutting.. you can cut this stuff almost with tip of your nail
mutley_i love mowing the lawn
crunchthe house or wife?
Loetmichelcrunch: still dont know on which characteristic you were commenting on
blockh34dmutley_: its the high point of my week very often as well
A2_I've read that the inexpensive Nylon trimmer line does not have fillers, and the more expensive trimmer line has fillers like expensive chopped glass fibers. So the cheaper trimmer line should be easier to extrude.
blockh34di think this printed finger is already stronger than a real one
mutley_it just reaffirms how lovely it is to live where i am
blockh34dnice, thats the kinda stuff that makes me want to paint
blockh34di'll be making travel size easels soon
crunchi think it is time for me to go
LoetmichelA2_: why use trimmer line at all when you can have pla or ABS filament for cheap?
nulliebecause nylon
Loetmichelnullie: exactly
Loetmichelnylon isnt glueable, its smelly when heated, its not really stronger than pla, so why use it?
nulliewhy not stronger?
Loetmichelbecause it sticks not so well to the lower layers
crunchnylon is strong and does stick well
crunchjust soft and warp prone
nullieyou still get longitudinal strength
A2_Nylon is tough, hence that's why they use if for trimmer line, it can take a beating, and it has low friction qualities, takes dyes well, etc. but sucks up the moisturizer, which for some products is a good thing. I had a Nylon molded part break, and man I was dumbfounded for a bit until I figured out that it was too dry.
Loetmichelcrunch: so you had other nylon than me
Loetmichelthe nylon i know is barely a thermoplastic. it doesent melt very evenly and cant be welded nicely.
Loetmichelbut maybe i got bad stuff all the time
A2_The fillers will change the properties, if there is glass fibers in it, it will suck for a bearing application, but will be tear resistant.
crunchmy stuff bonds like hot pla
crunchvery tacky and strong
crunchalmost rubber like
A2_Crunch: was it relatively less expensive than other brands of trimmer line?
crunchit was a big roll for 23 on amazon
crunchblue maxxpower possible?
A2_yea so you got the inexpensive trimmer line without the fillers, so it's virgin Nylon without glass fiber filller.
A2_Doesn't mean it doesn't have fillers to make it easier to mold and reduce the expense, but it doesn't have the expensive glass fibers. So you said it was easy for you to cut it with your finger nail, and that is indicative of an unfilled Nylon.
crunchi never said i cut it with my nails
crunchthats someone else
crunchi chew it , cheaper than gum
Incognito675better than road tar.. I guess
Loetmichelcrunch: you are crazy ;-)
A2_can you indent the surface of the Nylon with your finger nail, does it feel slippery, does it have a glassy finish, etc, clues that it doesn't have glass fibers.
crunchcrazy or smart
Loetmichelif you chew on nylon line: definetly crazy ;-)
crunchcheaper than gum
crunchi save money
crunchto buy more nylon to chew
A2_There is a burn test to identify plastics http://www.boedeker.com/burntest.htm If you got a hold of virgin unfilled nylon and compared the three types of plastic, you might be able to tell the difference the next time you go shopping by using a lighter.
Incognito675I suspect the shop droids will object to you burning their stock..
pwavehi i got 5 KH42JM2B140 stepper motors and they have a metal top on them could this be taken off ? http://cncsuperstore.com/image/cache/data/Products/motors/KH42JM2B140E/1-500x500.JPG
crunchthats good shit
crunchpossibly a damper
crunchit is rubber isolated
Incognito675pwave: you dont want to. will make it run much quieter
pwavecrunch should i keep them on or could i cut them off?
crunchis it rubber?
pwavecrunch looks like it is
crunchtake them off nicely and mail to me
pwavedo they help ?
A2_just tell them you have a glue addiction, give them the finger, and continue huffing the Nylon.
crunchif you dont want them i will take them
pwavei dont know if they will fit with that on them
Incognito675heh, 3d printer product placement in the silly tv im watching...
pwaveand it looks like the screw size is smaller
A2_Dampeners are the shit, work them into your design.
A2_If you can't figure out a solution, post your design files and ask for help, you want the dampeners.
pwaveokay will make it fit then
A2_I found some NEMA 23 today with dampeners on a dual shaft, the dampeners alone are $45.00 ea.
pwaveA2_ are the screw sizes still the wave
A2_Your dampeners on a NEMA17 are about $6.00 each but do the same thing.
A2_M3 if I recall, but you should always measure 2X, get a screw to verify.
A2_You never know, maybe you have a mass produced custom motor for specific machine that needed a different screw, so buy a screw and verify.
Incognito675yea, I took a weird stepper around to a hardware supplier, I want 20 of what ever the f**k these are. he did all the work :)
crunchcya guys
crunchkeep it classy
Incognito675that would be a first!
A2_INcognito657: lol
A2_cy crunch
A2_one millimeter extruder also makes the printing output stronger. No evidence that I can see supporting this claim, but interesting nevertheless. http://3dprintingindustry.com/2014/06/16/german-repraps-new-1mm-extruder/
A2_For PLA.
blddkso... 4mm nozzle, 4 times as strong? would be fun to see 3mm filament going through that ;)
jglauchemuch invention
xmatthiasreally now? 1mm extruder?
Smidge204Sure why not
xmatthiasas a 2nd extruder - sure
xmatthiasso that one makes the "rough" part - and the other the "fine"
A2_I'm trying to justify making a large print envelope, and the only way I figured that I can make it practical i.e. reduce the print time from days to hours is to pump more resin out, so I'm considering a larger nozzle.
xmatthiasif you don't care for the details...
A2_Along with that comes bigger motors, and more expensive drivers, etc...
Incognito675not sure how thats even news worthy... we have had a bunch of nozzle sizes available for a while... including 1mm
A2_Right no deatils.
A2_They must of paid them to print it, or their desperate for some thing to print.
A2_I bet there will a ton of news coverage of CopyBot when they fix their 5th Gen hot end too. It's improved, and better than ever... bla bla...
blddkjglauche: it is crazy... how did they even think of that? it is amazing
blddkrequires brilliant brains
Smidge204Abby... Abby Normal
A2_So insurance companies are looking for liabilities that need coverage, first thing they mention is the designer, someone printing their design and hurting them selves with it. One risk identified is the lack of control for a designer over the way his/her product is manufactured by each different machine, perhaps using materials, or combinations of materials, that are not suitable for that specific model. There is thus a risk that a self-p
A2_taken off the market,
Viper168_that's dumb
Viper168_it's an obvious consideration you need to make when doing anything
Viper168_let's ban duct tape because it could be used to fix things in an unsafe way
Incognito675not to mention gas and electricity
Incognito675in fact lets just chop everyones hands a birth, would solve a lot of problems
A2_problem solved...
papaburit was trinitylabs who got the smoothieboard off the ground...pretty funny how that turned out.
A2_interesting.... BitcoinStarter, RepRapMaker a New Worker Owned 3D Printing Cooperative - https://bitcoinstarter.com/projects/795
Incognito675"hi, we are selling X, but we are going to be really daft and only accept dodo's as payment "
Loetmicheli cant stop to chuckle about the "revolutionizing MASS production"
Loetmichela reprap can do much. but for mass production its simply to slow
Incognito675unless you have a army of them, yea..
A2_DLP/SLA with dual projectors, producing small parts can be competitive. Hearing aids and dental products are one example being done today. FDM, kind of slow for production, but not for bespoke objects.
jglaucheLoetmichel: and it doesn't even produce any mass. it just transforms it
LoetmichelA2_: mass production is usually not bespoke objects.
Loetmichelthat is what i meant
Loetmichelfor 1000s of similar parts: use injection molding
LoetmichelMUCH faster and more cost effective
Incognito675mean while... http://www.3ders.org//articles/20140612-3d-systems-breaks-speed-barrier-3d-printing-is-faster-than-injection-molding.html
Incognito675according to them...
papaburstratsys now has control..
papaburunfortunately, thanks to the sell outs over at makerbot..going to monopolize..
A2_I think it's Stratasys that is working with Google setting up a production line of 3d printers for Google's new phone too.
LoetmichelIncognito675: not real
Loetmichelbecause if you make a multimold for that lampshades you will do 100 or more on EACH 10 sec injection mold cycle
Incognito675Loetmichel: I think its real, but is limited to really small objects
Loetmicheli meant: made the wrong assumptions.
Smidge204So they're saying that because they can print lots of little things at once, it's faster than injection molding
Loetmichelsure you can throw more printers/printing vorlume to the job.
Loetmichelbut you would have to do that to the injection macine also to compare the two
Smidge204As well as more molding machines
Smidge204You can make a single mold that'll churn out a dozen parts at once
Loetmichelyeah, that is what i meant
Loetmicheland an injection mold cycle is hardly longer than 10 secs
Smidge204Really the only valid point they make, IMHO, is elimination of tooling time
A2_From what I read about Google, they have not proven it yet, but they are confident that they can achieve a production volume to meet their needs. They are not saying that they can beat an injection machine.
A2_Some of the larger parts that I have designed had a 30 second cycle time, and the mold only ejected one part. Some plastics need to cool in the mold or they will warp badly. Even then some need to be placed into a jig to hold it's form until it cool further..
papabura2_ I could see google doing that
nog3RifRaf: nice triplestruder
redbeetrootis printrboard,sanguinololu and ramps arduino mega work for prusa i2 all og them?
adam_hello, today i decided i would start an i3, can anyone point me to a good list of materials? online on the wiki seems a bit scattered aboutr
Loetmicheladam_: i used a kit from reprapsource.com
Loetmichelworks out good so far, annd isnt that expensive either ;-)
crakreplikeo.com also has cheap kits
papaburadam_ the wiki is the best bet
papaburjus got to be patient
papaburor google.
papaburrest assured though, you made a good choice. The i3 is a good reprap
redbeetrootwhich one is better printrboard sanguinololu or ramps arduino for prusa i2
papaburRambo 1.2 from Ultimachine, best bet.
papaburi used RAMPs/arduino for a cpl years and switched over to rambo...muuuch better
papaburredbeetroot ^
redbeetrootrambo whats that bro
papaburits 180$ bucks but its all built into one board
papaburits awesome one sec
kthxRambo is http://reprap.org/wiki/Rambo and is also pre-configured for sugar and chocolate printing with Baricuda heated syringe extruder with PWM on all 5 MOSFETs by jmil at: https://github.com/jmil/Marlin/tree/komodo_dev and is also http://makergear.wikidot.com/m2-electronics and http://ultimachine.com/rambo
papaburthe bot can awnser most of your questions, just add a ?
kthxArduino is http://arduino.cc/ newest arduino works FINE - older versions on arduino.cc aswell but not needed and is also if your stupid Windows can't find your arduino then install the drivers from the arduino dowload "Drivers" folder
kthxRAMPs is the Reprap Arduino Pololu Electronics Platform: http://reprap.org/wiki/Arduino_Mega_Pololu_Shield http://reprap.org/wiki/RAMPS1.4 http://reprap.org/mediawiki/images/6/6d/Rampswire14.svg
papaburi run a Prusa mendel, works great and it is much more reliable then the ramps boards..
papaburthe rambo that is*
papaburif you go ramps/arduino route..get extra stepper drivers because youll need em
redbeetrootyeah i burned my stepper drivers two days ago
redbeetrootpapabur, can i make a rambo myself?
crakwhich one did you burn?
craki mean x,y,z or e
papaburredbeetroot ummm
papaburyoud have to look into that but i dont see why not
papaburif you are skilled at electrical engineering i suppose :3
redbeetrooti dunnno whcih one all 4 are the same
papaburone sec
papaburoooh lucky
papaburthey got 1.3 out now
papaburthats where i got mine, been running solid for months
crakredbeetroot: yes, they are all the same, but you can see where its placed on ramps
papaburthe rambo has stronger stepper drivers i believe..
papaburbuilt in
ChristianSpapabur: and with digipots
MattyMattonly slightly stronger, but I guess digipots improves your chance of getting them running smooth without explodyness
redbeetrootthat great but its expensive right
MattyMattACTION likes giant drivers
papaburafter you get everyting u need for a ramps kit..
papaburcomes out to about 20-30 bucks more, for the rambo that is
papaburbut, imo, worth every cent :3
redbeetrootis there an international seller ..i m in india
papaburi believe i did a article on it
MattyMatthow much is a rambo? can't you get an arm setup for a similar price?
papabur180$ i paid for my 1.2
MattyMattlike a ramp-fd?
papaburat ultimachine
papaburnot sure..
MattyMatt$180 will get you a 4pi or smoothie
redbeetrootu cacan get a beagleboard for 180
papaburnice little article...
papaburi did awhile ago to hepl others in my situation
papaburi should switch it over to 3dprintboard.com..
papaburdefcad is nothing more then a spoiled kids who think its cool to print guns..
redbeetrootpapabur u know any onternational seller
papaburi dont atm redbeetroot :/
papaburill help ya find one
papaburtheres knock offs
papaburgo on amazon
papaburtheres red ones that r only 120$
papaburbut they r identical to the original rambos
redbeetrootno i dont want to cost cutting
redbeetrooti dont like cost cutting
papaburimo, its worth the extra to by from a known source
papaburyea, risky biz
craki cant find any difference between A4988 and A4982
papaburthebotranch.com will be shipping international...just wont be up for a cpl more months
MattyMattA4892 is the one that drives external mosfets? like on stomp?
crakA4982 is the one on rambo
papaburUltimachine dont do international?
kthxhangout is a persistent audio and video chat room, open 24/7. http://tinyurl.com/om9vtre - Requires a google login. (Blame Canada)
kthxUltimachine is http://ultimachine.com
papabur All orders that are shipped outside of the United States may be subject to custom duties, import taxes and fees levied by the destination country, as well as certain laws and regulations
papaburUltimachine does international redbeetroot
crakMattyMatt: maybe A4988 burns because they arent built on 4 layer boards?
MattyMattcrak, 4 layer helps, but the pcb is still much smaller than the reference design in the 4988 datasheet
craki know, that might be another issue for thermal inestability
papaburoooh yeah guys, check it out..these use the A4988
papaburi wanted to try these on a ramps board
MattyMattdrv8825 is the fashionable one
papabur"The DRV8825 features adjustable current limiting, overcurrent and overtemperature protection, and six microstep resolutions (down to 1/32-step). "
MattyMatt4988 has been the default for years, it's like a 4983 but with overcurrent protection etc
craki do have 4988
papaburoh ok
crakbut i like playing on the safe side and dont go over 1.5A
crakanyway the pcb size and layers could make it unsafe even for that current
MattyMattthe 4 switched power levels on TB6560 saved me all this grief. those have their speed issues but they had grunt to spare. 25% and 50% levels just worked, with 50% running the motors hotter than some would like
crakyou run them on 24v?
MattyMattnot yet
redbeetrootpapabur, can i install sprinter on the rambo board?
crakthey seem beffy for nema 17
MattyMattit's back on my mill now, which is nema23
crakyes, that looks more like it
redbeetrootcan i install sprinter on Rambo?
crakand you run your spindle at 12v?
crakor is it independent?
MattyMattbut I think it's like hifi. a powerful amp turned down sounds better than a little amp running full pelt
MattyMattspindle is 240V
crakcould you please me with some picture?
craki love desktop cnc mills
crakbefore i bought my 3d kit i had a hard time deciding which to buy, printer or mill
craki meant the whole mill, anyway nice spindle
MattyMattthat's an album
crakok, sorry
MattyMattI've found a load of old pics from construction. I add a few more
MattyMattin other pics you see the spindle I've actually used. 240V dremel thing
MattyMattI usually describe this machine as a plywood dremel pusher
papaburACTION looks
MattyMattI'm reluctant to use the word mill, when it struggles to work any metal
papaburmakin lathes?
MattyMattnot from wood
papaburlol k
crakits nice, but i am sure it is a black hole for time
MattyMattthat wood 4th axis is desperate times. oak is OK but it's not precision
papaburwood is good for prototypes..etc
papaburthought maybe u where designing one
MattyMattyep, but it'll be a while until I can make it, unless someone gives me a waterjet
MattyMattor a laser that can get through thick slabs of alu
papaburwow, nice work man
papaburi got some of those pulleys :)
MattyMattmy T2.5 were awful, and I made 50 before trying them with belt
MattyMattmy T5 were the best around tho :)
papaburshow n tell :D http://imgur.com/3FBZOSC
papaburadded soem acrylic ot my Prusa...hid everything under the heated bed
papaburto my prusa*
crakand what about extruded AL?
MattyMattcrak, there'll be some of that
papaburAL = aluminum?
papaburblah nm
papaburheres the tank for when i had the water cooled hoteend on
papaburi was going to mount it in the front
papaburlight it up :)
MattyMatta quality cnc lathe needs real linear rails on a massive base. there's not much escaping that
craki would do it with that and linear rails
papaburgot some good vids of the water cooled hotend...it was a lil before its time but the tepms we can reach with it was amazing
craki believe its not so critical for a lathe to be cnc
papaburThe hotend i put on yesterday: http://imgur.com/7efmwBf
papaburi need to take it back off and change the resistor
papaburspeaking of which...
papaburoh, this one was fun..made it in solidworks for a buddy: http://imgur.com/UD0xUpK
papaburand for a class :3
crakMattyMatt: i almost bought a shapeoko 2
crakit was that or a 3020
crakbut i didnt like the electronics from those cheap 3020
kthxhangout is a persistent audio and video chat room, open 24/7. http://tinyurl.com/om9vtre - Requires a google login. (Blame Canada)
mutley_so heres an interesting tip for anyone listening and i think it might carry far
mutley_im printing Nylon onto a cold bed
mutley_im printing Acetal onto a cold bed
mutley_im using a secret magic tape that i found hiding in the back of my doghouse
mutley_it has special music that you have to dance to while its printing and the print comes out good
Smidge204Is it duct tape?
mutley_ok so its not that a music tape
mutley_right so
mutley_i have to go and find it in the shop to get the name or brand as i dont have the wrapper, or know what it is made of however
mutley_it is a double sided stiky tape made from what appears to be PTFE
mutley_and it is like super sticky, like press thumb onto the glass, remove thumb and glass will lift up with thumb
mutley_for those that want to go hunting and gathering
mutley_i think its a tape for laying linoleum
mutley_or carpets/rugs
mutley_now, those are two different types of tape, ie one for carpets, the other specifically for linoleum
mutley_im not sure which i have
mutley_but its thin thin, like a selotape
mutley_it has the same stretchy feel like ptfe plumbers tape but thicker, more substantial so id imagine its actual thickness is significantly greater than plumbers tape but it is very similar in its behaviour
MattyMattit's not ptfe for sure. why do you think plmbers tape has no glue?
mutley_and stuff sticks to it like shit on a shovel
mutley_plumbers tape has no glue and is very fine so it can be wrapped into threads is assume
MattyMattno glue will stick to ptfe is why
MattyMattit's pretty much ptfe's party trick, no stick
mutley_but yes maybe its not, ok fair comment, strtchy electrical insulation tape?
mutley_whatever this is, it makes a big difference
MattyMattit isn't boob tape is it? ex gf suddenlt got more/less droopy after she snuck out to garage?
mutley_and do it on a cold bed as the heat seems to soften the glue as one would expect with a bit of hindsight
mutley_MattyMatt: lol
mutley_ACTION peers down at his man boobs with an idea
mutley_ok so this tape is a bit of a pita to remove from the glass and it seems youll have to get used to printing around on a plate to make sure you use all the free unused area
Domino123I have a problem with my ormerod, i can home the x,y,z fine when i am doing it myself. But when i try and run the included print Circle it homes the x and y fine but the z is driving slow down near the bed and then it takes speed and goes down into the bed and continues a little and then it starts to move in the circle... i havde tried to set the z
Domino123 again, tried to level the bed again but i can't find out what is wrong, can someone in here help me? :)
mutley_but very sticky indeed, oh and dont get youor hair on it, it will pull it out
Smidge204CAUTION: Do not wedge head into machine as serious hair loss may result
mutley_lol but its ok if ya is a baldy
mutley_i swear ive tried eveything to print this acetal with, and nylon, i seem to get warp with everything ive tried, some things better than others, the porous fibrous surfaces do seem to work better
A2_mutley_: Acetal, as in Delrin? Filament, welding rod, DIY home extrusion?
xmatthiashow much should i retract on a bowden-extruder?
xmatthiasi tried 7 already, but still have some fine lines from tower to tower...
DooMMasteRStoppy Car beta is out now: https://plus.google.com/communities/108750981030167486092
terramira useful print :P
jhdhello all
Domino123I have a problem with my ormerod, i can home the x,y,z fine when i am doing it myself. But when i try and run the included print Circle it homes the x and y fine but the z is driving slow down near the bed and then it takes speed and goes down into the bed and continues a little and then it starts to move in the circle... i havde tried to set the z
Domino123 again, tried to level the bed again but i can't find out what is wrong, can someone in here help me? :)
jhdi have some issue with auto level bed. I do G28 it works, next i do G29, the first probe works but my Z dont up before testing other probe
jhdsomeone know why the Z dont up before testings others ?
xmatthiasjhd what's your Z_RAISE_BETWEEN_PROBINGS ?
adam_how does the mix g1 compare to the i3?
xmatthiaswhat firmware is it exactly?
jhdmarlin last version
xmatthiashmm... not sure
xmatthiasmine raises like it should
terramirhmmm the support is warping (i.e. curling but the print itself looks rock solid, knock on wood if this successfully finishes it will be the biggest pront I have ever done successfuly
Domino123jhd, when you have auto leveled the bed, what then happens when you print the circle print?
terramirover 20m of filament
terramirsome of that is wasted on support though
xmatthiasDomino123: circle print?
terramirbeen printing for 6 hours 3 hours to go
xmatthiasgood luck terramir
terramir140mm fan mount for my free zone chiller
jhddomino i havent test because the autolevel no works because after send G29, it take the first probe (in grid mode) but it dont move up between test the second prob
terramiryou guys all got automatic bed leveling weak sauce I do it the old fashioned way slap a micrometer to extruder carriage and proble
A2_terramir: I think I have that same card in my other desktop, but the fan melted, so I just removed it. I think the fan was integral to the heat sink, which made it impossible to replace, but it runs fine without it.
nulliesheet of paper
terramirI'll have to do that today afar I find out there are four screws (one for the cover three for the fan
terramiryou got to remove the nvidia cover
Domino123i cant remember where it says so, but somewhere in the guide it tell you to print the file called circle, and see if it moves around just above the bed in a circle
terramircarefully for that you need to remove the pci bracket
terramirI need to find out why my Y stalls and loses steps at high speeds today
A2_Yea there was an aluminum cover over it.
A2_I found the aluminum cover, it's a NX6800 Series.
A2_so some thing different
terramirif it has the same fan you should be able to fix :p
MattyMattthere are fanless cards as good as that these days
MattyMattsays the max with a double height gf4 ti
terramirthey cost money which I dun have right now
terramirgf4ti lol ten years old not just 6 lol
A2_I took the fan off, it melted, due to the dust bunnies, no air was circulating. Been running without the fan, keeping it clean, and no problems.
MattyMattit was single height, but the fan I glued over the hole where I ripped out the old one makes it double slot :)
terramiryeah mine is double slot now too
A2_dang, that card is 10yrs old.
terramirmatty 143 mm square on top (about 52 mm high) 124mm times 95mm at base but the 143mm square support seems to be protecting it
terramirsupport is curling though at the corners
A2_Any one buy T-nuts from Tnutz, have any problems? http://www.tnutz.com/contact/ They have some good prices.
terramir@ 37.5mm height right now
MattyMattI haven't printed support yet
terramirneeded too
terramirmatty plug this into openscad and you'll see why I need support http://pastie.org/9313840
jhdfuc* now when i do G29 I have echo:Home X/Y before Z
terramirMattyMatt: you still there?
mutley_A2_: Yes acetal as in Delrin and actual filament
A2_wow, that's pretty cool, got a pic of something printed with it.
xmatthiasjhd: did a G28 first?
terramirlol my card is only less than 5 years old the gt220 wasn't released till october 2009
jhdi do G28
jhdand then G29 and i have echo:Home X/Y before Z
jhdecho:Home X/Y before Z
MattyMattterramir sorta here. I don't have openscad running. windows lappy was my openscad machine and that's got a dead backlight again
LoetmichelMattyMatt: thats easy to fix
terramirhmmm post the stl to the evil empire
Loetmichelget some 0603 white leds (about a few hundred) and get soldering ;-)
MattyMattmeh fiddly. I spent £10 on a ccfl tube and it only lasted 1yr
MattyMattyeah leds better idea
Loetmichel1 chaged the ccfl on an IBM x21 once to 300 leds,
MattyMattI don't need a few nundred, my cheap android tab works fine with 1 LED in a corner
Loetmichel... much work but no its still readable at direct sunlight ;)
MattyMatta row of about 20
MattyMattmaybe in series, using the existing booster, but it'd be nice to bypass that
terramirmatty http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:371052 they have thing view you'll get the picture
kthxhttp://www.thingiverse.com/thing:371052 => => 0 comments, 1 IRC mention
terramirchanging cfl backlights to led now there's a mod that could save electricity
terramirmatty you take a look?
terramir73% done :p
jhdwhen making G29 my Z dont up between probings, someone can help me please ?
terramirand the support on the outside is keeping the actual thing warm enough I think to prevent splits :P, although it's a fan ducts if I have to use thick abs juice to fix it so be it
terramirI actually think this is the biggest thing ever printed successfully on a prusa2 lol
terramirknock on wood
terramirseen kliment
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terramirseen zelfje
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terramirseen prusa*
kthxprusaproblems was last seen in #reprap 2 weeks 12 hours ago saying '_Hello_, _sorry_ _to_ _interrupt_, _but_ _me_ _and_ _some_ _friends_ _are_ _building_ _the_ _Prusa_ _i3_ _from_ _MakerFarm_, _we_ _are_ _about_ _done_ _but_ _we_ _encountered_ _a_ _problem_ _with_ _the_ _hot_ _end_. _When_ _we_ _set_ _the_ _temperature_ _to_ _200_°_C_, _smoke_ _starts_ _coming_ _out_ _of_ _the_ _nozzle_. _Has_ _anyone_ _had_ _a_ _similar_ _issue_ _and_ _is_ _able_ _to_ _help_
kthxprusai3 was last seen in #reprap 1 month 2 weeks ago saying '_gcode_ _is_ _still_ _off_ _the_ _combined_ _amf_. _anyone_ _had_ _ever_ _issue_ _with_ _gcode_ _expoted_ _from_ _slicer_?'.
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jeffdm_workWhat is with all the underscores?
terramirMattyMatt: you still here?
terramirit's so kthx dun endue in a loop
terramirend up
terramirseen jeffdm_work
kthxjeffdm_work was last seen in #reprap 1 min 11 sec ago saying '_What_ _is_ _with_ _all_ _the_ _underscores_?'.
terramirnow I will do that again and you will say seen terramir
terramirseen jeffdm_work
kthxjeffdm_work was last seen in #reprap 1 min 47 sec ago saying '_What_ _is_ _with_ _all_ _the_ _underscores_?'.
jeffdm_workI wasn't aware there was a potential looping problem.
terramiryeah there was then the underscores fixed it
terramirbefore you could also type something before commends can't do that now
Loetmichelwouldn it be simpler to "not parse" the stuff kthx says itself=
terramirif my print succeeds it might be the biggest thing ever printed successfully on a prusa2 in abs. ;)
terramirLoetmichel: you check the link?
kthxhttp://www.thingiverse.com/thing:371052 => => 0 comments, 2 IRC mentions
terramirthe support seems to be keeping the heat in enough for the actual part to bond good
terramiras far as I can see no splits yet
papaburbbiab o/
terramirchillance why you got that name ?
nottakumasatoJust a couple of questions regarding setup for z probing with repetier. I am using a mechanical endstop. Any help is appreciated. 1) Should I enable pullup resistor for probe pin? 2) Should I check "probe triggers on high" 3) Should I check "wait for probe hit, before running probe. Only needed for manual switches, which need to be moved for each test"
terramirI dunno don't have a z probe I'm old school
nottakumasatoI dont understand a lot about electronics thus the first two were mind boggling for me
nottakumasatoit is too exhausting the old school way
terramirhmmm remove extruder mount micrometer level bed check with extruder mounted with paper
terramirLoetmichel: what you think
Chillanceterramir, its a combo of chill and trance :)
terramiroh I'm printing a 140mm fan duct for my cpu chiller :p
terramircheck link above
terramirpelt cooled water loop :p
Loetmichelterramir: nice
nottakumasatoterramir: dont have a micrometer, so this seemed easier
terramirpaper is easy
terramireven without multimeter
Bo_DKHi... got my mendel90 running sort of... have a problem with Z axis.... from pronterface i can move it and found the max speed.... but when i do a gcode command like G1 Z+19 it stalls.... i assume it tries to move to fast as G1 Z+19 F170 will move it pretty fast... G1 Z+19 F171 is to fast and it stalls again...
terramirehhh micrometer
Bo_DKwhat lines is it that determines max speed for Z? i have looked in config.h... and the advanced file
Bo_DKis my current setup
terramir9.9 mm in z to go that's hmmm 33 layers plus support sub layers
Bo_DKwill be on/off as i have to vacum saw dust etc from the build
terramirhmmm 170 mm/s for a z axis is way too fast
terramir170mm/min is fast lol
Bo_DKyeah i know but it moved smoothly at that speed
Bo_DKwhat makes me pull hair out my head is that if i dont spec feedrate it stalls....
Bo_DKG1 Z+19.... stalls....... G1 Z+19 F170 it does not
Bo_DKso... mendel90 with top mounted home switch for Z
Bo_DKat a print it homes fine....
Bo_DKthen when it have to go down again it stalls
Bo_DKas Z moves are given without feedrate
Bo_DKit clearly a firmware thing.... it must be....
Bo_DKbut where to change what?
terramirhmmm config file does have max and standard federates in the config.h I think
terramirI have not programmed marlin firmware for like the last year and a half
Bo_DKyeah.... but i must be doing something wrong then...
terramirthere is a way to fix that
Bo_DKyep.... do it right :-D
malcom2073Bo_DK: should be a setting in your slicer to set how fast it moves between layers
Bo_DKbut that assumes you know how to do right and what done wrong
terramirM203 Z160
Bo_DKusing skeinforge... let me check
terramirthen M500
Bo_DKspeed lines from config file....:
terramirin proterface
Bo_DK#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT {80,80,2580,620} // default steps per unit for Mendel 90
Bo_DK#define DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE {500, 500, 4, 25} // (mm/sec)
Bo_DK#define DEFAULT_MAX_ACCELERATION {15000,15000,1500,3000} // X, Y, Z, E maximum start speed for accelerated moves. E default values are good for Skeinforge 40+, for older versions raise them a lot.
Bo_DK#define DEFAULT_ACCELERATION 3000 // X, Y, Z and E max acceleration in mm/s^2 for printing moves
Bo_DK#define DEFAULT_RETRACT_ACCELERATION 3000 // X, Y, Z and E max acceleration in mm/s^2 for retracts
terramirM203 sets max federate in mm/sec M500 saves that value to eeprom
Bo_DKeyah... but want to learn where in firmware that setting is
Bo_DKthing i got it
terramir4 mm/s
Bo_DKnot sure....
Bo_DKyep was looking at the 4
terramir500 500 4 25
terramirthat translates to 240mm a min which seems to fast now I know what that 170 is
terramir170 per min
terramirso hold on
Bo_DKdoooh... feel stupid
Bo_DKshould be arround 2.8
terramirset it to 2.83
terramirthat's slightly under 170
terramir170 is 2.833333333333
Bo_DKyep... better under as 171 makes it stall
terramir2.8 for sure
terramirto be safe
terramirhmmm 43.8mm of 51.9mm pronted (z-height
Bo_DKman... i hate these "jackass moments".... ie where i discover the culprit as soon i have asked for help
Bo_DKyou looking at my git?
terramirI think I am printing the biggest successful object in the history of a prusa2
Bo_DKahhh the fan duct
terramirthanks to the support insulating the heat
terramirme making the top the larger part was instinct and for some reason it is helping it be successful kinda counter intuitive really
PrusaMakerDoes anyone where one can find stl models in full color ?
terramirstl in full color hmm dun exist as far as I know there is a command line workaround to join them
terramirin the different colors with extruder a, b ,c
PrusaMakerdoes not need to be stl models though
PrusaMakerjust models in full color ?
terramirI dunno I dun print in multiple colors lol
terramirwhen I do it's layer by layer pause extruder feed out feed in new stuff
terramircutting away this support will be a bi**h
terramirahh the song of the ood
Bo_DKjust curious.... would a Z travel like mine have made the job any easier?
Bo_DKie 400mm
terramirnah layer by layer I think my max is like 5mm/s
terramirnot sure let me check
Bo_DKno no... i mean the fan duct...
Bo_DKwould it print without support at all?
terramirnope cause it's still layer by layer
Bo_DKie if rotated on a side or somethinh
terramirwithout support to many over hangs not doable
Bo_DKme was just crazy and doubled the Z axis... i have yet to break the 200 limit on x and y
Bo_DKbut have skipped many objects that where to high
Bo_DKand did not want to scale down etc...
terramirhmmm objects that high you need something to keep the heat in if your printing abs
terramirthe support is splitting all over the place, but that dun matter to me
Bo_DKhehe.... no abs here...
Bo_DKcall me an eco freak...
terramirPLA is easier to pront but more expensive
Bo_DKyep.... plan to build me an extruder and by pellets instead... and recycle bad prints
Bo_DKbut that is way after summer
terramiroh one of those filabots
Bo_DKpretty convincing
terramirwell me very careful, to ensure that you measure your filament made before every print the length of it b4 you accendently jam your extruder
Bo_DKthe one in the YT video do messure while it makes
Bo_DKand adjust to your settings
Bo_DK+-0.2 i think
Bo_DKyou just cut off when it have gone stable and recycly that bit
devonvDoes anyone know where I could buy LM8UU holders for my print bed for a prusa i2?
Bo_DKwhere you located?
devonvOntario Canada
Bo_DKwas reading it as bearings
devonvoh ya, I have an easy source of bearings, but the parts I have just have PLA bushings which are not very good
Bo_DKalways printed mine
terramirhmmmm I could print you some but shipping to canada is a pita
terramirbetter finding someone in canada
devonvare you located in the US by any chance?
terramirit's not that heavy
devonvI could give yo a US shipping address if you were willing to do that?
terramirI could do that
devonvthat would be amazing
terramirshipping plus envelope to USA would be like less than 3 bucks
devonvif you wanted to send my an email with your paypal info I could send you money
Bo_DKterramir... you in the us?
terramirplus maybe a few bucks for me printing yeah
jhdbetween 2 probings in autolevel, Z dont move up, someone can help ?
terramiryep los angeles
Bo_DKoki.. then makes sense...
terramirhow many you want 3 or four, well I always use three on my beds, but making an extra one won't hurt lol
Bo_DKhehe tried to google for some holders....
devonvlol ya 4 might be better just in case
terramiryou want the open ones with the zip ties not the claw ones that snap at times right
terramirI used to print the claw ones discovered only way to get bearing in is hair dryer lol
terramirI could print them today lol after this monster print finished
devonvya the zip tie ones would be great
terramirbut can't ship till monday obviously
devonvya of course, no worries
terramirpaypal will give me your e-mail when their done
terramirI'll e-mail you a link to a picture
devonvsounds great, I'll include the mailing address in the paypal message
terramirthat's fine ;)
terramirbut also e-mail it seperately
terramirjust in case
terramirhmmm 10 bucks - 30 cents - 2.9 percent about 9.40 after shipping and plastic and electricity I'll make 5 bucks :p
Bo_DKheheh, it just came to mind that many US stores refuses to ship outside the us.... is it that troublesome?
terramirwell that's cool me poor anyways
terramirit can be a pita doing the custom forms
Bo_DKyeah... i know the green or white sticker....
Bo_DKbut i guess that is not the whole part of it
devonvYa, I live ~45 minutes from the US border, and there's a store on the US side that offers parcel pickup, so the majority of stuff I order I ship there
terramirdevonv: so you still use pal bushings well you were they broke on ya ?
Bo_DKi just know i try to keep the declared value under 13$ inluding the shipping
Bo_DKmost countrys have no custioms below that
Bo_DKf... fingers
terramirI've sent sets to newzeeland once
devonvI've never had much luck with the PLA bushings, there's way too much friction no matter how much I lube the rods
terramirahhh you gotta use a threaded rod on them first]
terramirto clean em up
terramirkinda like a file
devonvI tried that just now, and after epoxying them to the bed and waiting over night, there was still too much friction that they broke off the bed
devonvplus linear bearings are cool
Bo_DKwould be no trouble me sending them direct.... but danish postal.... man i have never seen robery by full daylight...
terramiryeah little trick make sure your rods are straight and measured with a caliper (the distances) once you got the lm8uu on there then just screw one side in
Bo_DKdoes not help that they are the only that handles letters
Bo_DKparcel we have a few options
Bo_DKjust for the fun of it... what does 4 of those holders wheigh?
terramirthen check for jarring
Bo_DKdont mind my spelling
terramirless than an ounce
terramirmaybe 2 oz but you gotta send it as first calss package
terramirclass package
terramircause the mailing machines would distry them
terramirI use the yellow envelopes
terramirwith bubbles
Bo_DKyep... i once send a key inside 2 sheets of cardboard....
Bo_DKenvelope was barely readable....
Bo_DKthey had to call me to confirm address it was going to
terramirdevonv you sent it as a personal payment no fee :p
terramiryeah made 60 cents more :D
terramirthey will be shipped monday
devonvi wasn't sure which to do :P so I chose the one that didn't charge you a fee :P
Bo_DKdanish postal to canada... 50Grams max.... a bit over 1.5oz.... 2.64$
Bo_DKas econ letter
terramirnot bad
Bo_DK2.94 if going for the fast option
terramiryeah packchen
Bo_DKparcel will be something else
terramirlol 1st class package should get to minnesota in a few days
terramirwill e-mail you the tracking number too
devonvsounds great, thanks!
Bo_DKand inside the EU is not much cheaper...
devonvwow that's a lot of money...
Bo_DKin fact more expensive....
Bo_DKi have to pay more to send just to the UK
terramiryeah packages over there are expensive cheaper to ship from over here but not by much
Bo_DKyep.... robbery by daylight
terramir1 hour 6 min for the print then
terramirabout 30 minutes of cooling time
Bo_DKme testing printer here... Z is ok now
terramirthen start waddling away the support
terramirwhile I'm widdling I'll print the bearing holders
Bo_DKbtw... where do one get hold of an intel CPU fan? i dropped a screwdriver in one while on,,, broke off one blade...
buZzBo_DK: http://intel.com/
terramirjust look for the part number on the center sticker
buZzprotip; intel doesnt produce fans
terramirbuZz: I think I'm printing the biggest prusa pront ever that seems to be successful the support is splitting and curling like crap but keeping the heat in for the part]
buZzterramir: so, unsuccesful?
terramirbuZz: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:371052
kthxhttp://www.thingiverse.com/thing:371052 => => 0 comments, 3 IRC mentions
chrisisaceI did that so i had a spare fan same type but was knackered so i undid it all and swapped blades over
terramirsuccessful the support is not the part lol
buZzi think i've printed bigger stuff though, this is just 14x14cm?
Bo_DKchrisisace: mine is for sure knackered... and unstable as hell
buZzbut, nice print :)
terramir14x14 in abs
buZzif that model had some small mods, you could print it 100% without supports
terramirthat stuff doesn't usually do more than 100mmx100mm yeah but if I hadn't been lazy the part itself be splitting and cracking all over the place the support was a good idea this time
buZzbut yeah, i agree, abs is crap :P
devonvterramir: the wife wants me to install a light fixture so I must be off, just drop me an email when you get a chance to print, and thanks again!
terramirwith pal you can do bigger
buZzunless you have a heated chamber
buZzeasy peasy
terramirdevonv: kk
terramiryeah heated chamber not prusa2
terramirholy crap it's starting the first layer of the lip for the fan :)
terramirthis is so cool looking good so far :)
Bo_DKHmmm... if i could just print the blades:-D
Smidge204So, accidentally turned off the hotend mid-print :D
Smidge204ACTION print unravels like a hand-knit sweater as he tugs on hte loose perimeter
terramirless than 50 min to got I'm so excited :)
terramir9 hour print and the biggest abs print I have ever done on a prusa2
jwhitmoreHello all, I got a huxely that wasn't being used from a friend. I'm just running through things. I was just stepping through the motors when the whole X axis assembly dropped out of the two Z Axis motors.
jwhitmoreThe poly tubes slipped off the motors. I'm wondering is there a later method of securing the motors to the threaded bars
ScribbleJThat happens. I use zipties.
ScribbleJAnd hot glue.
ScribbleJI'm CRAZY.
jwhitmoreScribbleJ: Thanks for that I'll try that
ScribbleJjwhitmore, http://i.imgur.com/pVN35UA.jpg
ScribbleJI rough up the motor shafts a bit with a file, then fill the tube with hot glue, stick it on there, and zip ties to make sure the job is done.
Domino123is it normal to have trouble with the heated bed
ScribbleJWhat kind of trouble?
Domino123i cant get it to heat up, and i think its because the temp is -273
Domino123but it worked yesterday, and nothing have changed since
ScribbleJThat's fucking cold. Are you in deep outer space?
ScribbleJOr maybe you are talking to us from a cryogenic storage tube?
ScribbleJOr maybe you've got a problem with your thermistor. Check the wiring to it with an ohmmeter.
ScribbleJIf you have an ohmmeter in your cryogenic tube.
Domino123my dad has my multimeter -.- but it worked last time i used it, and nothing have changed so i dont know what should have caused a problem with it
ScribbleJThe universe tends towards maximum entropy.
ScribbleJWhich is another way of saying: shit falls apart.
KazurikI'm finishing up my build of my kossel mini however I'm not sure if I should be powering hte arduino board or the ramps board. How do I tell?
ScribbleJKazurik, on RAMPS, there's a diode that determines whether RAMPS powers the arduino. Otherwise you power them separately (usually the arduino via USB and the RAMPS via 12-24v power supply)
Bo_DKhehe... like my thermistors... the one of the bed is the same as the hotend... the one on the bed seems rock stable while the one on hotend have 0.5-1 sec dropouts....
ScribbleJIf you have a 12v power supply it's safe enough to install the diode and power both from the RAMPS. You should check to see if it's present.
Bo_DKmessures the 100Kohm without plugs so replacing the plug
ScribbleJhttp://reprap.org/wiki/File:Arduinomega1-4connectors.png Kazurk, look for "D1" inbetween (underneath) the X and Y motor drivers, look below where it says 'X' and 'Y' on this image.
ScribbleJIf that diode is present, RAMPS will power the arduino. And the arduino will explode if your power supply is > 12v.
KazurikScribbleJ: On my ramps board the diode is already installed in spot D1. Just to triple check this means the ramps board will power hte arduino and I need to verify that my power supply is providing clean power. Correct?
terramirarduino won't explode till over 17V
ScribbleJKazurik, you don't need to worry /too/ much about clean power, if your power supply isn't total shit it'll be just fine. But it DOES mean if you just power up the RAMPS it'll provide power to the Arduino.
KazurikThis should not cause problems when it is plugged in with usb as well, correct?
terramirunless it's a cheap knock-off in which case I would't trust more than 14V
ScribbleJKazurik, I've never had problems with the USB plugged in also.
KazurikScribbleJ: Perfect. Thanks for the help.
terramirScribbleJ: when is a print all split and cracked up and still sucessful?
terramirwhen it's the support that is split cracked up and curled on the corners ;)
terramirScribbleJ: you there
terramirScribbleJ: this will be the biggest abs print I ever successfully completed on a prusa2 http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:371052
kthxhttp://www.thingiverse.com/thing:371052 => => 0 comments, 4 IRC mentions
Bo_DKRamps / Marlin specficif Q: how do i determine if there is so much noise on the thermistor lines that its the cause of the dropouts in signal?
terramirthanks to the support from the print keeping the heat on the print :)
Bo_DKi have messured the hell out of it and replaced the plug but fear that it will not be the fix
ScribbleJterramir, I haven't really used ABS in years now. So many horrible memories.
RoyOnWheels|MTWnoise on a resistance line? isolate it more
terramircheck the link
terramirHi Roy
Bo_DKhmm.. have to borrow a scope then... anyone else discovered up to 1 sec dropouts in the thermistor signal? and its only the one for the hottend... the one for the bed is stable as rock... and its the same kind i use....
terramircheck link 143 mm x 143mm on top 51.9mm high 120mm x 95 mm on the bottom the support is keeping the heat from the bed in I'm gonna ket this cool slowly after it turns off gonna put a rag over it to keep the heat in for a while
terramirhmmm sounds like a heat induced loose connection
terramirif you have ramps the thermistor is far away from the heater circuit
Bo_DKyep ramps 1.4
terramirDoubt the lines will induce too much
Bo_DKme just reaching here... last error before i can print...
terramirlol finished heated just reached 106 and going down and the print is snap crackle and popping
terramirI but the bed back on to 100C and threw a towel over it so it can settle a bit
Arc_Teslaspacegeeks 3rd try for a spacex launch today...
terramirarc, are you part of crash space or B23
terramirone of the guys at crash works at spacex
ScribbleJhttp://i.imgur.com/eIDpnRR.png Measuring all my parts now so I get everything the right size.
terramirwhat is that
terramira darwin?
ScribbleJNo, CoreXY style printer. My own design.
terramirsquare bot
terramirscribble you check my link
ScribbleJYour big fan shroud? You'll have to post a picture of it!
terramirsoon I will but I need to let this cool slowly I turned the printer back on too much cracking going on turned the bed to 100C and threw a towel over it, well set it to 95C now
terramirin a few min I will set it to 90C
terramir90C now and I hope it's just the support crackling
terramirprusa2 without a heated chamber this size print if it works out is amazing :)
add1ct3ddanyone else think the design of the X rod holders is poor?
add1ct3ddjust had an issue where the top rod gets forced out of its home, guess the bearings need lubing up
terramirwhat printer
Anteroxterramir: ?
add1ct3ddprusa i3
Bo_DKf..... thermistor....
AnteroxBo_DK: Did you burn the nozzle or the bed ?
Bo_DKthe thing can in fact stand for hours and say mendel ready....
Bo_DKbut as soon i start a print it hits me in the face with min temp error
AnteroxHow long your printer makes the warming to 100-110 ?
Bo_DKand just replaced the plug
terramirAnterox: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:371052 in abs
kthxhttp://www.thingiverse.com/thing:371052 => => 0 comments, 5 IRC mentions
Bo_DKmessured it at approx 100K as it should be
terramirMy bed I heat it to 120 takes like 5 to 10 min
Anteroxterramir: ?
Anteroxterramir: Nice mine takes about 8 min now
terramirthat's what I just printed
Anteroxterramir: Well got 2 bed actually
Bo_DKtakes very little... not clocked it but about 5-10 sec
Anteroxterramir: Both rated about 2 ohm
Bo_DKie from room to 180
terramirif I put a sheet of paper on it 5 min
AnteroxBo_DK: bed ?
terramirmine is a prusa designed pcb
Bo_DKits not the bed... its the hotend thermistor
Anteroxterramir: You got link ?
AnteroxBo_DK: :)
Bo_DKbed takes a bit longer... thermistor is stable there
terramir1.4 ohms round about (it's the red pcb you can buy on ebay
Anteroxterramir: Well I got 2 red pcbs :)
Anteroxterramir: Mk2a was 2.2 ohm and mk1 was about 2
Anteroxterramir: Together nicely 1.3 ohm
terramirmultimeters are not very accurate in the 1-5 ohm range usually
Anteroxterramir: I know you used with serial resistor ?
terramirnah I put 12V to it and measured the voltage drop then calculated
Anteroxterramir: :)
Anteroxterramir: And you got the current where :)
terramirI gotta check my print now
Anteroxterramir: Go ahead
Anteroxterramir: You got computer case parts more ?
terramiryou calculate the voltage drop and get resistance
Anteroxterramir: I have been thinking of making kraken with virus water cooling
Anteroxterramir: You linked the http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:371052
kthxhttp://www.thingiverse.com/thing:371052 => => 0 comments, 6 IRC mentions
terramiryeah that is probably the biggest thing I ever printed in abs
terramirand sofa it seems sucessful
terramirgotta cool down and widdle away the support to know for sure
Smidge204Keep talking, I'm sure you'll jynx it :D
terramirdoh lol
Bo_DKSo what could i check next? i guess the thermistor end where the thermistor leads join the wires... just a pain in the "beeep" as each wire are in its own PTFE heatshrink and then both covered in a bigger PTFE shrink and to finish off a normal heatshrink.....
terramirI dunno I got the heated bed set to 75C now maybe I should let it sit like that for a while
Bo_DKbut it can stay all day long saying ready....
Bo_DKthen as soon i start printing it goes booboo at me....
buZzPTFE heatshrink doesnt exist btw ;)
NETioBo_DK: What's the issue?
Bo_DKi wonder what happens if i just say preheat
NETiobuZz: Yes, it does
Bo_DKNETio: i get mintemp error if i print
buZzthe PTFE -shrinks- from heat?
buZzno it doesnt
NETiobuZz: http://www.zeusinc.com/heat-shrinkable-tubing/ptfe-heat-shrink-41
buZzthere is PTFE sleeving though
NETiobuZz: I've seen it on Mouser before, maybe digikey also
NETiobuZz: It's rather expensive
buZzalright :) something we would never use ;)
NETiobuZz: Grainger has it for $10 for 4 feet of 1/4"
buZzi just wanted to point out, that Bo_DK probably is using PTFE sleeving, and not PTFE heatshrink
buZzbecause most ppl dont use PTFE heatshrink in their live ;)
Bo_DKi dont think what i use is the culprit...
Bo_DKanyways... girlfriend just yelled dinner...
terramirhmmm I wonder how long before I should go to 70C
Bo_DKso back in 1-1 hour
Bo_DKbut status.... both bed and hotend thermistor can stay stable for days in fact... but as soon i press start print hotend thermistor drops out just long enough to get the min temp error... but so short time i cant see temp go to 0
MattyMattI think ptfe heatshrink is ptfe lining in another shrinkable skin
Bo_DKwill stay signed in while eating and filling out the form for the loney bin
MattyMatthttp://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/171251331440 or maybe it's blended. this stuff doesn't look layered
NETiodoesn't even begin to shrink until it hits 327C
NETioalso advertises high chemical resistance, a property of PTFE. PTFE will shrink given enough heat, I've heard of hotend failures caussed by that. We're also dealing with a relatively thin piece of material
NETiooperating temp on that PTFE shrink is up to 250C continuous
MattyMattthe peek stuff is probably safer at 300C+
terramirhmmm question how long of a curve should I go down on to equalize the forces slowly
NETiostuff says it has "extremely thin wall thickness"
NETiono spec on how thin
MattyMattthey bake battle-tank carcases for several weeks
MattyMattwell tempered
terramirbattle tank ?
MattyMattarr, bulldozers with guns
MattyMattvery popular in the 20th century
terramiryou are not talking plastic here are you
MattyMattbut tempering in plastic isn't that different
terramirwell it dropped down to 70 while we wrier talking now idling there
MattyMattthe longer you keep it above the glass temp, the more it will relax
terramirglass temp?
kthxglass is the most bestest build surface evar according to jmil and is also should be 200x214mm for standard PCB heated bed
Anteroxterramir: PLA 60-67 celsius
kthxabs is smelly when molten, maybe you want to vent it; is also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acrylonitrile_butadiene_styrene and http://reprap.org/wiki/ABS and its smelly melting-byproduct is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butadiene and is also don't believe all the FUD, read the MSDS: http://www.plasticsmadesimple.com/DataSheets/ABS_MSDS_GP.pdf
MattyMattglass temp of a plastic is when it softens
terramir105 for abs right
Anteroxterramir: 100-
Anteroxterramir: Maybe little less even
terramirdang put the bed back up hmmm
Anteroxterramir: Pure ABS glas temp is 105 celsius
terramirlet it stand for an hour covered
Anteroxterramir: Which is 221 Fahrenheit
Anteroxterramir: What is the problem ?
terramirvery big part afraid once I go below 60 it might split the actual part and not just the support
nikrecan i use 4988 and drv8825 together? (8825 for x-y, 4988 for z-e)
MattyMattnikre yes no problem
nikrety MattyMatt
terramirdepends on your elsctonics I would assume
Anteroxnikre: Sure no prob
terramirthat big fan ducts 143mmx143mm it not the usual printed part size
AnteroxHey guys what build plates you have on ABS=
nikrei will use it on ramps 1.4
MattyMattany samps etc will handle mix, as long as they are pololu compatible
NETionikre: Yes, just change steps-per-mm as appropriate. You can also run the drv8825 in 1/16 stepping and it would be no different than a a4988 other than the better specifications on the driver
Anteroxnikre: Just drop them in
joem__y'all remember that massdrop group buy for filament
joem__i *still* haven't received mine
joem__month and a half later
nikrei heard drv8825 is more silent
nikreis that so?
MattyMattI've heard they are worse when idling
MattyMattaudible chopping frequency
terramirat 1/32
nikrei dont keep my prnter idle anywyas
MattyMattZ motor idles mostly, even when printing
terramirMattyMu think I should leave it thereatt brought it back up to 105C how long yo
MattyMatt1/32 stepping means moves are less noisy tho
MattyMattterramir, several weeks :)
MattyMattor whatever fraction you can bear
terramirMattyMatt: LOL can't stop printing for that long lol
Anteroxterramir: So what was the problem ?
NETioWhy would I trust a group-buy touting the benefits of PLA over ABS along with a picture of a printrbot in the background
NETionot to bash the printrbot, but it's not exactly a high-end machine and it isn't the typical choice of people that like to tinker
terramircheck the link I showed you the size of the thing in abs looks fine right now except the support is cracked and curled but the inside looks fine right now
terramirworried as it cools down it might crack and warp
terramirthe inside of the duct looks fine and solid so I covered it with a towel, but question is how long should I keep it at 105 b4 cooling it down slowly, and how long each 5C step down
terramirremember usually anything over 100mm is a no-no in abs
terramirat least on a prusa 2 without heated chamber
Arc_TeslaSpaceX is planning to live webcast the Orbcomm OG2 launch here starting at 2:16 pm PT/ 5:16 pm ET.
terramirwell gonna take a nap been up all night
xmatthiasoverhang curlups are because of insufficient cooling, right?
jiripechseen josefprusa?
kthxjosefprusa was last seen in #reprap 2 months 2 weeks ago saying '_no_'.
MattyMatteeh trying to leech an ftp server through its web interface, and now I've got to the one-pdf-per-chapter files :p
MattyMattif I could get wget to ignore the parent directory links, I could leech it that way
ScribbleJwget --no-parent
ScribbleJ-np I think.
justgeorgehi everyone :)
justgeorgefellas I have a question: has anyone considered making 3D printer frames lighter/stronger by printing a thin shell of material and filling the shell up with an epoxy plastic?
ScribbleJOr hot glue.
ScribbleJThat's been done.
justgeorgeI see. Did it work? I ask because at some point, I'd like to build a cnc router/printer combo, and need the stiffness for the cnc
Anteroxjdiez: Here ?
justgeorgeThanks scribbleJ ill check it out. Before I forget, I wanted to use stainless steel wool along with the epoxy, to make a composite material. No doubt that has been done also
MattyMattonce you've got a printed shell, cement is cheaper than epoxy
ScribbleJI'm not sure if anyone's done that, justgeorge, but if you check the results, PLA with 100% PLA infill is a clear winner for strength.
ScribbleJPLA's pretty rigid stuff.
justgeorgescribble: Im sure it is, but building a full size cnc router table with a heavy router attached vibrating hard while spinning 30 000 rpm makes me nervous :) Mattmatt: vibration and cement arent good partners
MattyMattah mix in lots of horse hair and PVA admix
MattyMattand it'll be in a printed shell, so no biots will fall off
justgeorgehorse hair? you mean glass?
MattyMattsorry, I learned it all in the 1800s :)
justgeorgethought you were serious too go me
MattyMattchopped kevlar fibres is the modern stuff
MattyMattstainless wool sounds like a plan tho, in epoxy or cement
MattyMattI'm thinking of granite chips and sand, in epoxy
MattyMatt6 times stiffer than cast iron apparently
justgeorgepowdered granite is already used in the epoxy
ScribbleJI know this is crazy talk but if it's really that important why not cast the part in some aluminum?
KenzuWhat is the maximum steps per mm marlin/arduino mega can do?
ScribbleJOr just mill the parts to start.
justgeorgebut yes, I agree, a larger aggregate of granite would make it much stiffer. Still like the steel wool idea tho
MattyMattScribbleJ, cost in my case
MattyMattalso cast parts can be large without too much trouble
justgeorgescribble: because I want to use the machine for paid building work. If something breaks, I want to be able to replace it fast. When you're making 12 kitchens at a time, you cant wait for the engineering company or whatever ot fix it - they take weeks, and cost thousands
justgeorge...when you're in a jam
MattyMattunless you need to heat the metal
MattyMattah making kitchens, so you know all about granite worktops
justgeorgemattymatt: I cant really get away with a home foundry in this neighborhood. They hate my guts already, with my midnight welding
justgeorgequite a bit - what do you want to know?
MattyMattonly a cheaper price on epoxy than I've found :) in UK
justgeorgeepoxy is so expensive locally that you may as well get direct from china imo. theres a 1000% markup around here
justgeorgeeven if you have to buy 2 big drums, it's still well worth it
MattyMattgranite floor tiles could make a nice machine
justgeorgeyes and no. Granite fractures when vibrated or heated when you least expect it
MattyMatt15mm thick, stacked up and glued maybe for a sag proof reference surface
MattyMattarr. epoxy-granite is better tensile than natural granite
justgeorgeif you could mill the piece properly, with a cnc machine, sure it would work. It'd be very heavy though - may as well use plate steel
MattyMattagain, cost
justgeorgeoh I thought you meant straight natural granite
MattyMattyeah natural floor tiles
justgeorgeah so you're in the same spot as me then - use epoxy and steel wool, then let me know ;)
MattyMattI'll test the moulds with plain concrete first, and live with the shrinkage
justgeorgehow would you machine the tiles? the guys with a fast enough router/correct bit to suit charge like wounded bulls
MattyMattI'd stick to simple rectangles with holes in. saw & drill
justgeorgeif you use concrete, see if you can get some swar (for free) from a machine shop. Throw it in as a dispersed reinforcement
justgeorgeswarf, sorry
AnteroxMattyMatt: What are you guys talking about ?
MattyMattto avoid shrinkage with cement-packed prints, I'd ram in a damp mix, I think, with lots of coarse sand and maybe some gravel and maybe some fibre
MattyMattit shrinks less that way, I believe
justgeorgeit does. If you want to look up how much it shrinks, look up "concrete slump" - it gives an approximation
AnteroxWhat are you guys trying to do ?
MattyMattmake big things
justgeorgeproblem is concrete takes a long time to cure properly - technically 4 weeks at least until 80% of max strength
AnteroxMattyMatt: LIke houses 3d printed ?
MattyMatt4 weeks in my build schedule? oh noes that's like 1%
justgeorgeanterox: find a way to make frames/chassis for printers/cnc machines without using metal
Anteroxjustgeorge: Hmm
Anteroxflint and stone
MattyMattAnterox, I want to make machines (lathe & mill) that can be made with a normal printer, but are substantial
justgeorgemattymatts idea was to use granite tiles. mine was to print an empty shell, fill it with stainless steel wool, and then flood with epoxy
MattyMattand if you want substance without $, concrete wins IMO
AnteroxMattyMatt: Well tolerances epoxy wins
MattyMattpure epoxy has nearly zero shrinkage
GlennBeerjustgeorge: With epoxy just use steel wool.
justgeorgemattymatt have you seen the multimachine? a big lathe/mill made of an engine block. apparently very good
justgeorgeglennbeer: why, does the stainless wool affect it somehow?
MattyMattmost "epoxy" resins are not pure epoxy tho, they are stretched with thinners and polyester, so they have some shrinkage
AnteroxHey guys how much heat you apply to heated bed when printing on ABS ?
GlennBeerexpect it's a bit cheaper, and enscapulated in epoxy won't rust any way.
ccecilAnterox: 115-118c is what I use
Anteroxccecil: Damn 109 now
Anteroxccecil: Making 41 hearing bone and it tends to raise on one end
justgeorgeglenn: true enough
ccecilAnterox: it varies a bit depending on thermistor location and bed type
justgeorgeprice is similar though - it's all fairly cheap
Anteroxccecil: Well its on bottom and got 2 beds 4mm glass and PEI plate
ccecilAnterox: too hot for abs can warp as well as too cold...but it looks slightly different
Anteroxccecil: It's corner lift
ccecilAnterox: well...too cold warps...too hot curls...they look slightly different but have similar results
ccecilcurling prints are shinier...look as if they are melted
Anteroxccecil: That aint melted it's more like bended
ccecilAnterox: for me on bare glass ABS has about a 5-10deg c operating window
cceciltapes and adhesives make the window a bit wider
nikreis there an advantage of abs to pla?
Anteroxccecil: You doing on sanded glass ?
ccecilAnterox: no...bare boro
Anteroxnikre: it can take more heat
Anteroxccecil: ANd it sticks ?
ccecilnikre: bends a bit instead of shearing also
ccecilPLA tends to shear
ccecilAnterox: yes
Nekosan|23d printer fun is when... the nozzle thermister almost detaches and gives erratic readings
ccecilNekosan|2: more kapton :)
Anteroxccecil: Hmm
Domino123hmm... when i tell my printer to print, it is homing itself and then it just stays still... can somebody tell me what i am doing wrong
AnteroxDomino123: It's heating up
ccecilAnterox: ABS on bare glass is tricky...and most say not worth the trouble
AnteroxDomino123: What temps you said there would be ?
Anteroxccecil: How about blue painters tape ?
Nekosan|2cat snagged it... more copper sealant works fine
pwillardBlue painters take works with PLA
NETioPEI is working beautifully for me, but I haven't really tried printing anything I couldn't have done on glass w/ aquanet
Domino123200 and 57, but the printer interface just stopped responding-.-
nikreis pla actually a natural material? dissolving in 4-5 months etc. or is it marketing?
ccecilAnterox: It worked but I didn't like the surface...kapton works but is something you typically have to order. If I use a tape of any kind it usually is window tint
NETionikre: It will not dissolve in 4-5 months and I've never read that
ccecilnikre: if you put it in a hot composter it might
ccecilover 65c it gets soft
justgeorgenikre: biodegradeable does not always mean healthy
NETionikre: It's a complex polymer, it will survive for YEARS outside. But in a commercial composter at high temperatures it will biodegrade
Anteroxccecil: Hmm window tint never thinked that
Anteroxccecil: Trying now again with raising bed temps upper
ccecilAnterox: I like tint because it is cheap, locally available, one sheet application, and very close to kapton
Artesianhow do I send a retract command with Gcode?
Artesianand vary its speed?
NETioArtesian: retract is just a negative value on the extruder. In relative mode it would be like G1 E-1 F3000
Anteroxccecil: You attach it with water ?
NETioin absolute it would just be a lower value than the actual absolute position
ccecilAnterox: yeah
Anteroxccecil: and soap ?
ccecilI just used water
Anteroxccecil: Or will the soap curl under
Anteroxccecil: Ok
Anteroxccecil: I will take a try on tuesday
pwillardsoap is a "wetting" agent
crunchsurface tension
ccecilAnterox: http://youtu.be/i1srzlnL1s8 very old video of printing abs on tint
NETionikre: In a commercial composter, which normally runs pretty hot, PLA takes 30-45 days to compost fully. It can be composted in a home composter but it can take much longer. As for outdoor durability people have had prints left outside for over a year and the color faded but that's likely from lack of UV resistance and is a pigment issue
Artesianyay we learned something!!!
ArtesianG1 E-10 retracts about 30mm of filament
Artesianinstead of 10mm...
pwillardit shouldn't
NETioNormally you want to use like 2-3 drops of unscented non-lotion plain dish detergent to like an entire spray bottle
Nekosan|2anyone sell uv resistant pla?
NETioA lot of people like to overdo the soap thing
ArtesianSlow retract/accel commands are perfectly calibrated
pwillarda drops will do it
Artesiananything faster than F250 results in overdoing it
ccecilAnterox: http://youtu.be/vyEHuU-TzzA bare glass
Artesiando I cap the retract accel at 250 in firmware now?
NETioNekosan|2: I don't think anyone markets it specifically as UV resistant. Even UV resistant plastics eventually fade with exposure to light. Car's with exposed plastic have that problem, and not even lots of $$$$$$ into R&D has completely solved that yet
NETioArtesian: F3000 isn't that fast
Nekosan|2NETio: doing up a header for a windchime and it crossed my mind how long it would last
NETioArtesian: That's only 50mm/s. I run retracts at 100mm/s and I'm on direct drive. Lots of people run 120mm/s and some higher than that
crunch120 and 140 here
ccecilI run 1mm retract@25mm/s
NETioNekosan|2: It's not like it completely lost color or anything. It was just visibly faded when compared to a new print with the same color plastic
Artesianwell if you were here yesterday you'll know this particular extruder/hotend assembly seems to HATE fast retracts
NETioACTION could only run retracts up to like 18mm/s on his old MG Brutstruder, but that thing had impressive torque
Artesianit will print calibration objects just fine, but anything with fine detail that demands lots of retracts just scrapes away at the filament as it passes the hob
Artesianresulting in extrusion stopping
ccecilNETio: most of mine are gearheads...they hate fast retracts
crunchsounds like a pile
NETioccecil: Yeah. Unless you're using a bowden it's not a problem
crunchgeared units seem to top out at 25mm sec
ArtesianG1 E-10 F750 --- that should pull up 10mm of filament right?
ccecilNETio: triffid uses over 100mm/s on a wades :)
ArtesianG1 E10 F750 pushes down 10mm
ArtesianBut -10 is retracting 40mm...
NETioI'm happy with my direct drive on a bowden. I think it'd be terrible for 3mm filament but on 1.75mm it does fine. It strips the filament before it skips steps
NETioArtesian: Something is not right there
Artesianthats my question
Artesianrecon_lap told me to run these tests last night
Artesianjust got around to it
ArtesianI am sick of large objects stopping in the middle
ccecilNETio: mine will skip steps before stripping filament.
Artesianit's an awful issue because it only appears during larger prints
Artesianso I can't test it with small calib objects
Artesianwhich print fine
Artesianno errors
Artesianaccurate to 1/100th mm
Artesianbut it now clearly seems to be retracting way too much, no?
NETioccecil: I don't have my hobbed gear tensioned terribly high. It's actually spring-loaded so adjustment is through shims. But I don't strip filament unless something goes wrong anyway, and I'd rather strip the filament than have another failure elsewhere
ccecilNETio: yeah...no springs on mine
Artesianin host software (rephost) if I tell it to manually pull up 10 at just 100mm/min (default for this host), it will do exactly that
Artesianand just the same, 100mm/min extrudes for 10mm = 10mm of extrusion
ccecilNETio: typically stripping filament takes more time for me to fix...unless the filament gets tangled on the reel...because it will stretch the couplers out before skipping steps
Artesiando I cut my retract acceleration?
ccecilNETio: machine is way too heavy to come off the ground :)
NETioccecil: I tensioned the crap out of the sharp gear on my Brutstruder. Thing wouldn't strip filament, it'd chop it in to halves. Filament spool got twisted one time, it sheared 3mm filament like it was nothing. Didn't strip it, just pulled hard enough to snap the filament where it was caught on the spool
ccecilArtesian: M204 Sxxx I think
kthxM204 is M204 - Set default acceleration: S normal moves T filament only moves (M204 S3000 T7000) im mm/sec^2 also sets minimum segment time in ms (B20000) to prevent buffer underruns and M20 minimum feedrate According to Marlin
ccecilArtesian: M204 Txxx
ccecilNETio: I use the trinity hobbs
ArtesianSo m204 T10?
NETioccecil: IIRC someone said the brutstruder could lift the entire Prusa i2 if you held he filament as it fed it through. I believe it. Was a beast of an extruder. I still have it, just unused
NETioccecil: What do you mean stretch the couplers?
Artesianor another question...
ArtesianIf my default max feedrate for E is 100...
Artesianhow the hell is it doing retracts during prints at > 100?
ccecilNETio: the metal flex couplers...it will stretch them out
ccecilmy z motors are on the bottom
NETioccecil: Ok
ccecilNETio: I had a mendelmax drag itself off the shelf...but that is much lighter than the aluminatus :)
Artesianthe host defaults at 100mm/MINUTE
ccecilNETio: I think the aluminatus is over 50lbs
Artesianthe firmware defaults at 100mm/SECOND
ArtesianThere we go
ArtesianThat's stupid fast for E feedrate
ccecilNETio: in the crate they were 100lbs
Nekosan|2the aluminatus weighs in at 100lbs?
NETioccecil: For me stripping filament means I have to pull out the filament, cut off the damaged part, and feed it in again. An ultra-strong extruder means a jam/clog/cold-extrusion could blow out my PTC fittings or even shear the PTFE bowden tube, all of which require parts replacement to correct
ccecilNETio: yeah...bowdens are a different animal
Domino123can someone tell me why my ormerod when i tell it to print is homing the x,y,z and staying in the x home position and then after 15-20 sec the software freezes and are not responding... and then when i have restarted the printer interface and tries to connect again it tells me that "could not open port COM3:[Error 5] Acess denied"
NETioMy Rostock Max is like 30+lbs I think. I forget the exact weight.
Nekosan|2i think my alum graberi3 might be close to 20lbs
Arc_Tesla https://twitter.com/CopSub/status/480765397441183744/photo/1
cceciltop plate on the aluminatus is ~500x500 and cut from 3/16" aluminum...I think that piece weighs close to 20 :)
ccecilmore like 10 probably
ccecilI have never weighed them...but they suck to carry long distances
ccecilthen close to 4m of 2060 tslot per printer
Nekosan|212" x 12" .125 alum weighs 1.28 lbs
ccecilNekosan|2: I must be lazy then...these things feel heavier than that :)
ccecilbut they are 2x2
Nekosan|2.187 per sq ft is 2.578 lbs
ccecilah...so 10 was closer
Nekosan|2life as a cnc op in a sheetmetal shop ruined me
ccecilNekosan|2: could be worse
Artesianseen recon_lap?
kthxrecon_lap was last seen in #reprap 22 hours 21 min ago saying '_A_rtesian_: _id_ _the_ _top_ _of_ _your_ _PLA_ _step_ _cube_ _is_ _round_ _it_ _means_ _you_ _are_ _probably_ _over_ _extruding_ '.
Artesiansomeone ping me if you see him. we have much to discuss
Nekosan|2nah it has changed me for the worse... i use ppe to mow the lawn...
ArtesianI'm installing a custom guidler now to see if keeping filament centered on the hob helps at all
Bo_DKstill poking my mind about this min temp issue....
Bo_DKbut it does happen even if i manual preheat...
Bo_DKbut it is still for very short time...
Bo_DKless than 1 sec
Bo_DKbut of course enough to abort even a preheat
Nekosan|2i cut the graber parts out of a 24 x 48 piece of .125 alum it weighed 15lbs... 91% waste... doesn't leave much...
Pinski1anyone tried to put a reprap controller(melzi) in an Up3D?
Bo_DKwhat i have done so far...
Bo_DKnew plug at ramps end
ccecilPinski1: I think JGR put a smoothie on an up
Bo_DKresoldered the thermistor wires to the normal wires
Bo_DKand they are in PTFE sleeving/shrink...
Bo_DKthen a PTFE tube
Bo_DKand normal heat shrink to cover it all
Pinski1ccecil: if you have a link you'd be a saviour!
Bo_DKit can stay on for hours without any issue
ccecilthejollygrmreape: you here?
Bo_DKbut heat up throws a short min temp
ccecilthejollygrmreape: Pinski1 wants to know about converting electronics on the up
Bo_DKi never see the 0 degree...
ccecilPinski1: I know he has a blog too
Pinski1ccecil: thejollygrmreape thanks guys
Bo_DKso i wonder if there are a way to turn on heat regardless of errors... and a way to ignore min temp
Bo_DKjust for testing
Pinski1Bo_DK: if you edit the firmware to set min temp to 0 and max temp to $fartoohigh
Pinski1Bo_DK: that will work, but it's just not very safe
Bo_DKPinski1: i know... i just want to see if that error shows up for more than 1 sec....
Bo_DKi'm pulling hair out on this one...
Bo_DKonce reset it can stand there for hours... i have even had it on over night
Bo_DKno errors... but preheat... boom
NETioBo_DK: Is the thermistor wire ran next to an stepper wires?
NETioBo_DK: I know unshielded stepper wires can induce enough current in endstop wires to falsely trigger endstops. It may be possible for them to affect thermistor readings too
Bo_DKits a mendel90 design... so kind of yes... its on the same 26way flat ribbon cable... but thermistor is on wire 2 and 3 and stepper on the last 8 (x plus extruder)
Bo_DKtested the endstops...
Bo_DKworks perfect... ie it can home...
Bo_DKeven at high speed moves
Bo_DKand the other thermistor for the bed have no issues at all
Bo_DKi can heat the bed and move it... no issues
Bo_DKthe that too is on flat ribbon
Bo_DKnot the same as hot end etc
Bo_DKbut lets see what happens... i will be arround for printing so i can hit the emergency stop any time temp runs out of control
NETiolol @ http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:305087 Because the world really needed 3d printed 4-letter words
kthxhttp://www.thingiverse.com/thing:305087 => => 4 comments, 1 IRC mention
NETioBo_DK: I doubt that's the problem then. They probably have a few ground wires between the sensitive stuff (thermistor/endstops) and the motor wires.
AnteroxNETio: Nice make ORAL
Bo_DKyep.... GND for the endstops are there too
AnteroxNETio: Now I just need 3 letter variable :)
Bo_DKso i wonder whats the issue here
NETioLike 90% of curse words are 4-letters
NETios***, f***, d**k, d**n, t**t, c**t, the list goes on
Bo_DKhehe... do the 7 words by george carlin
NETiohad to even that up. 2 words to refer to male anatomy, 2 for female
NETioACTION probably won't print dirty words, but one of these should be amusing http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:370886/#files
kthxhttp://www.thingiverse.com/thing:370886 => => 0 comments, 1 IRC mention
Bo_DKinitial setting min temp to 0 worked....
Bo_DKno flicker in temp on display
Bo_DKi got a ramps and mega along with full graph display from reprapdiscount
Bo_DKvia local seller of course....
Bo_DKand i have yet to see 0 degrees
Bo_DKi had that yesterday due to bad solder of thermistor to wires... so i redid that one last night
Bo_DKand put a gently pull on wires to make sure they where ok... and messured them before i put PTFE on them
nottakumasatoJust a couple of questions regarding setup for z probing with repetier. I am using a mechanical endstop. Any help is appreciated. 1) Should I enable pullup resistor for probe pin? 2) Should I check "probe triggers on high" 3) Should I check "wait for probe hit, before running probe. Only needed for manual switches, which need to be moved for each test"
jiripechAnyone from Czech Republic?
jiripechPossibly having a spare 42BYG48HJ50 motor?
raldrichNETio: You know why they named the game “Golf” don’t you? All the good 4 letter words were already taken.
Bo_DKany bold enough to call themselfes marlin experts and have the time to walk over my settings etc? have put all marlin files on git...
Bo_DKi would also like help in putting the 0,0 in the center and not in the corner at some point... but not critical...
Bo_DKwhat i'm after is checking for mistakes that i could have put in there
Bo_DKthen 2 more Q's... 1. how long wires can be put on a SD card slot thing like the full graph display i have? the flat ribbon that came with the display is about 30 cm long... i want to put on 1 or 1.5 meters
Bo_DK2. what other big firmwares are out there that can be loaded on ramps that would be an improvement?
Specmy wife just asked me to print a train track and make a train to circle our house to return empty espresso cups. :-/
ScribbleJThe Espresso Express!
os1r1sSpec: I may recommend a mini quad for it
ScribbleJI printed a couple parts for my new printer and the fit is PERFECT. When has that ever happened?
os1r1sScribbleJ: Its like that for everyone that isn't a cat person
Specos1r1s: well, i printed a quad :p
Specos1r1s: not sure it would be so good for indoor flight
os1r1sScribbleJ: Something about cat dander and extruders
SpecScribbleJ: i have yet to print a single thing that required fitting and it fitting without post processing
ScribbleJIt's a nice experience, Spec.
os1r1sScribbleJ: Have you printed the sni robot?
ScribbleJI tried it a while back and all the fingers broke.
os1r1sScribbleJ: Did the pins fit?
ScribbleJI don't think I got that far, I started with the hands because the whole finger thing looked sketchy.
blockh34dSpec: its not a pic of a nylon print, but it is kinda interesting: Link: http://postimg.org/image/c2b443pyl/full/
blockh34dSpec: i actually just made a model of those finger segments, printed them in trimmer line, and they're freaking indestructable
os1r1sWell, speaking of perfect fits I think you should do that one
ScribbleJMaybe I will revisit it but my printer's going to be tied up all day printing my new printer design.
blockh34dScribbleJ: what fingers? i just made robofingers and they're pretty damn strong
blockh34dScribbleJ: maybe check out that last link i pasted for basic layout of the fingers
Domino123can anyone tell me why my ormerod giving me this message whenever i am trying to print, warning ormerod webserver is probable broken, power cycle/reset your duet board
Specblockh34d: coool
blockh34dSpec: working on most of a 'full hand' now
Specblockh34d: i still want pics of a trimmer line print :p
blockh34dalthough it may only have 3 or 4 fingers and a kinda different thumb
blockh34dyah i took some too i just didnt post them yet
blockh34dkinda boring vs robofingers
Specoh, ok, didn't know if i needed to go through my logs or not :p
blockh34dnope lol hardly worth it anyways
Specblockh34d: i'm overengineering my web app just fine :D
blockh34di need to photo these fingers made in trimmer line, much more interstig then the squirrel cage fan housing i previously had to show
os1r1sScribbleJ: You play with SDR at all?
blockh34dSpec: haha nice, why stop at overkill when you could crank it up to MAXIMUM overkill
blockh34danyone here have any knowledge or experience interface humans to prosthetic limbs?
blockh34dsilly people keep blowing their limbs off in one misadventure or another
blockh34dwell. lets not call them silly they probably wouldnt appreciate that
blockh34dbut i would like to give them some other options and i think 3d printers can do that
Nekosan|2blockh34d: darwins law should take care of them
blockh34dNekosan|2: negative, technology empowers us to blissfully ignore darwins law
blockh34di refer you to idiocracy
Anteroxblockh34d: hmm
blockh34dACTION explains with rolling hand gesture
MattyMattblockhead, there's USB HID specs for the feedback, but I dunno if that's useful for control
ScribbleJSoftware radio, os1r1s ? I spent about 15 minutes on it, so... not really.
Anteroxblockh34d: getting signal from brain stem or limb stump ?
blockh34dMattyMatt: i've been lookiing into neurosky brainwave usb eeg... kinda promising
ScribbleJWho can tell me how to determine what size to make a hole if I want bolt threads to catch in it, so I can bolt right into plastic?
blockh34dAnterox: either/or/both fine if it works
blockh34dScribbleJ: varies a bit on the plastic
Anteroxblockh34d: hmm I read an article about monkey using robotic arm to get banana. And the signal was from motor cortex
Anteroxblockh34d: Side of the brain
MattyMattHID means returning angles of joints. cybersocks are already supported in win98
blockh34di would say typically you want something small enough that if the screw had no threads on it, it would still be a snug fit to pack the bare rod in there
Anteroxblockh34d: Only problem there is to get nice signal
Specblockh34d: i've often wondered about the negative impacts of healthcare on genetic viability for hoomans D:
blockh34dAnterox: seen neurosky usb eeg? its little hat, reads your mind, a little
MattyMattor XP at least. 98 was a bit crap at standard devices
blockh34dSpec: breeds weakness
Anteroxblockh34d: Well I work in the hospital IT support and medical science is what I am taking my masters :)
blockh34dSpec: example: antibiotic soap...makes us so clean our immune system just gives up... ruh roh
Anteroxblockh34d: Studied VEP (visual evoked potentials)
Specblockh34d: certainly breeds technological dependence
blockh34dAnterox: maybe you could help advise me on these matters some then eh? i'm just some artistic vagrant with ideas, very little practical medical training (although i do have my EMT cert, for whatever its worth)
nottakumasatoIs it possible to fix the current adjuster on a stepper driver?
Anteroxblockh34d: :)
Bo_DKanyone bored so much they have the time to check my marlin copy for any fuckups i have missed ?
Anteroxblockh34d: So you need signal to limb (hand or leg)
blockh34dAnterox: yes, ideally raw brain signal, not voice/eye controlled (although those are still on the table, as a backup plan)
nottakumasatoThe bit where the screw is used to turn cw and ccw is broken
Anteroxblockh34d: There will be always some part from eyes (retina)
Nekosan|2Bo_DK: link?
Anteroxblockh34d: Missread
Bo_DKNekosan: https://github.com/boelle/Marlin/tree/Marlin_v1/Marlin
Bo_DKmendel90 design with top mounted endstop switch
ScribbleJIt looks like the metric standard for the thread depth is .866 * pitch.
ScribbleJProbably safe to make the radius of the hole such that it's about 1/3rd of the way into the threads.
blockh34dAnterox: what about putting triggers on the toes, so toes could flex/unflex hands?
Arc_Teslaahhhh space x scrubbed again
Anteroxblockh34d: The signal can be get from stem. And You will learn to use the hand just like youwill learn after birth using the muscles
Anteroxblockh34d: I have to find the articles so I can see how it was done
Bo_DKNekosan: also min temp for extruder is set to 0 as i'm testing an issue
Anteroxblockh34d: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxIgdOlT2cY
Anteroxblockh34d: 2008
blockh34dAnterox: oh please do if you can, and send me links i'd love to read up more on it but its such a big subject, i'm not really sure where the state of the art is at
blockh34dgreat thanks
MattyMattblockh34d, it might be best to separate the actions from the command. no prosthetics I know of use a direct mapping of muscles to original function
blockh34dMattyMatt: k, frnkly its all a big mystery to me so far
MattyMattunless you count the crude hand closing from the finger muscles in the forearm
blockh34dwhat i would love to do is setup a testbed i could simulate peronslly, like doctor octopus or something
Anteroxblockh34d: That is made with EEG
MattyMattarr, if eeg is what you want to do, then that is workable
blockh34di'll just give myself another arm/hand for testing purposes... a better one, with blackjack and strippers
blockh34dyeah i'm looking at that neurosky eeg, its usb and interfacing it to arduino is a well documented process
blockh34dbut i really dont know its that valid of an approach its just what i've come up with so far
Anteroxblockh34d: You need to know what you are looking
MattyMattthose eeg caps take forever to put on, I hear. I thought they used like pogopins, but they all need gel etc
Anteroxblockh34d: and use ground from ear or both ears
blockh34dMattyMatt: yah this one is so mickey mouse i think theres maybe one connector and i'm not sure it even needs the gel?
Anteroxblockh34d: And use silver-silvercloride electrons
Anteroxblockh34d: Without paste that is buffered
blockh34dAnterox: does this mean i get to put on goofy strainer based technology on my head like rick moranis from (every movie rick moranis was ever in)?
Anteroxblockh34d: Because halfcell potential will destroy your signal
Anteroxblockh34d: Yes it means
Anteroxblockh34d: Unless you have some muscles left in the limb
blockh34di look like rick moranis anyways
Anteroxblockh34d: If so you could just measure the muscle activity (read much easier)
blockh34ddoes that method require surgery Anterox ?
MattyMattit can't be long until someone attaches a chip+radio to a severed nerve. that'll make all other methods obsolete
Anteroxblockh34d: Nope
blockh34dwhat would be the easiest non-surgical method to test out this stuff?
blockh34dMattyMatt: yes that would be great
Anteroxblockh34d: Muscle activity can be measured with needle electrons in the muscle or over the skin
MattyMattI'm sure it's been done experimentally, just not standard procedure
blockh34dMattyMatt: although... mabye hackable
Anteroxblockh34d: Just need to use hand 1 axis ?
blockh34di do not want to have to run an antivirus on my hand
Anteroxblockh34d: to fist and open ?
MattyMattAnterox, you'd need one in each muscle tho, wouldn't you? if you wanted individual fingers etc?
blockh34dAnterox: well i'd rather something more sophisticated but hey, baby steps, that'd be a great start
blockh34dideal would be, person could type with this thing
AnteroxMattyMatt: Yes but if we want to test first
blockh34dalso it gave some sort of feedback back to user
blockh34dbut that could be quite a ways off
Anteroxblockh34d: Then start looking the EMG
Anteroxblockh34d: Electromyography
MattyMattones I've seen have 2 electrodes on muscles. presumably one for fingers one for thumb
blockh34doh great thanks
Anteroxblockh34d: It is much easier to measure than EEG
blockh34dAnterox: oh great, think someone could home brew an interface?
justgeorgenerves dont just conduct electricity though
MattyMattAD585 same chip as thermocouples :)
justgeorgeit is a little known fact, but nerves are fiber optic
blockh34dMattyMatt: thats something i could make use of? maybe you could expand on that a little please?
Anteroxjustgeorge: :)
justgeorgethey conduct a range of frequencies. Therefore, you would have to simultaneously conduct electricity and light
justgeorgeof course, if you figured it out, guys in suits with guns would come to your house
MattyMatthttp://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xp6nxOVJHZc/T-Bz1nQgB6I/AAAAAAAABfg/ROHzLvHOWmg/s1600/115788_577.JPG not ad585 used here, but basically a supersensitive amp to turn microvolts into something measurable
justgeorgethe implications are too enormous - reading thoughts at a distance, lie detection etc
blockh34djustgeorge: i think they're camped outfront, waiting for a reason
ill13so i've been looking for an enclosure/frame for my 6" i3 and not having much luck. However, my local ikea has this table on sale for $10. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60210806/ ...and this is what it looks like assembled and placed over/around my printer http://todaystide.com/demo/gallery/img/reprap/stuff/enclosure.jpg
justgeorgeblockhead: I think they have a key to my house
Anteroxblockh34d: If you want to measure the EEG. you need to get info from Alfa motor cortex
Anteroxblockh34d: Located forward from your ear up to your skull
blockh34dhey everyone in this convo i invite you to draw any of this out ina block diagram / pseudo code way
ill13$10 for a square frame is pretty cheap. I figure I'll need plywood/cardboard for 3 sides and acrylic for the front
blockh34dspam me the links and anything else related
MattyMattill13 neat. the dish in the top looks like it could be a filament holder too
blockh34dAnterox: oh finally a use for all those phrenology training manuals! j/k
Anteroxblockh34d: :)
blockh34dphrenology = the way of the future
ill13MattyMatt: heh..yeah..the regular table doesn't have the "dip", but is $30, so win win!
MattyMattblockh34d, there are medical grade op-amps that are guaranteed never to fart current back into the patient, but they are probably wasted on students :)
AnteroxMattyMatt: You need to do OP amp with voltage follower
MattyMattelectric shock = take a drink, no electric shock = take 2 drinks
blockh34dMattyMatt: hmm maybe when i get some of that kickstarter money i can afford to throw money away on learning excercises though... i'm not opposed to it, only way to make progress sometimes
AnteroxMattyMatt: And Have isolation OP AMp (example light)
AnteroxMattyMatt: here medical devices have to go through iso 42985 or so
Anterox43985 I think
Anteroxhow hard is that to remember :)
justgeorgeanterox: do you have a background in medical equipment by any chance?
Anteroxjustgeorge: Just university medical science
justgeorgeanterox: cool! did you ever get lectured on electronic medical applications ie in vivo gene amplification/supression via frequency emission in various spectra?
Anteroxjustgeorge: Sorry english is 3rd language for me
Anteroxjustgeorge: afk2 min
Anteroxjustgeorge: You mean bio chemistry and PCR ?
justgeorgeno. I mean RIFE and such things
Anteroxjustgeorge: rife sorry cant understand
justgeorgechemistry and pcr etc use molecules to interact with other molecules. Electromagnetic stimulation of the DNA directly goes straight to the source
Anteroxjustgeorge: Hmm never heard of that
justgeorgethere was a man called Royal Rife. He used electricity to resonate various pathogens to destroy them - no antibiotics, just zap the body and the organisms die
justgeorgeHis machine was adapted to stimulate DNA
justgeorgethen his lab burned down twice
blockh34dits possible i could fabricate a batch of these robotic hands and then just give them away to any interested researchers btw
justgeorgeblock: or to lonely men? :p
blockh34dso if yall think you could plug it into a brain, let me know. I think i got the rest covered, more or less
blockh34djustgeorge: yes meet your new gf, pawlina and her 5 robotic sisters lol
Anteroxjustgeorge: I have done now CT/MRI imaging mostly
blockh34dlol j/k, what show was that... big bang theory?
justgeorgelol exactly :) dont tell the japanese - there will be coin operated wank salons for sure
Anteroxblockh34d: You looked inmoov ?
blockh34di think big bang theory covered pretty much this exact scenario and it did not go well
blockh34dAnterox: no i'll do that though thanks
Anteroxblockh34d: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:18939
kthxhttp://www.thingiverse.com/thing:18939 => => 53 comments, 2 IRC mentions
Anteroxblockh34d: thhe ring finger and little finger move little odd though
Anteroxblockh34d: But it would be nice way to start researching how it works
blockh34dhey pretty nice design there
blockh34dlooks like a storm trooper
Anteroxblockh34d: Yeah on white
recon_lapping Artesian
blockh34dyeah its really neat to see what other people are doing
blockh34dchances are it'll always be better than what i'm doing... but whatever, i'm doing it anyways, it'll make me better
blockh34dand who knows, maybe i stumble upon the magic bullet
Anteroxblockh34d: But you can always add to design something new or get some ideas from inmoov
blockh34dAnterox: agreed, thanks for the link
Anteroxblockh34d: No prob
blockh34di ihave some thoughts about how to drive the system
blockh34di think a honeycomb of linear actuators could be nice
Anteroxblockh34d: 230V ?
blockh34dwell not really that specific yet
blockh34dmore the idea that i could have one central actuator, and then others that selective grab onto it
Anteroxblockh34d: Always need atleast 50m cable.
blockh34dand those would also have their own 'brakes' so they can release that actuator and still hold thheir positon
Anteroxblockh34d: Like the terminator hand ?
blockh34dwell that had many actuators though
Anteroxblockh34d: I think it was made by linear actuators
Anteroxblockh34d: Trye
Anteroxblockh34d: true
blockh34da big clump of them, I'm talking about basically one of those, plus a honeycomb arrangement of subcylinders that can grab onto the main one
blockh34dor not, if they are not currently moving
blockh34di think that makes the whole thing potentiall a lot chaper
mastag25i just got trolled by my printer
mastag25the stick is mario
Anteroxmastag25: Raft ?
mastag25the larger one is bowser
blockh34dmastag25: best graphics ever
blockh34dthats what new wii u mario will look like
blockh34di kinda see it too but whats up with that column?
blockh34dits like its supporting nothing
AnteroxAnyone got links for DLP SLS printer designs ?
mastag25there was no supports or anything i dont hget it
kthxDLP is Digital Light Processing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Light_Processing
mastag25the software for this printer sucks and it doesnt work with repetier or printrun
Anteroxrecon_lap: Yes
kthxSLS is selective laser sintering and is also andreas bastian selective laser sintering custom reprap, see his report: http://www.andreasbastian.com/3dp/final_report_v2.pdf
recon_lapHey Anterox, was wondering if you made any progress on your retactions
Shaun_just got this from my cousin :Ppp
Anteroxrecon_lap: recon_lap rectractions ?
TTNheyy blockh34d.
recon_lapdamn, I getting confused with similar names, it was Artesian that was having the retraction issues
Artesianyeah thats me
Anteroxrecon_lap: I had some problems few months ago
Artesiani shoulda pinged earlier
Anteroxrecon_lap: just made speed to 60 mm/s
Artesianim doing some spray painting outside right now but i have another print testing now
Anteroxrecon_lap: Problem gone
TTNI'm hoping the guy releases the files ay
ArtesianI changed EVERYTHING
TTN... :/
Artesianretracts, retract accel.. overall feedrate..
Artesianeverything CUT IN HALF
recon_lapArtesian: you any idea what was the issue
Artesianand it's STILL HAPPENING
Artesiani even added a guidler
AnteroxttWhat files ?
Artesianto make sure the filament enters the hobbed on center every single time
Artesiananything without a ton of intricate retracts it will print perfectly
Artesiananything large with any degree of complexity... no hope
recon_lapArtesian: did you try the g-code I suggested?
Artesianat any speed from 30mm/s to 100mms
AnteroxArtesian: You got wade ?
Artesianand much more
ArtesianI use a custom wades accessible
recon_lapArtesian: and what happened when you tried it?
ArtesianAll the extrudes are fine
AnteroxArtesian: You have bolted the j-head (or similar with wire on the wade and j-head
AnteroxArtesian: So they are complitely lined up
Artesianand all of the slow retracts are fine
Artesiananter, it will print any color aside from black without a problem usually
Artesianand it will print black without a problem for small objects
Artesianit just hates doing lots of retracting
Artesianthe guidler keeps it perfectly aligned
AnteroxArtesian: You cooling the head ?
Artesianheatsink is actively cooled yes
Artesianprint has 2 direct fans
Artesianits not a heat issue
ArtesianI pull out the filament..
AnteroxArtesian: Yeah lined up at up but you got space between head and extruder ?
Artesiannear the bottom of the photo
Artesianit does that
Artesianno it doesn't get stuck between them
AnteroxArtesian: Hobbed has eaten your filament
Artesianwelcome to the last 72 hours
AnteroxArtesian: You got friction there
Artesianno matter what I do, it will do that
Artesianabout 2 layers into the print
Artesianbut ONLY for larger objects
Artesianhow can it be an issue related only to size/complexity?
Artesianhow do small things print well if its too much friction?
ArtesianI'll upload my custom extruder...
Artesianwhats the best place to quickly host an stl?
blockh34dArtesian: last time i heard this problem (real similar) it was becasue the print head was pushing into the platter and creating back pressure
AnteroxArtesian: dropbox ?
recon_lap1hmm, I seem to be getting disconnect when it strikes the hour now
Artesiannope block, I know my Z levels are fine
Artesianit prints the first layer PERFECTLY
Artesianafter that... it has performed 20-30 retracts overall and then the filament is chewed
Artesianeven with almost no pressure on the filament
Artesianor with LOTS OF PRESSURE
AnteroxArtesian: Does your big parts have more rectracts
Artesiandepending on how tightly I tighten the knurled nuts
Artesianwell overall clearly yes
recon_lap1Artesian: what hotend?
Artesianits a buda 1.2
Artesian.5mm head
Artesiankeep in mind... this really only happens with black PLA
blockh34dArtesian: sounds like some sort of metal shred is lodged in there somewhere right? i'm sure you've looked already but thats what comes to mind here
Artesianwhich is what I print most often
recon_lap1Artesian: and you printing PLA?
Artesianblack PLA 200C
AnteroxArtesian: You using direct extruder ?
Artesianhowever this also happens to Laywood
Artesianbut oddly enough not to blue or red pla
x303Anyone know of a program that enables STL viewing in the windows explorer preview pane?
AnteroxArtesian: Black PLA most of the time has the lowest temp to melt
blockh34dArtesian: mabye you could lower your temp a bit? 200 is a bit hot for pla, by the standards i use and hear in here a lot anyways
AnteroxArtesian: I print black PLA on 185
AnteroxArtesian: And 210 on white
recon_lap1are the buda known to be crap with PLA?
blockh34dyes me too my black pla works fine aroudn 180
Artesianyesterday I was told... DO NOT PRINT COLDER than 200
Artesianbut if the problem is at the hob...
blockh34dArtesian: yes theres a lot of bs flying around
AnteroxArtesian: Have you tryed if your direct hobbed warms up ?
Artesianthe bolt itself?
blockh34dArtesian: my kit came with defaults that said i shoul duse pla at 225... insanity
AnteroxArtesian: Motor and bolt then
Artesianbolt is room temperature
Artesianmotor is normal motor temp
Artesiannot cold, but not too hot
AnteroxArtesian: Maybe not there then
blockh34dArtesian: my gregs used to lock up on me when the jamnuts would come loose, creep to a tighter position until the whole thing has become stuck until you run it back some amount, that unfreezes it
AnteroxArtesian: Lot of fast movements can warm up the motor --> hobbed --> filament --> more friction
blockh34dif this is happening maybe you want to look at your extruders jamnuts and make sure they havent tightened your gear to a locked position
ArtesianI dont use jamnuts?
blockh34di did, and they were a problem
blockh34dit was similar... worked for a moment then would kinda randomly lock up and stack locked up
recon_lap1Artesian: I'm far from sure of this, but I believe the Budaschnozzle are know to have a poor heat transition zone, which allows PLA to soften in the hotend tube, this cases the pla to jam when it is retracted and then extruded again. does this sound like it fits your issue ?
AnteroxArtesian: This is geared
ArtesianSorry. to me Direct = Not bowden
AnteroxArtesian: ok then its not the hobbed :)
Artesianlook at the distance between my through hole and the bolt
AnteroxArtesian: Go with e3d or j-head :)
ArtesianI have 2 e3D
Artesian2 budas
ArtesianI use the e3ds for nylon and exotics
AnteroxArtesian: I bet e3d's dont jam on PLA
ArtesianI Just need this buda to print PLA
Artesianit clearly can
Artesianand did for many months
Artesianthis is a bolt issue...
AnteroxArtesian: Ok
Artesianor its something that is causing the bolt issue
Artesiansome other related factor
Artesianand all of my extruders follow this design
ArtesianI moved the guide hole about 1.5mm closer to the bolt
recon_lap1Artesian: and you feel it's not heat creap?
Artesianbecause the default design that I modified had it WAY TOO FAR away
Artesianthe filament extrudes cleanly and I can print small objects no matter how long they take
Artesianits not getting hot up in the extruder
ArtesianI can pull it right as it has an error and its cold to the touch
nikrewhat is the best "free" way to modify an stl file?
Artesianshould I try to print a new extruder assembly with the guide hole a fraction of a mm farther away?
recon_lap1Artesian: This still sounds to me like heat creep, you do say it's larger prints that are effected
recon_lap1affected *
Artesianokay, interesting
mastag25<Anterox> Artesian: I bet e3d's dont jam on PLA
ArtesianI have a very isolated heater block
mastag25i heard otherwise
ArtesianI bet they dont... but Im betting this is an extruder or speed issue
Artesianthis hotend works just not for larger objects
Anteroxmastag25: I have heard that e3d and j-heads are best for PLA
Artesianit is extremely thermally isolated
ArtesianI can touch the outside of the block with my finger
mastag25i heard jhead was
Artesianeven at 230C
mastag25but i was told to stay away from e3d for pla
Artesian(because of the insulation)
Anteroxmastag25: Ou friend does PLA on e3d
recon_lap1Artesian: and yet it's jamming on retracts with PLA on larger objects
Anteroxmastag25: Felix 2 with bowden no jam and he had it about year
Anteroxmastag25: I can be wrong too
Anteroxmastag25: Mine N=1
ArtesianSo I should just abandon this hotend?
ArtesianI just want to make the things I have work before testing entirely new things
Artesianwhich WILL have other issues I'm sure
Artesianalready broke one e3d this week
AnteroxArtesian: How ?
recon_lap1Artesian: no, we just trying to work out what the issue is
AnteroxAnyone got pico hotend ?
AnteroxI would love to test it. :)
Anteroxjglauche: Hello
ArtesianThe heat break welded itself into the heater block
Artesianthe nozzle snapped apart in my fingers
recon_lap1Artesian: next time it jams, let it cool with the filament in it, then take it out and examine the plug at the bottom of the filament
Artesianall of their "optimizations" made the metal much weaker
Artesianokay cool this I can do..
Artesianlet it cool to room temp?
Artesianit wont come out if I do that..
AnteroxArtesian: about 50 degree and you can get it off
AnteroxArtesian: 50-70
Artesianalright, so just a little down but still pullable
Artesianso that isnt enough info?
Anteroxover that the plug will form
Artesianthat was pulled at temp
Anterox50 ?
Artesianno, at 200
recon_lap1Artesian: yes, what you looking for is a plug in the filament above the melt chamber, this would be cause by heat creep , when the extruder does a retract and tries to push the filament back in expands in the barrel because it's soft.
AnteroxArtesian: Mine would go longer if I pull from 200
Artesianwell at least pulling it at 200 looks to be free of heat creep
Artesianso far this print is going much better...
Artesianguess what I changed?
ArtesianI put the filament spool higher on my spool holder
Artesianso the filament strand enters from a gentler angle
recon_lap1Artesian: might be worth getting a comparison bit of filament out of the hotend from when it was not jammed, so you can compare the length too the filament when it fails
Artesianah okay i can do that as well
Artesianwriting all this down
recon_lap1Artesian: I take it you have examined the end of you filament when you change filaments
Artesianwhen I change colors?
ArtesianI can show you the last 20-30 I've pulled if you like
ArtesianI keep all the filament for friction welding
recon_lap1Artesian: yes , the plug at the bottom can tell you a lot.
kthxunclog is http://youtu.be/pomMbceEI7I and is also http://reprap.org/wiki/Clog
pwillardMine is never larger than 1mm.
recon_lap1Artesian: http://s67.photobucket.com/user/hendo420/media/IMG_20130427_140150_zps79f5df29.jpg.html
Artesianhaha wow those melt zones
Artesianhopefully my E3d is like that
Artesianill be damned
recon_lap1o/ Abi91
filadomee3d v6 clogged up on me with PLA after an hour
Artesianthe red filaments look way weaker overall and will fail in the middle...
Artesianbut at the ends...
Artesianmuch smaller melt zone
TTNseen blockh34d
kthxblockh34d was last seen in #reprap 20 min 27 sec ago saying '_stack_/_stay_'.
Artesian2nd from the left is clearest
Artesian5mm melt zones compared to 20mm melt zones
Artesianon the black
Artesian3.5 layers in and the print still hasnt clogged
filadomei was using the e3d v6 and switched back
Abi91I have a question. When I extrude PLA, it doesn't come out straight and sticks to the hot end
Abi91is that normal?
Artesianif it was just the angle of entry into the extruder Im going to be angry
Artesianvery abi
Artesian99% of the time its going to curl and stick to itself or the nozzle
Abi91okay thanks :)
recon_lap1Abi91: well, it's common for beginners to face such problems
recon_lap1Abi91: I take it you having problems getting the first layer to stick to the bed?
Abi91nah, that's not my problem
Abi91I was just curious
Abi91I already printed a few things, but I'm having problems with the retraction settings
Abi91I can't seem to find the right settings
Artesianclogged again at 3.8 layers
recon_lap1Artesian: do you have any of the pieces of filament you removed after the bolt striped the filament?
Artesianyeah the second photo...
Artesianand most of the black ones
Artesianin fact all of the black ones
blockh34dif i leave my atx powersupply to the printer on all the time but the heating element isn't on and nothing but a fan is going, am i wearing out my printer in any way (other than the fan)?
Artesianokay I just pulled the filament at @150C
Artesianimmediately after a clog
Artesianhere we are
recon_lap1Artesian: on the second picture with the clear filament, do the bolt teeth marks disappear near the end of the filament?
Artesianuh.... clear filament?
Artesianoverall yes the bolt teeth marks are disappearing
Artesiani assume that happens as it starts to melt
recon_lap1Artesian: https://secure.flickr.com/photos/78465380@N08/14296584459/in/photostream/
Artesianthey are vaguely noticeable, but much more pronounced up where its colder near hte hob
Artesianthtas black
Artesianbut yes, on that piece the teeth marks are already beginning to melt near the end
recon_lap1Artesian: yes, and that indicates heat creep , you do understand how heat creep causes jams when retracting?
Artesianyeah. The melt zone is too large so the bolt is trying to extrude against something that is too soft
Artesianstill makes zero sense why it only occurs on larger parts...
Artesianor is it that the filament is overall not soft enough and when it pulls up its scraping?
recon_lap1Artesian: not really, the end of the filament is soft outside the melt zone, when the filament pushes back in it expands and jams instead of feeding into the melt chamber
Artesianso... drop the temps?
recon_lap1Artesian: then the blot chews the filament because it's jammed
recon_lap1Artesian: worth a try
Artesianso the bolt is trying to press down against what is essentially a clog forming?
filadomeanyone know the name of the stepper motor connectors on the RAMBo board?
mastag25the more fancy term, thingamabobber
Artesianso let's go from 200C to 180C?
recon_lap1Artesian: yes, so try a lower temp, should reduce the heat in the barrel and maybe the jams will stop
blockh34diThingapad Mini, the neon color edition
Artesianthese problems were markedly worse at 190-193 where we originally started
Artesianand the red extrudes occurred at 193
Artesianthe ones that have much smaller melt zones
Artesianthis hotend still utilizes a copper heatsink
Artesiancould I replace that with aluminum slotted washers?
Artesian(as lulzbot did with all budaschs of the 2.0 generation)
Artesianits quite clear the 2.0 I use to extrude TPE is a superior hotend
recon_lap1Artesian: another test it to compare the length of the hobbled bolt to the end of filament of a jammed filament to one that was not jammed
ArtesianI'd love to find a way to mod an e3d-sized fan right onto the buda too
Artesianbut thats another task
Artesianyou mean length from hob to melt zone?
Artesianthat was a little confusing sorry
filadomecan someone tell me what the name of the connectors on the bottom are called? https://ultimachine.com/sites/default/files/images/RAMBo_BirdEyeCutout.img_assist_custom-759x760.jpg
recon_lap1Artesian: yes, to see if the filament is actual getting back to the meltzone
Artesianwell... assuming I measured this right..
Artesianit was about 71mm on the jammed filament
Artesianand a full 82mm on the not jammed
Artesianbut that just tells us the melt zone was larger
Artesianwhich we already knew
recon_lap1Artesian: the melt chamber
Artesianokay wait... lets measure from the end of the filament
Artesianwhere it pinched off and was liquid
recon_lap1Artesian: which should also be the melt zone
Artesianokay still 72 vs 85
Artesianso that was what I was actually measuring
Artesianwithout intending
recon_lap1Artesian: that seems way to large a difference to be accounted for by a retract.
recon_lap1Artesian: unless a bunch of retracts are only pulling the filament out and not pushing it back in
Artesianinteresting idea
recon_lap1Artesian: do you see teeth marks above where the filament was striped?
Artesianmaybe a little bit
Artesianbut they stop abruptly about 5mm above the stripped portions
Artesianthats where I usually cut off the clogged portion
recon_lap1Artesian: seems like the un-retract part of a retract is not working. points more strongly to heat creep
Artesiandoes un-retract mean extrude?
Artesianbasically what it does after it retracts, as soon as its ready to keep moving?
ArtesianI agree with you I think
ArtesianIm trying to visualize this again
Artesianso it pulls up filament, then when it attempts to push down again... its hitting soft filament and cant push down far enough?
Artesianwhich is why the Red appears to have a longer distance by about 10mm
recon_lap1Artesian: yes, a retract will pull the filament back fast the retract length, then when it want to extrude it's reverse that retract at a slower speed to build pressure up in the melt chamber again
Artesianwhen it "un-retracts", the red pushes a full 10mm deeper until it hits a melt zone
Artesianor thats what the 72/84 measurement told us, right?
Artesianassuming that was remotely accurate
recon_lap1Artesian: your retract length is 1mm
ArtesianOverall like the measurements showed, though, it would appear that the red's melt zone is much smaller
Artesianwhich is good. less heat creep
Artesianand melted teeth marks meant it was staying in the heat zone for too long eh?
recon_lap1Artesian: not really, the melt chamber should melt the filament, the heat break should stop the filament melt in the barrel though.
Artesianif it clogs at 180C I will pull the filament and compare the clog measures
Artesianyeah exactly...
Artesianchamber = heater block for me btw
Artesianso if I call it that, that's what im thinking of
ArtesianSo we need to find a way to stop the black from creeping up the heat breal
Artesiani actually have two gigantic PTFE washers sitting on top of the heater block
Artesianto try to further isolate the heat from the block
Artesianand the block itself is wrapped in ceramic and kapton
Artesianit just may be that the copper heatsink isnt doing enought to keep the chamber cold
recon_lap1Artesian: anyways, it does look from that picture of the filaments that the PLA is getting soft in the barrel of the hotend
Artesianyou mean above the heater block, ya?
Artesianand at max it really would only be about 5mm above the heater block
recon_lap1Artesian: yes. above the block
Artesianbut that's clearly too much
recon_lap1Artesian: not sure what you can do about it though. many people have had this issue with PLA in buda's as far as i know
Artesianits the design
ArtesianI need to find a way to mod it and slap a 30mm fan directly on the heatsink
Artesianor just improve it in general
Artesianmaybe the answer is the wood...
Artesianwood traps heat, no?
recon_lap1Artesian: you could also try run some ABS through it and hope it makes the barrel slipper
Artesianive done that
Artesianmany meters of ABS
ArtesianI dont care for the toxic smells
recon_lap1Artesian: you could try the bit of cooking oil on pla filament and cure the barrel
Artesianthis sounds exotic
Artesiancooking oil?
Artesianfor realsies?
Computer_Barfoh wow I didn't realize the barrel actually develops a curing layer
recon_lap1Artesian: basicly trying to make a non stick coating on the inside of your hotend
Artesianthats badass
Artesianso coat the filament in cooking oil and run 100mm through?
Computer_BarfI always just thought it wouldn't mix with the plastic and therefore act as lubercant
Artesiancoconut oil? canola oil? peanut oil?
Artesianand at what temp?
blockh34dComputer_Barf: i got a 3d finger modelled, printed in trimmer line, even at half strength its as strong as the acrylic/steel versions i believe
Artesianalso you owe me a hotend if this ruins it
blockh34dat half size i mean
recon_lap1canola oil was what has been suggested, this was tried on the e3d and some people reported success
Computer_BarfI believe alot of people use a sponge catcher with oil on it
Computer_Barfthat way they catch the dust and coat the filament. I would think dunking would be way too much oil
Artesianreprap india does it
Artesianwho woulda thought
recon_lap1Artesian: there are some posts about it on the e3d forums, do a search for e3d and canola oil
Artesianyeah it clearly happens
Artesian10mm of cooking oil filament...
Artesianthen 50mm of regular filament to clean it out
Artesianrunning by hand
Computer_Barfproducers of filament should just yes have this automated
Artesianproducers of hotends* you mean
Computer_Barfno i ment filament itself
Artesianwait barf thats smart too
ArtesianI used to run my filament through a piece of foam
Artesianwould an oil soaked foam really help?
Computer_Barfa light coating right on the filament.
ArtesianI can definitely rig that up pretty fast
Computer_Barffoam is pretty much a sponge
Artesianbut i thought only a little needed to be applied
Artesianyeah same thing
ArtesianSo now the question is to do this only once or do it for ALL the filament I run
Computer_BarfIve sponges, rags used, oil soaked. Depends on the foam but probably
macegrnext up: cast-iron all-metal hotends lol
macegrjust like grandma used
Computer_Barfi would assume the objective is catching and not releasing dust, while applying oil very thinly all around. I would assume a tiny amount of oil goes a long way
macegrthe best oil to use would be flax or linseed
Computer_BarfI sometimes cure my stainless steel pots in the oven with oil
recon_lap1Artesian: it should only need to be done every now and again, if you've ever used a steal wok you'll be familiar with carbon deposits and why they are great on a frying pan
blockh34dmacegr: i suspect air-gun oil like for a nailgun might be good too
blockh34dwhy no?
macegryou need oil that denatures at a relatively low temp
Artesianburning lubricating oil = mega toxic
Computer_BarfI perfer not to use teflon coated plates because teflon is a fluoride formulation and can break down
ArtesianI'll try coconut oil
macegrmachine oil is designed to stay oil at high temps
blockh34dyah thats super low temp
blockh34dthe coconut oil that is
Artesiancoconut or canola
Artesianit melts in your hands
blockh34dor beforehand if its a warm day
Artesianmaybe I want canola actually
Artesianloly ep
macegrthat's not the same temperature i'm talking about
macegrwe're looking at the temp it turns into a hard substance that bonds to metal
blockh34dthanks for th einfo macegr
macegrflax or linseed are best (flax for food, linseed generally not food safe)
Computer_Barfmy wifes parents have this big collection of cheap aluminum teflon pots that have had practically all the teflon wear off. So great.. you eat the teflon first, then aluminum! yay health fail.
macegreating teflon won't hurt you
macegrburning it will
Computer_Barfteflon is a fluoride compound, not all of the reactants process when its made. While it breaks down, this certainly ends up in your food.
ArtesianEven if it's biologically inert, its not good to have ultra-durable things inside you
macegri have an old old cast iron pan somewhere that got cleaned and rusted
Artesianif it goes into your GI tract, best hope it's large and leaves on the other end or is actually digestible
Computer_BarfAnd like i said, there is the aluminum under that. You don't want to cook on bare aluminum
macegri need to restore it
recon_lap1Artesian: Let me know if you try the oil and it works. I'm quite interested to see if this method can work
Artesianswallow small flecks of a metal or resilient plastic and you buy yourself a trip to the emergency room
Artesianyeah me too
ArtesianI am going to try it soon
Computer_Barfyeah i don't have much fear of cast iron or stainless
macegrput on my little round glasses, fry up some bacon
Artesianso far 180 is nice and clean
Computer_BarfWell, tiny particles of aluminum is way worse than tiny particles of iron \
macegralmost as bad as vaccines?
ramkamxComputer_Barf: with tiny particules of aluminium you can do nasty stuff :-) depends how "tiny" though :D
Computer_Barfwell aluminum in vaccines is actually atomized
recon_lap1macegr: you mean like the polio vaccine?
macegri prefer my younger generation crippled
Computer_BarfAlot of people don't know the updated history on the data that came out of the polio vaccine
Computer_Barfpolio was already on the way out by the time the vaccine was distributed
recon_lap1Computer_Barf: really? maybe the total number of cases whas dropping, but I doubt it was going away
macegrComputer_Barf: Please don't get all your info from emails that start with FW: FW: FW: FW:
blockh34dmacegr: but you gotta, the last one told me they're going to start charging postage on email soon! lol
Computer_BarfWell thats a nice argumentative tactic but isn't really and argument per se.
macegrNeither is yours
Computer_BarfNot to mention the SV40 virus that was later found in the polio vaccine
Computer_Barfso you have to balance your risks there.
mastag25<macegr> Computer_Barf: Please don't get all your info from emails that start with FW: FW: FW: FW:
Computer_BarfI've already pointed out that isn't an argument.
macegrAttacking the source of the information is EXACTLY correct in this situation.
blockh34dmastag25: if you don't forward that email to 193 friends YOU COULD DIE
recon_lap1Computer_Barf: but which of the vaccines was that in, there was two , one live and one non live.
mastag25i dont have 193 friends
Computer_BarfThe things I am pointing out certianly not the product of chain mail, but thanks for argument tactic rather than actual argument.
macegrBecause on one hand you have scientists with decades of peer reviewed research, and on the other hand you have Jay Cutler, QB of the Bears.
blockh34dhey to Computer_Barf's credit there is a lot of medical BS flying around
blockh34dfor instance: phrenology
Computer_BarfAlot of medical BS actually comes from the medical establishment LOL.
blockh34danother example: fluoride treatment (causes alzhemiers and calcification of the pineal gland = 10-15% more dumb)
Nekosan|2a little like if you don't print yoda 99 times your printer will die
recon_lap1Computer_Barf: also, there was that lab in California that actually gave a 200 or so people polio because the messed up.
blockh34dNekosan|2: !!! i didnt know that one but it sounds totally very true
macegrMedical BS will come from the medical profession because they are the ones trying to find the answeres
Computer_BarfThere is a really great book out there called politics in healing. Read that If you have any confidence in stuff like JAMA or the AMA
blockh34dmacegr: right but they're wrong all the time, why is it unreasonable to question their authority? i'm not saying i agree with Computer_Barf about the vacine but i do agree with the idea of always questioning authority.. always...
macegrThey aren't wrong all the time
blockh34dthey're wrong CONSTANTLY&
blockh34dphrenology was an accepted standard for a hundred years or more
macegrThey're right a lot of the time
blockh34dthey locked people up, lobotimized them, and even executed people from this quackery
recon_lap1anywas, lets vaccinate our hotends against polio !!!
macegrYes, and we used to shit in buckets in our houses and dump them on the street
Computer_BarfWell, alot of BS can emerge because of economic incentives. If your job depends on one particular pathway , then you will find reasons to say its valid and other pathways are invalid. I'm not saying that quackery doesn't exist, im just saying that people should also have some skepticism about the notion of quackery because alot of our medical establishment has a dirty past in using such terms to demolish competition.
blockh34dalso the nature of blackmail as a hidden factor of Extremely Bad Decisions can not be underestimated
macegrAnd we used to think that electricity was evil spirits, and radio was transmitted through a mysterious ether substance, but engineering is more right now
blockh34dit is perhaps one of the single largest corrupting influences in our lives today i am certain
blockh34dmacegr: right but even the people that make these amazing discoveries are still wrong about stuff
blockh34dall the time.. maybe they figure out one thing or another but then they're wrong about a bunch more
blockh34dyou can't ever assume anything is right basically, you can just take educated guesses based on best evidence
macegrYou can go back to candles and watch 5 out of 7 kids die as toddlers
blockh34dwhy would i
blockh34di'm not opposed to progress... yay progress, its great
blockh34dbut part of that means questioning the establishment
recon_lap1I would say that the medias' not stop search for higher ratings through sensationalist reporting is a much bigger danger.
crak_people normally misunderstand the concept of science
blockh34dor we'd still be chalking up thunder to ummm god bowling or whatever
mastag25so uh
mastag25did i walk into #politics
Computer_BarfBut a call back to the polio vaccine , the two big things that bother me as it being the figurehead thing we point out as vaccine success is that people largely arn't that aware of the extinction curves fleshed out by multiple modern studies, and the fallout from the SV40. Someone asked about which batches it was in, I would have to check on that but from my recollection the SV40 was found in the majority of people that got it
mastag25where'd all the printer talk go
macegrIf you accept progress, you have to accept that individuals will be wrong in the course of finding the answers, but you can't write off a whole field of research because of those individuals. We eventually get it right
Bo_DKmastag25: no #kindergarten :-D
blockh34dmacegr: when did phrenology get it right?
blockh34dever? never? when they finally gave up and shut down?
macegrAnd it's usually the people WITHIN THE PROFESSION that find the problems and fix them
crak_blockh34d: that is why its not used anymore
blockh34dcrak_: right but it was used for a hundred years or more
macegrOther medical professionals were the ones who debunked phrenology
blockh34dit was 'scientifically accepted standard of practice'
blockh34ddrilling holes in peoples head, for science
macegrIt was more like one guy's crackpot theory
crak_that is science
blockh34dso they were dead wrong
mastag25drilling holes for science?
blockh34dand questioning their authority was right
recon_lap1blockh34d: thankfully science improves over time
blockh34drecon_lap1: only if you constantly question it
crak_of course, that is the scientific method
crak_authority has no part in science
crak_its only BS for lazy people
blockh34dcrak_: which sounds like what Computer_Barf is basically advocating, which is why i support his skepticism if not what he is specifically talking about
macegrblockh34d: phrenology is proof that one dickhead can write a book to get rich, and hurt a lot of people. Think about this in relation to anti-vac anti-medicine etc
blockh34dmacegr: it wasnt just one guy, it was a whole set of curriculums at many different college's
recon_lap1blockh34d: that is the scientific method, study it, publish your findings, everyone tries to discredit you, if they fail, you get an award :)
blockh34dit was how they justified taking peoples freedom away, before they had psychology for that
Computer_Barfmatag25 we went from oil in hotends to cure pots, to curing pots in the oven with oil, to the disadvantages of teflon in pots, to aluminum particles from pots vs atomised aluminum, to vaccines, to polio as a catch all defense of vaccine contamination (even though it had those problems)
crak_there is a limit when questioning things, beliefs vs reasons
Computer_Barfnow it seems to be a general philosophical question of authority.
blockh34dcrak_: i believe there is no limit. I'm still not positive i actually exist, maybe i'm a well made AI, so well made i don't even realize it.
blockh34dAny thing is possible
macegrblockh34d: haha
crak_again, belief
crak_beliefs have no place on science
macegryour AI needs a few patches
crak_either you have proof or stop there
blockh34dcrak_: disprove my 'we are all wellmade AI's theory' then please
crak_i dont need to
blockh34dcrak_: you can't, theres not enough data
crak_you are free to believe whatever you want
Computer_BarfI've given up on believing that the peer review process in statist societies being purely scientific. We must face that the political positions of those scientists affect the process.
recon_lap1there are lots of examples of science failing badly, a lot of them have nothing to do with science and more to do with society at large.
crak_but that doesnt mean its scientifically valid
Computer_Barfcrak_: not really if your beliefs cause external implications.
macegrthe general agreement with solipsism is that it's a poor value proposition to behave as if nothing exists, and hurt people
blockh34drecon_lap1: yes, subversion and what not... again i point the finger at greed and blackmail, twisting legitimate science around its crusty claw
macegrbecause if you nothing exists and you act as if it does, you lose nothing
macegrbut if everything is real and you act as if it doesn't, then you can have an actual negative impact
blockh34dmacegr: what if its the future, and one of us is playing a game that removes our memory that we are playing a game, so all this is a simulation, and the only way to escape is to realize it is a game and you have to win, whatever that means.
blockh34dinaction = you lose
Computer_Barfagain blockh34d going strait to greed. Greed needs a mechanism. Coercion is more relevant than self interest because coercion is the method, whereas greed requires a method.
mastag25hate leads to suffering
blockh34di believe its wanting stuff that leads to suffering
blockh34dif you don't want, you won't suffer
crak_that sounds a lot like budhism
t00tieshrek is love. shrek is life
blockh34dcrak_: yes its no accident
Smidge204What if I want to suffer?
blockh34dsimilarly i don't really believe in evil
Computer_Barfare you overlapping buddhism with economics?
Bo_DKmastag25: this is not hate... its just kids not put to bed... what happens when parents are not arround
crak_again, belief has no place in science
blockh34dComputer_Barf: perhaps, why not
recon_lap1Smidge204 thats a no brainer if to want is to suffer
blockh34dcrak_: you believe in science, right?
crak_i trust the scientific method and community
blockh34dcrak_: have you personally corroberated ever scientific fact you take as 'real'?
blockh34dahh the community
crak_i dont believe in anything
crak_trust is different to belief
blockh34dthe community is quite a scam i would never trust those quacks
Computer_Barfyeah i would think crak's statement would require further definition. I think he means presupposition has no place in sciences beliefs.
blockh34dnot as a whole anyways
Computer_BarfIts beliefs must be a product of itself rather than external belief systesm
echoxgood evening
crak_no and no
blockh34dhi echox
blockh34dechox: save us!
crak_belief is religion
echoxright now?
blockh34dechox: we need a topic about 3d printing
crak_is the step you take from not knowing to something else
echoxhaha :-P
blockh34dechox: help us escape this waaaaay offtopic rant
Computer_Barfcrack then it sounds alot like your saying that science shouldn't have its results
echoxto be honest
crak_instead of acception that you dont know
macegrI believe that anti-vac is actually a plot to remove the freedom of parents to raise their childen how they want. Because they are causing a national health issue, and eventually the governments will have to step in and exert control over how children are raised. It's a slippery slope and a perfect ploy to gain more control over children.
echoxjust trying to find someone who safes me ;-)
echoxtrying to build a prusa i3
blockh34dechox: well i can't promise i can fix the problem, but i can damn sure guarantte that i can complicate it further, so go for it
echoxmaybe someone of the i3 berlin guys is around? maybe tat? ;-)
blockh34di have a i3, vslot version
blockh34dand i speak a little german
echoxoh english is fine ;-)
blockh34dnot enough for us to converse but i think it helps out my building abilities
echoxtrying to get the second z motor running
blockh34dhuh, no response / its dead now?
Computer_Barfcrak. Yes belief system is what i used instead of religion. It sounds like your assuming people are taking on your definitions, which is why i proposed rephrasing with more explicit definitions. Or at least, providing those definitions. When you say beliefs have no place in science, it sounds like science can't trust its own results. It seems more like you mean, don't bring external beliefs to the table in science.
macegrScience cannot trust its own results. That is central to the idea.
echoxlooks like #define Z_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVERS is the config setting i need
macegrScience must PROVE them.
recon_lap1is there a philosophy channel on freenode?
Bo_DKYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... why the F.... all this bitching arround ??????? it has NOTHING TO DO with printers
Bo_DKTAKE your crap in PM
blockh34dechox: i didn't have to setup anything like that for mine, i just plugged them both in
crak_no, it means that science only trust facts and proof
crak_beliefs dont need any fact or proof
Computer_BarfBo_DK did you have a quastion about printers?
echoxbut after enabling that, i get stepper.cpp:491: error: ‘DIOZ2_DIR_PIN_RPORT’ was not declared in this scope and so on
echoxblockh34d: no flashing of marlin, etc.?
blockh34dBo_DK: you'r ea smart person and i would like to subscribe to your newsletter about TAKE IT TO A PM
macegrIt started because I was joking about health dangers of aluminum particles, and mentioned anti-vac because I assumed everyone here would laugh at the idiots
blockh34dechox: well i have ramps1.4 and it was already ready already
echoxaah ok, got mine with a RUMPA
blockh34dechox: but i bought a kit and it was kinda already setup for me
recon_lap1echox: err, why are you messing with the firmware code?
Computer_Barfmacegr: thats a poor assumption.
ramkamxdoes any of the firmware flavors support scara ?
crak_Computer_Barf: did you understand why beliefs dont have any place in science?
echoxrecon_lap1: I flashed the firmware from the i3 berlin repo and one stepper of the z axis isn't working
Computer_BarfPeople that machine or smelt aluminum for a living face risks, let alone people who inject it in an atomised suspension directly into their bloodstream.
crak_but thats just the ideal theory, we are all human and we do mistakes
recon_lap1echox: and have you wired the z motors in parallel ?
Computer_Barfcrak: O
echoxrecon_lap1: nope, there are no wires to do that
recon_lap1echox: the motors dont have wires?
Computer_Barfcrack: I have understood what you have been trying to say the entire time, what I am trying to do is convince you to communicate that idea in a manner that more clear.
blockh34dechox: does your ramps board have two headers for z steppers?
blockh34dechox: mine has two hookups for the z, one fro all others
recon_lap1echox: I'll looking up the RUMPA board now.
echoxrecon_lap1: since the rumpa board has 6 stepper drivers i thought 2 may be used for the z axis
echoxblockh34d: yes it has
crak_but i cant be more clear, i am using the right concepts
echoxrecon_lap1: there are wires included ;-) seems the i3 guys switch from ramps to rumpa
blockh34dechox: and naturally you're using both of them so... maybe theres a jumper, dipswitch, something like that?
Computer_Barfwell thats again, an assertion and not a real argument. in the discussion it became clear that you were defining beliefs in your own manner.
recon_lap1echox: no, as far as i know, two steppers are more likely to get out of sync. you run both motors from one stepper
Computer_Barfwhich is why the way you said it , is unclear. You assumed the people you are speaking are going by your definitions.
echoxblockh34d: no switch :-/
echoxrecon_lap1: mmmh then the wires in the kit are wrong
blockh34dechox: then i feel like that DEFINE you mentioned sounds like a good guess, how'd that work out for you?
echoxrecon_lap1: you are right, from the manual it says wire them up in parallel but is outdated at some chapters
recon_lap1echox: there might be some pin magic that would set two headers to work off the same stepper. I'm looking for doc;s now
echoxblockh34d: doesnt build because a lot of constants seem undefined ;-)
crak_Computer_Barf: ok, i get what you mean i was just confident that those concepts were commonly shared
blockh34dechox: than that sounds like you're missing some critical include file, to me
crak_my mistake
echoxrecon_lap1: aaaah that would be an idea, ok, maybe there is something, let me check the board directly
crak_what is a belief for you?
crak_has something to do with faith or with facts and proofs?
recon_lap1echox: I'm not even sure it's possible !!
Computer_Barfcrak_: are you sure you don't know that people have a variety of interpretations for the word belief?
crak_not in my mother language
Computer_BarfI mean im an athiest, but I don't pretend everyone else is. Let alone a variety of types of belief systems.
echoxrecon_lap1: doesn't look like, there are some jumpers but the are mainly for voltage settings
crak_I dont pretend anyone is anything
blockh34dwhat if the vacines are just a clever way to sterilize us all X generations in the future, and its furthered by aliens that have infested our world government as a way of nonviolently killing off the humans?
crak_i just guessed wrong
blockh34di mean its unlikely, but not impossible
Computer_BarfWe are probably just squibbling over symantics. I do appreaciate the underlying meaning of what you were trying to share.
recon_lap1echox: what firmware are you using?
recon_lap1echox: seems there is a duel z stepper driver feature!!
Computer_Barfoh blockh34d: thanks for complicating everything I have to defend.
blockh34dComputer_Barf: good luck.
blockh34dcrak_: good luck
Computer_Barfattach aliens to it, point and laugh.
echoxrecon_lap1: https://github.com/open3dengineering/i3_Berlin/tree/master/Firmware/RUMBA this one
blockh34dACTION is an equal opportunity cynic
echoxblockh34d: recon_lap1: you are right, the config in the wiki seems to define the missing constants
blockh34dechox: hey great, good luck
crak_for aliens i have great video from neil de grasse tyson
blockh34dyeah i like his spin on it
recon_lap1echox: I'm reading http://reprap.org/wiki/RUMBA#Features
blockh34d'the reason we never meet them is because as soon as they discover space travel they always kill each other to extinction'
Computer_BarfThere are multiple layers to having counter culture views. A good argumentative tactic to avoid directly confronting a particular viewpoint is to bring up a viewpoint that is even less tenable and act as if the two arguments are the same. Then you don't have to argue the original topic, and appear to win even though you havn't presented an actual counter argument.
echoxrecon_lap1: you mean because of DUAL Z driver and DUAL extruder ?
crak_that is a falacy
crak_like the authority one
recon_lap1echox: what firmware are you loading?
Computer_Barfyes, I forget which fallacy exactly.
crak_i also dont remember most of the names, but know most of them
crak_and try to avoid them
echoxrecon_lap1: the one directly from the i3 berlin project repo, so // A single Z stepper driver is usually used to drive 2 stepper motors.
echoxugh, sorry for the paste
echoxlet me check the version
Computer_Barfbut thats basically what im saying he did. Vaccines no good? Well people who don't believe in vaccines, must believe in aliens.
blockh34danyone rational should at least kinda believe in aliens
Computer_Barfthats two of them actually. What i just said implys that someone who doesn't support all vacines, believe they don't work in any way. Plus aliens.
crak_anyone rational shouldnt have any beliefs/faith/whatever that concept is called
blockh34dcrak_: some could say your 'faith' in science is just as irrational as 'faith' in anything else
crak_i dont have any faith
ramkamxcrak_: when you do research, it starts with a belief ?
echoxrecon_lap1: version string seems to be 1.0.0 , let me check again
jeffdm_homestarts with a hypothesis.
ramkamxok, so who gives the direction ?
crak_belief/faith means you dont need proof
Computer_Barfcrak_: although science goes though a continual process of self verification, that doesn't mean it never acts in a believing way twords its results. I think actually thats my criticism of modern iterations of science.
ramkamxyeah, a hypothesis is a belief aint it ?
jeffdm_homeIt's an idea.
crak_Computer_Barf: i also stated that we scientists are human
Computer_BarfNot that science is invalid, but perhaps we should be pointing out that often "scientists" are not truly practicing science when they assert their science derived beliefs.
ramkamxa belief is an undemonstrated idea
echoxrecon_lap1: jep, looks like it
blockh34dcrak_: and theres elements of science beyond your ability to personally prove... so do you take the word of the guy in the lab coat or the guy in a priests uniform or the guy in a beurocrat suit?
crak_the theory and ideality of the scientific method is not perfect when used in reality
recon_lap1echox: well, seems you have the info you need to get the duel z motors running
ramkamxmeaning ?
blockh34dcrak_: i think we need to be even more cynical in our review of scientific process
Computer_Barfalot of times we think we are taking advise from the lab coat but we are really talking to the bureaucrat
crak_blockh34d: i trust the community because they give me back proofs and facts
recon_lap1echox: and I've learned a little more about the RUMBA
Computer_BarfProfessor Fienstien gave a great example of this behavior when it comes to school books
blockh34dcrak_: facts that you, of course, independantly verify with your own lab work and testing, right?
crak_there are things i dont trust
Computer_Barfhe has a great book called "surely youre going mr fienstien"
crak_no, thats why we have reasonable thinking
Computer_Barfwhere he basically was requested by some advisory school panel for selecting books for schools all over the country
blockh34dcrak_: reasonable is quite subjective
crak_we can read things instead of having to experience them
echoxrecon_lap1: ;-) not really, still the defines are missing and i'm a little confused because googling for them turns no search result
blockh34dcrak_: yes, you could read the bible, if you wanted... all kinds of 'facts' in there
Computer_Barfhe basically went to these meetings where they got all the books, and were going to meet later to discuss which books they think should be adopted for schools
blockh34dwhich words on a dead paper do you want to consider 'real'?
recon_lap1echox: can you pastebin the error ?
blockh34ddead tree even
Computer_Barfwhich he ACTUALLY TOOK THE TIME TO READ, being that he was an actual experienced scientist of great repute
echoxrecon_lap1: http://privatepaste.com/c6417a0048
crak_the ones which are reasonable and backed by facts
Computer_Barflater when he went to the meeting he discovered to his dismay that most of the rest of the people were picking the books based on:
Computer_Barftheir covers
Artesian180C no clog yet @ recon
Computer_Barfwhat company prints the book
Artesianloving this
Artesiangot the oil all ready too
blockh34dArtesian: hey great
Artesiani probably shouldnt be talking though
Artesianwatch it mess up because I said something
blockh34dyeah you'll interupt all this offtopic ranting
Computer_Barfif they call a scientific company and ask, what book the secretary thought was good
recon_lap1echox: can you pastebin your configuration.h file
echoxrecon_lap1: this would be config https://github.com/open3dengineering/i3_Berlin/blob/master/Firmware/RUMBA/Marlin/Configuration.h
echoxrecon_lap1: this is the advanced config: https://github.com/open3dengineering/i3_Berlin/blob/master/Firmware/RUMBA/Marlin/Configuration_adv.h
Computer_Barfanyhow all of fienstiens books are great. He tells really great stories about his experiences as a scientist
macegrIgnoring individual's behavior: Scientific community is based on testing each other's work to make sure it isn't a belief. Other communities seem to be a race to believe the most as long as it's not science
echoxrecon_lap1: just changed line 146
blockh34dcrak_: bill gates is some sort of authority on computers, right? he said that 640k is more than enough ram for us, forever. Fact? Lie? Flat wrong?
macegrblockh34d: he was taken out of context
Computer_Barfbill gates doesn't produce much of the stuff he gets credit for.
blockh34dmacegr: yes and that proud tradition continues even still
crak_again the authority fallacy
blockh34dComputer_Barf: did a nice job on quickbasic 4.5 though
recon_lap1Artesian: nice, guess you should not have listened to whoever told you dont go under 200c :)
Computer_Barfsorry to rant all these stories but another great fienstine one was that
Computer_Barfhe first got into repairing radios by happenstance when he was a kid
macegrIn the scientific community, you're (for the most part) rewarded and applauded if you manage to prove a long-held fact is actually false
Computer_Barfradios were big and expensive, and people couldn't afford to have them repaired because of the economy
macegrIn other communities, you'll be crucified
blockh34dComputer_Barf: ok, now you're offtopic of the original offotpic... thats just too much
Computer_Barfhis family once had their family radio break
Computer_Barfwell this is good for the room so im telling it
Computer_Barfhe didn't know anything about electronics, but when he opened the radio, everything else was strait or looked purposeful
blockh34di dunno sometimes i wonder how much good there is to whats good for people
blockh34dmaybe that just fosters weakness
blockh34dand long run does no real service to anyone
Computer_Barfexcept one thing looked like it was on an unnatural angle
recon_lap1echox: whats on line 146?
Computer_Barfso he noticed that a wire had come undone, which he fixed, and then his parents and neighbors all thought he was good with radio repair
Computer_Barfwhich he went on to repair many radios
KreAture_Zzzopenscad needs better box-libs
Computer_Barflater when he was working in the manhatten project
blockh34dKreAture_Zzz: i'm liking freecad quite a bit so far, maybe you'd like it
KreAture_ZzzI've used it for ages
echoxrecon_lap1: orginal version //#define Z_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVERS
echoxrecon_lap1: i just commented that in
KreAture_Zzzit still keeps crashing
blockh34dKreAture_Zzz: bummer... stable as a rock for me so far
KreAtureblockh34d try something more complex hehe
KreAtureblockh34d also, it isn't parametric
KreAtureblockh34d e-3d is
KreAtureblockh34d but it is very unstable
Computer_Barfthe big guys were too busy to go visit a plant where they were having trouble with explosions, in the factory where they refine uranium, which he didn't really understand or work with, he was mostly focused on the math and not the mechanics of refining uranium
KreAtureblockh34d http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:347349
kthxhttp://www.thingiverse.com/thing:347349 => => 0 comments, 5 IRC mentions
KreAtureyou couldn't do that in freecad
Computer_Barfbut the other people were too occupied with other parts of the design so they sent him to this plant, in a big long caravan of official vehicals. When he got there everyone was expecting some genious to fix the plant. They brought him into this observation room where people could watch him looking at the plans of the plant.
blockh34dKreAture: i dunno i just made a robotic finger with it easy enough... no problem
KreAturenow I want you to make the finger parametric so you can replace a finger on a hand that you have measurements on
KreAtureaka the different bones lengths
blockh34dyes thats on the way
Computer_BarfHe stood there and really was just thinking about telling them that he wasn't qualified to fix this problem. He looked at the plans and stalled when he noticed that most of the plans looked very regular all over except this one corner where thinks looked jumbled. He pointed at that and said.. "what about this". At which point the eyes of the other engineers at the plant all went big and they said that they would take care o
blockh34dalso a way to map to users interface topography (stump)
KreAtureblockh34d I am working on a watering system with a detector/actuator assy
buZzComputer_Barf: cut off at > that they would take care o
blockh34dhttp://postimg.org/image/c2b443pyl/ thats the original prototype, no photos of trimmerline based print yet but it exists, its very strong, very durable
Computer_Barfthey would take care of that and they thought that might have been the cause. He went home and the plant was fixed with no follow ups.
Computer_Barfso basically fienstine admitted that critical parts of his scientific work were fixed by simple intuition rather than direct scientific knowledge of what he was working on.
buZzits a powerful tool alright
Computer_Barfhe tells the story way better than me. I know you guys would like that book, feinstine is as close as it gets to scientific rock star.
Computer_Barfend rant
jeffdm_homeComputer_Barf: that sounds like Richard Feynman.
echoxmmmh finestine, sounds like a bad joke of einstein
KazurikWhen I tell hte exctruder motor on my kossel to extrude 5mm of plastic one of the 3 motors attached to a belt starts moving. As far as I can tell the motors are plugged into the right spots on the RAMPS board
KazurikAny ideas as to why?
Rob______Hey, Ive installed marlin on my kossel. I am attempting to manually calibrate now but now when i try move the extruder down towards the glass in the z-axis it starts heating the nozzel all the way up to max temp (230). Has anyone heard of something like this before. Maybe a problem with the ramps board?
macegrRob______: never heard of that
macegrwhat host software?
Computer_Barflol hahaha
recon_lapechox: what version of arduino IDE have you got?
Rob______macegr: Thanks, tried both pronterface and repetier. Both got the same results
Computer_Barfjeffdm fienstien fienman. You know the jewish sounding name.
Rob______Ardunio IDE 1.0.5
Computer_BarfYes i totally screwed up the name jeffdm_home:
Rob______I've just reuploaded a copy of marlin. Going to try again now
Computer_BarfBut would Feynman care about the name?
Kazurikhttps://encrypted.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CC0QFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fblomker.com%2FKossel_Mini_Assembly_Guide_V1.0.pdf&ei=0VanU5H3DajjsASm9oKoDQ&usg=AFQjCNFug2MiurvpWIaa7B_k4pcOe_CEMw&sig2=qSR4EtqCNGjwu7_nNFoUAw&bvm=bv.69411363,d.cWc On page 180 of this they use a different wiring than the ramps page on the reprap wiki. Anyone know why?
recon_lapRob______: how are you controlling your printer?
Computer_BarfOr the story? HUHHHH? lol.
Rob______Currently over USB, but it has a LCD and SD card slot, but i haven't got the SD card yet
Computer_Barfdoes anyone here use cura on linux? Im using pronterface / slic3r but thinking about trying out cura.
echoxrecon_lap: 1.0.5
Rob______also for manual calibration, I want the console
echoxComputer_Barf: yep, me
echoxComputer_Barf: there was some really annoying dependecy python foo some versions ago, but since ~ 1 6 months its working fine
echoxComputer_Barf: nope, archlinux
echoxComputer_Barf: but it should work fine on ubuntu i think ;-)
x303There needs to be cooler printable model rockets. I cant find any cool ones :(
recon_lapechox: do you have a link to the berlin merlin repo?
recon_lapKazurik: what is different exactly?
recon_lapRob______: using pronterface?
Kazurikrecon_lap: The order of the wires, they go black green red blue instead of the wiki's black green blue red
Rob______Rob______: I've tried both Repetier and Pronterface, both do the same thing
recon_lapKazurik: the color of the wires is arbitrary, it depends on how you solder them onto the motors. what is important is the coil pairs
Kazurikrecon_lap: On my motors there is no real label as far as I can tell. How would I go about finding them?
Kazurikrecon_lap: I just have 4 wires coming out of a hole on my nema 17s
recon_lapKazurik: check for continuity using a multi meter .
echoxrecon_lap: this would be the link to the whole repo https://github.com/open3dengineering/i3_Berlin the problem is, this includes alot of stuff (blender, etc.)
recon_lapKazurik: but I'm unsure of how they are actually wired , thing it's A1B1A1B2
echoxrecon_lap: there is also a marlin fork on the same github account but i'm not sure if its the same
echoxnope its not, there are diffrent dates for the changes
Kazurikrecon_lap: I think my understaning of electronics may be causing a problem here. How would I test that?
echoxrecon_lap: what i dont really get is the name of the constants...
reprapperseen systemsguy ?
kthxSystemsGuy was last seen in #reprap 4 days 16 hours ago saying '_didn_'_t_ _Nophead_ _try_ _printing_ _with_ _HIPS_ _back_ _in_ _the_ _day_>'.
echoxrecon_lap: it says DIOZ2_DIR_PIN_RPORT not defined, but if i have a look to that line, there is only WRITE(Z2_DIR_PIN,INVERT_Z_DIR);
reprapperguys, you think a surface 3 pro can handle repetier and slicer software ?
Kazurikrecon_lap: by measuring the resistance I see that these 4 wires are really just 2 circuits. Is this correct and relevant?
recon_lapechox: I just did a search of a recent marlin source tree, those constants dont appear in marlin. so I'm assuming they in Arduino IDE stepper library
Kazurikrecon_lap: I also assume that one cricuit makes the motor go forward and another makes it go backwards. Is this correct?
recon_lapKazurik: that is correct , two pairs , one is pair A the other is pair B
Kazurikrecon_lap: On the ramps do I want the two wires from pair a next to each other and the same for pair b?
recon_lapKazurik: no, they don't affect forward and back
recon_lapKazurik: aggh, they do, but you can change the direction easly, it's the order that important
crispy1good evening #reprap
kthxmotors is http://www.alltronics.com/cgi-bin/item/N1728S56/search/OSM-NEMA17-Single-Shaft-1A-Stepper-Motor or http://www.aliexpress.com/store/704350/209748576-517614158/NEMA17-78-Oz-in-CNC-stepper-motor-stepping-motor-1-8A.html or ultimachine and is also http://ausxmods.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=174 and http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10846
recon_lapmotor wires?
MattyMattechox, that's the kind of stuff that keeps breaking every time arduino change their libs. try a different version
Kazurikrecon_lap: How do I tell if I have the right order?
AuzzeHey can you add a add-on board to ramps so you can run a third extruder
echoxMattyMatt: arduino version?
echoxrecon_lap: ok, maybe i should try arduino 1.4 not 1.5
echoxok lets see
MattyMattKazurik, how you said was right. one coil pair at one end, the other at the other
recon_lapKazurik: if they in the wrong order the motor will make a nasty grinding sound when it tries to move
MattyMattAuzze, I've heard of people adding stripped down SL boards as extra extruder controllers
echoxhaha my google bubble is messed up... searching for arduino 1.4 brings only RAMPS 1.4 results
recon_lapthere is a factoid from the motor wire order, can't remember it though
AuzzeThanks MattyMatt I may just stick to dual extruder
MattyMattwhat about gen3+? that's just everything for 1 extruder isn't it?
recon_lapKazurik: http://reprap.org/wiki/Stepper_wiring
MattyMatt"We have no idea what these things are for but Kliment said to order some of them, so we did." :)
Auzzehmmm maybe a gen7
kthxgen7 is a fast, replicatable and DIY-able RepRap electronics, see http://reprap.org/wiki/Generation_7_Electronics and is also http://reprap-diy.com . For discussing Gen7, use the RepRap forum, Traumflug is active there.
MattyMattor do it on stripboard
Kazurikrecon_lap: MattyMatt through trial and error I seem to have gotten this to work somewhat. However, when I tell pronterface to extrude 5mm of plastic it moves the z motor. ANy idea why?
Kazurikrecon_lap: Readingtha tnow
Auzzeor i could just buy a rumba
MattyMattor string 3 wires from a pololu to spare pins
MattyMatt+ power of course
recon_lapKazurik: you probably got it set wrong in the firmware or just connected to the wrong pins
xoanAuzze: i've made an extension board to Gen7 some time ago to support dual extruder in this board; it should be easy to adapt to RAMPS :)
xoanAuzze: http://reprap.org/wiki/Gen7_ExtensionBoard_2E_1.0
Kazurikrecon_lap: Never mind. It has switched on its own to using the right
AuzzeI love this place
Kazurikrecon_lap: right one that is
Kazurikrecon_lap: looks like it just wanted to make th z motor dance for a couple minutes first
MattyMattxoan nice that also has the thermistor input
echoxMattyMatt: recon_lap ok, I tried arduino 1.4, same problem... but even if its a constant of the arduino stepper lib, shouldnt there be at least one google hit?
xoanMattyMatt: in v1.1 there is also a 12V-SIG-GND connector to wire up a SevenSwitch or something similar (to manage a fan or whatever)
recon_lapechox: did you add that code to configuration.h from the reprap wiki?
nextimeACTION hates to write docs
nextimei'm documenting my "laser customization" of my 3drag
nextimebut i'm sloooooow when i write doc
recon_lapechox: can you link your configuration.h file again?
echoxrecon_lap: https://github.com/open3dengineering/i3_Berlin/blob/master/Firmware/RUMBA/Marlin/Configuration.h and https://github.com/open3dengineering/i3_Berlin/blob/master/Firmware/RUMBA/Marlin/Configuration_adv.h
echoxlet me try to add the wiki constants again, looks like I broke something
recon_lapechox: I mean you configuration.h file, pastebin it
mutley_quick question.....is anyone actively using their printer to print replacement parts for cars?
recon_laphi mutley_ , how's the bird?
mutley_dead and buried :(
mutley_X marks the spot
mutley_very sad
recon_lapmutley_: reprapper was, he is even selling them
mutley_i watched it die
recon_lapmutley_: sad :'(
mutley_poor thing, made me very sad too
mutley_yes it was, 3 days
Auzzemutley_ do rc car parts count??
mutley_Auzze: fraid not
echoxrecon_lap: i pasted the defines from the wiki and no the code can be compile, let me check if the axis work on the machine
AuzzeOK, i need a shower, back soon
mutley_recon_lap: is he, are these the air cans?
mutley_seen reprapper
kthxreprapper was last seen in #reprap 25 min 11 sec ago saying '_guys_, _you_ _think_ _a_ _surface_ _3_ _pro_ _can_ _handle_ _repetier_ _and_ _slicer_ _software_ ? '.
Auzzemutley_ I printed some mini door knobs awhile back
mutley_reprapper: motherfucker where you at
reprapperhey faggot whats up ? :)
mutley_fucking everything down man
recon_lapmutley_: been busy in here, did not even see reprapper's question 25 min ago
reprapperstill arriving here
mutley_but imm hangiung in there
reprapperso, im printing parts fo rcars mutley.
mutley_recon_lap: yea hes a slippery son of a gun
reprappercars , not rc cars
mutley_reprapper: what parts? what material?
mutley_is it the cans i saw
kthxABS is smelly when molten, maybe you want to vent it; is also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acrylonitrile_butadiene_styrene and http://reprap.org/wiki/ABS and its smelly melting-byproduct is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butadiene and is also don't believe all the FUD, read the MSDS: http://www.plasticsmadesimple.com/DataSheets/ABS_MSDS_GP.pdf
mutley_fuck you kthx your too quick again
reprapperim priting abs and nylon depends on wich part
mutley_which parts then for what car
mutley_no need to be too specific
mutley_just an idea of what
mutley_ive just managed to print something quite special for a car
mutley_something that needs real dimensional stability to work
recon_lapfurry dice ?
mutley_and it works :)
nikrehow can i measure how good a stepper is ?
mutley_lol dice
reprappernylon !
mutley_nikre: a rule?
mutley_yea ive done it in nylon
mutley_and trying acetal version now
nikremutley_, how can i know how much current it can drive?
reprapperbut is a litlebit flexible (depending on infill) but is safe till 170 degree and resistant to oil and many acids
mutley_whilst preserving myself at the same time
echoxrecon_lap: http://privatepaste.com/4de0150c90 this is my config, but the code is compiling now, thanks
mutley_nikre: spec sheet?
nikremutley_, its an oem motor from a broken 2d printer
echoxrecon_lap: the stepper is still not working, but this should be just a config error anywhere
echoxrecon_lap: thanks!
mutley_nikre: google
nikremutley_, even the allmighty google couldnt help about it
recon_lapechox: ok :) I have a feeling it was a typo with the added pin definitions in configuration.h
mutley_reprapper: ive just printed some 1 mod compound an half moon gears for an actuator
recon_lapnikre: is there a sticker on the motor saying amps?
mutley_i was milling them, but 30 a throw for a fecking mill bit that keeps breaking meant i was losing more than earning
nikrerecon_lap, nah, it only says japan servo co. ltd.
reprapperi see
echoxrecon_lap: yep, looks like :-)
mutley_literally a mill bit, ie 1mm diameter, 13.7mm clearance, sneeze and it broke
reprapperi have no clue how much power and heat there is
reprappertry nylon. there is nothing more sturdy in reprap
mutley_it sits in the V if a V8/V10 engine inside a housing body
mutley_it is printined in nylon
jdiezwonder if I can print nylon without a printed glass
mutley_jdiez: without a printined glass?
mutley_what is this printined
jdiezmy brain just farted hard
jdiezwithout a heated bed, lol
nikremutley_, recon_lap does the model number say anything useful? KH42JM2R014B
blockh34djdiez: it does not sound like a good idea to me
blockh34djdiez: warpage is already out of control even with headbed cranked up with these trimmer line prints i've been doing
jdiezI'm gonna have to refrain from printing nylon until I get around fixing up my i3
blockh34di'm really diggin how strong it is
blockh34dit makes 3d printed stuff feel almost usefl
mutley_nikre: knock on googles door again, i just did and got a swarm of hits
mutley_reprapper: i think acetal is probably more stable than nylon for arduous harsh environment
nikremutley_, none of them say anything about specs :/
mutley_nikre: ook harder i see them
Smidge204Photo looks like something frmo the original Andromeda Strain
blockh34dSmidge204: what is availability of these new material going to be like?
Smidge204They're 3D printed
recon_lapnikre found this http://www.mojreprap.pl/board/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=21&start=50 , but it;s in german
nikrerecon_lap, its polish i guess
nikrei looked at it too
nikreno specs either
nikretranslated it with google translate
Auzzewell, off to work, thanks for the info.. bye
reprapperdidnt know german looks that way
theorbtwoThat's not german.
Smidge204Totally not german
echoxthats polish
nikreits polish :P
BubbleRepreprapper and me should know.....
BubbleRepwe are germans...
echoxgerman doesnt have apostrophes over characters
nikrebtw how can i devise a way to tell if a stepper is useful for 3d printing?
blockh34dechox: umlauds though right? or however you pronounce it
BubbleRepöäüß yes
Smidge204nikre: Start by assuming it's not...
Smidge204Because most you're likely to salvage aren't
nikresmidge204 thats the easier step
Smidge204after that, look up the model number
nikreit's KH42JM2R014B
nikredoes it tell anything about specS?
Smidge204okay, well, IRC isn't a search engine...
blockh34dich lerne deutsche im schule zwei jahr und wohne im Frankfurt sechs monet
blockh34dand that is about the extent of what i remember, and even that was certainly butchered beyond all recognition
BubbleRepthen go back to school, it's horrible
blockh34dyes, 20 years ago
echoxblockh34d: yes, but umlauts will always have two little dots
nikreno, i mean, ball bearings are classified by the model name. i wondered if same applies for steppers
blockh34di want to get back into speaking it more often maybe i'll pick it back up
Smidge204Google tells me it's from a Lexmark Printer
echoxblockh34d: never any dashes :-)
recon_lapnikre: found this, but no exact match http://www.nidec-servo.com/en/digital/c_ste/#2_m
blockh34dechox: that distinction is 100% definately lost on all Americans... every single one
malcom2073blockh34d: screw you too :)
blockh34dBubbleRep: please, say what i tried to say but like someone who actually speaks german, it'll help me be less of an idiot about it
blockh34dmalcom2073: lol just calling it like it is
BubbleRepich lerne deutsch seit zwei jahren in der schule und wohne seit sechs monaten in Frankfurt
BubbleRepich lerne seit zwei jahren deutsch in der schule und wohne seit sechs monaten in Frankfurt
BubbleRepthat's better
malcom2073I'll not assume to guess at your nationality, but to make those kinds of generalizations you certainly fit the stereotype.
blockh34dBubbleRep: thanks a lot that helps :)
blockh34dmalcom2073: i'm merican, central ohio
BubbleRepmutley_: progres?
nikrerecon_lap, the closest one is 1.2A. i hope that applies to mine
mastag25sprekken ze deutche
mutley_its bagged and going to posty in morning
blockh34dsprechen sie deutsche?
blockh34dwho's closer?
BubbleRepsprechen sie deutsch?
blockh34di win!
mutley_lots more bagged too and those get posted as soon as i get some funds from something someone somewhere, ill stop short at robbing old grannies, but will happily sell my body and soul, but my man boobs are off putting to most
theorbtwoI'm American, took three years of German in school, and then lived in Munich for two years. I'm still horrible at German, but I know the difference between an umlouat and a diaresis.
echoxblockh34d: nope, deutsch is correct, not deutsche ;-)
mutley_nein ich nicht sprecken duetch
mutley_ich bein blurd
blockh34dechox: yah... but its better than deutche
mutley_sier blurd dumbkopf
KazurikWith fresh firmware my kossel is still trying to extrude plastic trough my z and y motors instead of the extractor. Last time this sorta just randomly stopped. Anyone know why this woul dhappen?
Computer_Barfcan someone think of a reason why my printer would print on blue painters tape with the z offset at 1.4mm and print on a single layer of gluestick at 2.4mm? it seems strange to me to think that the tape is thinner than the gluestick, let alone an entire mm worth
theorbtwoOTOH, it is sie not ze, and sprechen doesn't have any "k"s in it. OTOH, it's also Sie, not sie. (It makes a difference.)
theorbtwo...and IMHO, nobody on this channel should call anybody else Sie. It's an informal place, we're du.
Smidge204"extrude plastic trough my z and y motors" - what?
blockh34dACTION makes a note of it
mastag256 wut
mastag25^ wut
mastag25i dont htink your motors should extrude plastic
mastag25im no expert though
theorbtwoThen again, I'm very American like that. If you are actual royalty, I *might* use extra honorific language. Otherwise, fuck you if you want me to speak all fancy.
blockh34dtheorbtwo: i am the king of ohio
BubbleReptheorbtwo: we talked about a group and asked if they would speak german :P
KazurikSmidge204: The Z and Y motors start moving their belts very slowly in a way that makes their carriages go down
KazurikSmidge204: I was having this problem before and if I told it to do so over and over it would suddenly start working correctly. I feel like this is not correct behavior though.
Smidge204So you tell it to extrude and the effector starts moving instead?
theorbtwoACTION attempts to get out of the way of the people actually talking about repraps.
recon_lapnikre: you could just tune the pot manualy using trial and error , slowly incressing the current
KazurikSmidge204: Correct. If it matters I'm pretty sure the wiring on my x,y, and z motors is messed up however I'm trying to test the extruder on its own at the moment.
Smidge204Turn the power off and unplug those motors...
KazurikSmidge204: Should it be possible to unplug the 3 x,y,z motors and test the extruder or does the ramps board have a problem with that?
Smidge204Depends on what's wrong to begin with, but yes - and turn the power off first
recon_lapUSA equalized !!
KazurikSmidge204:I will make sure to always unplug everything before making changes.
JCaSsWho r they playing?
echoxoh come on, germany beat them 4:0 ;-)
KazurikWithout any of the other motors plugged in nothing happens when I try to extrude. My extruder is plugged into the designated spot on the ramps wiki page.
crak_tell the usa coach to change the bald guy
crak_he is a cancer for the team
Computer_BarfAre you guys talking about FIFA?
nikrerecon_lap, what happens when a stepper is given a current higher than its spec?
KazurikI'm also using nearly stock merlin firmware. Only me lengths have been changed.
recon_lapnikre: nothing good I'm sure, but if you start low and work up you should be ok.
recon_lapnikre: you'll get warning like the motor heating up
JCaSsIt may not extrude if there is no extruder temp
JCaSsMine doesnt
EvRideseen terramir?
kthxterramir was last seen in #reprap 6 hours 37 min ago saying '_well_ _gonna_ _take_ _a_ _nap_ _been_ _up_ _all_ _night_'.
kthxEvRide: 1 day 22 hours ago <brentru> tell evride add thingiverse import to repables, bro
kthxEvRide: 1 day 20 hours ago <brentru> tell evride terramir is trying to use repables for an hour. still not uploading his model. you need to fix the processing or some backend voodoo magic shiz -b
nikrerecon_lap, do you know a way to measure the spinning torque?
recon_lapnikre: as long as you don't way over current it
recon_lapnikre: not really, I guess you get it spinning and apply a load
Computer_BarfI live in miami so ppl are crazy over FIFA. I go to the gas station for gas, all the parking spaces and gas booths are full , because ppl are there buying trading cards for FIFA. I go to get a burger , same deal. Paking lot full, no one inside buying food, everyone outside trading cards. At least 4 of the places here that I like getting food at are really not an option for me now because of this crap.
KazurikShould I ignore that the extruder doesn't work for now and move on to the stepper motors on the belts?
Computer_Barfwhat isn't the extruder motor working
recon_lapComputer_Barf: aa now, the world cup is like 16 superbowels in a row
Smidge204It sounds like your wiring is superbly messed up. Did it ever work?
KazurikComputer_Barf: I don't know. When tell pronterface to extrude 5mm it moves the z and y stepper motors instead
KazurikSmidge204: It did before briefly but it was having this same problem before hand. It randomly went away.
Computer_Barfthat sounds like you've got them plugged into the wrong things. Is this ramps?
recon_lapKazurik: what firmware did you load?
Smidge204If it worked before then perhaps it's a bad arduino
Computer_Barfkazurik: ramps?
Kazurikrecon_lap: I had some custom one from builda3dprinter.eu before now I'm using https://github.com/jcrocholl/Marlin
KazurikComputer_Barf: I'm using a ramps 1.4 board
recon_lapSmidge204 think it's a new build , we where connecting motors a couple of hours ago
Smidge204He said it worked before
Computer_Barfthat would be very strange.
Computer_Barfunless, it worked before, then wiring was changed
KazurikIt worked for a little bit before when I was restarting it over and over to see what stepper motors were moving instead of the extruder
KazurikSuddenly one on of the boots it no longer was moving the steppers. I unplugged everything and began trying to fix the wiring on the stepper motors for the belts and after fixing 1 the extruder no longer works again.
recon_lapKazurik: have you tried reseating the ramps onto the mega?
Computer_BarfKazurik: can you confirm that your extruder is hooked up according to this diagram?
Kazurikrecon_lap: I have done this. I took it off to inspect the solder to make sure I hadn't broken everything. Everything seemed ok.
recon_lapnice, usa just scored
Computer_BarfBut can you confirm the wire path from the ramps board to your extruder motor according to the diagram I just linked?
KazurikComputer_Barf: I have my only extruder plugged into the spot labeled for extruder 1
Computer_Barfand you can confirm, that is as the diagram shows i just linked?
recon_lapKazurik: I take it you have re uploaded the firmware
Computer_Barfsorry to be repetative but I just want to be sure that things are hooked up as they should be
Kazurikrecon_lap: I was using firmware from http://www.builda3dprinter.eu/ which had thi sproblem however I have reuploaded the marlin firmware from the main projects github page now with the same issue.
crak_USA USA
KazurikComputer_Barf: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a5k4uq5a5c51srw/IMG_20140622_193925.jpg I believe so
recon_lapKazurik: hmm, something messed up, can;t think of anything obvious
KazurikI have very little plugged in
recon_lapKazurik: have you tried sending g-code commands?
Kazurikrecon_lap: Not for extruding.
Computer_Barfyes that looks right to me, assuming the wires on the lower right stepper leads to the extruder motor
KazurikComputer_Barf: They do
Computer_BarfI don't see how in the hell the other axis's would be moving
Computer_BarfI think its a gremlin in your printer.
recon_lapKazurik: try it, just to rule out the client, also check the baud rate
KazurikEverything on this gcode cheat sheet regarding extruder is out dated!
recon_lapKazurik: also you might be getting noise from the motors causing weirdness
recon_lapKazurik: g-code does not changed much
Kazurikm101 seems to do nothing
kthxg1 is a controlled move. http://reprap.org/wiki/Gcode#G1:_Controlled_move
kthxm101 is Deprecated. Regarding filament retraction, see M227, M228, M229.
Computer_Barfhas someone had him reupload marlin?
pwillard3i could swear you have the wrong pins for heater and heatbed kazurik
Computer_Barfmaybe he has some crazy chinese ramps
Computer_Barfbuild it faster!
recon_lapI'm thinking bad baud rate or noise issues as the problem seems inconsistent in nature
Computer_Barfwhat operating system?
Computer_BarfI ask because with linux ive had issues with baud rate
KazurikComputer_Barf: I'm usin arch linux
Computer_Barfok yes you'll want to check into baud rate
Computer_Barfyou have to change it in the firmware I believe
KazurikComputer_Barf: Is there a number you recommened?
Computer_BarfI use 115200
Computer_Barfon ubuntu i don't have to do it anymore but In the past I've had to do something else.. ahh. dialout? idk that might just be for arduino.
Computer_Barfbut I know that you need to set the baudrate in the firmware, and then set it to the same in pronterface
recon_laplol, usa just gave up a goal in the last 10sec of match
Computer_Barfthe baud rate that is typical for windows doesn't work right on linux
BubbleRepbut quite a nice game recon_lap
Computer_Barfnormally that results in gibberish being reported back to pronterface
KazurikWith that baud rate it now makes a sound like it is enganging the extractor and then does nothing
Computer_Barfperhaps by some luck its almost working for you and that might explain the weird results
Computer_Barfhave you changed the baudrate in the firmware?
KazurikComputer_Barf: I did
Computer_Barfyoull actually have to edit the marlin configuration and upload it.
kthxextruder is the part that pushes the plastic into the hotend
KazurikTo confirm I told pronterface to connect the old rate and it errors out with unreadable output from the serial. The 115200 baud rate does not do this.
KazurikExtruder sorry not extractor
Computer_Barfyes when you set the baud rate in the firmware, that would be the only one that works. So it sounds like the extruder is reacting now?
KazurikIt makes a noise but still does not actually do anything
Computer_Barflike a buzz
Computer_Barfyou probably have to adjust the motor controller pot
Computer_Barfbe careful
KazurikMore like a quick jump / engangment sound
Computer_Barfits safest to turn off the board and make adjustments
KazurikWhat would happen if Ihad my stepper driver on backwards?
Computer_Barfbut you use a little screw driver on the pot on the motor controller
recon_laplol, USA better hope Germany go easy on them :)
Computer_Barfit looks correct in the picture
Computer_Barfbut like i said, be careful, I have slipped with the screw driver and shorted out my motor controller
Computer_Barf but depending on the sound, sometimes the motor is underpowered, sometimes overpowered
recon_lapKazurik: if you have the motor connected it will move backwards
KazurikComputer_Barf: I am unplugging it between changes. I'm rotating clockwise a quarter of at urn at a time. What am I looking for?
recon_lapconnected backwards*
Computer_BarfI would turn it all the way down, then turn it 25 percent clockwise, then check it
Computer_Barfif its overpowered, it starts having a high pitched sound and buzzzzz
KazurikIt no longer makes any noise at all!
KazurikComputer_Barf: Trying that now
BubbleReprecon_lap: well....could be that we get kicked out as well......
Computer_Barfwell thats good actually, no noise at all is probably too low
Computer_Barfso turn it a tiny bit up, then try again
Computer_Barfif you do this with power on, just be very careful not to slip with the metal screw driver, ive shorted them out then had to wait a week for more in the mail.
KazurikComputer_Barf: How do I turn it all the way down? It seems to turn for ever
Computer_Barfthese days I don't shut it down, but I am , very , very careful.
Computer_Barfyes some of them can be turned to 0, some of them turn in circles
Computer_Barfin that case i would just turn them ten percent at a time until it works. since yours is off now, turn it a little up, and test, keep on doing that until it works.
Computer_Barfno sound, not moving, nothing, should mean underpowered.
recon_lapKazurik: probably best to just switch a driver that you know is working from another axis
KazurikIf I turn it 2 complete rotations between tests )clockwise) it still does nothing
Computer_Barfif you have a multimeter someone might be able to give you info here to test the actual power reading on it so you can dial it in that way.
Kazurikrecon_lap: I haven't managed to get any of these working!
recon_lapKazurik: I though you said it was working for a while?
Kazurikrecon_lap: The extruder randomly started working but now it is not
Computer_Barfwell it was making a sound not so long ago so i wouldn't panic yet
Computer_Barfsometimes the polulu's can be remarkably sensitive
recon_lapKazurik: do you have a multi meter?
Artesiani have another weird question. Slic3r takes FOREVER to slice objects with my flexible filament settings, but is very quick to handle regular settings. what is up with that?
Kazurikrecon_lap: I do
recon_lapKazurik: so tune the pots using the multi meter
KazurikSwitched out the extruder one for another one of the 3. Still nothing
Kazurikrecon_lap: How would I do that?
recon_lapKazurik: first, are the stepper drivers the right way up?
KazurikI believe so
nikreKazurik, i'm new like you. i did that by touching the driver pot by + probe. and - input of ramps with the - probe.
nikreis that right recon_lap ?
recon_lapok, to tune with multi meter, measure the V between the ground (I use the ground screw on the terminal block) and the + probe on the pot screw. be carefull not to slip off the pot screw
KazurikAlright I unplugged everything and moved the extruder wire into the z axis stepper motor again before firing it back up. When I tell it to extrude 5mm with the extruder plugged into the z axis is starts rocking back and forth.
KazurikSo it has gone back to doing that
recon_lapKazurik: you'll want a different Vref depending on your stepper drivers and motor max amps
recon_lappot tune?
Computer_Barfdoes kazurik own a multimeter?
Kazurikrecon_lap: Computer_Barf I do but I'm very confused as to what I'm suppose to do with it
recon_lapKazurik: that sounds like you got the motor wires in the wrong order , or one of the wires is not connected
Computer_Barfhumm does someone know the pot tune thing for kthx?
Kazurikrecon_lap: Shouldn't the z axis have ntohing happening to it at all when I tell it to extrude?
kthxpots is see pot
nikreKazurik, touch the driver pot by + probe. and - input of ramps with the - probe.
kthxpot is http://reprap.org/wiki/Gen7_Board_1.4.1#Adjusting_the_Pololus.2FStepSticks and is also the potentiometer on the stepper drivers http://reprap.org/wiki/Sanguinololu#Pololu_drivers_current_limit_configuration https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/96201881/pot%20001.JPG and is also http://reprap.org/wiki/Pololu_stepper_driver_board#Tuning_motor_current and is also legal in Colorado
Computer_Barfits not legal in colorado.. Its psuedo legal in colorado.
recon_lapKazurik: thats true :) the z axis should be doing noting if you sending G1 E5
kthxvRef is see pot tuning
recon_lappot tuning?
kthxpot tuning is for pololu's its Vref= (Max current of motor) * 0.28, for stepstick its Vref= (Max current of motor) * .7 this sets the ImaxTrip to 70% max current and is also https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/96201881/pot%20001.JPG and is also see "pot" for more information
recon_lapKazurik: how about uploading a picture of this ramps
Computer_Barfi wonder if this is constructive to Kazurik
Computer_Barfhe did
Kazurikrecon_lap: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a5k4uq5a5c51srw/IMG_20140622_193925.jpg
KazurikI must be doing something wrong. I folled kthx link and my voltmeter is all over the place
recon_lapok, first thing, there is a prevent cold extrude. so doing the E axis first is a mistake
KazurikOh wait I think I see why
Computer_Barfim not the best person to explain pot tuning with a multimeter, ive always done it by hand myself.
Kazurikrecon_lap: I set the min temp for extrude to 0 in the firmware
Computer_Barfoh yeah thats not good
kthxm302 is Allow cold extrudes on Marlin and Repetier
Computer_Barfunless you keep your printer outside in the winter or something.
recon_lapKazurik: lets get one of the normal axis working instead of E
Computer_Barfor wait. idk. Either way you'll want mintemp at something realistic.
recon_lapKazurik: X is a nice simple axis
Computer_Barfyes. get x moving first.
Computer_Barfmabye get a polulu tuned on x, then move it to the extruder
Kazurikrecon_lap: Is y ok? It's the only one I have wired up correctly
Computer_Barfi can relate to this crap he's going though. I've had a hell of a time tuning my polulu's before
Computer_Barfpersonally i think digipots should replace everything
KazurikComputer_Barf: I don't plan on keeping that at 0 once I actually get it moving
recon_lapKazurik: lets do X, leave y alone if it's working ok
recon_lapKazurik: dont like the 0, computers can do funny things with 0 when it's not expected
Kazurikrecon_lap: I should be able to plug in my "y" stepper motor into x right? when I only have 1 motor it seems like any could be x right?
recon_lapKazurik: ok, but remember to power off before disconnecting motors
Computer_Barfi wonder if i can look up retracting settings specific to my bulldog xl or my hotend
KazurikAlright I have my only working motor plugged into the X spot. What do I do next to test things?
Computer_Barftry to have pronterface move the x
recon_lapKazurik: read the pot vRef , being careful not to short anything
Kazurikrecon_lap: If I did this right it reads 0.5 volts on the pot
KazurikComputer_Barf: How do I tell it to move just the x? My attempts to touch this part of the interface has made it go crazy
recon_lapKazurik: ok, what type of driver you got and what's the amps rating of you motors
recon_lapKazurik: G1 X5
KazurikG1 X5 causes nothing tohappen. I'm checking drivers and motors
recon_lapKazurik: type it into the send text box and click send
recon_lapKazurik: try send M119
kthxm119 is Output Endstop status to serial port
Kazurikrecon_lap: That gets the endstop status (which aren't plugged in yet but they are ready to be)
recon_lapKazurik: paste the output
Kazurikrecon_lap: http://www.phidgets.com/products.php?product_id=3303_0 This is my stepper motor
Kazurik>>> M119
KazurikReporting endstop status
Kazurikx_max: open
Kazuriky_max: open
Kazurikz_min: TRIGGERED
Kazurikz_max: open
recon_lapKazurik: that all seems ok, 2.5amp motors , nice :)
recon_lappot tuning?
kthxpot tuning is for pololu's its Vref= (Max current of motor) * 0.28, for stepstick its Vref= (Max current of motor) * .7 this sets the ImaxTrip to 70% max current and is also https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/96201881/pot%20001.JPG and is also see "pot" for more information
recon_lapKazurik: and your stepper driver board type?
Kazurikrecon_lap: Still trying to find that
recon_lapKazurik: they probably pololu's
Kazurikrecon_lap: I don't know how to tell. They don't seem to have any label on them and the ebay link I bought htem from is gone
KazurikRAMPS 1.4 REPRAP 3D PRINTER CONTROLLER+ Mega 2560 R3+ A4988 driver*5 Heatsink( i
KazurikThat is the label
recon_lapKazurik: well, well assume they pololu's , that would give you a 0.7v Vref
KazurikA4988 appears to be a pololu
recon_lapA4988 = pololu's
KazurikOk so 2.5 * 0.28 is 0.7. So I wan tmy multimeter to read 0.7 volts right?
recon_lapKazurik: right
KazurikAlright I have all of my stepper motors at 0.7
recon_lapKazurik: ok, send G1 X10
KazurikMy extruder is 1.68A. I need it to be 0.47 volts right?
Kazurikrecon_lap: Sending it now
kthxg1 is a controlled move. http://reprap.org/wiki/Gcode#G1:_Controlled_move
Kazurikrecon_lap: G1 X10 moved it down about half way before it stopped
recon_lapKazurik: down? this is the x axiz right?
joem__+tel WarFairy https://github.com/mosfet/kossel-minimax
Kazurikrecon_lap: x axis on a delta pinter kossel)
joem__+tel duce https://github.com/mosfet/kossel-minimax
joem__+tel duces https://github.com/mosfet/kossel-minimax
TTNseen blockh34d
kthxblockh34d was last seen in #reprap 1 hour 21 min ago saying '_t_heorbtwo_: _i_ _am_ _the_ _king_ _of_ _ohio_'.
joem__whoops wrongwindopw
recon_lapKazurik: haa, delta :) I'll be a bit lost here then, but look like X is working, lets try Z
KazurikCan you do a controlled move with a negative number?
recon_lapKazurik: negative speed? I dont think so
KazurikNegative move. I'm not sure I really understand this controller move. I'll read it again
brentru USA
recon_lapKazurik: it's a coordinate system , and it G codes can be in absolute or relative mode .
BubbleRepbecause they catched a goal in the last 10 seconds?
crunchbrent , you smoking crack or weed
Kazurikrecon_lap: Ah I see now
KazurikOk all of my switches are setup now
recon_lapKazurik: ok, but check the motors first
brentrulol at shaun's tweet
brentrukthx shaun413 is also team usa http://i.imgur.com/hjCSpUv.png
kthxbrentru: Okay.
recon_lapKazurik: I'm a bit unsure about delta movements .
NETioPEI is a beautiful thing. Just printed a large flat part in ABS that was warping on hairspray even with an 8mm brim
NETioNo brim, normal first layer height
kthxPEI is http://www.mcmaster.com/#ultem/=m91fr5 and is also http://kuehlingkuehling.de/2013/04/02/development-roundup-metal-hotends-new-print-surface-rjmp-linear-bearings-watercooling/
brentruShane_: USA USA USA
x303___I have been saying PEI is amazing for months
brentrux303___: can you use PEI witha heatbed
brentruShane_: I love that pic
x303___You kinda have to
NETioPEI without heat is no better than bare glass without heat
kthxwantai is http://www.wantmotor.com/ They supply cheap motors. The 42BYGHW609 (4000g-cm 56OZ-IN) and 42BYGHW811 (4800g-cm 70OZ-IN) have both been used sucessfully in reprap applications. and is also found on ebay in convienent 5 packs and is also http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Wantaimotor-Best-sellers-5pcs-NEMA17-78-Oz-in-CNC-stepper-motor-stepping-motor-1-7A-0/721352743.html
NETioPLA might stick at room temp
brentruthat kuhling machine is still such a beast
blockh34dhi TTN sup
filadomePEI at 55c works well with PLA
NETioI laminated 0.030" thick PEI onto borosilicate glass with 3M 468MP adhesive. Got quite a few tiny bubbles in the adhesive but the large print went down fine, from everything I can tell the sheet is thick enough and the bubbles tiny enough they have no effect. Maybe impair heat transfer a little, but bed reads normal temps with an IR thermometer
NETioI've been printing ABS on it at 110C
TTNdid you see the hackaday page I made?
blockh34dTTN: http://postimg.org/image/c2b443pyl/ that is something i made ahile ago and i think it'll be the basis of any 3d mdoelled 'fingers' i might make for a delta design
blockh34dTTN: nope sure didnt, got a link handy?
filadomei glued the PEI to the borosilicate using PVA glue
filadomeworks well enough
TTNblockh34d: I'm open to suggestions for name changes :p http://hackaday.io/project/1565-FireHaz-MK0.1
NETioAlmost stuck too well. Was afraid I wouldn't get it off without resorting to a scraper to pry it off, but let it cool down a bit more (bed was still at 70C) and it popped off cleanly
brentruTTN: LOL
brentruI helped that
recon_lapKazurik: did you install the jumpers under the stepper drivers?
brentruno linear motion, TTN
KazurikAlright after plugging in my Y and X mottors doing either G1 X10 or G1 Y10 only moves the Y
Kazurikrecon_lap: I did. I have them all in
brentruTTN: where is said drawing?
blockh34dTTN: hah looks good, I'm cool with 'firehaz' etc
TTNblockh34d: in my bag
blockh34dTTN: I'm also a big fin of SUPRESSING FIRE!! but that is perhaps too much of an inside joke
blockh34dbig fan even
recon_lapKazurik: try G1 Z10
brentruno linear motion components...on a delta?
blockh34dsorcery! FIREBALL!
TTNblockh34d: ok, but how does the joke apply?
Kazurikrecon_lap: That also moves the same y mottor
NETiocan't wait to get my rigid chamber finished. With the bed at 110C chamber should run 60-70C without additional heat. Then again, it's bigger than my previous chamber so maybe not. Backup plan is a few heatsinks with 100Watt power resistors
recon_lapKazurik: I think whats going on is that the X/Y/Z in coordinate space dont match x/y/z movement in the motors
TTNsoo its technically non linear? has no linear rods.
NETioprobably put them on a few mosfets to control them with an arduino nano.
recon_lapKazurik: this is a delta
KazurikDue to the delta design?
TTNit has no linear rods
NETioLinear motion components are belts, rails, rods, etc.
KazurikThat would make sense. So perhaps my X motor isn't actually working a all then
blockh34dTTN: it doesnt, just somethign from show Archer i find funny
NETiodelta's still move the carriages with linear motion components
recon_lapKazurik: have you setup the endstops?
kthxsimpson is a family of unusual deltabots built by Nicholas Seward, see gus simpson or lisa simpson for more | original forum thread: http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?178,206458 | group thread: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/deltabot/K3vpkeZtg2c
brentrumaybe they have a groove/slot thing going on?
NETiox303__: What temp do you run ABS on PEI?
Kazurikrecon_lap: I have an tested them. They all work
recon_lapKazurik: test them first , use m119
Kazurikrecon_lap: I used that to verify they all work
recon_lapKazurik: then get ready at the power switch and home all the axis
TTNsoo can we still say it is non linear...
blockh34dTTN: see the finger? i have most of it modelled already
TTNno. where?
blockh34dlink a couple pages up now
TTNoh and do you have a HaD account? ill add you to the project
kthxg28 is the G-code for homing axes. Just G28 will home all axes with endstops (usually XYZ). You can also home individual axes like G28 X or home two axes like G28 X Y.
blockh34dTTN: i do not but i will create one now
NETioslic3r 1.2 will be awesome. Has support for round beds for deltas :D
blockh34dTTN: i wonder if calling this 'the firehazard' is maybe tempting fate a bit much
recon_laphmm, seems we lost the bots
kthxthanks recon_lap :)
kthxg28 is the G-code for homing axes. Just G28 will home all axes with endstops (usually XYZ). You can also home individual axes like G28 X or home two axes like G28 X Y.
Kazurikrecon_lap: I pushed home and the 2 working ones zoomed down. I need to reverse the pairs in the wiring harness correct?
TTNblockh34d: lol I thought the same. hence firehaz instead of fire hazard
KazurikThe home switches are at th top not bottom
recon_lapKazurik: well, depends , are you using max endstops , and did you set them as max endstop in the firmware
NETio1.2 also does realtime slicing while changing settings, so when you actually finish settings it's probably done slicing and you just export it.
recon_lapKazurik: m119 should tell you, does it report max endstops
TTNblockdh34d: Well I'll have to do some more drawing, I'm using sketchup for cadding. you any good with solid works?
Kazurik>>> M119
KazurikReporting endstop status
Kazurikx_max: open
Kazuriky_max: open
Kazurikz_min: TRIGGERED
Kazurikz_max: open
recon_lapKazurik: ok, guess the z_min is the probe
recon_lapKazurik: I'd say reverse the motor wires on ramps, makeing sure to power off first
terramirseen devonv
kthxdevonv was last seen in #reprap 10 hours 2 min ago saying '_t_erramir_: _the_ _wife_ _wants_ _me_ _to_ _install_ _a_ _light_ _fixture_ _so_ _I_ _must_ _be_ _off_, _just_ _drop_ _me_ _an_ _email_ _when_ _you_ _get_ _a_ _chance_ _to_ _print_, _and_ _thanks_ _again_!'.
blockh34dTTN: ok i'm added, username blockh34d
blockh34dTTN: i lied, i guessm y username is 'greyworld'
TTNblockdh34d: I just went offline for a minute.. ok ill add you
TTNblockdh34d: I suggest we make the pulleys twice as large as they did and make the fingers twice as long so that we still maintain accuracy, decrease speed and increase build area
TTNas in the original design of those guys the max height was 80-100mm
blockh34dcool, maybe we could look at making the hwole ting parametric where the user specifies waht mix of speed/vs accuracy they eventually want
TTNblockh34d: Yea. that would be great.
brentruthis mechE course makes me want to switch majors...
TTNblockh34d:you good with openscad? or solidworks?
kthxPEI is http://www.mcmaster.com/#ultem/=m91fr5 and is also http://kuehlingkuehling.de/2013/04/02/development-roundup-metal-hotends-new-print-surface-rjmp-linear-bearings-watercooling/
blockh34dTTN: not really but freecad seems easy enough
TTNblockh34d: I didnt get anywhere with freecad. sketchup I can do.
NETiokthx: PEI is also http://www.amazonsupply.com/dp/B00CPRDDLY
kthxNETio: Okay.
kthxPEI is http://www.mcmaster.com/#ultem/=m91fr5 and is also http://kuehlingkuehling.de/2013/04/02/development-roundup-metal-hotends-new-print-surface-rjmp-linear-bearings-watercooling/ and is also http://www.amazonsupply.com/dp/B00CPRDDLY
brentrukthx measure is "if you cannot measure it, you have not made it"
kthxbrentru: Okay.
The_BallI 3D printed a motorcycle front fork spring compressor over the weekend: http://imgur.com/LGLLvtq
brentruNETio: thanks for the ASupply link
NETioNormal Amazon has it too via prime shipping. same thing same seller
blockh34dTTN: i refuse to ever run sketchup again
brentruDo you know if supply allows usage of gift cards?
blockh34dTTN: it is just un acceptably foul
TTNblockh34d: agreed.
NETioFrom amazon mine came with a matte side and a glossy side. Most people at the seemecnc forums are running matte side. Makes nice matte finish on prints. Not overly shiny which looks weird IMO
TTNblockh34d: I'll have to learn solidworks
brentrukthx measure is "if you cannot measure it, you have not made it" - Lord Kelvin
kthxbrentru: Okay.
blockh34dTTN: i can help you with freecad though, its easy enough to me, it reminds me a lot of a system i used to use, basically 3dsr4
blockh34dTTN: i havent ruled it out but solidworks isnt free so its kinda exclusive
blockh34dif we make it all freecad, thena nyone can mess with it
blockh34di'm open to whatever, chances are i'll be working in freecad for now
The_Ballblockh34d, how long did you need to become proficient with FreeCAD?
blockh34dThe_Ball: about 5 minutes i guess
blockh34dof what?
TTNI'm no good at freecad.
brentrukthx accuracy is being on target with a specification
kthxbrentru: Okay.
The_Ballblockh34d, I spent 5 minutes with FreeCAD to realize I'm not proficient with FreeCAD. I usually turn to OpenSCAD for most stuff
brentrukthx precision is repeatability and/or the ability to obtain the same quantity over time
kthxbrentru: Okay.
Kazurikrecon_lap: When I did home it slammed into the switches and one of them backed off. The other didn't
tjb1seen lukan*
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blockh34dThe_Ball: i think the trick for me was jumping right into the sketch editor... also it seems to help to create copies of the object, the hide the original, than transform the copy, not the original
kthxLukan-M was last seen in #reprap 2 weeks 4 days ago saying '_night_ _all_'.
brentrukthx resolution is the smallest increment you have control over
kthxbrentru: Okay.
terramirseen kliment
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brentrudoes anyone one one of Sewards' machines?
terramirseen triffid_hunter
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brentruwhat's up with the bot
brentrukthx seen johnoly99
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terramirnothing I'm asking it questions
brentruit's not spaced for you, underlines?
terramiryes on purpose to p[revent loops
terramirseen roy*
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terramirseen ohmeye
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terramirdangit old school just not here
OhmEyewe just ignore here :P
terramirOhmeye !!!!!
terramircheck this out in abs ;) have not been printing for a while but this is great ;) http://s1237.photobucket.com/user/terramir/library/duct%20freezone
OhmEyekthx isn't in most of the channels I am active in, heh
Computer_BarfDid Kazurik get his stepper drivers sorted
OhmEyeif it looks like a duct and quacks like a duct...
OhmEyenice fan duct
terramir143mm length width on top on bottom 120x95 52 mm high no splits in abs with a prusa2 no heated chamber
terramirthe support kept it warm enough
terramir:P however the support split like crap lol
brentruterramir: what is the duct for
recon_lapKazurik: anyways, It's late , good luck getting it sorted, think we can be sure that your hardware is fine, we just getting confused with the delta oddness
recon_lapKazurik: there are lots of setting in the firmware for homing. it's possible that the motors are still reversed and the homing direction is wrong in the firmware.
terramirfreezone chiller
terramirtec chiller
recon_lapKazurik: I suggest you find a guide for setting up the endstops for a delta
Kazurikrecon_lap: It looks like the vibrations from moving it are shaking the connector lose. I'm fixing it up now
terramiroriginally one 92 mm fan nuts too frakin loud
KazurikComputer_Barf: With recon_lap's help I've got 2 out of 3 of the stepper motors working most of the time
recon_lapKazurik: you should set the endstop to work using NC then
kthxNC is Normally Closed, and also Noncommercial License which prevent any type of profiting from design except for the originator of design, no matter how much modification is done. and is also saying that something -NC licensed is "opensource" is an ethymology fallacy. The fact you can see the source does not make it opensource see for example http://opensource.org/osd-annotated
Computer_Barfwhat is that duct being used for?
recon_lapComputer_Barf: do you use a delta?
terramirto cool a heatsink that cools 6 tec's which cool a water cpu loop
terramirscrew-on duct
recon_lapComputer_Barf: I think that it was because it's a delta we where getting confused about the strange motor behavior
terramirwill have two one on each side
terramirone push air in one suck air out
terramirincrease airflow without having to resort to highest rpm all the time
terramirwater can be chilled to 5C easily
terramirif cpu not on 100% load
brentrucan you soda blast PLA?
terramirchilled a q9550 before at 4ghz
terramirmax temp reached 60C
terramirmy ivy 3570k should reach 4.5 with better temps considering it can reach 4.5 on less wattage
recon_lapKazurik: anyways, it's late. good luck getting it sorted, took me ages to work out endstops on a Cartesian. I can only imagine the fun you going to have on a delta :)
NETioACTION ran his i7 920 @ 4.5GHz watercooled on an evaporative cooling setup
recon_lapo/ g'night
NETiodelta endstops are not confusing, but neither are cartesian
Computer_Barfive noticed that sometimes if my printer stops and i walk away for a bit, then i come back and start a print, the line it draws around the print starts with some pla that is a clear / grey, then turns its natural semitransparent red. Does the red actually cook out from the extended heat?
NETiomaybe hall endstops, which are on my TODO list for upgrades
Computer_Barfor i mean, the color actually thermally degrades?
recon_lapNETio: when you have set a couple up, they can be very confusing if it the first time you've seem marlin firmware
NETioComputer_Barf: I occassionaly run high temps to print fast. Fine when printing fast, since the plastic isn't actually hitting that temp. But I've cooked silver ABS to a golden color
pwillardYes, I can make my yellow turn black :-P
NETioI imagine taking it all the way to black would be charring it and might clog the nozzle
NETioI get maybe ~5-10mm of skirt that's golden if I cook off silver ABS to gold. Never noticed it running white ABS now. Managed to make white PLA a beige color when changing from ABS to PLA, but PLA in the E3D v5 went poorly on my first attempt
NETiosomeday I'll try it again, but not soon
brentruNETio: http://forum.typeamachines.com/download/file.php?id=319
brentruwow right?
Computer_Barfdoes anyone know who I am talking about when i mention the guy that was building a delta printer in here that used plain square tubes? He had his bearings rolling directly on the steel tubes
Computer_Barfit was an interesting build and I've been wondering how its going.
terramiryeah too much work evap
terramirI could probably reach 5ghz + on a 3570k with an evap setup
NETiobrentru: Much photoshopping is at work here
brentruhe used primer
NETioor post-processing
terramirwtf is that
brentruwtf is what
EvRideterramir: saw your comment
terramirthat picture
terramirwas not my comment lol
brentruIt's a printed part with a lot of primer
EvRideyour message earlier to me?
brentruHe sprayed 3 coats of primer on PLA, then sanded 95% of primer off
brentruleaving 5% on
terramirEvRide: was not my comment someone else told you that I couldn't post a design
EvRideoh, kk
EvRidewell thanks
brentruNETio: http://forum.typeamachines.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=195
EvRideI'm looking into it
NETiolooks very professional
brentruThe parts look absolutely amazing from an FDM machine
terramiralso we should be able to import our old designs
brentruShapedo has an Open Source thingiverse import script
EvRideya, from thingiverse? brent's been bugging me for that
NETionothing exceptional on the unprinted parts
terramirwhat are those parts for
brentruYea I have, it's ALREADY MADE
brentruterramir: read the thread, it's for his minigun project
terramirewww guns
brentruNETio: the processed parts are the exceptional ones
terramirwell I'm off gonna go to store
NETiothe unprinted parts are beautiful, don't take my statement the wrong way
NETioI'd love such a printer. But I can get that quality on my RMax too
mattwj2002hi all
brentruNETio: process it
NETioCouldn't have dreamed of that on my Prusa i2
brentruI want to process.
brentruEvRide: http://au.alibaba.com/product/135958750-IMSI-catcher.html
brentrucrunch: http://au.alibaba.com/product/135958750-IMSI-catcher.html
brentru"An IMSI catcher is essentially a false mobile tower acting between the target mobile phone(s) and the service providers."
brentruWiretapper for $1.8k
mastag25i had to make a print that was two sided and you are supposed to glue it together but it isnt 100% flat, what's the best way to flatten the backs of them out? heat gun and press together or what
mattwj2002hey guys
brentruHeat them
brentruor use ABS glue
brentruhey mattwj2002
mattwj2002I have a couple of cool ideas stuff to design
mastag25someone just mentioned sandpaper
mastag25sounds like a good idea
mattwj2002I just suck at design :)
mattwj2002oops :(
brentruwhat are they
brentrumastag25: that works too.
terramirmastag what material
mattwj2002well the first one is a piece you slide onto a coxial cable
mattwj2002so you can twist it on the tv better
terramirfirst lapp them to even out and straighten fit then just brush both sides with acetone press together
mastag25that's a real tool
mastag25lap them with what
brentruthat exists already matt
terramirsandpaper and water
mattwj2002brentru: do you have a thingiverse link?
brentruI mean
terramiron flat glass surface preferably in circular motion
brentruyou can buy it, idk about printing it since it is threaded
Computer_Barfthats actually a pretty sweet idea, your own cell tower. I could have used that on a rural property that got low bars down near the ground, yet higher up gets better signal.
brentruComputer_Barf: neato
terramirbut it's for wire tapping lol
brentrucharge people to use your cell tower
mattwj2002my other thought was a nano to mini to regular sim adapter
brentrumastag25: exactly
mastag25i was hoping it would be defined
brentrumitm wiretapping of cells
mastag25for the nubs
mattwj2002those exist but has anyone done all 3 as a stl?
terramiranyways I gtg for now store trip
Computer_Barflol it would be pretty awsome to use it to also intercept all your neighbors cell conversations
pwillardwhy would that be awesome?
shaun413i just got the mother of all monitors from my cousin
shaun413shes like, i have an old monitor from work
brentruuh, okay?
shaun413you can has it
brentruhow large is it
shaun413this one
brentruNice, IPS like mine same size
shaun413its NICE
brentrusame rez too
shaun413look at the color rating
brentruya ik
brentruyou're going to hate watching
shaun413watching what?
brentru"videos" on it since it's so good
shaun413i need 4k vids
shaun413OMG im going to watch one
brentruyou'll be like "where are my pixels"
brentruand then pay and then regret paying
tjb1brentru: why you talk to yourself
brentruwhy dont you
tjb1my mind has not failed yet
brentruIt'll get there eventually
tjb1you are already there
brentruAccording to a series of experiments written up in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology by professors Gary Lupyan and Daniel Swignley, the act of using verbal clues to trigger mental pictures helps people function quicker."
shaun413omg ips
shaun413i love it
tjb1all hail putin
Arc_Teslabrentru is quick
brentruI have that link bookmarked because someone commented on it before, Arc_Tesla
shaun413brentru, this is my first ips
shaun413broke me ips cherry
shaun413what can I do to make it butter
tjb1Arc_Tesla: all hail putin
brentrumuttering to yourself also helps your cognition, tjb1
shaun413brentru, you watch soccer tonight?
Computer_BarfWell according to scientific proof magazine , july issue, Computer_Barf is the most reliable source ever, its like peer reviewed, yo.
Arc_Teslafuck putin
brentrushaun413: ofc
tjb1brentru: you are beyond refurbishing
shaun413i was like, we won yo
shaun413and then players were like laying down
shaun413and like BOOM< much yelling commecnced
brentruI have a USA shirt on rn
brentrufrom the sochi olympics
shaun413I had my flag and fireworks at the ready yo
brentruFireworks in NJ?
shaun413yo brentru check mah twitter
tjb1when you are returned for repair
tjb1you are thrown away
kthxshaun413 is “The greatest fools are ofttimes more clever than the men who laugh at them.” -Tywin Lannister and is also ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and is also ༼ ºل͟º༼ ºل͟º༼ ºل͟º ༽ºل͟º ༽ºل͟º ༽ and is also team usa http://i.imgur.com/hjCSpUv.png
Arc_Teslathrow out the trash
brentruI already checked it
shaun413i follow you man
shaun413check it
brentruthat's the pic
brentrushaun outside http://i.imgur.com/hjCSpUv.png
shaun413in the wilderness
shaun413aka mah backyard
Computer_BarfAre you guys talking about a ball going back and forth again?
Arc_Teslaohh its spin to win night at the casino
malcom2073Hahahaha oh man
shaun413you like malcom2073
malcom2073wtf shaun413? that's halarious
shaun413yah man
Computer_Barfplease trade your FIFA collectable cards somewhere I don't eat. Especially if your using up all the parking spaces and not buying anything.
tjb1Computer_Barf: How long you been in this channel?
Arc_Teslatoo long?
Computer_BarfAhh im just airing out my beef with FIFA
shaun413whats reprap?
shaun413whats fifa?
tjb1Not an acceptable answer to the question
brentrushaun413: this isn't #fifa?
Computer_Barflike 4 of the places I like to eat here in miami have been taking over by soccer playing card trading masses
shaun413what is fifa?
Computer_Barfwhich is especially annoying when no one is actually inside buying say, food.
brentrutrading cards?
tjb1brentru: you know... pieces of hard paper
tjb1with pictures on them
brentruI know
brentruare these people over 12 years old?
Arc_TeslaSpin to Win https://www.sclv.com/Gaming/WorldOfWinners.aspx
Computer_Barfcollector cards with soccer players on them. tons of people show up buying them by the case. They sit around outside trading them.
Computer_Barfso you show up you know, for lunch, and you basically can't park because of soccer.
brentruArc_Tesla: you gamble?
Computer_Barfbecause of people obsessed with a ball going back and forth,
tjb1Computer_Barf: you know their are grocery stores
Arc_Teslabut a free spin to win is cool
tjb1when you can buy food
tjb1to make lunch
brentruArc_Tesla: yea, absolutely
Computer_BarfYes by there are services that do certian dishes better than I realistically can achieve for 10 bucks.
Arc_Teslasaw a guy win 5000 for walking in the door a few hrs ago
Arc_Teslathats not bad
brentruThey draw you in with the spin/win
Arc_Teslayep, anything to get u in the door
mastag25what's a good site/program to stream for 3d printing webcame
Arc_Teslaif you can stay away from the gaming ur ok
brentrumastag25: livesteam/ustream/justintv
brentruArc_Tesla: give you $5k, spend $5k on gambling, lose $5k
shaun413ima post a flag ok?
Arc_Teslaahhhh give me 5000$ I tip the drik girl and walk out
Computer_Barfoh look a ball. that guy kicked a ball. oh the ball is moving. oh the ball bounced.
Arc_Teslabut thats just me
Arc_Teslaor i could sit down and what something in the sports book
shaun413brentru, http://vimeo.com/42785517
shaun413this looks like shit
shaun413gimme 4k bro
brentruthis isnt the 4k version bruh
mastag25i just need $1200
brentruthis is
shaun413where is it
mastag25that vimeo
mastag25probably looks insane on a 4k
mastag25i cant smell the abs in here anymore
mastag25am i dying
shaun413that is eygasmic
brentruyea, this looks great
shaun413gimme another
Arc_Teslatjb1 all hail obama.....
brentruskydive dubai
shaun413this aint even 4k tho
Arc_TeslaACTION runs
tjb1Arc_Tesla: putin
shaun413but still gorgeous
shaun413looks crappy brentru
Arc_Teslashaun try and be nice
brentruthis is 4k
Arc_Teslai said try
shaun413what Arc_Tesla ?
brentrudat buffer
shaun413OH MY LORD
tjb1Arc_Tesla: hail putin
brentruI want one of those things
shaun413i could touch it
mastag25the fuck
mastag25i want that shit
brentrubuffer is crazy...
mastag25no buffer here
brentruon the 4k resolution?
shaun413me eitehr
brentrudid you select 4k from the gear?
mastag25thats fucking amazing
mastag25yes on 4k
brentruthis looks like an amazing time
thejollygrimreapyou really want to be watching it on a 4k screen to really apreciate it
mastag25and im streaming this through an RDP session
tjb1<3 putin
brentruwhat did they film this with...
shaun413now i get to see how crappy my picturews really are...
brentrucannon 1DC
shaun413pixel peeping time
thejollygrimreapbrentru: RED
brentru$10k camera body
thejollygrimreapcould be
brentruthe RED EPIC-M Dragon is $50,000
shaun413get me a canon 5dmk3 pls
shaun413I need a good background
dzhocheap compared to film cameras used to shoot movies, though.
shaun413worthy of this
brentrudzho: the cannon t5 looks like a good next camera for me
mastag25fuck 4k
mastag25they got 6k
IkeKrullnobody uses film cameras any more, its all digital
shaun413wtf is that
thejollygrimreapshaun413: google it
shaun413prolly bad
dzhoistr the economics of movie production was that they used to rent the filming equipment because it was so expensive. Then the RED came out and they dispensed with all that, buying the cameras outright.
mastag25i have a t4i
shaun413they are decent
shaun413i want a 5dmk3
mastag25<brentru> dzho: the cannon t5 looks like a good next camera for me
shaun413realistically tho, maybe a 7d
brentruI like this
mastag25is that a canon t5i clone?
brentru16 digital film camera
brentrupocket sized
shaun413no brentru
brentru13 stops shaun
shaun413that makes no sense brentru
brentruno it doesnt
shaun413you know its a 2k dollar camera?
shaun413get me this
shaun413and im happy
shaun413the m9
thejollygrimreapfor video or photos?
mastag25just 3d print a camera
shaun413is for photos
thejollygrimreapinvest in a decent solid tripod
jdiezI'm printing a lock
jdiezthis is pretty cool
shaun413I have...
shaun413i have a nice manfrotto
thejollygrimreapi got a steadi cam on order,
thejollygrimreappainfull wait
shaun413I want this lens
thejollygrimreaplook for the older ones, the quality of the glass was better
kossweird theres no nikon ones like that
thejollygrimreapa 70 to 200?
shaun413thye say that...
shaun413all lies
thejollygrimreapi got a 55 to 300
brentruprint a steadycam
thejollygrimreapbeen there done that , worked well sort of
kossinsanely good reviews
kossbut ouch$
shaun413yes the f2.8 is is NICE
shaun413not too ouch on money
shaun413wanna see ouch?
jdiezdamn nigga
jdiezwhat that objective got inside it
kthxburs is http://i.imgur.com/8M8JOUh.png
jdiezexactly what I was thinking brentru
shaun41316 elements
brentrushaun413: oh baby
brentruthat lens though <3
shaun413flourite coatings
jdiezshaun413: can you 3d print it
shaun413LOL no
brentrudid you ever see the lens room at the olympics?
jdiezshaun413: lame
kosscamera porn
brentruthejollygrimreap: did you get a vest with your steadycam?
brentrushaun413: what are you shooting on, atm?
shaun413trusty old pal
brentruthat's old
shaun413same sensor
shaun413nothing changed...
shaun413as all the newer models
shaun413even the 60d
brentrunothing changed from t2i to t5i
shaun413not really
shaun413swivel screen maybe
jdiezew php
shaun413and touch screen
jdiezyou suck https://mediacru.sh/Q-AObdmIjxjv
shaun413but f that
shaun413t2i is GOAT
shaun413anyway, ill get a 7d soon
jdiezthought you were broke shaun413 :P
shaun413not for long
jdiezhow so?
shaun413ill grafulate
jdiezCHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE debian-sys-maint https://mediacru.sh/bxKMhGx4sodf
brentrushaun, t4i has continuous AF for video...
shaun413f video
brentrualso new digic 5 for video
shaun413i dont do video
thejollygrimreapcontinous af for video isn't exactly rare eve my nikon d3100 has that
shaun413so I dont care,
shaun413and Ill been investing in some nice glass first
shaun413before a body change
brentruI'm considering the EOS M
brentrureally small, t4i video sensors inside
shaun413lens mount?
shaun413what type
brentruadapter for full size lens
mastag25apparently they dont make a thunderbolt to usb 3.0 adapter
mastag25what kinda crap is that =/
brentrumastag25: they do...
mastag25i just tried to find one
mastag25some company has one in production but never released it
brentruYou're wrong
brentruI have one
mastag25holy shit
mastag25no thank you
mastag25i just want a single usb 3.0 lol
brentruThis is a breakout
mastag25thats a dock
mastag25for like a macbook air
brentruThunderbolt™ Express Dock lets you use a single connection to create high-speed, reliable transfers between your laptop and up to eight other devices, including FireWire, Ethernet, USB, and daisy chaining multiple Thunderbolt™ devices.
brentru>single connection for multiple outputs
mastag25i know
mastag25i just want a thunderbolt to usb 3.0 adapter, one cable i dont need all that
mastag25and not $200
brentruDoesnt exist
jdiezjoem__: hmmmmmm
brentruthey dont handshake well
jdiezI don't know about that joem__
jdiezjoem__: do you plan on printing the sliders?
brentrumy express dock connects to my monitor/1tb lacie/2tb lacie and iphone, it's useful AF
brentrucheaper on amazon...
jdiezjoem__: hence the hmm
mastag25no i get that
mastag25but for what i want it for
mastag25it makes no sense
jdiezjoem__: at the very least I'd use delrin balls instead of a fully printed linear motion system
mastag25i just wanted to put an HD camera on the printer
joem__jdiez, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mosfet/kossel-minimax/master/preview/preview-printed-bearing.PNG
brentruhere is an idea, mastag25
brentruTake out your CD drive
brentruwrong product
brentrusame idea
mastag25i dont think they do that dude
brentrusata does 6gb/s on macbooks, no?
jdiezdamn I have a really bad procrastination problem
mastag251.5 on the cd bus
jdiezI only work on stuff when I'm procrastinating other stuff I should be working at
brentrujdiez: wut
mastag25after this print is done imma reboot my computer
mastag25these ports are at least usb 2.0 this camera should be working
brentruhttp://www.sonnettech.com/product/usb3expresscard34.html mastag25
joem__jdiez, sec, uploading another render
mastag25mbp doesnt have expresscard
shaun413brentru, http://www.ebay.com/itm/USED-Leica-180-280-400mm-3-Lenses-PL-Mount-Conversion-/191221336077?pt=Camera_Lenses&hash=item2c85ae080d
shaun413legit price
crunchwhy is that 100ik
crunchaka ripoff
shaun413LEICA is GOAT
thejollygrimreapwhat is that , the new catch word of the day ?
Computer_Barfare there any rack and pinyon delta 3d printers?
blockh34dwhats best way to take provided specs about mount patterns for motors etc and bake them into my custom designs?
jdiezI like constraint-based systems
blockh34dComputer_Barf: how would that work? talking with TTN about a delta design now, its in its early early planning phase
shaun413greatest of all time
shaun413gosh peope
ScribbleJWhat CAD are you using, blockh34d ?
blockh34dScribbleJ: freecad, for now
blockh34di am very new to it though
jdiezhave you checked out sketches in freecad blockh34d ?
joem__jdiez, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mosfet/kossel-minimax/master/preview/preview-printed-bearing-insides.PNG
blockh34djdiez: yes i made a articulated finger model in it as a test
ScribbleJWell, then, I have no idea. I use OpenSCAD. I generally make a function that models the motor, with bolts, then just subtract it from the part I want to be a mount.
blockh34dlooks great, printed it in trimmer line, its indestructable
jdiezjoem__: ah, nice. it's similar to johann's design then
joem__yeah, just bigger for 2020
jdiezI ought to try printing with some of this trimmer line stuff
joem__and re-designed in solidworks, since i'm learning it
blockh34di wish they made heat shrink tubing just a little bigger, it'd be the 'skin'
shaun413brentru left
blockh34djdiez: sketchs are why i'm using freecad... i have gotta be able to draw outlines or i'm out... gone... onto a system that allows me to do that even if i have to make it
mastag25vulcan ocotpus
jdiezblockh34d: yeah, sketches are great
blockh34dluckily freecad is really looking pretty sweet
joem__jdiez, i modeled printed bushing, printed bearing, and one for a precision linear rail, since i'm building 2 of these bots
jdiezbut my brain resonates with openscad more
blockh34di may focus more on porting it to pi than reinventing the wheels its got covered
joem__jdiez, i tested both the delrin and the pla slide, and i like the slide better, it seems smoother and tighter, no wiggle at all in any direction
ramkamxhow much time does your heatbed takes to heat to say 90°c ?
joem__jdiez, pic: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-MqFRYcmKEZc/U55dKuejSeI/AAAAAAAAB0I/tw7NKq-0rPo/w654-h872-no/IMG_20140615_175011.jpg
blockh34djdiez: i wish openscad had 'now you draw some outline' mode, and i could do the rest in code, no problem
jdieznice joem__
blockh34doutlines and paths, rest could all be code
jdiezblockh34d: hehe. it'd be messy code
blockh34djdiez: i dunno... you could reference them like string variables, not so bad
blockh34dor array elements, or anything... doesnt have to be... bigass list of nubmers, etc
jdiezblockh34d: what it'd be nice to have in openscad is some interactivity
blockh34dflash had this figured out nicely i think, for the ide
jdiezat least being able to modify numbers without having to use the keyboard
blockh34djdiez: yah... i wish i had more time, maybe when i get a chance i'll fork openscad, make it unscadlike with ui elements etc
ramkamxput the numbers in excel, write a function that compiles it into code
blockh34dramkamx: i want to draw them though
blockh34dACTION is visual
blockh34di'd really prefer to draw them witha tablet
ramkamxblockh34d: who said you couldn't :-)
blockh34dramkamx: oh? how does that work?
ScribbleJblockh34d, openscad does have a 'draw some outline' mode. Use anything to make a DXF (librecad, inkscape) and import it, use linear_extrude.
ramkamxblockh34d: yeah, with some VBA on the backend :-)
blockh34dScribbleJ: hey great, thanks. I have inkscape open right now, ha
blockh34dramkamx: on a raspberry pi here lol
blockh34dbut it seems so easy to just put it in the program, to me
ramkamxblockh34d: yeah ...
blockh34dbut i guess it does add a whole lot of UI implications
blockh34dto be done right
ramkamxhavent tried openscad yet
blockh34dwhats openscad coded in?
blockh34dcool, what about the plugins?
jdiezwhat plugins?
blockh34di thought there was plugins
blockh34dwtf theres no plugins?
jdiezdunno about plugins
ScribbleJThere's plenty of libraries.
blockh34d<3 plugins
blockh34dok libraries then
ScribbleJWhich are all coded in OpenSCAD, of course.
ramkamxis it normal for the heatbed to take 7 minutes to reach 90°c ?
NETioramkamx: Not uncommon depending on room temp
blockh34dScribbleJ: are they allowed to stuff to openscad like add new menu / UI elements, create windows and manage the update of them?
NETioI think my bed takes a few minutes to hit 110C which is what I've been printing ABS at on PEI lately
blockh34dScribbleJ: i thought openscad created stuff would mostly focus on outputing mesh
NETioAnd I run on 14.5v to get a slightly faster heatup
NETioon 11v (cheap PC supply dropped to 11v when bed was on) it took a lot longert than 7 minutes to hit 100C
ScribbleJYou cannot add menu/UI, or windows. That's not what OpenSCAD is about.
ramkamxyeah, me reaching 110 is veeeery long, just gave up. 90°c + hairspray
blockh34dScribbleJ: right, its more for creating acutal model data, ya?
blockh34dScribbleJ: thats cool, c/c++ is great too
blockh34di just like plugins, sometimes they do this kinda stuff
NETioramkamx: Hairspray was letting parts go above 90C for me. I think it softened. The peeled parts looked shiny like the hairpsray stuck on them as they peeled at those temps
NETioramkamx: I ran hairspray @ 90C with ABS. 240C on first layer w/ E3D hotend
blockh34dScribbleJ: are any of the openscad devs regulars here that you know of?
ramkamxNETio: anything else i tried failed
thejollygrimreapwhat do you need?
mastag25almost done with boe
blockh34dthejollygrimreap: me?
ScribbleJblockh34d, yes, all of them really, or try over at #openscad.
NETioramkamx: you mean other temps failed or other build surfaces?
blockh34doh well just thinking about getting in the mix somewhere
ramkamxbut i still get warping issues with anything that spans more than 7-8 cm long, 2-3cm wide
blockh34dsee i've already made a nice outline editor, way back in the day
ScribbleJBut if you're going to suggest GUIfying OpenSCAD you'll meet a chilly reception. There's plenty of other CADs out there if you want clickybuttons.
blockh34dso its all kinda fresh in my head
ramkamxtried, abs diluted in acetone, uhu stick, nothing and high temp like 110°c
NETioblockh34d: Beauty of opensource is anyone can develop patches for it and submit them to the dev team
NETioramkamx: I was unhappy until now, with PEI
blockh34dand i think, maybe i'll make one for openscad, and then for me, that lets me use it since i really want some way to draw outlines, even if everything else is done in code
ramkamxthe only thing that works well, is miscalibrating the Z so that the nozzle really presses on the bed for layer 1
NETioPEI for ABS, Phenolic for Nylon. Happy with both of them now. Next goal is to rebuild my chamber and maybe throw in some active temp control
blockh34dmy workflow = draw outlines -> extrude/revolve them -> transform ->possible csg ->repeat
ramkamxbut that's not good for the nozzle, the glass, and the print
ramkamxPEI ?
ScribbleJI already explained how to do that in OpenSCAD.
NETiothen perhaps work on tuning for speeds like ndnihil runs. 200mm/s for ABS would be nice
kthxPEI is http://www.mcmaster.com/#ultem/=m91fr5 and is also http://kuehlingkuehling.de/2013/04/02/development-roundup-metal-hotends-new-print-surface-rjmp-linear-bearings-watercooling/ and is also http://www.amazonsupply.com/dp/B00CPRDDLY
blockh34dthejollygrimreap: is this something you would consider a benefit?
blockh34dScribbleJ: yes but it involves other apps, possibly heavy apps (for rpi anyways)
NETiolol. Aerospace grade PEI for ABS printing and Mil-spec phenolic for Nylon. Expensive build surfaces but well worth it IMO.
ScribbleJThat's the spirit of good code; do one thing and do it well.
blockh34da basic 'sketch' style editor wouldnt have to be very heavy, code wise
ScribbleJA basic 'sketch' style editor IN OpenSCAD would be badly misplaced.
blockh34di'm still considering going with that same external outline editor mode, and just making that editor
blockh34dso maybe that'd be better, its why i'm asking
ramkamxNETio: :-)
jdiezI like ScribbleJ's idea
jdiezan outline editor outside openscad that plays nice with openscad
blockh34dbut to me, it feels like a bigger benefti for it to be just another tab in the app or a subwindow you can open, etc
ramkamxNETio: 200mm/s ? with a i3 ?
jdiezI'd use that
NETioramkamx: Lol, no. I have a Rostock Max
jdiezopenscad can be easily embedded
blockh34djdiez: yah ok so i'm thinking making it super light weight
ramkamxNETio: above 100 mm/s you start getting way too much defects
blockh34djust something quick, and just enough to handle curves decent
ramkamx(with the i3)
blockh34dcopy/paste, the standard editting kinda stuff.
shaun413pew pew
shaun413no pew
ramkamxblockh34d: cant you load files or use includes ?
os1r1sramkamx: You can do more than 100
blockh34dok so i'll do that in c/c++ then and in a way i think can be dropped into openscad someday if it proves helpful
NETioramkamx: ndnihil successfully prints at speeds higher than that with an RMax. His quality started dropping off above 300mm/s. His highest was like 360mm/s IIRC and it still looked better than a lot of prints I see
os1r1sramkamx: I used to do 180+ on my prusa i2
ScribbleJNETio, using Repetier?
jdiezblockh34d: instead of dropping it into openscad, why don't you drop openscad into your project?
kthxRMax is rostock max
blockh34dramkamx: oh i havent even used it yet. Not at all. but i'd rather, since i like code based solutions to things. But i've been modelling stuff for a really long time, and what i described is how i like to work
NETioI ran a calibration cube at like 200mm/s and it looked ok. Extrusion looked like it was thinning out, probably needed to bump up temps
jdiezyeah temp needs to scale up with speed
NETioScribbleJ: Yeah, Reptier firmware and Repetier host for ndnihil. I run rep-firmware and octoprint as a host
jdiezotherwise your extruder will hate you
ramkamxos1r1s: yeah did that too, pushed it to 300% (70mm/s *3 = 210mm/s), it prints. but misses things, and on long prints it always will skip a step
ramkamxor two
blockh34djdiez: i wouldn't want to overextend myself, its hard to say where my attention is at long term i just like to find little things i can get in at and make it happen
jdiezNETio: octoprint as a host is goddamn awful for a delta printer
jdiezat least on a raspberry pi
NETioramkamx: I already run travel at 250mm/s
NETiojdiez: Why?
jdiezit consistently fucks up my 100mm/s prints
os1r1sramkamx: Thats something specific to your config. Mine used to hold it for 12+ hours
Computer_BarfI wonder if motor cooling might be a factor on prints that go that fast
NETiojdiez: What's different about octoprint as a host?
os1r1sAnd my current printers do much, much more
blockh34d jdiez you overclock your pi?
ramkamxos1r1s: yep. maybe i should start fine tuning
NETiojdiez: gcode is the same for a delta as a cartesian. No difference
jdiezNETio: it's pretty slow in terms of io
ScribbleJNETio, I don't believe for a minute he was really reaching 360. Repetier steps down the speed automatically when the interrupt is going to be triggered too fast and the threshold is a lot lower than that, plus even if it didn't it would not be able to fire often enough to do 360 on a standard RoMax.
ramkamxNETio: you have a rostock max ?
jdiezblockh34d: nope, but I shall try doing so
NETioramkamx: Yes
ramkamxwho sells kits for that in FR / EU ?
ramkamx(not shitty kits)
os1r1sScribbleJ: Are you still in love with repetier firmware?
jdiezyou can buy kossel mini kits very easily in eu
Artesiananyone need a 1.75mm bowden E3D v5 new never used hotend?
jdiezramkamx: http://builda3dprinter.eu
NETioWhen I push high speeds curves start to degrade in quality. I think it's the firmware cutting back delta-segments since it can't do the math fast enough
Artesian(sorry for asking again to those who have seen this a lot)
NETioI think a Smoothieboard is in my future
blockh34djdiez: sudo raspi-config => section 7... mine is always at max, no problems
ramkamxjdiez: thx
ScribbleJos1r1s, I have no language to adequately express my frustration at that question.
jdiezNETio: yeah that's true too. same for me, will get a smoothie
os1r1sScribbleJ: I figured as much :)
jdiezblockh34d: I do have a copper heatsink on the pi, so I'll try that
os1r1sScribbleJ: But your responses are usually so funny that I could not resist
NETioI'm printing at 100mm/s perimters and 140mm/s infill right now. Curved parts look bad. Not sure if it's the STLs though, it was a thingicrap print
ramkamxNETio: there's a lot of discussions on boards that have an AMD chip, with 32bytes maths
jdiezNETio: how many delta segments/s?
jdiezramkamx: arm rather :P
jdiezand 32bits
ramkamxramkamx: i wonder if anyone made ports of the firmware for those
NETiolol, definately the model
blockh34djdiez: i don't, still no problem... i max out gpu on erroneous opengl dev apps and stuff like that all the time too, no problem
ScribbleJWell, I'm going to go away now. Watching the TV while I wait for my new coreXY parts to print.
NETioultra-low poly crap
ramkamxjdiez: didnt get it ?
jdiezramkamx: smoothies don't have an amd chip, they have an arm chip
NETiojdiez: I think I'm at 34
jdiezNETio: that is definitely, definitely too low
NETiojdiez: Whatever the RMax firmware comes set to. I copy 80% of their settings since I run RAMPS but have an RMax
ramkamxjdiez: oh i wrote arm :-) just noticed the time. 5AM, time to grab some sleep
NETiojdiez: Oh no, that's per line minimum or something. I think it's 240/s
NETiolet me check
x303___My printers controller runs on a 3dfx chip
jdiezramkamx: hehe, same here
joem__voodoo or die
ramkamxwhere ?
ramkamxuk ?
jdiezNETio: 240/s is plenty
jdiezramkamx: spain currently
ramkamx5am is normal for spain
NETioI was basing my "curves degrade with speed" from my current print
NETiowhich is a crap model from thingicrap
jdiezanyway it wouldn't be curves degrading with speed
jdiezyou'd get cpu overload
jdiezwhich will just mean that your motors will make strange noises
jdiezI had that at first
shaun413C P U
ramkamxNETio: which firmware do you use ? marlin ? other ?
NETioramkamx: Repetier firmware, as I stated earlier
ramkamxmissed that one
ramkamxRepetier does 4th order calcs for the curves ?
NETiojdiez: I run 225 delta segments per second
jdiezNETio: that is more than enough
NETiojdiez: That's on print moves. On travel it's 80
x303___kthx: crap is http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:116907
kthxx303___: Okay.
kthxhttp://www.thingiverse.com/thing:116907 => => 4 comments, 2 IRC mentions
NETiojdiez: And 22 per line
jdiezoh, you can change that depending on the move type with repetier? that's cool
jdiezon marlin you hjust have a setting for all moves
ramkamxjdiez: builda3dprinter has the mini, not the max
NETiojdiez: Only applicable if your slicer uses G0 for travel moves. Not sure if slic3r does
jdiezramkamx: yes, it has the kossel mini, that's what I told you
jdiezNETio: I use kisslicer anyway
ramkamxi'm looking for something more robust, will use it to print with ceramics & concrete
NETioramkamx: SeeMeCNC is the only producer of the Rostock Max
kthxseemecnc is seemecnc is http://seemecnc.com and also http://reprap.org/wiki/seemecnc, They make the Rostock MAX, and sell parts for other machines too. Forum at http://forum.seemecnc.com and is also #seemecnc and is also - dropcam - https://www.dropcam.com/p/seemeshop
jdiezramkamx: I have a kossel mini with parts bought from builda3d printer, and I'm extremely happy
ramkamxthere will be lots of vibration
ramkamxand the head will be heavy ~500 to 1000g
jdiezthat's not a good idea on a delta
ramkamxdelta design is nice because the bed doesnt move, which is good for the print
NETioramkamx: Although the plans are entirely open source, it's got injection molded and CNC machined parts, not printed parts. It's a much higher grade machine than a lot of repraps
jdiezthere won't be vibration, there'll be inertial issues
ramkamxNETio: nice !
malcom2073h-bot may be better for that, bed only moves slowly in the Z, the head doing X/Y
NETiodelta can be very fast, but only with a lightweight head
NETioSome people swing micro-extruders on the effectors but at reduced speeds
NETioI have a bowden setup and get no ooze and no strings with ABS, minimal stringing with Nylon trimmer line (not baked to remove moisture either)
ramkamxF*** my ISP ... it's been happening for the past 3 weeks and they still accuse my computer. http://imgur.com/Gc262Ny
NETioramkamx: lol, it downloaded their favicon
jdiezramkamx: change your dns to
NETioramkamx: and for alternate
robotustra_just finished the calibration of printer
ramkamxjdiez: google's DNS not working. i'm sure they've put some traffic analyzing or DPI shit in their box
mastag25or through
NETioramkamx: RMax kit is $999 so if that's out of budget I can save you a visit to the site
shaun413how is everyone tonight
NETiocomes with literally everything you need other than like a screwdriver and a few other things
NETioshaun413: I'm good. How about you?
robotustra_about 20 hours spent on assembly
shaun413my cousin gave me a monitor today
shaun413turns out its a nice 1900x1200 res IPS
robotustra_and 5 hours for software + calubration
shaun413600 dollar monitor
shaun413she got it from work
ramkamxone sec, i'll just shout on their twitter page.
jdiezalright im gonna call it a day, good night folks
NETioshaun413: That's awesome. How big?
NETiojdiez: GNight
NETioshaun413: Very nice
shaun413it is glorious
ramkamxif you ever go to france, never buy anything from orange.
Artesianany of you print TPE?
Artesianwhat's the max speed you've achieved if so?
Artesian(ninjaflex is what I use)
Artesianb/c while I'd love to print a recreus shoe over 67 hours...
shaun413im bored..
ArtesianI'm hoping I can kick up my max speed
Computer_Barfwhat is TPE?
Artesianthermoplastic elastomer
Artesianflexible filament
Computer_Barfinteresting. prices per kilo?
Artesian50-70 bucks
Artesianfor the good stuff
ArtesianFenner Drives makes timing belts, so they have all the experience they need making high quality flexy stuff
Computer_Barfi wonder how much the actual raw plastic costs
Artesianyou can get it cheaper, but its worse quality
Computer_Barfno i mean if you extruded your own
Artesianlikely much less, but it's speciality stuff so demands a premium
Artesiannot sure how to do that, but yeah who knows
Artesianyou need a special extruder to print it, probably need a special filament creator to make it
Computer_Barfis TPE a chemical name?
Artesianthermoplastic elastomer
Artesianso... no
Artesianits a class of rubbers
Computer_Barfhumm i wonder what the actual name of the stuff is
Artesianah wait
ArtesianI asked fenner for a material data sheet!
Artesianlet me check my emails
Computer_Barfoh yeah thats what you want.
crunchits on the website
mastag25Are you tired of braking parts made with ABS and PLA? Ninja flex from fenner drives is a thermoplastic elastomer based material with awesome rubbery properties.
crunchdoes not say much
mastag25am i tired of BRAKING them?
Computer_Barfwhat is the nature of the specialized extruder?
mastag25it doesnt say anything about needing a special extruder
Artesianthey didn't have an english major write their site
mastag25they said it "works well with a spring loaded extruder"
mastag25thats it
Computer_BarfBRAKE it ON down
Artesianyou need to encapsulate the filament
Artesianfor the entire time its going over the hobbed pulley or bolt
Artesianor it will buckle
Artesianits rubber
Artesianyou cant put unrestricted pressure on it
Artesiani'll link you to what I use
mastag25they show it being extruded though
mastag25unless you mean up until the nozzle
mastag25it needs something
Artesianright, from hob to nozzle
Artesianit has to be 100% encapsulated by a tube of some kind
Artesianso if you're clever you can mod your own setup
ArtesianI used lulzbot's open source files for their model
Artesianand printed my own
mastag25that sucks =/
Artesianexcept the filament is amazing
Computer_Barfoh great another lulzbot extruder with a bit of wood in it.
ArtesianI make cheap iphone cases now
Artesianfor about 30 cents of filament I make a better quality stronger case than you can buy for 20 bucks
Artesianyou can use any hotend
Artesianall metal is probably great
Artesianits just one example of an enclosed extruder
Artesianas you can see very different from ordinary open designs
Artesiangiant tube of PTFE going all the way through
ArtesianI love it
Artesianfor some bizarre reason it prints better than PLA/ABS/Nylon for me
mastag25i thought ptfe was dangerous and high temps
Artesianhotend is still metal at the hot part
ArtesianPTFE melts at 260
Artesianyou print TPE at 210
Artesianso back to the material..
Artesiani guess I can host this PDF in dropbox
mastag25i do need a metal barrel with ptfe in it for PLA tho
Artesianbut I'll read out a few...
mastag25expensive as hell for the barrel
Computer_Barfthere is a very tiny part of my bulldog xl where after the hobbed thingie it is free before it goes into the hole that leads to the hotend
Artesianaluminum hydroxide for blue, carbon black for black, ethylene bisstearamide for blue, red, black
Artesianlimestone dust for red
Artesiansilica for red
Artesiansilicon dioxide, amorphous - for blue --- stearic acid for red. Titanium dioxide for blue. Thermoplastic polyurethane
Artesianfor all colors.. so there we go
Computer_BarfI wonder If perhaps a small tube was somehow leading all the way up to the hobbed thingie
Artesiana lot of people do that mod, computer
Computer_Barfi want to say its a hobbed bolt but its not a bolt. Hobbed thing on the geared motor.
Artesianif you can just get a tube all the way up to your pulely
Artesianpulley* is what you have then
Artesianso that there is no space for it to buckle or bend into
Artesianthen you're good
mastag25i had someone print me sandstone
Artesian1-2 mm is fine, but 5+mm = big problems
mastag25do they make sandstone filament
Artesianits not filament
Artesianits powder
Artesiantotally differnet kind of printer
Artesianits not FDM/FFF
Computer_Barfno they have fdm sandstone
mastag25dunno wtf they printed it then
Artesianoh wait yeah
Computer_Barfits mixed with plastic
Artesianit is a type of FDM
Artesianits just not a filament
Computer_Barfno there is a filament sandstone one
Artesiansandstone is super brittle
Artesianlike you're supposed to leave those prints on shelves and not touch them
Artesianits not sandstone
Artesianlaybrick is its own thing
Artesianreal sandstone printing is powder-based
Artesiansweep the powder across a build plate, then bind layers with heat or a glue
iamalionwow weird
Computer_Barfit looks like sandstone
Artesianthen build up layer by layer that way
iamalionoctorpint is crashing any browser suddenly
Artesianyeah for sure
Artesianits meant to mimick the sandstone type stuff
Artesianits meant to mimick brick really
Artesianbut similar idea
Computer_Barfgotta set up a print brb
ArtesianSo on the TPE datasheet it says "thermoplastic polyurethane" = 100% composition
Artesianthen the colorants are all <1%
Artesianso it's >100%... nice
Computer_Barfi had no idea there are thermoplastic polyurethanes
Artesianits my fave material
Computer_Barfwait is that just a thermoplastic mixed with polyurethane?
Artesianaside from nylons, but I cant get those to print well yet
Artesianits literally polyurethane
Artesian100% polyurethane rubber it says on the datasheet
Artesiani'll host it
Computer_Barfthats weird all my conceptions of polyurethane is that it cures with heat
Computer_Barfare skateboard wheels injection moulded?
Artesianwell... what are we doing to it in a 3D printer man!?
Artesian210C lol
ArtesianI call that heat
Artesianbut you're exactly right, it's the same basic material as skateboard wheels
Artesianits funny because we use skateboard bearings in our printers too!
mastag25no real skater would use them :P
ramkamxNETio: got it to work. nice. but they're in the US, delivery times take ages
Computer_Barfyeah lol i have three for my filament dispensors im printing but I need one more. Im so not going to mail order a single bearing
Computer_Barfim thinking about where a skate shop is
ramkamxI wonder why nobody in EU makes kits for the rostock max
Artesianyou order like 10 or 12 at a time
Artesianfor like 10 bucks
mastag25best bearing would be bones
mastag25very pricey though
Computer_Barfyes.. I know. I only need one for my dispensor because I already have three spare
Computer_Barfsome of the neighborhood kids leave their skateboards laying around in their yards. Im tempted to "go teach them a lesson"
mastag25hey you kids
Computer_Barf"today in florida a child was critically injured in a bizzar skateboard accident when a bearing when missing. Tonight at nine.
GrumpyOldMan0001ACTION pores bleach in the words "bite me" on mastag25's lawn
mastag25my 4 hour print almost done
GrumpyOldMan0001im not actually sure bleach would work... just guessing grass wouldn't like it..
Computer_BarfI did that with fertilizer , fuck this, in my middle schools courtyard on the last week.
Computer_BarfI think you guys are the first people I ever told.
joem__my next 3d printer: http://i.imgur.com/PYv2tU5.jpg
Computer_Barfno bacon and eggs?
GrumpyOldMan0001that would be very very bad... for the waste line!
joem__cause aint none of my flapjacks going to waste
GrumpyOldMan0001though in some peoples cases waste is more accurate
Computer_Barfyou do have to admit that they don't quite look like pancakes I've ever cooked though.
joem__robot pancakes
joem__hmmm, build in a batter extruder xy control for fun shapes
Computer_Barfi like them burt black in the middle and gooey on the sides. Can you do that robot?