shaun413I kind of just wish I was dead
SystemsGuyMattyMatt - I frequently use shaun413 as a pong
MattyMattone day, your wish will come true
shaun413I hope its soon
MattyMatton the cosmic scale, it will be
shaun413I'm glad
MattyMatton the upside, you'll likely shrug off existential angst by the time you're 30
shaun413If I can find a family
MattyMattwe're here for a good time, not a long time
shaun413A wife or so
MattyMattmeh, rent a wife
SystemsGuywives are over-rated shaun413
MattyMattthe first half hour's the best >:)
shaun413I want kids
MattyMatt(apologies to real women listening)
SystemsGuyrent kids :)
crunchsystemsguy has a hot mother in law
SystemsGuy(listens to the crickets for MattyMatt )
MattyMattI said half-hour not 5 minutes, because they might be listening >>:)
SystemsGuyI still barf in my mouth a bit when you say that crunch :)
shaun413Only crunch can afford such luxeries
crunchof what?
cruncha good rental is like 400 a hour
shaun413You got $$$$
shaun413Bling bling chicken wings
SystemsGuyshaun413's more into the "$20 dollar, make you hollar" sorta market.
crunch$20 dollar go, i need a doctor!
Chewy64So, fleshlights?
crunch$20 dollar now , lifetime of valtrex
crunchyou can prolly print one with ninjaflex
Chewy64I guess.
SystemsGuyThat might actually make shaun413 plug his printer back in.
MattyMattif you're young and healthy, you can get paid for your seed. more if you got good SATs and they want you for a breeder
SystemsGuybut a roll of ninja-flex is more than $20. Nevermind
shaun413U silly
Chewy64They might pay Shaun413 to not reproduce.....
shaun413This is why I want to die
MattyMattno, you want every other man to die, leaving you on Planet of the Women
SystemsGuyshaun413 - the act of reproduction is over rated. Practicing reporduction is, however, a load of fun :P
shaun413God no
MattyMattI got a cat and a robosapien. between them they fulfill all the potential of a baby
MattyMattI should make a gene deposit myself, so I can go basejumping, and so when people ask me if I have kids I can say millions
shaun413I'll never fond a nice wife anywat
shaun413Nothing works well
MattyMattget a wedding ring
shaun413I can't afford that
MattyMattbecause married men are more attractive
MattyMattand so are men that really don't give a shit anymore
MattyMattso learn to fake being married, too tired, and hate women, and they'll be all over you
MattyMattit's like when they wait until you're asleep before they want sex
shaun413No they wont
shaun413I already ignore them
SystemsGuyyou have to shower first shaun413
MattyMattthat's why married men are prefered. pre-trained
shaun413U think I'm some fugly smelly fat nerd
shaun413I am not
MattyMattno, if that was the case, we'd be talking gymnasiums
MattyMattas it is, you appear to have ingrowing virginity
shaun413Talking gym?
SystemsGuyshaun413 - I've seen you on the hangout :)
MattyMattmaybe you need a pro to snip it out. claim it on medicare
SystemsGuyObamaCare has a form for that MattyMatt, but only if you make less than $40k a year.
SystemsGuyit means you can have yours excised shaun413
shaun413_My what
SystemsGuyACTION goes to find the shaun413 video.
SystemsGuyvirginity shaun413
MattyMattah I lost mine, but still wasn't happy. the only cure was finding another unrequiting object to moon over.
hyperairwhat does it mean if my PLA refuses to extrude properly unless retractions frequently occur during print?
SystemsGuyMattyMatt - I just pretended to lose it over and over again.
mastag25not keeping the top of the hotend cool enough
mastag25PLA too hot
MattyMatthyperair, does it sting when you pee? ah sorry, reprap question
shaun413_I just want a tele lens
mastag25extruder not made for PLA
shaun413_That will make everything better
hyperairACTION sighs
shaun413_I'd hope
shaun413_I'd like some friends too
shaun413_And a future wife
hyperairmastag25: i managed to get it to work for a while, then it jammed up and stopped extruding again
MattyMattmash up the telly
mastag25are you keeping it cool
hyperairmastag25: i can print a small gear with many retractions properly, but i can't print a calibration cube.
mastag25which hotend you using
shaun413_And no one cares
hyperairthe makerbot replicator hotend
MattyMattit's only TV telling you you need to marry <insert unreal bimbette her>
mastag25havent heard anyone having a PLA problem with makerbot
hyperairit's really weird. most of the time, retractions are supposed to make things worse, not better
MattyMattreplicator is PLA only isn''t it?
hyperairreplicator is ABS and PLA
hyperairrep2 is PLA only
SystemsGuyhyperair - there's a load of threads on the MOG about the rep1 hotend
hyperairoh makerbot operators group
SystemsGuyMakersnot Operators Group - google list
SystemsGuyhyperair - look for posts by "jetguy" :)
hyperairyeah, i've seen those
hyperairit helped me a lot in diagnosing the first bunch of issues
starnowhich came first belgium or germany?
SystemsGuyhyperair - I think I'd honestly try the canola oil one for shits and grins.
hyperairSystemsGuy: i've dunked singer oil down already
hyperairSystemsGuy: it's what got my extruder printing in the first place
SystemsGuystarno - not sure, but I do know a German can drive across Belgium in a tank in less than a day....
NETiojust figured out what my next design and print project will be:
starnohyperair whats wrong with your hotend?
starnoSystemsGuy: I just noticed one of them is not creative with their flag design
hyperairstarno: PLa printing jams -- it prints a gear with many retractions fine, but it won't print a calibration cube.
hyperairit specifically seems to print the perimeters fine, but not the infill
starnohyperair: what does the cube look like
hyperair20x20x10 cube
hyperairjust an unassuming cube
starnophoto of the output?
hyperairdon't have it at the moment, but it basically starts airprinting and clicking away
starnois the fan on?
hyperairyes it is
hyperairi don't think it's a heat-rise issue, if that's what you're thinking
NETiohyperair: E3D?
starnowhat firmware are you running
hyperairNETio: no, it's a flashforge creator
hyperairstarno: sailfish
hyperairNETio: it's a clone of the replicator
NETiosounds like when I ran PLA through my E3D at first
hyperairrep1 dual
hyperairNETio: what was the issue there?
starnohyperair: so when you couldnt run a calibration cube, you ran a gear print afterward?
NETiohyperair: lol, E3D v5 doesn't like PLA. I just went back to ABS. I'll work on PLA again later this week
NETiognite #reprap
hyperairstarno: no, actually i managed to get the cube printing sometime ago
hyperairstarno: with that extruder, and that filament
hyperairthen i tried printing the gear, but the holes closed up
hyperairso i wanted to print a cube to recalibrate my extrusion multiplier and try to spot any other issues
hyperairi was having a *lot* of stringing as well
MattyMatt 1830, so belguim came first
starnois the motor skipping?
hyperairnot when printing the gear
hyperairbut when printing the cube
hyperairit's like retractions magically fix the issue
hyperairand if you retract often enough, you never run into the issue
starnoit should be the opposite situation
hyperairyeah, i know
hyperairthat's why i said it shouldn't be a heat-rise issue
starnoyour infill speeds are sane?
hyperairthey're slower than the perimeter
MattyMatt 1871
starnohyperair: can you run a python script?
MattyMattand 1991
hyperair <-- here's the gcode for the cube, by the way
starnoMattyMatt: looks like the belgium rebels flag was adopted by the germs
starnohyperair: id do some free air extrusion tests to figure out whats going on
hyperairstarno: those work fine
starnothis script can test the limits
starnoits going to be a mysterious problem until you can pinpoint what is making it fail
hyperairoh, i should probably mention. the first successful print of the cube was at 225°C
mastag25thats not good
hyperairit's a ridiculous temperature for PLA, but it exhibiting the same problem at that time at lower temperatures
hyperairit was*
hyperairthe issue where it goes click click click and starts printing puny little strings
hyperairthe gear also prints fine at 215-225°C
starnoIve seen with those extruders its not a smooth entrance into the hotend and sometimes plastic gets flaked off and can jam into the hole causing a rukus
hyperairit's an aluminium tube that's pretty smooth though
hyperairthe heat break tubing, that is
hyperairthere's PTFE inside it. perhaps i might need to disassemble it and take a look at that
starnothe entrance is chamfered, and if there is a little misalignment the plastic scrapes on the entrance
starnotheres PTFE inside it!?
hyperairnot PTFE
starnois this the MK7?
starnowell thats not supposed to be there if its a legit clone
hyperairis it not?
hyperairafaik it is, though
starnonot on the MK7
hyperairi saw some of jetguy's posts mentionining its existence
hyperairand *not* to remove it
hyperair!topic/flashforge/8RBXZhlggvM <-- this thread
starnook, my info is outdated then
starnowow, this is sad
starnoits like going back in time
mastag25i got a ptfe lined barrel coming
starnoread further down from Jetguy "The problem now is that Flash Forge strayed from the proven design KNOWN to work."
hyperairyeah i just saw that
starnoPTFE lining is a copout that eliminates the advantages of being all-metal
mastag25and the fix is what
hyperairACTION wonders if it's possible to just replace the thermal barrier
mastag25drill out the ID?
starnono, dont do that
hyperairthe ID is already drilled out too much, that's why the PTFE liner is needed
starnoI wish I could help you, but I have no experience with flashforge stuff
starnomastag25: PTFE lining is a proven method. its just silly to insert it into a "all-metal" hotend
Computer_Barfi actually really don't like ptfe linings. They are damaged easily and can form a gap.
mastag25this is an all metal hotend
mastag25and everyone has been getting a lined barrel to fix it
starnoits a flawed design then
os1r1sstarno: I agree! And I can't believe everyone thinks its ok
SkrotusI've been using a hexagon hotend just with pla and it's been quite good
hyperairhow do people handle retractions with PLA? i've been having excessive stringing with it =\
hyperairmight be a temperature that's too high as well
mastag25not sure how it is in "normal" software but i retract 1mm when not extruding
hyperairmine's already set at 4mm
mastag25prolly too hot then
SkrotusI'd reduce the temperature
mastag25average temp is 175-190
mattwj2002howdy peeps
peepsalothowdy mattwj2002
mattwj2002haha peepsalot sorry if I pinged you by accident :)
mattwj2002hey peepsalot would you like to see my latest design?
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peepsalotheh, neat
Computer_Barfwhat is it?
mattwj2002peepsalot: it is a scad based so changing the dems is pretty easy
mattwj2002Computer_Barf: it is suppose to be a tool to make it easier to twist on an F connector for a tv cable
mattwj2002F connector is the standard for cable in the US
Computer_Barfahh nice
Computer_Barfnow i get it.
Computer_Barfyeah i can relate to that
Computer_Barfperhaps you should put that in the title
Computer_Barfsomeone might relate to TV cable tightener more than F connector
mattwj2002no idea if it will work
mattwj2002my printer needs some love
Computer_Barfwhats the matter?
mattwj2002thanks Computer_Barf!
mattwj2002just been clogging real bad
mattwj2002I jut haven't had time to screw with it
mattwj2002no big deal
Computer_Barfwhat kind of hotend?
mattwj2002Buda style
Computer_Barfi had a buddhaschnossle , it jammed so i took it apart to work on it, then that lasercut wood part broke. I recall it had quite a few parts for a hotend.
mattwj2002Computer_Barf: is this any better?
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mattwj2002I might put a different hotend on it
mattwj2002it is Summer
mattwj2002that is more of a Fall or Winter project
Computer_Barfyes but i would say TV Cable tightener for F type connector
Computer_Barfit thingieverse allows so much
mattwj2002okay cool
mattwj2002Computer_Barf: one more time ;)
Computer_Barfsorry i dont mean to be picky and make you do stuff over, i just know how searching thingieverse goes. you might not know its an f type connector, but know its tv cable related. I recall at some point some of the cables comcast came with a little grenn plastic thing on thiers, I much appreciated that functionality. Useful thingie.
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mattwj2002Computer_Barf: comcast is who gave me the idea :)
Computer_Barflol was yours green?
mattwj2002no gray
mattwj2002but probably a simplier design :)
Computer_BarfI recall mine had little numbs sticking out the sides.
Computer_Barf* nubs
mattwj2002Computer_Barf: in less than an hour two people added it to their collection!
mattwj2002I don't remember any numbs on mine
mattwj2002yup :)
mattwj2002useful items are my favorite thing from thingiverese
Computer_Barfim jel. I'm just starting to get into exporting stuff from sketchup. we have a towel hanger in our bathroom where the bar broke
Computer_Barfand the mounting is ceramic and basically permanently in the wall
Skrotusall of the things I've designed are printer parts
Computer_Barfso ive set out to make some square inserts that will fit where the rod was in it previously, that will stick out and hold a new rod
mattwj2002Skrotus: nothing wrong with that
Jay_im back!!! (3-4 hrs later)
mattwj2002sounds cool Computer_Barf linky?
SkrotusI just use sketchup
Computer_Barfhowever, idk if anyone other than me will ever print it. Kinda specific to my situation and I don't know specifically what brand produced the original towel holder. I've not put it online yet.
mattwj2002okay cool Computer_Barf
Jay_but yea i cleared that jam and recalibrated it (lost my 1mm spacer for z sensor eye balled it) since then ive printed the large gear a set of rod clamps and right now im printing the x end stop
mattwj2002Skrotus: nothing wrong with that
Jay_havent tried the bar clamps again yet but last 2 prints were good quality at least in my 3 days worth of experience
mattwj2002sweet Jay_
Jay_anyone have any experience with the quantum prusa i think its an i3 variation?
mattwj2002not me
Jay_those are the parts i am printing
Jay_there are a few that i will have to get elsewhere or figure out how to seperate a build plate with 2 and save them seperately
Computer_Barfhere is the design. there are two images, the first image shows the end that goes into the tapered square space in the side of the rod mount.
Computer_Barfthe second image shows where you would slide the new rod in and screw it in, with that hole.
Computer_Barfthe thing is small, its for half inch square nickle plated rod.
mattwj2002very cool Computer_Barf
Computer_Barfeasier to understand when you see the actual towel holder but, basically you can't replace the rod without two of these, well not without tearing it out of the wall.
Computer_Barfi exported an stl from sketchup and printed it, but it seems only half of my object printed. I went back into sketchup and i believe this was caused by some internal walls in the object.
Computer_BarfI've heard that
Computer_Barfpla is sensitive to water. Is this true? has anyone made any pla parts that were exposed to water for log periods?
SkrotusI use an extension called Solid Inspector to make sure the stl will be manifold before I export it
Computer_Barfsolid inspector. Sounds like i need to get that.
mattwj2002solid inspector?
mattwj2002got ya
Computer_Barfperhaps someone who knows how to use kthx could tell it about that as the liink for solid inspector
Computer_Barfive forgotten how to do that.
mattwj2002I use netfabb
Computer_Barfi did do this the other day:
Computer_Barfmicron 3dp?
kthxmicron 3dp is proven
mattwj2002kthx: solid inspector is
kthxmattwj2002: Okay.
mattwj2002solid inspector?
kthxsolid inspector is
kthxthis is why I love #reprap
Computer_Barfkthx: micron 3dp is available from and is described here and according to Computer_Barf IS PROVEN
kthxComputer_Barf: Okay.
Computer_Barfmicron 3dp?
kthxmicron 3dp is available from and is described here and according to Computer_Barf IS PROVEN
kthxmicron is
Computer_Barfthought i would clean up what i did before to be more functional.
Computer_Barfthis is probably me being anal but, does anyone here clean their nozzel with brasso or something like that?
mattwj2002guys I need to try and sleep again
mattwj2002have a good night
mattwj2002bye! :)
Computer_Barfnight man. ttyl.
mattwj2002sounds good!
Computer_Barfdon't know what it is , but probably printable.
Computer_BarfEZ Adjust Rope Adjuster
crunchwhat a amazingly retarded ebay seller
crunchi order two pulleys , he sends one and writes some bs on the envelope about how he ran out and he will send later
crunchi ordered two to have a matching set
crunchits like a pair of shoes minus one shoe
Computer_Barfthat's pretty bad.
crunchi tell him , why did you not send a email asking if i want a refund or to wait , wasted a week of my time waiting.
crunchthen he refunds me for the one pulley he did not send , so i have a pulley here that is no use to me
crunchwhat a turd
terramir_okies need some opinions again bedleveing is my cross in life.
Computer_Barfi would put it into resolution.
crunchim trying to be nice about it as i sell on ebay a ton , and it really hurts the seller
crunchits just beyond me that he would send it out incomplete and not say anything
Skrotusthe feedback system isn't great
crunchand he is still selling the crap he is "out" of taking peoples money
SkrotusI'm not sure how they could fix it though
crunchthe feedback system is a one sided shit system
Computer_Barfyes.. They need to two side it.
crunchi get people that take advantage of me and threaten bad feedback
crunchone asshole ordered a kit in orange , i sent orange. he opens a dispute saying i sent orange and he wants blue.
crunchebay sided with me as i filled the order correctly , i told him , send it back ill swap it no problem.
crunchhe leaves me a negative " seller offered to change colors, not worth my time"
SkrotusI haven't tried selling anything, but I never leave negative feedback either
SkrotusI've been fairly lucky that I haven't needed to
crunchits almost so silly i suspect a competitor , i dunno
Computer_Barf idk
Skrotusbut most sellers will go out of their way to avoid it anyway
Computer_BarfI've done a fair bit of selling online. ppl will be retarded.
crunchits about 1 in 75 that are assholes
crunchmost are nice and good people
Computer_Barfi agree with that
Computer_Barfits just that the one will be THAT bad.
Computer_Barfthe proverbial bad apple
crunchebay needs to die
crunchthey are the worst run fortune 1000 ever
crunchnext to comcast
SkrotusI use it a lot
Computer_BarfI wouldn't be surprised if they outsource most of the customer service stuff to india and pretty much worry about maintaining the servers.
crunchits all in the philipines
crunchno one can do anything
crunchits all " i will take a report and if we decide to help we will"
crunchthey send no emails , nothing in writing , 95% of the time they never follow thru
crunchendless loop
crunchno one has any power and you cant talk to anyone who makes decisions
crunchjust scripted bullshit
Computer_BarfI would think that
Computer_Barfidk its like the initial idea of ebay was good. And then no more good ideas.
Computer_BarfYou would think you could contract people into agreeing to a jury system with promoted moderators as judges.
mastag25uploading my super mario front print at 2000% speed
mastag25from 1hr 45mins down to 5 minutes
Computer_Barfalmost have a community maintained system. That would be cool.
London3DGood morning.
crunchthey do have a mediation service
mastag25i need to bake this ABS
mastag25it keeps popping
crunchit consist of shoving a giant dick up the sellers ass
mastag25^ lol
Computer_BarfI totally agree with you on two way feedback
London3Dmastag25: Try putting the ABS in a sealed bag with something that will dry it.
mastag25it was shipped vacuum sealed heh
terramir_there is a two way feedback system
mastag25with a packet inside
crunchno there is not
crunchyou cannot leave a negative for a buyer
terramir_since when
crunchthey did away with that years ago
crunchlike 6?
London3DeBay is aimed at Chinese bulk sellers.
crunchmaybe 8
Computer_BarfFuck its like whoever gets first to market, even if it never evolves, basically owns a huge section of that market.
Computer_Barfyeah, its been some time.
mastag25[23:28] <terramir_> since when
mastag25yea 5+ years ago
mastag25positive feedback only
crunchthe stories i could tell
mastag25i can tell you a story right now
terramir_crunch: opinion ?
mastag25i sent out a 990x
mastag25guy claimed he received a pentium 4
mastag25sent me back a pentium 4
mastag25i lost $1,000 on a single sale
crunchdid you spread roofing tar on that?
crunchi dont know what im looking at
London3DIf a buyer askes ebay for their money back there's nothing you as a seller can do.
mastag25abs uice
terramir_bed leveling print
mastag25abs juice
crunchmastag25: i dont sell AANYTHING high value on ebay due to the assisted assfucking by ebay
terramir_supposed to be 9 lilsquares
mastag25same here now
crunchit goes on craigslist
crunchthe last time someone did that shit to me
crunchi got the USPS involved
mastag25intel 990x
London3DTheir auction system was always messed up, what real world auction would allow snipping.
crunchcharged them with a felony
mastag25it was like $1300~
crunchmail fraud
mastag25i did too
mastag25the dude was some arab canadian
mastag25i called the RCMP
mastag25in his district
mastag25they told me to fuck off
crunchi want balls out
crunchi put a lien on him
crunchi dont like getting fucked around
crunchi got my money + fees
crunchhe made a fatal mistake
crunchhe sent a pic saying i did not send it and showed a emtpy box with peanuts
mastag251hr 15 into a 10 hour print job
crunchin his mirror in the pic , was a reflection of the item
ccecilSystemsGuy2: How is the humidity? :)
kthxccecil: 3 hours 42 min ago <SystemsGuy2> tell ccecil the sand is warm. :)
mastag25i dont even think ill be home when the print finishes lol
crunchebay should hold a year screw the seller event
terramir_opinions on the bed leveling
crunchterramir , it looks like shit :)
terramir_I know duh
crunchi use paper and feel
mastag25does it work
terramir_0.1 layer height
crunchon a clean glass
mastag25ive been eyeballing it
crunchi eyeball it :)
mastag25seems good so far heh
crunchpaper when its critcal
terramir_I do too but this glass seems wierd
mastag2511:27 PM
mastag25 1
mastag25What the hell?!
crunchis it quality boro?
mastag25im not even using borosilicate
mastag25this is window glass
terramir_nope mirror
mastag25i bet money this print fucks up right at the end
crunchwho sells really really good 20 tooth gt2 pulleys
terramir_they invented gt2
terramir_but I use 16 tooth usually
crunch16 is ok , but 20 is needed for heavy axis
terramir_200x16/ 16x2 = 100 steps per mm
terramir_great non fractional resolution
crunch20 causes some trouble with a heavy weight axis
crunch16 i mean
terramir_hmmm switch to 9mm belts
terramir_still will work with 16 teeth
terramir_if the motor is strong enough
crunchyeah i should
terramir_wellI gotta try to adjust bed and print that again
ccecilcrunch: from what I have seen the larger gears have higher speed less torque...not more
TuimHi Jim_
ccecil36tooth pulleys you can easily stop the axis
Jim_Hi Tuim
Jim_Can I ask about some 3D printer issue?
crunchccecil: its a tough deal , higher stepper speeds less torqe
crunchit needs to be calculated with the amperage , print speeds , acceleration
crunchmore amps less rotational speed , more tq
TuimJim_: That is pretty much why this channel exists :)
ccecilcrunch: or you could just say...higher steps/mm the more torque. So...larger pulleys have less torque
Jim_:) I assembled delta 3D printer and hooked up with ramps 1.4 and arduino
crunchfrom a physical standpoint a smaller pulley will deliver more tq
crunchbut the stepper loses tq the faster it goes
ccecilcrunch: test it...I think you will find the opposite
Jim_It seems like my computer can communicate with arduino
crunchi have , its about the same
crunchthe tradeoff is equal
Jim_but when I use repetier
Jim_nothing is working on 3D printer
ccecilcrunch: well...with 36 tooth you can stop an axis with one finger
ccecilcrunch: with 18 tooth you cannot
crunchi never tried 36
crunchonly 16 and 20 here
bastard_bavariaguten morgen!
ccecil16-20 teeth there is little difference except steps/mm
crunchu try that 9mm belt?
Jim_Is there any chance ramps 1.4 board can be dead?
ccecil9mm belt only helps with lash :)
Jim_because I fried out arduino board when I attached with laptop.
crunchmy y is a little springy at high accell
crunchits about 2 lbs of mass
TuimJim_: How do you know you can communicate with the arduino
crunchwas the 24 tonight good
Jim_I can upload firmware on arduino.
TuimSo its not dead :)
TuimI dont know much about repetier, I use pronterface myself
starnowhat exactly is pronterface?
starnoit says printrun on my computer
kthxpronterface is and binaries for windows and mac are at
Jay_damn jammed again
crunchsdp pulleys are expensive
crunchlike 25 each
Jay_this is 5th time since yesterday i take it the printrbot simple has problems with prints that take more than 30-40 min?
terramir_thevbest is expensive
ccecilterramir_: not level eh
terramir_yeah working on it
starnoccecil: why does everyone say pronterface, I dont see where it is called pronterface anywhere
ccecilstarno: pronterface is part of a pack called printrun
Computer_Barfpronterface, printrun
Klimentstarno: The filename is
Klimentstarno: What more do you want?
ccecilstraight from the horses mouth :)
Computer_Barfterramir your having problems with jams?
starnoKliment: just trying to wrap my head around all the lingo
Klimentstarno: That's why people call it that
Computer_Barfscans the crowd: anyone from florida?
terramir_Kliment !!!!!!!!!! hi
icecube45anyone here have autocad?
terramir_Kliment: 143x143 on top no cracks no warping the support kept it warm lol
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terramir_to no jams but my y is stalling at times still trying to track that issue
Klimentterramir_: Wow, well done
Computer_BarfKliment: which way up did that print?
terramir_yeah I still got some skills
KlimentComputer_Barf: I don't know, ask terramir_
starnoKliment: any ideas why print(core?) will obey certain gcode commands via printrun app, but identical gcode in octoprint does not?
terramir_Kliment: my Y stalls without belt is slides freely even if I disconnect my stepper onee I put the belt on is gets hard to push
Computer_Barfwoops , terramir: which way did that print? small side up I assume, right?
terramir_Computer_Barf: no small side down
Klimentstarno: No, never seen that before
Computer_Barfthats quite a bit of bridgeing
terramir_or it would have been fraked
terramir_no support also kept that print warm
terramir_a print that big is usually not possible
terramir_at least not in abs
RifRafterramir_, is the belt centered so it pulls carriage evenly, might be pulling to one side misaligning it
terramir_on a prusa2 or any open frame printer
terramir_hmmmm I need to check the distance between rods and belt
terramir_Computer_Barf: anything over 100x100 hopelessly warps without a heated chamber
terramir_that might be it
Computer_Barfyou can use breaks in the adhesion to the bed to reduce warping
terramir_hmm but fixing that might be problematic
Computer_Barfone second let me find that video
terramir_Computer_Barf: Yeah problem is I needed that model exactly as pronted it's a practical application
terramir_the support kept the heat in ;)
terramir_I saw that video two years ago
Computer_BarfSome people set up heat lamps hooked to solid state relays , hooked to the heated bed leads
terramir_nah that won't be needed my next printer an i-3 / mendel 90 with plywood and plexi enclosing it '
terramir_that way the heat from the heated bed will stay put
terramir_RifRaf: ty for the tip
RifRafterramir_, hope it helps, have had similar issue in past
starnoterramir_: giant ABS egg!
Computer_Barfso thats how Jurassic park did it.
terramir_I do practical prints unless it's for my gf
terramir_ kliment check that out
Computer_Barfthe hell?
terramir_Computer_Barf: the hell what
Computer_Barfdid you see the size of that thing?
ccecil pretty nice work :)
terramir_nuts but hollow and probably printed in a headed chamber with a delta
Computer_Barfno not the egg
Computer_Barfim talking about "the woody" large format mendelmax
Computer_Barfits so big I doubt he'll get it printing
Computer_BarfI mean it looks like 90 percent of the bed will be overhang
tell_khi does anyone know cura algorithm? or other slicer algorithm?
terramir_more worried about the thing shaking apart getting it to work no problem but fast or decent prints that's another story
Computer_Barfyeah i was thinking why didn't he at least go with steel
terramir_what old steel bed frames, cause be kinds expensive otherwise
Computer_Barfwatch the metal recycle place
Computer_Barfsquare tube is pretty common
terramir_at 30 cents a lb that's still a lot of money
terramir_steel by definition is heavy
terramir_besides the fact it will stop being portable
terramir_at all
Computer_Barfwell i dont see the point of using thin wood like that. You can only be so cheap with things so ambitious. Do you really think that thing will be portable?
terramir_well to the next room and back
terramir_out of steel you'd need a dolly
Computer_Barfprobably crack under its own weight
terramir_yeah maybe
Computer_Barfsteel maybe you put wheels on it
Computer_Barfcastors with breaks
Computer_Barfi suppose you could put it in a flatbed
terramir_anyways gonna surf some web
terramir_while my second leveling pront is printing
nottakumasatoHow do you guys clean burnt abs plastic from brass and stainless steel threads?
crunchtorch it
crunchor acetone soak
nottakumasatoI had no torch but heated it on stove flame, nothing happened
nottakumasatohow much should it wait in acetone for it to come off?
jglauchemy silicone has set.
cceciljglauche: what type did you use? actual casting silicone?
cceciljglauche: I have a gallon of casting silicone here and a quart of clear casting resin
jglaucheccecil: yes
cceciljglauche: a close friend buys 50gal at a time from china for his I can get it local fairly cheap :)
jglaucheccecil: how expensive?
ccecilI paid 50/gallon last time
jglaucheccecil: it's like 30-40 euro / kg here
kthx OUCH!
cceciljglauche: is what it was :)
jglauchekthx: gallon is 3.78541178 liters
kthxjglauche: Okay.
jglaucheccecil: sorry, I'm just a bit confused with funny units
cceciljglauche: I am an unfortunate american...I switch systems depending on the volume I am measuring...I do it with distance too
jglaucheccecil: but I like the price
ccecilsmall distances and volumes are all metric...large ones are imperial.
theorbtwokthx: gallon is also 4.54609 liters outside the US
kthxtheorbtwo: Okay.
ccecilif dealing with electronics I work in C...if I am talking about the temp outside it is F
jglauchetheorbtwo: ?
theorbtwojglauche: For silly historical reasons, the US gallon and the British gallon are different.
jglauchetheorbtwo: you have a different UK gallon?
kthxgallon is 3.78541178 liters and is also 4.54609 liters outside the US
jglauchekthx: gallon is 3.78541178 liters in the US and 4.54609 liters in UK
kthxjglauche: Okay.
ccecilsounds like a penis measurement thing :)
starnowait what
theorbtwoFortuately, more or less the only time the gallon gets used outside the US is in miles per gallon.
jglaucheccecil: that would be a huge volumne
starnoUK has a different gallon?
starnosuch strange blokes
cceciljglauche: depends on speculated, calculated or actual measurement :)
jglaucheccecil: think of what happens if all your blood goes there
theorbtwoIt'd have to be *all* your blood -- humans have about a us gallon of blood, on average.
cceciljglauche: oh...I didn't mean measure by the gallon :) I meant how one country always has to have a larger number...but to be honest I am surprised the US let the UK win that one
cceciltheorbtwo: sure seemed like more when I was mopping it up :)
starnomaybe the US was buying stuff by the gallon and reselling it by the US gallon
theorbtwoThe things you learn playing Vampire: the Masquerade.
ccecilstarno: sounds more accurate :)
ccecilstarno: nah man....that's a gallon...I don't care what your gascan says :)
theorbtwoSadly, the real reason is boring. It used to be that the definition of the gallon depended on what you were measuring, everywhere. The US settled on one, everybody else settled on the other.
starnobut who was first?
starnosounds like reprap/makerbot
theorbtwoAlso, thus the old joke, "which weighs more, a ton of feathers, or a ton of bricks"?
redebeetrootwhat is difference between ramps/rambo/printrboard and which one is the best?
ccecilthey are all variants that use the atmega based electronics
ccecilI think
destroyer2012hey guys
ccecilI don't know printrboard..
destroyer2012anyone here with a geeetech melzi board?
redebeetrootwhats difference between rambo and printrboard?
starnoanyone have a calibrated deltabot and looking for something to print?
ccecilrambo is updated all in one ramps really
destroyer2012i am having this annoying issue where my steppers are very weak
destroyer2012and i dont understand why
ccecilI am liking smoothieboard...all my printers are going to them
destroyer2012i have the trimpot set to 0.4 V
ccecilI should probably sell all these ramps I have laying around :)
destroyer2012i have not measured the actual current though
starnodestroyer2012: do you know the specs of your motors?
ccecilpot tuning?
kthxpot tuning is for pololu's its Vref= (Max current of motor) * 0.28, for stepstick its Vref= (Max current of motor) * .7 this sets the ImaxTrip to 70% max current and is also and is also see "pot" for more information
ccecildestroyer2012: ^
destroyer2012starno ok thanks
redebeetrooti have heard that the A4988 stepper drivers are very weak..i just burned 4 of them so i was thinking to buy a printrboard or rambo..
redebeetrootwhich one is good?
destroyer2012starno the interesting thing is i have a pololu driver here and that thing is set to 0.4 V and it drives the motor just fine
destroyer2012then when i switch back to the melzi board it cannot do it
ccecilthey are fine if you tune them correctly
Skrotuswhen you break them on the printrboard you have to replace the whole thing
destroyer2012is the melzi board more like a stepstick?
ccecilSkrotus: or change the chip
starnodestroyer2012: look up the driver chip on the melzi board, its most likely different with different sense resistor values and stuff
ccecilSkrotus: air rework stations are getting pretty cheap...and the chips are cheaper than a breakout board
destroyer2012its an A4988
SkrotusI haven't thrown it out yet
SkrotusI prefer ramps though
ccecilramps is cool...but limited
fluxwell, with a breakout board it's still much easier to replace chips, even if you have an air rework station?
cceciland I am getting better prints from smoothieware than I was from ramps/marlin
starnoccecil: any photo comparisons?
ccecilflux: I would rather change a chip on a smoothieboard or something like that than a pololu
ccecilflux: more room to work
ccecilstarno: did different things on the curves/circles mostly
starnothe only thing that drives me crazy is the footprint of the smoothie
ccecilstarno: I don't mind it
fluxccecil, you would rather change an SMD component than a breakout board that's connected with a pin header?
starnoim pretty sure i would get frustrated and use it as a frisbee, and by its shape it would go far
ccecilflux: for the price yes
ccecilflux: and the noise difference...pololus/ramps are noisy
destroyer2012so how do i know what kind of sense resistor i have
fluxI'm not sure if I would trust myself to replace a driver chip where it is quite important to get a proper thermal contact below the chip for cooling purposes..
starnodestroyer2012: page 9 ITripMax =
SkrotusI don't think the printrboard is very good for what it costs though
ccecilflux: it is not that have to heat the plane to get the solder to melt
fluxso when you mentioned the space you mean that there is no risk of desoldering components next to it?
ccecilstarno: when you look at the prints under a scope you can really see the difference on curves...especially small ones like these
fluxactually you didn't mention space :)
fluxright, you said 'more room to work'
destroyer2012starno look at page 12
destroyer2012it has rs1 and rs2
destroyer2012two sense resistors?
starnoobviously removing a chip with pin headers is the easiest
starnobut anticipated how you are going to fix a broken component is a high level fail
starnois that even an issue anymore?
BubbleRepstarno: it's not that much bigger
BubbleRepseen arthur?
kthxarthur was last seen in #reprap 1 year 11 months ago saying '_yo_ _n_athan7_'.
BubbleRepseen arthur*?
kthxarthur-_ was last seen in #smoothieware 4 days 9 hours ago saying '* _arthur_-___ _will_ _just_ _shut_ _up_, _has_ _been_ _wrong_ _about_ _smoothie_ _stuff_ _three_ _times_ _today_ ...'.
kthxarthur-__ was last seen in #smoothieware 2 months 1 week ago saying '_m_ajorshock_: _everybody_ _here_ _helped_. _actually_ _w_olfmanjm_ _helped_ _much_ _more_ _than_ _me_ _on_ _the_ _X5_ _thing_ :)'.
kthxarthurgibbs was last seen in #reprap 6 months 4 days ago saying '_clogged_ _nozzel_? _is_ _it_ _not_ _heated_? _if_ _anything_ _its_ _usually_ _the_ _stepstruder_ _cog_ _that_ _works_ _loose_'.
ccecilBubbleRep: I heard something about him heading to makerfaire paris...last known contact :)
BubbleRephe said "hi" in a query to me 30 minutes before he quit -.-
BubbleRepaka he made me noisy!
starnoccecil: whats the ribbon cable all about?
ccecilstarno: glcd on the front
destroyer2012ok well this resistor says R200 on it
destroyer2012I gues that means 0.2 ohm??
TuimBubbleRep: do you have some kind of EU warehouse or storage or something?
starnodestroyer2012: look at the schematic
destroyer2012how does that help me
BubbleRepjust eu reseller
destroyer2012i am looking at the actual board now
destroyer2012the resistor says R200
destroyer2012that is the sense resistor
destroyer2012pretty sure
starnobecause the label on the resistor is not enough info
TuimBubbleRep: Have a link to that?
BubbleRepwhich country are you?
destroyer2012geeetech is known to build their boards slightly different from the schematics
starnodestroyer2012: the schematic should tell you what sense resistor is used and its value
TuimThe Netherlands
destroyer2012i need to know what it actually is on the physical board
TuimI was just curious as some people here on a local form reported getting stuff within a couple of days
destroyer2012so i am wondering if this inscription, "R200" means anything to anybody
BubbleRepthat comes from HK
starnodestroyer2012: are they making their boards by hand?
destroyer2012and can help me decipher it's rating
BubbleRepfedex takes only a few days
ccecilTuim: they have a herd of magical dragons that do all deliveries
SkrotusRRD stuff reaches me in Australia very quickly
destroyer2012it looks like it was made by foot actually
destroyer2012the solder joints are pretty bad looking
BubbleRepfedex international priority often even in 24h
starnodestroyer2012: my 1k resistors say 102 on them…
TuimI see
TuimI didnt know that :)
redebeetrootis there a seller that would ship a ramps board to india?
ccecilBubbleRep: I had wantai overnight me 100 steppers :) germany would be best i guess, so reprapsource, fabber parts, reprapteile
ccecilBubbleRep: it didn't come through great
starnoccecil: $$$
ccecilstarno: same cost as it would have been normally
TuimWe have some dutch stores too
ccecilthey were late...I complained and they next dayed them
Tuimreprapworld being the biggest I think
ccecilbut they came through as 100 steppers in powdered styrofoam
starnoccecil: thats normal
BubbleRepbut they are no reseller of us Tuim
destroyer2012yea so its like 1x10^2
destroyer2012i dont know what the middle zero is
destroyer2012but if thats it then in my case it will be 2 ohms
TuimBubbleRep: I know
destroyer2012ok i figured it out!!
destroyer2012stepstick picture shows resistors that say R200
destroyer2012definitely 0.2 ohm
starnoccecil: worse than this?
destroyer2012then i need to set the voltage to 1.2V or something
destroyer2012let me try that
destroyer2012worst case the stepper shuts off right
ccecilstarno: imagine that...but the styrofoam as beads because of handling
starnoit gets schizophrenic
ccecilthat is not bad
starnoccecil: it only traveled 1 province over
BubbleRepstarno: but you know how chinese logistics companies handle the packages...
starnoits scary
BubbleRepthat they don't use catapults for delivery is the only suprising thing
crunchwhat the fuck
kthxmutley_: 11 hours 3 min ago <brentru> tell mutley* did you just refund me? -brent
kthxmutley_: 7 hours 47 min ago <crispy1> tell mutley_ Got tracking info, thanks for shipping :D
ccecilthe impressive thing is the coolers are full of ice and fish
destroyer2012well i must say i am surprised geeetech actually builds their boards properly
starnocrunch: thats actually just styrofoam
starnowhen I moved out of my old office, some people came to the door and asked if they could collect any raw materials out of the trash pile. I said sure, and then when they were done they paid me equivalent of $100USD, I was so confused
mutley_starno: sheltered upbringing?
starnopeople come to you and pay you for your trash, imagine that in the US
buZzstarno: lol
rootBi'll get you
rootB300 Euros by wednesday
destroyer2012I was just like, OH GOD WHAT'S THAT BURNING SMELL
rootBim just waiting for the exchange rate
destroyer2012my soldering iron is on
rootBpesos-dollars to go down a little
rootBsince its real high atm
mutley_Hi RoootB
rootBI'll make the deposit by wednesday
rootBif not tommorow
rootBpossibly tommorow
mutley_please try to work in Great British Pounds Sterling if you can saves changing currencies 3 times
rootBI just change it to dollars
mutley_tomorrow is wednesday
rootBand i send it to you by paypal
rootBoh true
rootBwell today
mutley_ah yes ill have to give yu a diifferent paypal too
rootBdamn really?
rootBThought the machine was 800 eros
rootBdoes it change if its sterling?
mutley_long story, dont ask, will make no difference to our agreement
rootBIll probably get the machine on ebay on thursday
rootBI want the machine fully paid by the end of the month
starnocrunch: this, however, are real packages in transit
ervays_Hey, can someone help me with autoleveling(G29) on my marlin firmware
redebeetrootcan some one help me with polulu stepper driver failure a4988
ervays_WHATS THrede
ervays_whats the prbolem redebee
starnocrunch: I have a calibration object for you
destroyer2012oh man guys
BubbleRepstarno: but they still look good, the stuff you see at smaller towns and/or their meeting points are scarier
destroyer2012GUS simpson is the best thing ever
starnoBubbleRep: Ive seen near the SEG market they spread out all the packages in the street to tally everything up at night :?
starnocrunch: 10min print
BubbleRepyeah and kick packages and such, the vide of shenzen airport where they load packages into a plare are not soooo far off
starnocrunch: let me know how it measures up
Skrotusthings are cheap for a reason
crunchi will print it in the morning
crunchwheres my carbon fiber glass
crunchthat would get instant print
ervays_Hey, can someone help me with autoleveling(G29) on my marlin firmware?
destroyer2012what about it
destroyer2012do you need help with
destroyer2012i have used it once
starnoreprapsource should have some soon, otherwise you have to wait until im in the states in a week
destroyer2012you have to set the home points in the configuration.h
destroyer2012have to tell the bot where to go for homing
SkrotusI gave up on auto leveling it kept doing weird things with the probe offset :/
destroyer2012if you are doing the three point calibration
destroyer2012oh yea i dont know how to do it with the probe offset
crunchbut , my delta is spot on
crunchit will be 0.10mm off max
destroyer2012i was doing it with electrical contact between the bed and the extruder
ervays_I have a kossel
ervays_and i thing i have 30 points
SkrotusI have an inductive probe
ervays_but i want more
starnoervays_: is it calibrated?
destroyer2012well i think you can just expand the grid right
starnocan you print this 10min print and measure it?
ervays_The prbolem is that when i print a part of the printer is uncalibrated
destroyer2012i think the problem is you cannot home after you do the calibration
ervays_see that
destroyer2012after you do the 30 point calibration it saves everything in that matrix
destroyer2012but if you home after that
destroyer2012it loses all your calibration
destroyer2012there is a routine in the home function which just erases that matrix
starnothats not calibration
destroyer2012so you need to remove that routing
destroyer2012that sets the matrix to identity
ervays_u can see that a part of the bed is higuer than the other
ervays_thats my problem
ervays_when i do g29
ervays_My kossel dont calibrate this part of the bed
destroyer2012does it have touch points in that area
Skrotusthe problem I had is the probe offset seems to mess up where it thinks home is
Skrotusso it tries to print out of the print area
destroyer2012yea when i used this feature i ended up just editing that transformation matrix by hand
destroyer2012that worked a lot better than the auto calibration
destroyer2012its easy
destroyer2012the matrix is not too hard to understand
ervays_i must to put them by hand?
ervays_how can i do that?
destroyer2012its just a dot product
ervays_or when can i find that specific info?
destroyer2012matrix multiplication
starnoso you delta folks with calibration problems, based on your measurements on printing this part I think I can tell you what needs to be tweaked in firmware Im looking to try it on somone other than myself
starnoprinted without probing
destroyer2012so you can try just moving to 0,0
destroyer2012and then moving only in the x direction
ervays_i did that
destroyer2012does the hot end get farther away from the bed as you move towards one direction
destroyer2012it does right
nikrewhat type of nozzle should i look for to use with the greg's extruder pinted parts in the prusa i3 set?
ervays_i did that
destroyer2012so then, if you are moving in the +x and the hot end gets farther away from the bed
destroyer2012that means your z coordinate should depend on your x coordinate
ervays_destroyer how can i put the points by hand?
destroyer2012so if you look at the matrix there are three rows right
destroyer2012the bottom row tells you how the z coordinate depends on the other coordinates
destroyer2012i think
destroyer2012let me check
starnoyou guys know the matrix is not a form of calibration right?
ccecilstarno: the blue pill?
starnoits deforming the object by moving an offset in z for any x,y coordinate, so if your firmware values are bad it will give you a good first layer but the dimensions will still be F'd
ervays_i want to know how can i put the G29 values manually... Can someone help me?
destroyer2012what G29 does is it takes the points you get, fits a plane to them, then calculates a transform from the origin to that plane
destroyer2012then it applies that transform to your print
destroyer2012you have to calculate this transform matrix basically
destroyer2012your self
destroyer2012i dont think there is any way to input points
destroyer2012and then put it instead of the default matrix in planner.cpp
destroyer2012but yes it is important to actually calibrate your delta bot also
ervays_So i can fix it in planner.cpp?
destroyer2012you can change the default matrix there
destroyer2012the default is the identity of course
destroyer2012but be aware
destroyer2012that when you home
destroyer2012it will make the matrix back to the identity matrix
destroyer2012so you have to change that in marlin_main
destroyer2012go down to whatever the home gcode is
destroyer2012i forget
destroyer2012and then comment the line which sets the matrix to identity
destroyer2012otherwise you will have a bad day
ervays_I will try it
ervays_but i dont know if i understand it well
starnodestroyer2012: would you like to print that stl I linked and give me feedback of the results?
destroyer2012starno my GUS simpson does not have a hot end installed
starnohow does that thing home?
destroyer2012it goes up
destroyer2012arm maximum extension
destroyer2012there are endstops in the arms which are triggered when they are open all the way
TuimI heard the simpson was not that accurate?
destroyer2012it is not accurate enough to make its own parts
destroyer2012is what i have heard
destroyer2012again i ahvent got mine to print yet
destroyer2012i just finished sanding some of the parts today
destroyer2012but there are plenty of vids of simpsons printing all kinds of things
destroyer2012i mean its basically like a delta bot in terms of accuracy
destroyer2012more accurate towards the middle
destroyer2012but i think part of the reason it cannot print its own parts is that its own parts are insane
destroyer2012they need to be re designed to be more printable
TuimIts an intriguing design :)
destroyer2012yea the arms have so many teeth, only like 50% of them are ever used during operation
TuimI meant the entire printer
destroyer2012i agree
destroyer2012thats why i built one
destroyer2012because its awesome
TuimI wanted to make it as 2nd printer
TuimBut I am designing a corexy based one now
destroyer2012yea i want to make a corexy pritner too
destroyer2012i want all the pritners!
destroyer2012you cannot stop with one
TuimThat is a problem right there :p
TuimOr is it a problem?
destroyer2012its so freaking awesome when you watch them move
starnowho has a calibrated delta
destroyer2012haha its a problem i dont have anywhere to put another printer
destroyer2012barely had enough space for this thing
destroyer2012plus my ultimaker which was the simpson's mother
Juju_Does anyone know how to calculate an adc or resistance value from a thermistor, given the table being used and the temperature reading?
nikrecan i use this with gregs extruder printed parts?
boRRennikre: dont go get a hotend off of aliexpress... get a j-head from (or other genuine sellers) or something like the E3D its worth the extra 10-20$ i promise
destroyer2012nikre are you building a bowden extruder
nikredestroyer2012, no
destroyer2012i dont agree with this i think cheap hot ends are the way to
destroyer2012the way to go
destroyer2012i was printing just fine with a home made hot end
TuimI havent had any problems with my knockoff
destroyer2012nikre dont get that one then
TuimOnly printed pla though
nikredestroyer2012, what is the difference?
destroyer2012nikre it has a really wide bore at the top for mounting the coupling
boRRendestroyer2012: its ok if you know what you're doing & if you stay away from PLA
destroyer2012yea i have had great luck printing ABS with all kinds of extruders
destroyer2012pla is harder i agree
nikredestroyer2012, how did you make your home made hot end?
nikrei mean the material
destroyer2012used a brass screw
destroyer2012drill down the middle
nikrecan you send a photo?
nikremy preference would also be to design my own hotend
nikrebut i dont know the requirements well
boRRennikre: there are some threads on the forums on DIY hotends
destroyer2012wait no actually i had an acorn nut design
destroyer2012the one where i drilled down the middle didnt work as well
destroyer2012just because i think i did not cool the cool end enough
destroyer2012i did print with the acorn nut design for a while though
destroyer2012my biggest problem was drilling the tiny hole at the tip
destroyer2012i could only make like 0.5mm holes
destroyer2012which were too big to do any detail work
destroyer2012i do use an E3D hot end now
destroyer2012i guess i am a hypocrite
destroyer2012but i say, you should at least try the cheap one if you dont mind experimenting
destroyer2012thats why i am here, because i love experimenting
destroyer2012check out this
kthx => => 18 comments, 1 IRC mention
boRRenanother tip for a niceprice hotend is thejollygrmreapes aluhotend
boRRenif he still seels em..
destroyer2012I honestly think water cooled is the way to go with cold ends
destroyer2012next one i build will be water cooled
SkrotusI like the hexagon hotend
destroyer2012dont have enough time these days to go to the machine shop very often :P
nullieporsche hotends will be air cooled
mwehrungMy hot-end often blocks and when I disassemble it a can see an air buble in the melting chamber . Is it due this air bubble ? Whence could it come from ?
Skrotuswhy would a cold end need water cooling?
Skrotusgenuine question
destroyer2012because i want to print in a heated chamber
destroyer2012and if you print in a heated chamber then your cold end gets warm air blown over it
destroyer2012plus i dont think it needs anything very fancy
destroyer2012just an aquarium pump aught to be enough
destroyer2012considering the tiny fans that you can get away with for the E3D hot end
Skrotusmakes sense
destroyer2012what else is interesting is using a compresser
destroyer2012i think that is how most industrial 3d printers do it
destroyer2012they have a compresser somewhere and it pumps air through a hose
destroyer2012that way again you eliminate the hot air in the hot chamber problem and you dont have to lug a huge fan around
Skrotusyeah the hexagon is very similar to the e3d
destroyer2012just some tubing
destroyer2012but compressers are loud and aquarium pumps are quieter
pwaveis thermal adhesive used to apply the heat sink to the stepper driver ?
destroyer2012Skrotus yea the hexagon looks almost exactly the same
destroyer2012still i wonder why dont they make it square??
destroyer2012what is this obsession with round hot ends
destroyer2012i know that is how you make something on a lathe
Skrotusit's much shorter than the e3d v5
destroyer2012but honestly square makes more sense
destroyer2012you can attach it with screws as well
destroyer2012none of this freaking groove mount nonsense
destroyer2012all the heat sinks you can buy commercially are square
destroyer2012a square design would make compatibility a lot easier
boRRenagree, square & have the with of the "fins" match a 30mm fan. Just screw the fan directly ti the fins... simple makes sense
destroyer2012the maker bot hot end is kind of like that
boRRenohh i guess a square hotend will be a lawsuit in your lap :P
destroyer2012oh really
destroyer2012but maker bot is open source
boRRennot so much nowdays
Incognito675find me the cct diagram for their latest electronics then... bet you cant!
destroyer2012well qu-bd sells maker bot like hot ends
destroyer2012i think they even call it that on their website
Incognito675some people clone everything, regardless of the legality, hay just like MB!
destroyer2012but my point is i dont think they are getting sued
destroyer2012alright night all
dgramHi, I believe ive used the wrong/too little thermal paste on the hotend thermistor/resistor parts, it seemed ok with the first tests although there was an odd smell. After a longer print (20 mins) the thermistor started acting up showing 0 degrees every now and then so i suspect the hotend went way beyond the set temperature.
dgram I briefly ran the heater again to pull out the plastic in order to dismantle the hotend and it seemed to stop around 100C, so i just pulled it out then and turned it off again. After that the melzi board stopped communicating via the USB cable and it no longer runs the cooling fan for a few seconds when i plug in the power.. I imagine some fuse or worse has blown, right?
dgramIt's a melzi ardentissimo and as far as i can tell the board looks fine, and it is supplying 5V to a second fan i hooked directly to the boards 5V & ground pins, though that only indicates the power supply might be working ok still
terramirdude hitting 0 sometimes means your cable to the thermistor is not properly attached
reprapperguys, is it possible to emulate a stp. file to an stl. ?
buZzyou mean convert?
dgramterramir: sure, but when it does theres nothing keeping the device from keeping the heater on indefinitely and i'm not sure if that could possibly damage the melzi board as it no longer responds to pronterface (I will try the arduino IDE later today)
buZzsome of the CAD software that can read/write stp files can also export to stl
reprapperoke thx buzz
reprapperconvert i mean yes ;)
nottakumasatoOne of my thermistor's lead has just broke off from the glass bead, is it possible to fix it?
nottakumasatoor is it gone
terramirif the temp is 0 most firmwares will turn the heater off and throw an error
terramirit's goners
terramirorder some spares
terramirthat will happen
nottakumasatothe temp was showing 5 degrees above what it should be
nottakumasatoat room temperature
nottakumasatoso decided to investigate that was when it just broke
nottakumasatoyep ok
nottakumasatoordering spares
mattwj2002good morning all
recon_lapg'morn mattwj2002
mattwj2002good morning recon_lap
recon_laphmm, I've got to take my I3 to a local maker fare, thinking I should try make one of those duel extruding with one nozzle to make it a bit more interesting
mattwj2002hehe that would be cool!
mattwj2002I would be jealous ;)
dgramYeah i was hoping the board would have some failsafes to handle user errors, will investigate further later today.. But if I do need a whole new board how does RAMS compare to the melzi ardentissimo?
recon_laphmm, needs some hobbled bolts , some ptfe tube and the stl's
JayhaIn Marlin config.h I figure TEMP_SENSOR_0|1|2 you put the thermistor type that plugs into T0 T1 and T2 on RAMPS board - is that right? And should TEMP_SENSOR_BED be set to 0, 1, or 2 to say which one is the bed? or should it also be a sensor type?
BubbleRepsensor type
Jayhaahh ok.. hrm... so Marlin will know that T0 is for E0, T1 is for E1 and T2 is the bed?
BubbleRepthat's defined in pins.h file
mutley_god damn i wish things could be a little less uneventful
mutley_smooth, thats all, just smoth, thats nt too much to ask
recon_laphmm, maybe not, those are nema 14 motors :(
JayhaBubbleRep: thank you - found it. TEMP_SENSOR_2 looks like it's for a third extruder (which I haven't got), so I'll just use 0, 1, and BED :)
recon_laplol mutley_ the drama dog !!!! :P
mutley_ill get to smooth soon, but it doesnt need to be anything otherwise now, i have bird song, sheep in the field, and coprporate ruddy grief
mutley_and now i can finally start my days work
recon_lapmutley_: I have to try guess, "you have a bump in the smooth rod?"
mutley_recon_lap: yes easiest way to describe it
recon_lapspeaking of smooth rods, "Holy hairspray Batman, look at all that crud, time for 3in1 action!!! POW! , BAM!! , CRUNCH!!!"
guy2b1anyone knows how to adjust the printing speed in slic3r? im not sure which setting to change as i want to speed up my printer twice the speed
recon_lapguy2b1: you can just use a g-code on the printer, let me see if i can remember it
kthxM220 is M220 is speed factor override percentage, eg: M220 S50 means 2 times slower, M220 S200 means 2 times faster and is also both in Sprinter and Marlin and is also a trick, because it will also change your retraction speed
recon_lapand nema 14 motors are not inexpensive :(
kthxHIPS is high impact polystyrene and is also
nullieguy2b1, there is
recon_lapRifRaf: ping , Was wondering if you had done a duel extruder with nema 17's ?
Smidge204__Protoparadigm is having a "clearance sale"
Smidge204__$13/lb for filament ($26/kg) which is, based on het last time I ordered, about 33% off
boRRenhey mutley_ hows the feedback on the flexis?
malcom2073Awww, file dollar filament closed off.
Incognito675heh, mystery PLA or ABS... interesting idea...
recon_lapmalcom2073: they just ran out of the first batch of filament, they'll be back in a couple of weeks
malcom2073recon_lap: They were out from the get-go of 3mm, I never actually got any heh
recon_lapmalcom2073: they only getting set up
recon_lapmalcom2073: this was their version of a kickstart
malcom2073You'd think prices like that would be popular enough it wouldn't take them months to get up and running.
recon_lapmalcom2073: guess they flogged all the filament from the prototype and are using the money to tool up
recon_lapmalcom2073: I really hope they start producing cheap PLA
malcom2073recon_lap: I hope they start producing period, ABS or PLA would make me happy at those prices.
malcom2073I also hope they don't go pure 1.75 like some shops are doing
recon_lapmalcom2073: I bought 4 rolls off them, but have not got them yet. I was just at the tail end and will have to wait for the next batch
malcom2073recon_lap: 3mm or 1.75?
recon_lapmalcom2073: 1.75mm, come on, join the narrow side, you know you want to :P
malcom2073recon_lap: I've yet to find anyone who has gotten 3mm from them, onyl 1.75
malcom2073I would, if I didn't have to buy brand new jheads to do so :P
recon_lapmalcom2073: they never had any 3mm
malcom2073recon_lap: They did on their website, just always said out of stock
malcom2073recon_lap: and the guy who came in here talking about it said they were doing 3mm :(
recon_lapmalcom2073: it was just on the site, they never had any instock
recon_lapmalcom2073: as far as i know anyway
recon_lapmalcom2073: a case of watch this space
SudoICEanyone try printing with a .75 nozzle?
recon_lapSudoICE: I've not, but I pretty sure there are no major issues with a .75 nozzle
mwehrungMy hot-end often blocks and when I disassemble it a can see an air buble in the melting chamber . Is it due this air bubble ? Whence could it come from ?
SudoICEwhat is the best way to calculat the extrusion width?
recon_lapmaking a 3d printed sign
Smidge204__mwehrung: Are you sure that void didn't form when pulling the filament out?
recon_lapSudoICE: don't know. most slicers auto decide that. I just know the extrusion width has to be bigger than the nozzle for good results
mwehrungSmidge204__: No I'm not entirely sure but I don't know what else it could be
Smidge204__Does it sputter or steam/smoke?
SudoICEwhat about the optimum layerheight for the nozzle, I read somehwere I thought it was around 80%
SudoICEso if I'm using a .75 then .6mm layer height\
Smidge204__SudoICE: Generally no more than 80%
recon_lapmwehrung: thats a strange looking plug on that filament.
SudoICEI don't see a lot of people on google printing at .6mm layer height
Smidge204__In practice you probably want a layer height that will divide evenly into the Z dimension of what you're printing, and that works well with your Z steps/mm
Smidge204__So 0.5mm would be my first choice, probably
recon_lapSudoICE: thats because most people have nozzles that are less than .6mm wide, and your layer height cant be greater than you nozzle
Smidge204__Well, it CAN... but that's expert territory :D
SudoICE800 steps/mm
mwehrung recon_lap: ah yes, why?
Smidge204__Right, so 0.5mm would be 400 steps.
Smidge204__0.5mm is also less than 80% of your nozzle diameter, and if you design things to the nearest mm in height then you'll get an even number of full layers
Smidge204__Or nearest half mm
recon_lapmwehrung: well, it's a big fat plug that has a narrow bit at each end. what type of hotend is it?
recon_lapmwehrung: almost look like a 3mm hotend thats been modified to 1.75 mm
recon_lapmwehrung: not that I'd know too much about it
mwehrung recon_lap: you are probably right, my nozzle hase 3mm entry
recon_lapmwehrung: and your using 1.75mm filament?
recon_lapmwehrung: and the hotend type?
mwehrungnot good hein ?
recon_lapmwehrung: well, I think it matters. have you tried disabling retracts?
recon_lapmwehrung: also, adding a ptfe tube might help if you have not added one
mwehrungno I didn't but I will
recon_lapmwehrung: also, you could try using 3mm filament , still wondering what type of hotend
mwehrunga pic of my hot-end
recon_lapmwehrung: and the barrel of the hotend is 3mm?
recon_lapmwehrung: well, not really sure what to suggest. other than what I've already said.
mwehrungyes I'm try to deactivate retraction and will see
mwehrungthanks for the help
recon_lapmwehrung: just though of what the failure mode might be, if you have any over extrusion, it will probably travel back up the barrel and then cool, creating that plug which jams the hotend. thats just a guess though
mwehrunga 3mm hot end barrel for 1,75mm filament seem not to be a good design, isn't it ?
recon_lapmwehrung: no, it's not, I have a feeling that it's a 3mm hotend with a 1.75mm extruder you got there
mwehrung recon_lap: yes but that is in middle of the "melting chanber"
mwehrung*that plug
recon_lapmwehrung: a jhead has a nut that goes down the peek and stops the ptfe tube from going the whole way down to the nozzle , you might be missing this bit
recon_lapmwehrung: I'm thinking that that plug is actually back flow and not a melt chamber
recon_lapmwehrung: it's very big compared to the filament
recon_lapmwehrung: and very far way from the end of the nozzle
mwehrungyes you are right but this plug is actualy in front of the resistance
recon_lapmwehrung: how can you know that?
mwehrungbecause I disassembled it
mwehrungi'll take another pic
recon_lapmwehrung: but how do you know where the resistance is if it's dissambled
mwehrungnear means : both the plug and the resistence are in the aluminum part
recon_lapmwehrung: I think you need to switch to 3mm filament or get a 1.75mm hotend. the jamming would work like this. you start printing, slowly the back flow accumulates in the barrel, eventually it get to the cool part of the barrel and starts hardening and getting sticky, the incoming filament pushes it against the sides of the barrel, creating move force against the filament, eventually the hobbled blot is over powered or the filament strips.
Smidge204__You mean the resistor, not "ersistance" as in where the filament is getting too much friction
mwehrungyes sorry for missunderstanding,
mwehrungthanks for the help I didn't realise it was 3mm hot-end barrel
recon_lapmwehrung: well, thats my best guess with the info at hand. I'm never 100% certain of anything unless I got a proof theorem :)
JayhaI've got LCD 20x4 and Rotary encoder+click - but no SD card - what's the right combination of defines for Marlin configuration.h?
Jayhaseems like the SDSUPPORT is not used - the encoder seems to be tied to ULTIPANEL but that assumes SDSUPPORT without checking if it's defined :/
recon_lapmwehrung: thinking about it, a small lenght of 3mmOD / 2mmID ptfe tube will probably fix it.
mwehrungrecon_lap: I was thinking about something like this, it will probably do the job... :)
recon_lapmwehrung: off to the fish shop you go :)
kthxthingiverse is and and is also (NSFW) and is also
JayhaIs there a #directive in arduino compiler that I can use to print out values of defined symbols so I can make sure pin assignments are correct?
Jayhait's a nightmare trying to follow the overrides and #ifdef to see what's what
mutley_boRRen: very good
mutley_recon_lap: just gt back from that appointment, its a no go on that front,
mutley_i become on object of the state?? no way sorry not my cup of coffee ;p
Jayha#warning seems to be ignored - #error TEMP_0_PIN prints the literal text rather than the value ugh!
Jayhaok, I've deduced that they are 13 and 15 - but should be 13 and 14 according to RAMPS wiki page - I'm setting MOTHERBOARD to 34, is it a bug in Marlin code?
robotustra_what is the optimal temperature of hotend to print ABS?
robotustra_225 ? or 228 ?
mwehrungJayha: by memory shouldn't it be 33 ?
Jayhamaybe it should - 33 = RAMPS 1.3 / 1.4 (Power outputs: Extruder, Fan, Bed) - 34 = RAMPS 1.3 / 1.4 (Power outputs: Extruder0, Extruder1, Bed)
JayhaThat's from the config.h
Jayhasince I have 2 extruders, I figure I need that one?
MattyMattit's worth familiarising yourself with the relevant section of pins.h too, to see what that means
JayhaMattyMatt: yeah - I've been going through pins.h and it looks like it's trying to set everything up correctly based on the MOTHERBOARD value, the TEMP_0_PIN and TEMP_1_PIN defaults to 13 and 15 - there must be an #if MOTHERBOARD == 33 somewhere to override it to 14
Jayha... but missign if == 34
London3DWhy do so many people expect me to do 3D printer work for free?
Belxjandergood question
London3DI turned down a request to work a this expensive meeting of heads of industry. The event must have cost many thousands of pounds but there's no money for someone to teach 3D printing to the super rich.
London3DNow I'm getting phone calls asking if I know what I'm doing turning up this opertunity. No offers of money though.
MPowerand DO YOU KNOW?!
joem_:( halfway thru a 15 hour print
joem_notice that my abs parts are lifting baaaad
joem_warp city, warp warp city
joem_what a pile of wasted filament :(
joem_hairspray, gluestick, kapton tape, slurry, etc, none of it works
JayhaMaybe the RAMPS wiki page is wrong (out of date?) and not Marlin pins.h ? says TEMP_0_PIN 13 TEMP_1_PIN 14 - but no TEMP_BED_PIN - so maybe TEMP_1_PIN used to be used for the bed before?
nikrewhat would be the best/easiest way to created hobbed bolt for gregs extruder?
London3Djoem_: Raft, better thermal managment.
nikreto create*
Jayhapins.h says TEMP_0_PIN 13 TEMP_1_PIN 15 TEMP_BED_PIN 14
joem_i can never get those cleanly off
London3Dnikre: Scrap an saw blade across the bolt to dig lines into the bolt, then keep working until the lines become teeth.
Jayhaso does that mean extruder0 thermistor should be in T0, extruder1 thermistor should be in T2 and heated bed thermistor in T1 ??
nikreLondon3D, have you done it too? how can i make teeth intervals equally spaced?
MattyMattequally spaced isn't such an issue, as long as the bolt stays round. mine is covered with fine scratches with hardly any depth, but it works
recon_lapmutley_: bet you told them you where working at home
MattyMattI was attempting to hob with a tap, but it never drove the bolt and I ended up with a scratchfest
recon_lapjoem_: large ABS parts just warp, I'm going to try make a heat chamber to see if that helps
MathijsJHello, can someone help me with auto bed leveling?
joem_recon_lap, yeah i have a heated chamber around it
joem_it got kinda cold inside the house overnight, perhaps it wasn't enough
joem_the chamber is a catering bag from qdoba, btw
joem_@ recon_lap
recon_lapjoem_: maybe you should consider using PLA
joem_recon_lap, yeah, pla seems to do ok for me
recon_lapjoem_: use the abs for smaller prints.
nikreMattyMatt, i was looking at this. i guess this would be easier.
kthx => => 16 comments, 1 IRC mention
joem_perhaps a thicker layer of glue stick, or more squish on layer 1 might help too
joem_also, i've heard of printing a PLA raft, and then printing ABS on top of that
MattyMattnikre yeah they work well I hear, but I still want to make a hard hobbing setup with the bolt and tap both driven at the right speed so I can get an exact number of equal teeth every time
recon_lapjoem_: it really does not matter, ABS in large prints will warp if there is not good thermal management. no way around it
MathijsJMy z offset doesnt get fixed after i use bed auto leveling. How could i fix this?
joem_define "good thermal management"
joem_properly controled heated chamber?
joem_more consistant bed & tip temps?
airking_So I'm going to do my first prints tonight. I have ABS, a glass plate, and like 20 bucks on me. What should I do to make it stick?
airking_I've heard glue stick
airking_Should I try that?
joem_works for small parts
joem_got a heated bed?
malcom2073I use ABS glue, which is abs + acetone sludge, works wonderful
malcom2073but kinda messy
joem_my heated bed temp was lower
joem_ACTION wonders if that could affect sticking
Jayhais the default (not inverted) endstop used for normally open switches? and inverted for normally closed?
malcom2073joem_: good thermal management is maintaining a consistant temperature across the part (high temperature), as well as a controlled cooldown.
joem_how high
joem_like bed temps high?
malcom2073I run my heated enclosure at 50c, but I'm gonna be bumping it higher
joem_do you have a seperate heating element for the enclosure?
airking_Should I build an enclosure? I could make it out of glass, seeing as how I have tooooooon of scrap.
malcom2073airking_: they help, but from what I hear they're not required.
MattyMattenclosure is a good general plan, especially with fume extraction
MattyMattI was looking at the Lloyds building and the Pompidou Centre, and I noticed a resemblance in how the mendel is designed, all the works ostentatiously on the outside
MattyMattit probably makes it scary for technophobes :) a sleek shell would make them more comfortable
recon_lapairking_: did you get the printer sorted?
airking_recon_lap: not yet, but I've figured everything out, I think. I should just have to compile and upload when I get home
recon_lapairking_: good stuff, just be careful after the upload, you many have firmware configuration issues. so do a full shake down of the motors,endstops and thermistors/heaters before firing off a print.
recon_lapairking_: and you pronterface connection problem was probably the wrong baud rate selected in pronterface
airking_recon_lap: Colin said that the firmware might have bugged when he uploaded it and set heatbed to D9 instead of D8, so that explains the clicking
airking_recon_lap: tried every baudrate
mutley_recon_lap: that is a bet you would loose :)
recon_lapairking_: if it's a windows machine then it probably was missing the arduino drivers, arduino IDE would have added them. if it was linux maybe it did not like the 250000 baudrate
airking_recon_lap: Linux all the way :D.
airking_All day*
airking_I used to run Linux on my phone too. Was pretty cool
airking_Just a bit too buggy
airking_I'm down to just the TV and cable box not running Linux at this point.
recon_lapmunch munch eating bbl!!
London3DI designed and 3D printed parts for my classic VW camper van, now gears 1, 2, 3 & 4 work.
buZzLondon3D: hey, i saw reference to the london hackerspace on a machine-knitters blog :P
recon_lapburp, finished just in time to see england get whipped on the soccer field again :P
MattyMatt Nestlê are muscling in on the food printer market
MattyMattnestlë nestlè whatevs. I marked all the accents on my other model M, but then I regretted defacing an antique so I won't do it to tthis one
octocppWhere is a good place to get the color changing PLA?
jdiezmy battery charger circuit works
jdiezand the battery powers the printer successfully
jdiezI just need to wire it all up and I'll have an UPS for my printer \o/
jdieznothing blew up, surprisingly
MakerGear|JoshAlways the best feeling
MakerGear|JoshThough a failed smoke test can at least wake you up in the morning...
jdiezI did wire up an electrolytic cap incorrectly
jdiezclose call
Smidge204__That's why I build my own capacitors out of aluminum foil and plastic food wrap
MakerGear|JoshSmidge204__: nah, Leyden jars all the way
Smidge204__High voltage, low capacitance
Smidge204__jdiez: What did you end up with for a power supply?
jdiezSmidge204__: i found a regulable laptop PSU
jdiezcranked it up to 19V
mastag25it failed 10 hours in lol
mastag25the inner cube collapsed
mastag25going to retry on PLA later
Smidge204__"Mice injected with the engineered enzyme survive daily lethal doses of cocaine for an average of 94 hours."
Smidge204__What the hell kind of job that must've been
Smidge204__"So, what did you do today?" "I tried to get mice to OD on cocaine. Been at it all week, no luck so far."
Specsounds like a pretty great job
Smidge204__I wonder how stringent the office drug testing policy is
Smidge204__"Honestly, it's just carry-over contamination!"
Spec"Yeah. For some reason that mouse in the back is a reaaal addict. Did fifty times as much as the other mice."
Smidge204__Pretty interesting how they engineered the naturally occurring protein to make to both stronger AND more effective, using computational models instead of trial and error
SpecSmidge204__: yes
SpecSmidge204__: i understood some of those words, even
Smidge204__like "cocaine"
nullieis there way to tell slic3r to put supports further from other walls?
nullieit kinda sticks here
ferrjust a question, i try to print pla with support enabled. if the support line is very short, than extruder doesn't extrude to that line. It's like the filament starts to come out from nozzle with a little delay. Could someone give me a hint?
Smidge204__Design your own support
Smidge204__@ both of you
octocppWhat options are there for color changing PLA?
octocppALl I can see is grey to clear?
bill2or3I've seen pink/purple.
octocppWhere is a good place to buy this stuff?
ferrSmidge204: that won't solve that problem that it does not extrude small amount. and not only support affected
Smidge204__ferr: In that case, you need to work on your retraction settings. Is it a bowden setup perchance?
ferrSmidge204: not bowden, i make it myself. i just see that this happens if extruder goes reverse a bit, than new extrusion will start with about 1cm delay
Smidge204__"not bowden, i make it myself." - Not sure what that means
bill2or3Ferr, is your un-retract speed too fast?
KreAtureACTION is working on his waterbot
ferri need to check
reprapper*kreature: show
JustinPHey all, was looking at assembling a kit for the Rostock Mini Pro, and was wondering if any of you had experience buying from 3DPrinterCzar. Kinda wanted to guage opinions before purchasing the kit...
thews-wo_ anyone know anything about the 5D option? had my printer crash a few times for the first time error
thews-wo_no Z stop errors, no min temp or max temps
thews-wo_for the first time ever*
thews-wo_wondering if I need to check some options
adam_could anyone talk to me about software?
MakerGear|Joshthews-wo_: 5D is the standard setting there
MakerGear|JoshIf you're using Marlin, you should keep that checked
MakerGear|JoshWhat exactly happened with the crash?
thews-wo_well the whole printer stopped and extruder temp started dropping
thews-wo_using marlin though
MakerGear|JoshControlled drop?
thews-wo_heat bed temp stayed up
MakerGear|JoshMay have been set to a lower temperature
thews-wo_it became unresponsive
MakerGear|JoshCheck your gcode for "M109"
thews-wo_starts going back towards 0 while the electronics
thews-wo_closed the terminal when it did that
MakerGear|JoshYeah, if you have the "stabilize temps at start" set, it will not respond until the temp reaches the set point
thews-wo_but I got 164kb in, let me check the file
thews-wo_also it died on the first layer
thews-wo_no M109s besides like the 6th line in
thews-wo_I don't have time to go down there and babysit it right now, but I will in a bit
MakerGear|JoshWhat's the 6th line?
thews-wo_M109 S250 T0
mastag25do these gcode commands actually mean anything
MakerGear|JoshThat's setting your hotend to 250C and waiting for it to be reached
thews-wo_then home the axes and lift nozzle and get to printing
MakerGear|JoshIs that intentional?
mastag25the M and S
mastag25or w/e
MakerGear|Joshmastag25: yes
kthxgcode is and is also and is also and is also a very handy all-include list here: and is also and is also
thews-wo_M is usually an instruction and S is the setting
mastag25ah ok
adam_what are good 3d CAD programs?
hyperairstarno: looks like the issue was that the threads of the nozzle and heat-break tube were jammed with carbonized PLA
hyperairadam_: i like openscad
hyperairbut then again i'm a software engineer
hyperairACTION prefers coding over clicky draggy things
hyperairstarno: also, it looks like there's no PEEK tubing in mine.
hyperairit's all metal. \o/
adam_is blender worthwhile? does it do the job well for transfering to the 3d printer?
hyperairit's too complicated for CAD i believe
hyperairblender's more for stuff that you're going to animate and see on screen, i think
jeffdm_workBlender isn't CAD.
jeffdm_workIt's good for modelling designs though.
teepeeblender is fine to create models that should export to STL
teepeeit even has a 3d printing toolbox to support fixing problems
adam_so im a beginner, just get my teeth into blender you would suggest ? or use some other software
teepeeas said above, depends on the type of model :)
teepeefor artistic style stuff, where exact measurements are not too important, blender is cool
adam_what would you use for the more exact models?
teepeeACTION uses OpenSCAD :)
MakerGear|JoshOpenSCAD, freecad, tinkercad
Smidge204__3d sw?
kthx3d sw is OpenSCAD, Blender, FreeCAD, google sketchup, implicitcad, shapesmith, SolveSpace - see also
Smidge204__And those are just the free ones
adam_ill give openscad a go
MakerGear|JoshStay away from sketchup, in my opinion (80+% of the models people have sent me from sketchup, were terrible [in model/mesh quality, not the actual design])
adam_thanks for the help
Smidge204__You can probably add DesignSpace
teepeeif you run windows ;)
teepeeotherwise it's not much use
Specwhat, no librecad mention? :D
Smidge204__MakerGear|Josh: If you're not an idiot, sketchup is fine. The trick is to realize when parts of yuor model are inside out
MakerGear|JoshDesignSpark Mechanical is also nice
teepeewell, librecad is 2d only
SpecSmidge204__: and if you are an idiot? what do you recommend then?
Specteepee: oh :p
MakerGear|JoshSmidge204__: true, but most people don't have any idea that's a possible issue
teepeeso it's nice, but not ideal for 3d printing stuff :)
teepeebut you can combine librecad + openscad
Smidge204__I'd recommend lots of things if you're an idiot. Mostly household chemicals as unique cocktail mixers.
SpecSmidge204__: :D
Praesmeodymium_autodeak fusion is free for hobbyiests... its simple but effectinve and you can measure
ccecilMakerGear|Josh: sketchup is fine if you use it correctly...but most people don't. It was good for me because I had no prior CAD experience to color my opinion
cceciltook me a few days to get the hang of just by watching youtube tutorials
pwillardI can say the same thing about DesignSpark Mechanical BTW.
pwillardhey shaun413
shaun413I really need a telephoto lens
shaun413Anyone have one
pwillardfor a 40 year old pentax :-P
shaun413No for canon
ccecilpwillard: probably worth something pentax uses old lenses...and pentax was actually smart and put the IS in the camera
pwillardMine was 100% mechanical apart from the light meter
ccecilpwillard: yep...still should mount and work
ccecilno autofocus but it would be image stabilized
pwillardStill have it.. Pentax K1000
Praesmeodymium_I in fact do have a telephoto or 2... I have a 600mm lens here
ccecilpwillard: My mother has one
ccecilpwillard: I actually like that camera
pwillardwas a good camera when I bought it in 1977... and it still works.
pwillardIt was the Jeep of cameras, in my opinion
ccecilpwillard: I have a minolta xg1 that I like as well
ccecilpwillard: the minolta and the pentax are very close in design, size, weight etc
shaun413Which 600?
shaun413I was looking at the 70-200 but can't really afford it
Computer_BarfI have a model in sketchup , and I jave the solid plugin , and it says my object isn't a solid, but i cant figure out where.. anyone know how i can fix this
pwillardSketchup is notorious for allowing you to make non-manifold items
Praesmeodymium_ that lens
nextimeACTION hates sketchup
Praesmeodymium_3k new
shaun413I just want a 70-200
Computer_Barfpwillard: Yes, that would be more of repitition of the problen than a suggestion of a solution
shaun413Less than 1k
Praesmeodymium_well new isnt a word for those anymore... 3k i great condition :)
ccecilComputer_Barf: if you feed it through netfabb you can usually see the issue
shaun413But too much for me. So only a dream
pwillardI'd offer better advice, but that's why I avaoid Sketchup... :-P
Praesmeodymium_I am liking fusion it was a short learning curve... relally only watched an hour of demos before I was making parts
ccecilthe best cad program is the one you can use
pwillardMine won't let me make non-manifold objects
airkingSo I just re-uploaded the firmware to my arduino, and now it's not working
ccecilmost of the issues I find with sketchup are related to reversed faces
shaun413that canon 70-200 is love
ccecilwhich is an easy fix
MakerGear|Joshshaun413: look on ebay for lenses sold "as-is / for parts"
shaun413I want a working lens
MakerGear|JoshAll but 2, of the 10-15 I've got from that area, worked
MakerGear|JoshThose 2 were easy fixes
MakerGear|JoshBut I haven't paid more than $40 for one
MakerGear|JoshAnd I believe one of them is, IIRC, a 75-300
shaun413Well a 700 dollar lens won't be an easy fix
MakerGear|JoshObviously not an L series or anything else fancy
MakerGear|JoshBut still cheap
shaun41375-300 is canons worst lens
MakerGear|JoshGood to know
MakerGear|JoshStill telephoto, which is what you specified X)
shaun413I've used it... Not worth it
shaun413IQ is bad
bill2or3it's true, that 70-300 is garbabe.
bill2or3also, garbage.
shaun413The is one is decent
shaun413But 600 dollars
bill2or3I'll give you 200, final offer.
bill2or3the 70-200 L
shaun413I want one
shaun413200 dollars will help
bill2or3ACTION wanders off
shaun413Thank you kind sir
airkingWhen trying to upload to my arduino I get ioctl("TIOCMSET"): Broken pipe
kthxHelp is and is also searchable via google by adding "" to your search term(s)
shaun413You need to fix the pipe airking
shaun413Its broken
airkingshaun413: Really not appreciated right now
ccecilsomeday...everyone in here will have the entire range of "shaun" on ignore
shaun413Bill2or3 is going to give me 200 dollars for my 70-200
shaun413I'm very excited
airkingGuess I need to try this on windows
Praesmeodymium_I wish people wouldnt pay you for whining... it only ancourages you
shaun413He didn't yet
shaun413Doubt he will
airkingHow long should it take to upload 100000 bytes to an arduino?
airkingNever mind
airkingThat question should have been
airkingHow long should it tak to upload 100000 bytes to an unplugged usb cord
airkingfuck me right?
airkingIt does seem to be taking a while though...
kthxpei is and is also and is also and is also a reusable maintenance free build surface for both ABS and PLA (only for heated beds). You can laminate 0.030" or 0.040" thick PEI onto glass with 3M 468MP adhesive tape.
Praesmeodymium_well... at 9600 baud it took me about 45 minutes... at 115200 it took like 20 seconds
ccecilScribbleJ: and what is this printer
ScribbleJccecil, it's my own design, which you can easily tell from the fact that I apparently made all the parts HUGE. Heh. I can probably cut back a lot on the size in the next iteration.
ScribbleJBut at least it's solid.
ccecilScribbleJ: you mentioned hbot...or is it corexy
ScribbleJcorexy, yea
ccecilScribbleJ: I am working on a waterjet one right now
ccecilprobably little/no printed parts
ScribbleJWaterjet corexy?
ScribbleJThat sounds awesome.
ccecilScribbleJ: I am not the first for sure
ccecilScribbleJ: here is something similar to what I am working on
Computer_Barfhumm.. ive repaired my object in netfab but can't find a way to export it as an stl
ScribbleJYeah, but without the waterjet, how will you cut the aluminum for the waterjet?! Catch-22!
ccecilComputer_Barf: it is a menu item
mastag25chicken and egg theory
ccecilScribbleJ: well...the waterjet is not easy to homebrew
ccecilScribbleJ: the one the guy I know has was a $280k machine
ScribbleJThat is not cheap.
Computer_Barfwhich menu, ive been though all the menus and the only one I see about stl is split large stl in the first menu
ccecilComputer_Barf: part>export part>stl
reprappereverybody wants core x/y now
ScribbleJCorexy seems elegant.
ScribbleJI like it.
ccecilI have been wanting to do an hbot/corexy for well over a year...just never got around to it
airkingI get avrdude: stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout
airkingavrdude: stk500v2_getsync(): timeout communicating with programmer
robotustra_delta is better than corexy :)
airkingAnyone know what to do?
ccecilrobotustra_: in what way?
Computer_Barfno part menu
robotustra_any way
robotustra_it's faster
ccecilrobotustra_: lol...well...I guess you are entitled to your opinion
mastag25airking did you set the board?
Computer_Barfccecil: is it possible that netfab basic lacks the part menu?
airkingmastag25: Yep, ATMEGA 2560 right?
robotustra_may be
ccecilrobotustra_: delta has other issues
mastag25no idea
reprappercore x/y,file=23383 pretty famous in germany
mastag25if you plugged in the usb with arduino opened, close it and reopen it
robotustra_my delta works ok
ccecilComputer_Barf: it is on the top bar on my pc...but I use who knows
MakerGear|Joshairking: try pressing the reset button on the arduino, right as the compiling finishes in Arduino IDE
robotustra_delta is simple
ccecilrobotustra_: I can print 200mm/s with a 300x300 moving bed deltas don't really impress me
airkingMakerGear|Josh: Where is the reset button?
ScribbleJI used my delta to print the parts for this corexy printer. The delta is nice in that it can automatically calibrate and level itself, but not nice in so many ways.
brentruMakerGear|Josh: hello josh
airkingMakerGear|Josh: and can I press it with the RAMPS on?
MakerGear|JoshComputer_Barf: right click the model itself and select Export Part
brentruScribbleJ: how so
robotustra_ccecil: it depends on size of delta
MakerGear|Joshairking: it's some button on your board - should be off to the side on the Arduino itself
Computer_Barfyes right clicking the model lacks an export aswell. I have no part menu.
MakerGear|JoshAnd yes, it just resets the Arduino, which will power down everything
MakerGear|Joshbrentru: hello
Computer_Barfare you guys using netfab basic?
brentrumost are
ccecilComputer_Barf: I am
MakerGear|JoshNetfabb Studio Basic, yes
MakerGear|JoshAre you in the layout view?
ScribbleJbrentru, off the top of my head, it's not nice in that you can't put a full extruder on the effector, so you're forced to use bowden. The steps/mm vary widely depending on your position and the math to handle it all is a pain, and really eats up too much time on an 8-bit controller like an arduino. And it's really hard to build one that's sturdy enough even given those constraints.
ccecilComputer_Barf: my top bar shows...project-edit-part-extras-view-settings-help
brentruScribbleJ: The RoMax is pretty hefty, I think.
brentrubut I hear you on the effector issue
brentrubowden limits some filament choices
airkingThe fucking reset button is in the middle under the ramps
airkingthere is NO way I am gettin got it
MakerGear|Joshairking: there should be on on the RAMPS as well, then
ccecilairking: ramps has it on the side
MakerGear|JoshProbably labeled "reset" on the board
airkingMakerGear|Josh: Do I hold it? Or just press it?
MakerGear|JoshJust press
airkingMakerGear|Josh: Didn't work
MakerGear|JoshGo all the way back to the beginning
MakerGear|JoshIs everything plugged in correctly?
airkingMakerGear|Josh: Yes, everything is plugged in
MakerGear|JoshAnd do you have the diode installed to run RAMPS from the PSU, or is it powered from USB?
airkingMakerGear|Josh: My RAMPS came pre-assambled from makerfarm. There was firmware already on it. It was working fine, except the heatbed wasn't working. Makerfarm told me to reflash the firmware
MakerGear|JoshLast thing I'd try - unplug everything from the RAMPS board
MakerGear|JoshIf you can't connect or upload firmware, I'd contact them
robotustra_ccecil: you state that cartesian printer is better than delta?
airkingMakerGear|Josh: My Arduino doesn't show up in Device manager under COM ports, is that a problem?
ccecilrobotustra_: no
airkingMakerGear|Josh: It shows up under "other devices"
ccecilrobotustra_: what I said was I get near delta speeds with a large bed cartesian
MakerGear|Joshairking: yes
robotustra_core xy is better?
MakerGear|JoshYeah, you should see it under COM
ccecilrobotustra_: so I never saw the point
MakerGear|JoshReinstall the driver
ccecilrobotustra_: I would prefer a corexy to a delat
airkingMakerGear|Josh: Where do I get the driver? Just reinstall the arduino IDE?
MakerGear|JoshRight click the Arduino in device manager, and select Update Driver
MakerGear|JoshThen navigate to the Arduino drivers folder
BubbleRepMakerGear|Josh: not original arduino
MakerGear|JoshBubbleRep: ?
BubbleRep install this one airking
robotustra_ccecil: for me high speed == poor quality
reprapper0.1 layers ceccil
ccecilreprapper: I think they are .3
ccecilor .25
reprapper0.3 abs with jhead at 200 ?
reprapperno chance
ccecilit is abs
reprapperyou dont get enough heat
ccecilrobotustra_: on that printer I printed the same part at 3 speeds and got the same results
ccecilreprapper: ok
reprapperi know it is
reprapperok :)
ccecilI will look at the gcode
reprapperi gues 0.4 noozle. so very hard to believe
ccecilreprapper: .3
ccecilit is a .4 nozzle at .3 layers
reprapperyes, so this is not a video to reconomme to imitate
robotustra_ccecil: so for me quality of print is primary
reprapperfor a flat piece of plastic its possible, but general parts will crack, cause the filament is not melting completely
robotustra_because I do prototypes, not mass production
robotustra_ccecil: and sound is terrible, like old dot matrix printer
reprapperwho cares about sound.. haha
ccecilrobotustra_: it is leadscrew driven
ccecilit is actually a pleasant sound in my opinion :)
reprappercecci: i believe you. i just say this is not reconomme to do
robotustra_reprapper: I care
reprapperfor a flat part you can use it. i can see in the video the plastic lumps
reprapperrobotustra. so you should build a slience chamber
ccecilreprapper: it is protoparadigm abs...the silver pigment is a bit funny...but other than that it came out fine
reprapperalso you run 10jerk i guess right ?
ccecilreprapper: yeah...
robotustra_reprapper: my delta not so loud even without housing
reprapperso there is no 200 really. any way very fast :)
robotustra_but I will
ccecilreprapper: check the video
reprapperceccil: i changed the fw litlle
ccecilreprapper: according to prusa's calculator I get to 200 no problem
robotustra_ccecil: it's not 200 mm/sec
robotustra_it's accelerating slowly and deccelerating slowly
ccecilrobotustra_: check the video and let me know...easy enough to do
robotustra_it never reachs 200 mm/s
airkingBubbleRep: I love you
airkingBubbleRep: It's working
ccecilrobotustra_: k
reprapperi print 140mm/s 0.3 at 255. but its mostly black , so natur and not so dark colors need less temp
reprapperaccording to prusa is nothing.
ccecilreprapper: the calculator is what I mean
reprapperi the moment you print larger stuff its just to fast
reprapperah i see
reprapperparts are cracking, cause there is no time for the layer to glue together, but yes depends on material
reprappereven with chamber ^^
robotustra_I print now at 30 mm/s with moving 200 mm/s
ccecilrobotustra_: wow...that is blazing :)
robotustra_200 mm/s is fast
ccecilmy sells mendel prints at double that
robotustra_I DO MY 3RD print only, and recommend to shut up for now :)
robotustra_in the life
robotustra_I just assembled and calibrated it
robotustra_this printer is 2 days old
robotustra_and I'm newbe in printing
robotustra_30 mm/s is ok for me now
ccecil here is my 3rd print off a newly built printer :)
bill2or3quoting to speed is meaningless, without jerk and accel numbers.
reprapperfunny thing on my batch 1 printer i can print even 300mm/s
bill2or3 :-|
ccecilreprapper: I tested the last batches to move at 333mm/s in test...otherwise they failed
mastag25ccecil - tahts pla right
ccecilmastag25: yeah
reprapperi see strings, fucking green does that
reprapperlooks very nice
ccecilneeds a couple deg colder
ccecil 2 printers tested at once :)
ccecilthe natural pla did better for stringing
reprapperiu see you switched to belt a1
ccecilreprapper: MMpro
ccecilreprapper: old pbc rails from the MMpro MM 1.5+
reprapperthe one tlabs sold cheap
cceciland they could fit on the deck of an a1
reprapperim thinking about ordering new simos from pbc as well
reprapperand buld 2 more a1
reprapperbut the simos are alon 800€ each
reprapper1500 USD
ccecilreprapper: yep
ccecilnot cost effectivve
reprapperon other hand i earn that money in a week with my printers so its fine to
ccecilI have 3 a1s myself...probably all I will ever have
reprapperyes i know, you guys all change to core x/y and smoothy
reprapper but for me my 2 machines are better than anything on the market right now
ccecilsmoothie works better in the a1 but it is a bit louder still
reprapperand i dont believe in the next 2 years something will change
reprapperno need for me for smoothy
reprappereven its 10% better quality or faster
ccecilthe a1 is a very nice printer once it is tamed...but it is not perfect
arthur-_reprapper: ethernet control !
tomstokesreprapper: Sorry, I missed the first half of this conversation. What type of printers are your 2 machines?
cceciltomstokes: aluminatus
reprapperarthur: even that
reprapperthe time it takes to build the smoothy in and fw and test all that isnt worth it for me
ccecilreprapper: really there isn't much to change
reprapperbut maybe the next a1 i buy /buld will have it on
ccecilreprapper: and some of the a1s already have mounting holes for them
arthur-_reprapper: ccecil and a few other aluminatus people have config files for you, so it's just a matter of wiring it in
ccecilsystemsguy and I both are running them
reprapperi know john runs them
reprapperbut still. my actuall machines runs 24hours a day for 5 month now nonstop
reprapperi mean really nonstop.
reprapperso very day is a lost day
ccecil I need to run this gcode on smoothie and see if it barfs like marlin/ramps did
reprappermaybe the new one i build
ccecilboth prints failed at the same spot
reprapperbut nice dragons
ccecil22hrs in
reprapperi have no time to print nice stuff anymore :
ccecilannoying to say the least
ccecillast month I had less time to play :)
reprapperah no. 2 weeks ago i printed a nice part for me i forgot
reprapperthe body is pla and the neck abs
reprapperi already play on her and she sounds really nice
ccecilnice print...eventually I will try something musical :)
robotustra_reprapper: what about violin?
reprappernah, this was for me just for fun. but some guys want to buy them at 200 USD and i said no cause its not worth anymore
reprapperaslo stopped printing printed parts
reprapperthe ukulele took me 20 hours total
ccecilprinted kits are not worth printing for me really either
mastag25that seems fast
robotustra_I build 1 violing from wood 2 month
ccecilif I print prototypes I get no less than 10/machine hour...for kits you end up getting about 3
reprapperi sold me las 10 kits 2 weeks ago. at the moment i print for industry stuff
reprapperexactly ceccil
mastag25you guys are printing for companies?
robotustra_reprapper: kossel?
reprapperthe next step here is 2 more a1 maybe and than 3d scanning and adapting to fdm printer including the whole repairing and sculping prozess to learn
reprapperi hope thats a good move and worth the investment
reprapperno robotustra a1
jdiezmy uninterruptible power supply for 3d printers works
ccecilmastag25: I run a company...robosprout...but I print for random locals mostly
jdiezuploading cool video
robotustra_reprapper: a1 is a delta?
reprapperalmost... yes :P
ccecilrobotustra_: it is the "loud" one you were referring to
mastag25ccecil - how do you advertise
robotustra_ccecil: ok
ccecilmastag25: I don't
mastag25how did people originally hear about you then
ccecilmastag25: randomness :) word of mouth
reprapperhaha i shouldnt say now something
brentruwhat now that TLabs is closed?
robotustra_mastag25: I paste here my link from youtube in this channel and I bacame popylar ;-)
ccecilbrentru: I have not worked with them for almost a year
brentrudont you make alumanauts'
ccecilbrentru: last batch of a1 that was made was back in october
brentrurip TL
ccecilbrentru: there are only about 100 of them out there...between reprapper and I we have 5 of them :)
brentruopposite of RIP
robotustra_how much is one set of A1?
reprapperthere is no a1 anymore
robotustra_and how much is filament?
robotustra_ok kossel
ccecilsame as every other printer for filament
robotustra_I don't know how much is it
brentruACTION sighs
kthxfilament is , Recommended Suppliers: *US: ultimachine, makergear, protoparadigm *EU: faberdashery, reprapsource, Supply3DPLA *NZ: diamondage/ US distributor:, (coupon: REPRAPIRC) *Asia: QwikFab, romscraj *AU:
jdiezrobotustra_: about 25€/kg
robotustra_I mean the profit
reprapperi wanted to buy old a1 at first, but since i believe 90% of all a1 have printed with not calibrated simos, i guess better to buy new ones for longlife
jdiez"I mean the profit"
robotustra_from selling printer kits
reprapperalso to have perfect fw from 1th printing hour
ccecilreprapper: trinity probably has boxes of unmodded simos
ccecilreprapper: I still have one I bought from them
brentruI don't doubt it
jdiezrobotustra_: there's barely any profit from printer kits
reprapperim afraid to buy from them , and they wont ship ceccil , otherwise i would do
ccecilreprapper: probably true
brentrujdiez: gotta ship volume
reprapperthe yhate me i guess^^
jdiezeconomy of scale yo
brentruso rite
robotustra_so the profit == 0
reprapperanyway. a total a1 cost me 2500€
jdiezthe profit ~0
brentruI'm done with high school as of tomorrow, graduation
ccecilrobotustra_: I have paid off all of my printers for sure
reprapperthats nothing for the income i get with ti
robotustra_brentru: with mark?
brentruwith mark?
reprapperprinting eight now at ultra quality
robotustra_with honor?
jdiezrobotustra_: the filament itself is fairly cheap but if you count labour etc it's costly
brentruUSA doesn't do least where I live?
reprapper50 USD per hour 18 hours :)
brentruYeah, I have a good GPA if that is what you are asking?
brentrureprapper: how many machines do you have?
reprappernow i have three. before i had 6
reprapperi sold 3 mendel90 incl. the gcodes and all know how for a special production line
reprapperso now 2 a1 and a dual extruder printer
reprapperwhy what ?
brentruwhy sell 3 M90s
reprapperthe payed me 10K € for them
brentrudamn the A1 is noisy
reprapperincl gcodes and all know how
mastag25not many people 3d printing where i am
mastag25need to figure out a way to market it for some places
reprappermy a1 is even more noisy than others. i have a very heavy printbed
brentruI hate noise
robotustra_me too
reprapperbrentruu: they run 24 hours :P
reprapperbut everything is silent here in printroom. so its fine
robotustra_I print in appartment and that's why I need to put it in the box
reprapperwhat i hate most in the my new job is packaging the prints and waiting for the postman
brentruwhat new job?
robotustra_1 h 57 m have left
reprapperthe job of printing for money
bill2or3sounds tedious.
jdiezreprapper: don't tell that to shaun
Specreprapper: could try printing money
robotustra_the job: printing money
brentrujdiez: he'll try to print for money
reprapperi guess there are many people here doing this
mastag25i would like to at some point
reprapperill show you guys something really cool
robotustra_how to measure the nosle size?
jdiezthe manufacuturer tells it to you
brentrureprapper: go ahead
robotustra_the filament string which comes out is 0.5 -0.6 mm
robotustra_but it's said that it's 0.4 mm
jdiezthen you have your e-steps miscalibrated
brentrujdiez: this guy is speedrunning super meat boy really damn fast
brentrureprapper: neato
reprapperthis was one of my first costumers
reprapperits german, but to translate its a watch
reprapperthe buy many elements from that one from me
jdiezsweet reprapper
jdiezhow much of that is printed?
robotustra_jdiez: I don't think so
reprapperand its a lind of story of success, cause the guy sells now alot of them
jdiezbrentru: can't watch, uploading a video
brentruwhat vid
robotustra_I did everything according manual
bill2or3Robotustra_: there' is die-swell, the extruded plastic wont be the same size as the nozzle orafice, it'll be bigger.
reprapperalot jdiez .)
jdiezbrentru: of my ups for 3d printers
jdiezrobotustra_: there is always some uncertainty, you need to calibrate the last .1mm empirically most of the time
robotustra_bill2or3: that's what I supposed to have
jdiezrobotustra_: this is a normal thing
jdiezsame thing with your delta radius
jdiezvery nice
bill2or3robotustra_: the nozzle size makes way less difference than you'd expect anyway.. if they said it's 0.4mm, just use that.
robotustra_jdiez: I fixed delta radius already
jdiezrobotustra_: yes, but my point is that it has to be done empirically
jdiezreprapper: how did you get that nice surface finish on the frame?
reprapperjdiez. vapor
robotustra_reprapper: what is it?
thews-wo_overheated polyfuse = weird death of print
reprapperi made alot of experiments with vapor and found few way to get very very smooth fiinishs wothout havening the part deform by itself
jdiezthat's the only good thing about abs I think
jdiezand the higher melting point
jdiezfor everything else, PLA™
jdiezdamn reprapper props
reprapperi love nylons
jdiezah, fair
jdiezI haven't tried nylon myself
reprapperbut some other guys here to much more amazing prints than me
reprapper<- still noobie :)
thews-wo_just FYI I went ahead and bought simplify3d, it is crazy fast and does print well, but it does a few things that are annoying
thews-wo_been tweaking it to make it fit my setup better
jdiezwe're all noobs reprapper
robotustra_I'm the newbiest
jdiezdon't worry robotustra_ I still love you
robotustra_ok, may be to make a spool from cardboard
jdiezbear grylls mode activated
RoyOnWheels|MTWI advise against driving that bodily fluid jdiez
kthxdriving is
RoyOnWheels|MTWer drinking
jdiezholy shit
jdiezthat's pretty cool though
RoyOnWheels|MTWautocorrect fail
ccecilone won't be able to use question marks :)
jdiezccecil: kthx is not infinite-monkey-theorem compatible :P
ccecil...there will come a time where every keyword triggers a random video
RoyOnWheels|MTWflying was our plan jdiez
jdiezI remember a guy who put his printer on a quad copter
kthxfriday is Friday is and or possibly and is also,, and is also
jdiezbtw RoyOnWheels|MTW my printer is currently attached to a battery too
octocppOn the repraper website they advertise their filament being +- .1 mm, I thought good stuff was +- .03 mm variance, the .1mm is worse than normal?
jdiez.1mm is worse than normal, yes
jdiez.6mm is a bit dodgy
jdiezkthx: tell blockh34d
kthxjdiez: I'll pass that on when blockh34d is around.
jdiezkthx: tell brentru
kthxjdiez: I'll pass that on when brentru is around.
robotustra_reprapper: I didn't get the joke about your video
recon_laphmm, jam donuts !!!
octocppcrap, seeme kills you on shipping?
reprapperjdiez; wow
jdiezreprapper: :)
airkingFirst print!
octocpp18.82 for ups ground?
jdiezairking: I've seen a lot worse!
airkingjdiez: It looks pretty good, right? What should I do to try and improve it?
airkingThat's ABS at 225/100
jdiezairking: you seem to have z wobble
airkingI'm going to try 230/105
jdiezyou see where the corners push out periodically?
reprapperand to much filament, reduce estep by 10%
jdiezthat's your threaded rod pushing on the x carriage and moving it a bit
airkingjdiez: what's the fix?
jdiezit's complicated, but you can start by picking a layer height that is a multiple of your threaded rod pitch
jdiezso .8mm, .16mm, .24mm...
airkingjdiez: I don't actually know the pitch.
jdiezassuming it's an i3 with the standard m5 rods, the pitch is .02mm
airkingjdiez: It was a makerfarm kit, I'll email them.
jdiezsorry .2mm
reprapperjdiez: query
octocpphmm, is it normal for ups ground to run 15 or more bucks?
recon_lapairking: you should have a look a the reprap calculator
kthxcalculator is Sweet and hip version 3 is now online!! an and is also
octocppfor like 3 lbs
recon_lapairking: how is the first print going?
terramir_on ups
brentruups ground sucks...
kthxbrentru: 12 min 59 sec ago <jdiez> tell brentru
robotustra_no, USPS sucks
robotustra_canadian custom saucks too
brentrukthx tell jdiez your UPS is a car battery?
kthxbrentru: I'll pass that on when jdiez is around.
robotustra_quebec sucks too
jdiezbrentru: pretty much
kthxjdiez: 16 sec ago <brentru> tell jdiez your UPS is a car battery?
brentruthat's boss
jdieznot a car battery, but lead acid
robotustra_they sucks my money
robotustra_where I can find a small dog toys
robotustra_my kids want a printed dog
jdiezrobotustra_: thingiverse
robotustra_good, with moving legs
mutleyget a real one, saves the hassle of printing it
kthxmutley: 3 weeks 50 min ago <passim> tell mutley Check this out:!topic/deltabot/VGF075c6xLg
kthxmutley: 1 day 20 min ago <brentru> tell mutley did you just refund me? -brent
brentruthat was a day ago kthx
brentruget your shit together
robotustra_mutley: now for appartment
brentrumutley: +1 on the mutt
brentruthey built a new coaster at coney island?
brentrutesting with riders
brentruI would not volunteer to "test" it
robotustra_lunapark with black jack and sluts
BubbleReplooks like fun
brentrulol robotustra_
ccecilbrentru: there is a local company that makes coasters...I printed a couple seatbelt grommet protos for them...I know several people who do work for them
brentruthat's awesome
ccecilbrentru: rocky mountain construction...I think they go by rocky mountain coasters too
brentruI'm a big coaster person
will1995so im finaly on the board programming and when i try to upload the sprinter file i keep getting 'Sd2Card.cpp:146: error: 'HIGH' was not declared in this scope' the code line is digitalWrite(chipSelectPin_, HIGH); not sure wat im doing wrong and i have multiple errors of this
brentrudid you see the topper track?
brentruthey're doing that to coney island cyclone
brentrureplacing the top wood stack with steel boxes at certain parts of the ride
ccecilbrentru: yeah...they can make a wood coaster go upside down or something like that
ccecilbrentru: new track design
brentruthe one time I was on kingda ka
brentruit rolled back
ccecilbrentru: my neighbor mills the safety dogs for the cars
brentruhydraulics fail, didn't go fast enough up the hill, rolled back down
ccecilbrentru: 200lb block of steel milled down to 60lbs
brentruoh wow
ccecilbrentru: the safety dogs are supposed to catch the train after it gos back just a couple mm
brentruso it doesnt ruin their tracks?
ccecilthey are what clack as the train gos up
brentruYeah, rollbacks are the new thing with these pneumatic coasters
ccecilbrentru: my waterjet guy, my neighbor and I have all done work for them :)
ccecilbrentru: they are pretty good people...they do as much local as they can
brentruwhat parks are local to you
brentrujdiez: you might like this, hydraulics starting up for top thrill
jdiezthat was cool
brentruI like that noise
jdiezall that powa
jdiezmakes you feel american eh brentru
brentruACTION rushes out to buy USA flag
jdiezprint one
ccecilbrentru: silverwood theme park is by us...which is where rocky mountain got their start
brentrujdiez: my pla is chinese, not murican
jdiezall the better ;)
brentruccecil: you ever go to detroit
brentruaka the 'd'
ccecilbrentru: no...closest I came was going to MRRF 2 years ago
ccecilbrentru: I don't get east of the rockies much
ccecilor south of sacramento :)
ccecilI kinda prefer staying in my corner of the
brentrujdiez: "Browsing the crime stoppers website is a great way to ensure your upcoming date is not on a list of America's most wanted #dating”
jdiezbrentru: wow, you have that on america?
jdiezyou can look someone up?
jdiezah, most wanted
jdiezfair 'nuff
brentruwe can look up criminals and pedophiles
brentruand see a map of them in our area
jdiezcan you look up anyone's record?
ccecilpedophiles it shows their address
jdiezlike find out if they ever shoplifted or something
brentrupedos yes
jdiezah ok
brentruyou can pay a background check COMPANY
tjb1brentru being right at the center of the map
ccecildepends on the stae
brentrulike $200-500 and get an incredibly detailed check
Praesmeodymium_if you have enough information about them you can pay someone... in america a persons crimes are considered public record... its just laborious to index
brentrutjb1: not funny to joke about
jdiezin spain you can get a background check on yourself for free
tjb1brentru, doesnt change the statement
brentrutjb1: It absolutely does....
brentrujdiez: you can ask the FBI what your file is
brentruask them for what they have on your, etc etc
jdiezbut that doesn't include local police no?
brentrujust FBI record
brentrubut then again
brentruwhy would you ask them if you have nothing to hide
jdiezI think you can do that in spain, not 100% sure though
jdiezbrentru: just curious
brentruand who's saying they don't start a file on you when you ask for one
jdiezthen ask for your file twice
brentruask until you get waterboarded, got it
jdiezpretty much
jdiezit's the american way
macegri put in brentru and it came back with embezzlement and public exposure
cceciljdiez: the police shoot you way before it gets to waterboarding :)
brentrumacegr: I try my hardest
macegrwhat we really need is an updated WHOIS
recon_lapcan you get your file off the NSA?
jdiezwhat we really need is an updated `finger`
brentruoh macegr I like that idea
brentruit could show what chans you are banned from
brentruhow many people /ignored you
macegra little more formalized than urban dictionary
brentrugeneral stats too
jdiezbrentru: very readable text on that pic, A+
jdiezwould read again
macegr"brentru also has an exremely annoying unicode quitmsg, so it is best to just kickban if you're going to kick"
brentruI do
brentruidk how people like it
brentruI just took it off
brentrubut for one last time
brentru ҈҈҈̟⃝̞⃝̝⃝̎⃝̫̍⃝̪⃝̭⃝̸⃝҈҈҈҈҈҈⃝̳⃝̴⃝        ͍͍͍͌͌͌͌͐͐͐͒͒͒҉҉҉̟̟̟҈҈҈⃝̏⃝̏⃝̐⃝̩̩̩̩̪̪̪̪̎̾̾̾͂͂͂͂͆͆͆͆
jdiezmy client does unicode but not on quit messages
jdiezI guess the developers came across brentru and were frustrated
brentrumacegr: you really keep that pic around?
macegri never deleted it?
brentrui think it is gone
macegr/ban brentru
brentruis it better?
macegrIt was devoid of circle salad
Computer_Barfcan anyone speculate as to why my printer might just stop suddenly durring a print?
macegrComputer_Barf: are you using a mac
Computer_BarfIve had this happen a few times in the past week. I've had other prints that run for 12 hours fine.
Computer_Barfno , ubuntu
recon_lapsomeone just killed kthx
ccecilComputer_Barf: serial errors...usb or endstops are typically the noise issues for me
brentruno way
brentrukthx is broken again?
macegryou bastards
brentrukthx tell gunnbr kthx hates unicode emojis again, please fix
gthxbrentru: I'll pass that on when gunnbr is around.
brentrugthx 💀 is 💀
gthxbrentru: Okay.
recon_lapbrentru: think your smiley might have done it
ccecilbrentru: gunnbr doesn't run kthx
ccecilzelfje does
Computer_Barfcould it be my heatbed dropping below its set tempeture>
will1995so im attempting to upload sprinter to my aurdino and i have this "sd2card.cpp:146 error; 'HIGH' was not declared in this scope, line 146 is digitalWrite(chipSelectPin_, HIGH); how can i fix this?
jdiezwill1995: is your arduino sdk updated?
will1995im not sure what the sdk is, first time attempting this
jdiezthe arduino program
brentruoh yeah
brentrugthx handles emojis
brentrukthx does not
brentrukthx seen kthx
jdiezwill1995: basically, comment the sd card support
gthxkthx was last seen in #reprap 25 minutes, 32 seconds ago saying 'mutley: 1 day 20 min ago <brentru> tell mutley did you just refund me? -brent'.
brentrupoor guy
jdiezwill1995: go to sd2card.cpp
brentrugthx kill kthx is 💀💀💀💀💀💀
gthxbrentru: Okay.
brentrui <3 unicode
brentru     ᵀᴴᴬᵀṡᴺ😄ᵀḟᵁᴺᴺẏ
jdiezthat was the perfect opportunity for i <heart thing> unicode
mattwj2002haha brentru
robotustra_that's kiddish
brentru        ᵂᴬᴷᴱ ᵁᴾ
brentruoh that's right jdiez
will1995awsome thank you jdiez, not te uestion is where do i implement the new coding? looking threw and not sure
jdiezwill1995: you can open the files in a text editor
brentruᕬᕫᕬᕫᕬ is my new unicode exit message, macegr
brentruIt's a lot slicker
jdiezlooks like "nun nun nun"
brentruᕬᕫᕬᕫᕬᕬᕫᕬᕫᕬᕬᕫᕬᕫᕬᕬᕫᕬᕫᕬ batman
brentruwell that would be more nananana
brentrudid you see that new paste extruder that dropped today on KS?
brentruI really like this thing
brentrukthx discov3ry is
gthxbrentru: Okay.
will1995lol, i looking at the coding just cant figure out where i implement the new coding into it, inless its so simple i cant see it haha :P
mattwj2002anyone looking for something to print?
brentrusure mattwj2002
brentrubroken link
jdiez"tv cable tightener for F connector"
jdiezan extruded hexagon, grats mattwj2002 :P
BubbleRepACTION smells sarcasm
mattwj2002*double sarcasm*
mattwj2002jdiez: did you see the hole in it?
jdiezmattwj2002: yeah, A+, grats on your holing skills
mattwj2002I have always been good with holing
jdieznot many people have this usefull skill
mattwj2002jdiez: do you understand how you would use it?
jdiezI would slide it onto some cables
jdiezI think?
jdiezI've never had a need for such a thing ;P
mattwj2002yeah for American tvs
brentrudo that c̶h̶a̶c̶h̶a̶ cable slide
jdiezACTION is not american
mattwj2002jdiez: where are you from?
brentruis the zǝıpɾ homeland
jdiezArriba España
gthxAMIGO is see AMIGO
gthxAMIGO is see AMIGO
jdiezwell fuck that
gthxgthx is a backup bot that takes over when kthx is down. Visit or email if there are any problems.
malcom2073What happened to sakata? :(
mattwj2002what happened to kthx?
jdiezgot into a fayte with gushh and left
brentruI killed kthx
brentruthat's not the full name I dont think, jdiez(?)
jdiezit0s SAKATA3d
gthxsakata3d is AMIGO
gthxburs is
brentruOh baby
jdiezoh god
brentruThat picture is so amusing to me
jdieztruth is, that song has been playing in my head for a while
jdiezit's fucking annoying
jdiezthanks brentru
brentruYou are welcome for showing you that
jdiezi hope something you love catches on fire
malcom2073that's an awesome picture
brentruYou should pay me for showing you that video
brentrumalcom2073: google "rifle burs" for the entire song ,it's amazing
jdiezACTION must resist
malcom2073Nah I'm ok
brentruzǝıpɾ must resist
brentrujdiez: everyone must experience that song once in their life
shaun413Yo b
brentruyo s
shaun413Sup b
gthxshaun413 is “The greatest fools are ofttimes more clever than the men who laugh at them.” -Tywin Lannister and is also ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and is also ༼ ºل͟º༼ ºل͟º༼ ºل͟º ༽ºل͟º ༽ºل͟º ༽ and is also team usa
brentrujdiez: see shaun in that pic? You'll see that same pic on CNN soon
jdiezwhy? lol
robotustra_ABS is so cracky
brentrulol at juis twitter profile
brentruHe's kicking a stack of chips
Smidge204Stupid stack of chips
jeffdm_workNot even. He has his foot out, without the impression of motion.
jeffdm_workLike he's just balancing there.
Smidge204I thought they invented a new game; A cross between soccer and frisbee golf
brentruI love disk golf
jeffdm_workKick the frisbee out of the air?
Smidge204And intoa goal, yes
robotustra_ACTION thinking how long it will take to print whole 5' robot
Smidge204ACTION adds it to his list of sports to popularize, right under "skeet golf"
recon_lapgoal keeper to watch
brentru"you cant put your hands over the glass sir"
brentruSmidge204: it seems all you need to do is add beer to a recreational sport and it becomes popular
brentruyou ever go to that one in babylon?
shaun413Yah b
shaun413Let's play disk golf
shaun413Come over
jeffdm_workKick the tiny UFO out of the air!
brentru"The Cedar Beach Golf Course also serves as one of Long Island's only disc golf courses. The fees are the same as the golf course and disc golfers are allow to play multiple rounds. "
Smidge204brentru: I'm not sure if letting people drink beer while playing skeet golf is the dumbest of most brilliant idea ever..
brentruACTION loves frisbee, ultimate and disk golf
brentrulove the disk
jeffdm_work"more or less exactly"
robotustra_ACTION loves UT4.2
brentruSmidge204: do you work for CA?
brentrurobotustra_: unreal tourney?
robotustra_urban terror
brentruwhat is that
robotustra_google it
brentrucounterstrike ripoff of something?
robotustra_in beween counterstrike and quake
gthxCA is Super-Glue (Cyanoacrylate)
brentruCS GO is great
Smidge204Computer Associates?
brentruSmidge204: computer associates
brentruScribbleJ: nice hbot frame
Smidge204Thier HQ building is right dowen the road, though
brentruor corexy
ScribbleJcorexy, yes.
brentruis that a dremel base next to it on the left
ScribbleJJust a test fitting. I cut the two unattached smooth rods a little too long.
ScribbleJIt is a dremel base.! Haa
brentruknew it
brentruthe drill press one?
ScribbleJYes. Good eye.
robotustra_have to make 4 arm deltabot
brentruhow do you like it
ScribbleJI never use it for dremeling. Let me show you what I use it for...
brentruPCB holes?
brentruIt's a stand
brentruwhat thing is that
brentruthe holder
shaun414sop birches
airkingMy arduino + RAMPS won't turn on
reprapperi have no use for those small amounts of filamet
airkingThe power supply is lit up
airkingI can't power it from the power supply, or from my PC
jeffdm_workWhisper sweet nothings into the ports.
airkingno lights come on, nothing
reprapperi have here hundreds of meters and no use for it
brentruarent you supposed to hang that from the celling?
ScribbleJI guess you can mount it however you like, brentru. :)
Smidge204airking: Well that's bad news... disconenct everything and gently pry the RAMPS off
brentruI like that spool!
robotustra_but who will write a code to support it
Smidge204airking: I suppose you can't conenct to the arduino either?
robotustra_I don't know
ScribbleJI love it for unspooled filament, you don't have to try to respool it, just take the arm off and slip it on.
shaun414yo b
brentrukthx shane is
gthxbrentru: Okay.
airkingSmidge204: When I plug in my X endstop, it turns off
shaun414read it all
airkingSmidge204: As I wasunplugging thigs, it cut on
brentrustop implying walmart keeps the 'good stuff' in the back
airkingSmidge204: If I plug it in, it cuts off again
Smidge204airking: okay, then you're plugging your endstop in wrong and it's shorting out the board
airkingSmidge204: It's a switch, shouldn't direction not matter?
Smidge204Which is bad, but hopefully not fatal
Smidge204Eh. You can still wire it wtong
Smidge204endstop wiring?
gthxendstop wiring is
airkingSmidge204: Turns out you can wire it wrong, working now
brentrushaun414: so, do you work at walmart anymore
BubbleRependstop have 3 wires, + - and signal...
shaun414i do
airkingMine only have 2 wires
airkingbut good point
BubbleRepif you short + and - with your switch you "reset" the board
bill2or3you got ripped off man!
BubbleRepbut the ramps has 3 pins...
brentrutalk about an amazing print!
shaun414you coming to nj soon?
brentruThat's an unreal print!
brentrukthx impressive print is
gthxbrentru: Okay.
Smidge204BubbleRep: Yup, and you only need two if you're using plain mechanical switches
shaun414no its real
brentrushaun414: no
brentruI'm not coming
shaun414missin out
bill2or3brentru: want!
brentrunot really
jdiezthat's an awesome print brentru
Smidge204brentru: I'm so jealous, what with me and my gear fetish :/
brentruI know the guy who makes them
brentruhe works @ rolex
shaun414you want my paypal to send the 200?
brentru200 what
Smidge204Looks like it's got a hella strong mechanism too
jeffdm_work200 pesos.
shaun414dolla bills
brentruSmidge204: yea, nick just bought a delta
brentruand that is his first big print
brentruhe isnt releasing it though
shaun414right bill2or3 ?
bill2or3yeah, you just wait there.
shaun414i have been for 4 hours
Smidge204Actaully, looking at it, he needs a power spring
pwillardwhatd i miss?
Smidge204He's powering the mechanism by hand
shaun414nm pwillard
shaun414im excited for bill2or3
brentruSmidge204: yes he is
shaun414beyond Excited actually, hes making a dream come true
brentrushaun414: can't you collect unemployment instead of begging here
brentruIsn't it $300+ in NJ or something
pwillardcant you try?
shaun414300+ what?
Smidge204Years ago, I wanted to use a genetic algorythm to "evolve" clocks, then build samples of the resulting specimens
shaun414ou must have worked at least 20 base weeks in covered employment or you must have earned $7,300
shaun414No i cant
brentruSmidge204: I'm not following....
Smidge204You know what genetic algorythms are, right?
Smidge204The idea being that you start with a "population" of randomly generated clock mechanisms, select which ones are the least broken, "breed" them, and repeat until you end up with functional clocks
valentin28Hi there :)
pwillardmonkeys can write shakespeare too
recon_lapSmidge204 how would you evaluate each generation? you would have to model each one.
Smidge204Not fully model, but the process includes information that this gear links to that gear, etc. And you can evaluate the mechanism based on the components and their connections
robotustra_finished 3rd print
Smidge204 Thusly
pwillardbabbage reincarnated = smidge
crunchkthx tell tjb1 it will show wendsday
gthxcrunch: I'll pass that on when tjb1 is around.
shaun414apparantly reddit rhinks i smoke pot
shaun414it has added r/trees to my feed. never even been there before
thejollygrimreapi'm not sure i'd argue that one...
shaun414oh yay
ccecilit is a lie
shaun414what to post!
Smidge204When you're an adult, every day can be a cake day if you're willing to go out and get one
shaun414cant afford
pwillardboo hoo
KreAtureACTION is printing a test for his waterbot
pwillardreddit could say that about me! birtday 4/20, favorite beer Sweetwater 420.
KreAturePrinting this
pwillardjust re did my whole heatbed an glass mount. works great, but i have a new squeak i can't find. 😢
pwillardneat kreature, I'm still working on my swamp boat design
shaun414you should buy me this for my cakeday
crunchhave you ever thought about getting a fucking job?
crunchand earning something
KreAturepwillard it's a case for a plant watering bot
shaun414i have had a job
gunnbrgthx: tell brentru kthx is totally out of my control. That's why I wrote gthx to take over when kthx dies.
gthxgunnbr: I'll pass that on when brentru is around.
KreAturepwillard sensing dry plant and using a servo to turn on a flow of water from a gravity feed
macegrshaun414: how about this one
shaun414horrible lens
KreAturepwillard top of ot has a solar cell
gunnbrgthx: tell brentru I told the owner of kthx how to fix the emoji problem, but apparently he hasn't applied the fix.
gthxgunnbr: I'll pass that on when brentru is around.
KreAturepwillard not a panel, just a single cell
KreAture(for easier handling and faster coverage)
KreAturepwillard The plan is to put a single cell in there and coat it with epoxy
KreAturejust mold it in
recon_lap Smidge204 interesting video , I want to see how he coded it though :)
KreAturehey recon_lap
KreAturesee my waterbot ?
recon_laphey KreAture , waterbot, whats that!!?
KreAtureYellow is printed, blue is servo, cyan is battery
Smidge204recon_lap: Source code in the description
KreAturelightgreen is pcb
KreAtureand gray on front there is solar cell
recon_lapKreAture: I assume it swims ?
KreAturenah it controls watering for a plant by measuring soil
KreAtureHmm, I forgot the holes for screwing on the lid
KreAtureOh well
KreAturewill find a diff way or fix it before printing more
KreAturerecon_lap if it works I will be making 25 of em
robotustra_height is ideal, X,Y sizes about 0.2 mm less than needed
KreAtureIt's about the size of a 20 pack cigarettes
robotustra_43.8 mm instead of 44.0
robotustra_does the type of infill influent on the overal dimensions?
pwillardshould not
recon_laprobotustra_ maybe it's the plastic shrinking as it cools
recon_lapKreAture: well, look forward to seeing a vid of the prototype
robotustra_recon_lap: I hope that it doesn't
robotustra_and it's STL file deviation
robotustra_the heicht is perfect
robotustra_or I have to add more feed
robotustra_but infill is looks like nice too
recon_laprobotustra_ the height would adjust as each new layer was extruded, but not the x or y.
robotustra_I have widening of part near the bottom
robotustra_not big but why is it happens?
Smidge204How much widening? First layer or two, or is it more of a taper?
robotustra_2 layers only
robotustra_and not big, like 0.3-0.5 mm
Smidge204That's an issue with your first layer heightr/home position
Smidge204It's fairly normal for the first layer to be slightly more squished. I just shave it off with an xacto knife
robotustra_in config there is a thickness of first layer which is 0.35
robotustra_all other layers are 0.2
Smidge204Yeah, plus whatever error you might have in your home position
Smidge204I assume you home in the cortner and print in the center?
robotustra_it's delta
shaun414how are
robotustra_I print in the middle
robotustra_and calibrated in the middle
Smidge204ACTION shrugs
KreAtureI need more space for the solar cell
KreAturealreast now I know
robotustra_It seems that my first layer should be 0.35 but it looks like it 0.2
robotustra_I have to raise a bit Z by 0.15mm
robotustra_because the widening of the second layer happens because hot end just push out excess of plastic out
robotustra_because the widening of the second layer happens because hot end just push out excess of plastic
robotustra_I think I have to print some calibration objects
robotustra_guten nacht
DoWhileGeekhas anyone here tried
KreAtureprint donw
DoWhileGeekI've gotten 2kgs from them and theyre actually really great, $30/kg, and free shipping
KreAtureand fiddling over
robotustra_to increase feed rate I should increase steps per mm?
robotustra_or decrease?
robotustra_I want more plastic
KreAtureI need to tweak a few parameters on the scad, but it seems quite close
KreAtureI think adding holes on the top surface that will be sealed by the solar cell can be a good idea (I drilled em) to allow screwing in the servo easier
KreAtureThen again, after epoxying down the solar cell one can never access it again
KreAturealso I need a slight adjustment in offset on the tube
NETioanyone here ever had corners come out larger, like either there's backlash and the axis is overshooting or the extruder is oozing
NETioWould higher or lower jerk help with that?
KreAturedepends on what is the cause
NETioWell, if I knew I would correct it
NETiokind of why I'm here
NETioIt's a rostock max delta
NETiotjb1: You have a kossel? Did you ever have blobbed or overshot corners?
crunchif you do , something is wrong
GiulianoMso I have a heatbed pcb that I previously could get to 125C after 10-15m... and now I rewired my RAMPS and it can't get anywhere near that, or it takes 30-45m.... any ideas?
crunchkossel makes the best pristine prints for me
crunchtjb: sent you a email
crunchtjb1: sent you a email
GiulianoMrunning marlin
KreAturelook very accurately on the paths and you can see if they overshoot in corners
GiulianoMit's hovering around 120 right now... not budging
KreAtureif not then it's over-extrusion
airkingHey guys, I've had 2 prints so far come off the bed (just started printing for the first itme tonight). I'm printing straight ABS on glass. Is there anything I can run out and grab tonight that will help the ABS stick?
airkingI've heard glue stick and hairspray, but any brand/type specifically?
GiulianoMpurple elmers glue stick
GiulianoMworks a treat for me, also higher heat
EvRideseen brentru
kthxbrentru was last seen in #reprap 1 hour 59 min ago saying 'LOL'.
crunchnetio: firmware?
NETiocrunch: Most of my problems started after upgrading to Repetier 091
airkingGiulianoM: I'm using 220@100
NETiowas printing flawlessly on the older one
airkingGiulianoM: What do you recommend?
crunch0.91 was excellent for me
crunchpastebin the config
NETiojerk is at 35mm/s, accel is a very conservative 1200mm/s
BelxjanderACTION is in two minds as to what bitcoin exchanges to actually bother with KYC/AML registration with
crunchtry 4000
NETiojerk at 20mm/s made no noticable difference
crunch35 jerk is a good number for that
NETiocrunch: I'm only running 60mm/s on everything right now and still getting the issue
crunchconfig plz
crunchwhat kind of extruder
GiulianoM230-240, and 115-125 for the bed
GiulianoMsitting in a box covered with towels
GiulianoMthe bed is what I'm having trouble with now, though
NETiocrunch: I've changed a few things since this. Just jerk and I think endstop direction.
NETiocrunch: EZStruder direct drive (never had any problems) and E3D v5
NETioUpgrade to the E3D is failry recent, so maybe that's part of the problem as well
NETiocrunch: That's the wrong config
robotustra_oh, I have a trick
GiulianoMwondering if maybe I need to think about 24v and a new heatbed...
tjb1seen lukan*
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gthxtjb1: 1 hour, 14 minutes, 36 seconds ago <crunch> tell tjb1 it will show wendsday
kthxLukan was last seen in #reprap 5 days 20 hours ago saying 'This is an unrealistic standard :'.
kthxLukan-M was last seen in #reprap 2 weeks 6 days ago saying 'night all'.
robotustra_to heat up hotbed faster I put a sheet of paper on it
GiulianoMI think I figured it out
GiulianoMtoo much power draw... I disabled the stepper drivers, and now it's heating up the rest of the way
GiulianoMmaybe I need a bigger PSU? it's a 12V 30A
GrumpyOldMan0001hi shaun414, sold off your printers yet?
octocppWhat size nozzle doe the e3d v6 come with?
robotustra_What is "extrusion Width"?
dp_extrusion width is the actual width of a stream of plastic after it has left the extruder nozzle
robotustra_hm, it writes 0.6 for first layer
robotustra_default is 0.45
robotustra_that's why my first layer is wider
octocppAnyone got a cupon code for e3d ?
reprapperwich glue is the best for pla ?
octocppelmers glue mix works good for me
octocppon glass
Computer_Barfhopefully this isn't too trolly but micron 3dp > e3d
octocppi chikety check yo
Computer_Barfdoes elmers mix on glass release in the freezer? I use gluestick or tape, but tape don't release in the freezer.
pwillardreprapper, I have had best results with Loctite Go2 Glue
octocppglue should release when the table cools off
pwillardOh, to make the bed sticky, not for assembly of parts... nevermind
Computer_BarfI always just rotate glass so its not that inconvienent for me to just stick it in the freezer.
pwillardI don't use anything for PLA except blue tape
Computer_Barfyeah but, when i use blue tape my adhesion is just too strong
pwillardthen increase your Z stop a tiny bit
Computer_Barfeven when my fist layer isn't squished it can be trouble to get parts off the blue tape.
Computer_Barfyeah my first layer is pretty beady already. not really smashed.
Computer_BarfI believe if i raise it more it will start ahh
pwillardMine come off with minimal effort, no distortion or squish
pwillardI guess I'm just lucky
Computer_Barfidk what to call it, when the nozzel is too high it ungulates
pwillardyes, seem that... get beady
Computer_Barfwell I would rather have more stick than no stick
Computer_Barfbut glue stick has been treating me nice, although I can picture how elmers or a diluted glue mix or hair spray would be thinner and evener
pwillardI only get too much stick if I wipe the tape with alchohol before a print
Computer_Barfwith the gluestick I seem to be getting more prints off on that surface than with blue tape. blue tape I always screw it up after a print or two
Computer_Barfusually trying to take the print off. I would go with kapton but im being thrify for now.
Computer_BarfKapton was great for me but I forgot it in colorado.
Computer_Barfso technically i own kapton but its 2 thousand miles away.
Computer_Barfi need to pick up some aquanet
Computer_BarfI guess ill try some elmers tonight
Computer_Barfprinting a fix for a broken towel rack
Computer_Barfhave you printed your fish filter yet>
Computer_Barfhow is your buisness startup going shaun
ScribbleJI've been using aquanet on heated glass for PLA for several months now and couldn't be happier.
ScribbleJAlso, my hair is perfect.
pwillardACTION sighs... shaun is hopeless
robotustra_shaun414 good
robotustra_nice picture
shaun414what is it
robotustra_moving of obgects on the surface of water
robotustra_it explains why waves move objects on the surface of water
Computer_Barfwhat should I set bridge speed to on a mendelmax?
Computer_Barfthat sounds too fast
shaun414it is
Computer_Barfok someone who is serious, what bridge speed should I set to on a mendelmax. Or at least, what bridging speed are you guys using on your machines.
mattwj2002I love Auzze's exit message
shaun414its true
mattwj2002indeed it is
pwillardI bridge faster than most operations on my mm1.5
pwillardI bridge at 50 mm/s
Computer_Barfwhat is your baseline speed?
NETioWhat's a good name for a 3d printing website?
pwillardI pretty much only run my perimeters slow (30) everything else is 50, travel is 70
pwillardGanstaRepRap :-P
Tivirezoshaun, not sure why that link is useful but it's cool...
shaun414idk either
Tivirezoanyone used this site? I'm in love:
Tivirezofixing bad stl's online for free
pwillardNETio, MoltenProjects
Tivirezoother model fixers?
NETiohmm.. I don't think of quality when I think of molten prints :P
Computer_BarfTivirezo: today I downloaded netfab and repaired a stl I outputted from sketchup with it.
Computer_BarfExtruded Desires
Computer_Barfsounds dirty
Computer_BarfHot Extrusions
NETiolol, not much better
Computer_BarfIm building a theme here.
Computer_BarfSticky Parts
NETioAll the professional sounding ones are taken, all the cool ones are taken
TivirezoComputer_Barf: was it free?
Computer_BarfStuck On Your
Arc_Teslatonights topic?
Computer_Barfyes the basic version was free Tivirezo. I've barely scratched the surface but looks like a nice program. Have to look for a torrent for warezen it up
TivirezoComputer_Barf: also stupid question, does my name show in red when I type out your name?
Computer_BarfMy Long
Computer_Barfit shows in orange on pidgen but thats probably diffrent for certain clients.
NETiopidgen does IRC?
NETiowait, pidgen still exists?
NETioI used pidgen like... 10 years ago
Tivirezohaha ok thanks, I've been to embarrassed to ask if I was doing it right...
NETiomaybe not quite that long ago
Computer_Barfyes I like the pidgen OTR plugin
shaun414when is the day
Arc_Teslalost shaun
NETioTivirezo: I just typed the first 3 letters of your name, hit the Tab key and that auto-completed, added a colon, and put a space after it so I could start typing
NETioI like XChat
shaun414Arc_Tesla, when am i getting married
Computer_Barfyes thats how i do it on pidgen too
Computer_Barffirst few letters , tab, write
Arc_Teslawhen u grow up maybe 2030
airkingWent dumpster diving at gamestop, found all the parts to make this
Computer_Barfgamestop probably a good dumpster diving place
ccecilNETio: I like pidgin...but I don't use it on this pc anymore
Arc_Teslau will find love on the red planet with Elon..heheh
TivirezoNETio: sweet :)
Arc_Teslaoh ur giving up ur seat now?
ccecilPidgin was a lot more useful back when I had multiple chats
Computer_Barfnevermind, that was a waste of a click
MerkWerk_pidgin sucks at irc
Tivirezosigning out. thanks for the help all
Computer_Barfits good enough for my purposes. What I would really like is a combination torchat also with irc
ccecilMerkWerk_: worked fine last time I used it...but I am normally using chatzilla
ccecilMerkWerk_: I guess I never need any L33t functions
MerkWerk_its just unstable and doesnt do multiple channels very well
ccecilMerkWerk_: interesting...I never had that issue...maybe windows works better :)
NETio^not real websites. Maybe real, but I'm still joking about domains. Click at own risk
MerkWerk_whatever, im off work and heading to play drunken kickball now :P
ccecilMerkWerk_: are you prepped?
MerkWerk_i will stop and get beer on the way :)
rootBI'm going to ask a question
rootBand i think that you guys will look at me quite weird
rootBHas anyone 3d printed bongs?
rootBand yes, THOSE bongs.
Computer_BarfI think your turning the mundane into a scandal
rootBoh well
Computer_BarfI mean sure yeah im sure someone has done it
rootBa lot of people have been asking me if i can 3d print them a bong
ccecilI know at least one who has
Computer_Barfprobably better when we can print glass
rootBI guess the closest to glass we got is t-glase?
Viper168I'm going to be doing glassblowing either this year or early next year
Computer_BarfI mean, maybe you can print some sort of frame for a vape.
rootBi want to print a bong
rootBthat you can smoke from
Computer_Barfbut like. I try to keep stuff like that isolated from plastic
Viper168well as long as you have a metal stem and bowl it shouldn;t be a problem
Computer_BarfBuy a nice vape. Move to a medical state. You won't want a plastic bong after that.
Viper168but you want a plastic that won't leech anything nasty into the water/smoke
rootBi want to make custom bongs
rootBfor my marijuana smoking potential clients
ccecilComputer_Barf: or...a state where it is just legal
Viper168I'll probably be taking custom orders with my glassblowing
ccecilglassblowing is a saturated market
daveee123how does smoothie firmware compare to repetier and Marlin? anyone have experience with both?
Viper168do high precision stuff, make molds and inflate the glass into the mold
Computer_Barfwell yeah , I lived in Colorado the last 6 years. Currently in miami an hating it.
rootBi'd probably have to add a separate component
ccecildaveee123: I have used both...I am transitioning all my printers to smoothieboard
rootBfor the weed
arthur-_daveee123: it's simpler to use/configure, and it's much better at doing movement on deltas
rootBand to burn it
Viper168I want to do it specifically to make cheap labware
Viper168use borosilicates
rootBso Viper168
ccecildaveee123: handles circles and curves better for sure
Viper168for personal use and to sell
rootBthink its a good idea?
rootBsince you got more idea
rootBon these issues
rootBof weed smoking
Computer_Barfyeah thats the thing
Viper168if you make sure the plastic is clean enough, one problem though is printable plastics might have issues with deforming and melting when the stem gets too warm
daveee123ccecil: i saw you posted some pictures earlier. are those aluminati you are running?
Computer_Barfeven the "legal" states.. its not legal. It will be legal when anyone can buy or sell it , produce it, and distrubute it, with no interference whatsoever.
ccecildaveee123: some of them...a couple are from another belt driven printer variant
ccecilComputer_Barf: like alcohol?
ccecilComputer_Barf: because you still cannot do that
daveee123arthur-_: ccecil: thanks, how many extruders can it handle?
rootBim gonna have to do various experiments
Computer_BarfWell yes, this overlaps with the general issue of living in a free society in general.
rootBI got a friend who will be willingly to test it out
arthur-_daveee123: the 5X board can handle two. the firmware can handle as many as you want if you add external drivers
daveee123arthur-_: what is the difficulty of adding external drivers?
ccecilComputer_Barf: well...I live just outside spokane...I can say the "green rush" is going strong
ccecilComputer_Barf: crazy amount of money being thrown at it
Computer_Barfccecil: i just have a chuckle when people say stuff like "lets legalize and tax it!"
daveee123ccecil: did you use different stepper drivers on the smoothie board?
arthur-_daveee123: pretty simple
ccecildaveee123: not yet
daveee123ccecil: what does that entail? is there a guide anywhere?
daveee123arthur-_: do you know how many free pins there are?
ccecildaveee123: I modded a 3x smoothie with some external drv8825 drivers....but it has not gone in a printer yet
ccecildaveee123: all the step/dir/enable pins are broken out
arthur-_depends on which you use. at least 12 if you don't use any panels etc
arthur-_and yes all the step/dir pins are broken out
Computer_BarfIts just a mentality that to me is immediately not understanding that trading one freedom for another does nothing for the general progress of individual autonomy. It's philosophically inconsistent and I don't have alot of respect for that.
ccecilarthur-_: lol...what isn't broken out :)
arthur-_yeah all is
ccecilComputer_Barf: like the fact that all the "legal" smokers in washington can pretty much give up the idea of driving
ccecilComputer_Barf: the legal limit is below what most casual smokers will be at all the time
gthxbrentru: 2 hours, 50 minutes, 1 second ago <gunnbr> tell brentru kthx is totally out of my control. That's why I wrote gthx to take over when kthx dies.
gthxbrentru: 2 hours, 49 minutes, 22 seconds ago <gunnbr> tell brentru I told the owner of kthx how to fix the emoji problem, but apparently he hasn't applied the fix.
brentruseen kthx
kthxkthx was last seen in #reprap 1 year 1 month ago saying 'thanks j_glauche :)'.
brentrukill kthx
Computer_Barfccecil: yes this is the case in colorado too.
brentrukill kthx?
ccecilI wonder what the DUI laws will be like for "self driving" cars...I assume there is still some responsibility on the driver
Computer_Barf5 micrograms. It allows selective enforcement and maintains the "under the influence" racket.
Computer_Barfccecil: I think the modern regulatory state will delay self driving cars and all sorts of other grounbreaking technology
ccecilComputer_Barf: google will get approval...probably limiting others in the process though
Computer_BarfLike amazon will do drone deliveries?
Computer_Barfwait.. Scratch that the FAA killed it.
brentrugunnbr: 😊
brentruwut you're not a bot, gunn?
brentrunews to me
daveee123ccecil: arthur-_: thanks guys, i think i will try going with a smoothieboard
ccecilbrentru: probably not a good idea to keep taking down the bot intentionally
brentruccecil: I'm not going to, I was showing it to gunnbr
ccecilbrentru: you are aware that it causes issues to something that is valuable to the channel...seems like a dick move
brentruccecil: I'm not going to, I was showing it to gunnbr
daveee123ccecil: arthur-_: i will be using an h-bot configuration, do you know where there is info on setting up non cartesian bots in the configs
shaun414eat this
brentrugunnbr happens to run a mirroring-bot, I was ensuring he knew of a known issue.
gunnbrbrentru: :P
brentru^ ccecil
brentrushaun414: ?
ccecildaveee123: wolfmanjm runs corexy on his...wulfnor uses a smoothie variant on his hbot
gunnbrbrentru: Yeah, I know of the issue, but there's nothing I can do about it.
gunnbrI don't run kthx.
ccecilbrentru: guys discussed it earlier when you took down the bot
brentruyou should run it instead, you are better
daveee123does anyone think an h-bot is bad idea? versus cartesian?
gunnbrI was running an exact copy of kthx, fixed the emoji problem, and told the owner of kthx how to fix it, but he hasn't.
ccecildaveee123: most think corexy is better
gthx OUCH!
gunnbrSo that's why I had to make gthx to take over when kthx crashes.
brentrugunnbr: gthx doesn't have botsnacks/botsmacks
gunnbrbrentru: Ummm.... yes he does.
gthx OUCH!
robotustra_first layer aven if I put it 0.2 mm has good perimeter
arthur-_daveee123: just set arm_solution hbot in config and that's pretty much it :)
daveee123ccecil: awesome. i definitely doing that for this next build
arthur-_I think there is a bit more about it at
daveee123arthur-_: got it.
gthxThis is why I love #reprap!
robotustra_but the next layers have 0.1 mm less from each side
daveee123ccecil: arthur-_: thanks for your help guys. cant wait to get this build going
gthxACTION slaps NETio with a 3d printed d.........
robotustra_seen the_file
gthxthe_file was last seen in #reprap 7 hours, 43 minutes, 19 seconds ago saying 'df'.
NETionow gthx has a proper botslap!
Computer_Barfsomeone in here was working on a mendelmax extrusion based printer
Computer_Barfit was a potential upgrade for a mm 1.5, but i lost the link for it
Computer_Barfanyone know what I am talking about?
reifsnyderbseen anyone?
gthxAnyone was last seen in #reprap 49 days, 14 hours, 22 minutes, 20 seconds ago saying 'No one's home'.
ccecilComputer_Barf: there are a lot of them :)
gunnbrNETio: Hah! Thanks! :)
ccecilComputer_Barf: were you talking about the one I did?
gthxACTION slaps NETio with a 3d printed...
gunnbrI was having gthx sync with kthx's factoids and such, but the kthx website is down, so I can't do that anymore. :(
gthx OUCH!
NETiohas always been OUCH!
ccecilgunnbr: I wonder why it is down...I am sure someone in here knows how to email zelfje
NETiobotslap has at most times been some funny action directed back at the person to provoke the bot :P
ccecilthe reprap log disappeared a bit ago too
shaun414no brentru has gone
shaun414with the wind
gunnbrThat extra space was bugging me. :)
NETioI see no real need to publically log, not reason not to either
NETioso I'm indifferent to that
ccecilNETio: well...seeing as I have had things I have said copied and changed then used against me it was handy
ccecilbut that is a rare case
shaun414I saw master Yoda today
NETioI maintain a log of whenever I'm on
shaun414he was asian
shaun414with a cane
shaun414and looked just like yoda
NETiobut it's a local log and private
ccecilNETio: yes...but "your" logs can be changed...public has more record
NETiovery true
NETioIDC about people twisting what I say in IRC
ccecilNETio: I knew that half of IRC was logging the conversation but the public one is the one that mattered
ccecilNETio: this case they were trying to get me fired from a job
NETioNot cool
ccecilhonestly...I would have been better off getting fired :)
NETioThat's why I don't share my name or much info about myself online, not that anything I do on here could get me fired anyway
gunnbrWTF?? People get fired based on what they say on #reprap???
shaun414yes gunnbr
shaun414be carefull
ccecilgunnbr: when you are building for trinity and someone emails and says "look what this guy says about you"
gunnbrSometimes... I just feel like the Internet is the cesspool of humanity...
NETioDidn't trinity go under anyway?
Computer_Barfi think he was just giving an example
ptlmy employer sucks!!! so that means he'll read this and fire me?
ccecilNETio: was the original CEO trying to get the last CEO to fire me :)
tjb1gunnbr: hello
Computer_Barfwhy does the internet get the blame for the bad practices of a company?
gunnbrtjb1: Yo! How's it going?
Computer_Barfi mean I wouldn't want to work for a company that hires and fires based off of trolling , let alone not work for myself.
tjb1Good, how are you?
ccecilComputer_Barf: the internet gives you the freedom to say/do things that you would get your ass kicked for in RL
gunnbrtjb1: Trying to buy a house and stressed. Other than that, good. :)
Computer_BarfAgain.. That seems to cast darkness on the internet, when it really should cast darkness on how we can't be open in "RL"
tjb1gunnbr: I'd love to have a house...with a basement and garage lol
ccecilComputer_Barf: I am :)
gunnbrtjb1: Yeah, my (potential) new house has a great garage. I'm actually most excited about having a nice workspace area!
tjb1gunnbr: You in apartment now?
Computer_Barfnew house with great garage is always a fun prospect.
gunnbrtjb1: No, another house, but one without much space.
tjb1gunnbr: Better than an apartment then haha
tjb1I can't hang anything
tjb1No space :(
gunnbrtjb1: True. I certainly can't complain to much about where I live now, but I'm really excited about the new place!
tjb1Well good luck to you
gunnbrtjb1: Thank you! Once I move in, I'll have to get on the hangout and give a tour. :)
gunnbrI almost got in there last week as I tried to use my power tools at the office. (My last attempt ended in a broken drill press.)
shaun414yo gunnbr
shaun414whats up
Arc_Teslatjb1 and good luck to u
shaun414hello Arc_Tesla
tjb1Arc_Tesla: ??
Arc_Teslatjb1> Well good luck to you
gunnbrWell, shaun414, I'm buying a house. Maybe. If we can get the paperwork straight. Ugh.
Arc_Teslajust being kind to you tjb1
tjb1almost bedtime
Computer_BarfI wonder what I can get as a clear resin
tjb1Computer_Barf: SLA resin?
RifRafcasting resin
Computer_BarfI am thinking of printing a geometric pattern and floating it in clear resin with an LED under it to light the object
tjb1Did you check here?
Computer_BarfSLA resin would be way too expensive. I need something economic
shaun414gunnbr, add an extra 600 and get me a nice lens?
shaun414scince you are buying a house anyway
gunnbrshaun414: Is that all? I thought you wanted one of those $15,000 lenses.
gunnbrHow about a lathe too?
tjb1gunnbr: Please drop a G0704 off at zip 14845
shaun414no gunnbr
shaun414just the lens
shaun414unless you can get me the f2.8 version
shaun414this is ideal
shaun414sorry this one
shaun414this is acceptable
shaun414oh yes
shaun414the f2.8 pls
os1r1sshaun414: Dont' be a pussy, ask for the 2.8 IS if you are going to beg.
shaun414the 2500 dolalr one?
shaun414its gorgeous
os1r1sshaun414: What camera body do you have?
shaun414550d for now...
shaun414will buy a 7d when i have the mony
shaun414id love a 5dmk3, but..
gunnbrshaun414: Why do you need money?
gunnbrJust get someone else to buy it for you!
shaun414to buy it...
shaun414gunnbr, has not worked yet
shaun414so, money it is
tjb1gunnbr: When can I expect the tracking for the G0704
os1r1seww, crop factor and slow
shaun414crop isnt an issue
shaun414i prefer crop
shaun414due to price :p
gunnbrtjb1: They should be sending that out tomorrow.
shaun414os1r1s, its all about glass anyway..
os1r1sNot all
tjb1Ok, I should expect it on Friday then if it is coming from Williamsport
robotustra_how to compensate compression of plastic?
os1r1sshaun414: I'll put your 550d against my 5dmk3 any day of the week with the same glass.
gunnbrtjb1: Yeah, that should be safe.
shaun414you have a5dmk3
tjb1gunnbr: Did you send a forklift for unloading?
tjb1I have 4 farming simulator games on Steam :/
shaun414send me one
gunnbrtjb1: I contracted with another company for that, but yeah.
shaun414os1r1s, I mean, id love for a 5dmkIII
os1r1sshaun414: the crop factor causes any lense to be multiplied by 1.6. Sometimes thats an advantage. Most of the time its a PIA.
shaun414but i cant afford that...
os1r1sYou have to have much, much more light to operate properly
shaun414want to buy me 5dmkIII and the 70-200 f2.8
shaun414be my guest
shaun414any ideas?
shaun414gunnbr, whats the verdict
gunnbrshaun414: If I can get this loan funded, sure.
shaun414what loan
gunnbrshaun414: Dude! The loan on my house we were just talking about when you asked if I could add on to it to get you a lens.
shaun414Oh right
shaun414and the body
shaun414this of course
os1r1sshaun414: I don't like that as much as the 24-70 2.8L
robotustra_or 36DD
shaun414theres one that comes with the 24-70 f4
shaun414im very excited now
shaun414i will pass out if this is real gunnbr
Computer_BarfIf I am going for accuracy for a print with particularly elaborate geometric pattern and I want to take it real slow, what would my MINIMUM speed be?
Grant_ConeryHey guys! Where is the best place to buy Taulman 3mm filament in the USA?
shaun414no im ingnored...
shaun414os1r1s, im in love with this 5dmkiii
shaun414you have a flikr?
Computer_Barfi wonder if we could print onto a mesh, filling it in some places, some places not, then using that as a tshirt printing template
os1r1sshaun414: N
shaun414no place to show pics?
NETioComputer_Barf: For ultimate-precision I drop to 15mm/s, with 8mm/s min. speed on cooling
NETioI've heard of people going to 4mm/s min. speed on cooling, but I think the nozzle just isn't moving quick enough at that point
shaun414no im sad
shaun414beyond sad
NETioanyone here built up an ebay feedback using only penny auctions and stuff?
NETioI want to make an account to sell some stuff (non printer related) but have never sold on ebay
trentjust list it, payment by paypal and ship quick
trentpaypal allows 30days to report scams so you want it shipped quickly
shaun414i need money
crunchgo work
terramircalling kliment nathan jglauche ohm eye ccecil help Y axis is fried loosing steps even at 50mm/s and the motor is not the problem, smooth as can be without belt use belt I'mma fried noticed the belt is not centered so I will have to redo, not a probeem but need some ideas, wider stance vs norm (i.e. 140 mm vs wider) advantages vs disadvantages. will center belt this time 100%
terramirraldrich would be cool as well ;)
terramirI can't be without a printer that works :(
gthxohmeye is and with Reprap Orientation video . Reprap Gallery is - MendalMax 1.5 Gallery is - MendelMax 2 Gallery is - Mend
terramirohm eye you around
terramirohmeye you around
reifsnyderbseen crunch?
gthxcrunch was last seen in #reprap 14 minutes, 15 seconds ago saying 'go work'.
OhmEyeterramir: wat
OhmEyegthx: ohmeye is and with Reprap Orientation video and printer gallieries are
gthxOhmEye: Okay.
shaun414hi reifsnyderb
terramirOhmEye Y keeps stalling without belt it glides nicely with belt it's acrewed
terramirbelt seems off center so I need to redo
OhmEyewhat type of printer?
terramirprusa 2/1
OhmEyefix belt then :)
terramirmy vertices are from one
reifsnyderbshaun414: Hi. Note that if you are asking for money, a job, an internship, a lathe, or anything else you'll go back on my ignore list.
shaun414hi reifsnyderb
terramirquestion while I'm redoing, if I choose a wider stance on the smooth rods isn't there theoretically less problems with error
OhmEyenot that I know of. wider rods mean less torque issues
terramirless torque issues ?
OhmEyeer, I thought you said more problem. Yeah, less problems I expect
OhmEyeyeah, wider rods resist more torque, keep the carriage straight
OhmEyeshould try to have belt centered anyway
terramirso theoretically if I widen the stance to 170 and slap the belt in the middle I should lose the jarring problems
terramirI got plenty of room on my bot that's for sure